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             Metal Gear Solid                  
                                                    Walkthrough by
Nabeel Akhtar.
                                          Sunday, February 07, 1999
                                      Copyright  (c) 1999 Nabeel Akhtar

  3:Walkthrough (Yeah!)

  Thanks to:
  The few people who helped me out in completing this game but now I am
a true master of this game.
  Konami for making a terrific game. I hope they make a sequel.

  NO PERMISSION is granted to reprint this summary for a for-profit
magazine etc. YOU CAN NOT take any part of my walkthrough without my
permission. If your job is to write articles in magazines or anything
you can't just sit down and COPY my work. I am writing this importance
notice short, but that doesn't mean that you take it easily UNDERSTAND?
Whew! Ok, so let's go down to business.
Before you play the game I suggest you watch the introduction and the
briefing. Also don't forget to read the "Specials" and do the Virtual
Reality Training, if you complete all the modes you can view the demos
of getting the 1st rank. Another thing is that you should contact
everybody by codec (you'll get to know) to get helpful hints in the

 First Solid will come out of the water and have a call from the
Colonel. After you finish talking, you'll get to control Solid Snake.
There are three rations in this area. Rations give health to Solid
Snake. One is in the water behind the barrel; the second one can be seen
if you `look' through Solid's eyes and the last one is near a crane type
thing. Beware of the two soldiers that are guarding this place; though
Solid has no gun he can break the soldiers necks. You can do this by
sneaking on the soldier and press the square button repeatedly. By
pressing just the square while fighting with him you can throw him out
of your way.
Now what you have to do is wait for the lift to come down. You can
either hide at a good place or you can kill the guards. Anyway, when the
lift comes down, a soldier will come out of it too. Let me tell you that
if he (or any soldier in the game) you and you try to go up the lift,
this cannot be done because he'll start firing at you. You will be
having no choice but to kill him or run away if you are a scaredy-cat.
When you go into the lift, the lift will start going up automatically.
There will be a cut-scene and you will see Solid's face (not bad). He'll
get a Codec call from the Colonel; he will introduce you to two women.
One is Naomi and the other is a cute girl called Mei Ling (she isn't
exactly a woman).
(Oh well, life goes on) Ha ha ha.
In this area you will find stun-grenades and chaff-grenades, a ration
and SOCOM your first gun. Watch out for the spotlights (hyuk) because
they are there to track any intruders. Get it? The SOCOM is inside the
truck, to enter it just well. go inside it and Solid will automatically
jump into it. There you will find the gun behind the crate or whatever.
There are two ways to go to the next area. Remember that you person you
saw who was sleeping standing still, when you entered this place. Well,
you oughta. Behind this guy you'll see uhhhh umm a small space where you
can crawl inside. But I say that you sneak up the stairs and move a bit
forward. Here you'll see the same kind of space, now crawl inside this
by pressing X and Up.The camera will go into first-person mode. When you
will be making your way through this area, you'll come to a ladder, when
you do press the Circle button. Now you'll be in a new area. Your
objective is to find the elevator and go into it. Before you do, find
the thermal goggles (yourself). The elevator's down the stairs. Go to
the prison area where you'll see a man you are looking for. Climb the
ladder and go to a dead end you'll see a light below. Press Triangle and
Down. There will be some FMV. Afterwards roam around the cell your in
for a bit. You'll something like a door being unlocked. Then get out of
the cell. More FMV. Equip your gun and start shooting like mad at the
soldiers. After you kill all of them there'll be more FMV. Now you know
that the woman who was fighting with you was the colonel's daughter,
Meryl. Now go to the ground floor again. Get the SOCOM suppressor and
the mine detector from the level 1-security doors. Don't forget the
bullets. Now go to the second floor. Get the bullets and the grenades
and the C4's. You'll see lot's of walls that if you knock on them,
there'll be hollow sound. Blast the walls with your C4's. Go to the wall
at the south that you have just exploded enter this new area. You'll see
another wall, blast it too. Enter. Blast two more walls. Go to the wall,
which faces the north side. FMV.
