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Magic Knight      
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1. Updates
2. Story
3. Characters
4. Walkthrough
5. Magic List
6. Credits

           1. Updates

v0.1 - 5/99

* finished walkthrough
* added characters, story, magic list, and credits
* updated the walkthrough - added treasure and boss sections
* kind of went overboard and wrote down ALL the characters :)

           2. Story

 This game starts with three girls being transported to a different world by a
wish from Princess Emeraude. They meet Clef who tells them why they were
transported here. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu were transported to Cephiro by Princess
Emeraude's wish. Princess Emeraude, who was kidnapped by the evil Priest Zagato
is being held captive in the Cephiro Pillar. There, she wished that three girls
would come and become Magic Knights to Cephiro and herself. Now Hikaru, Umi, and
Fuu are relentlessly trying to find a way to get Princess Emeraude back and
restore peace throughout Cephiro. Its up to you to save the world from the Evil
Priest Zagato.

           3. Characters
The Good Guys
Hikaru Shidou -
 One of the Magic Knights brought to Cephiro. Has red hair and posseses Fire
magic given to her by Clef. She uses the sword as her weapon and is very skilled
at it.  Hikaru is 14 years old, in the 9th grade and is born on August 8.
Umi Ryuuzaki -
 One of the Magic Knights brought to Cephiro. Has blue hair and posseses Water
magic given to her by Clef. She uses the rapier as her weapon. Umi is 14 years
old, in the 9th grade and is born on March 3.
Fuu Hououji-
 One of the Magic Knights brought to Cephiro. Has blond hair and posseses Wind
magic given to her by Clef. She uses the bow and arrow as her weapon. Fuu is 14
years old, in the 9th grade and is born on December 12.
Clef -
 Old sorceror who leads the Knights on their way to save Princess Emeraude.
Princess Emeraude -
 Princess of Cephiro who has the most power in the world. She was kidnapped by
Priest Zagato and is now being held captive in the Cephiro Pillar.
Mokona -
 Little rabbit like creature that helps the Knights find there way around.
Given to Presea by Clef, this creature can be very helpful. Can only talk by
saying "Puu"
Presea -
 A swordsmith who makes weapons for the Magic Knights after they find the metal
they need to make them with.
Lafarga -
 Body guard of Princess who has sworn to get her back.
Ferio -
 Brother of the Princess who has gone off to find Escudo so he can become a
Magic Knight as well. Meets up with real Magic Knights and gives up his quest.
Ascot -
 At first, Ascot is part of Zagato's henchmen, but then this young boy realizes
what he doing is bad and joins the Magic Knights in their quest to find the
mashins and revive them. She can summon monsters to help her in battles.
Miss Caldina -
 Used to WORK for Zagato, but can be hired for good by Magic Knights.

The Bad Guys
Priest Zagato -
 Has 2nd most power in Cephiro next to Princess Emeraude, plans to destroy the
Magic Knights
Inouva -
 Zagato's right hand man who Zagato calls upon to do his bidding
Alicione -
 One of Zagato's hench women, she was given magic by Clef and is destroyed by
the Magic Knights

Celes -
 Dragon mashin which dives into Umi and gives her its power.
Windam -
 Four-winged bird which dives into Fuu and gives her its power.
 A fire-mane, wolf-lion mashin which dives into Hikaru and gives her its power.
Zagato Mashin
 A mashin made just for the purpose of killing the magic knights.
Emeraude Mashin
 Princess Emeraude's "avenger" mashin!

