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Metal Gear Solid (Playstation) FAQ
by Richard Harris (Rico) -


Metal Gear Solid (c) Sony Computer Entertainment and (c) Konami of Japan.

Advance warning - this FAQ contains mild language. The only swearing you'll
find are words that would be allowed on PG-13 / BBFC 12 films. And since Metal
Gear Solid is a 15 game anyway (at least in England) the language is
acceptable for this FAQ.


1. FAQ News                                What's new and Coming soon
2. Forewords                               MGS Info
3. Handy Info
a) Controls                         Basic + Special Moves, Combos
b) Character Profiles               All 20 characters
c) Codec Friends                    What the characters say on Codec
d) Opening                          The game beginning
4. Walkthrough
a) Disc One                         From the Dock to Snowfield C
b) Disc Two                         From Blast Furnace to the Tunnel
c) Rankings                         How well did you do?
d) Boss Guide                       In-depth boss tips and strategies
5. Items and Weapons
a) Items                            From Bandana to Thermal G.
b) Weapons                          From C4 to Stun Grenade
c) The wonderful cardboard box      Three uses...three boxes (?)
6. Game Playing Tips                       Can you play better? Quicker?
7. Secrets
a) General Secrets                  Little things that are cool
b) Extra Game Modes                 7 more modes for 7 times the fun :)
c) The Camera                       A mysterious but neat item
d) Unsolved Mysteries               The Metal Gear Mysteries
e) Fun Stuff To Do                  Another section. I did it for kicks
 i) Fun Guard Deaths
 ii) Fun with Guns
 iii) Fun on Location
f) Saved Games                      Different save benifits unmasked!
g) Special Menu                     What IS the Special Menu???
8. Game Shark/Action Replay codes          For the cheaters out there :)
9. Metal Gear Map                          A tacky ASCII map I'll improve
10. VR Training                            The complete GUIDE! Corny visuals!
11. Credits
a) Thanks to...
b) Improvements I Would Make to MGS
c) My Other FAQs
d) Submitting to this FAQ
e) Links
(31 sections in total)

((( 1. WHAT'S NEW )))

Version 1.01 (5/8/99)

I found some info on the guns which I quickly added, and there is some
spelling corrected. A minor update.

Version 1.0 (4/8/99 - English Date)

The first release. There's tons already in here - the complete walkthrough,
tips, boss guide, camera...took me about 8 hours (at seperate times, of
course) to
finish. Whoa!

Coming Soon...

1. Printer Version. This'll have no ASCII crap decorating the page, less
spaces and will be shorter. If you try to print this now (unless you set your
printer's margins to minimum) it won't come out right. This is because the
program I'm using (TextPad) put hard line breaks every 79 spaces instead of
70. Damn.

2. More playing tips and a better map. Basically, more tiny tweaks.

3. Best Sniper Spots and "Kodak Photo Spots"

4. 'Ask Nastasha' - what she has to say on every item.

5. Elaborate on ghost pictures some more.

6. times for the main game and VR Training...but only if I get
enough feedback.

7. More stuff...this thing's gonna grow big. Maybe a ration location
list...hang on, I list them all in the walkthrough :(

8. VR Missions...not much there.

9. Other crap like the clip size for ALL weapons.

((( 2. FOREWORDS )))

For ages, shooting games have always been out-and-out shooting games, where
you come out guns blazing and had tons more health than the enemies. The Metal
Gear series was a new era for action games with a lot of skill and patience
needed. Instead of your skill at firing, reloading and strafing, you would
have to dodge guards, sneak around and kill without anyone else knowing. Added
into this brain and patience taker is a bit of RPG, with maps, items and the
rest - this makes Metal Gear games an experience and a great game.

Now Konami has published the third installment, Metal Gear Solid. Crude
graphics are replaced with the best graphics on the Playstation (at the time
of writing). Text is replaced with voice. And everything is better. I have got
very good at this game and that is why I have decided to make this guide. A
little late, I suppose, but it's full of stuff. Read it!

One small thing, however: I have seen many FAQs, and I am aware of the
competition. In FAQs, the bigger is not necessarily the better. Take
marshmallow's 300+K Zelda FAQ. That is genuine. It's big because a) the game
is big and b) the FAQ is comprehensive (we're talking every enemy and every
location of a secret stone). I intend to make a comprehensive guide to MGS,
and I will maintain it. Instead of filling it up with junk like what happened
when I played or the complete game story, I may add worthwhile items. Check
out the FAQ News section for info. Anyway, on with the show. A complete guide
to Metal Gear Solid. Enjoy it...and thanks to all contributors.


# a) Controls #

D-Pad or left analogue stick - Move Solid Snake around. Controls are
screen-relative (left goes left on the screen, not to Snake's left, and it
doesn't make him turn around). Also used to scroll through inventory/weapons
and operate Codec. If you're using Dual Shock/Analogue, you can move the stick
slightly to make Snake tiptoe around or move it all the way to make Snake run.

Square - the FIRE button. This fires your weapon, plants a mine, throws a
grenade etc. No weapon? Then you grab the enemy. While behind an enemy with
C4, you can press the D-Pad towards the enemy + Square to strap C4 to an
enemy's back ^_^

Circle - this is the 'main' button. Most games use X as the main button. Use
it to punch the enemy (or do a combo). You also drop down holes, use ladders
and the like with circle.

X - Tap to duck (useful in firefights). Hold to stay ducking. Hold and use
D-Pad/Stick to move while lying down.

Triangle - This activates first person view so you can look around. Hold it
and then use D-Pad/Stick. You can press triangle even if you have goggles or
masks on.

L1 - Toggle between using an object from your inventory or not (e.g. if you
have the cardboard box selected, press L1 to get out of the box and press L1
again to get back in). Sidesteps left in first-person view.

R1 - Equip/Unequip weapon (switches between holding a weapon or using your
hands). Same as pressing triangle in Tomb Raider. Sidesteps right in
first-person view.

L2 - Hold and press left/right to scroll through items from your inventory.
Release L2 and the currently selected item will be equipped.

R2 - Same as L2, only with weapons.

Select - activates Codec mode. From there, you can:
  Press left/right to scroll through frequencies
  Press up to call the frequencies (or circle)
  Press down to access your 'telephone book' of frequencies
  Press SELECT or X to leave Codec mode.

Start - Pauses game. Your location is displayed.

Hold D-Pad so Snake presses against the wall and the camera will swoop over
the corner of the wall. Then press left or right to sidestep while still
pressing against the wall. Press X to make Snake knock the wall. The enemies
will go towards the wall and will be diverted, making it easy for you to go to
certain places.

If you are grabbing the enemy, you can drag him around as a shield from
bullets. Tap square to tighten your hold often, as the enemy can escape your
grip. Or tap square about seven times in a row, quickly, and you will break
the enemies neck. While running, tap square to flip the enemy over. You can
throw them with this technique. Hit triangle+square five times and then keep
punching someone. Your punch will be more powerful - it can kill.

If you press circle three times in a row you'll do a punch-punch-kick combo
which is essential in beating Ninja and Liquid. Best done while running.

After firing a Nikita missile, hold triangle and the camera will show first
person view of the Nikita. Aiming is easier and enemies (I never knew this,
thanks to Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins - are boxed in
green so you can see then better.

Also, (thanks to with a FAMAS or SOCOM you can press Square +
X to run and fire at the same time.

# b) Character Profiles #

There are loads of characters in Metal Gear Solid who you can talk to. Here
they are:

Solid Snake 30+ USA  182cm You control him, the hero of the
     game. Forced out of retirement for
     just one more mission, this guy will
     carry out orders without question.
     With an IQ of 180 and fluent in 6
     languages, this ex-FOXHOUND member
     is an ice-cold killing machine.

Liquid Snake 30+ ENGLAND 183cm High IQ. Looks like Solid Snake.
     Part of a freaky experiment to
     create the perfect human. This hairy
     physchotic English man is the final

Roy Campbell 60+ USA (140.85) ? Ex-FOXHOUND commander who lures
     Snake out of retirement. With his
     neice Meryl at risk he wanted the
     best. Used to be part of USMC, Green
     Beret and Delta Force. Retired.

Meryl Silverburgh USA (140.15) 175cm Heroine of the game. VR trained with
     no battle experience. Campbell's
     neice, with a secret behind
     her. Has had treatment to not be
     attracted to the opposite sex (LESBO

Hal Emmerich 25+ USA (141.12) 177cm Nickname "Otacon" for Otaku
     Convention. American-Jewish. Genius
     at inventing weaponry, cowardly.
     Crazy-haired Arms Tech scientist
     who's work is perverted for evil.

Naomi Hunter 20+ ?  ? Contacted via Roy Cmapbell, called
     "Dr. Naomi" by friends. FOX-HOUND's
     leading biochemist who specialises
     in genetic engineering and a
     peculiar virus...

Mei Ling 17 China (140.96) Teenage foxstress in charge of
     tweaking Snake's codec. She's also a
     bit of a whizz with the ancient
     proverbs. An MIT graduate, Mei
     invented the Soliton radar system.

Cyborg Ninja ? ?  ? Extremely agile, this guy is neither
     friend nor foe of Snake (just as
     well, as he can become invisble,
     leap tall boxes in a single bound,
     block bullets with his sword and
     chop off people's heads).
     Cooooooooool :)

Psycho Mantis 30+ Russia  190cm Metal Gear's gimp can read minds,
     walk through walls and levitate.
     Even scarier than you first
     suspected then.

Decoy Octopus ? ?  ? A slippery customer and a master of
     disguise. Problem is you don't
     really see much of him in the game.
     Not much other info available.

Sniper Wolf 20+ Iraq  176cm She's beautiful. She's intelligent.
     She's got a HUGE gun and she knows
     how to use it. This genius Sniper
     has extreme patience and loves
     wolfes, which she feeds.

Revolver Ocelot Russia  182cm Liquid's right-hand man loves
     westerns and guns, and is a master
     of toture techniques.
     Quick wits and slippery moves are
     needed to beat him.

Vulcan Raven 30+ USA  210cm This guy has Alaskan, Indian and
     Eskimo blood. He carries a massive
     Vulcan machine-gun and is a Shaman
     who identifies with Ravens. So those
     two words are put together to
     form....HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!  :)

Master Miller 50+ USA  ? Original name "Macdonell Benedict
     Miller". Third generation Japanese.
     An ex-comrade of Snake, he's on hand
     to dish out (some bloody obvious)
     advice. Anyone who wears sunglasses
     at night is an arse.

Deepthroat ? ? (140.48) ? Mysterious guy who helps you out
     every so often.

Nastasha Romanenko Ukrania (141.52) Military analyst, expert in
     weaponry. Gives you advice on your
     selected weapons or items. Worked
     for DIA (Defense Intelligence
     Agency) and NSA (National Security
     Agency). Lost her job after the Cold
     War. Chain-smoker.

Kenneth Baker 60+ USA  168cm President of Arms Tech. Held hostage
     at Shadow Moses Island.

Donald Anderson USA  185cm The DARPA (Defense Advanced Research
     Projects Agency) chief. Also held
     hostage, and your first objective is
     to rescue him.

Jim Houseman 70+ USA  ? The Secretary of Defense. He's
     plotting something EVIL and maybe
     even against the president
     ...whatever he says goes. He's in
     charge of the anti-terrorist
     operation, monitoring from AWACS.

Big Boss ? USA  ? Old FOX-HOUND commander, thought to
     be the greatest soldier that ever
     lived (killed in Zanzibar by Solid
     Snake). He used his amassed wealth
     to form Outer Heaven and later a
     fortress at Zanzibar Land. Both were
     foiled by Snake. Awww.

I wrote these myself, although I got some of the heights from the MGS Perfect
Guide Book. If you don't see an age or height, I don't know it. By the way,
Otacon weighs 62kg. It's the only weight shown in the game.

# c) Codec Friends #

Here's a list of people you can call on Codec and what they tell you.

Campbell/Naomi (140.85) - Campbell usually answers, not Naomi. He will usually
repeat a message on what you've go to do next, like "Go to B1 and get the
Darpa Chief!" or "Snake, you've got to find one more key to deactivate Metal

Mei Ling (140.96) - Says a welcome message or something about the latest
incident (eg a death) then you can save or not. If you save you get a crap
proverb (yay).

Master Miller (141.80) - Throws out obvious advice like "If you use a stun
grenade with light-enhancing goggles, your eyes might burn up".

Otacon (141.12) - Even though he says you can ask him for rations etc, you
can't. He'll give you technical info on machine boss weakspots and how to use
electronic stuff.

Meryl (140.15) - Dull. When she's around between the time you meet her and the
time her Codec is broken (a very short time) she'll just tell to wait or find
her, over and over again.

Nastasha (141.52) - If you've recently selected an item (say, cardboard box or
goggles) or weapon she'll tell you about it. I found the cardboard box bit
slightly OTT (she goes into it's uses and materials).

Deepthroat (140.48) - He never responds to your calls, he just calls you in
the snowfield, electrical floor etc.

# d) Opening #

Alaska - Bering Sea

The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in Alaska's Fox
archipelago was attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces being
led by members of FOX-HOUND. They're demanding that the government turn over
the remains of Big Boss and say that if their demand is not met within 24
hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon....DUH DUH DUH!!!

After those two long sentences you know your mission. First, you have to
rescue DARPA chief Donald Anderson, then the President of Arms Tech, Kenneth
Baker. Both are being held as hostages. Then you are to investigate whether or
not FOX-HOUND have the ability to launch a nuclear weapon, and *stop them* if
they do.

Approach the facility by sub. Then you'll have to launch a one-man SDV
(Swimmer Delivery Vehicle). Once the SDV gets as close as it can, DISPOSE OF That means you won't be picked up by radar. From then on,
you'll have to swim.

Snake reaches the island. As usual, this is a one-man infiltration mission.
Weapons and equipment are OSP (he gets them by finding or killing). The
mission is a top-secret black op. There's no official support.

Liquid goes up in the lift with a corny "I'm off to swat some BOTHERSOME
flies!!!". Snake climbs out of the water and recieves a call. On with the

((( 4. WALKTHROUGH )))

#     D     I     S     C               O     N     E     #

As you go through the game, before I present the complete solution to doing
something that you MIGHT get stuck on, I'll just tell you a quick hint
(beginning with +). If you're still stuck, then read it. But it's a lot more
fun if you don't use a walkthrough (thinking: yeah right since when is it fun
spending three hours wandering around a room trying everything to solve a
puzzle?). Anyway, we'll begin from when you get a call from Campbell.

The Dock

**Campbell explains about the Codec and tells you to take the lift up**

This is just a test area for you to get to grips with the game. First, go down
into the water. Behind the barrel is a ration. If you press L2, you can see
that you can only hold 2 rations. Now crawl under the container in front of
your starting point. You'll see guards walking around.

* Welcome to the World of idiotic Guards *
* Hi. I'm an enemy profile. I tell you   *
* about the enemies as you first meet    *
* them. First up is the guard. Sadly,    *
* there's only one type of guard. He has *
* a FAMAS machine gun. No matter whether *
* they're wearing green, white or pink,  *
* they act the same and follow fixed     *
* patrol routes. Use this to your advant-*
* age to avoid them, as they team up to  *
* kill you. Advanced sight and hearing?  *
* Advanced my ass! They can only see     *
* about four metres (screen-wise) in     *
* front of them. They can't even hear an *
* elevator door or normal door shutting  *
* behind them. Truly stupid...but deadly *

You can kill the first two guards (recommended) because it is easy to get the
rations, or you can hide next to the box near the puddle until the lift comes
down. The two other rations are in the north and south east corners of the
room. Be warned: if you're caught, the lift won't rise (even if you get into
it). If the alarm is ringing you can run up and jump into the water where
you'll be free from attack. Wait for the third enemy to leave the elevator
then run in and...

**Solid Snake goes into the lift and takes off his suit. It could be his
normal sneaking suit, a tuxedo or a Ninja suit depending on how many times
you've completed the game. Then METAL GEAR SOLID appears. Cool huh? Then he'll
get out of the lift.**


The Colonel and Naomi call Snake from 140.85 through the Codec.

**Solid Snake watches a Hind D helicopter with Liquid in it take off. he is
hiding behind a container.**

The Colonel and Naomi call Snake again from 140.85 and introduce Mei Ling who
LING AT 140.96. You can then choose 'Save'.

**Long boring explanation of the Soliton Radar system. The Snake scans around
(with scope) looking for an airduct but can't find the second floor duct.
Colonel Campbell yells orders at him.**

You can get a ration from the south west corner, near the lift. Go east to the
snow then go north past some containers. You might want to kill the guard.
There's a ration. Go to the truck in the centre. Dodging the guards is easy as
piss. Jump behind the truck to get a Socom gun.

<< Nikita Launcher there instead of a Socom.>>>

To the south-west of the truck are three Chaff Grenades - but watch out for
the lights around the helicopter area.

* Welcome to the world of Searchlights *
* Ridiculous huh? You only see these   *
* once, but they are like enhanced     *
* security cameras. They move faster   *
* than cameras and if you cross them,  *
* the alarm is sounded. But...         *

The trick is to get in the middle while they seperate then to the corner as
the meet together. At just the right time you can move between the middle and
the corner. If you get caught run around the containers to the east of the
area. If you go west from the chaff grenades you'll enter a room. Go behind
the container and grab the stun grenades once the camera turns away from you.

* Welcome to the world of Security Cams *
* There are tons of these at first, but *
* towards the end of the game, where    *
* there are less guards, camera control-*
* led guns are more common. They just   *
* move around, and you move once they   *
* are looking away. Upon seeing you the *
* alarm sounds. If you stand under a    *
* camera, it won't see you. Very useful *

Now you've got everything. There's an upstairs and downstairs air duct. The
top duct is guarded by a guard, a camera and then another guard and camera
when you enter the enemy base. The downstairs duct has a camera and a sleeping
Take the lower one, it's easier. Wait for the camera to turn then crawl
through the duct. If the camera sees you, you should be through the vent
before the guard can pull out a grenade.

The Vent

Go through by following the mice. Master Miller (141.80) will call. You can
call him anytime for advice. You will eventually end up in Enemy Base A.

<< whether you were caught or not, you'll hear different things.>>>

Enemy Base A (First Floor) - Tank Hangar

If you were on the upstairs vent, hide behind the container (after collecting
chaff grenades x3) then break the gurads neck. Dodge the camera by standing
under it and go downstairs. Under the stairs is Socom bullets.

If you used to downstairs vent, wait for the green guard to walk past then
leave the vent.

* Welcome to the world of Green Guards *
* Green guards are no different to the *
* white ones you saw previously - they *
* still have FAMAS machine guns and    *
* behave the same - only they wear, of *
* course, green. Irish?                *

<< entering the door. In US and European versions, you'll have to wait until you
get the Level 4 key before you do. I personally think this is stupid, as you
can see Physco Mantis and Ninja with the goggles and get into the snowfield.
These things are before you get Level 4.>>>

Forget about other powerups, just press CIRCLE when facing the lift to open
it. Then select B1 and go down!!!

Enemy Base A (Basement Level 1)

Mei Ling calls you (140.96) as you exit the lift. You now know that the DARPA
chief shows up on your radar. Go along the corridor south, then east, then
climb the ladder (Colonel Campbell explains how by calling you at 140.85).

B1 Duct

Just crawl through the vent and get to the junction. Go left then use the look
button and look down the air hole. The guard will be in the toilet. Carry on
to get Socom bullets. then go back to the junction and instead of goinmg left
go straight ahead. Look down the air hole to see Meryl exercising. Wanna see
her with no trousers? Check the secrets section. Keep crawling and the Colonel
will call at 140.85. Follow his instructions to get into the DARPA chief's

**Snake looks through the airhole. After opening it, he drops down. After a
long conversation about Metal Gear Rex and nuclear warheads, Meryl listens in.
Another guards comes past the door and says 'Shaddup in there will ya?' much
to my relief ^_^ but DARPA Chief warbles on some more about Phycho Mantis and
the PAL card. Finally you get what you want - the Level 1 Card key.

