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    Solid Snake, Infiltration, Alaska, Nuclear Weapon Storage,  Terrorists,  Revolution,
    Hi-Tech Unconventional Warfare Unit,   FOX-HOUND,  Shadow Warriors,  Next-Generation
    Special Force,  VR Simulation,  Gene  Therapy,  Soldier Gene,  Exoskeleton,  Stealth
    Camouflage,  Nanomachines,  DDS,  Dog Sled Race,  Gulf War  Syndrome,  PAL,  Psychic
    Soldier, Soliton Radar,  Real Time Burst Communication, Dismantled Nuclear Warheads,
    Dissolved Nucleus Plutonium,  Trinity,  Apoptosis,  Asymmetry Theory, Black Project,
    Black Budget,  National Security Agency, Defence Intelligence Agency,  Department of
    Energy, OUTER HEAVEN, Zanzibar Land,  Big Boss, Manhattan Project, Hiroshima,  MIRV,
    Inter-continental   Ballistic   Missile,   Submarine-Launched   Ballistic   Missile,    
    Airbourne-Launched Ballistic Missile, Mass Destruction Weapon, Comprehensive Nuclear
    Test Ban  Treaty,  Nuclear  Nonproliferation Treaty,  Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty,
    Theater Missile Defense,  Sub-critical Nuclear Experiment, Nova, Nif, Nuclear Launch
    Simulation,  Surface-piercing   tactical   nuclear   bomb,  START-3,  Liquid   Snake    

                 >[ T A C T I C A L    E S P I O N A G E    A C T I O N ]<

| M E T A L  G E A R |------+------<---------------+<<----------------------------+-----------.
'-++-----------+-----'                                                            (000>>+-----'
$$$*^$$$*^$$b d$$*^*$$b $$$       d$$*^*$$b $$$         d$$*^*$$b d$$*^*$$b d$$*^*$$b $$$*^*$$b
$$$  $$$  $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$*^^$$$ $$$   $$$ $$$         $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$
$$$  $$$  $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$       .aaaad$$$ $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ .aaaad$$$ $$$   $$$
$$$  $$$  $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$P
$$$  $$$  $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$   $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$^^$$b
$$$  $$$  $$$ $$$^^^^^^ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$ $$$   $$$   ^^^^^^$$$ $$$^^^^^^ $$$   $$$ $$$  '$$$
$$$  $$$  $$$ T$$b.d$$P T$$b.d$$P T$$b.d$$P T$$b.d$$P   T$$b.d$$P T$$b.d$$P T$$b.d$$P $$$   $$$
,-----+<<0O0)                                                                     ,-----+-----.
'--->>--------------+-------------------+--------------------->+------------------| S O L I D |
                                          SCPS 45317~9
                                           SLUS 00594

                       ---+>> Metal Gear Solid FAQ and Walkthrough 2.0 <<+---            
               ---+>> Everything in here is (c) Johan Henriksson (crayon) 1998 <<+---
                      ---+>> | <<+---

[please note that I am swedish and any spelling or grammatical errors are
therefor justified and excusable :]

If anything is wrong, gomenesai. Please inform me at

last update: 25th Oct. 1998

| Table of Contents                                                                                |

[ introduction / general info ]
0.0.0 Updates
0.0.1 Intro
0.0.2 Story *spoilers*
0.1.0 Controls

[ walkthrough ]
1.0.0 Dock
1.0.1 Heliport
1.0.2 House 1 - Tank Hangar
1.0.3 House 1 B1 - Cells
1.0.4 Armory                                   [boss - Revolver Ocelot]
1.0.5 Tank Hangar
1.0.6 Canyon                                   [boss - Tank]
1.0.7 Nuke Building 1
1.0.8 Nuke Building B1
1.0.9 Nuke Building B2 + Lab                   [boss - Ninja]
1.1.0 House 2 B1                               [boss - Psycho Mantis]
1.1.1 Cave
1.1.2 Underground Passage                      [boss - Sniper Wolf]
1.1.3 House 1 B1 - Torture / Prison
1.1.4 REMOVED SECTION                          [not there anymore]
1.1.5 Communications Tower A
1.1.6 Communications Tower B                   [boss - Hind D]
1.1.7 Snowfield                                [boss - Sniper Wolf]
1.1.8 Blast Furnace
1.1.9 Cargo Elevator
1.2.0 Warehouse                                [boss - Vulcan Raven]
1.2.1 Passageway
1.2.2 Underground Base 1                       [boss - Metal Gear Rex, Liquid Snake]
1.2.3 The Chase

[ additional ]
2.0.0 Frequencies
2.0.1 Characters *spoilers*                    
2.1.0 Equipment
2.1.1 Cardboard Boxes
2.1.2 Camera
2.1.3 Inventory Growth
2.2.0 VR Training
2.5.0 Frequently Asked Questions

3.0.0 Secrets / Mysteries
3.0.1 *Subject to change*
3.0.2 Getting a better score [japanese version]
3.0.3 Rankings
3.0.4 Japanese <-> English differences.
3.0.5 Games Psycho Mantis react to
3.1.0 The Premium Package
3.1.1 Rumours?
3.1.2 Metal Gear Solid merchandise!
3.1.3 Reader tips
3.1.4 Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack

| Updates                                                                                    0.0.0 |

News > It's here. I've seen the light, I finally understand what they're saying!
      My old japanese copy of MGS has been tucked back into the Premium Package box and the only  
      CDs spinning in my PlayStation nowadays are my MGS US CDs! It's better than I was expecting,
      it's like a whole new experience. The voices are good, and now that i can understand them I
      can say that the story is good. All I can say is if you don't get it; BUY IT NOW!@

      This update of the FAQ (2.0) is updating the info to fit both the japanese and US versions,
      the game is exactly the same but area names and minor details are different (section 3.0.4)

>>> 25 Oct. 1998 [2.0]
Fixes, smaller additions. All the US info I could think of added.

>>> 05 Oct. 1998 [1.6]
Minor stuff added + fixed.

>>> 26 Sept. 1998 [1.5]
Big update, lots of stuff added. Check the table of contents!

>>> 23 Sept. 1998 [1.4]
Fixed up the characters section and made a few other fixes, also added the 'Story' section.

>>> 22 Sept. 1998 [1.3]
Removed two sections [ 1.1.4 + 0.9.9 ] and added the Ratings section [ 3.0.4 ]

>>> 20 sept. 1998 [1.1]
Added the "Making it through the game with a nice score [ 3.0.3 ]" section

>>> 17 sept. 1998 [1.0]
Added all the stuff that wasn't in the last version (too much to list)

>>> 12 sept. 1998 [0.1]
First FAQ stolen and sent to several sites by a certain Jonathan Leissler

>>> 12 sept. 1998 [0.1]
FAQ started, walkthrough and partial inventory lists added

| Intro                                                                                      0.0.1 |

Metal Gear Solid is Konami's latest action adventure released for the Playstation. Like the logo
states it's "Tactical Espionage Action" where your goal is to rather than kill everyone, you need
to hide from enemies, sneak around and find stuff and rescue people, your ultimate goal being to
stop Fox Hound. This doesn't mean that you can't get any killing action if you want it, there is
plenty of killing going on. You get a ton of weapons and you can even break peoples necks.

This game is the third in the series, the first two (Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)
appeared on the pretty uknown console MSX. Like this game the goal was to sneak around a military
base and to defeat the enemy, basically. I remember spending weeks on the first Metal Gear on the
NES, I loved every minute of it and hated when I had to return it to the rental store. Being more
of an experience than a game, this game has to be seen and lived before you can get an accurate
view of it. My text can't begin to imitate the experience, so I wont. All I can say is that if
you can stand Japanese, you need to import this game ASAP! If you don't like japanese, or if you
think japanese games are hard to play, wait for the american version. Or you can do it like me,
get both! Now that the US version is out, there is no real need for anyone to get the import
version, unless someone comes across a premium package :)

I'd say that this is easily the game of the year, if not the best game for the playstation

Anyways, thanks for giving this FAQ a chance and reading it. If you'd like to contact me for any
reason I can be reached at or on IRC as crayon (or crayonFLG, crayon_Q0,
get it right?).