           4. Walkthrough

1. Forest of Elel
Treasure: Treasure Box
Boss: Alicione
 You start off by waking up thinking you came from a field trip from Tokyo
Tower. All the characters are introduced and then a young looking person
appears. This person, by the name of Clef tells you that you are in another
world, and the only way to get back is to get the treasure chest in the forest
south of where you stand. After he's done talking and gives you 6 life cubes,
talk to him and he will restore your hp/mp. Then go south into the two little
palm trees. Wow, you reached The Forest of Elel! The monsters here aren't very
hard, just frogs and bees. When you walk in, you will find a save point where
you can save your game. Then you see a small tree in the middle of the road. GO
in front of it and a fairy will talk to you. She says to go between the pink and
orange flowers. After she's finished talking, just keep going straight through
the path till you reach the pink and orange flowers. A hole will open in the
tree and you will appear in another area. Ignore all the left and right turning
paths until you reach a pond. The pond will recover your hp/mp so use it. If you
walk behind the pond, you will find out that the treasure box is on the other
side of it, so go and get it. Once you retreive it, you will "flash" back to the
 You are south of the two trees now, so make your way back to where you met
Clef. Talk to Clef and he will tell you the only way to get back is by becoming
the Magic Knights and getting back Princess Emeraude. After a while of talking,
Clef will give Huikaru (the red head) FIRE magic, but will not give the others
because of a sudden attack of Priest Zagato. Alicione comes and Clef sends you
off on a Griffin to find Puresea's House while he defends himself against a two
headed dog. Alicione goes after you and eventually catches up to you and fights
you. When you land you will be north of a village and your Griffin will

Boss: Alicione HP-????
 Just use Hikaru's newly learned FireShot and there shouldn't be a problem.

2. Village/Presea's House
 Go into the village and talk to the people to get some info. Then head east
across the bridge - from there keep going up the stairs till you see a big
house, which should be Presea's House. You see no one's at the house at the
moment, so enter. As you go in, take a left and you'll be captured by Mokona, a
rabbit like creature. Then Presea will introduce herself and find out that you
are not from this world. She then will bring you to a room where she gives you
temporary weapons. These weapons are only for borrow, so she sends you out to
find a different metal to make weapons - Escudo. Here Mokona joins your party to
show you the way through the Forest of Silence. After you exit you meet Lafarga
who is Princess Emeraude's body guard who has sworn to get the Princess back.

3. Forest of Silence
Boss: Death Flower (x2), Alicione
Treasure: Earrings (you get from Ferio)
 To get here go to the forest you see in the east and go into the two palm
trees. You need to go through here to reach the Spring of Eterna. When you enter
Mokona opens up a tent and you go to sleep to bring your HP and MP back up. You
then enter the forest and talk to Mokona to find out which way to go. It seems
Mokona doesn't know and the path has dissappeared. Go west until you find a path
leading north (shouldn't take you long) you see a plant monster, and a save
spot. First save your game then fight the monster. This monster isn't too tough,
regular attacks will do the trick. After you defeat the monster, another one
comes, but luckily for you a young man comes and defeats it. He then joins your
party to find Eterna. Follow the path where Mokona points. Keep going until you
reach a more difficult plant monster. After following the path for a while, you
reach Alicione. Umi trys to fight by herself, but is suprised and brought down,
same with Hikaru. Clef (with Mokona) then gives Umi her magic power - WATER to
help Hikaru defeat Alicione. Then the three Magic Knights fight together against
Alicione. After you defeat her, Ferio leaves your party, because he realizes
that you are the real magic knights. Ferio wanted to become a magic knight, but
now he knows that you are the genuine things so he leaves. Before he leaves he
gives earrings to Fuu, and then waves good bye. Also after the fight, Clef (with
Mokona again) gives Fuu her magical power - WIND. With this power, Fuu heals the
party and everyone's HP and MP is back to normal. You appear on the other side
of the two palm trees. Now make your way to the Spring of Eterna

Boss: Death Flower (x2) HP-????
 Just use regular attacks, both monsters should be killed easily.

Boss: Alicione HP-about 5000-6000
 This time Alicione is a little more difficult. Use Umi's Water Dragon (W.
Dragon) and Hikaru's Fire Robe. Have Fuu heal your party with the healing cubes.