YOU GOT THE LEVEL 1 CARDKEY! You can now open all Level 1 doors!
Go to the Select Item Subscreen and equip it with C. When equipped, level 1
doors will open!**

**Then suddenly something is wrong with the chief...hmmm...heart attack? He is
in pain, calls out to Snake...then dies. Hehehe! If only beginners to the game
knew why....Metal Gear Solid is full of plot twists. Meryl hears this and
bangs on the prison door.**

Now DARPA Chief is dead and you can hear (and see on the radar) a soldier walk
along and open the cell door. Before you go, you can take a picture of the
corpse to get a ghost image (beginners: see section 7c) and crawl under his
bed to get a ration. Once you leave the cell, you...

**...go outside only to be confronted with a nude guard who had his clothes
ripped off (was Meryl that desperate for sex?). Suddenly a guard (obviously
Meryl dressed up as a soldier) sticks her gun at Snake's head. Snake quickly
grabs the tip of Meryl's gun and calls her a rookie...blah blah. They are
talking quite loudly and three guards approach them. "Iiiiiit's SHOWTIME!!!"**

* Welcome to the world of Nude Guards *
* This particular guard was so bored  *
* of walking up and down that,        *
* despite the cold temperature, he    *
* he stripped and ran around. He then *
* went mad and collapsed in a fit.    *

<< got it when the three guards come to attack. However if you do have a Socom,
you will point it at Meryl instead of grabbing the tip of her gun.>>>

Shoot with your Socom. It's best to tap (no aim) the Socom. Two hits will kill
each guard. Also, equip rations so if your life runs out, it'll be topped up
automatically and you lose one ration. Then...

**Three more guards come in as the alarm rings. Snake forces Meryl to kill
then all with her FAMAS. She'll kill guards too from now on.**

Three more sets of three guards will appear. On killing them they will drop
rations or Socom bullets. There are two boxes of bullets lying around as well.
The last three guards will throw grenades. Move towards the door to avoid
them, then finish them. FInally! It's over!

**Meryl goes to the door to check out for trouble. She runs to the elevator.
then Snake follows.**

**Scene changes. Now the camera is in another room where someone is being tied
up and tortured. Personally, I think he looks like the DARPA Chief (?). There
are other men there.**

**Back to B1 of Enemy Base A. Suddenly Meryl fires at Snake to stop him
following her (odd...) and Snake takes cover. the elevator door shuts. Phycho
Mantis appears, saying "Good girl...just like that". Mantis had controlled
Meryl's mind for a moment**

Mantis dissapears into thin air, then Naomi calls Snake at 140.85 about the
DARPA Chief. Go to the cell door and then south to the computer room. Lots of
stuff here, including Socom bullets in the toilet and near the table. Then
head to Floor B2 using the elevator.

Enemy Base A (Basement Level 2) - Armoury

If you have thermal goggles (IMPORT ONLY) you can see trap doors in this area.
It shouldn't matter as you can run around, it only comes into importance when
guards are patrolling the room (much later). There are 6 weapon doors in this
area, labelled: PSG1, NIKITA, GRENADE, FAMAS, C4 and an open door containing
Socom stuff. There's also another door to the south.

You can enter 3 doors - the north middle door (Level 1) to get C4,
     the south middle door (open) to get Socom bullets,
     the south west door (Level 1) to get grenades.
Now you have to destroy a wall. How??? Where???

+++Look around for walls of a different's easier than using sound.
+++Also, use C4 as grenades or other explosives are not ideal.

Okay, okay! You're still stuck? There are three walls to destroy. The most
important one is on the south wall of the room, to the far left. Use the look
button and you'll see part of the wall is a yellow-ish colour instead of
metallic blue. Press up to the wall (but face it) and equip+place C4. Stand
back and press CIRCLE to BLOW IT UP!!!
The other holes are on the north wall on either side of the elevator. The left
room contains chaff and stun grenades and the right room has C4 and 3x Socom
bullets. Watch out for the booby traps - stand on the metal strips between the
tiles. Then make sure your C4 is full and enter the south hole created by the

You come into another room. Your radar is jammed so you can't see where the
exit is (Mei Ling calls to tell you this). But there is an exit! Check the
right wall with the look button. You'll see another unfinished wall. Then in
the next corridor, blow up the wall on the east. Then finally you'll see rocks
to the south. Blow up the unfinished wall on the north-west of this room.
Before entering, check your Socom ammo. You should have a full
preparation for the boss. Then enter...

**Snake enters a wall with four pillars. In the centre of those is a big
pillar with an old man tied up to it. That man is being tortured and that man
is President Baker. There's bombs everywhere and they are activated by the
wire around Baker. Suddenly Revolver Ocelot fires a bullet which Snake dodges.
He spins his gun around and around quite skilfully. Then he challenges you to
a fight.**

See the Boss Guide (section 4d) for information on how to beat Ocelot. You
don't kill him, but...

**Ocelot takes cover and reloads. He's about to jump out and shoot you in the
head but suddenly someone flies past. He's invisible, but to reproduce the
feel of someone flying past you, you can just see a distortion of the screen
where he is. The invisible figure has a sword and in one jump he cuts off
Ocelot's right hand and cuts all of the trip wires around Baker. The President
falls to safety and Ocelot stumbles back. And then the invisble figure reveals
himself to be the Cyborg Ninja...the coolest character in MGS. Ocelot runs
away and Snake points his gun at Ninja and asks "Who are you?". Ninja replies
"I'm like you...I have no name" (in fact he has 4). Suddenly Ninja screams and
shakes his body (shake it baby ^_^) and disappears.
Then Snake talks to Baker. Baker gives him information on Metal Gear and a
film about a rocket is shown. Snake recieves a 2nd level keycard and a disc
with the Metal Gear Rex test data. Before Snake is told about who is doing
what (last words are "Those Pentagon bastards!!!") the President dies in the
same way as the DARPA Chief! Confused? Don't worry, it is all wrapped up by
the end of the game...**

Snake calls the Colonel, Naomi and Mei Ling (who comes into the conversation)
at 140.85. After the conversation, Snake gains more inventory storage and
about 25% more space on his life bar. This is standard and will keep happening
every time you beat a boss. As your life bar grows, your life is topped up
too. Also, as you get more weapons their total ammo will increase too.

Socom Bullets   25 => 49
Grenade    8 => 12
Stun Grenade    3 => 6
Chaff Grenade    3 => 6
C4      4 => 6
Ration doesn't change. It will later...

Look around the room with LOOK. You'll see another false wall. Bomb it to find
a Level 6 door. Later in the game, we can go back here to get the camera.
For now, though, go back to the weapons room.

Enemy Base A (Basement Level 2) - Armoury

After your fooling around with C4, guards are everywhere. They shouldn't be a
problem as they are so stupid they can't hear a door opening! Just wait for
then to go around the corner then enter the southeast door to get FAMAS.
Wait!!! There are infra-red traps. Simply crawl through (under the traps)
until you get the other side and pick up the FAMAS. How do I know there are
infra-red traps without goggles? I won't spoil the secret yet. Once you have
you got your machine-gun (check out the Weapons and Itmes section) take the
elevator to the first floor (or for English people like me, Ground Floor).

<< guards walk. Now start a new game and after you've blown up all the false
walls, place C4 in the places where the guards patrol. After beating Ocelot,
detonate your C4 and watch all the guards die!>>>

Enemy Base A (First Floor) - Tank Hangar

Note that the right tank is missing...hmmm, I won't spoil it for you. You can
get a Socom Suppressor to silence your Socom (so you can kill guards without
them noticing) from the room on the northeast corner, next to the huge
garage-like door. Simply equip the supressor then use it. You'll have to crawl
past the guard, but then once you get the supressor you can test it on him!
There's always a bright side ^_^

Go upstairs and they'll be two rooms you haven't visited. The one opposite the
stairs is level 1 and contains chaff grenades and cardboard box A (see section
5c). There's a level 2 door on the east side of the room, near the OTHER
camera. It has a mine detector which is essential in beating the next boss
(unless you are playing the IMPORT version).

Back to the main mission. You now have to visit the scientist Hal
Emmerich...he's in a different building. The exit to this building is through
the HUGE door next to the elevator. To open it up, you have to contact Meryl.
Her frequency's on the back of the CD Case. Stuck yet?

+++So you can't find the CD Case? Searched EVERYWHERE? Here's a hint: quit
+++playing the game so much and get back to reality.

If that hint wasn't revealing enough, here's the solution. You'll hate
yourself, trust me...

It's the ACTUAL CD case - the one you bought the game in. Unlike crappy N64
cardboard boxes, Playstation boxes are plastic and not something you'd throw
away. On the back of the box, you'll see a screenshot with Snake and Meryl
speaking. the frequency? 140.95. You may need to know this is you DID throw
the box away or are renting/borrowing the game.

Call Meryl and then wait. The door will open. Now you should go through. Meryl
(140.95) will call you and warn you of infra-red rays that kill instantly. So
how do you get past them without thermal goggles? This is the secret I
mentioned in the FAMAS room. Try to work it out... (import players: you've
collected the goggles so you're safe this time)

+++Call for help - why not try someone who's experienced with machinery? The
+++scientist Hal Emmerich isn't here, but someone else is available...

OK here's the secret...use cigs! If you call Nastasha she'll tell you to find use cigarettes. While your health goes down slowly, you'll never
die from smoking, and you'll create enough smoke to faintly see where it is.
It's best to go to first-person view between each two rays, and you can see
them rise and lower. After rays, open the door to enter the snowfield.

<< decided to just run through and hope I didn't touch an infra-red ray. As soon
as the game started I ran forward and yes, you guessd it, I got to the end
without touching the rays! i tried it again later and died. But the third time
I ran through again! What a fluke!>>>

Snowfield A - Canyon

Use a MINE DETECTOR. Deepthroat will call and warn you of this. You'll see
several mines along the main path and one to the left. The best thing to do is
crawl around and collect them (yes, collect them) so they disappear. Or you
can memorise them. Either way, you DON'T want to have the mine detector or
themal goggles (import) equipped during the battle. You will want to equip
rations. Move up north then...

**Solid sees a tank come out of the hangar to the north (that's why the one in
Enemy Base A was missing). Vulcan Raven is in it. After driving to the centre
of the snowfield, the tank stops. Raven says a few corny things "Snakes don't
belong in Alaska!" then fires a mortar towards Snake. Our hero does a cool
backflip to safety, unhurt**

Now Vulcan hides in the tank and gets a soldier to man the gun. This is one of
the msot stupid things in MGS, as a gun can be manned from the inside without
putting guards at risk. Anyway, check out the boss guide to see how to defeat

**Snake comes up to the dead guard and snatches his LV3 Keycard (but not his
wallet ^_^). Snake travels to Enemy Base B. Vulcan is still alive and talks to
Liquid. Liquid says "I WILL kill him"**

Snake gains longer life and more storage space:

Socom Bullets   49 => 73
FAMAS Bullets        101 => 151
Grenade   12 => 16
Stun Grenade    6 => 9
Chaff Grenade    6 => 9
Claymore Mines   6 => 8
C4      6 => 8
Ration     2 => 3

Enemy Base B (First Floor) - Nuke Building

Go up the corridor on the left side of the room. You'll recieve a ration. Then
go to the room's right side and crawl under the wall once the guard's gone.

The Colonel and Naomi call ya at 140.85 telling you that you can't fire
weapons in this area because it will cause poisonous gas to leak. This means
you can't be caught either, as that would make guards shoot you also causing
leaks. While this seems worrying, the level is surprisingly easy to get past.
You can either go up the stairs on the left or up the stairs on the right. The
elevator is on the left side of the room. If you take the left stairs you go
straght to the elevator, but it is impossible to get to the lift, open it and
go down in the time the patrolling guard turns his back. The right stairs take
you to a corridor guarded by a camera and that same guard, and is even more

I took the left stairs and went halfway up the stairs just so I was
'offically' on the second floor (check your radar to see). I equipped the
cardboard box and the guard went up to me. Then he turned around. I followed
him and activated the lift. As he turned the corner I got in. If you think you
can elude the guards though, there are plenty of power-ups around: chaff
grenades in the northwest, behind the missiles, FAMAS bullets to the
southeast, behind the camera and Socom bullets on the north-western part of
the truck. Take the elevator to floor B1.

Enemy Base B (Basement Level 1)

This place will be important later, but for now you only need to take the
south door. One guard patrols. Don't bother killing him, another will come
from the toilet to take his place. Instead you only need one thing: Nikita
Missiles. You can get them from the north-east door. There's lots of other
stuff but you can get that later. Take the elevator to floor B2.

Enemy Base B (Basement Level 2)

If you go east and press yourself against the wall, you'll hear the "hey I
just discovered something!" sound and the view will zoom to a scientist
walking around. This is the guy you need to see - Hal Emmerich! Go through the
only door - to the south. You'll see two large cabinet-type things on either
side of you. These are air purifiers. The MGS programmers have cleverly
enabled you to go into the gas-filled room (south) and then go back here and
recover your oxygen level. After using your third level keycard to get here,
go south and you'll be greeted with a cinema scene:

**Snake walks forward a bit and as the camera zooms out, he is astonished to
see the floor is electrified. If he tries to walk on the floor he'll die of
electrocution. Snake tries to find a power source, and suddenly the camera
follows the power cable to a generator...which is in a different room.**

<< guard looking at the floor. Snake sees it's electrified, and suddenly the
guard turns around. Just as he's about to shoot, Snake pushes the guard into
the electrified floor ^_^ then searches for the power source>>>

Then Deeptroat calls to tell you to destroy the generator. How???

+++Find a way of piloting your remote-control Nikita missile to the generator.

Solid Snake must fire a Nikita missile and control it so it blows up the
generator. It's not easy, as there are remote-controlled guns and obstacles.

* Welcome to the World of Remote Controlled Guns *
* These things are usually found where there are *
* no guards patrolling. They don't pack a real   *
* punch, so you can easily run right past their  *
* line of fire and lose only 10% of your health. *
* Unlike Goldeneye-style chain guns, they aren't *
* a threat so just pass them.                    *

It'll probably take three or four tries. Bear in mind that every so often the
missile will have a speed boost, for example after firing it to the junction
it'll have a speed boost so you have to turn quickly before it does. You can
press triangle for 1st-person view to see where the missile's going easier.

Fire a missile then use the D-Pad/Stick to control. Guide it down to the
junction, then turn west before it's speed boost. Use the boost to your
advantage and zoom past the remote-controlled guns. For best results pilot it
under them. Enter the northern room then the north-east room. Turn left so the
missile hits the power generator. Yay! No more electric stuff. You can now
explore this area, but first go back up to the air purifier to restore your
low oxygen level.

Along the corridor you're in are three doors. The top door contains rations.
The bottom door contains a gas mask. Immeadiately equip the gas mask. it won't
stop your oxygen level from falling, but it will slow it down LOTS. As for the
middle door, that's Level 4 and contains 2 boxes of stun grenades.
Carry on down to the junction. To the left is where you fired the Nikita; it
has some power-ups but the important one is Level 4. So go right first and get
that LV4 keycard!

Avoid the camera-controlled gun and go to the air purifier. Then you'll hear a
fight in another room. Use your Level 3 card to go east, then north (Note:
Isn't it annoying that you've got to take off your gas mask to insert a
keycard?) and then...

**Big commotion. Snake walks into the aisle. He is shocked as he sees dead
guards everywhere, "cut by somesort of blade". Bloodstains drench the walls
and ceiling, and bullet holes fill the wall.**

Go north a bit and another short animation will play.

**A soldier stumbles round the corner, badly hurt, saying "It''s a
ghost!" before falling and dying.**

Go north a bit more, and...

**You hear a machine gun and someone screaming. Snake runs towards the noise,
and sees something weird. That soldier is floating in the air, and something
invisible is holding him...yes, the Cyborg Ninja. Ninja throws the guard to
the floor -- dead. The Ninja reveals himself, then runs through the Level 4
door, slashing the card input slot with his sword. The lock is broken.**

Since the lock is broken, you don't need a keycard. Just go through the LV4
door and follow the Ninja!

**Hal Emmerich, the scientist you say after pressing against the wall earlier,
is backing away as the Ninja approaches, planning to kill him like he killed
the rest of the guards, as to make an uninterrupted arena from Snake and Ninja
to fight in. Yes, you heard me. FIGHT. Hal is so scared he pisses his pants :)
and Snake approaches. Hal now thinks Snake also wants to kill him, but our
hero and Ninja talk...and Otacon runs and hides inside a cabinet. The Ninja
decides not to kill Hal as he can't do anything, and they fight**

Check the boss guide for this third bad guy. He's not that tough, honest!

**The Ninja admits his defeat, but is not killed. After that electrical phase,
he startes to scream "The Medicine!!!" and bangs his head on the floor. You
see the room from his view at times - shades of red and black. He screams,
shudders, shakes, s.....then turns invisble and goes away. That's it!**

Snake calls Colonel and Naomi st 140.85 and Naomi finally admits knowing her adoptive BROTHER!

**LONG ANIMATION. Yawn. Snake convinces Hal that he isn't an enemy, then they
talk. Snake asks some questions, and is unimpressed by the scientist's
answers. After picking up Hal by the collar, Snake finds out that what he;s
saying IS true, and Hal talks about Metal Gear and how it was made, followed
by another film (of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb on 8/9/1945). Hal shows Snake
how he can make himself transparent like the Ninja and tells Snake he can get
anything because he can sneak past guards. Snake calls Meryl on 140.15, but
Meryl's Codec gets broken or something and the transmission ends. Hal gives
Snake a LV4 card (yes!) and explains that his nickname is Otacon (Otaku
Convention). On that topic, he tells a story about Policenauts and says he
builds robots because he likes the ones in Japanese Animes. He tells Snake his
frequency is 141.12 then turns invisible and disappears.**

More life and inventory space-oh...

Socom Bullets   73 => 97
FAMAS Bullets        151 => 201
Grenade   16 => 20
Stun Grenade    9 => 12
Chaff Grenade    9 => 12
Claymore Mines   6 => 10
C4      6 => 10
Nikita Missiles and Rations don't change.

Get FAMAS bullets from the middle-east and FAMAS Bullets and Chaff Grenades
from the south-east corner. There's a ration above the chaff grenades. Then
leave the room and go back to the "Corridor of Death".

<< check your radar and you'll see a dot on it - the same colour as enemies. If
you use the look button you'll see the guard where the dot is, still
breathing. When you return here after beating the Ninja, he'll be dead and the
dot has dissapeared.>>>

Remember that middle door on the first corridor? Open it now you've got LV4 to
get 2x Stun Grenades. Then take the junction LEFT. Avoiding the
camera-controlled guns (use Chaff Grenades if you need to) collect the goodies
from the four doors on the east wall.
The top one is LV4 and has Night Vision'll need them later.
The next down is LV3 and has 2x Nikita Missiles.
The third door is also LV3 and has C4 and 2x Grenades.
The bottom door is LV6. When you get a Level 6 card, you can go all the way
back here and collect body armour.
Now go to where the power generator was to get a ration and chaff grenades.

Now it's time to find Meryl. Take the elevator to floor B1.

Enemy Base B (Basement Level 1)

Pop into the men's toilet to find a ration in the northernmost toilet stall.
Now go south into the room where you picked up the Nikita first. There are
five doors here. Yet more powerups.

Northwest room - Stun grenades.
West room - Cardboard box B and ration.
Northeast room - Nikita missiles, same as last time.
Southeast room - FAMAS and Socom bullets.
Other rooms - This is LV6, and contains Medicine. You will need the medicine
after getting the Level 6 card (probably)...and a LV5.

