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               Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

       Walkthrough by Jeff Winters

THE EASY WAY TO BEAT MONKS. Combo them, then run up and do it again, and
again, and again. This will work almsot all of the way through the game.

Level 1:

Fight everybody you can here so you can gain enough experience to get the
frost ball and slide. The pillars are pretty easy to pass- just kick and
then run under them when they go up.

BOSS: Scorpion. Pretty much a joke. Freeze him and then do the big combo:
HP, HP, LP, LK, LK, back+HK then freeze him again. This combo works on
everybody except the monks with the swords  in which case you just take out
the LP.

Level 2:

The secret to the rotating platforms is jumping early.  Jump when they are
about 1 o'clock away from you (Egad! That's an awkward wording!). Just keep
jumping before you think you should by about the same distance and you will
beat these things in no time.

The first key is located above the ropes you must cross. Simply ride the
wind current up and then go left instead of right. After you get the first
key, go right to the platform with the symbol on it and use the key. A
Maelstrom will appear. Jump in the Maelstrom and control yourself so that
you go straight across to the platform at the height you just left (you can
control up or down in the tempest too!)

Go right a bit, and when you get to the collapsing bridge look left. Under
the platform you just came from is the second key. Grab the key and go back
to the maelstrom. Ride it all the way to the top and get off to the right.
Use the key to open the door.

In this room you can max out your Exp. for the level. No matter how many
you kill, there will always be more monks. After you do that and get the
up/down ice blasts stand on the button and enter the door. Inside is the
third key. Grab the key and IMMEDIATELY run left or you will get sucked
into the fan (usually the monk does (ha ha)). Go back down the tempest and
go right again. Here you will meet the most wicked thing you will ever have
to pass in the game (besides shinnok)- THE MOVING PLATFORMS!! I have the
timing down to where I jump just after the platform reaches it's apex
moving into the screen. This works for me 95% of time (sometimes it seems
almost random when you die.)

You'll come to a 3rd door. open it with the third key- Then you'll come to
a series of obstacles to pass. Just walk through the platforms and don't
stress. After you get to the end you jump off the edge and are sucked up to
fight the wind boss.

BOSS: Wind Guy- he's extremely easy except for the little trick at the end.
You can usually freeze him right when you start. After you freeze him run
in and do the 6 hit combo. Then, run after him and combo him again- you can
do this all the way to the end of the platform. Then, run back and wait for
him to fly after you. Hit him with a well timed ice blast after  he stops
spinning (right as he's slowing down actually) and then uppercut him out of
the air. Run at him and combo him etc... etc... After you beat him he will
create a huge tornado. Go as far to the left as you can and walk into you
need to run away from the tornado. It will die out in a couple second and
the boss will explod into meaty bits! Sometimes this takes a couple tries

Level 3: Earth

The earth level is pretty easy and there are at least 2 free lives (maybe
more) just be patient and move slowly. First and foremost jump into the
second pit you see that opens into the ground and Voila! a secret area!
grab the stuff and jump out. Then proceed right. Don't go down the rope and
instead keep going right until you get the key! Go right a little more and
get another free life (that's 2 so far!) Now go back and down the rope and
open the door at the bottom with the key.

Fight the 2 monks at the bottom and then shoot back up via the sprin g on
the right. When you shoot up there's another free life on your left.

The spinning monks are a little tricky but they can be killed if you freeze
them right as they teleport. Proceed right and you will face the earth

BOSS: BIG EARTH GOLEM. The big thing you have to remeber when fighting this
behemoth is patience. Let him take a couple of steps forward before running
in and attcking. When you do run in you should first uppercut and then hit
him with a jump kick (as you go up.) Then walk back. Let him take 2 steps
forward and repeat the procedure. Keep doing this until the boss is dead.

Run right and grab the switch on the wall. Jump on the chandelier and it
will take you up to the second key. Grab it and go left. Use the key under
the rope that has the correct symbol by it. Passageways will open up. Go up
the rope. This area should look familiar- proceed left until you get to
next rope. Pass this rope and keep going left. Go until you get to the
spring thing that shoots you up. Go up. Fight the monk at the top and grab
the next key. Then jump into the hole that opens up into the ground. Grab
the free life and go up on the other side of the fence. Figt the monk if
you still haven't gotten the air freeze.

Go right, across the rope, and through the obstacles. At the end of this
passage are three herbs and a free life. Then go back and up the rope. Go
right and use the third key. Congrats! You beat earth!

LEVEL 4: Water

Watre is pretty easy as long as you are careful with your jumps. I'm going
to give you directions and each intersect. First go right to the first
intersection. Then up, right, up, right, up, up, right, up, right- grab the
free life- then go back left and grab the key. Go back to the starting
intersection and go down, left..

Follow the path and open the first door with the key. Jump on the barrel
and the room will fill with water. After the room fills up, jump off to the
left and grab the second key. Once you grab the key the water will drain so
jump back on the barrel quickly. Go back out to the original rope and go
up, right, up, right, up, right. Now you're in a narrow passage with the
next door. Facing backwards (you'll understand why) use the key and THEN
IMMEDIATELY RUN outof the passage.

Go down left, down, left, down, right. cross the pool on the barrel and
grab the last key.Go back to the rope and go down. After you get to the
bottom go right and then up and right. Open the door and prepare to fight
the water boss.