4. Spring of Eterna
 Once you get in, jump into the pool and then a little scene will happen Zagato
banishing Alicione because of her weakness. Then you have to choose a character
to play as because all of the characters got seperated. I'll just go in order of

Hikaru's Scenario-
Boss: Fake Hikari
Treasures: Soul Core, Star Cube (x3)
 In Hikaru's scenario, she is alone in a place that is not what it seems.
Follow the path to get the treasure chest. When you get back look at the wall
and it will crumble. Just follow the path to the other treasure chest and get
it. Now look at the walls very closely. The ones with with little white dots
(other than the big white ones) will crumble - took me a while to figure that
out :). Now just keep following the path where the wall crumbles until you reach
a save spot, this is a little more tricky. The pattern is getting a little more
difficult, but keep following it and looking for white dots. Once you gwet to
the end a dog will attack you. Hikaru will recognize it as Hikari, her dog from
her world. Princess Emeraude appears and she tells her to use her mind and think
that it is a fake Hikari, because her dog would never attack her. You then fight
the dog and the scenario ends.

Boss: Hikari HP-2000 Weakness-????
 Use your Meteor or Fire Robe which do 700-1000 damage, but also attack with
your sword. You should beat this boss easily with magic/sword combo.

Umi's Scenario -
Boss: Umi's Parents
Treasures: Life Full, Star Cube (x2)
 Umi realizes that she is alone also and hears a voice telling her to follow
the path. Again follow the path with the small white dots. This time you'll see
bigger white dots which indicate two difficult enemies. Look at the wall if you
want to fight them. Keep going and you'll see a save point which tells you you
are on the right path. Take your time to level up if you wish. After you are
done follow the path until there is a right turn. Go right and follow the path.
Look closely at the dots so you can get to the treasure safely. Once you get the
treasure go back and take the north path. Keep going and you'll reach another
treasure chest. As always just keep following the path. Shortly after the
treasure chest you should reach Umi's parents who will attack Umi. After you
beat them, the scenario will end.

Boss: Umi's Mom, Umi's Dad HP-1500 each
 Use Sea Wave twice and that should be the end of them.

Fuu's Scenario
Boss: Fuu
Treasures: WindCore (x5), Star Cube (x3)
 Just follow the path to the treasure chest and notice the white dots again on
the wall. As always just keep following the path. After a while you'll reach a
save point, again level up if desired. Just a little bit to the east from the
save point is another treasure chest, grab it :) At the end you'll fight Fuu.
Fuu is an exact copy of herself. If you notice, in all the Scenario's, the Magic
Knight's are fighting what the love most. After you beat Fuu, the scenario will

Boss: Fuu HP-about 2000
 Be careful each time you attack her, you get hurt as seems when you
use magic on her you do not get hurt though... So use Wind Fury and attack with
your bow. Heal when necessary.

After you beat all the bosses, Presea will come to the Spring of Eterna and make
you all swords out of the Escudo you got by beating the thing most precious to
you. She will tell you to head for the sea shore, so that's where you go! :)

5. Village
 Go south across the bridge with the Red Gem on it that you can now pass
through. A little farther way south, you reach a village. Talk to the people and
get some info, buy some things in the item shop. Then head south to the South

6. South Seashore
 Once you get to a big sand of beach, you have reached the South Seashore.
Here, Mokona will make a "Flying Cup" and you get on. When you are flying, the
wings stop flapping and you fall into the sea.

7. Under the Sea
Boss: Fezier
Treasures: Star Cube (x5), FuseCore (x9), Smoke (x3), Root Cube, PoisSeed (x2)
 Once you get here, go left and right to get the treasures. The monsters here
are pretty tough, so use magic. After you get the treasure on the right, the 2nd
door fromt he right will lead you to the next level. The best way to beat the
monsters is Fuu's Wind Fury, then regular attack. On the second level, again
there is a treasure chest to the right and a save spot to the left. I suggest
you level up at the save spot to become stronger and beat the monsters more
easily. Get your characters all to at least level 19-21 and have them all know
at least 6 magic attacks. After you are satisfied/or at these levels, go to the
next level by going through the passageway on the very right. When you get to
the thrid level go all the way to the left to get the treasure chest, then
continue on the path going north. Once you get to the intersection where there
are three paths, go left, then north. After you are in a cave like place with
lots of doors. Go all the way to the west until you see a treasure chest, take
it and then save your game at the save spot. Again, level up if desired. Then go
to the second door from the left to get out of that area. Walk straight on the
bridge until you reach the "Temple of Water." Umi says that a mashin sleeps here
and then dissapears. You decide to look for her and go in.
 It appears that there are no monsters in here. Walk straight and search the
two chests in the left and the one chest on the right to get their treasures.
Then continue straight an you will see a dragon and Umi. The dragon, called
Celes is a mashin that only the Magic Knights are allowed to touch. Then Ascot
appears, another one of Zagato's henchmen, and sends Maxima's after you, luckily
you destroy them all (not even needing to battle!). Then Ascot will send out
Fezier to battle Umi alone. After you defeat Fezier, Ascot will find out that
was he was doing was wrong and apoligizes to his "Maxima Friends" and to the
Magic Knights. Then Celes "dives" into Umi and her sword and armor changes. Then
Ascot tells you where the other Mashin's are - in the mountains of the floating
land. He then joins your party. After that you see a scene where Caldina is
called on by Zagato to destroy the Knights