Now you've got to find Meryl. She's disguised as a guard along with another
guard. There are two others in other places. Push up against furniture to see
the two soldiers. The one that wiggles her's Meryl. Move yourself so
she sees you but the other guard(s) don't. If you need to, kill the guards but
bear in mind that after a short time another guard will enter and replace the
dead one. Once Meryl sees you, she'll RUN to the ladies toilet. Follow her and
go into the northernmost toilet stall to see a guard's uniform. Meryl sneaks
up on you! By the way, if you want to see Meryl without trousers through THE
WHOLE NEXT ANIMATION, check the Secrets section.

**Meryl and Snake talk. Snake is interested in Meryl's tattoo. After a very
long conversation, Snake gets the PAL key and the Level 5 keycard. Meryl
leaves the toilet and waits for you.**

First go into the south room and unlock the LV5 door to the southwest and
you'll get Diazepam and 3x FAMAS Bullets. Check the Weapons and Items section
to see what Diazepam does. Then leave to where Meryl is. Go up the corridor
beside the men's toilet - a level 5 door awaits. Go through, then approach the
next LV5 door. Meryl follows you then...

**Meryl has a headache suddenly. The animation shows, in Black and White, the
first-person view of *someone* floating around. You can hear his breath. That
something heads straight for Meryl and then, suddenly, Meryl's headache is
lost. Meryl says "Come in, Mr. FOX-HOUND. The Commander is waiting." in a
strange voice. It's now obvious that something is controlling Phycho Mantis.**

<< Strange.>>>

Open the door, go inside, the door shuts behind you.

The Commander's Room

**Meryl is controlled by someone behind her. That is the same person who
controlled her mind after the DARPA Chief died. It's PHYCHO MANTIS!!! Mantis
makes Meryl point her gun at Snake.**

The Colonel and Naomi call from 140.85. Then you can battle Boss No.4, Phycho
Mantis. Look at the Boss Guide for info, but first here's some unusual stuff
he does before you fight:

1. Mantis says he's looking deep into your's actually your memory
card. If you have any Konami save games he will tell you. For example, I have
ISS PRO '98 and Mantis said "So, you like ISS PRO '98?".

2. If you have a Dual Shock controller, Mantis will tell you he can
telekinesis on your joypad. He'll ask you to put it on the floor, then he'll
'move it' by maknig your joypad rumble and vibrate across the floor!

3. When you first fight Psycho Mantis, the screen goes black with a green
'Hideo' in the corner, plus you hear a beep. Many people have phoned up Konami
telling them their copy has a bug, but this is yet another added touch in MGS
that makes the game more real.  In Japan, when there's something wrong with
the transmission from a TV station, the station shows you the 'hideo' screen
you see in the game. This is to suggest that Mantis can *control* your TV!

4. Press look to view through HIS eyes. This is why pressing look before
entering the room shows the view through Meryl's eyes, because Mantis is 'in'
Meryl controlling her.

Once you've beaten Mantis, the Colonel and Naomi call at 140.85

**Phycho Mantis is almost dead. The animation shows Mantis' spirit flying
around the room. Mantis asks Snake to take off his mask, and Meryl is shocked
by's huge! Mantis tells a story explaining why this happened. Mantis
wants Solid to put his mask back on. After that, with his last breath, Phycho
Mantis uses his powers to move a cabinet and open a secret passage. he says
"that's the first good thing I've done...that felt good" before dying.**

**Meryl asks Snake some questions. Snake lies to Meryl and she calls him a
"sad, lonely man".**

More life and inventory space again! And a new ration space! Yes!!!

Socom Bullets    97 => 121
FAMAS Bullets         201 => 251
Grenade    20 => 24
Stun Grenade    12 => 15
Chaff Grenade    12 => 15
Claymore Mines    6 => 12
C4       6 => 12
Nikita Missiles   12 => 16
Ration      3 => 4
Diazepam doesn't change, but it will soon...

Pick up the FAMAS bullets near the upper-left statue, then go through the
newly-opened door. You can find a ration, FAMAS Bullets and Socom bullets. Be
sure to go under the stair. Then go north through the door.

Snowfield B - Cave Entrance

**Meryl says that she knows this cave. Then she walks away, leaving Snake on
his own.**

First of all go east, and then north. You'll see Meryl through a crack in the
wall. Unfortunately you can't go through there too. Get the ration and the
Socom bullets to the south. Then go back to your starting point, go north and
crawl under the rocky wall.


Watch out for the wolves. Equip Night Vision Goggles if it's too dark (or turn
up your TV's brightness ^_^) and keep going north until you get to a water

* Welcome to the world of Wolves *
* These animals are probably     *
* worse than guards! You CAN'T   *
* sneak past 'em, they run fast, *
* and they team up lots! You can *
* kill them quickly with your    *
* FAMAS, but they'll always be   *
* more. Just run like hell and   *
* hope they don't catch ya. They *
* don't hurt you while you're in *
* a tunnel. Very dangerous.      *

Take the west path to get FAMAS bullets, then take the east path. Now you'll
come to another junction; go south. There are two holes you can crawl under -
the south gives you a much needed ration, Diazepam and FAMAS bullets - go east
to meet Meryl. The wolves won't hurt you now, they're too engrossed in Meryl
:) so grab the ration behind Meryl then open the door to the north.

<< hit, flip, choke or shoot Meryl the wolves will attack you. If you hit Meryl
then equip a cardboard box though, Meryl will get the wolves to pee on your
box ^_^. Now if you walk around with the box equipped (in the cave) the wolves
won't attack you! You have to unequip the box when you crouch but the wolves
can't hurt you when you crouch!>>>

Outside Communications Tower A

**Meryl tells Snake that the path is full of claymore mines. She explains that
Mantis altered her mind so she could see mines and walks straight through the
minefield dodging the explosives!**

Move Snake through the minefield, following Meryl's footprints. Be warned, the
prints disappear after a while. If you DO hit a mine, Meryl will laugh (why,
the rotten sh...)

**Suddenly someone is targeting Meryl. A sniper. Snake warns Meryl about this,
but Meryl doesn't move because she's shocked and is looking at the laser aim
crossing her body. She follows it down to her left leg, and is shot! She
screams and Snake jumps to safety. Meryl is shot in the right leg, she loses
her pistol and falls down. As she tries to get her gun, the sniper shoots her
in the arm. Snake wants to help Meryl, but he knows the sniper is using her as

The Colonel and Naomi call at 140.85. So now you've got to shoot the sniper.

+++You need a sniper rifle. Maybe there's a Level 5 door you haven't opened

You've got to go back to the armoury in Enemy Base A. Bah!!! One of the doors
is labelled PSG1 - the PSG1 is a sniper rifle. Believe me, it doesn't take
long to get to Enemy Base A. Don't go near Meryl as the sniper shoots you
first. Crawl along one side of the minefield (where the sniper can't shoot ya)
and collect some Claymores. Once you get to the end, run across and south,
through the door. Now Colonel and Naomi call again at 140.85, telling you to
get the sniper rifle. You've first got to leave the cave. If you have a
urine-stained box, no problem. Equip it and see the wolves think you are one
of them. If not, you're just gonna have to run like hell, same as you did last
time. Then leave the snowfield and get into Enemy Base B.

Enemy Base B (First Floor)

After you've taken the elevator to 1st floor, wait for the guard to turn round
the corner (he doesn't see you in the lift) then run for it down. If you
choose, you can get into a truck and equip Cardboard Box A. You'll be driven
to the Heliport, then you can take the vent to Enemy Base A. However, I
recommend crawling under the wall and going to the snowfield.

Snowfield A - Canyon

Watch it! There are cameras and mines around the snow now. Equip mine detector
and avoid the mines, don't bother picking them up. Throw a chaff grenade to
mess up the two camera-controlled guns with *huge* sight ranges. Then go into
Enemy Base A.

Enemy Base A (First Floor) - Tank Hangar

There are no infra-red rays anymore. Go upstairs, go to the west and open the
LV4 door to get Thermal Goggles. Now take the elevator to Floor B1. The PSG1
is in the northwest door. It's patrolled by a guard constantly. Once in the
room, use your thermal goggle to see traps. Just crawl under them. Pick up the
rifle and the Colonel will call. Return to the path outside Communications
Tower A (a VERY long way). You might want to use Cardboard Box B to get to the
Nuke Building.

Outside Communications Tower A

When you get here, Meryl will be gone. You can only see Meryl's blood. Now
you've got your PSG1, you can engage in a laughably easy battle with Sniper
Wolf. Read the boss guide for tips.

BONUS!!!!!!!!! You've got even more life and more inventory space.

Socom Bullets   121 => 145
FAMAS Bullets         251 => 301
Grenade    24 => 28
Stun Grenade    15 => 18
Chaff Grenade    15 => 18
Claymore Mines   12 => 14
C4      12 => 14
Nikita Missiles   16 => 20
Diazepam     6 => 8
Rations don't change.

Go north through the path. To your left and right are little ledges with
powerups. The left ledge has PSG1 bullets. There's also a ration protected by
a camera-controlled gun, use a chaff before you get it since your radar is
jammed up. Once you get to the tower, there's ration to the west, Socom
bullets behind the barrel, FAMAS bullets under the stairs and PSG1 bullets


Go downstairs and head towards the only place you haven't visited - a LV6
door. Even though you can't open it, what the hell. Then...

**The alarm rings. Two soldiers come from Snake's behind and point their guns
at him. The Sniper Wolf comes around and tells him to drop the gun. After
dropping the gun, Snake gets hit in the back of the head with a rifle. He
falls unconcious. As Snake wakes up, he finds he can't move. He hears three
people talking. the bed rotates so Snake is standing. Now we can see Liquid,
Sniper Wolf and Revolver Ocelot. Snake and Liquid talk for al ong time, and
Liquid explains why he wants Snake dead. Nice. Then Liquid leaves, shortly
followed by Sniper Wolf. Only Revolver Ocelot remains. Ocelot is about to
torture Snake.**

Torture Room

You can now control Snake. You are getting shock treatment. If you die, you
can't continue! As your life goes down, keep tapping circle to top it up. You
have to keep your life high - if it runs out you're dead. After a while, your
toture ends. Alternatively you can submit with SELECT. If you surrender, then
you can skip the following section. Let's assume you DON'T surrender.


You've got two bars - your life, and the time bar. You have to withstand the
torture until the time runs out. As you are tortured your life quickly
decreases. Keep tapping circle to fill your life bar. If it's not empty after
the torture ends, you'll go on to the next. There are three tortures, each
longer than the last. Here's some tips to help you win:

1. Ocelot says he can tell if you use an auto-fire joypad. He can't. If you
have one, just make the circle button 'auto' and you'll WIN!
2. Keep tapping the circle button after the time runs out. The joypad is still
read for a couple of seconds after the time runs out, so you can top up a
little more health.

Now you are put in jail. You'll see the dead DARPA chief, for some reason he
looks like he's been dead for a long time! Note that you don't have weapons or
items anymore, they've been taken away! the Colonel and Naomi will call you at
140.85. After the call the guard will say "It's SHOWTIME!!!" and you'll get
another torture.

<< (during your Codec conversation). She asks if you feel OK. Snake says his arm
hurts. Naomi tells you to put the controller on your arm, then she 'heals' you
by activating the vibration on the controller - a massage! Another Phycho
Mantis wannabe huh ^_^>>>

Now you must survive the torture. Then you'll go in jail. One last torture and
you're back in jail again. Now this is where it gets complicated. You can try
to escape (see below) or you can wait until you are called for more torture.
While you only have to survive three tortures before you can escape, if you
survive FIVE then all your ammo (when you recieve it) will be topped up full
and the Ninja will come and rescue you!!!

  This is where you will be if you surrender during any torture or if you
         survive three (or four). If you survive five, see above.

The Colonel calls you at 140.85 yet again. After the call, you'll see that the
guard has stomach-ache. He runs to the toilet! Now Otacon will call at the's your perfect chance to escape!

**Snake is relieved to see Otacon. After a long conversation, Otacon gives
Snake a bottle of ketchup, a scarf, a ration and a LV6 keycard! RESULT! Otacon
then leaves, after hearing the guard come. Now to escape...**

You must try one of these...before the guard comes back from the toilet. Else
(if you don't surrender and you've survived the previous tortures) you'll be
called for more torture.

1. Hide under the bed by crawling. This is the one I did. The guard will
search for you, thinking you've escaped. He will open the prison door and
check. I don't recommend this as he can machine-gun you as you crawl out from
the bed.

2. Fake death with, as the game says, "Italian tomato-based food condiment" -
Ketchup. Just equip it, lie down (X) and then use with circle. The guard will
say "what the hell???" and open the door. As soon as he opens the door, get up
and run.

3. If you have survived five tortures, the Ninja will come and rescue you.

<< laugh at you. Thanks to Siepiau ( - I've never tried>>>

After you've escaped, the guard will want you. There's only *one* guard
around, so feel free to break his neck. Or...go north from the door, then
travel west then north again. There's the torture room! As the guard follows
you, he's about to shoot you but gets another stomach-ache! It's so bad that
he goes to the toilet!!! ^_^.

Below the LV6 door to the torture room is a ration. Get it, then go into the
room. You'll find a red box with all your stuff in. Yes! But be warned: you
might find a 'Timer B.' this is a Time bomb. How do you get rid of it?

+++Just throw it, idiot.

Basically, press L1 and scroll through to select Timer B. Then press CIRCLE.
You'll throw the bomb. It's the same as using Diazepam or Rations. By the way,
try killing the guard (who runs to the toilet) with the Time Bomb! Or strap a
C4 to his back since you've got the chance!

Also you might get a cold from the guard with the stomach ache. If you do,
read on. I'll tell you how to cure it. First, open the door to the east - LV6.
You'll find yourself in good old Enemy Base A (Basement Level 1). Watch out!
There are now two camera-controlled guns outside the lift - go to floor B2 and
you can go into every room. Pick up all the ammo you can find, then go to
where you fought Ocelot. You can open two previously locked doors - the lower
door has stun and chaff grenades, the higher has a camera. See section 7c for
how to use the camera.
Take the elevator to level 1, and cross the snowfield to Enemy Base B (or use
a cardboard box). Then take the Base B elevator to floor B2.

Enemy Base B (Basement Level 2)

Go down the gas-filled corridor, then go west. Go north to find four doors.
One of them is Level 6 - you can open it now for Body Armour. Now take the
lift to B1.

Enemy Base B (Basement Level 1)

Go south and open the middle-west door to get medicine. It will cure Snake's
cold. Now go through the cave to where Meryl got shot.

<< equip it the wolves will like you the same as they liked Meryl.>>>

Outside Communications Tower A

**You see Meryl's blood, still on the floor. You get a flashback of how Meryl
said she didn't want to slow you down.**

The Colonel, Naomi, Master Miller and Mei Ling call at 140.85. Depending on
whether you submitted or not, they'll say different things. Now cross the path
to Communtications Tower A. Enter the LV6 door where you previously got

Communications Tower A

Go along the corridor, collecting FAMAS and Socom bullets. Equip FAMAS. Enter
the door to the west.

**You know what happens now.**

Now you don't have to sneak around - it's time to kill kill kill! After
collecting Stun Grenades and Rope, go through the door and equip your Rations
too. Now run up the stairs FAST. Keep running at the right angle so that you
automatically turn around along with the camera. This means you can just hold
the D-Pad and concentrate on attacking guards. Keep running until they are
landing shots to you - then turn around and wipe them out with your FAMAS, or
lob a stun grenade out. Either way, more guards will come and eventually catch
up with you. Then repeat. After a while you'll find a LV6 door and get a call
from Otacon. Then keep running up. Pick up the rations, FAMAS bullets and
Socom bullets on your way up to the top. The guards should stop following you.
Pick up the Socom and FAMAS bullets before running to the ladder. Pick up the
nearby ration then climb.

**Solid Snake reaches the roof. He sees a satellite disc, and notices a LV6
door on Communications Tower B...**

Head towards that door - go to the stair to the north.

**Snake moves towards the huge satellite disc. Suddenly some missiles fly down
and strike the disc! Snake jumps to safety as the disc is destroyed. While he
is pondering who fired the missiles, a chopper comes from behind - the Hind D
from the start of the game. That's the thing that fired the missiles! Now the
path to the Level 6 door is wrecked, and Snake can't cross.**

Equip the rope and go to the fence in front of you. It's PARASCENDING TIME!!!

**Solid Snake ties the rope the fence and the chopper blows up the building
behind him. Snake comes down the building, and Liquid's chopper comes along
trying to shoot him!**

The Colonel calls Snake at 140.85, explaining how to parascend down the tower.
Press X to jump down, you can swing to the left or right with the D-pad
or analogue stick.
Press circle to climb - but I wouldn't bother! It's better just to keep
going down. The faster you fall, the quicker it's all over.

You've got to go halfway down Tower A to get to a bridge which connects
Communications Towers A and B. Keep tapping X to fall from steel bar to steel
bar, avoiding gas that spurts out and the chopper's bullets. Personally, I
would just ocncentrate on avoiding the bullets as the gas doesn't really hurt
much. Once you get to the snowy area, you'll see a LV6 door. This is the door
that you found while climbing up the tower. It's frozen, but you can blast it
with C4 to make it work again. There really is no point though.

Pick the ration and C4 from either side of where you land. But don't cross the
bridge. Use your scope to see that three guards are standing there. If you
stand in front of them they'll shoot you, making it difficult to kill them. If
you crouch and use your sniper rifle, you can kill them and not get hit as
much. or simply get out of their line of fire and use a Nikita. You can pilot
it across the bridge and hit them (3 Nikitas and they're all dead). Once the
music fades, you're safe and can cross the bridge. Avoid the bullets, pick up
the ration and enter the door. Bingo.

Communications Tower B

Collect the Stinger Launcher and Missiles. Yes! Go south through the door,
then keep going south. You'll see that the elevator is not working. So go back
to the door and go east. After picking up grenades, FAMAS and Socom bullets,
keep running down the seemingly endless stairs. Eventually you'll come to a
broken area. So now there's NO WAY or getting down to the bottom, where Metal
Gear is! Go back up to the elevator and...

**Snake sees someone, an enemy? He points his gun out's Otacon. After
a long conversation, Otacon says he will try to fix the elevator. He makes
himself invisble and travels to the bottom floor.**

Now go east and up the stairs. BUT WAIT! If you look (triangle) you'll see
camera-controlled guns. Throw a chaff grenade, then run past the gun. A bit
further up are two camera-controlled guns. Chaff. Then three! Then four! If
you don't have four chaff grenades, you're dead. On the top floor is a ladder.
Don't climb yet; go south. You'll find 2x Stinger missiles, chaff grenades,
FAMAS bullets and a ration. Now you should have 20 Stinger missiles, the
maximum. Climb the ladder now, and go through the door to the north-east.
You'll be on the roof of Communications Tower B.

**The chopper appears in front of Snake. Liquid talks to him, then flies the
chopper to attack him.**

Look at the Boss Guide for information on how to beat the Hind. Then...

**The Hind is flying, but it's unstable. It starts to fall apart and starts to
fall. It crashes to the ground as liquid screams "SNNNAAAKKKKEEEE!". The
animation shows the view from Snake's back - he's watching the epxlosion of
the chopper!**

Have you ever noticed this thing (below) is getting bigger? You gain more
inventory sapce and life, plus more life space!

Socom Bullets   145 => 168
FAMAS Bullets         301 => 351
Grenade    28 => 32
Stun Grenade    18 => 21
Chaff Grenade    18 => 21
Claymore Mines   14 => 16
C4      14 => 16
Nikita Missiles   20 => 24
Stinger Missiles   20 => 25
Rations     4 => 5
Diazepam     8 => 9
By the way, your PSG1 bullets never increase.

