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Tactical Espionage Action

Guide Created by: Djoaniel Hernandez     AKA: xnake
                 Micah Michelle Almadin AKA: Mikee

The Table Of Contents

Chapter 1ne:   The Story so Far ...
Chapter 2wo:   He Moves
Chapter 3hree: Items and Weapons
Chapter 4our:  The Walktru
Chapter 5ive:  Frequently And Stupidly Asked Questions
Chapter 6ix:   Tips and Personal Spying
Chapter 7even: The Hero's List
Chapter 8ight: The Zero's List
Chapter Last:  All About The Mommy!

The Story so far... ...

And so the pawn they saved the worthless butt of the octopus is sent by
the agency to find and shutdown the whole operation by a terrorist
group that is planning for world domination. That simple (advance
apologies who like the story, I'm too lazy to detail all the elemnts)
Base but packs a lot of surprises.

He Moves (snake)

This is a list of things that the snake can do.


Walk/Run:      Use the directional buttons or the left analog stick.
Wall sneek:    Use direction to push him to it.
Wall tapping:  Use the [X] Button to tap while sneeking
Sitting:       While standing still push [X] button
Crawling:      While sitting use the directional buttons or left stick.


Choker:        Behind a genome soldier simply press [square] button
              repetedly to choke him.
Neck Breaker:  While choking a guard press [square] more quickly to
              perform a neck break. [kids don't try this at home]
Guard Guard:   The guard can be a guard by pressing choking and holding
              [square] instead of pressing it more quickly.
Flip Out:      While running into a genome soldier press [square]
              Button to flip the fellar(use this in catwalks)

Items and Weapons

Scope:         It got a zoom by using the [circle] button and zoom out
              By using [x] button
NVG:           Night vision goggles evplain everything. But incase you
              Don't know its function it is to see In the dark
TG:            Thermal Goggles are goggles desinged to see objects
              That generates heat.
Camera:        camera states everything! One shot = two blocks.
Mine Detector: used to detect mines(in radar only)
Ration:        In MGS this is the primary source in refiling life gudge
Diazeperm:     Tranquilazers that calms down nerves for presise
              Shooting and sniping
Medicine:      If you are one of the guys who have been affected by the
              Cold of the guard use this item.
Level Cards:   This cards are used to open up certain door levels in
              The game.
Pal Key:       This key alters it schape by altering the temperature
              Used at the laptops in the late part of the game.
Disk:          Data of MG REX conducted execrsize
Body Armor:    use this to protect from enemy bullets.
Stealth:       optical camofloudge suite prevents you from being
Bandana:       Limitless means infinite, so as your equipped weapon!
Cigerette:     Snakes favorate brand. Use this to waste life.
Scarf:         To make wolves in love with snake equip this!
Katsup:        Used to play dead in the medical room
Carboard Box:  Used to hide in a certain building. Also used for
              Transportation in the indicated letter of the box.


Granades:      Figure it out for yourself!
S Granades:    Stun granades are used for stunning enemies!
C Granades:    Chaff granades are used for jamming cameras!
Mines:         Mines are used for laying traps
C4:            That is a remote controlled explosive that can be
              Strapped at the back of Genome soldiers.
Socom:         Useful with a silencer. Weak but does the job.
Famas:         A Machine gun used for fire fight. Noisy!
PSG-1:         Sniper rifle that can kill a normal soldier in one hit!
Nikita:        Guided missles that can be used to blow something up
Stinger:       Homing missles used for tight fights. Highly damaging!

The Walktru

Area 1: Cargo Dock
You start this area behind a water filtration tank. Before moving an
inch, check out your map on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
There are three Ration pick-ups in this level, in the water (at the
bottom left hand side), behind the water filtration tank on the right
sidewall, and behind the forklift at the upper right-hand corner. Study
the guard's movements and patterns. Now you're ready to go. First, move
to the left wall and go up. At the water filtration pipe, duck and
crawl under. Past the pipe, standup and move towards the railing to the
right. Run to the right wall avoiding the puddle. At the wall make a
left and head to the north wall behind the forklift and wait for the
elevator (it usually takes about 45 seconds). When the elevator
arrives, a Genome Soldier steps out. Wait for the soldier to move Out
of the way and enter the elevator.