Best regards (to anyone I don't hate :)
Johan Henriksson a.k.a Crayon

(another small disclaimer: I only know hiragana and katakana, basic H&K that is, and like 5 kanji
and how sentences are built in japanese. That's it, so please don't verbally kill me if something
is wrong, ok? O_O)

| Story *spoilers*                                                                           0.0.2 |

The covert operation team known as FOX-HOUND takes over a nuclear weapon disposal facility, they
threaten to fire nuclear weapons at the united states if they do not give them the remains of Big
Boss. But things don't go as they had originally planned and they can't activate the stealth missile
launchers, which is why they let Snake infiltrate their base. Liquid also has an ulterior motive,
he wants to get revenge on Snake. They were both cloned from Big Bosses DNA, and Snake got all the
good stuff while Liquid got the bad stuff. Big Boss always said that Snake was the good one, his

If Liquid Snake only knew how wrong he is.

| Controls                                                                                   0.1.0 |

You control Snake basically the same you would control him in a NES game. In other words, you don't
control him like in Resident Evil, where up is forward. Here each direction on the d-pad is the
direction where Snake will head if you hold it.

All the buttons on the controller are used as well.

Cross      Press this once to squat. Hold a direction on the d-pad to start crawling, useful for
          hiding under objects like trucks or tanks and for going through air ducts.
Triangle   Hold this to look through Snake's eyes, sometimes pretty useful to get a better look at
          whats going on in front of him. VERY useful if you have the Radar turned off.
Square     If you don't have a weapon equipped, you will grab people with this button. When you have
          them grabbed you can do three things; Hold them, drop them or break their necks. You can
          hold them and use the enemy as a human shield by holding the Square button pressed and
          walking around. You drop them by letting go of the Square button, then press a direction.
          Breaking their necks is done by repeatedly pressing the Square button until the enemy
          gives in and dies.

          With a weapon equipped this will fire it.
          If you hold a direction and press this close to an enemy, you will throw him in the
          direction you pressed. Excellent for use in the 1st tower, during the chase sequence.
Circle     If you're close to a button, or a console you can use this will activate it.

          If you're not, this is the fighting button. Press the button once to swing with Snake's
          right arm, press it twice to make him punch with each arm once. And press it three times
          to make him make a combo with two punches and a kick.
L1         Quick selection of the last item you had used.
L2         Hold and press directions on the d-pad to go through your inventory
R1         Quick selection of weapons
R2         Hold and press directions on the d-pad to go through your weapons

If you start shooting and hold down Square, you can also hold the Cross button, now you can run
around shooting! Only weapon it's really practical with it Fa-Mas though.

The game supports Analog control as well as the Dual Shock feature.
[It does not use the second analog stick, R3 and L3]

| Dock                                                                                       1.0.0 |


Run down the stairs into the water to get a Ration.

The best way to go through here is this way:
Crawl under the pipe, run to the upper wall and wait until the coast is clear for you to run to
the very right side of the room. Stand to the right of the big vent and wait for the guard
to come stand to the left of it. Crawl under the pipe and run straight up. Wait on the right side
of the Forklift until the elevator comes down and the guard who comes out leaves and the coast is
clear. Run into the elevator and it'll automatically go up. If the alarm is on, the elevator will
not leave.

| Heliport                                                                                   1.0.1 |

[Rations          ]
[Chaff Grenades x3]
[Stun Grenades  x3]
[Socom        [gun]

Run to the right side of the helipad, and wait until the two spotlights are as far away from each
other as a possible, then make a run for it. Pick up the Chaff Grenades while you run. Run into the
room on the left, and sneak along the top crates then make a run for the Stun Grenades when the
camera isn't looking. Sneak back outside then run up the left wall and make sure the guard in the
upper left corner is sleeping. If he is, make a run for the truck. While inside pick up the Socom
and wait for the right moment to run outside, past the camera and up the stairs to the right. Sneak
past the guard up here and crawl into the air vent.

| Tank Hangar                                                                                1.0.2 |

[Thermal Goggles  ]
[Socom Bullets x12]

Sneak past the camera in the top right corner and then down and into the cargo room (room on the
right, you can't miss it). Watch out for the camera and pick up the Thermal Goggles. Run out of the
cargo room and follow the bridge. Ignore all closed doors since you do not have a keycard yet.
Sneak down the stairs at the end of the "bridge" while watching out for the camera. Sneak behind
the stairs and pick up the Socom Bullets. Then wait until the coast is clear and run right to the
elevator (double-doors saying "EV." with a yellow button next to it) Go down to B1.

| House 1 B1 - Cells                                                                         1.0.3 |

[Socom Bullets x12]
[Level 1 Keycard  ]
[Socom Bullets x12]
[Socom Bullets x12]

Follow the passage-way down and right until you reach a ladder, then climb it. Explore this vent
and look down through all the grates. After the long talk scene with the leader of DARPA, there
will be a short shooting sequence. Just shoot everyone you see and pick up the ammo/rations they
drop. Use rations if necessary. Now you'll have a Level 1 Keycard. You can open all doors that have
a 1 on them now. Go back inside the door you just exited and pick up some more ammo inside. Go back
to the elevator now and go down to B2.

[NOTE: Anderson, the manager of DARPA, is telling you about Metal Gear and how Snake needs to find
      PAL keys to shut it down]      

[remember that you need to equip keycards for them to function]

| Armory                                                                       1.0.4 |

[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Grenade        x04]
[Grenade        x04]
[C4             x02]
[C4             x02]
[C4             x02]
[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Chaff Grenades x03]
[Stun Grenades  x03]
[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Socom Bullets  x12]
[Level 2 Keycard   ]
[Fa-mas            ]
[Fa-mas Bullets x25]
[Fa-mas Bullets x25]

This floor consists of one big room with 2 exits, and 6 smaller rooms. The smaller rooms are the
ones I'm talking about.

Go out of the elevator and down to the room in the mid-low part. Watch out for trap-doors. Run out
of the room and to the room on the left, there pick up the grenades and run out. Go to the mid-high
room and pick up the C4. Now, look at the walls on each side of the elevator. Notice the blueish
cracked ones? Place a C4 in front of one of them and blow it up. Get all the bonuses and run down
to the lower left corner, here blow up the wall and go in. In this little hall find the wall you
can blow up and do so. And in this next hall blow up the upper wall that you can destroy, the
rightmost one is for later.

You will now face Revolver Ocelot.

He will run around the cubic room and fire at you, after he has fired 6 shots he has to reload. Try
to get a shot in on him and then advance after him while he's stunned, just keep doing this and
watch out for his shots. Pretty easy eh?

A good tactic is to run+shoot with the Socom, only hold both the buttons until you can get a clear
shot. There's no need to waste too much ammo, right?

After the very lengthy talking sequence with Kenneth Baker you will have the Level 2 keycard. Go
back the way you came and enter the Level 2 room in the big B2 room. Equip the Thermal Goggles and
evade the infra-red sensors and you'll have yourself a new weapon, the Fa-mas. Go out and take the
elevator back up to the Tank Hangar [level 1]

[NOTE; Cigarettes will also help you find infra-red!]

| Tank Hangar                                                                                1.0.5 |

[Socom Supressor  ]
[Cardboard Box A  ]
[Chaff Grenades x3]
[Mine Detector    ]
[Ration           ]

First off call Meryl on the radio. [her frequency is on the back of the box, lower right screenshot]
She will tell you to wait and she'll open the big door to the right of the elevator.
While you wait I suggest you do the stuff below.

Go out of the elevator and through the door on the right, sneak up on the sleeping guard and
kill him. Get the supressor and use it (if you have the Socom equipped it will be used
automatically). Go out of this room and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the Tank Hangar. Go
through the first door on the 2nd floor. Pick up the Cardboard Box and the Chaff Grenades. Go out
of this room and follow the bridge back to the top right room, go inside and pick up the Mine
Detector and perhaps the rations. Now you you can go downstairs, kill the guards and go through the
big door.

When you're through the big door, equip the Thermal Goggles and avoid the infra-red sensors and go
through the door on the other side, welcome to the Canyon.

| Canyon                                                                                     1.0.6 |

[Ration    ]
[Ration    ]
[Grenade x4]
[Grenade x4]
[Ration    ]

Here you will fight a boss, a tank, so I suggest you make sure you're ready before you go ahead.
You have to make your way pretty far up, the best way is alongside the left wall. You can just
equip your Mine Detector and avoid the mines. Either way you have to go upwards. When you've
reached the tank simply run around it throwing grenades up on the tower to take out the gunner.
Watch out for the machine gun fire. You will now automatically enter the Nuke Building 1.

[NOTE; Crawl on top of mines and you'll pick them up]

| House 2 - Nuke Building 1                                                                  1.0.7 |


Run up to the left to pick up the rations.