 Boss 1: Revolver Ocelot.
Easy. Keep running after him and shoot him. Don't hide.    
FMV. Get out of all these areas and go back into the ammo room (where
you blasted the walls). Enter the Level-2 security room(s) and get the
FAMAS gun and bullets. Go to ground floor. Contact Meryl via the CODEC.
   NOTE: You can save by contacting Mei Ling, you can also talk to
colonel and Naomi and don't forget Master Miller who'll give you tips
and Nastasha who'll tell all about Gun's and stuff.
Wait for a minute. You'll get a call from Meryl. Then the big gate will
open. Enter through the gate and equip your thermal goggles. Your
thermal goggles help you locate traps. Watch out for the infra red laser
beams, if you them your finished. Get outta here. You'll come out again
in the open brrrr. You'll get a call from a secret person. Snake's fan
huh. Move a bit forward and there'll be an FMV sequence.
 Boss 2: Vulcan Raven.
Easy. To get near the tank use your chaff grenades. Then when you get
near the tank, equip your grenades and watch out for the soldier firing
at you. What you gotta do is to throw the grenades at the guard. It
should be near him. Repeat it a few times and you'll win.
Watch out for claymore mines. You can get them if you crawl under them.
Then go to the gate in front and enter the new area.
Get the ration. Go to the dead end and crawl under it. You'll get a
call and you will be told that you can't use your weapons here and for a
good reason.
BEWARE: If you get caught the soldiers will release poison gas and
you'll die.
Find the elevator get into it and go to the second floor (I think). Get
the Nikita and the Nikita missiles. Go to the other floor. Here you'll
see another person. A scientist. Enter the next room, then again. A cut-
scene. A call. Now your objective is to blast the power generator with
your Nikita missiles. What are you waiting for do it? Watch out for the
camera's who'll shoot at the missiles and make them explode. When you
blast the generator you can proceed. Go right and keep entering the
rooms. A FMV, a cool one. Proceed and there'll be a cut-scene. Then
enter the room.
Boss 3: Ninja.
However you only have to punch him to defeat him. If you want to cheat,
you can use chaff grenades and poor old Ninja won't be able to do
anything and you can do whatever you want to him.
FMV. You'll meet Dr. Hal Emmerich, the scientist you saw before. After
you get to control Snake again get all the items on this floor. Then go
to the other floor (not the ground floor). Your objective is to find
Meryl. Go into the room where the soldiers are keeping guard. One of the
soldiers is Meryl. You can tell whether the soldier is Meryl or not by
looking how the way the soldier walks (excellent idea). You must let
Meryl see you, she'll get surprised and will run to the women's
bathroom. Follow her. If you follow her quickly, Meryl won't have time
to dress and you'll see her uhhhhh in her undies (don't do that man).
FMV (gosh there are a lot of them). Go to the room in the north. Keep
entering the rooms and there'll be a cut-scene. Something's wrong with
Meryl. Enter the room and go a bit forward. Meryl's gone nuts; she's
pointing the gun at Snake. Use your stun-grenades to knock her out. Well
well well, what do we have here?
Boss 4: Psycho Mantis.
Very hard and very easy. It'll be very hard to beat him without using
the cheat. Psycho Mantis can read your mind so it's hard to hit him with
or without gun. The cheat is that you can put your controller into port
two. This way Mantis won't be able to read your mind and you can defeat
him by punching him.
FMV ofcourse. Go into the new area. Meryl will leave you. If you
haven't gotten the night-vision goggles you can get them on the right
side where there is the dead end. Now go to the snow area and crawl
under the log. There are wolves in this new area. Go up then right then
down where there is nothing but a dead end. There are two crawl spaces
however. There are items in the south and the exit to the right crawl
spaces. Equip your gun and shoot Meryl once, she'll slap you. Then equip
in a cardboard box and the wolf cub who is in love with Meryl will do
the "call of nature" on you. Now no wolf is going to attack you if
you'll equip yourself in the same cardboard box. Enter the door and
there'll be a cut-scene. Get the claymore mines. Go towards Meryl and
there'll be a FMV sequence. Meryl shot has been shot. You need to rescue
OCELOT. There'll find the gun you need. PSG-1 (Sniper gun). Go back to
where Meryl was.