Area 2: Heliport
After the mission briefing study the area map. There's a ration behind
the elevator and behind the cargo boxes in the snow bank. There are two
exits in this level, one at the ground level and another on the
balcony. From the start position, run to the heliport ramp to the
north. As you enter the helipad, stop and wait for the searchlight to
move up. Run by the left railing as the light moves up. In the middle
of the helipad is a chaff grenade pick-up. Wait for the searchlights to
cross paths and run to the center. Quickly run back to the left and
down the ramp. Up moving to wards the left wall and into a storage room
with a Motion Activated Machinegun Camera (MAMC). Move underneath the
camera to avoid detection. In this room is a stun grenade pickup. Move
towards the left wall while side stepping with your back against the
crates. When the camera moves to the right run down to get the stun
grenades. Now exit the room using the same method. To the north of the
helipad is a utility truck with a socom pistol. Pick up the pistol and
go to the north wall. Remember that your socom does not have a silencer
yet so hold back on using it. To get to the ground level exit move to
the north wall. At the north wall move to the left corner with a MAMC
and a sleeping guard underneath. Staying close to the wall, crawl
behind the guard and into the air vent duct behind him. The balcony
level exit is a little more difficult. After picking up the socom
pistol, head towards the north east corner. While hugging the wall,
sidestep underneath the MAMC. Once me MAMC pans to the left, run to the
right and up the steps. At the second flight of steps, watch the guard
on the catwalk. Wait for the guard to move away and back. After the
guard has gone, follow the catwalk to the second inlet where the air
vent duct is located.

Area 3: Vent Shaft (bottom level)
After the cut scene, move forward to the T-junction. To the left is a
ration pick-up and to the right is the exit. Heading to the right your
old instructor Master Miller will contact you about how to exit the
vent shaft. Following the master's suggestion, follow the rats to the

Area 3: Vent Shaft (balcony level)
After the cut scene, follow the path to the right. Moving above a vent
screen a short movie will play between two guards talking about some
person infiltrating the base and killing three guards. They will also
give you a clue about a girl in the holding cell. After the movie, keep
following the shaft to exit.

Area 4: Tank Hangar (from the ground level)
From the start position, run the right and around the tank to the
staircase. Underneath the staircase is a socom ammo pick-up. Run up the
staircase and watch out for the MAMC on top. Follow the catwalk around
to the room with the open door. Here you will get the thermal goggles.
Exit the room. At the end of the catwalk is a chaff grenade pick-up
waiting for you. Now head back around the catwalk and down the
staircase. Behind the stairs is the elevator. Stand on the left side of
the elevator and press the circle button. Inside the elevator select B1
to go to the next level.

Area 4: Tank Hangar (from the balcony)
From the start position, to the left is a chaff grenade pick-up and a
MAMC waits on the right. After eluding the MAMC, follow the catwalk to
the room with the open door. In this room, there is a pair of thermal
goggles waiting. After picking up the goggles, exit the room and follow
the catwalk to the left. At the end of the catwalk, there is a MAMC
waiting and a staircase leading to the ground floor. Head down the
steps and go behind it to pick-up some socom ammo. Now go to the
elevator to the right. Stand on the right side of the elevator and
press the circle button. When the elevator arrives get inside and
select B1.

Area 5: B1 Holding Cell
After exiting the elevator, Mei Ling will contact you to inform you
about the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson. All the doors in this area are
locked so follow the hall to the end where there is a ladder leading to
another ventilation shaft here is a ration box inside the vent opening
on the ground.). Climb the ladder and follow the vent shaft. After
making the first left, move forward and make another left. Crawl on top
of the vent screen; hold down the triangle button and press down on the
directional pad to view a guard sitting on the throne. Keep moving
forward to get more socom ammo then head back. At the T-junction, make
a left, move forward to the end and make a left. At the first vent
screen again hold down the triangle button and press down on the
directional pad to see a woman getting in shape. Move forward to the
next vent screen; press the circle button to enter the room. Watch the
sequence between Snake and the DARPA Chief. He will give you a level1
security card. When Mr. Anderson dies, press your select button to talk
to the commander. Equip the security card and exit the room. Watch the
sequence that occurs between snake and a female voiced guard. Outside
the door waits three guards getting ready to ambush you so equip your
socom pistol and rations, and get ready for a shootout. To aim your
gun, hold down the square button and snake will automatically aim at
the closest guard. To shoot, release the square button. It takes three
bullets to kill each guard. After two more waves of guards grenades
will be thrown in the room. Move to the upper left corner to avoid
taking damage. After the shootout, watch the sequence and be introduced
to Psycho Mantis. After Dr. Campbell assures you that you are not
hallucinating go back into the holding cells to pick up a ration box
under the DARPA chiefs bed and more socom ammo in the guards office and
bathroom. Make your way back to the elevator and select B2.

