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compiled by Ann Noble
with many thanks to Nicky at Sunsoft for all her help when we got stuck.

You can only have 19 monsters.
You can only carry 35 seeds and 35 solutions.
You get a lot more money for a monster than a seed so it's always worth hatching
a seed.
All the monsters have a limited lifespan. The good news is that in a boss battle
they may damage the boss when they release their Ultimate Magic.

Engage in a no-win battle with Murdoch and Dryden on the mountain path. Wake up
in Kal's house having been rescued by Wolf, her grandfather. Leave the house and
defeat Kal's pets. Go to the town plaza and talk to the Town Chief. He will have
a job for you after you defeat the E rank rulers in the Monster Arena. He gives
you 4 seeds and 4 solutions. Do a save at the Inn and then fiddle around at the
hatching store until you have four good, ie fast, monsters. Then fight the E
rank rulers in the arena. Return to the Town Chief and he will ask you to rescue
Mao, the travelling salesman, from Bal's Fortress.

First job:
Search the fortress thoroughly - watch out for the spear traps and swinging
blades. Collect the book for Kal from the library and then go back to the first
locked door that you saw. There will be a doorkeeper to defeat to get the key.
Then fight your way down to the cell where Mao is imprisoned. Use the lever to
open his cell and he will reward you with 2 Dark World seeds.

Second job:
Talk to the Town Chief again and he will send you to Jedes Mine to get a herb
for the item shop man. Navigate through the mine (collect the Blue Necklace for
Kal by jumping off the mine cart) until you find the herb and take it to the man
in the item shop. Later you will be able to buy monster items from him.

Third job:
The Chief will ask you to clear out the Black Rope Gang from the lower part of
the mine. Unfortunately you will need some dynamite to clear the blocked area,
so tell him about the problem. He has the key to a warehouse in the mine where
the miners stored their dynamite. Have a chat to Kal and then get the key from
him. Find the warehouse, collect a stick of dynamite and blow up the blocked
(Before you go into the new area, make sure you have at least 10 good monsters
with you 'cos you won't be able to get out again easily and there are tough
battles ahead). After the rock fall you will have to navigate a dark area where
there are booby-trapped treasure chests which look just like normal chests. When
you get to the lift you have to set the lever and then press the button. If the
lever is at the top it will take you to the lowest level where the gang is. The
middle setting takes you to the main mine. After defeating Dryden you will get a
Copper key. Collect the stone tablet in the room and take the lift to get out of
the mine.

Rescue Kal:
Talk to the Town Chief and then go to Kal's house. She has been kidnapped by
Dryden and is imprisoned in Bal's Fortress. Use the Copper key on the fancy door
on the left and work your way through until you get to a chest that contains a
Silver key. Use that key on the other fancy door and then fight your way to the
cell where Kal is. Now you have to fight Dryden again and he isn't any easier
than the first time. When you defeat him you get a Gold key which opens the door
that you should have seen earlier while looking for Kal's cell.
Make your way up after finding the lever for the spear barrier and you meet
Byron who is in charge of the fortress. He says that Kal is a decoy for Wolf,
not for you. You will receive the Cell Door key from him when he is defeated.
Finally you can release Kal.

Statues of Kondol:
Wolf, who has a somewhat exciting past, explains what has been happening, and
why. He sends you to the Mountain Gangs to obtain artefacts that are the key to
the Different World. Go to the Phimel mountain trail and start walking along it.
There are four sets of ruins to go through. The second takes you to the hideout
of the Krishna Gang. Each inhabited hut has a guard outside and a boss inside.
After you defeat Cindy, go downstairs and collect the statue that is sitting on
the pillar. The third ruins, where you need to find the floor switch to open the
door, lead to the Burning Hell Gang. Defeat the boss and collect the third
The fourth ruins, with the purple lamps, are more complicated. Use the lever to
open the top door and follow the path to the hideout of Wolf's old group, the
Loulava gang. Collect the Blue stone from the chest. Return to the ruins and
find the plaque on the wall near the entrance (below the lever; it is difficult
to see). The Blue stone fits in it and another door opens. In this room find
another Blue stone which activates the other plaque in the ruins. Exit and
follow the path. Use the sluice gate switch to get to the Black Rope Gang hut.
Defeat the boss.
Unfortunately the statue is not on the pillar - Murdoch must have it!
Murdoch is on the mountain trail just before the Phimel Ruins and you have to
fight him to get the last statue.

