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Parasite Eve Last Boss Stratagem

By Mateo "Cheap A$$" Rojas

This guide is for the Playstation community. It is also meant to be
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Lately, a lot of FAQs/Guides have been ripped/reworded/redistributed
(especially by magazines). Suggestion: don't do it. It only makes you
look like a moron.


Day 6 begins on the aircraft carrier, FMV sequences hither and yon, and
you in the middle. This is just a guide to beat the last boss, not role
play strategy, that will come soon enough. until then...

First talk to the guard in front of the door for various health stuff,
you'll need it. Save, then head on outside for the final showdown.

The first form is a small, not so cuddly baby-like mutant. Simple.
Stay at the farthest range of your weapon and plink away, when he lets
the circular blast loose, you'll have room to run away from it, and it
will dissolve after like 2 sec's.

The second for is a 2-part winged creature. While its connected, just
run away and shoot from far. When it shoots the 2 beams, get in between
them. You'll have to adjust for each blast a little, but shouldn't be a

When the creature separates, always attack the ground based on. When it
dies, they both will. Give a few energy shots, interspersed with some
jinking and you should be fine. When the ground based entity fire his
roving beam, you must run away from it near the base, since the heroine
runs so damn sloooow.

The next incarnation is a bluish flying humanoid. He does alot of
damage with his attacks. Check it out. When he jumps to the corner to
do the purple assault, run up almost next to him and shoot him a couple
of times, you're safe there. If he does the kick, overhead smash
combo(which is always a combo) just dodge it (or if the first hits you,
then dodge the 2nd hit) and if he grabs you and smack you in the head,
then you're at 1 hit point. Usually, you're items will auto heal you
right about now. But you don't want them to.
After that 1 smack to a single hit point, every attack after that
(while you're still a 1 HP) does ZERO damage!!! So, if you wanna be
cheap (and I hope you do) the get hit, don't heal, and just plink away,
but be sure to heal before the next form rolls around, because the 1HP
clause doesn't work on him.

The next form is a large gelatinous shape with small polygonal cronies.
OK, this form, ala' Resident Evil, is just a wait and see. Just plink
away at him, heal when you feel like it, and wait. Your shots only do 1
damage (2 on Crit)
so wait until your friend throws you the clip of WHUPASS bullets. They
just happen to do 999 every shot, no problem. After that, its run, run,

have fun!!

boss exit path :
L then up, trigger self destruct, then go left and down for the ladder.

New York
PE last boss guide
Mateo "Cheap A$$" Rojas
Mateo "Cheap A$$" Rojas

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