Area 6: B2 Armory
There are six ammo storage rooms in this area. Exit the elevator and
equip the thermal goggles. Go to the top center room, equip the
security card and enter. Pick up the CA. Exit the room and go to the
bottom center room to pick up some socom ammo. The room on the bottom
right has some grenades for you to pick up. Leave the room and find the
unfinished wall on the bottom wall on the left (try tapping the wall to
hear the sound change). Plant a CA run away and press the circle
button. Enter the opening on the wall run down and locate the next
unfinished wall on the right wall close to the end. Plant another CA
and blow up this wall. Enter the hole in the wall. Run to the right and
look for yet another unfinished part of the wall. Use another C-4 to
cerate a hole. Before exploring the next room, equip your rations and
socom pistol. In the next room, you will see President Baker tied up.
Watch the sequence and prepare to battle Revolver Ocelot. The battle
starts with Ocelot on the upper left corner and snake on the lower
right corner. Hide behind the pillar, after Ocelot's first shot, run up
and make a left. Immediately aim and shoot to the left. Once you have
hit Ocelot, follow him around the next corner and shoot. Repeat this
strategy until most of Ocelot's energy is depleted. Watch the sequence
between Snake, Ocelot and the Ninja. After the sequence, President
Baker will give you his level 2-security card and he is going to tell
you more about Metal Gear Rex and Foxhound's plans. He will also
instruct you to contact the female soldier on the CODEC. Her frequency
is 14O~15. When the president dies head back to the Armory. Now one
more or the storage rooms will be accessible to you. The bottom left
room holds a FAMAS Rifle and bullets. Equip the thermal goggles and
crawl under the lasers to get the rifle. Collect more CA's and go back
to the elevator. The walls to the sides of the elevator have unfinished
portions. The wall to the left has a secret room with some stun and
chaff grenades. The wall to the right has a secret room with two trap
doors, some famas and socom ammo, and more CA's. After collecting your
ammo enter the elevator and go back to the tank hangar.

Area 7: Tank Hangar
After exiting the elevator, go to the right wall into the room with the
sleeping guard. Choke this guard to death and pick up the socom
suppressor. Head back to the stairs and up the steps. Enter the first
room you come across. In this room is a cardboard box and chaff
grenades. Run around the catwalk and look at the area towards the end
of the catwalk. You will notice a guard pacing back and fourth guarding
the room you need to get into. Eliminate the guard using the socom
pistol and enter the room. Here you will find a mine detector. After
collecting the mine detector, contact the commander for more
information. After speaking with the commander press the select button
and switch to frequency 140.15 (Meryl Silverburgh). Meryl will help you
by unlocking the hangar doors. Head back down the stairs or jus hang
out until Meryl unlocks the hangar door. When the door opens up head
towards the door and equip the thermal goggles. You will see a set of
lasers moving up and down at various speeds. budge the speed of each
laser and run past each one by one. Equip the security cars after
passing the last laser and exit the hangar.

Area 8: Canyon
As you walk forward, you will receive a call from a certain Deepthroat.
After the conversation equip the mine detector to see where all the
mines are in the area. Do not try to run around the mines as they have
a wide range of motion detector. Crawl over each mine to collect them
then run to the left wall. By the left wall is a ration box and another
mine. Run to the north and an Ml Abrams Tank will come rumbling in.
watch the sequence with Vulcan Raven and prepare to do battle. From
your start position, run to the left wall and crawl north hugging the
wall. After Raven fires his first shot, run to the pillar just north of
your position. Run right next to the tank and start throwing your
grenades. You target is the gunner on top of the tank. After a direct
hit, the gunner will be thrown off the tank and a second gunner will
emerge. Use the same tactic to throw the guard off the tank and watch
the sequence with Vulcan Raven.