Otacon calls at 141.12, telling Snake he's fixed the elevator. So what are you
reading this for? Get down there!

You've got to go down the stairs again, so don't forget to throw chaff
grenades the moment you see cameras appear from the bottom of the screen. Once
you've got past the four sets of camera, try pressing the button on the
elevator. It works! Step inside.

**Suddenly the elevator alarm rings. This means there's too much weight on the
lift!! Is there something wrong?**

Press the 1st floor button. Otacon calls you at 141.12. He says that three of
his stealth suits are missing...

You gotta act fast! There are three guards in the lift, all invisible. As
usual, you can see invisible people like the Ninja and Phycho Mantis with the
thermal goggles. Shoot them with your FAMAS or (though I've never done this)
plant C4 at either side of the elevator, then stand back and DETONATE. After
they're all dead, it won't be long before you reach the first floor. From the
elevator, go west and follow the path to get PSG1 bullets and a ration behind
the lift. In front of he elevator is a chaff grenade. Through the south-east
door you'll find 2x PSG1, guarded by a camera-equipped gun. Through the west
door is Socom and FAMAS bullets. There are THREE cameras in this room, I found
it impossible to dodge them all. At the end of the corridor (north) is a door.
Open it to enter the snowfield.

Snowfield C - Outside Communications Tower B

Go east all the way, then go north and push yourself against the north ledge.
You'll see where the chopper crashed and a parachute nearby. The Colonel and
Naomi will call you at 140.85 telling you that Liquid's survived.

<< won't call you.>>>

Now go towards the centre of the snowfield and...

**Snake gets hit by a sniper...Sniper Wolf again!!!**

Now you'll get a call from Otacon at 141.12. Seems like Otacon likes Sniper
Wolf and doesn't want you to kill him. Well **** him! Wolf interrupts through
the Codec call. It's time for Sniper vs. Sniper fight 2!

Check out the Boss Guide for information on beating Wolf. After that you'll
get more life and inventory space as follows:

Socom Bullets   168 => 192
FAMAS Bullets         351 => 401
Grenade    32 => 36
Stun Grenade    21 => 24
Chaff Grenade    21 => 24
Nikita Missiles   24 => 28
Stinger Missiles   25 => 30
Claymore and C4 don't change (no more to pick up!). Rations and Diazepam don't
change either (you don't need Diazepam anymore, man...)

Now go north a little bit more...

**Snake comes up to Sniper Wolf - she's waiting for her death. She coughs out
blood. In a sad, maybe even eye-wetting animation, she talks to Snake and
wants him to end her pain. Snake points his gun at Wolf, and Otacon is
watching from far away, very sad. Wolf asks the scientist to bring her rifle.
Once Sniper Wolf is holding the rifle, she asks Snake to shoot. Otacon turns
his back and covers his ears. The camera zooms out, the screen fades to
white...and BANG! Snake uses the scarf to cover her face, then he leaves.
Otacon shouts to Snake, but there's no answer. Otacon turns invisble and
leaves too.**

There are several doors around Snowfield C. I'll list them:
Northwest door (LV6) has 4x Nikita guarded by one camera.
Southwest door has Cardboard Box C and 2x Ration, guarded by two cameras.
Northeast door has 2x PSG1, 2x Socom, 3x FAMAS bullets. NO CAMERA!
Southeast door has 2x Chaff Grenades and Grenades, guarded by two cameras.

That's the east and west walls. There are also some doors to the north:
The left door is where you want to go next.
The middle is LV7 - it contains 3x Stinger Missiles guarded by 3 cameras.
The right door has Diazepam, Stun Grenades and a Ration - protected by loads
of Claymores. Crouch around.

So, go to the left door on the north wall to enter a room. Avoid the cameras
and grab the Socom bullets in the north-west corner. Go east, then
downstairs...END OF DISC ONE!

Wait until the MGS logo screen appears. Now press the 'access' or 'open'
button. The one that lifts the disc cover up. DON'T PRESS POWER OR RESET. Take
out Disc One, insert Disc Two. Then close the lid and press START. You're

#     D     I     S     C               T     W     O     #

Enemy Base C - Blast Furnace

Go downstairs and open the door. You can now choose A or B. A gives you some
power-ups but B is quicker.

a) Go north then west and take the higher bridge to get chaff grenades. Then
take the lower bridge to the west. Press yourself against the west wall and
side-step north, avoiding the swinging crane (lava kills instantly).

<< make it stop moving. Fire two to BLOW IT UP!>>>

Go north and downstairs. You can now go two ways. Socom bullets are under the
stairs, with rations to the west path and C4 to the south.

b) Take the elevator to the north. You'll come out right next to the door
mentioned below.

Go through the south door to enter a very hot room. You'll find 2x PSG1
bullets and 2x Nikita Missiles. Crawl under the pipes in the south-west
corner. You'll find 2x Stinger missiles and Chaff Grenades. Now go out of this
hot room into the main Blast Furnace. Go through the north-east door to enter
a room with a huge cargo elevator.

Enemy Base C - Cargo Elevator A

First of all, explore the room. You'll find 2x FAMAS and 1x Socom bullets each
on the west and east of the elevator. Look behind the container. Now you're
ready to take the elevator to B1. Just go up to the panel on the elevator and
press circle.

**As the elevator starts to move down, three guards appear. After saying
"There he is, get him!" they jump onto the elevator trying to attack Snake.**

Kill the guards with your FAMAS rifle!! They're tougher than normal guards,
and you might even lose a ration fighting them. Don't bother with any grenades
(stun, explosive etc) just shoot them or throw them off the sides of the
elevator. Once they're dead, you should arrive at Floor B1.

Enemy Base C - Cargo Elevator B

Go north, then go east. Watch out for the camera-equipped gun. Get Socom
bullets in the north, then go south. Watch it! Equip Thermal Goggles (mine
detector doesn't work because radar is screwed up). You'll see mines. Crawl or
dodge them. In the southeast corner is a ration and in the northeast is some
FAMAS bullets. Now go down the second elevator.

Master Miller calls you at 141.80. Something's up with Dr. Naomi. Suddenly all
these ravens are circling you...enjoy the ride to B2

<< telling you not to.>>>

Enemy Base C - Basement Level 2

This place is freezing - colder than any other place in the base. Go west to
get Nikita Missiles and C4 bombs. Go east to get a ration and Nikita Missiles.
Now get your keycard out and open the door to the north.

**You're in a room that's like a giant freezer. Lots of ravens fly guessed it, Vulcan Raven, the one who operated the tank. Raven
jumps down with a HUGE Vulcan machine-gun. Raven demonstrates his ability to
control ravens, then gets ready to fight Snake.**

Time to fight...he isn't that hard, honest! Check the boss guide for help.
After you beat him you see yet another animation:

**Vulcan Raven is critically hurt. blood is everywhere (about time, he's been
hit by about twenty missiles ^_^) and he is slumped by the wall. Raven gives
Snake the Level 7 card and tells him that it wasn't really the DARPA chief who
died near the start of the game! Raven picked up the body and found it to be
Decoy Octopus, master of disguise. The guy in the torture jail was the real
DARPA Chief. Why Decoy Octopus took his place and jsut how he died is a a
mystery...for NOW. After the story, Raven asks the birds to feed on him. Snake
walks away as Raven preaches things like "you kill everything in your path..."
and as Snake turns around, he only sees a gun and some blood. The ravens had
eaten him completely.**

Snake gets more inventory space and life (he'll need the life for what's
coming up soon...). As this is the last time your space+life increase, I've
included the original space (when you first got the weapon) in brackets after
the current space.

Socom Bullets   192 => 217 (25)
FAMAS Bullets         401 => 451 (101)
Grenade    36 => 36 (8)
Stun Grenade    24 => 27 (3)
Chaff Grenade    24 => 27 (3)
C4     16 => 16 (4)
Claymore Mines   16 => 16 (4)
Nikita Missiles   28 => 32 (12)
Stinger Missiles   30 => 35 (20)
Diazepam     9 => 9 (6)
Rations     5 => 5 (2)

Not all of these change, I'm just showing them so I can show their space at
the beginning. Example: You can now hold 217 Socom bullets. When you first got
the gun, you could only hold 25. Before this space upgrade, you could carry

The Colonel and Master Miller call from 141.80, talking about Naomi.
Now you've got Level 7, you can go back to Snowfield C in the middle door of
the north wall. You'll get 4x Stinger missiles, guarded by three cameras.
Personally, I wouldn't bother :>

Open the door on the north and get the chaff grenades on your left. Now use
your thermal goggles to see the booby traps there. Cross them and grab the
ration. Now if you look at your radar or press triangle, you'll see about 20
camera-equipped guns in a row. Chuck a chaff grenade and you'll get to the
door before the grenade's effect ends. Pick up four Stinger missiles on the

Metal Gear Rex Room - Level 1

Go down the long corridor and...

**Snake is standing in front of the HUGE Metal Gear Rex. Just look at it!!!
You sure you want to carry on with the mission?**

Go north. At the junction, head right fo chaff grenades and a ration
downstairs, guarded by a camera-controlled gun. Take the east path and go
dowmstairs for Socom and FAMAS bullets. then go upstairs, east and north.
Climb the ladder after Otacon calls at 141.12.

Metal Gear Rex Room - Level 2

Go east and grab the chaff grenades. Then go west to get FAMAS bullets. Then
climb the ladder after getting a call from Otacon at 141.12. He'll say he is
still working on where the two other cards are.

Metal Gear Rex Room - Level 3

Explore the area to find FAMAS bullets, chaff grenades and 2x Stinger
missiles. Then climb the ladder next to the one you climbed up to get here.

Metal Gear Rex Room - Top

Otacon and the Colonel call you at 141.12. Now walk along Metal Gear Rex's
head and climb down the other ladder. A guard is patrolling. Just let him see
you - run like hell and go up the stairs to the south. The guard will stop
following you. On your way to the stairs you can pick up FAMAS and 2x Socom
bullets. Once you walk up the stairs...

**Snake hides and sees two people in the control room. They are Liquid Snake
and Revolver Ocelot. They're talking about their plans, and FOXDIE and OUTER
HEAVEN. You will probably find the conversation confusing until the plot
unfolds later. Snake calls Otacon at 141.12. Otacon has worked out how the PAL
Card works.  Snake is unaware that a camera is monitoring him. Ocelot sees
Solid in the camera. Ocelot shoots at him, and Solid drops the PAL card in
shock. It drops into the river below - Solid tries to reach it but he can't.
The Liquid shuts the door and sounds the alarm. The guards are coming!!!**

Either kill the guards that come, or dodge them and climb the ladder so you're
on top of Rex's head. The guards will stop following you. Go all the way down
to the bottom and look for the PAL card in the water. It's radioactive - your
life will lower slowly.

Metal Gear Rex Room - Level 1

Use a mine detector and the location of the PAL card will show up as a dot
(the mine detector is basically a metal detector). Or it might be a time bomb.
In this case, Master Miller will warn you. To throw it, hold L2 and scroll
until you select 'Timer B.' then, while still holding L2, press circle.

You will also get some other goodies (randomly placed) from the water. Once
you've got the PAL card, go up to the control room where Liquid and Ocelot
were talking previously.

***Note: You may have heard that a RAT brings the PAL card and you have to
shoot/touch/bomb him to get the card. But I've played through the game MANY
times and every time I find the PAL card in the water. I am playing the
European version. Maybe in the US version you get it from a rat. If anyone
knows, mail me please.***

Metal Gear Rex Room - Top

If you look at the card when you press L2, you'll see it's yellow with the
letter 'C' on it. This means it's warm. Chaff the cameras and run to the
laptop with a yellow symbol on it, with the PAL card equipped.

**Snake inserts the yellow PAL key in. A corny female computer voice says 'PAL
Key Number 1 Inserted. Now awaiting insertion of PAL Key number 2' or
something like that :)**

Now you need two more PAL

+++You don't. Listen to Otacon and he'll tell you why.

Apparently, the card will change shape at different temperatures.
At each temperature the card has a different symbol on it. This corresponds to
the symbols on the three computer terminals in the room Ocelot and Liquid were
talking in.

Now you have to change the temperature. Let's assume you do COLD first. Go
down to the bottom of the room and take the corridor out. Chaff the cameras
and enter the area where you fought Vulcan Raven. Note that guards are
patrolling. Stay in this room (or you can go all the way up to Snowfield C)
and after a while, check your PAL Card with L2. It'll have turned blue with
the letter W. Now go back into the Rex room (chaffing the cameras again), go
to the control room, chaff the cameras and insert the card into the laptop
with the blue symbol. Now you need to go somewhere HOT.

Chaff and elevate your way to the blast furnace. On the elevator, Master
Miller will call you at 141.80. Once you get there, take the south door near
the elevator. This'll take you to the very hot room you were in before. No
guards will patrol here, and after about two minutes your card key will turn
red with the letter Z on it. Now take the elevator back down. The Colonel and
Naomi will call you at 140.85. Now get to the control room and insert the
final cardkey. You have to be quick - If you stay in the cold area too long,
the card will turn blue. If you take too long overall, the card will turn
yellow. After inserting all three forms of the PAL card, you'll get a nice

**After inserting the red PAL card, a sultry female voice chirps "Metal Gear
Rex is ready for use." and Snake is shocked! The PAL card was supposed to STOP
Metal Gear, not start it!**

Master Miller calls at 140.85 thanking Snake for 'helping' him start Metal
Gear Rex (?). Snake is surprised and angry.

**The Colonel is confused too, and then Miller takes off his glasses and
changes his hairstyle to become...LIQUID SNAKE!!! MILLER WAS LIQUID SNAKE ALL
ALONG!!! All that helping out was part of a plot for Snake to fire up Metal
Gear Rex! You're probably annoyed as much as Snake is! Now Liquid sounds the
alarm. the door shuts, you're trapped in and the room is filled with poisonous

First off, equip your gas mask so you'll stay alive longer. Now how are you
gonna escape?

+++There's only one guy who has the security access to open the door...only
+++one guy that you know, anyway...

Use your Codec to call Otacon at 141.12. He will try to help you. Wait a
second and Otacon will call you at 141.12 telling you he's overridden the
security. You can now go through the door, so do! You'll catch sight of Liquid
running towards Metal Gear Rex. Get the ration to the south then follow the
bugger. Get ready for a very impressive animation.

**Snake points his gun at Liquid, but Liquid says "you wouldn't kill your own
brother?" and Snake puts his gun down (prat). They have a conversation about
FOXDIE and Naomi, and about Liquid being trash from the day he was born! Snake
points his gun as Liquid jumps into the cockpit of Rex. Liquid is too fast and
closes the cockpit so he's protected. The base that Metal Gear Rex is on
starts to elevate. Snake jumps onto it. It keeps elevating until it reaches
the upper floor.**

It's SHOWTIME! There are two stages to defeating Metal Gear Rex. COnsult the
boss guide for information on both (I have a foolproof plan to beat him
without getting hurt or using a ration). Your main target is the dish
[Randome] which is Metal Gear Rex's 'eyes'. Once you have hit it enough times,
you will see this animation:

**Metal Gear Rex is now broken. It's malfunctioning. As Snake approaches it,
it suddenly moves towards him, trying to squash him. A figure appears - It's
Ninja - Grey Fox! He helps Snake by holding up Rex's right leg. As Snake runs
behind a container, Fox shoots the disc on Metal Gear Rex's shoulder (the one
you kept firing at). Then while Rex is confused, Fox joins Snake. They have a
conversation. Turns out Deepthroat was also Grey Fox! Fox then reaches for the
Stinger missiles and runs out into the open. He jumps around and dodges EVERY
attack from Rex, but then while Fox runs in front of Metal Gear Rex it fires
it's laser beam. The beam cuts off Fox's left arm. Fox then tries to shoot Rex
with his right arm, but the robot squashes Fox against the wall with it's
head. Fox is still trying to shoot the disc. Rex retreats and Liquid opens the
cockpit. Fox shouts and tells Snake to fire at Liquid. But Snake hesitates.
Then Liquid makes Rex knock Fox to the floor then put it's foot over Fox! Then
after Fox says a few words, he is crushed by Rex's whole body! Fox is dead.
Snake is angry and gets ready to attack Metal Gear Rex again.**

Cue the second stage of Boss No 10, Metal Gear Rex. After you've hit Liquid
enough times...

**Metal Gear Rex is messed up A LOT. Liquid tries to stomp Snake, but just as
he's about to Rex explodes! There's explosions everywhere. One hits Snake and
knocks him unconcious. Liquid is still alive (how???) and approaches Snake.
The screen fades. Now the animation shows Solid being tied up by Liquid on the
top of the wrecked Metal Gear Rex. They have a very long conversation. You see
a real video about scientists and the Desert Storm operation in Iraq. Another
long conversation. Then Liquid tells Snake that Meryl is here! Snake is quite
happy that she's alive (though tied up). He calls the Colonel at 140.85.
Something bad is going on - the Colonel has been arrested for "thinking he was
in charge of this operation" and Snake learns that Meryl was dropped in by the
government to blackmail the Colonel, that the government only wanted Snake to
kill Liquid and FOX-HOUND so they could then use Metal Gear Rex, and finally
that the government are going to nuke the island Snake's on to hide America's
"dirty little secret". With this happening, Liquid releases Snake and asks
them to fight one on one. He puts a time bomb on the arena where they fight
and sets it for three minutes.**

You've got to beat Liquid in 3 minutes. Look at the boss guide. Then...

**Liquid falls off Metal Gear Rex. he shouts 'SNAKKKKEEE!!!'. Now you go to
Ending Scene 1. If you survived the torture then:

**Snake walks towards Meryl, unties her and wakes her up. She hugs him and
they talk a bit. Then Otacon calls at 141.12 to help unlock all the gates. He
says as this takes a long time, he will stay even if he has to sacrifice
himself. Meryl tells Snake to put on his sneaking suit. Then they both make a
run for it just as some boulders crash towards the Rex room.**

If you submitted during the torture then:

**Snake walks towards Meryl, unties her and TRIES to wake her up. But it's no
use; Meryl is dead. Snake cries out Meryl's name and calls himself a loser for
putting his life before Meryl's. Otacon appears behind him and says that he
lost Wolf, too - and that they will still be together forever and that death
is not defeat. After grabbing his sneaking suit, Snake joins Otacon and they
run to the exit. Snake has one last look at Meryl before the boulders topple
down over the room. They both leave.**

Now, in both endings, you'll leave the Metal Gear Rex Room and enter the...

Exit Tunnel

The story is the same for both Meryl and Otacon, only if you submit the
torture Otacon drives the jeep and if you survive, Meryl drives.

Go to the right through the door and pick up a ration. Go left and pick up
another under the stair. Get the ration then go up the stairs and through the

**Meryl/Otacon is seen by the camera. Three guards are coming your way.
Meryl/Otacon can't start the jeep.**

Pick up the last ration in the south-west, and keep flipping and
punch-punch-kicking the guards until the jeep starts. Get in and you'll be
using the infinite-ammo on-board machine gun. Since the Jeep Chase has Liquid
Snake in it, I consider it a boss. So check the Boss Guide for info.

Last Ending...

Snake and Meryl/Otacon are stuck under the jeep. They can't get out. Now
Liquid gets up. Even after being burnt by an exploding chopper, burnt by an
exploding robot, getting laid on ny you, falling off Rex (which he said would
be fatal), getting about 20 tons of lead in his face and having his jeep
crash, he's still alive...he gets ready to point his rifle at you, then falls
with a "Fox...". As Snake says "Die." Liquid falls to the ground dead. Snake
and Meryl/Otacon free themselves from the car. The Colonel and Naomi (?) call
at 140.85. Now the two people walk down to the beach and they get into the
Snowfield. Now during the ending, Otacon gives you a Stealth Suit or Meryl
gives you a Bandana. Then the credits and a mysterious phone call...THE END.