In this entrance just run down the passage and crawl under the door. Watch out in here because if
the alarm is set off the place will be filled with gas and you will die. Stick to the bottom wall
and creep into your cardboard box to hide from the patrolling guard. Once he passes you continue
to the left and sneak up the stairs. Pick up any bonuses along the way but don't bother with any
out of the way bonuses because they can easily get you spotted and killed. Once up the stairs, run
to the elevator and take it down to B1.

| Nuke Building B1                                                                           1.0.8 |

[Ration           ]
[Socom Bullets x12]
[Stun Grenade x3  ]
[Nikita Launcher  ]
[Nikita Missile x4]
[Nikita Missile x4]

Run to the left and into the bathroom and kill the guy taking a leak (just to stop him from
disturbing you later). Now run through the lower door and into the office room. Kill the guard and
enter any doors you can. Get the Nikita+ammo and run out to the elevator, take it down to B2.

| Nuke Building B2 + Lab                                                                     1.0.9 |

[Ration           ]
[Gas Mask         ]
[C4 x2            ]
[Grenade x4       ]
[Grenade x4       ]
[Nikita Missile x4]
[Nikita Missile x4]
[Chaff Grenade x03]
[Ration           ]
[Fa-mas Bullet x25]
[Chaff Grenade x03]
[Fa-mas Bullet x25]
[Fa-mas Bullet x25]
[Ration           ]
[Level 4 Keycard  ]

Go to the right wall and press against it, then go through the door on the bottom wall. When you get
through the second door you will enter a gas-filled room with an electrical floor. Fire a nikita
missile and guide it to the left and up to the switch box on the wall. (the one shown in the little
animated sequence). Run out and get some air, then run in again and enter the two rooms you can enter
on the right wall. Get the Ration and the Gas Mask and run down the passage, here you can either go
right and fight a boss or go left and pick up a few bonuses. Even if you go for the bonuses you should
go to the right and through the door afterwards. Go through a few doors and see a few pretty busted
up bodies and your old friend Ninja slice a few guys up. Follow him through the door then get ready
to fight.

Fighting Ninja isn't too hard. Just watch out for his attack and hit him when you can. Don't use
any firearms in the beginning, only throw punches. When you beat him up a little he'll start hiding,
just equip the Thermal Goggles and keep beating him up. When he starts walking around calmly and
throwing punches that HURT, just throw Chaff Grenades to stun him and beat him up. When he is
starting to break down and stands in a big blue ball, fire at him with the Fa-mas and he'll soon be
out of the way.

After a lengthy talk with Lee 'Otacon' Emmerich (some of it concerning anime! :) you will have a
level 4 keycard. Now go back the way you came and go to the elevator. Take it up to B1.

| Nuke Building B1                                                                           1.1.0 |

[Level 5 Keycard  ]
[PAL key          ]
[Socom Bullet  x12]
[Ration           ]
[Fa-mas Bullet x25]
[Fa-mas Bullet x25]
[Socom Bullet  x12]
[Ration           ]

Go into the big office and kill the guard patrolling on the right. Then let the guard on the left
see you. He will flee, follow him. Run up to the last booth in the ladies bathroom and look in it.
You will now meet Meryl again (she was the guard in disguise, see). You will talk for a while and
she will equip you with a level 5 keycard and the PAL key. After this it's time to enter the
double-doors in the corridor to the left of the elevator and fight Psycho Mantis.

Mantis will control Meryl at first, throw a Stun Grenade and he'll come out and introduce himself
and the real fight will begin.

---+>> [tip from Leon]

"Also, to enlighten your readers more about the "hideo" display when you fight Mantis.  As you
correctly pointed out, Japanese TVs display this sign for video inputs.  The actual katakana says
"hideo", which is a play on "bideo" (or "video" in English).  Most Sony TVs display this when
you're using the video input to let you know which line input you are using."

<<+--- [end tip]

That play on "video" is a joke, it's supposed to mean that Mantis is powerful enough to even
control your TV!

The Hideo thing was kept in the US version, it's in plain roman letters now though.

Ok, so there is a REALLY easy trick to beating him. As I said earlier, he is so powerful that he
controls your TV, right? He can even predict what you're doing, by reading what buttons you press
through controller port 1. So if you have a second controller (or you can just switch places with
one controller) you can just pick that up and beat him up. Equip the thermal Goggles and follow
him around. Duck under any flying furniture.

He will wake Meryl up again later on, just keep stunning her with stun grenades and Mantis will
give up trying to control her.

When you beat him you exit through the hidden door behind the top right bookshelf. (opens
automatically, don't worry).

| Cave                                                                                       1.1.1 |

Meryl walks off to the right, you should follow the snowy path and crawl under that low bridge.
Then run through the caves (keeping to the right) until you reach the point in the lower right
corner where you can crawl under and met Meryl again. You can place a bullet in the wolves if they
bother you too much. Exit through the door to the north.

| Underground Passage                                                                        1.1.2 |

Meryl will get shot by Sniper Wolf here. After all the talk and automated sequences, run all the
way back to the very first house (you know, with the Tank Hangar) and go down to B2. Enter the
level 5 (up-left) room and get the PSG1, then run all the way back to where you just were, where
Meryl got shot.

While on your way either forth or back, you can stop by in the Office room in B1 in the 2nd House,
the Nuke Building 1.  Here you can now pick up Cardboard Box B.

[NOTE; use Diazepam pills, they making snipering ALOT easier!]

Now get ready to start some sniper-fighting with Sniper Wolf. She will keep shooting and running
around, all you have to do is hit her a few times. There are a number of usable tactics here, all
I can say is that it's pretty easy if you concentrate.

After you beat her, follow the passageway and try to enter the door on the right. You will be
captured and get to play the "Torture Scene"

| Torture / Prison                                                                           1.1.3 |

[Ketchup        ]
[Scarf          ]
[Level 6 Keycard]

During torture, all you have to do is keep pressing Circle to survive. If you can't hack it you
must press select before you die, since there is no Continue option in this part of the game!

[NOTE: The torture scene will decide which ending you get, if you endure it or surrender, you will
recieve different endings. If you endure you get the "good" ending]

Ocelot says something like "Don't even think about using an auto-fire controller, or I'll know".
Well, I used a Blaze autofire controller and he didn't say anything about it, it helps greatly,
I had full life almost all the time.

Between the torture sequences you will be in a cell, the first time nothing will happen. The 2nd
time Otacon will come and give you some Ketchup, a Scarf and a level 6 keycard.
During the 2nd time the guard will also run to the bathroom which gives you the chance to hide
under the bed and get him to open the door. If you don't do this, you can wait 'til the third time
in the cell and let Ninja smash the door. Either way, if you survive the torture you will get to

Follow the passage-way back into the torture room when you escape, don't forget to grab the big red
box which contains all of your old belongings. Go out through the door and watch out for the cannon
above it. Leave using the Elevator. Take it up to Level 1, the Tank Hangar.

| Going back                                                                                 1.1.4 |

From the Tank Hangar you have to make your way back, all the way, to where you fought Sniper Wolf
and got caught. Along the way you can go down to B2 in house 2 and pick up the Body Armor in the
leftmost corridor (the gas-filled one). Or you can just ignore it since you will get it later.

Anyways, when you reach Underground Passage (where Meryl got shot and all that), enter through the
door with your new Level 6 card.

| Communications Tower A                                                                     1.1.5 |

Run down the corridor and enter the door. This will sound an alarm and basically the only thing
you're supposed to do is grab the Rope and Stun Grenades and run like hell. Run up the stairs as
far as they go, throwing Stun Grenades to get rid of enemies when they get too close. Ignore the
door you see half-way, you can't open it yet. Just keep running and throwing Stun Grenades.

Once up, go outside and up the stairs (upper left). After the satellite has been destroyed, equip
the rope and walk up to the edge. This will start the Rappelling sequence. Watch out for steam and
bullets here. When you've hit the ground the helicopter will stop following you.

Here you can blow the door open, but you shouldn't enter it now. You should equip your PSG1 and
take out the guys who are waiting for you on the other side of the bridge you're on. Run up the
path when they're gone and enter the door.

[You can keep running when Liquid shows up in his Hind! Keep that in mind, or you'll get shot]

| Communications Tower B                                                                     1.1.6 |

[Stinger Launcher  ]  
[Stinger Missile x5]

Get the Stinger and the ammo and run out through the lower door. Here, run to the right and follow
the stairs down until you reach the broken stairs. Now turn and run back up and go down where you
went right earlier. You will meet Otacon and have a little chat with him. Start making it up the
stairs. Now every fourth turn there will be a few cannons, just throw a chaff grenade and they
won't even notice you!