Area 9: Nuke Building
Inside the Nuke, building there is a catwalk to the left. At the end of
the catwalk is a ration box if you need it. Move north from the start
position to the half-opened gate. There are grenades on the bottom left
corner, chaff grenades under the stairs on the left wall, FAMAS ammo
under the camera and under the stairs on the right wall and socom ammo
to the left of the cargo truck. Wait out side the gate until the guard
passes by. Crawl under the gate and run to the left by the bottom wall.
Run up the stairs on the left wall and watch out for the guard on the
catwalk. Follow the catwalk to the elevator press the circle button and
position yourself on the wall to the right of the elevator. When the
elevator arrives, select 61.

Area 10: Nuke Building B1
Exit the elevator and enter the room across the hall. As you enter the
door go to the right to collect some stun grenades. The first room on
the right wall holds the Nikita launcher and some missiles. In the
center of the room, underneath the table is a famas ammo pick-up and to
the left of the table is a socom ammo box. After collecting all the
weapons and ammo that you can, exit the room and make a left. Go in to
the bathroom where a guard is relieving himself of excess body fluids.
Creep up to the guard and choke him. There is also a ration box inside
the last stall for you to collect. Make your way back to the elevator
and select B2.

Area 11: Nuke B2
Step of the elevator and walk to the right wall. Push up against the
wall until the camera pans to the right to show Dr. Emmerich. Go to the
right and view the room behind the glass wall. In this room, you will
see the electrical switchboard and a couple of pick-up items. Enter the
door on the south wall. Go through the second door and Deepthroat will
inform you about the room. Equip the Nikita launcher aim south and fire
a missile. From the first person perspective, make a left at the T-
junction. Make another left into the computer room. Avoid making too
many turns as this slows down the missile and gives the MAMC is a
chance to shoot down the missile. At the end of the computer room is a
door on the left, go through the door, make a right, into the next
room. The electrical switchboard is on the wall to the left. After
destroying the switchboard, enter the second room on the right to
collect the gas mask. The gas mask does not prevent you from dying; it
lust slows down the effect of the poisoned gas. Outside the room, run
down to the T-junction and head to the right, and enter the door at the

Area 12: Laboratory
Walk over to the door on the right. Enter the next room and go through
the door on the left. In the hallway with six dead guards, watch the
sequence then follow the hallway to the left. At the end is a door,
enter it and watch the sequence between the Ninja and Dr. Emmerich.
After the sequence, the Ninja will challenge you to a fight. To defeat
the Ninja, stay away from his kicks. After performing the last kick of
his attack, run towards the Ninja and perform the punch, punch, kick
combo. After your combo, run after the Ninja and perform the combo
again before he starts his own. After a few hits on the Ninja, he will
turn invisible. Use your thermal goggles to find out where he is
hiding. A few more hits and the Ninja will stand in place waiting for
you. Get close to the Ninja and as he positions himself behind you, run
away and run back after he performs his punch. After more hits the
ninja will be surrounded by an electrical energy ball. When the ball
shrinks run to the Ninja and perform your combo until the Ninja leaves.
After the fight, watch the sequence between Snake and Dr. Emmerich.
When the doctor leaves return to the elevator and do not forget to
enter the rooms you were not able to before. In the elevator select 81
to search for Meryl. In 81, inside the room across the hall from the
elevator, Meryl waits dressed in guards uniform. If a guard discovers
you, notice one of them runs out of the room. Follow that guard into
the women bathroom. Go to the last stall and watch the sequence between
Snake and Meryl. After the conversation, follow Meryl out the door and
to the hallway beside the men's bathroom. Enter the door at the end to
go the Area 13.

