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Mega Man Legends

Boss Guide
By Ed the Moogle
Version 1.0

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This is a really good game! If you're a Mega Man fan, it's not to be

Big Reaverbot (introduction stage): This guy is really easy. Just keep
circling him and firing. He'll never hit you.

Servbot Tanks: You don't have to destroy all three of them. Just watch
them and keep track of which one has the key. When you see one of them
throw it to another one, destroy that tank as quickly as you can and grab
the key to win the battle. Watch out for the red one, though, it dishes
out the punishment! Watch out for the flying units. Don't bother shooting
at them, just run between some buildings when they attack.

Tron Bonne's tank: Jump or roll out of the way of it's bullets and return
fire at it's body. Don't bother aiming for the legs, they won't take
damage. When it begins spinning and firing bombs or bullets, jump it's
shots and get a few hits off. Don't try hiding behind buildings, it'll
just blow them up. You may want to try kicking the soda machines if you
run low on life energy (they give you free soda sometimes).

Bon Bonne: First, destroy the robots and the ships that drop them. Then
Bon will attack. Circle him and keep firing. He'll never get a hit off.

Marlwolf: First, fire at the treads to slow it down. Then hop up on the
ledge. When the back hatch opens, jump onto the tank and slide a mine
into it to do some major damage. Then retreat and roll to avoid it's
counter attack (the big green blast). Fire down it's missiles and
retreat. Try not to get involved with the small tanks that aren't in your

Pirates' Submarine: At first you won't be able to damage it, so just
concentrate on defending the boat from attack. When you retreat into the
lake, fire on it's weapons to damage it. When it turns around and reveals
a big cannon (that fires big green bursts that do major damage), keep
firing on it to prevent it from damaging your boat.

Refractor Guardian: Jump when it leaps at you to avoid it and keep firing
on the head. Jump to avoid it's shockwave attack. Be sure to use the
Energy Canteen when you run low on life.

Wolf Reaverbots: This is a tough battle. You have to take on three of
them at once. Try to keep circling them. Concentrate your fire on one of
them at a time. Try to beat all three at once and you'll be the one
getting beat.

Bruno: The trick to winning this battle is to get some distance between
you and Bruno. Fire at it's mid-section to damage it. Try to jump on top
of some buildings and fire from a distance. Once again, don't try to hide
behind buildings or he'll just blow them down.

Reaverbot Tank: Destroy some of the Reaverbots it spits out to make it
open the back hatch, then fire into the back hatch to damage it. Keep it
up until you destroy one of the segments. Then do the same for the other
two to destroy the tank.

MegaMan Juno: This guy teleports around a lot. Avoid his laser beams when
he spins around and when he fires his arms at you. Keep circling him and
firing on his body. When he flies straight at you, roll out of the way.
When he jumps in the air and slams down, get out of the way to avoid the
resulting explosion. When he appears after several explosions go off,
jump to avoid the shockwave that will follow.

Megaman Juno/Ultimate Reaverbot: Keep circling him and avoid his attack.
Jump to avoid the big fireballs he throws at you and roll to avoid his
charge. After you've done enough damage he'll get really mad and create a
shockwave, followed by several lasers. Jump to avoid the shockwave and
avoid the many lasers that follow by running. This is a tough battle.
Keep it up and you'll beat him and win the game!

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