Boss: Fezier HP-5500
 Use SeaGuard to guard his attacks and attack with IceDance. 3x of IceDance
should kill him easily, heal with Cubes if needed.

8. Village (again)
Boss: Death Flower (x3)
 Once you get in town a woman will be attacked by 3 Death Flowers. You then
battle the Death Flowers and help the woman. Another Death Flower appears, but
Ascot defeats it with Maxima. Ascot is then pounded on by the people because he
is a summoner, but Umi defends him and so does the old woman for helping her.
Now exit the village and go up to the mountain with the path on it.

Boss: Death Flower (x3) HP-????
 Use Ascot's Maxima, Hikaru's Red Wave, Fuu's Wind Fury, and Umi's Ice Dance,
and they should all be dead in one turn.

9. Mountain of No Return
 The door is locked, go back to the village.

10. Village (once again)
Treasures: get the "Gate Key" from the Elder
 Go to the elder's house and get the "Gate Key", now go back to the mountain.

11. Mountain of No Return
Treasures: FuseCore (x5), FireCore (x2), StarCube (x3), LifeFull (x3)
 Go straight until you reach the stairs (shouldn't take long :]). First go to
the cave on the far right and go in to get the treasure. After you have done
that, go to the far left and go into the cave to get another treasure. Then take
the second stairs from the left to go to a recovery spring in a cave if you
wish. I again suggest leveling up to at least lvl 27. Once you're done, go back
down the stairs from where you came, the path going up is a dead end. Now take
the 2nd stair from the right going up. Go into the cave and grab the treasure
chest, then continue heading up. You should see another cave on your right, grab
it then head on out and take the stairs going to another cave if you want to
reach another recovery spring. Then go to the stairs leading to the top of the
mountain. Here you will be sucked up by a tornado bringing you to the Maze of

12. Maze of Wind
Boss: Miss Caldina, Hikaru, Umi
Treasures: LifeCube (x7), StarCube (x5), StarFull, RootCube, LifeFull
 Follow Mokona! When the path cuts where you can either take south west or
north, take the south west path. Keep going and step on the warper which will
warp you to two treasure chests and another "warper." Step on the other warper
and you'll arrive on another warper. We'll call this warper "original1." Now
take the south path until you reach another warper. Continue forward and step on
the warper in the east which will warp you to another treasure chest. After you
grab the treasure chest, step on the warper again and continue north and step on
that warper. Go west and you will be back at original1 warper.
 Now go back and take the NORTH path and step on the warper. It will bring you
to another warper - go south and step on the other one. Follow the path and take
the SECOND north path to step on the warpers. (the first will bring you to the
end of the dungeon, but you want to get all the treasures don't you? :|) Take
all three paths to get 4 treasure chests. After getting the treasure, take the
first north path to get to the end of the "maze" and find Mokona. Now its Fuu's
turn to step up and say that this is the "Temple of the Sky" and a mashin is
inside, and dissapear inside the temple. Ascot now leaves your party to go to
the old lady he saved and Hikaru and Umi go in alone. Caldina is waiting inside
for them and attacks you. She then dissapears, but is not defeated. After
fighting her, go to the left and right to get the treasures, then continue going
straight. You then see Windam, the four-wing bird Wind mashin, and Fuu. Then
Caldina will appear again and make Hikaru and Umi fight you because they are
under a trance. In the fight let Umi and Hikaru kill you! Then you will fight
Caldina, but don't worry, you will have full hp/mp. Use WindVeil to guard
attacks and attack with regular attack and WindFury. Then Caldina will realize
what she is doing is wrong. Windam will then jump into Fuu and her armor and
sword will change. Now you will see a scene with Zagato looking into a pool of
water - which is Princess Emeraude! Lafarga then shows up and challenges Zagato,
but Zagato is too powerful and turns Lafarga into one of his minions. The scene
cuts back to the Magic Knights and Miss Caldina joins your party - for 30,000.
If you have the gold to spare get her, I mean, what will you spend on with the
gold anyway? Now head northwest to the Volcano where the last Mashin sleeps.