Well done, you completed the game. Four times? Remember to check the Secrets
section - you haven't looked at EVERYTHING in the game. And remember this
phrase said by the Cyborg Ninja at the start of the game..."I'm like you - I
have no name. (Oh wait...Ninja, Grey Fox, Deepthroat, Frank Jaeger...)"
Now lets see how you ranked.

# c) Ranking #

Deep within the bowels of the END SCREEN lies a kill count, a 'rations used'
count, more...and something strange. A ranking. Maybe you saw 'RANKING: CAT'
or something. Maybe you want to find out why you got 'JAWS' next time, and
then 'JAGUAR'? Well here is the BEST Rankings guide ever found on other FAQ has it! Also, if this is jsut what you want, i have a
seperate 'Rankings FAQ' document there.

Your ranking is relied on two things - first, the difficulty (easy to extreme)
and secondly, a 'rank' which shows how good you are (1 to 12). Here's the
table so you can see your rank and selected difficulty:

1 Hound    Doberman Fox  Big Boss (best)
2 Pigeon    Falcon Hawk  Eagle
3 Piranha   Shark Jaws  Orca
4 Pig    Elephant Mammoth Whale
5 Cat    Deer  Zebra  Hippopotamus
6 Koala    Capibara Sloth  Giant Panda
7 Chicken   Mouse Rabbit  Ostrich
8 Puma    Leopard Panther Jaguar
9 Komodo    Dragon Iguana  Crocodile
10 Mongoose   Hyena Jackal  Tasmanian Devil
11 Spider    Tarantula Centipede Scorpion
12 Flying Squirrel Bat  Flying Fox Night Fox

Now for the big question - how did I get this rank? Here's how - as soon as
you do the following things, you are demoted to the following rank:
(best read from bottom up)

RANK 1 - I did it perfectly - I was found less than five times, killed 25
enemies or less, used one or no rations, had no continues and completed the
game in 3 hours or less.

RANK 2 - I did RANK 3 only I completed the game in less than three hours.

RANK 3 - I did RANK 4 only I killed 250 or more enemies.

RANK 4 - I did RANK 5 only I used 18 or more rations.

RANK 5 - I did RANK 6 only I saved 80 or more times.

RANK 6 - I completed the game and took 18 hours or more.

RANK 7 - Base level. You completed the game but you either used >18 rations,
saved >80 times or >18 hours.

If you did two or more of the above things you are put into a rank between 8
and 12. This equation decides which:

x = number of times found
y = 10 x (number of enemies killed - 25)
Unfairly, if you killed 25 or less then the computer makes y = 25.

            y is
            0-4 5-7 8-15 16-19 20+
x is  0 - 29 8 8 10 11 11
    30 - 54 9 10 10 10 12
        55+ 9 9 10 12 12

Work out x and y, line them up here and find out your rank!

If you keep a record of enemies killed, rations used, etc you can find out
your ranking anywhere in the game (you'll have to guess your time ranking e.g.
at the end of disc one, your time should read 2:15). Hope this helps!

# d) Boss Guide #

                                     1) REVOLVER OCELOT
                          R E V O L V E R   O C E L O T

Apparently this guy is the fastest gunman in the west. Heh. After learning how
he earned his name, you will have to fight him. Being your first boss, he's
pretty easy, mainly because of his disadvantages:

A. He must relaod after six shots.
B. He's very slow at times, and taunts you at corners (stopping).

Take advantage of the latter, as Ocelot runs while he's reloading so it does
not really slow him down. While he's running, instead of chasing him simply
turn around right into him when he's taunting you. Shoot by tapping your
Socom, don't bother with the richochet proffesional shots as your bullets
might bounce onto the tripwire near Baker and BOOM, you start over. Also note
that Baker has a health meter so avoid hitting him. Just run around until you
catch up with Ocelot and shoot.
It'll take a while - be patient - but after 10 or so bullets to his scrawny
ass he'll be very hurt and stop and reload, triggering the cutscene.

                                      2)  TANK GUNNER
                                   T A N K   G U N N E R

You'll need Chaff and Explosive Grenades here, after picking up all the mines
(see walkthrough). Once the tank comes up, hide behind the rock to the
bottom-left of the snowfield. Chuck a chaff and run up to the tank, throwing
grenades at the tank, aiming for the gunner. Keep running with and around the
tank and you will be too close for the missiles and too fast for the
machine-gun. Note that you can also climb up on the tank (not recommended).
After two (or one if you're good) grenades, the gunner will be dead. Another
will tanke his place. Repeat and kill him to beat the boss.
Don't worry about the tnak crushing you, it's not as bad as it looks ^_^
infact it's less painful than getting hit with the machine-gun. If you want to
hide, stay close to the north wall above the steel-pump structure (right),
chuck a chaff then run up. Easy.

                                   3) CYBORG NINJA
                               C Y B O R G   N I N J A

Equip Famas and Rations. He is easy to beat if you get into a labourious
pattern, but tricky if you don't know his weaknesses. First off, don't bother
with grenades or bullets; Ninja can jump over/block them. Chaff Grenades do
stun him, but he just gets more agressive afterwards. Run from the lower-left
corner to the lower-right, tapping Action thrice to inflict a punch-punch-kick
combo. Once he puts away his sword, carry on. If he teleports, look at the
top-right/left corners of the screen and keep running to avoid him.
Later, he'll teleport next to you to punch you. Upon kicking him, press back
and he'll punch the air. Then kick him again.
Finally, he goes completely spasticated. The intended way is for you to punch
Ninja when his weird-shield-thing goes small and avoiding the guy when his
shield is big, but just stand back and use Famas or Grenades to finish him.
You can also use Famas when Ninja draws his sword away, but it's not worth it.
Hit Ninja three times while he's going electric bonkers to send him flying out
of the room...yep, it's over.

                                4) PHYCHO MANTIS
                            P H Y C H O   M A N T I S

First of all, consult the walkthrough for any info you don't know yet. Equip
Rations and Stun Grenades. Use a Stun Grenade to knock Meryl out first, then
equip Famas. If using the US Version, equip Thermal Goggles to see where he is
easily (else, press Triangle to see where he is from his eyes).
Swap your controller into port 2, not port 1. This is the theory.

"Your mind is your controller - you control the game with your controller, or
Snake with your mind. You have 'two minds' - one for each controller. Mantis
can read your first mind (Port 1) but not your second, so plug the pad into
Port 2 and he can't read it!"

If your pad is in Port 1, he will deflect your bullets and dodge your grenades
like the Ninja, and even your punches (only one sixth of them hit). This makes
the battle impossible. If you don't switch ports, Campbell will call you and
tell you. Once that's done, dodge his massive balls (snigger snigger) that he
throws at you. Find out where he's going with Thermal Goggles or by pressing
Triangle. Get there, go behind him, and plug him. He also warps in front of
his desk a lot, so stay around there. It's possible to hit Mantis before he
throws the balls.
Next, he will perform a lot of different attacks by moving things, in the
order below:
a) In the middle of the room, he'll make chairs fly out and circle around him.
Crouch to avoid them and stand up next to him. Fire your Famas before
crouching (they eventually come so close to Mantis they can hit you) and stand
up, plugging him some more.
b) Two statues fly out. Stay near Mantis to keep safe, plug him a lot and keep
moving even if Mantis is dawdling around.
c) Antique pots appear. They home in on you. They will attack you twice, jsut
crouch or run around a lot.
d) Three pictures fly down the centre of the room. You can't duck below them,
so simply go to the right side of the room and you won't get hurt a bit. This
gives you time to shoot Mantis a lot.
Then Mantis will use combinations of the above, mostly triggering all the
upper things to move then all the lower things. Particularly he will do
patterns c and d. These are hard because you have less space to run.
he just flies aronud, keep running (don't bother ducking, too slow) and FIRE.

It will take a long time but finally Meryl will get back up again. Her firing
causes little threat, just use your Stun Grenades again. Next she'll try to
kill herself. Another stun grenade will do. Or choke, flip, shoot, punch, kick
or whack her until she'll falls.

Now you will be back in battle, except while all those pieces of furniture are
flying (yes, he's still doing combinations) Mantis will fire energy balls. Not
much difference really as you should be moving all the time. You will easily
avoid the balls. After some time he'll stop with the energy balls and you'll
be back to basic combinations. A few more bullets to Mantis' brain should
secure an early funeral. End!
Note: Don't go out of your way to kill him towards the end of the battle -
just shoot him when you can. Only use Famas or Socom.

                                5) SNIPER WOLF
                             S N I P E R   W O L F

A welcome relief after that monster. After you've got your PSG-1, run to one
of the corners of the minefield (top corners). Run to the top-middle, equip
(using R1) your PSG-1 and zoom around to see where she is. You'll see smoke
from her breath. Find her as she peeks out, fire three bullets in succession
and she'll be hurt. Make sure you shoot her before she hits you and you'll be
fine. take Diazepam or Cigs after hitting her a couple of times, or whenever
your heartbeat moves your cursor annoyingly. The beat will increase as your
crosshair nears Sniper Wolf...just five shots and she's out.
If you run out of ammo, simply tap R1, run to corner and collect some ammo,
then run back to the centre and tap R1 to continue. If you ARE hit, do the
same as getting some ammo, as Sniper Wolf then has to re-aim (slowing her

                                6) HIND HELICOPTER
                           H I N D   H E L I C O P T E R

"Wow! A HELICOPTER!!! How on earth am I going to beat that thing?" you may
say. The answer: With little difficulty. Stay near the container to the right
of the door you came through. Move around this container so you are facing the
Hind's bullets but they are hitting the container. Once the Hind goes to the
right side, face north and equip Stinger. Aim, and as the monstrosity peeks
through the corner FIRE! Always fire with a lock, as you know whether or not
you are too far away. Also use Stinger to hit the Hind as it goes around the
south to the left. Hit it's tail while it can't hit you.
After a while the Hind will start dropping and rising. Simply aim north-east
so you can hit the tail, and south-east before it lowers. Don't try aiming
right, you'll be machine gunned to high-heaven. Also, you can collect Stinger
ammo on the south-east corner, up the stairs. Do this while the 'copter is on
the left side and can't see you. KEEP AWAY FROM THAT AREA WHEN LIQUID SAYS
"EAT THIS!!!". At the end, go right to the south to avoid the Hind's huge
'fireworks display' and he'll be well and truly roasted.

                              7) SNIPER WOLF...AGAIN
                      S N I P E R   W O L F . . . A G A I N

The same, only she's got more places to hide. The trees are narrow so you can
pick out her body, but don't run as much as she can seriously damage you while
you move. She damages you more than last time, and she's quicker. Go somewhere
low and south. Equip PSG-1 and hit her before she hits you. Remember, being
hit will make you knock your aim right or left, and the time it takes for you
to re-aim will only allow her to hit you easier.
Watch out - once you aim at her HIT HER. If you miss, she is guaranteed to hit
you straight away. You're gonna have to hit her 8-10 times, so aim for the
head and make sure you tap square three times - she will take 3 bullets before
she runs away and sets up her rifle again.

Want an EXTREMELY EASY way to beat Wolf? Go behind the rocky hill in the
bottom-right corner, and you'll find that Wolf can't aim at you. Face left and
fire a Nikita! Pilot it along, then North towards Wolf. Switch to 1st-person
view mode and you see Wolf marked as 'Enemy'. Hit her in the legs. Repeat.
Over and over. She'll be dead and you won't be damaged at all.

                                   8) VULCAN RAVEN
                               V U L C A N   R A V E N

Why do people want to use Nikitas? If you fire one at Raven, he'll simply
shoot it down, plus he can find you while you are standing still. Just g to
the corner of a wall, aim with Stinger and fire once his gun comes into view.
It will hit him harder than a Nikita, and while he's hurt you can dash round
the corner and wait for him again. Don't stand in his line of fire, because it
you do you're pulped. He shows no mercy! After he gets hurt a lot he'll run
faster - but the Stingers will hit him the same way. Also, he'll knock the
containers over, but if you remember to choose a clear path you will be safe.
Ten Stingers and he'll be sleeping with the fishes.

                              9) METAL GEAR REX
                         M E T A L   G E A R   R E X

This guy is easy if you know the trick, but very dangerous if you slip up.
Stay under his legs (don't bother with chaff-grenades or running around him,
or any other stuff like that) and avoid his laser-beam by going to the back of
him. Rex will not fire missiles if you stand under him, but will run backwards
and forwards trying to find you. Keep up with him and he will stop. Stand back
and fire a Stinger at the dish as it pops into view, then keep up with Rex as
it moves back and forth. Repeat. If he's moving away from you, take the
opportunity to kick his ass with Stingers then run up close befroe Rex fires
his missiles. You can also use Chaff Grenades and then run to the side and
fire - but avoid the front as once the Chaff runs out Rex will know where you
are. Be sure to avoid his right leg, as it will try to stomp you (killing you
instantly). If you stay between the legs you'll be alive. Hit the dish about 8
times to move to the second stage:

...which is exactly the same, except this time you've destroyed Rex's vision
sensor ("randome") and Liquid has to aim. It's MUCH easier now, as while
you're standing under Rex you don't have to wait for the dish to appear; onw
you can just aim at the cockpit (Stinger will lock) and fire! A fresh batch of
ass-kicking will ensure Rex has a stillbirth.

                             10) LIQUID VS. SOLID
                       L I Q U I D   V S .   S O L I D

Okay, it's easy, ain't it? Just bash Liquid up a bit within three minutes and
it's over, huh? NO!!! You're unlikely to die from the timer running out, but
you're very likely to die from Liquid bollocking you - since he has the same
health as you. First, see that you've lost everything. Even guns. So this'll
be a hand-to-hand fight, no rations. Run from one corner to the other, giving
Liquid a punch-punch-kick combo. Then turn around and repeat as he gets up -
miss and he'll go for you. In Easy, you should be OK but in Normal and above
his hits will pack quite a punch. Avoid knocking him off the edge - it'll jsut
mean he'll jump up and almost certainly hit ya. If you knock him, turn arond
and knock him back to the same place, you'll be OK. Don't let up, or you'll
have to break that pattern. You'll never fall off Rex because you'll grab on,
but he'll hit you when you come back up. Finally, once you've emptied his
health you still have to throw, flip or knock Liquid off Rex to see him fall
to, what he described as, "a fatal drop".
I finished all bosses first time, bar the Tank Gunner one which I got blasted
on once...except for this one. It took three or four attempts, mainly because
of the small area and the fact I relied on my gun to do damage, not my fist.
Watch out - it's tricky.

                            FINAL BATTLE - JEEP CHASE
                 F I N A L   B A T T L E   -   J E E P   C H A S E

Okay, the final battle. I'm tired, so I'll just lay out the guide ot this boss
with bullet points:

> First off, hold triangle. This will give you a first-person view making it
 much easier.
> Second, equip Ration (there are three in total around the area before this
 boss). You'll need 'em.
> Hold fire and spray bullets left and right during roadblocks. You'll stun
 enemies from killing you as you hit them, then you'll eventually kill them.
> Don't focus on just one guard - the others'll hit you.
> When Liquid barges in, aim in one place. You'll keep hitting him on and on.
> When he barges your car, don't move your aim. The small time when you're not
 hitting him should not matter.
> Be sure to get a good aim quickly. About a second after he sees you, Liquid
 will fire and HIT you. So hurry!
> It doesn't matter where you hit Liquid - head or body - you're not actually
 shooting to kill in this boss. The only reason you're shooting is to stop
 him shooting you until you eventually crash - so shoot loads, anywhere.
> When you are seperated by pillars, just keep your existing aim. Once there's
 a gap between the pillars, you'll hit Liquid before he gets a chance to aim
 at you.
> Finally, if in doubt, SPRAY BULLETS EVERYWHERE! You're bound to hit him
 sometime ^_^

And that's it. Enjoy the start reading the walkthrough from the
point you were at!


One of the strange things about Metal Gear Solid is tha it is half RPG. As
well as equipping weapons, you can also equip items. They range from simple
items that would be found in shoot-em-ups (keys, ration/medkit) to unusual
items or tools (scope, ketchup, cigs etc). As well as a complete list of items
and locations, I have made a wepaons list too, with descriptions taken from
the Official MGS Strategy Guide. If you want to do cool things with your guns,
look at section 7e-ii. God is my table of contents complicated.

# a) Items #

Equip/Un equip with L1. Select and examine with L2. Most items do not get
activated with circle and square in the main game - those buttons are reserved
for weaponry. Instead, they:
1. Are activated by pressing buttons while holding L2 and selecting the item.
For example, you can use rations and diazepam and throw time bombs by pressing
circle while holding L2.
2. Activate automatically without a button press, and are deactivated by
unequipping. Such objects include cardboard box, the goggles and LV??
3. Start up their own mode. For example, the scope starts a special mode where
the O and X buttons operate it.
4. Are activated another way. Ketchup is activated by pressing circle while

Here are the items and their locations:

NAME: Bandana
DESCRIPTION: Green strip of cloth that you tie around your head.
USE: When equipped, Snake has infinite ammo on his selected weapon. This
applies to FAMAS, stun grenade, Nikita, anything! Raise hell.
RATING: 8/10. Although good, you principle of the game is not to kill much.
LOCATION: Given to you by Meryl if you complete the game surviving the
torture. Your saved game turns into a new game, only with the Bandana in your

NAME: Body Armour
DESCRIPTION: Clothing that lessens the amount of damage you take if you wear
USE: Obvious. While many people never bother to get this, it is quite useful
as you don't get hurt as much.
RATING: 5/10. You get it too late in the game and you get enough rations to
survive without it.
LOCATION: Level B2 of Enemy Base B, the third door down on the west side of
the floor.

NAME: Camera
DESCRIPTION: Same as real life. Upon equipping you get a special screen where
you can zoom in and out, move the camera around and take pictures.
USE: Cool item. Each picture takes two memory blocks, but you can get ghost
images of th programmers and even a Photo Album mode opened up.
RATING: 7/10. A neat item but OUCH I only have a 15-block memory card and the
Camera takes too much space.
LOCATION: Through a LV6 door to to the south-west of where you fought Revolver
Ocelot. ***See section 7c***

NAME: Cardboard Box A/B/C
DESCRIPTION: Three boxes just large enough for you to hide in, made out of
cheap cardboard. Found in different places with their location labelled on
USE: Lots. You can befriend wolves, hide from guards and skip whole CD's worth
of running (Heliport -> Snowfield C). Also hilarious at times.
RATING: 9/10. Travelling "by box" may not be quicker than running though.
LOCATION: Cardboard Box A - Through LV1 door in the west side of Enemy Base A,
next to the upstairs camera. B - In one of the rooms branching from the south
room of Enemy Base B (Floor B1). C - Through a door outside Snowfield C.
***See section 5c for more info***

NAME: Cigarettes
DESCRIPTION: "Snake's favourite brand. Smoking is hazardous to your health".
USE: In the import version, Cigarettes has no use whatsoever. Now with the
Thermal Goggles in a LV4 door, US/UK players have to use cigs to create smoke
to see infra-red rays. Cigs can also be used instead of Diazepam. In both
cases, your health slowly decreases while cigs are equipped.
RATING: 10/10 (almost essential)
LOCATION: You have this when the game starts.

NAME: Diazepam
DESCRIPTION: A small pill which Snake can take the same way as using a ration.
USE: Once swallowed, Snake won't tremble whil holding the PSG1...for a small
time. Cigs work as well, though for a shorter time.
RATING: 8/10. They aren't THAT useful.
LOCATION: You first get them in Level B1 (Enemy Base B) and in the cave. You
keep collecting them in different places until you kill Sniper Wolf.

NAME: Disc
DESCRIPTION: A small CD containing Metal Gear Rex's test data.
USE: None whatsoever. You only have it because the government wants you to
give it to them.
RATING: N/A - it's not really an item, it's only there to show you have it.
LOCATION: The ArmsTech President (Baker) gives it to you.