 Boss 5: Sniper Wolf.
Equip your PSG-1 (cool isn't it). Watch where her breath is and when she
appears, shoot her. Repeat the same thing and you'll defeat her. Meryl
has gone. You can get the bullets from this area. Now save before you do
anything. Move towards the Level-6 security door. FMV. You have been
held as a prisoner. You have two choices surrender or go through the
torture. That's why there are two endings. You surrender, Meryl dies.
Bad ending. You go through the torture and resist it, Meryl has been
saved. Good ending. However, if you die when you are being tortured.
Game Over and no continues.
  As a true man and especially what Snake would do is to go through the
torture. What do you have to do in the torture cell? Ocelot'll tell you.
You will be tortured twice. In the cell Snake won't have any items or
weapons but don't worry. After the second torture the guard, after some
while will go the toilet? When he does Otacon (the scientist) will come
and give you some items. When he goes you can either use the tomato
ketchup or crawl under the bed to fool the guard. He'll be alarmed and
will open the door, then get up and kill the guard and you are free. Go
to the only room there is and enter it. There you'll find your kit with
weapons and all. Enter the door on the right. Hmmm don't you think you
have come here before? Ofcourse. You have come here again, this is where
it all started (well almost). Now you gotta go back to where you fought
Sniper Wolf. When you get there, there will be a cut-scene and FMV. Then
go to the door where you had been caught and enter it. You are in Tower
A. Go up than left to a door and enter it. As you'll enter the door
guards will come running after you. Kill them and get the rope and start
climbing the stairs. Equip your FAMAS and shoot anyone you see. There is
no need of stealth here, it's impossible. When you reach the roof climb
the ladder. Then open the door and move a bit forward. FMV. Equip your
rope than move a bit forward.
 Your objective now is to go down the building via the rope. How? The
colonel will you. When you go down use your scope to spot three soldiers
ready to gun you down. Well, you gun them down with your sniper or
Nikita. Then proceed to the north, there's that blasted hind again. Go
left and enter the door. Get stinger and stinger missiles. Then enter
another door and go down the stair. In the end the stairs would be
broken then go up again. Proceed down and there will be a cut-scene and
FMV. Then go upstairs and use chaff grenades to confuse the cameras.
When you reach the top, collect the stinger missiles and climb up. Then
enter the door. FMV.
 Boss 6:Hind.
Use your stinger missiles and hide behind the crate that's near the
door. Liquid (who's in the hind) will fire missiles at you. You'll be
unharmed if you will hide behind the crate. After about 8 or 10 hits the
hind will be destroyed.
FMV. Go down the stairs to the elevator. This time it works. Enter it
and go to the new floor. When the lift starts, you'll get a call from
Otacon. You'll know what's going on, kill the guards who are on the
elevator with you. In this new area all you have to do is to get out of
here. There are some bullets here if you want them. You are out in the
open again. Move a bit forward and you'll get sniped. Don't worry, Snake
isn't even bleeding! You'll get a call. well look who's here.
Boss 7:Sniper Wolf.
Round 2. This is the last time you'll fight her and this time you'll
kill her. Use your Sniper and Diazepam (a drug) so you want your arms
(Snake's) won't move. Also use your thermal goggles so you can spot Wolf
FMV. Wolf has died and Otacon's sad because he liked her. Continue your
quest or mission I should say. There area lot of doors here where there
are rations and bullets etc. When you get all the things you need go
into the level-6 door and enter it. Use chaff grenades to confuse the
cameras, then go down.