Use the door and go outside. You will now face Liquid Snake in his chopper.

All you have to do is dodge his shots, run as far up as you can when he shoots missiles and fire
Stinger shots at him. It's pretty easy, it just takes a little while since he's flying all over the

Once you beat him, enter the tower and run all the way down to the elevator and take it down to the
1st floor. On the elevator you will face 4 invisible enemies, just put on your Thermal Goggles and
fight them. After you get off the elevator I suggest you run right and pick up the Ration and the
PSG1 bullets. Then run right and exit through the door. Run through the corridors, dodging the

| Snowfield                                                                                  1.1.7 |

Run around for a bit, once you get too far you will be shot down. It's time to face Sniper Wolf
again. This time it's alot easier than the first time, so just equip your PSG1 and take her out.

[NOTE; I've gotten quite a few mails saying that it's easier to beat wolf with the Nikita. Just run
      for cover and stand there firing missiles. Guiding them straight up her back. Nice idea]

Enter the mid-top building (level 6 door) and run to the top right, then run down the stairs.

[all the other buildings here contain bonuses, the one closest to the truck has Cardboard Box C]

Congrats, you just beat the first disc. Now hurry, exchange the discs.

| Blast Furnace                                                                              1.1.8 |

Take out the first guard with a few Socom shots and pick up any ammo and such. Then run to the
right and follow the longer of the two bridges, when you reach the wall press against it and walk
up the wall (keep pressing against it!). You need to duck for the crane that passes by. Once you've
made it across, follow the bridge down the stairs. To the left here there's some ammo and a ration.
I suggest you go down the right bridge and enter through the opening in the south wall.

[ignore this part and enter through the northern door in the Blast Furnace if you already have
the Body Armor]

In here you need to watch out for the steam. Run, duck and crawl through. Once outside pick
up the body armor and ammo and make your way back. Now enter the big door in the north wall
(opposite of the opening you just came from).

| Cargo Elevator                                                                             1.1.9 |

All you need to do in here is run up to the shaft and wait for the elevator to come up. Then you
get on it and activate it using the control panel on the right. During this ride you get to kill
some guards.

Once the elevator lands, simple run up and to the right and get on the next elevator. You might
want to look out for mines on the ground here.

When this elevator lands, run through the doors to the north.

| Warehouse                                                                               1.2.0 |

Here you fight Vulcan Raven. There's one easy tactic to use here, just one. Get in behind him
and fire a stinger missile at him. He's never hit me, so he's pretty darn easy!

[now you find out that the first DARPA leader you met was a fake who was lying about the PAL keys
in order to fool Snake into activating Metal Gear, this fake was Decoy Octopus]

After Raven's done for, exit through the northern door.

| Passageway                                                                                 1.2.1 |

Throw a Chaff Grenade and make a run for it, exit through the northern door. To the right and up
the stairs are only 15 stinger missiles, they're not worth it.

| Underground Base 1                                                                             1.2.2 |

Follow the passageway out to the REX, go right and up the ladder. Go left, up and climb the ladder.
Climb the next ladder, climb down on the other side. Follow the passage and shoot the guard.
Keep following the passage until you find the stairs, go up and watch the sequence. Since Snake
dropped the PAL key you're gonna have to run back down to the base of the REX room, and run around
the water trying to find it. If you pick up an item called 'BOMB' open your inventory and use it
the way you use Rations, otherwise you will die. If you can't find it, try to find a swimming rat
instead and shoot him to pieces. He will most likely have it!

Now, run all the way back up to the control room and go inside. Equip the PAL key and go to the
leftmost laptop computer and use the use it. After that, check the other computers and find out
that you need to change the card itself. For this you have to visit 2 different rooms and change
the cards in there.

(you MUST change it first to blue then to red, in that order!)

To make the card blue and usable on the blue laptop: Go to the Warehouse (where you fought
Raven) and run around a bit 'til it has changed. Now run back to the control room and use it on
the Laptop.

To make the card red and usable on the red laptop: Go back to the Blast Furnace and equip the
PAL key and run around there for a bit until it changes to red. When it has changed you need to go
back to the control room and use the key.

This will set off the alarm and you will find out that your 'friend' Master Miller has been
Liquid Snake in disguise all along! Anyways, the alarm will be set off and gas will fill the room
you will need to call Otacon at 141.12 and he'll get the door open.

To beat the Rex, all you have to do is throw a Chaff Grenade, and shoot him with the Stinger.
You can only lock onto the radar satellite during the first time you meet him. The second time you
can only lock onto the booth where Liquid Snake is sitting. Watch out for his missile fire, the
machine gun fire and the laser beam. If you have a chaff grenade disturbing the radar, the missiles
will miss if you run away from them. If not, they'll most likely hit you.

Now you have to fight Liquid Snake in a one-on-one fist fight. It's pretty easy.
Watch out though. At first you can hit him with all of your three-hit combo (press attack 3 times),
then after he yells something (can't remember what it is) you can only hit him with ONE hit. After
that one hit you'll need to run away a bit, since he'll strike back with two punches. To defeat him
you must throw him over the edge.

| The Chase                                                                                  1.2.3 |

This is your escape from the complex. First off you should go back through the door you just came
from, to get a ration. Then you should run left. Now follow Meryl's (or Otacon's) lead and get into
the car. First shoot the barrels, and then at the next stop shoot everyone then shoot the barrels.
At the last stop you only need to shoot everyone.

Enter Liquid Snake. You just have to keep shooting him and eating up Rations if you lose HP.

If you survive this. All i can do is congratulate you on beating one of Konami's finest. :)

| Frequencies                                                                                2.0.0 |

 Deep Throat                 [140.48]
 Master Miller               [141.80]
 Mei Ling                    [140.96]
 Meryl Silverburgh           [XXX.XX]
 Naomi Hunter                [140.85]
 Nastasha Romanenko          [141.52]
 Roy Campbell                [140.85]

Meryl's frequency is on the back of the CD case, I don't want to give it out since it's obviously
some type of copy protection from Konami.

There is an extra slot in the 'Memory' section in the radio menu, which I haven't filled yet. Word
is that this slot was meant to be a secret frequency where you could hear the MGS staff talk, or
something funny like that. But they just didn't have the time to add it, it wasn't included in the
US version either.

| Characters *be spoiled or be dead!*                                                        2.0.1 |

Big Boss:
Ex-FOX HOUND commander. Tought to be a mercenary all around the world during the 70's. Respected
by people as the "Great Soldier". In the 90's he was appointed the duty as the commander of the
unconventional warfare force known as FOX HOUND. Through the ample funds and connections from his
mercenary days, he was able to build an independent military station called "OUTER HEAVEN", which
was later destroyed by Snake.

Decoy Octopus:
A member of FOX HOUND. He was at the Alaskan base with the rest of FOX HOUND, his duty was to look
like Donald Anderson and sit in a cell. When Snake came to the rescue he told Snake all about the
PAL keys, because noone but Snake could activate them (weird? :). He was killed by the FOXDIE
virus. All other details are unknown.

Deep Throat:
Just like in the X-Files, Deep Throat is Snake's informant. Deep Throat will contact you when he
has something to say. Deep Throat is really Gray Fox (Ninja). The name Deep Throat comes from the
watergate scandal.

Donald Anderson:
The chief of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). An advocate of the nuclear
retaliation theory. He was taken hostage at the Alaskan base during the terrorist act. The reason
why he came to the nuclear weapon disposal facility is unknown.

Hal "Otacon" Emmerich:
Loves Japanimation (japanese animation). His nickname "otacon" comes from the "Otaku Convention"
which is a fan event of japanese animation held in the US, which he is a regular visitor to.

Kenneth Baker:
The President of ArmsTech, which is the leading company of the military industry. He's a middle
aged man. He was taken hostage at the Alaskan base during the terrorist act. It is unclear why the
president of ArmsTech, as a civilian, was at the nuclear weapon disposal facility.

Liquid Snake:
A man who looks exactly like Snake. After the uprising of Zanzibar (after Solid Snake left the
unit) he joined FOX HOUND. His splendid fighting skills made him the combat leader of FOX HOUND.
He is the ringleader behind this incident and seems dedicated to get revenge on Snake.