NAME: Gas Mask
DESCRIPTION: A mask that doesn't *stop* gas lowering your oxygen level, but
slows the descreasing down.
USE: Essential. If you don't get it, you'll die within seconds of firing your
Nikita missile.
RATING: 10/10. Try pressing triangle while wearing it.
LOCATION: In the poison gas area of LV B2, Enemy Base B.

NAME: Ketchup/Catsup. What's the difference?
DESCRIPTION: "Italian tomato-based food condiment", or fake blood.
USE: Snake lies down and fakes death with it ^_^ but you don't need the
ketchup, you can hide under your bed to escape jail.
RATING: 3/10. Funny, but useless.
LOCATION: Otacon gives it to you while in jail.

NAME: Keycards (1 - 7)
DESCRIPTION: Cards that enable you to open doors with different security
levels. LV2 Cards can open LV1 or 2 doors, LV7 Cards can open all level doors,
USE: Essential for finishing the game, keycards are the key to processing. For
example, you can access a large area of the game world but to continue you
need to open a LV5 door...etc.
RATING: 10/10, obviously.
LOCATION: LV1 - From DARPA chief (no boss)
         LV2 - From President Baker (beat Ocelot)
   LV3 - From dead soldier (beat Tank)
   LV4 - From Otacon (beat Ninja)
   LV5 - From Meryl (no boss)
   LV6 - From Otacon while in jail (submit/survive Torture)
   LV7 - From Raven (beat Vulcan Raven)

NAME: Mine Detector
DESCRIPTION: Actually a metal detector. Makes mines show up on radar, along
with their range (step in the range and BOOM) in yellow.
USE: Very good. Though thermal goggles show mines, the mine detector shows
range too, doesn't make the screen all red and is useful while trying to find
the PAL Key in the water.
RATING: 9/10. Not essential, but very useful.
LOCATION: First floor of Enemy Base A behind a LV2 door upstairs.

NAME: Night Vision Goggles (N.V.G.)
DESCRIPTION: Specs that enhance light. Use a stun grenade while wearing them
and you'll be blind for a week.
USE: They can help in the dark cave but it's easy enough to find your way
RATING: 4/10. Just turn up your TV's brightness for chrissakes.
LOCATION: On level B2 of Enemy Base B, on one of the doors on the first

DESCRIPTION: Small card that changes it's shape according to temperature. Used
to fire up Metal Gear Rex so you can kick it's ass.
USE: Insert it in a laptop (along with two other forms) to start Rex.
Essential in completing the game.
RATING: N/A (it's essential, but it starts Metal Gear Rex...good or bad?)
LOCATION: Along with the LV5 card, given to you from Meryl in the toilets.

NAME: Ration
DESCRIPTION: Small pill/meal things that top up your health. They freeze if
not equipped while in snow (for a long time).
USE: They fill your life bar by about the same amount of life as you have when
the game starts (so you need more as you progress and your max. life grows).
Top up your health by selecting 'ration' and pressing circle (while holding L2
throughout). Equip rations and Snake will use one automatically if his life
runs out.
RATING: 10/10 (how do we live without them ^_^)
LOCATION: There are 40 mentioned in the walkthrough (and I missed one or two -
wait next update). The first one is in the water to the south of where you
start the game.

NAME: Rope
DESCRIPTION: Long, tough piece of rope suitable to support Snake's body
as he parascends down Communication's Tower A.
USE: Essential to complete the game. People often forget to get the rope so
they have to backtrack one at the top of Tower A. Snake ties this to a fence
and parascends down to a bridge.
RATING: 9/10 (I'd rather jump down ^_^)
LOCATION: Bottom of Comm. Tower A, shortly before climbing the stairs.

NAME: Scarf
DESCRIPTION: Sniper Wolf's Scarf, faintly smelling of her.
USE: If equipped, lets you pass through the wolves without getting hurt, as
they think you are Sniper Wolf. Made useless by the fact you can equip the
urine-stained cardboard box to do the same thing.
RATING: 7/10 (most people don't use the box)
LOCATION: Otacon gives this to you while you're in jail.

NAME: Scope
DESCRIPTION: A neat little scope that, when equipped, enables scope mode. You
can then use X and O to zoom in/out.
USE: Not much, actually. You can see where guards are from afar, which can be
helpful but I never used it the first time I played.
RATING: 2/10 (you can *see* far enough anyway)
LCOATION: You have this when the game starts.

NAME: Silencer
DESCRIPTION: A small add-on for your Socom that silences it.
USE: Collect and equip the silencer once and your Socom will no longer make a
loud noise. Now, just like punching, choking and using the Sniper Rifle, you
can kill guards with it and no-one will hear anything.
RATING: 3/10. It might be useful to some people, but I kill few people or use
the better weapons making this obsolete.
LOCATION: In a door to the right of the huge door which leads to the
snowfield. A sleeping guard is there so crawl.

NAME: Stealth Suit
DESCRIPTION: A unit which, when equipped, makes you invisible to everyone
except bosses, wolves and places where you have to kill (outside the cell, the
two elevators, etc.).
USE: Endless. You show up as a green blur. The Stealth unit is a reason for
endless fun and laughter. Here is some cool stuff to do:
       1. Punch guards. They get up and don't know what hit them.
       2. Grab a guard as a shield. Then drag him in front of another guard.
       3. Drag lots of guards into one place. They'll all be really confused.
       4. Drag a guard in a LV? room then leave. He won't be able to get out!
       5. Run around the guards in circles.
       6. Thanks to your invisiblity, you can strap C4 to a guard's back
RATING: 9/10 (would like it better if you were invisible to wolves)
LOCATION: Given to you by Otacon if you complete the game submitting to
Ocelot's torture. Your saved game turns into a new game, only with the Stealth
suit in your inventory.

NAME: Thermal Goggles
DESCRIPTION: They can show infra-red rays, mines (but mines don't emit heat!)
and ammo/ration boxes in or out of water. Also shows invisible guards/bosses.
USE: The only real use is showing where boxes are in the radioactive water.
Because of the garish red screen, I'd rather use cigs+mine detector to do the
RATING: 5/10 (not essential, and you get it too late to see Ninja or Mantis
with it)
LOCATION: Go through the LV4 door upstairs in Enemy Base A. It's to the east,
patrolled by a guard.

Phew! That's it! All the items in alpha order! By the way, I looked at another
FAQ and they missed out three items on their list...what? No-one cares? Oh

The item descriptions were in alphabetical order, so here's the objects in
order of when you obtain them in the game (scope and cigs are on you already,
you get the ration next and the stealth/bandana last):

Scope - on you
Cigarettes - on you
Ration - three in Dock
LV1 Keycard - from DARPA Chief
Cardboard Box A - in LV1 door
LV2 Keycard - from ArmsTech President
Disc - from Armstech President
Mine Detector - in LV2 door
SIlencer - usually taken after Mine Detector
LV3 Keycard - from Tank
Gas Mask - in room after Tank battle
LV4 Keycard - from Otacon
Thermal Goggles - in LV4 door
Night Vision Goggles - in LV4 door
Cardboard Box B - in LV4 door
LV5 Keycard - from Meryl
PAL Card - from Meryl
Diazepam - in Cave
Ketchup - from Otacon
Scarf - from Otacon
LV6 Keycard - from Otacon
Camera - in LV6 door
Body Armour - in LV6 door
Rope - on Comm. Tower B
Cardboard Box C - on Snowfield C
LV7 Keycard - from Vulcan Raven
Stealth - end of game, Otacon
Bandana - end of game, Meryl

See that I have added notes explaining why they are in this order.

# b) Weapons #

Weapons are different to items. They control the square button (and sometimes
circle button). Usually once a weapon is equipped you would press square to
fire or throw. With C4, you place with one button and detonate with the other.
With the stinger or PSG1, a special screen appears where you can aim (or lock)
before firing. With Nikitas, you control the missile after firing. Finally
with a Socom you can aim before firing without a special screen. If you have
no weapon equipped you can flip with square.
***NEW*** I've added clip size and other details.
Here's the weapons list (in no particular order, Goldeneye equivalents in

NAME: Socom [DD4 Destovei - PP7 if with silencer]
DESCRIPTION: The Mark 23 Model 0 U.S. Socom was adopted as the standard
service weapon for advanced combat personnel. It successfully passed a 30,000
round endurance firing test and extreme temperature tests. Special features
include a laser-aiming module, a buffer system for minimised recoil forces,
corrosive-resistant coatings on al metal components and a polygon barrel of
hard chrome plating internally. There are no other pistols with this all-round
precision and durability. This gun can be combined with a surpressor to
silence it.
CLIP: 3 (out of 5) - 12 bullets
OVERALL: 3 (4 if silenced)
LOCATION: Inside truck in the Heliport area, behind boxes.

NAME: FA-MAS [KF7 Soviet]
DESCRIPTION: Encompassing assault firing and support firing, the FA-MAS is
solid and reliable, withstanding water, mud, sand and dust tests without loss
of performance. It is compact, tight, streamlined and perfectly balanced
around the pistol grip. Even has an optional grenade launcher (whoa!)
Up to 1,100 rounds per minute.
CLIP: 5 - 25 bullets
LOCATION: Found in one of the six rooms on floor B2, Enemy Base A (Armoury)

NAME: PSG-1 [Sniper Rifle/AR33 Assault Rifle]
DESCRIPTION: Arguably the most accurate semi-auto in the world. The accuracy
standard has been field-tested: 50 rounds of ammo into an 80 millimetre circle
at 300 metres. The main reason for utilisation and procuremnet in this
operation is that the PSG-1 ejects spent shells to a distance of around ten
feet, thus lessening an enemy's ability to judge the sniper's position.
Another reason is that the extremely accurate sights have a default setting of
600 metres, the optimal engagement range.
LOCATION: Found in one of the six rooms on floor B2, Enemy Base A (LV5 though)

NAME: Nikita Missiles [None]
DESCRIPTON: The Nikita Personal Remote Rocket Launcher is a prototype missile
launcher, utilising satellite radar tracking systems, AWACS aircraft data and
Soliton technology. This small, fully controllable rocket can be used to seek
and destroy targets from enemy soldiers to machinery. Current field testing
has prooved inconclusive, so try a number of tactics with this equipment.
ACCURACY: depends on your skill
LOCATION: Found in one of the six rooms on floor B2, Enemy Base A *OR* in
truck in Heliport later in game.

NAME: Stinger Missiles [Rocket Launcher]
DESCRIPTION: The Stinger missile lauching system employs a unique two-colour,
infrared-ultraviolet detector using fire-and-forget technology. This ensures
high survivability and maximum impact, even in the heaviest countermeasure
situations. The Stinger's modular design and 90%+ hit ratio have kept it the
forefront of missile technology. It can be combined with thermal or Night
Vision Goggles. Everything that emits heat can be detected, from rats to
helicopters. HAVE FUN!!!
ACCURACY: 5 (locks)
LOCATION: Entrance to bridge from Comm. Tower B.

NAME: Claymore Mines [Proximity Mines]
DESCRIPTION: A directional-range anti-personnel mine placed below ground with
the intention to maim and wound, demoralise troops and eat into medical
resources. The Claymore mine is the standard defensive or offensive mine for
US Army Bunkers. (I wrote that myself, good huh)
ACCURACY: 5 (it hits you full-on if you go near it)
POWER: 4 (doesn't kill)
LOCATION: Pick these up by crawling over them when they're planted in the
snow. They are planted on Snowfield A, outside Comm. Tower B and inside Enemy
Base C. ABC.

NAME: C4 Explosives [Remote Mines]
DESCRIPTION: This volatile plastic explosive works by a remote sensor
mechanism and can be set on a wall, a floor or even another human.
ACCURACY: depends on your timing
LOCATION: In floor B2, Enemy Base A

NAME: Grenades [ditto]
DESCRIPTION: Also known as Frag or Fragmentation Grenades, these are explosive
devices set to detonate after a five second delay. Causing noise to alert any
nearby guard or sensor, these are mainly used to take out vehicles or to blow
away enemies by less-than subtle operatives...yadda yadda like we don't know
what grenades are? As I said, taking out vehicles is good, but you're supposed
to be stealthy here.
ACCURACY: depends on position
OVERALL: 3 (though I only use 2 of them in the entire game)
LOCATION: First found in Heliport

NAME: Stun Grenades [Er...slap?]
DESCRIPTION: These grenades, also known as Flash or Flash-Bang Grenades, emit
a stunning sound and light that temporarily disables all enemies within a
user's line of sight. Highly charged and tightly packed magnesium reacts to
friction, detonating five seconds after the safety pin is pulled.
Problem is, you might get disorientated too with the white flash, and that all
guards wake up to a yellow alert status.
ACCURACY: 3 (screen's worth of enemies disabled)
POWER: n/a (no damage to enemies)
LOCATION: First found in a room near the Heliport

NAME: Chaff Grenades [None]
DESCRIPTION: Dispesing microscopic metal shards into the surrounding air, the
Chaff Grenade effectively jams any enemy sensory items for ten seconds. This
renders the operative invisible to all cameras and sensors, but also blocks
your own radar. It is advisable to locate any enemy soldiers before utilising
it. The explosive delay is about five seconds, and the blast damage is
minimal, though the tiny explosion can alert guards nearby.
ACCURACY: 5 (whole area affected)
POWER: n/a (no damage caused)
LOCATION: First found near searchlights in Heliport

That's all the weapons. If you want me to add punching to the list, fine. By
the way, I said the AR33 is like a PSG-1 because they both have a scope and
their power and fire rate are the same (the Sniper Rifle's power is very low).

# c) The wonderful cardboard box #

The Cardboard Box is a strange item - maybe the strangest in the game (did I
hear anyone say 'Ketchup'). There are three and they help you in many ways.


Cardboard Box A - Floor 1 of Enemy Base A (Tank Hangar). Go up the stairs and
near the camera is a LV1 door containing the box and some chaff grenades.
Truck it takes you to: Heliport* (truck in centre containing Socom/Nikita)

Cardboard Box B - Floor B1 of Enemy Base B. Go through the south room with
doors to the east and west. Take the middle-west room to discover the box and
a ration. Truck it takes you to: Nuke Building* (Floor 1, Base B)

Cardboard Box C - Snowfield C. After beating Sniper Wolf go through the
southwest door. There's the box and two rations guarded by two cameras. truck
takes you to: Snowfield* (the truck is on the left side of the area)

*the words before the asterisks are the labels of the boxes.

Use 1 - Moving Around

If you get in a truck and equip the cardboard box, a guard will come along
later. He'll then drive the truck to the location labelled on the box. You
should then get off before he checks the box ^_^. You can skip a whole CD's
worth of the game with Cardboard Box C - from the Heliport to Snowfield C.
When you've got to backtrack for the PSG-1, you can use Cardboard Box A+B to
go from the Nuke Building to the Heliport (though it's probably quicker to
cross the snowfield).

Use 2 - Hiding

Hehehehe. You can dodge guards easily with the box. Once equipped, a
patrolling soldier will just look at it with a 'What's in the box?' then walk
off. If you equip the box while on a guard's patrol route, watch it. He'll
walk past the box first, but if he sees it again he'll kick it upside down
with a 'stoopid box!'. And be sure not to move the box while the guard
watches. He might say 'I DIDN'T see that...' but he might shoot ya.

Use 3 - Get Past the Wolves

If you hit Meryl and hide in the box, the wolves won't attack you. Instead
she'll get one of the wolves to pee on your box. Now, whenever that box is
equipped, wolves will think you're one of them and leave you alone (or more
likely, keep following you but not attacking :< )

Funny Stuff

> Hop in a box and stand ahead of a guard's route. He'll walk past you and say
 'what's in the box??'
> Stay in your box and follow another guard, shuffling behind him. If he turns
 around, stop. Then when he turns his back to you follow him some more :)
> Pop out of your box and plug the guard, then hide. If you're on easy he'll
 just look at the box and then walk off.


> On all boss battles, equip ration. You should never need a specific item
 during a fight (except maybe thermsl goggles) and now if your life is
 depeleted, it'll be topped up automatically with rations. It'll also stop
 them from freezing while you fight Vulcan Raven 1 or 2 or Sniper Wolf 2
 (rations freeze if left unequipped while you're in cold areas)
> Use Thermal Goggles or N.V.Gs and you'll see a crosshair. You can use this
 to target enemies that are too far away to autotarget.
> To reload quickly, tap R1 twice. This is faster than Snake's automatic
> With stealth, you don't get detected by enemies or sensor (like a permanent
 stun/chaff grenade. You can also pass through infra-red traps. As for mines,
 I haven't tried. Mail...
> Thermal goggles only show the Claymore mine's location. However, Claymores
 have a range so if you step near them they can detonate. A mine detector is
 better because it shows the range like an enemy's sight range.
> Cameras causing you trouble? Blow 'em up with C4, Nikita or Stinger
> Get stealth before bandana, stealth is better (and is more suited to the
 game than infinte ammo)

((( 7. SECRETS

# a) General Secrets #

Walkthrough Secrets

First of all, there are a lot of secrets already in the main walkthrough (some
repeated here). They are bracketed with '<<<' and '>>>'. Here's a list of

1. Early Nikita
2. Guards talking in Tank Hangar
3. Thermal Goggles are LV4
4. Unarmed Snake
5. C4 Sneakiness in Armoury
6. Laser room FLUKE
7. Better anim. for Electric Floor
8. Twitching Guard
9. Meryl-Cam
10. Pee in the Box
11. Massage Healing
12. The Guards aren't Stupid!
13. Sniper Wolf's Scarf
14. Colonel doesn't call ya

FAMAS TRACER - The last three (red) bullets on your FAMAS are 'tracer'
bullets. They give the gun LASER SIGHTS! If yu equip the bandana with only
three bullets left, all the bullets you fire after will be tracers!

WHOA BABY - When Meryl is waiting for you after you recieve the LV5 card,
stare at her breasts (press Triangle to 'look' and move your view to them)
She'll say "What!? What are you looking at?" and other things like that ^_^

WOW YOU LOOK NICE BABY - Instead, use Triangle to look at her face. She'll

SNAKE'S DEFENCELESS! - If you don't have a Socom when Meryl points her gun at
you (after the DARPA Chief dies), you'll grab the tip of her gun instead.

MERYL-CAM - If you use Triangle for first-person view after Meryl has a
'headache', you'll be looking through Meryl's eyes.

MANTIS-CAM - Use first-person view while fighting Mantis and you'll be looking
through HIS eyes...also, when I pressed Triangle once, I saw a little arrow
and the label 'Solid Snake' (like the label 'Ration' while you're going
throguh a tunnel) pointing to Snake!

ANNOY MEI LING - Call her on the Codec (140.96) about five times and select
'DO NOT SAVE' each time. She'll say "Come on, Snake!". Keep calling her
without saving. She'll stick her tongue out at you and not talk until you
select 'SAVE'.

ANNOY NAOMI - Call Campbell on 140.85 while smoking. Dr. Naomi will give you A

TORTURE REWARD - Survive all five tortures and your ammo and rations will be
filled to the max when you recieve them! If you've got the bandana, too bad!

TITLE SCREEN CHANGE - At the title screen (Jap/European version only) press
up, down, left or right to change the colours in the background.

REN & STIMPY & BAKER - When you blast the wall with C4, don't go straight into
the room where you will fight Ocelot. Instead walk until you can just see him.
The cutscene shouldn't start. Now plug him with your Socom. If the explosion
isn't triggered, you'll get a nice surprise.