Phimel Ruins:
I fought Murdoch twelve times without winning before I discovered that this is
another no-win battle. So, lose to him. Wake up in Kal's house and then go back
to the entrance to Phimel Ruins. Now you can get in. Activate the bird statue in
the dead-end to open the "hidden" panel on the wall. Collect the Blue Crystal
In the room with the red carpet and the altar, there is a goblet-shaped
candlestick by the right-hand door. Examine it and the crystal ball will be
placed in it. This opens another door in the wall. Then you find another Blue
crystal ball and that is placed in the 'candlestick' in the far left room with 2
statues. A door will open in the room with a green carpet. (Watch out for the
room with the concealed floor spikes).
Get the Hammer. (Watch out for the snakes on the floor further on).
Use the Hammer on the cracked archway. When you come to the room with three
doors, the one on the right has a machine but you will fall through the floor as
you walk towards it. (Make sure you are well kitted-out before you drop because
there will be lots of battles ahead).

Different World:
Now you're in the Different World and you have to get out!
Head north and look at the machine in the room next to the dead-end where you
have to insert something to open the door (the yellow card that opens this door
is in the room with the little trolley, just next to the computer terminal by
the door - all the cards twinkle to attract your attention). Looking at the
machine should activate a switch. Then go all the way back past where you
dropped down, to the room with the inert transporter. (You have to alter the
bridge with the switch in the room before it). There should be a yellow light
showing in front of the transporter. When you look at it, the light will turn
red and then you can use the transporter. (Beam me up, Scotty).
Head away from the room you transport into until you get to a straight corridor
running north with two archways to right and left. Go to the left and transport
from the room where Daniel talks about getting back to town. You will be in the
room you fell from; use the other transporter and you exit on the Phimel
Mountain Trail. (Phew!)
Now that the transporter on the trail is active you can get in and out of the
Different World. (I would definitely recommend mapping the Different World as
the scenery is all very similar and it is very easy to get lost). Explore, pick
up the key cards as you see them and use them on the appropriate entry pillars -
the colours are indicated by the tile in front of the door.
Eventually you will meet Murdoch. This time you can, and should beat him. (Don't
panic if it looks as though the screen has frozen after Murdoch rushes off; it
takes a bit of time for him to hatch the Beast, and then get eaten by it). And
then, it's through the door and say hello to the Beast of Chaos - a particularly
nasty character with three parts. (Don't let Daniel get too close to him). After
you defeat the 'shoulders' the Beast will use monsters, which are his 'hands'.
At this point concentrate on the Beast as the hands will be regenerated each
time they are defeated. Just keep attacking him until his massive HP/MP are all
gone. In the next room is another inert transporter. Go back into the room where
you defeated the Beast and there is a sparking piece of equipment. If you
examine it, Daniel will repair it and then you can activate the transporter for
the happy ending.

Monsterseed Monsters:
(This is not a complete list).

Category - F= fighter, A= magic attack, H= harassment, MA= magic assist, MM=
magic memory.
Numbers in brackets - seed and temperature.
Description (personal).
Words in brackets - substance solution.