MacDonald Benedict "Master" Miller:
A third generation AJA (American with Japanese Ancestory). He served in the SAS, Green Beret,
Marine Corps and FOX HOUND as a master of survival training. In those days he was recognized among
soldiers as a hard-hearted instructor and was called "Master Miller" with respect. After retiring
from the armed forces, he lives in the nature of Alaska.

Mei Ling:
She is in charge of the communication data processing in this operation. A student at MIT. Her
nationality is Chinese (Kwangtung), though she was born in the US. She grew up in China Town.
Specializing in the image and data processing operations of spy satellites. She also developed
the new communication equipment and radar used by Snake in this mission. (She's a genius! :)

Meryl Silverburgh:
She is Campbell's niece. As a ??? she was assigned to Shadow Moses Island and arrived at the
island of the terrorist act, this dragged her into this incident. She will work with Snake to
fight the terrorists. Born in a house of military tradition, from her childhood days she has
trained herself to be able to become a soldier. Has no combat experience, just like any typical
recruit. Being a woman she still handles a Desert Eagle with only one hand.

Naomi Hunter:
The medical chief of FOX HOUND. A brown-skinned beauty. In charge of gene therapy and gene
strengthening. Her staff affectionally calls her "Doctor Naomi". Her reports to Snake are
provided via vidcom. She is the one who implants everyone in FOX HOUND with the FOXDIE virus.

Nastasha Romanenko:
Military analyst, in her thirties, loves smoking. Specializing in hi-tech weapons and nuclear
weapons. Lives in Los Angeles. Her support to Snake is provided via vidcom. She served in the DIA
(Defense Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), but the end of the cold war
deprived her of her positions in the government organizations. After she left the agencies she
started working as a freelance analyst.

Ninja (Gray Fox):
"A cyborg ninja whose identity is unkown. Covered with stealth camouflage, cuts through steel and
even bullets with his sword. He is actually Gray Fox who fought a deadly fight with Snake. After
the battle with Snake, the armed forces has kept him as a subject of experiments of exoskelton and
gene therapy technologies which pretty much disable him. Now he lives solely to finish up what he
has to with Snake. That is the reason why he goes to Alaska."
"A mysterious stealth cyborg. Seems like it is infiltrating the same base, but nothing else is
known is it friend or foe?"
Ninja is actually an old enemy of snakes, they had a fight which got cut off and now Ninja wants
to finish it. Someone said that Ninja also took care of Naomi Hunter when she was little, because
she thought he was her brother.

Psycho Mantis:
FOX HOUND member. Was a psychic secret agent for the KGB. Has powerful psychokinetic powers and the
ability to read people's minds. Losing his position in the Soviet union, after it's crumble, he
moved to the US. He served in the FBI for a while, then became a freelance espionage agent and
later joined the FOX HOUND team.

Revolver Ocelot:
FOX HOUND member. Ex-Spetsnaz. A gun nut who loves cowboy movies and spaghetti westerns. He is
also a "torture maniac" (sadist). His name is from being special torturing advisor at concentration
camps, during the Spetsnaz days.

Roy Campbell:
Ex-commander of FOX HOUND. Though already retired from the armed forces, he has been called out
because there was no other commander who could get in touch with Solid Snake, the only man who can
interdict the terrorist act at this time. Before entering the "former" FOX HOUND team, he served
in the US Marin Corps, Green Beret and Delta Force. In FOX HOUND, he was assigned to X.O. of the
unit for his strategic planning capabilites backed up by his experience.

Sniper Wolf:
FOX HOUND member. Genius in sniping. Has such incredible patience that she can keep aiming at her
target for a long time (even a week) without eating or drinking. A Kurd (Iraqi tribe). She takes
care of wolfdogs kept in the base, she sees something of herself in the wolfdogs. Is proud of
crossing wolves and huskies.

Solid Snake:
FOX HOUND operator. IQ 180. Speaks 6 languages fluently. Also known as "The Legendary Mercenary"
and "The man who makes the impossible possible", since his outstanding activities in "The OUTER
HEAVEN crisis" and "The UPRISING OF ZANZIBAR". Colonel Campbell called Snake back from his
solitary life in Alaska which he has been living since he left FOX HOUND, to ask him to infiltrate
Shadow Moses Island. At the end of the game Snake says his real name is David.

| Equipment                                                                                  2.1.0 |
| Bandana              | Words sewn on it.                                             |
|                      | A reward for beating the game [Meryl ending]                              |
| Body Armor           | Bulletproof vest. Reduces damage upon impact.                             |
|                      | Go through the steam room in the Blast Furnace [House 3]                  |
| Camera               | You can snap shots of people, uses 2 memory card slots for one picture    |
|                      | In a secret room to the right of where you go to meet Revolver Ocelot     |
| Cardboard Box A      | < To Heliport > written on it.                                            |
|                      | Top left room of the Tank Hangar [house 1] lvl 1 keycard required         |
| Cardboard Box B      | < To Nuclear Weapon Storage Building > written on it.                     |
|                      | B1 in house 2, the big office room, the top left office                   |
| Cardboard Box C      | Same as A                                                                 |
|                      | Bottom left room of Snipers Grounds 2                                     |
| Cigarettes           | Solid Snake's favorite brand. Smoking is hazardous to your health.        |
|                      | You have them from the beginning                                          |
| Diazepam             | Anti-anxiety drug. Temporarily stops involuntary trembling.               |
|                      | A few different places.                                                   |
| Disc                 | It's a disc with the test info on Metal Gear, you can't actually use it.  |
|                      | Given to you by Kenneth Baker                                             |
| Gas Mask             | Filters the gas, so you lose your breath at half the speed                |
|                      | Third room on the right in the gasfilled corridor of B2 in House 2        |
| Ketchup              | Lie down and use it in the prison cell, then lie very still               |
|                      | Otacon gives it to you when you're locked in the cell                     |
| Magnifying Scope     | Magnifying scope. Press O to zoom in, X to zoom out.                      |
|                      | You have it from the beginning                                            |
| Medicine             | Cure for the common cold                                                  |
|                      | Found on B2 of House 2, in the big office, Level 6 Door                   |
| Mine Detector        | Shows mines on your radar                                                 |
|                      | Top right room (upper level) of Tank Hangar, House 1                      |
| Night-Vision Goggles | Image-intensifier. Allows sight in extremely low light.                   |
|                      | On B2 of House 2 [Nuke Building 1] in the rightmost corridor              |
| PAL Card Key         | Emergency input or override device.                                       |
|                      | Use on the laptops, see section 1.2.2                                     |
| Ration               | Restores life.                                                            |
|                      | Use by pressing O while menu is open.                                     |
| Scarf                | Wolves love this smell, obviously                                         |
|                      | Otacon gives it to you when you're in the cell                            |
| Stealth Suit         | Makes you invisible, like Ninja or Otacon, not from bosses though!        |
|                      | Reward for beating the game                                               |
| Thermal Goggles      | Thermal imaging system for night-vision use.                              |
|                      | Bottom right room (upper level) in Tank Hangar, House 1                   |

Stuff worth noting:
Using the Bandana or Stealth Suit detracts from your final score, it seems.

The Stealth Suit makes you completely invisible to normal enemies, but wolves and bosses still can
still know you're there (wolves smell you and bosses just see you as if you weren't invisible),
in places where you MUST fight to survive (breaking out of the first cell with Meryl, 1st Tower)
the guards will see you.

The Body Armor and Gas Mask do not totally eradicate injuries, they only make them milder.

Diazepam wears off pretty fast.

| C4                   | Plastic explosive. Press Square to set. Press Circle to detonate.         |
|                      | Can be found anywhere                                                     |
| Chaff Grenades       | Disables electronics. Press Square to pull pin. Release to throw.         |
|                      | They're everywhere                                                        |
| Claymore             | Press Square to set. Explode when target is within range.                 |
|                      | Crawl over mines you see with the Thermal G. or Mine D.                   |
| Fa-Mas               | Assault rifle. Press Square to fire. Hold down Square for full-auto.      |
|                      | Level 2 room on B2 of House 1 [need a level 2 keycard]                    |
| Grenade              | Frag grenade. Push Square to pull pin. Release to throw.                  |
|                      | They're everywhere                                                        |
| Nikita               | Press Square to fire. Use directional buttons to control after firing.    |
|                      | the big Office room on B2 in House 2, need a level 3 keycard              |
| PSG1                 | Sniper rifle. Aim with directional buttons and press Square to fire.      |
|                      | the Level 5 room on B2 in House 1 [need a level 5 keycard]                |
| Socom                | Semi-automatic pistol. Hold down Square to aim. Release to fire.          |
|                      | The first truck, in the Heliport                                          |
| Stinger              | Portable SAM. Aim with directional buttons and press Square to fire.      |
|                      | Bottom floor of Communications Tower B                                    |
| Stun Grenades        | Disable all enemies. Press Square to pull pin. Release to throw.          |
|                      | They're everywhere                                                        |
| Cardboard Boxes                                                                            2.1.1 |

You can do more than just hide with the boxes, you can also use them for quick transportation
between the games three trucks.