MERYL IN HER UNDERWEAR - As you travel through the vent near the DARPA Chief,
take a left at the junction. Keep going and look through the air hole with
triangle. You'll see Meryl exercising (or a guard on the toilet - if it's that
move forward a bit more). Now go back all the way to the ladder. Climb down
and up again then go back to Meryl. Some of her clothes are missing and she's
doing a different exercise. Now repeat and visit her again. Less clothes
again. Repeat until she has no trousers (but nothing more will go off)

MERYL IN HER UNDERWEAR AGAIN - Geez, these programmers are sick ^_^ to do
this, get to the point where you have to identify Meryl from other guards.
When Meryl sees you, beat her to the women's toilet and she won't have time to
change! She'll have no trousers through the *whole* cutscene!

There are many more. If you have MORE, send em in (

# b) Extra Game Modes #

VR Training

When you start VR Training, you see 'Practice Mode' amd a load of blank
spaces. Read below to see what fills those spaces...

NAME: Time Attack Mode
BASED ON: Practice Mode
GOTTEN BY: Completing all ten levels of Practice Mode.
DESCRIPTION: This is the same as Practice Mode, only you have a set time to
complete each level.  By the way, there are also some more guards.

NAME: Gun Shooting Mode
BASED ON: Time Attack Mode >> Practice Mode
GOTTEN BY: Completing all ten levels of Time Attack Mode.
DESCRIPTION: The same as Time Attack Mode, only you must kill every guard. By
strangling? No - by Socom. You must also conserve yuor ammo as you only have a
set amount of it.

NAME: Survival Mode
BASED ON: Gun Shooting Mode >> Time Attack Mode >> Practice Mode
GOTTEN BY: Completing all ten levels of Gun Shooting Mode.
DESCRIPTION: It's Gun Shooting Mode, only the ammo and time limits are much
harsher. You start with 7 minutes on the clock and a small amount of ammo, and
you have to complete all ten levels (killing all guards) without running out
of either. Very hard. One guard in each level drops some ammo and it is
carried on to the next level. If you fail a levl, you will restart it but time
will carry on.

NAME: Technical Demonstration Mode
BASED ON: Gun Shooting Mode >> Time Attack Mode >> Practice Mode
GOTTEN BY: Beating Survival Mode.
DESCRIPTION: No work now. It shows you how to beat Gun Shooting Mode levels in
record times, brought to you by the programmers.

Special Menu Addons

These add to your SPECIAL MENU. See section 7g for more info...

NAME: Demo Theatre Mode
BASED ON: The game's cutscenes
GOTTEN BY: Completing the game
DESCRIPTI0N: Shows you all the cut-scenes and Codec conversations from the
game (more time is spent watching this than playing the game). While you can't
scroll through them, it's still cool. There are two versions, depending on the
ending you get.

NAME: Photo Album Mode
BASED ON: Nothing
GOTTEN BY: Completing the game with the camera.
DESCRIPTION: This mode lets you edit pictures taken with the camera, like give
them titles and 'exorcise' them (if there are ghost pictures of the
programmers on them). Top!

Other Modes

These don't fit in any category...

NAME: Extreme Difficulty Mode
BASED ON: Hard Difficulty.
GOTTEN BY: I think you must complete the game in Hard Difficulty, but other
FAQs say you just ocmplete it in any difficulty.
DESCRIPTION: Much HARDER than Hard Mode. Whoever said Metal Gear Solid was
easy? Maybe short, but not easy. The only way to get rations is if they're
dropped from dead guards, enemies are tougher, there's less ammo and rations,
NO RADAR, longer eye sights (I think) and generally an impossible game.

'>>' means 'which is based on'

# c) The Camera #

The Camera is a neat add-on to Metal Gear Solid. You can take pictures
ANYWHERE, and sometimes get ghost pictures. Look out next release for 'Kodak
Photo Spots' so you can see where it's best to take some pictures. but at 2
blocks a pic, I can't afford the space ^_^. Here we go...


Here's how to get the almighty camera. After jail (and the LV6 card) take the
lift to B2. Go to where you fought Ocelot, where there are four pillars. On
the right wall is a room (blow the wall with C4). The camera is in there,
guarded by two REAL cameras (the kind that hurt ya). Now complete the game
with the camera. You can now access the 'Photo Album Mode' from the 'Special'
menu. Well done!

Taking a Picture

Equip the camera and you'll find yourself looking through the viewfinder. Use
the D-Pad to move your camera around, and shoot with circle. You can also zoom
in and out to get good pictures. Once you take a picture, you can save it to
memory card at two blocks a pic. I recommend a 72-block memory card (though
they can be buggy) unless you want to buy a special card ONLY for MGS (think
saved games, pics, VR Mission Data...)

The Photo Album Menu

Choose Special then Photo Album. You can look through the pictures you have
taken and change their colour, title them and also EXORCISE THEM. If you were
taking a normal picture and saw a ghost picture of a programmer (see below) on
it, you can remove the ghost from your photo using the exorcise option.

Ghost Pictures

While looking at pictures you may find pictures of programmers on them. This
is because around the Metal Gear Solid world, there are invisible pictures of
people that can ONLY be seen through the camera. Curently, we have found 43
ghost pictures in the game. Some of them are VERY hard. I recommend you have
stealth and bandana before taking pictures because you may NEED the stealth to
take some of them without being killed and the bandana helps get through the
game faster. You have to take your picture at a certain direction and zoom
level. I will elaborate on the picture locations more a later version.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Photos now have difficulty levels from 1 to 5.

1.  Muraoka - The Dock
   Go to the south-east corner of the Dock, below the water-tank. Face south
   and take a picture. Don't adjust the height or zoom. the place where you
   swam from should be at the right of your picture.
Difficulty: **

2.  Ishiyama - Heliport
   From your starting point, move right so the container doesn't block your
   view. Face north and equip camera. Zoom in as far as you can as long as
   you can still see the two big lights in the picture. Now move the
   crosshair up or down so it is on the sky, slightly on the building roof.
Difficulty: ***

3.  Fukushima (snigger) - Heliport
   Go to the south of the elevator you came up on. Facing south, walk as far
   as you can down, so you are on the cliff's edge. Take a picture without
   zooming or adjusting height. The sea should take up the bottom quarter of
   your picture.
Difficulty: **

4.  Shigeno - Heliport
   Tricky, this. Go close (in the sensor range) to the security camera beside
   the staircase (east side). Face north, and you have enough time to take
   the picture before the camera spots you. Line up with the rectangular
   container on your left and make sure the crosshair is on the black wall
   and the camera is at the top of the screen. It's hard, thus...
Difficulty: ****

5.  Tanaka - Heliport
   Look north or west so the sleeping guard (near the lower vent) is in front
   of you. Stand far away from him and zoom in quite far but so his whole
   body is in the picture. Easy as piss.
Difficulty: *

6.  Yoshimura - Upper Air Vent
   It couldn't be simpler. Travel across the upper air vent until you get to
   the exit (and you're facing the ration). Go to the point where you'd
   usually press circle to drop down, but instead take a picture with no
   zooming or moving.
Difficulty: a star

7.  Ito - Tank Hangar
   Go inside the elevator and take a picture of the north wall that you face.
   No zooming or adjusting the height. Also, I found that this didn't work if
   you were on a floor other than the Tank Hangar.
Difficulty: *

8.  Kitao - Cell
   You have to take a picture of the fake DARPA Chief's dead body. Go to the
   south-west corner and aim the crosshair on the left side of the sink. You
   should just see Decoy Octopus' foot. It's quite hard. Make sure your back
   is against the south wall.
Difficulty: ****

9.  Kobayashi - Cell
   Facing east or north, take a picture of the nude guard who's tied up.
   Don't zoom! Move the view so the crosshair's on the east wall. Yo ushould
   get the best picute by doing this.
Difficulty: ****

10. Onoda - Armoury
   Face north and take a picture of the pillar Baker was tied to. Push
   against the south wall for the best effect. Then equip and shoot, no
   fiddling. Whether you do this during or after the fight with Ocelot, it's
Difficulty: *

11. Nishimura - Armoury
   Go to where you fought Ocelot. You have to take a pic of Baker's corpse.
   I'm not the kind of person who likes photographing carcasses, but what th
   hey. Face west or north and go very close to him. Once you touch his
   corpse, equip the camera. Now hold DOWN until you're as low as possible.
   Take the picture but it will take a lot of tries to get it right.
Difficulty: *****

12. Kozyou - Canyon
   Go to the northeast of the snowfield to find a metallic water-tank thing.
   Press up against the east wall (so you face west). Take a picture without
   zooming/adjusting camera.
Difficulty: **

13. Yamashita (snigger) - Enemy Base B (floor 1)
   Go to the nuclear tip near the west stairs. Now go south and press up
   against the south container. Take a picture, no fiddling.
Difficulty: **

14. Korekado - Enemy Base B (floor B1)
   Go to the men's toilets. Go to the very top stall and push yourself
   against the west wall. Take the pic and you'll see the guy pissing at the
Difficulty: *

15. Shikama - Enemy Base B (floor B2)
   Take a picture of the elctric (or not if you've cut the power) floor. Walk
   about 30 pixels away from the electric floor and take a pic. Don't zoom or
   move left/right, but lower the camera aim slightly.
Difficulty: *

16. Matsuhana - Enemy Base A (floor B2)
   Once Ninja chucks the guard down on the floor outside Otacon's lab, step
   back a bit and look around. You'll see one guard is still breathing (he
   shows up on the radar too). Face him and take a picture, lowering the sim
   slightly and zooming in a bit. You don't have to get it EXACT though.
Difficulty: ***

17. Kojima (Hideo?) - Otacon's Lab
   There are two Policenauts posters in Otacon's lab...face the one with the
   robots on, not the men. Zoom and adjust the height/direction until your
   picture shows the whole poster and SHOOT! Easy huh?
Difficulty: *

18. Takade - Otacon's Lab
   On the west wall is a supercomputer. Go to the south of this computer and
   push yourself to the north of it. Then face east. Adjust HEIGHT only,
   don't zoom and it will work. Tricky to get right.
Difficulty: ****

19. Kaneda - Enemy Base A (floor B1)
   Take a picture of the mirror on the women's toilets, standing far back.
   Face east and look at the mirror, and take a picture of your own
Difficulty: **

20. Sasaki - Commander's Room
   From the south of the desk, face north and take a photo of the picture on
   the north wall. Take the picture the same as photo 17 (Policenauts poster)
   only this time you can zoom out a little.
Difficulty: *

21. Shimizu - Cave
   Crawl into the wolf-filled cave, go up to the snowy area to the north.
   Push yourself on a wall to the south-west of the puddle. Face the tunnel
   you crawled through and take a picture (don't zoom or adjust height).
Difficulty: ****

22. Mukaide - Cave
   Go really close to the puddle in the cave, on the west or east of it. Aim
   for the white object on the water and you'll see your reflection. Lower
   your aim as far as you can, and take the picture.
Difficulty: ***

23. Nakamura - Underground Passage
   Take a picture of Meryl's blood from the east, west or north. Don't take
   it from the south - you'll fail. You'll also fail taking the picture when
   Meryl is in the area. The best way is to push up against one of the
   sidewalls on the passage, adjust height so you can see all of the blood,
   and zoom in slightly. Take the picture and you're OK...
Difficulty: *

24. Shinkawa - Underground Passage
   After defeating Sniper Wolf, climb the steps to the north to get to the
   second floor (where she was). You'll see some blood in the south-east
   corner. Face west, move the camera right a little, then take the picture
   without zooming.
Difficulty: **

25. Okajima - Jail Cell (outside Torture Room)
   Go to the west side, face the DARPA Chief's body and take a picture,
   lowing your aim to the maximum.
Difficulty: ***

26. Sonoyama - Torture Room
   Tricky. Go to the north of the torture bed, face south and press against
   the bed. Now take the picture without zooming or adjusting the height.
Difficulty: *****

27. Sato - Comm. Tower A
   You have to take a picture of the roof destroyed by Liquid's Hind. Go to
   the middle of the south fence, face north and take a picture without
   zooming or adjusting the height. You should get the satellite dish in your
Difficulty: **

28. Scott Dolph - Comm. Tower Bridge
   Before crossing the bridge between Comm. Tower A and B, go to the north
   fence (for example, above the C4 box) and face north. Don't zoom but lower
   the camera to the max. You'll see white stripes. Then take the picture.
Difficulty: ****

29. "Double Cheeseburger" Tougo - Blast Furnace
   Enter the steam room to the south of the Cargo Elevator enterance. Near
   the crawling point is a junction which leads to a dead end. At this
   junction, push yourself to the south wall and face north. Take a pic, no
   zooming/adjusting required.
Difficulty: **

30. "Urine" Uehara - Cargo Elevator
   Once the elevator stops near Vulcan Raven's 'fridge' area, leave it and
   turn around, facing south. Take the picture without zoom/adjust. EASY!
Difficulty: *

31. "Vroom Vroom" Toyota - Cold Warehouse
   After beating Raven, go to the container in the very middle of the room.
   Take the picture without zoom/adjust from ANY direction, as long as you're
   close to it. Once you take it you'll find it to be VERY weird - only the
   container is there and a stripped arm.
Difficulty: *

32. "Eggnishi" Negishi - Warehouse North
   Take a picture of the sewage waterfall. Go to the lower bridge and face
   west. Adjust your camera's aim so you can see the waterfall, then take the
   picture to get a three-face glassed man (?).
Difficulty: **

33. Kimura - Rex Room
   You know where Liquid and Ocelot are talking? Well, once you've entered
   the first PAL key go out of that room, go down the stairs and press
   yourself against the north fence. Get the tip anywhere in the picture -
   meaning you can take the picture from below or the side too.
Difficulty: a star

34. Kutome - Rex Room
   Go into the room Ocelot and Liquid were talking in, then take a picture of
   the world map - from anywhere, as long as it's in the picture.
Difficulty: *

35. Mizutani - Rex Room
   Take a picture of Metal gear Rex in battle. Tricky, so chaff first. You
   have to take a picture of Rex's starting position AND get Rex's body in
   the picture (all of it) without zooming or adjusting height. Plus Rex must
   be facing the starting position. Extremely difficult, I did it by fluke.
Difficulty: ******************************************************************

36. Hirano - Comm. Tower B
   Once you enter this from the Comm. Tower Bridge, go to the elevator and
   press against the wall to the south of it. Take a picture, raising the aim
   to the max. Don't zoom and take the picture. You can just see it.
Difficulty: ***

37. Fujimura - Comm. Tower B
   Go behind the elevator and go as close to it as you can. Equip camera,
   lower the camera so you can still see the place with the invisible guards
   in it in the picture, and zoom in slightly. Bingo.
Difficulty: **

38. Mori - Comm. Tower B
   After taking the elevator down, go as far right as you can (near the
   stairs) and then sidestep north. Take a picture without zooming but
   raising the height a little.
Difficulty: *

39. Jerem Blaustein - Snowfield C
   Don't aim for Sniper Wolf's corpse here - it'll probably fail. Instead,
   aim for the tree near her, zoom in slightly and lower a little while
   standing near the entrance to the Blast Furnace.
Difficulty: ***

40. Yoshioka - Blast Furnace
   After passing the swinging crane, go along the bridge to the north and
   downstairs. Go in the little gap in the north wall. Equip camera and
   adjust it so the crane is near the centre of your picture. Don't zoom.
Difficulty: ****

41. Armoury - Makimura
   Use C4 to blast the weakened wall to the top-right, then step inside. Go
   to the southernmost steel pillar and take a picture of the box to the
   northwest, zooming in to the max.
Difficulty: **

42. Kobayashi - Snowfield A (Canyon)
   After beating the Gunner, go into the snowfield. Go right down to the
   south, then go north a little and then west, behind a large rock. Face
   east and take a picture of the snow slope ahead of you without zooming or
   adjusting the height. You can also take the picture while fighting the
   Gunner or before.
Difficulty: *

43. ???????? - I can't find this one. Apparently it's a picture of Kinbara and
the only descriptino given is 'dark area of stairs'. Whaaaat? I've tried every
stair around but it's difficult (for example, 'Sniper Wolf's Corpse' turned
out to be a tree) to find these pics. If you find one please e-mail me at Thanx.

The list of locations was taken from Rudy Hendrawn's (
excellent MGS FAQ which was subsequently taken from Michael Nescio's
( list of locations on

# d) Unsolved Mysteries #

Upon it's release many secrets were gradually uncovered, even now more ghost
images are found. I believe there are still more secrets. There's gotta be.
What about a reward for completing the game without using a ration or
continuing...hang on that's Big Boss rank.

In Zelda, I found many *secret passageways* that led to nowhere, or were
totally pointless. Maybe the upcoming 'ura-Zelda' game will make use of these
unused passages. But in Metal Gear Solid, there's not even a LV8 door -
nothing remotely secret. Or is there? Here's the mysteries so far...

LAST CODEC SLOT - There are eight Codec spots, of which seven are filled by
the time you complete the game. But there's one last slot there. Hmmm....

Rumours: "Contains a recording of the staff talking"
        "You can talk to Meryl on a secret Codec after she breaks the first
        "You can talk to Vulcan Raven who tells you how to use the tank so
        you can get in one"
        "It's a sound test channel where you can hear the music from the

Most Probable: Sound Test rumour. There's a lot of music in MGS, so maybe
you'll call up and get a menu like the 'Save/Do not save' menu...then listen.

Solution: It seems that there was a character who would have filled this spot
but didn't make it into the final game. Below is an extract from an interview
between Hideo Kojima and the Official UK Playstation Magazine (issue 45)

**Was there anything in particular that didn't make it into the game?**
There was another character, Mariachi. He was an analyst and every time you
fight you were supposed to talk to this guy first and he'd tell you the best
way to defeat your enemy. And every time you asked for this guy he sang a song

**What sort of music was that?**
It was Spanish. Like with a Flamenco guitar? It was, um, ridiculous (more

Don't believe me? I'm thinking that many people would think I made this up,
e-mail asking whether or not there was a secret MGS
character mentioned in issue 45...ok???

'BOTH' DEMO THEATRE - There is a picture of the Demo Theatre where the name
"both" exists. Huh???

Rumours: "It's a third ending"
        "it combines both the Meryl and Otacon Codec coversations, cutscenes
        and endings together"

Most Probable: The latter. A third ending would require more extra dialogue
and/or characters. And how would you get this THIRD ENDING?
Although we still don't know how to get the BOTH ending, whatever it is...

Solution: None yet. But we know there is a 'both' option, so it must be for
something (the programmers won't just leave it there)

That's all the Unsolved Mysteries for now.

# e) Fun Stuff to Do #

Aside from the glitches, secrets or peculiar parts of Metal Gear Solid, there
are other things to do once you are a true master of the game. FUN STUFF! Some
invented, some not. Thanks to for the inspiration to
this part.

i) Fun Guard Deaths

Here are some (genuine) ways to kill a guard. Hilarious!

Throw them into the lava in the Blast Furnace!
Hide round the corner and lob a grenade at them!
Guide a Nikita missile up their ass while they just stare at it!
Place claymore everywhere (ideal in somewhere like Armoury) and see them die!
Pop out of a cardboard box and plug 'em!
Strap C4 to their back!
Snipe on them while they can't see you!
Crawl up to a sleeping guard and put a Claymore near him, then wake him up!
Kill 'em while they're taking a piss!
Blow up the guard who's crapping after you escape jail! (if he follows you
into the torture room)
Throw them off the cargo elevator!

Here's two deaths I haven't tried yet:

Can you chuck a guard into the water (Heliport?)
Can you lob a grenade from inside the truck (do they go inside the truck?)
If you use a guard as a sheild to take enemy fire, will the enemies actually
fire at you? If so, bye bye guard!
What about chucking a guard off the upstairs part of a first floor onto the
downstairs part?

Try them out and get back to me.

ii) Fun with Guns


Snipe with the Socom! See how far you can back away before you can't kill the

Supress it and kill sleeping guards or fire at someone in the back of the

Punch, Punch and Fire! (circle, circle, square)

Combine with the cardboard box for ultimate sneaking!