Area 13: Commander Room
Here, Psycho Mantis will take control of Meryl. Walk into the commander
room. Move towards the center and watch Psycho Mantis manipulate Meryl.
Do not hurt or kill Meryl. Each time she points the gun at you flip her
over until she gets dizzy. To show off his powers, Mantis will make
Snake blind twice during battle, this Is his way of showing that he can
control every aspect of the game. The text HIDEO on the black screen,
when Snake goes blind, refers to the creator of MGS Hideo Kojima. Now
Psycho Mantis is not impossible to beat, just frustrating. The trick is
to run up as close to the psycho one and fire a couple of shots. his
first attack is a ball of energy which he hurls at you, run away to
avoid this attack. Next, he will levitate a few of the things in the
room and make it go after you. To avoid these items duck and crawl
towards Psycho Mantis. After each attack is over, get as close to
Mantis and fire a couple of shots at him. With half his energy gone,
Mantis will revive Meryl again to try to kill you, just flip her over a
few times to get her off your back. Now Mantis will throw nothing but
energy balls. Study his patterns and get your socom pointed in the
direction of where he will be appearing next. After defeating Psycho
Mantis, watch the sequence and go through the door on the upper left-
hand corner. Down and around the ramp are some famas ammo and a ration
box. Exit through the door at the end to clear the area.

Area 14: Cave
From the level start position, run to the right to collect a ration box
and some socom ammo. Go back to the left to the snow covered path. At
the end of the path is a small cave, press the X button and crawl to
the other side. Once on the other side, a pack of wolves waits for you.
head north to the wall and make a left then run down. At the bottom
wall are two small caves. The left cave has some PSG-1 ammo, famas
ammo, diazepam and a ration box. The cave on the right leads to the
exit where Meryl awaits.

Area 15: Underground Passage
The area begins with Meryl showing off her newfound knowledge. Follow
the footprints she left behind to avoid the mines. At the other end, a
red dot appears on Meryl. It's the laser from Sniper wolf's gun. Meryl
is shot and goes down. Watch the dramatic sequence then contact
commander. After your talk, head back to the tank armory 82. Inside the
room at the bottom right-hand corner is a PSG-1 sniper gun. Quickly run
back to the underground passage. Once there, face north, equip the PSG-
1 and take a diazepam to calm your nerves. Sniper Wolf is in the second
floor getting ready of her next shot. After beating Sniper Wolf, run
north to the tower enter the door on the right and watch the sequence
that follows.

Area 16: Medical Room
After being caught, Snake is brought to the torture room. Ocelot will
try to force you to give up. If you do, Meryl will die. so get your
fingers ready for a workout. When the torturing begins, press the
circle button rapidly and repeatedly. Keep tapping even after the timer
runs out. Ocelot will continue to torture you three more times. After
the third round, Snake will be taken to a holding cell where the dead
DARPA chief's body lays. Contact Otacon for help. When Otacon arrives,
he will give you a bottle of ketchup and Sniper Wolf's handkerchief.
There are a few ways to exit the room. First wait for the guard to run
to the bathroom then hide under the bed or use the ketchup and lay on
the floor. When the guard returns and notices you gone or dead on the
floor, he will open the door and check up on you. Time your attack
right, get up too early and you will be shot. If this is too hard, have
patience and wait for the Ninja to spring you out of the room. Once out
of the room, go into the torture room. Behind the table are your
clothes and weapons. Exit to the right and watch out for the MAMC's
guarding the door.

Area 17: Comm Tower A
Exiting the torture room will bring you to familiar surroundings. You
should now have a level 6-security card. It is now time to go treasure
hunting. On your way back to the underground passage, go into all the
rooms you have not been to collecting all the weapons and ammo. In the
underground passage, enter the door on the right side of the building.
Follow the hallway to the door at the end. Leave a couple of Claymore
mines before you enter the door. Through the door, guards will ambush
Snake. Collect all the items from the guards then exit through the door
at the bottom. If you need more ammo there are, a lot of ammo to be
picked up on the right side. If not, equip your famas and rations and
run up the steps. Do not bother to kill all the guards coming from
behind you. As for the guards shooting you from above just hit them
once and continue running up. The first door you come across is frozen
shut, so do not even bother stopping. At the top of the staircase,
follow the catwalk around to the ladder and climb up. Exit through the
door on the bottom right. Go to the flight of steps north and watch
Liquid destroy the communications tower. After the cut scene, use your
rope to go down the side of the building. At the bottom, pick up the
ration box on the left. Position yourself in front of the frozen door
face north and equip the PSG-1. At the end of the scaffold awaits three
guards with machine guns pointed at you. Pick them off one at a time
and proceed down the scaffold. Make a left at the end where Liquid
awaits you in the Hind-d. As you move around the corner stay close to
the left railing to avoid being hit. Equip your security card and exit
the level through the door at the end.