BOSS: WATER GUY. This guy is completely made of water. his worst attack
juggles you and hits you if you are ducking and blocking. The solution is
pretty easy. Just stand and block and throw freezes at him. When one hits
run up and do the six move. Repeat.
When he dies you go to the fire level.

LEVEL 5: Fire

This is one of the hardest levels. Mainly because the monks are VERY
damaging. Remember to use your ice clone (gotten last level) to catch the
speedy monk. Start off by going right. Eventually you will go through a
temple. After you go throught the temple there is a lever right below where
you come out. Pull it and it will lower a platform. Race over and grab the
platform which will take you to the first key. Go right again.

Keep going right until you get to a rope go down the rope and follow the
path to the second key and a free life. Then go back the rop and go up it.
Now go right again.

Keep going right. cross the scales. go right. Go up the rope, go right.
Eventually you come to another switch which will lower a platform to the
left. Pull the switch and run left and get into the lower area. Grab the
last key and pull the swicth there. A platform will raise to the right this
time. run right, jump on it and hop up to the exit door. Use all of the 3
keys and prepare to fight the boss.

Boss: Fire Demon. This guy is actually moderately hard because you can't
freeze him. Luckily there's a pretty easy pattern. If he walk towards you,
footsweep him and then run in and do the 6 move combo. If he is standing
still walk up to footsweep range and do the procedure. this works pretty

Congrats! You've beaten the elements and you get a lame movie! I must admit
Raiden looks cool though.

LEVEL 6: Prison of souls.

Run right. The guards are pretty easy to beat (go 6 mover!) but I sometimes
like to slide at the ones with guns to knock their guns away. Get past the
hammers and you will come to a room where you must fight 2 hooded monks.
Kill them (footsweep freeze works relly well.) and keep going right.Once
you get past the electricla gates you will get put in jail.

There you meet undead scorpion. Fight him.

BOSS: UNDEAD SCORPION - just freeze him and combo him. Pretty easy. If he
manages tospear you., just hold block and he won't be able to combo you.

After you beat scorp. Go all the way right and then get the first elevator
key. After you get the key go left and go up the first elevator. This is
accomplished by pressing L1 and Triangle. Down is L1 and x. On floor 1 go
right and get the second key. Then jump off the platform to the right. You
will land on an elevator. Go up to floor 2 and go right to fight the next

BOSS: SAWBLADE ROBOT. There is a pattern to beating this guy. If you don't
do it, you will die. Sound fun? OK, run in and hit HK, hp (this is not a
combo so time appropriately ) and then jump kick. Back up out of range
while he flails for a bit then run in and repeat. Thats all there is to it.

Grab the level 3 key and then go left, all the way back to the elevator you
saw past the giant hammers. Go up to the 2nd floor and go right. You will
find an elevator that goes the 3rd floor. Take it and grab the Urn of
Strength. Now run right and jump off the edge. You will land on the
elevator that took you to the boss. Go up and then right again. Go up to
the third floor on the next elevator and go right again.

Now, you need to use the urn of strength and then jump kick the Shinnok
statue right away. then it will fall and you will proceed to the bridge

LEVEL 7: The Bridge of Immortality

Go right and fall of the first edge you get. Voila- another path (this
level sucks cause it has a lot of blind jumps.). Follow the path down and
you will fight the first boss- the dinosaur rider. I like to use one of my
formulas for this level because there are a total of 4 bosses and even with
patterns some of them hurt you. With a formula you should be able to beat
the level with 1 man.

First Boss: Dino Rider- It's a guy on a dinosaur

This is my strategy. Wait until the dino charges forward then jump at it
and do a late jump kick. Do it once more and then jump away. The dino will
either charge at you again in which case you repeat the above steps or it
will breate fir in which case you can jump in for 1 hit and jump away.
After you beat this boss grab the first key.

Go back up to the top and start right again. After a sec you'll run into
boss two.


Be careful, this guy can bounce you off the fence infinitely (oir until you
die). He's pretty easy though. Run up and high kick (standing- not back)
and then do a quick jump kick. Back out of his arms range. Odds are he'll
try to use his flamethrower- in that case simply repeat. If he tries to
move forward run in and attack immediately. After beating this boss grab
the second key.

As soon as you go right there is a free life. Go right some more and jump
over the spinning blades. Keep going right and you'll face the third boss.


The same pattern beats this guy as the other armor guy. Just be careful
because you can't run through machine gun bullets like you could the fire.
After you beat this guy (expect to get torn up alittle) go right. jump off
of the boss platform and go right. Jump the first gap and fall through the
next one and you will find: BOSS 4!!

BOSS 4: Mecha Flamethrower guy- same as the first one. You get the third
and final key from this guy. Take the elevator up. Go right again. Run past
the tentacles and they won't hit you. Jump over the spikes, fight the guards
and use the keys. Congrats- You beat the Bridge!

FINAL BOSS: SHINNOK-basically you can't kill him. What you have to do is
wait for him to do his fireball and freeze him.  Then run into the opposite
portal and get behind him. Freeze him once more for good measure.  Then go
up to him and hit L1. To grab the amulet. He will then grow into a monster.
Run to the portal that opens on the other side and enjoy the end.

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