Aim and keep firing while moving your Socom from left to right. Perfect for
clearing out the guards with Meryl!


Create a 'tripwire' by firing continuously. The guards will hear it and come
running, but be killed as they pass through your line of fire :)

Run around like a phycho holding FIRE.

Hide under stairs or behind small containers, shooting guards as you see them.
Then as another guard comes to check it out, move!


Chuck into the water.

Try to throw them over certain containers (it can be done).

Drop them from a height, like the upstairs part of the Tank Hangar.

Hold square and run into people to do kamikazes.

Chuck them into empty spaces. The explosions will lure guards away from where
you need to go.

PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

Sniping is cool! Hide somewhere, like the very south of the Heliport, and pick
off guards, like the ones near the upstairs duct of the Heliport.

Try proffesional headshots.

Shoot someone in the back and see if they notice you (they probably won't!)

Snipe the guards on the bridge between Comm. Towers A and B.

Snipe Liquid! Shoot at him from the top of Metal Gear Rex, facing south.

Claymore Mines

Go to the Armoury before there are guards around and place loads of mines on
the floor (the maximum you can hold) then blow up the hole to the south with
C4. Now go to the top avoiding the mines and get a friend to travel from the
elevator to the hole in the south wall WITHOUT HITTING A MINE (save before he
attempts this). You can also set up C4 everywhere so if he decides to be
stupid, crafty or clever then you can press Circle and BOOM he's dead 'from a
mine'. Thanks to

Place mines in a guards, tanks or bosses path. Better still put one in the
path Liquid walks along before getting into Metal Gear Rex and when he walks
there, see him magically unharmed (if only...)

Place Claymores on the corridor near where you fight Mantis (next to the door,
one side). Then later once you get the LV5 card, make Meryl walk straight into
the mine.

Hmmm...just think about the paths of certain people and put mines in them.

C4 Bombs

Use them the same as Claymores except you need to detonate them. That means
you can't use C4 for cutscene explosions.

Use C4 for better directions. If you place one on the wall, a C4 can kncok the
guard flying sideways before he dies. Make him fly onto you. Hilarious!

Put a C4 on either side of a corridor. Watch guards get hit twice!

Plant C4 all around a room (such as the Tank Hangar) and detonate the all
*a la* the MGS rolling preview movie. Mass destruction plus all guards die

Try to kill all the guards at once to get a magically isolated room.

Place C4 on a guard's back. Blow up cameras with C4. Etc.

Place it all over the tank that magically disappears...and detonate while you
fight it in the Snowfield! Doesn't work actually.

Nikita Missiles

Just fire a missile and look at the guard just stare at it as the thing hits
him in the face!

Think your a Nakita hotshot? Stand in the place where you fought Ocelot and
pilot missiles around the Armoury, killing all the patrolling guards down
there. They shouldn't see you or find out you're in the room.

Stinger Missiles

Kill guards the easy way.

See how many different things the Stinger locks onto.

If you've got Action Replay/Gameshark, use the code and kill bosses easily
(especially Sniper "Stinger" Wolf).

Take out cameras.

Lock through walls and open fire as a guard walks into view.

For the most fun, after beating Sniper Wolf 2 you can take the truck to the
Heliport and raise hell.

Fun on Location

Here's a list of fun stuff to do in the different places, some of it courtesy


Jump in the water as the alarm sounds and the guards won't see ya!

Run into a puddle and then run away. The guard will come check. Then break his
neck ^_^


Pick off the guards near the upper air duct with your PSG-1.

Toss guards off the balcony.

Mess around with guards by knocking the containers and doing figure eights in
the snow. Laugh as a guard runs around in circles. It's the only place where a
guard will see your footsteps, other snow areas are guard-free.

HEEEEEEEELIPAD BOXING!!! With spotlights and armed opponents, you can battle
it out in the ring! Which will triumph? Modern-day clumsy weapons or powerful
manly hand-to-hand combat? Walk around the spotlight area and a guard will
come! Throw, punch, kick and strangle him. Mnaage to break his neck without
using a ration and you win! Once you take a ration, you lose (whether rations
are equipped or not). Avoid bullets by ducking, circling or using the stealth
suit ^_^ and once you want a new challenger, simply get your Socom, shoot your
present opponent and wait for a new player to come in.

Tank Hangar

Get the supressor. It's very fun for sneaky kills.

Go to the balcony upstairs and go on the left side of it. Snipe and kill the
guard to the makes getting through the doors near him MUCH easier.


Detonate C4 near the naked guard.

Hide under the bed in the cell (you'll also get a ration...)

Lob a grenade through the door before going out of the cell. Aim it at Meryl!


Sneak behind guards and watch the doors open loudly, though the guard's
"highly advanced senses" can't hear them...

Mess around with C4 a lot.

Pilot Nikita Missiles around the rooms and kill guards.

Enemy Base B LV1

Throw a grenade at the wall you've got to crawl under. Watch the guards run at
the wall.

Get caught and equip gasmask, you should see a lot of guards die from the gas.
You can also run under the wall (or can you use the elevator?) to escape the

Enemy Base B LVB1

In the toilets, you can beat up the guard while he's pissing. Plant C4 there
and blow it up!

You can also hide in a stall and fire a Nikita at him while he's in there.

Or equip stealth suit and punch, kick or throw the guards when they're on the
toilet! Watch the '!' appear :)

Look at yourself in the mirror (toilets)

Annoy the guard in the south room. Though he could see you from ANYWHERE in
that room, he just walks around, easy to avoid or escape from.

Enemy Base A LVB2

Walk across the electric floor.

Blow up the camera-controlled guns on the east and west of you with Nikita.

Blow up furniture with Nikita.

Shoot at the corpses in the 'Hall of Death' outside Otacon's Lab.

Shoot at everything (supercomputers, posters, paper piles, monitors) in
Otacon's Lab. Most of it can be damaged.

Try to find Otacon's Playstation Kit. It's a computer-type thing with a
Playstation joypad on it. It's there!

Cave Area

Machine-gun wolves.

Blow up wolves with grenades.

Fire Nikita Missiles at wolves.

Use your cardboard box/scarf.

Look at your reflection in the puddle to the north of the cave entrance.

Shoot Meryl through the hole in the wall to the east of the snowfield

Comm. Tower A

Chuck stun grenades at the following guards.

Find out that blowing up that LV6 door works from the outside but not the

Comm. Tower Bridge

Don't use Nikitas on the guards; snipe 'em.

When parascending, try to drop without getting hit by steam or bullets.

Alternatively, go phycho and get hurt as much as possible.

Try to find a use for climbing back up!!!

Comm. Tower B

Plant C4 on either side of the elevator for easy clearing of the invisible

Use Stealth suit when in the elevator. They'll still see you. Damn.

Try to get past two sets of cameras with one Chaff Grenade. It can be done!!

Snowfield C

Upon entering the snowfield, go all the way west to see Liquid's chopper blown
up and a parachute descending. Ha-ha!!!

Blast Furnace

Chuck guards into the molten steel.

Try to cross the steam room without getting hit by steam.

From the start take the elevator to the north down to the exit, not bothering
with the rest of the room.

Fire Stinger/Nikita missiles at the swinging crane to stop it or blow it up.

Cargo Elevator

Throw guards off the elevator.

Throw yourself off by throwing a grenade and standing on it. Bye!!!

Vulcan's Fridge

Get a guard to spot you behind a fallen container. He won't be able to get
past the container, so he'll walk around. By that time you'll be gone! Ha!

Rex Room

Fire a Stinger at the rat (US Version)

Try to cross the room full of camera-controlled guns (near the Rex room)
without using a ration or chaff-grenade. Pretty tricky in Extreme.

That's the full list so far. Send your own ideas to adn
remember that there are others...on the 'Fun with Guns' section. Now...

# f) Saved Games #

This section is just to clear up the dispute over saved games. There are a lot
of changes you get from saved games so I'll just briefly explain what happens:

First, you start a new game. Let's say you complete it with Otacon. You then
get asked whether or not you want to save your mission data. 'No' will quit
and enable you to play again from your last saved position (before the
ending). 'Yes' will erase your old save and replace it with a 'Dock' save.
Except that it's yellow...

Loading this save is just like playing a new game - you start at the dock.
Except you now have a bandana/stealth in your inventory. Now you have this
save on your memory card, MGS will open up new features, including the Extreme
difficulty and Demo Theatre mode. Complete the game again and...

It depends. If you submit/survive the torture twice in a row, you will just
get a yellow save game again. If you get another item, though, you'll get a
red save.

This is the same only you have both items. You will also get different
ending music.

If you complete the game (any ending) with a camera you will open up Photo
Album mode.

The second time you play a new game from a memory card save (yellow or red)
you'll change into a tuxedo during the opening sequence. Play three times and
you'll open up as a blue Ninja. With a tux or Ninja costume, the Ninja will
turn up in a red outfit (probably becuase you could be wearing blue...long
lost twins!). Your memory card icon will be a Ninja too.

# g) Special Menu #

Another quick section telling you what appears on your SPECIAL menu. Access it
from the title screen.

PREVIOUS OPERATIONS - If you haven't played Metal Gear 1 or 2 (I hear MG2
never appeared in America) this will tell you what happened. Useful.

ALBUM - This will let you change the colour of, title and remove ghost
pictures from your saved photos. Scroll through and have fun.

NO RADAR (Jap only) - There's no Extreme difficulty in the Japanese version,
this appears instead.

DEMO THEATRE - Let's you watch all the animations, movies and Codec
conversations from the ending you choose.

Have I forgot anything? Mail me.


These will work for all DATEL products (Action Replay, GameShark, etc.) as
well as the Explorer cheat-cart. I don't have any cheat-carts (Cheat? Me?) so
I haven't tested them.


Body Armour



Cardboard Box A

Cardboard Box B

Cardboard Box C

Chaff Grenade




Extra Ammo C4

Extra Ammo Claymore

Extra Ammo FAMAS

Extra Ammo Nikita

Extra Ammo PSG1

Extra Ammo SOCOM

Extra Ammo Stinger

FAMAS Rifle And Ammo




Infinite Air

Infinite Health


Level 10 Key


Mine Detector

MO Disc

Never Have Time Bomb

Never Reload

Night Vision Goggles

Nikita And Ammo

PAL Keycard

PSG1 Rifle And Ammo




SOCOM Pistol And Ammo

Steath Suit

Stinger And Ammo

Stun Grenade

Thermal Goggles

((( 9. Metal Gear Map )))

Here's a (very basic) map of the Metal Gear Solid world, Shadow Moses Island.
it just shows how locations line up. I WILL improve it!

                  ||                             ||
         ____ ___________ _____           ____________ ________________
        |    |           |     |         |            |                |
        |    |   Cargo   |     |         |   Cargo    |    ____________|
        |    | Elevator  |     |         |  Elevator  |   |            |
        |    |___________|     |         |____________|   |   Cargo    |
        |                      |         |                |  Elevator  |
        |_____________  _______|         |________________|____________|
           |               |                                    ||
           |               |                                    ||
           |     Blast     |                                    \/
           |    Furnace    |                     __________________________
           |______     ____|                    |                          |
                  |   |                         |      Vulcan Raven II     |
                  |   |                         |                          |
                  |   |                         |_____________    _________|
         _________|   |_________________                     |    |
        |                               |                    |    |
        |                               |                    |    |
        |     @   @     @    @    @     |           _________|    |
  |                               |          |              |
  |                 ''''''''''''''|          |_  ___________|
  |                               |           |  |
  |_______________________________|           |  |
                     /\                             |  |
                _____||_____                        |  |
               |     ||     |_________              |  |
               |     ||               |        _____|  |____________
               |    _||_     ______   |       |                     |
               |   |lift|   |      |  |       |   Metal Gear Rex    |
               |   |____|   |      |  |       |                     |
               |            |      |  |       |_______________  ____|
               |____________|      |  |                      |  |
                                   |parascend off...         |  |
                               _____^^____                   |  |
                ______________|           |           _______|  |__
               |  ||||||||||||            |          |             |
               |  ||||||||||||            |          |             |
               |==|----------- ~~~~       |          |     ______  |
               |==|           |   :       |          |    |______| |
               |==|           |~~~~       |          |-------------|
               |==|           |___________|              ESCAPE!
         |==|            ___________
         |==|___________|           |
         |______________            |
                        |_____   ___|
  ______________________| |_
 |               ______|    |
 |\______________||||| |    |
 |                  == |    |
       |                  ==      |
 |_________      ___________|
     |    |
                     __|    |__
                    |__      __|
                     __|    |__
                    |__      __|
                     __|    |__
                    |__      __|
                     __|    |__
  |__      __|
     |    |
     |    |
                   ____|    |____
                  |              |
                  |              |
                  |              |
                  |____      ____|
                       |    |
           ____________|    |___________
          |                             |
          |                             |
          |                             |
          |                             |
          |___________   _______________|
                      | |
                      | |
  ____________________| |_
 |         _____          |
 |        |_____|         |
 |                        |
 |                        |
 |       Commander's      |
 |          Room          |
 |                        |
 |_______     ____________|
         |   |
_______  |_ _|                 _______
|___    | |   |               |    ___|
|___    | |   |               |    ___|
|___    | |   |               |    ___|
|___    | |   |    ____       |    ___|
|       | |   |   |lift|      |       |
|__  ___|_|   |___|    |______|___  __|
|                                     |
|_____________________  ______________|
             ^^^    |  |
  | |\/|
              | another room
  |     ___________________
        ____  |    | _________________ |
 |lift|=/    | |               | |
_______|    |______| |               |=|
| ____________________|               |=|
|=|   _   _   _           Nuke waste   =|
|=|  |_| |_| |_|             area      =|
|=    _   _   _                         |
|=   |_| |_| |_|                        |
|                                       |
|_____________              ____________|
           / |            |
           | |            |
           |=|            |
           |=|            |
           |=|            |
           |=|            |
           |              |
           |__          __|
______________|         |________________
|                                 | |     |
|____                             | |___  |
|    |                            \_____| |
|    /                                    |
|___/                               :   ##|
|                                   :     |
|                                   :     |
|                             ~~~~~~:     |
|    ______                        _      |
|   /      \__                ____/ \     |
|   |         \              /      |     |
|   \_________/              \______/     |
|                                         |
|                                         |
|___________________________    __________|
                       ____|   |____
                      /             \
                      |             |
            _____     |             |
            |lift|    |  infra-red  |
            |    |    |             |
   ----------    ------   -----------
___|   =                  \____b_    \__
|___   |=                         |   =__|
___|  |=    _____       ____     |   |
|___   |=   /  __ \     / _ /     |   -----|
   |  |    |  || |    / ///      |   _____|
   |  \__________________________/   |
   |           balcony               |
   |       \_____/ /___/           a |
   |                                 |

| balcony___________b_______      |
|\_____/                    \||||||
|   a       /-----------\      ||||
|           |           |         |
|          =            |         |
|           |           |         |
|           \_____ _____/         |
|                | |              |
|  ------                         |
|  |lift                          |
|  |                              |  Now choose vent a or b to end up at the
|  ------                         |  point a or b on the above map.
|                                 |

-------|    |------
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|   Dock          |
|-----|     |-----|
|     |-----| sea |


((( 10. VR Training )))

Later...I'll do this later, as it's pretty big.

((( 11. Credits )))

# a) Thanks to... #
################### for the 'Fun Stuff' section, and some of the 'Fun with
Guns' and 'Fun on Location' ideas.

Michael Nescio ( for the original locations of ghost
images, although sketchy they gave me a starting point.

Rudy Hendrawn ( made an excellent FAQ that was the
inspiration for me to do this. Rudy also made finding the ghost picture
locations a LOT easier. Make sure you read Rudy's Syphon Filter FAQ too!

Siepiau ( for the 'Fake death while guard is looking'
secret. for an extra control technique.

Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins ( for the Nikita trick.

That's about it, sorry, but I did most of this myself ^_^

# b) Improvements I would make to MGS #

1. More driving. I'd like a tank-to-tank battle.

2. A longer game. I can complete Metal Gear Solid in about 2 hours, the only
thing shorter than that is Tekken 3! But it does have a lot of cutscenes.

3. A sound test.

4. The ability to play in first-person view (done in the add-on pack)

5. More guns - there aren't that many, really.

6. A secret add-on "Character Customiser" so you can change the costumes of
every character.

7. A secret "squeak voice" mode which makes all the voices in the game

8. I'd like to steal a guard's outfit (like Meryl)

9. A bit more realism. The guards can only see about three metres (game-scale)
ahead of them. Look out the window. How far can you see? I'd guess about 30
metres or maybe more.

10. Guards should be able to go through vents if they spot you. Hehehe!

11. There should be bigger areas to explore, so you can escape guards and
collect far more extra power-ups.

12. More chance to use the precious PSG-1. I can think of on time when I need
it - Sniper Wolf. I use Nikitas for the second Sniper Wolf.

13. Err...(getting desperate)...more explosions?

14. (suddenly a thought comes into his mind) MULTIPLAYER! Yes, a sneak-em-up
Spy vs. Spy style multiplayer, by Link Cable only. You can team up
(split-screen) for four players. Plant mines and C4, shoot and fire missiles
(no radar). Players can collect rations for more health, goggles or detectors
to see things (but only for a certain time) and stealth suits which make them
invisible to the other player for a short time. Think about it...even sniping
spots and NIKITAS!

# c) My Other FAQs #

This is my first FAQ but I'm determined to make it big (not famous you idiot,
make this FAQ big). I will make some more, keeping with a standard size in
Kilobytes. I can make any FAQ on any game as long as they meet certain

1. I own it or can borrow it for extended periods of time
2. It is cosidered large/secret-packed enough to fulfill a 300+K document
3. There are sub-modes to supplement.
4. The game is either Platinum or relatively new from the time of writing.

Of course, I'm English. Since I don't like importing the chance of getting my
FAQ out before a US or Japanese FAQ are as slim as Vanessa Feltz getting the
role of Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider movie...

# d) Submitting to this FAQ #

If you have anything to submit (tips, secrets, fun stuff, anything I suppose)
feel free to mail me at I get quite a bit of mail (about 120
messages per week) but not much really, once I take out the porn :)

All I ask is that you begin the subject line with 'MGS FAQ' or something
simular. Just make sure it starts with M, okay? ^_^

Direct **criticisms** or comments about the FAQ in general (meaning stuff I
won't add to the FAQ) to my guestbook server at :)

# e) Links #

Here's a few links... - My site, about Fan Fiction and soon, games. - My friend's site, also with fanfic. - as they added Nintendo
support and affliated with IGN, they formed the BEST cheats site on the
internet. Period. There's also some good features and reviews...very good. - The best source of FAQs and Walkthroughs on the internet.
They also hold a review contest so now GameFAQs is packed with that too. The
whole site relies on contributors, so it's got mixed opinions. - Excellent source for all things Metal Gear, including the
prequels to MGS (I've completed them too *smirk* *smirk*) - If you want to fork out some cash,
you can get an 800k walkthrough from this address. But I wouldn't bother as
nothing can be as informative as this FAQ and have tons of pictures in just

Phew! My first FAQ. I've worked long on this, Metal Gear Solid, a game
everyone has and has completed :). Really, this isn't intended as a
walkthrough for those who can't complete it - it's for people who want to
uncover more and find out secrets. A lot of secrets are here, and extra
stradegies for beating bosses, and even more...good luck with the game!!!
                                   ___  _   __ ____
--- Rico ---                | _ || | / _| _  |============
--- ---           | ^ /| |/ /| | | |==========
                                  | | \| | /_| |_| |========
Intenational Man of Mystery, BABY! |_|\_\_|\___|____|======

p.s. I made the ASCII logo above just for this Credits section, I'd never used
it before. It's pretty cool huh?

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