Area 18: Comm Tower B
Pick up the Stinger Launcher and some missiles. Head down through the
door. The path down leads to an elevator that seems stuck. Go to the
right and run down the stairs as fast as you can. The catwalk will be
destroyed between the second and first floors. Run back up the stairs
to the elevator. Talk with Otacon then proceed up the stairs. Run up
the remaining flight of stairs avoiding the MAMC's on the 11th, 15th,
19th and 23rd floors. Use the chaff grenades to confuse the MAMC's. At
the top, collect more stinger missiles before climbing the ladder to
the roof.

Area 19: Tower Battle
Get your Stinger and rations ready. Liquid is the red dot on your map.
The trick is to hit and run. Use your stingers only if the Hind is
locked on and if you have a clear shot. After firing off a missile,
press the R1 button and run behind the center roof unit. With half of
Liquid's life gone, he will try to get you with a barrage of missiles.
Hide behind the center roof unit and patiently wait for a clear shot.
When the Hind goes down, Otacon will contact you to let you know that
the elevator is working. Arm your self with the famas rifle and return
to the ninth floor. Press the elevator's call button and go down to
level one. Otacon will again contact you to inform you about the four
optic camouflage suits that are missing. You are not alone. The
camouflage suits are in the elevator with Genome Soldiers inside them.
Hold down your fire button and hit each soldier five times. When the
elevator stops, exit and run to the left to collect more PSG1 bullets.
Get your Security card  and enter the door on the bottom right. Watch
out for the MAMC as you move to the right Another MAMC is positioned
around the corner and two more at the end of the hallway. Use a chaff
grenade and exit through the level 6 door at the end.

Area 20: Snowfield
As you enter the snowfield, there is a ration box and a PSG-1 ammo box
to the right. Walk towards the center of the map. Snake goes down.
After a brief conversation with Otacon, it is confirmed that Sniper
Wolf is somewhere taking aim at Snake. Equip the PSG-1 and face
northward. Sniper Wolf is hiding behind the trees waiting to get a
clear shot at you. Take a diazepam to calm your nerves and try to keep
Sniper Wolf in your cross hairs. When you defeat Sniper Wolf, walk
forward and watch the sequence between Snake, Sniper Wolf and Otacon.
After her death, it is time to collect more ammo there are a lot of
storage rooms in the snowfield and most of them have MAMC's or mines so
be careful. The bottom room by the east wall stores grenades and chaff
grenades and is protected by two MAMC1s. The top room hides FAMAS,
Socom and PSG1 bullets. Towards the west wall are two more storage
rooms and a cargo truck. There is nothing inside the truck, so head to
the bottom room. Open the door and throw in a Chaff grenade for the
MAMC's. Run inside and pick up some rations and a cardboard box. The
upper room will also need a chaff grenade for its MAMC's. Inside you
will find Nikita missiles. Now head up to the storage rooms in the
north. The right most room is lined with mines. Crawl inside to collect
the Claymore mines, rations and stun grenades. The middle room is a
level 7 secured room. The storage room to the left is protected by
MAMC's. Collect the socom ammo on the upper left corner and run to the
exit on the upper right comer.

Area 21: Blast Furnace
Enter the door at the bottom of the staircase. Equip the PSG-1 and aim
for the guard on the upper left side. Collect the Stun grenade at the
end of the top catwalk. Run back to the bottom path and go to the left,
Hug the wall and sidestep along the edge. When the moving arm moves
towards you duck until it passes you by. Once across the ledge, make
your way down the steps. Collect the ration box, socom ammo and the
famas ammo below the first staircase. Down the steps and to the right
is the steam room. In here, you can pick up more PsG-1 ammo and Nikita
missiles. Exit the steam room and run up to the large door at the
bottom of the staircase.