                      ************** END OF DISC 1**************
No FMV. Enter the door. You are in a blast furnace. No worries here of
getting caught because if you do you'll have to fight only one soldier
or so. The lift's not working. Now what do we do? I'll tell you, there's
a space on the left side of the screen where you can push your self to
the wall go to the north side. Beware of the thing that is constantly
moving, if you touch it you'll get knocked down into lava. When you
reach the north side go down the stairs. There are bullets in this area
too. Go south into a room where there is steam coming out of pipes.
Remember this room, just remember it ok? Go north. Start the lift or
whatever it is. Guards will jump out of no where, so kill them. When you
have gotten down there's another lift waiting for you and so are the
claymore mines. Get them and start the lift again. Hmm what are ravens
doing here? When you reach the bottom get the Nikita missiles and open
the huge door at the north.
Boss 8:Vulcan Raven.
Round two again. You can use Nikita missiles, C4s and claymore mines to
defeat this man. Don't go in front of him because he'll nail you with a.
a . helicopter's machine-guns!
FMV. Go north and enter the next area. Lot's of camera's so use chaff
grenades. If you'll go upstairs you'll find stinger missiles. Enter the
next door.  Proceed a bit forward. Keep going. aah wow! You are standing
in front of Metal Gear Rex. Keep going up the ladders and you'll keep
getting calls. When you reach the top go to the left side of Rex's head
and down the ladder. Proceed until you reach some small stairs. Go up
and watch FMV. Kill the guards and go to the bottom. Your most important
card is lost. It's not an American Express card it's the PAL key card.
Your objective is to find it. It is in this area. Where is it? It's some
where in the water. Find it and then go up again into the room where the
three computers are. Insert the Pal key card in the left computer. Then
go where you fought Vulcan Raven and wait for a few minutes. You'll see
that the PAL key card has turned blue. Go back again and insert the card
in the middle computer. Now last, go back in the steam room (remember?)
and wait for a few minutes. The card has turned red. Go way back again
and insert the card key in the right computer. FMV.
You'll get a call. The colonel's furious, you have done the wrong thing.
You had to stop Metal Gear not to start it. You'll also find out that it
wasn't Mister Miller you were talking to, it was Liquid all the time.
You are trapped in poisonous gas. Call Otacon via the codec. He'll open
the door for you. Get out and follow Liquid. FMV.
Boss 9:Metal Gear Rex.
This is it folks. It's Metal Gear and you'll have to fight this huge
thing. Use chaff grenades to make Rex uncomfortable and use stinger
missiles on the disk on his left shoulder. Call Otacon for some info
about him. When you have beaten him enough the Cyborg Ninja will show up
to help you. He's actually Franki Jeager, your buddy who died in war
fighting you! There'll be some FMV and cut-scenes that will show how the
Ninja dies fighting Metal Gear. Snake gets furious. He's gonna blow
Metal Gear Rex out for good this time.
Boss 10:Metal Gear Rex.
Round two. Same old thing you have got to do, only use stun-grenades
instead of chaff-grenades on him.
There'll be a long FMV sequence. Snake has got to fight and defeat
Liquid hand-to-hand under three minutes.
 Boss 11:Liquid.
You have three minutes. Keep punching him and he'll be defeated.
FMV. If you had surrendered to Ocelot in the prison cell, Meryl will be
dead and if you had survived the torture Meryl will be alive. You will
have either Otacon or Meryl as a companion to get out of this place. The
situation is that the security of defense have captured the colonel and
Naomi under some circumstances. You have ten minutes to get out of this
place before the jets nuke this place. Get into the jeep and kill the
guards. Keep proceeding and. oh great! It's LIQUID. I don't think he's
gonna leave Solid even in hell. Now all you have to do is to fire at
him. After you have shoot him ten times both of the jeeps will crash.
CONGRATS on ending the game. Watch the ending FMV sequence. WHAT
HAPPENED? I won't spoil this for anything.
                                    ******* END OF GAME*******
This is my first Walkthrough. Maybe I'll write some more about Tomorrow
Never Dies and Syphon Filter. I hope you like my Walkthrough, please do
e-mail me if I have missed something or if you want to tell me something
etc. I'll be very grateful if you do.
                                   My e-mail:

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