All you have to do is to climb into a truck, equip the right box and wait a little.

Cardboard Box A used in Truck 2 and 3 drives you to Heliport
Cardboard Box B used in Truck 1 and 3 drives you to House 2 [Nuke Building 1]
Cardboard Box C used in Truck 1 and 2 drives you to Snowfield

The cardboard boxes have yet another use! When you've reached the caves, and Meryl takes point.
You follow her up to a door and she says "What's the matter Snake? I thought you were good with
dogs?" .. Naturally you feel like smacking her at this point, do so and quickly hide in a box.
She'll whistle and a dog will come and take a leak on the box! This makes it possible for you to
hide in the box and just walk right past the dogs when you need to pass through there later.

| Camera                                                                                     2.1.2 |

The camera is a neat addition to the game. It doesn't have any use besides taking fun pictures as
far as I have seen. You can find the camera in the first house, Bottom floor (B2) through the right
wall where you blew your way through the upper wall to fight Revolver Ocelot and free Kenneth Baker.
You will need a Level 4 keycard to get the camera.

The camera will also give "ghost" pictures, like the ones you can see on TV shows like Unsolved
Mysteries, with a mysterious "person" suddenly appearing on your photograph when you view it.

The "ghosts" are members of the production team.

Some places where you can find "ghosts":

Looking out to the water from the cliff on the heliport                                  [Fukushima]
The sleeping soldier on the heliport                                                        [Tanaka]
Dead end in the top air vent in the first building                                       [Yoshimura]
Kenneth Baker when he's all tied up                                                    [Kohei Onoda]
Behind the water tank in the Canyon                                              [Shigehisha Kozyou]
The guy taking a leak                                                                     [Korekado]
The twitching dead guy in the corridor                                                   [Matsuhana]
Second Policenauts poster in Otacon's Lab                                             [Hideo Kojima]
Mirror in the womans bathroom                                                        [Yukiko Kaneda]
The pictures on Psycho Mantis' northern wall                                         [Hideki Sasaki]
Sewage waterfall near Underground Base 1                                            [Yutaka Negishi]
The blue world map in the MGREX control room.                                                   [??]

[ a total of 012 (of 043) ghost pictures ]

| Inventory Growth                                                                           2.1.3 |

Each time you beat a boss, you can carry more stuff in your inventory. Here's a chart:

                C4  Rations  Chaff  Stun  Socom  Grenade  Fa-Mas  Stinger  Nikita  Claymores  PSG1
Default          04       01     03    03     25       08     101                          06    16

Revolver Ocelot  06              06    06     49       12     N/A      N/A     N/A        N/A   N/A
Tank                                                                   N/A     N/A              N/A
Ninja                                                                  N/A                      N/A
Psycho Mantis    12       04     15    15    121       24     251      N/A      12?        12   N/A
Sniper Wolf      14       04     18    18    145       28     301      N/A      20?        14    21
Hind D
Sniper Wolf
Vulcan Raven

| VR Training                                                                                2.2.0 |

VR Training. It's that option that you just disregard cause you want to have a go right away at the
real game (well, I know I did that! :). But I'd recommend anyone to try it out before playing the
game, since it really does seem to help. It's also great for competing between MGS playing friends,
who gets the best times and such you know?

It's separated into three parts, you need to beat one to get the next and so on, you know?

Training Mode; take your time and explore your options. All you need to do is get past the guards
without them noticing. Easy as peas.

Time Attack Mode; just like Training, but this time you've got a set time you have to make it
through on. Still easy. The time records are (including KCEJ's best scores within paranthesis):

KCEJ = Konami of Japan, the makers of the game. In case you didn't know.

Stage 0001 00:05:00 (00:03:58)     Stage 0006 00:??:?? (00:06:38)
Stage 0002 00:07:00 (00:05:31)     Stage 0007 00:09:00 (00:06:58)
Stage 0003 00:14:00 (00:11:91)     Stage 0008 00:08:00 (00:06:50)
Stage 0004 00:09:00 (00:07:48)     Stage 0009 00:15:00 (00:11:06)
Stage 0005 00:??:?? (00:05:34)     Stage 0010 00:12:00 (00:08:99)

Gun Shooting Mode; just like the two previous modes, but with a gun. Times, including KCEJ times:

Stage 0001 00:04:00 (00:03:11)     Stage 0006 00:12:00 (00:07:15)
Stage 0002 00:15:00 (00:04:60)     Stage 0007 00:10:00 (00:04:68)
Stage 0003 00:18:00 (00:11:86)     Stage 0008 00:13:00 (00:04:51)
Stage 0004 00:20:00 (00:08:84)     Stage 0009 00:20:00 (00:11:73)
Stage 0005 00:10:00 (00:05:12)     Stage 0010 00:25:00 (00:13:15)

Survival Mode; you have seven (7!) minutes and limited ammo to get through all the levels that are
in the above modes. When you get caught 30 seconds are added to the time you had when you entered
the level, and if you beat a level your ammo doesn't get replenished.

In-game best times: 03:30:00

KCEJ's site doesn't mention the Survival Mode as far as I can tell.

The prize you get for beating Survival Mode is supposedly a movie of someone at KCEJ beating
Gun Shooting Mode (so you see how you do it the best way).

| Frequently Asked Questions                                                                 2.5.0 |

Q: How do I save?
A: Call up Mei Ling on your Codec, her frequency is 140.96. The first option is "Save", the second
  is "Don't Save"

Q: I just got some C4, now what?
A: See the blueish cracked walls? Place some C4 on them and blow them up!

Q: I just beat Revolver Ocelot and recieved the Level 2 keycard, now what?
A: Go up to the first level and call Meryl up on your Codec, her frequency is on the back of the
  box, lower right screenshot.

Q: What's Meryl's frequency?
A: It's on the back of the japanese box, lower right screenshot.

Q: Is the tank invincible?!
A: No, see section 1.0.6

Q: How can I hit Ninja? He keeps deflecting my shots!
A: Unequip your weapon and fistfight him!

Q: How come I can't kill Meryl?
A: She's your friend, dummy!

Q: How the heck do I do some substantial damage to Psycho Mantis?!
A: Use your second controller, or plug your first into the second port.

Q: Meryl just got shot! How do I save her?!
A: Don't worry, you have to leave to get the PSG1 [see section 1.1.2], you can save her by not
  giving up during the Torture Scene [see section 1.1.3] though!

Q: I just got to the top of the tower, how am I supposed to take out the Hind?
A: Hide behind stuff when he shoots, and try to get a few hits in with the Stinger.

Q: Help! I lost the PAL key, where is it?!
A: You saw Snake drop it didn't you, it's down in the water on the bottom floor.

Q: It's not in the water, where is it?!
A: A rat took it. If you see one, blast it!

Q: Do I get a different code name if I play better?
A: Yes, see the "Rankings" section [3.0.3]

Q: How do I get a better Ranking then?
A: See the "Get a better score" section [3.0.2]

Q: How do I play as Meryl?
A: You don't.

Q: Why is Ninja red?
A: Good question, he sort of looks like Spider-Man doesn't he?

Q: Can I play as Ninja?
A: Nope.

| Secrets / Mysteries                                                                        3.0.0 |

There are two endings. One with Meryl and one without, which you get depends on your actions in the
Torture Scene. (Surrender or Endure + Escape)

The two different endings also give you two unique items, Bandana for rescuing Meryl and Stealth
Suit for letting her die, I have also heard of people who get great scores and get both in one
ending. I can not confirm nor deny this, it seems unlikely though since the items are part of the

Ninja turns RED when you have beaten the game at least twice and gotten both endings. (He looks
like spider-man, I think that's basically is the whole point of him being red). I beat the game a
third time and got the new ending song. Ninja now turned back to blue.

Is there a real and direct use for the Night Vision Goggles? I haven't seen any places that
actually requires the use of them.

Secret or removed weapon? Towards the end of slpm_861.11 on disc 1, there are lists of your
inventory. Socom2 is not in what seems to be the real list, but in a list under it. Check your
file yourself, it's very close to the end. It could just be Socom with the suppressor though.