Area 22: Cargo Elevator
In the first cargo elevator room there are a Jot of famas and socom
ammo along the east and west edges. Step onto the large cargo elevator
and press the down button on the control panel on the right. At the
bottom of the ride, on the upper right wall is a MAMC waiting for
action? The room to the right is where the second cargo elevator is
located. In this room are five mines along the bottom and bottom right
corner along with more famas and socom ammo and a ration box. Ride the
elevator down. Step off the elevator and collect the Nikita missiles,
ration box and C-4's along the left and right walls. Run up and enter
the large door.

Area 23: Warehouse
As you enter this frigid room, Vulcan Raven will challenge you to a
fight to the death. Watch the sequence that follows and prepare for a
fight. To defeat Raven, lay mines around the area and make good use of
your map to locate the beast. As he rounds the corner equip the stinger
and fire off a shot. You do not have to wait for the stinger to lock
on. Another good weapon to use is the Nikita. Make sure you hit Raven
from behind or he will just shoot your missile down. When you defeat
Vulcan Raven, he will give you his security card. Exit the level
through the door at the north end.

Area 24: Underground Base
Get your chaff grenades ready; you will need them here. There are two
trap doors in the first hallway. Follow the hallway to the staircase.
At the top1 me right path leads to stinger ammo, and the left path is
the exit. The long hall after the door has no traps so you need not
worry. At me end of the hall stands Metal Gear Rex. Run to the left and
climb the ladder. Make a left at the top of the ladder and make a right
at the fork on the scaffold. Up another ladder, to another ladder and
you should be on top of Rex. Use the ladder across Rex to get to the
other side. Follow the scaffolding to the control room. Watch the
conversation between Liquid and Ocelot. After their conversation, the
PAL key will be shot of your hand and fall to the bottom. Make your way
down Rex and look for the PAL key in the sewer surrounding Rex. The PAL
key falls in different spots so search every area of this toxic molt.
After retrieving the key make your way back to the control loom and
follow Otacon's directions. As you enter the control room, throw in a
chaff grenade to avoid detection. Place the PAL key in the first
computer. Now head back to the cold room where you fought Vulcan Raven.
Stay In this room for a while until the PAL key turn blue. Do not hold
the PAL key as you make your way back. Place the key in the middle
terminal men run back to the blast furnace. Enter the steam room and
wait for a minute. When the key turns red, make your way back up to the
control room. Do not take your time, as the key tends to cool off
pretty fast. Place the hot PAL key in the third computer and get ready
for a surprise. You have lust armed the nuclear warheads. Master Miler
will contact you to let you know that he really is Liquid Snake. The
control room doors automatically lock and the room begins to fill with
poisonous gas. What to do, what to do. Give your friend Otacon a call.
He will unlock the doors to the control room for you to exit. As you
exit the room, go down the stairs and follow Liquid to the right.

Area 25: Underground Base Cave
To disable Rex, use the chaff grenades to disrupt his radar. Position
your self in front of Rex and shoot off a stinger missile towards Rex's
left shoulder. Throw another chaff and fire off another stinger. Repeat
the process a few more times. When half of Rex's energy gone, the mech
swings violently. However, nothing is over. As the Random explodes, the
Ninja appears revealing his identity. After damaging Rex severely, and
leaping from one place to another, the Ninja is finally caught by Metal
Gear Rex. You can only watch in anguish as the Ninja is crushed like a
bug underneath Rex's foot. Now Liquid turns his attention back to you.
Your target has changed; it is now the beak of Rex where Liquid sits.
Do not' bother using the chaffs, Liquid is controlling Rex manually.
Run in between Rex's legs to avoid the laser and the missiles. Once
behind Rex get the stinger ready, as soon ass it locks on, fire a
missile and run between his legs. Repeat this pattern a few more times
to bring Metal Gear Rex down.