AGROO (A) (6/1, 6/2, 6/9, 11/2, 20/6)
Yellow beetle.
ALPHABECT (F) (48/2, 48/9)
Floater with tentacles.
Poison attack
ANG-OOLIA (A) (6/7, 6/8)
Rust coloured pig.
(Fire, gas)
ARK INSECT (F) (13/3)
Beetle, poisonous claws.
BABLOW (F) (3/2, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7, 4/4, 4/7, 11/5, 17/3, 17/4)
Pink, watery, claws.
BAITERBEAT (A) (38/3, 38/7)
Purple floater with tentacles
BEAT SETTLE (F) (39/3)
Yellow and green tusked warrior.
BEATRISE (F) (14/1, 14/4, 14/5)
Orange tusked warrior.
BLOWDIA (F) (11/9, 42/1, 42/2, 42/5, 42/7, 48/4)
Giant black beetle.
BOOGIE (MA) (49/3, 49/4, 49/6, 49/7, 49/9)
Dark World black spider. Very low stats.
BUNS-OOLIA (H) (31/5, 31/6)
Green floating pig.
Sleep attack. Reduces enemy's abilities. (Sound)
CHAM-CHAM (A) (6/5, 6/6, 11/8, 20/8, 20/9)
Small blue beetle.
(Electricity, ice)
COSMO (A) (23/1, 23/9)
Animated blue meteor.
(Fire, water, ice, electricity)
DIPSHI-LOB (A) (16/7, 16/9, 21/7)
Blue prawn.
(Water, ice)
Gold dinosaur.
Blindness attack
DRAPPY FLAMISS (F) (24/1, 24/7)
Orange baby dragon
Paralysis attack
DROOCH (H) (11/6, 26/3, 26/9)
Grey mole.
Affects enemy's stats. (Sound)
EPE (F) (8/2, 8/3, 8/5, 12/8, 18/3, 18/6))
Madness attack.
FAIK (F) (28/4, 28/6)
Green face on legs.
FAIL-OGRE (F) (46/1, 46/3, 46/4, 46/5, 46/7, 47/5, 47/8, 48/5, 48/6)
Orange face on legs
FEDORE (F) (47/1, 47/2, 47/7)
Purple 'Frure'
Poison attack
FLAMISK (MA) (5/5)
Yellow mouse.
Improves resistance. (Light)
FLARGE BIRD (A) (25/7, 25/9)
Blue, cross between bird and old man. (Gas)
FOOKA (MA, MM) (28/4, 28/7, 32/7, 38/9)
Brown floater.
Status recovery-trance,faint,petri,near death. Physical defence. (Light)
FRURE (F) (29/1, 29/3, 29/8)
Poisonous jellyfish.
Grey, wet, claws.
Poison attack
GARAF (F) (18/2, 18/8)
Cross between crab and salamander.
Sleep attack.
GARAFAAI (MA) (27/6, 27/9)
Yellow bird.
(Water, elecricity, sound)
GARAPICK (MA) (9/5, 9/6, 12/6)
(Light, acid, gas)
GARIDOLA (F) (2/2, 2/8, 3/9, 4/1, 4/8, 11/4, 17/1, 17/2)
DW blue crab floater.
Sleep attack. Petrify, blindness, madness. (Light)
Red crab.
Paralysis attack. Reduces abilities. (Sound)
GAS DASS (A) (20/1, 20/3)
Yellow and purple bird.
Poison,blind,paralysis,madness attack. (Gas).
GELOGELO (H) (40/7, 40/9)
Tall and green.
Trance, madness, faint. (Sound)
GESOSHIOWN (A) (16/4, 16/5, 21/1, 21/5, 21/6, 21/9, 29/9)
Purple squid.
Blindness attack. (Water, gas)
GIREELO (F) (24/3, 24/6)
Uses sickle swords.
GIRIARK (F) (44/6, 44/7, 45/7)
DW sickle sword.
GRANDOLA (F) (45/1, 45/5, 45/6, 45/8, 46/2)
Three-headed black dragon.
Poison attack.
GRANJ (H) (34/6, 34/7)
Brown, 4 legs.
Madness attack. Reduces enemy's abilities. (Sound)
GRASSER (A) (10/8, 22/2, 22/7)
Green with 4 legs.
(Electricity, acid, gas)
GROOCH (H, MM) (31/1, 31/2)
Green version of Drooch, poisonous attack.
Reduces enemy's magic. (Sound).
GUTCHON (H, MM) (1/4, 1/8, 11/1)
Yellow bird.
KAM FOE (MA) (5/3, 5/7, 11/7)
Pink floater.
Status recovery. (Light)
KELBUCONE (F) (8/1, 8/7, 8/9, 17/7, 17/8)
Yellow foxy unicorn. Can petrify.
KELL-KELL (A) (25/3, 25/5)
Small red beetle.
(Electricity, fire)
KIRIGALOO (F) (3/4, 3/8, 4/3, 4/9, 17/9)
Big blue rabbit.
KOMETO (A) (41/2, 41/3, )
Dark star.
Blindness attack. (Ice, gas, fire)
KOOBELOW (A) (35/3, 35/9)
Cream werewolf. (Ice, gas)