If you beat the game at least two times and get both endings in the US version, you can start a new
game as Tuxedo Snake.

When you beat the game you can also get a mode called "Demo Theater" in the Special menu. Here you
can view the entire game, except the parts where you play (ie you only see cutscenes and dialog)
through to the end. You can get two "Meryl" and "Otacon".

| Subject to change                                                                          3.0.1 |

| Getting a better score [japanese version]                                                  3.0.2 |

To get the best rating possible, you need to consider the scores you see at the end of the game.
First, you need a good time, and if you've gone through the game a few times this should be no
problem. You will also need to save very sparingly and never use rations. Try to not get spotted
more than 5 times, and ONLY kill the people you MUST kill. Speaking of that, throw Stun Grenades
when you're being chased in the first tower, try to let Meryl kill as many of the enemies you meet
when you first meet her as she can (yes, she kills them, but it's unusual). Try to save whenever
you know there's a passage where you could mess up, but don't do it too much.

Turn off the radar as well.

Now, those who said this game was too easy, want to give that a shot? :)

| Rankings                                                                                   3.0.3 |

This is pretty preliminary since I haven't gotten that many Ratings myself, these are just the ones
I heard about: [alphabetical order]

Big Boss        [beat extreme]
Grizzly         [kill alot of people]
Leopard         [be fast through the game]
Pig             [eat alot of rations]
Turtle          [go through the game very slowly]

Got any ratings info? mail me.

[info from various people and]

| Japanese <-> English differences                                                           3.0.4 |

The US version has a few differences, one secret:
Snake in a Tuxedo [beat the game at least twice, getting both endings]

It also has four difficulties:
Easy                                                                 [equal to the japanese version]
Normal                       [just a bit rougher, with less health given back and more damage given]
Hard                                                                 [like Normal but without radar]
Extreme                                              [insane, hardly any rations and TONS of damage]

The japanese torture sequence only had three torture sessions, the US version has four.

| Games Psycho Mantis react on                                                               3.0.5 |

Psycho Mantis can read your mind (ie your memory card) to see what games you like to play. If you
have saves from Konami games on your memory card he will say something like "ahh, you like ..."
Here's a list of the one's he react on, and the one's he doesn't.

Azure Dreams
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
International Superstar Soccer Pro '98
Silent Hill

| The Premium Package                                           [hey, i paid $123 for this!] 3.1.0 |

Those who pre-ordered the Metal Gear Solid import could throw in an additional $50 or so and
recieve the Premium Package, a big silver box with a bunch of promo stuff in it.

It contains:
Metal Gear Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake Music Collection [more info below]
Metal Gear Solid Classified              [Thick 60 page or so Artbook]
Metal Gear Solid T-Shirt                                 [pretty ugly]
Specially Issued Fox Hound Dogtag                             [small!]
Card Collection                             [what the hell are these?]

This box is pretty neat and a great collectors item, or a cool thing for any MGS fan to own.
The music collection is neat if you like old 8-bit songs, which I happen to do. Those older games
have got some pretty damn good songs, too bad I only ever played the NES version of Metal Gear
(it seems like no music from the MSX version was in the NES version, and this music collection is
from the MSX games). The artbook has to be the coolest thing about the whole package, it is huge
and the quality of everything in it is awesome. Print, paper, pictures, everything! It contains
info on the guys who made the game, the earlier Metal Gear games, characters, music and a slew of
other stuff. Noone should even mention the T-Shirt really, cause it's butt ugly. It's white with
some ugly silver/black print saying "MGS - Metal Gear SOLID" (not even the normal logo!). Dogtag
is cool I guess, it's pretty small and it's numbered. But these Manual Pages are pretty weird,
they come in a little black Sony envelope labeled "Card Collection", and my front cover had 003
written on it. Are these perhaps collectable? Maybe you can buy the binder and more pages
separately. The pages are basically more detailed manual pages, in green/white.

Music Collection track list:

METAL GEAR Yori                                        
1 Operation Intrude N313 (Opening BGM)                 [00:34]
2 Theme of Tara                                        [02:09]
3 -!- Red Alert                                        [01:43]*
4 Sneaking Mission                                     [01:52]
5 Mercenary (Boss BGM)                                 [01:12]*
6 TX-55 Metal Gear (Metal Gear ?? BGM)                 [01:11]*
7 Escape -Beyond Big Boss- (Last Battle  ~ ???? BGM)   [01:51]
8 Return of Fox Hounder (End Theme)                    [01:15]
9 Just Another Dead Soldier (Game Over BGM)            [00:08]
10 Theme of Solid Snake (Opening BGM1)                 [03:13]
11 Zanziber Breeze (Opening BGM2)                      [03:07]
12 Frequency 140.85                                    [02:25]
13 Level 3 Warning                                     [01:13]
14 Killers (Boss BGM4)                                 [01:37]
15 The Front Line                                      [02:10]*
16 Advance Immediately                                 [02:08]
17 Mechanic (Boss BGM2)                                [01:11]
18 Nighit Fall                                         [01:39]
19 Level 1 Warning                                     [02:19]*
20 Natarsha's Death                                    [02:21]
21 Zanziberland National Anthem                        [00:17]
22 Spiral                                              [01:33]*
23 Return                                              [02:20]
24 Farewell (End Demo 2)                               [01:52]
25 Disposable Life (Game Over BGM)                     [00:13]
26 Theme of Metal Gear                                 [00:53]*
27 Zanziber Breeze                                     [04:32]*
28 Policenauts -????- from Policenauts                 [01:56]
29 Danger Dance & Justice All from Snatcher            [02:05]*
* = the best songs

The Premium Package also comes with the game, naturally. It is a double jewel case with coated
paperback-ish covers, with the Metal Gear Solid logo in silver on the front. Inside there are the
black/white MGS discs. The manual is pretty cool and good looking, it is loaded with pics and in
full color. Bundled in here are also metallic stickers and a GensoSuikoden II demo disc + manual.

And no, the Suikoden II demo is not that much to get wet over. It sucks if you ask me.

| Rumours                                                                                    3.1.1 |

Rumours spreading around the internet, I've quoted some from e-mails I've gotten.

---+>> Justin Strauss wrote:

"In the fight with Mantis, there is another way to stop himfrom reading your mind. If you lose
against him in the fight, and die (I'm not sure how many times, it was my friend who died, not me)
you can do a special thing in the room in which you fight him. You can break those two white
statues in the room, and this will cut off his mind control, just as the second-controller bit

---+>> wrote:

"One question I have for you. A friend of mine who works for THQ told me that he heard from a THQ
connection at Konami that Konami Japan had originally intended to package MGS cigarettes with the
premium package (could that spot on the righthand side beneath the soundtrack been for them)but at
the last minute decided against it. I'm not quite sure if we're talking about real smokes or not
but wouldn't it be cool to smoke official Solid Snake smokes.

Initially Konami had CG scenes made (I have them on a demo I got from Buy Rite a long time ago
called Spring Preview. It was yellow and had a bunch of games on it. None playable). I heard this
footage was put in somewhere but it may be all a bunch of BS. CG isn't that important anyway."

---+>> Unknown (sorry! lost your mail!) wrote:

"While traveling back and forth an the freight elevator leading to the crows molten metal room
etc... master calls and tells you that naomi hunter maybe a spy,  you later learn that the shot
she gave you in the begining was called foxdie retrovirus.  the virus' effects on you somehow
depend on your DNA and will to live and your time to die (something to that effect, according to
my girl). everyone in the base is effected by foxdie, snake liquid, revolver, all the genom
soldiers (your enemies).

Naomi hunter wants revenge on snake for killing her brother (who is grey fox,ninja who adopted
her and saved her life, and who is snakes best friend). ninjas whole existance is based on
wanting to fight with snake.

Meryl is cambell's neice,  you learn later that she is really his daughter.

"Snake and liquid's father is big boss ( i think snake killed in in hte previous game). BUT...  big
boss' DNA was extracted during the 70's as part of a super soldier creation project.  Snake and
liquid were created in test tubes, along with about six others, but snake and liquid killed the
other sperm (whatever) and only they survived.  But if that was not enough to satisfy the us gov.
they wanted better so they took all of the good dna and put it in snake, and gave all the bad DNA
to liquid.  you learn that all the genom soldiers are snake and liquid's brothers from the

You also learn that the real reason for having the pal key to unlock metal gear and aquire the
STEALTH nuclear weapons (not just regular ones like your told in the begining) is to threaten the
us gov. so they will give liquid the cure to the foxdie retrovirus.  By now I guess you notice that
Master is really liquid and was leading a trail so you could unlock metal gear.