Area 26: Underground Base (Solid vs. Liquid)
After Rex goes down, watch the sequence between Solid and Liquid.
Liquid tells you of his inferiority complex and calls you out. Atop the
broken down Rex is the site for the final battle. You will have five
minutes to save Meryl (or Otacon depending on whether you gave up or
not in the torture chamber) Chase after Liquid and hit him with your
Punch, punch, kick combo. As Liquid runs away blinking, follow him
until the blinking stops. Then hit him again with the combo. After
defeating Liquid, it is time to make your escape.

Area 27: Escape Route
Follow Meryl (or Otacon) to the garage. The only jeep with keys is the
one on the far left. Avoid having a guard behind you as you make your
escape. Aim for the barrels at the corner of the gate to create an
opening. As you drive to escape, a checkpoint blocks your path. Again,
aim for the barrels on the left and right side to continue your escape.
As you keep driving, another checkpoint blocks your way. This time
shoot all the guards as fast as you can to clear the way. On your way
out Liquid comes up from behind in his own jeep. Aim your machine gun
right at liquid and shoot in the hood. Liquid will try everything to
prevent you from escaping. He will shoot you, ram you from behind, hit
you from the side and even try to block your path. At the end of the
tunnel, your jeeps crash. Liquid emerges from the wreck while you are
pinned under your jeep. As Liquid gets ready to finish you off Keep
your eyes on the TV you might miss something.

PHEW!!! That was a good one. Or did I missed something. Tell me!!!

Frequently and Stupidly Asked Questions

Q:  Why is the heroes name snake?
A:  His name is not snake, its dave!

Q:  Is the Konami Code worth inputing
A:  hey buddy listen up up down down bla bla don't dork, OK?

Q:  Why does he wear the sneak suit?
A:  Coz it does not make a single noise!

Q:  How do I get to comm tower b?
A:  Run like ther is no tommorow. Use stun granades instead of famas.

Q:  Where is the Stealth Suit?
A:  Get it from Otacon near the snow sled!

Q:  Is there an infinite ammo cheat?
A:  NO!!!

Q:  How do I get unlimited ammo
A:  Equip the bandana that Meryl Gives you.

Q:  I finished the game twice but I didn't got the toxedo? Why?
A:  You have to go to the elavator to for snake to dress up.

Q:  Is there a code that makes Lara Croft naked?
A:  NO!!!  and besides lara croft is not even in the game?!

Q:  Can I see Meryl Naked?
A:  No, But you can se her in her underwear. Only panties coz she don't
   Wear a bra in the first place!

Q:  Where I can see her in panties?
A:  In the ladies toilets and the vent

Tips and Personal Spying

this are the things I discovered myself while I was playing the game.
It is really fun playing it. And I enjoyed it. If I missed something
please e-mail it at the adress at the end of this FAQ'!

This is a good one, I discovered it since the japanesse version and
while I was looking at the technical demostration that snake amis while
walking I decided to find the key itself. So it end up holding crouch
button while holding the aim button.

Another useful one is the stafe mode in eyesight view. I found out that
pressing [L1] or pushing [R1] will pan the sight of snake either left
or right.

Piss the guards at the medical room Is a fun one. Just knock it the
wall many times to make the genome soldier mad

The make Meryl blush is a good one too. First I saw her in her panties
then I decided to look for more secrets about making fun of Meryl and I
accidentaly discovered that staring her for a time will make her bush!

When the time I was reall bored I tried to trip on Mei Ling and called
her without doing nothing(just for fun) when she started to say nothing
I called her till she smiled in a sarcastic way (then I called her
again and she stuck her tounge out at me she really looks cute!

The Hero

Konami:      who created the game by mr hideo. I love you guys!!!
Mr Hideo:    the world loved your story
Micah:       for helping me make the night un forgetable in
GameFaqs:    for publishing this humble faq

The Zero

actually no one had done anything bad to me recently so I don't a
single person in this list


This is A Walktru by djoaniel hernandez who recently allowed all the
crumps in his hand just to finish this walktru. And I really enjoyed
making this. But...


If you got problems or any view opinions suggestion or I missed
something on the guide please e-mail me at

I will READ ALL your mails and try to ANSWER THEM PERSONALLY.

thanks for reading the Guide created by: Djoaniel Hernandez :)

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