KOOGELA (H) (26/5, 26/8)
Reduces enemy's abilities. (Sound)
KOOGELA EYE (A) (20/5, 20/7)
Brightly coloured flower with tentacles.
Paralysis attack. (Water, electricity)
KOOGESELF (H) (1/1, 1/9)
Reduces enemy's abilities. (Sound)
LIE-LIE (MA) (9/4, 9/7, 12/4)
Poisonous blue butterfly.
MP recovery. (Ice, light)
LIGHT DRAPPY (MA) (27/1, 27/4, 27/7)
Green baby dragon
Inc battle def and agility. Retrieves attack and abilities. (Light, fire).
LOTCHCOCK (H) (40/4, 40/6)
Yellow cockroach.
Poison attack. Reduces enemy's stats. (Sound)
LYMON (F) (13/5, 18/1, 18/5)
Poison attack, sleep attack.
MAMI-POO (MA) (33/1, 33/2, 33/8)
Blue floating pig.
Inc physical def. (Water, sound, ice)
MAXICODE (F) (42/3, 42/9, 46/6, 46/8)
DW grey sickle sword.
Sleep attack
MICHURAL (MA) (37/1, 37/8)
Green fairy.
HP recovery. Inc dynamism and MP. (Light)
'Lifechanging' star.
(Acid, gas)
MINE DOGOSE (MA) (28/3, 28/8)
Red and yellow bird.
MINE ZENES (A) (41/4, 41/7)
Pink and green floater.
Sleep attack. (Lightning, gas)
MOSS-MOSS (A) (30/3, 30/7)
Red and yellow floater.
Poison attack. (Gas, fire)
NECROBONE (F) (44/1, 44/4)
DW giant black beetle.
NEOAIGERA (H) (40/1)
Floater, blue version of Koogela Eye.
Madness attack. Reduces gas, sound, acid. (Sound)
NIGHTKELB (H, MM) (35/1, 35/6, 35/7)
Blue fox.
Paralysis attack. Trance, blindness. (Gas, acid)
NOOT (H) (1/6, 11/3)
Blue with 4 legs.
Reduces abilities. (Sound)
NOVA (MA, MM) (16/1)
Yellow star.
HP recovery. Retrieves spirit. def. (Light)
OODAL (H) (26/2, 26/6)
Tall and purple.
Poison attack, madness. (Sound)
PAPI-POO (MA) (19/7, 22/1)
Flying pig.
MP recovery, inc in spirit. (Light)
Pink defect. Very low stats.
PARA + (A)
DW purple defect. Very low stats.
PHOTIF (F) (39/5)
PIGLEON (F) (14/2,14/3, 14/6, 14/7, 18/9)
Long ears, lion body with scars.
Madness attack.
Yellow defect. Very low stats.
DW green defect.
PORSCHKA (MA) (5/1, 5/4, 5/8, 19/2, 22/4, 22/5)
Yellow floater.
HP recovery, inc light & fire resist.
RANDOL (F) (2/5, 2/7, 4/2, 4/6, 18/4, 18/7)
Paralysis attack
SABRE (F) (29/2, 29/7)
Blue scorpion.
Paralysis attack
SHADOW DRAPPY (A) (41/1, 41/5, 41/9)
Pink baby dragon.
SHAM-FOE (MA) (37/3, 37/4)
White floater.
Improves and retrieves HP and attack def.
SHELLFISH (MA) (9/1, 9/9)
Pink with 4 legs.
Improves powers. (Light)
Green beetle
TARKOD (MA) (37/7, 37/9, 38/8))
Pink squid.
Sleep attack. Inc physical def. (Light, electricity).
TECHURAL (H) (28/1, 28/9, 34/3, 34/9, 38/1, 38/5)
Blue fairy.
Faint,trance,madness,petrify magic attacks. (Light, sound)
TOPPY (F) (38/2, 38/6)
Green bull.
TRY-STAR (A) (30/4, 30/6)
Red prawn.
(Water, acid)
URUGARU (MA, MM) (5/2, 5/9, 9/3, 9/8, 12/3, 22/6)
Big pink rabbit.
HP and status recovery.
VARNEEL (A) (41/6, 41/8)
Brown bat-like floater.
(Acid, gas)
VEROMAKISH (F) (43/1, 43/2, 43/5, 43/7)
Purple and blue sickle sword.
Deep sleep attack.
WINGLE (A, MM) (23/2, 23/4, 23/6, 23/8)
Blue beetle.
WITEE (F) (24/4, 24/5)
Pale blue and furry, with hooves.
YAAGI (H) (1/2, 1/7)
Can blind, petrify or cause madness. (Light)
ZAABELOW (F) (7/8, 12/1, 12/5, 12/9, 17/5, 17/6)
ZERIBADY (MA) (33/4, 33/5)
Yellow floater.
Improves gas,acid,sound powers; paralysis, trance recovery. (Light)
ZUA (F) (43/9, 44/3, 44/8, 45/9)
DW black giant with tail.  

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