Otacon,  the stealth scientist,  is in love with wolf, the sniper."

[NOTE: I'm not sure how close to the truth all of this is, except for a few things I know for sure
      are right. But this all seems pretty right, doesn't it? Big thanks to whoever sent me this
      and his girlfriend! If you're reading this, e-mail me again and I'll put your name in!!]

Other rumours include: Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 playable, as a secret.
                      Ninja playable (I doubt this though, hidden character rumours are popular)

| Metal Gear Solid merchandise                                                               3.1.2 |

MGS merchandise is cool. Anyone who claims otherwise is wrong! :)

So far I've seen:
Metal Gear Solid Premium Package (counts as merchandise)
A Zippo lighter
A Cap
The music sampler CD (pre-order gift from EB)

I've also heard of:
A new T-shirt (babbages pre-order gift)
Note Pad (babbages pre-order gift)

Anyone have any pictures or info on merchandise, e-mail me. If you know any place online where I
can pick up a copy of the sampler CD (EB pre-order gift) without purchasing the US version, a Cap,
a Zippo and the Babbages pre-order gifts, all without buying the US version. E-mail me right this
minute! ^-^

[see, I can't afford to pay another $50 for just the game and some CD or notepad or whatever]

| Reader tips                                                                                3.1.3 |

This is the section where I quote people who have sent me e-mails with different tips, I quote them
because it might be awkward to fit the info in to the FAQ any other place, or because it's better
written than what I could've done. If your info is in here with the wrong name, or you want to be
referred to as something else; e-mail me again and tell me! Much thanks to the guys who helped me,
and their japanese girlfriends.

---+>> Justin Strauss wrote:

"Also, is a ghost picture that you can get from taking a picture of Meryl. It is actually at a time
that she is on the move, not standing still, but you CAN use the camera on her, and it will freeze
her in place when you do, obviously. See if you can find it. Also, "Deep Throat" is ORIGINALLY
from the Richard Nixon "Water Gate" scandal in America. Deep Throat was an informant who revealed
key facts to reporters, and never revealed his name. There was a joke about this character on the
sitcom "Murphy Brown." The X-files used this as an imitation of the Nixon case as well, though in
a serious and similar way as the real person.

If you sneeze near a guard, he will hear you and search for you, just like when you slam your hand
on walls."

---+>> Leon wrote:

"Did you mention the item "medicine" that you can find in level B1 of the nuclear storage (it's in
a room that requires level 6 passcard, in the room just south of the woman's restroom).  As for
what it exactly does, I'm not sure (I know that it restores health, but dunno how much health it
restores).  And speaking of women's restrooms, the programmers put in a neat little detail - along
each woman's toilet, they put a small receptacle for women's sanitary napkins (Japanese women use
these - my Japanese girlfriend has one!).

you can also pick up the body armor earlier on in the game in the electrified corridor area (b2 of
the nuclear storage area).  You just need a level 6 passcard to get it (then the body armor won't
be in the molten steel area later on in the game)."

---+>> Narong Jongpakdee-aksorn wrote:

"I believe you might have heard about the Infrared gimmick of Sony Camcorder "0-lux Night Shot"...
Well, NVG. also serve the same dirty function!! When you found Meryl as a disguised guard in
Women's room. Equip your NVG....and look at her...her top will be almost as thin as paper.
then you...will...notice...that......argh...oh..uh...f..o..x.........die................. after she took off her uniform......

Notice this also when play MGS for THE SECOND ROUND...(I don't know that anyone has yet told you..)
When Snake follow a guard into women rest room... Snake found a guard shirt and PANTS and boots....
and...Meryl pointed a gun to him.......She only had her UNDERPANT on....!!! I believe there might
be other things (like this...!) in the game which we haven't found out yet!!!"

[NOTE: Seeing through her top obviously doesn't work, since I tried it. Maybe I was doing something
      wrong? I'm still a skeptic. The second one is true though, she doesn't have pants on there]

| Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack                                                  3.1.4 |

Konami released the MGS soundtrack in Japan on September 23rd 1998. It has 21 tracks, 19 from the
game and two bonus tracks.

The CD comes in two kinds; normal and the Special Box. The Special Box is just the normal version
in a silvery cardboard case. That's the only difference I know of anyway. Inside the jewel case,
there's the CD a four-page booklet and an ad, a survey form and one of those little tab things
japanese cd's always seem to have folded around their left sides.

Inside the four page booklet there are pictures of Liquid Snake, Solid Snake and Metal Gear REX,
the picture of REX has the following four words written on it; Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and
Cytosine. If anyone knows what that's supposed to mean, please tell me.

The front cover of the soundtrack is a picture of Liquid and Solid Snake in silvery colors, the
CD itself is silver with white text on it.

Serial No. KICA7895
2,243 Yen (Tax included)

01 Metal Gear Solid Main Theme
02 Introduction
03 Discovery
04 Cavern
05 Intruder 1
06 Encounter
07 Intruder 2
08 Warhead Storage
09 Intruder 3
10 Mantis' Hymn
11 Hind D
12 Duel
13 Enclosure
14 Blast Furnace
15 Colosseo
16 Rex's Lair
17 Escape
18 End Title / The Best is Yet to Come
19 VR Training
20 Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (1997 E3 Edit)
21 Metal Gear Solid Control Mix [mixed by Quadra]

<<+--- The Best is Yet to Come [english lyrics]

transcribed EXACTLY like they're written in the booklet, including the bad grammar and
spelling mistakes!:

Do you remember the time
when little thing made you happy

Do you remember the time
when simple thing made you smile

Life can be wonderful
if you let it be

Life can be simple
if you try

Whatever happend to those day?
Whatever happend to those night?

Do you remember the time
when little thing made you sad

Do you remember the time
when simple thing made you cry

Is it just me
is it just us

Felling lost in this world?

Why do we have to hurt each other
Why do we have to shed tears?

Life can be beautiful
if you try

Life can be joyful
if we try

Tell me
I'm not alone

Tell me
we are not alone in this world
fighting against the wind

Do you remember the time
when simple thing made you happy

| All that other crap that noone ever reads anyway                                                 |

Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Snake Solid, Snake's Revenge and any other names written in this
document are (c) Konami or their respective owners. All other above text is (c) Johan Henriksson
1998, no reprinting or selling allowed under any circumstances. This was written for free,
distributed for free, and you should have gotten this for free. If you didn't, you're a sucker ^-^

useless info: I ate massive amounts of Ramen and watched alot of Anime the last few weeks.
             My first time through this game i got a total time of 7:40 and the rating "Grizzly"
             Second time i made it in 3:31 and advanced to "Leopard", I lost track after that.
             I really suck at VR training, and at beating certain bosses (GRR*HIND*GRR)

Leo of deserves a "Hi!" and a "Thanks!" for being like the only other MGS pimp around
I can communicate with. :)

many thanks to my real life friends (you know who you are, if you'd ever read this! :), and
equally as many thanks to my "IRC friends" which I have made and abandoned over the years.
hiya gloone, scumdog, shonen, post & the satimg crew, darklore, the #av crew, my really old homies
who I never see anymore from #ansi and #sweart. I would also love to thank Konami and The Rage,
one for making the game and one for delivering it in 4 (!) days! A big thanks should go out to
the japanese culture, for bringing me anime which always seems to get me in a very good mood.

FFLG power!@

The biggest Fuck You ever to mr Jonathan Leissler (or whatever his name is) for stealing my FAQ,
calling it his and posting it all over the web, basically. I hate you and I really wish you the
worst. If you ever see this, and if you ever dear creep out from under the rock where you live and
say that you were wrong for stealing this, post an apology. Clear both our names and your consience.
But what am I saying, how can a heartless motherfucker like you care about what happens to me?
As long as you get your 15 minutes of shame, right?

Other games I've played as much as MGS (or beaten with a perfect score, whichever comes first):
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Dracula X Gekka no Nocturne)
Choro Q Marine Q Boat
Final Fantasy VII
MegaMan Legends  
Spyro the Dragon  
Numerous NES classics, back in the day

                 _ ___ _  _                                             _  __  ___ _ _
                / /                                                                 \ \
               ( ( 06 21 14 14 25   06 21 14 14 25   12 09 20 20 12 05   07 09 18 12 ) )
                \_\____ _ _    _                                           _  _ ____/_/

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