Boss: Miss Caldina HP-about 8000
 Have Umi use Sea Guard on both of you to guard her attacks. Then let Hikaru
attack her with Flash and Umi attack her with IceDance.

13. Village (yet again)
Treasures: Orb of Maxima
 Go into the old lady's house and talk to Ascot. He will give you the Orb of
Maxima which allows you to summon monsters. After head west across the bridge to
the other continent. Then keep going west until you see a bridge heading north.
Take that bridge to the other continent and you will find the Volcano.

14. Volcano
Treasures: SoulCore (x4), Smoke, RootCube (x4), WindCore (x2), StarCube (x3),
WaveCore (x4), StarFull, PasaSeed (x4), FireCore (x2), LifeCube, SoftSeed,
PoisSeed, FuseCore (x3)
 Go in, and go to the cave that is right in front of you, then go to the far
right into the cave to get a treasure chest. After doing that go to the far left
to go up the stairs. Then go to the far right and go the stairs to another cave
to get another treasure chest. Now take the stairs right in front of the start
point of this stair level to reach a cave with a healing spring in it. Level up
is desired. Now go back down and east a bit till you reach a stair going down.
Take that stair going down and take the stair going up right next to it. This
will lead you to a dungeon. Go to the right and up and you'll get some
information saying, "The Holy Road continues beyond the wall..." Then after
you've read that, go back and take the left turn. Keep going until you reach an
intersection that goes north and east. Take the east path first. Then take the
path on the right which will lead you to a button. Press it and the "lava
waterfall" will dissapear and open a door. Do the same to the next one after
that, and that one after that one. The last door on the left side contains a
treasure chest grab it, then take the next door. The next door after that one
also contains a treasure chest, so take the last door, the exit. Go in and take
the path on the left and keep going left until you reach a treasure chest. Get
it! then continue on the path going right until you reach the end. The end has a
treasure chest so grab it then go left again. A save spot should be in the
middle of the path, so save your game. Continue and you'll reach several doors.
The first door leads to another dungeon, so go to the third door which holds a
treasure chest (2nd door has nothing in it). Then travel to the end where you'll
get a treasure chest and go inside the door to get yet another treasure chest.
Now travel back to the first door and go in. Just follow the path and you should
reach a treasure chest. After getting the chest follow the path and go up the
stairs. You have reached the Temple of Fire! Hikaru now does what the other
magic knights did and dissapears. Because of a mysterious force, you can't get
in the temple. Lafarga then appears and attacks you. LET HIM KILL YOU, if you
don't you'll have to fight him over and over again. Then the scene cuts to
Hikaru who is inside the temple with the mashin "Rayearth" calling her. As
always in a temple, go to the left and right getting the treasures then go for
the mashin. Rayearth tells you that you can't become a Magic Knight yet because
your friends wait outside helpless. Gather the treasures where the mashin sits
then go back for Umi and Fuu. Here Lafarga attacks you, but you don't have a
chance to attack back. Then Rayearth appears and tells you to let your friends
die (a test most likely :]), but Hikaru won't let her friends die and attacks
Lafarga. After the fight with Lafarga, Rayearth sees your true power by
protecting your friends. He then gives you its power and now all three of you
are Magic Knights! If you have Caldina in your party, she now leaves in a flying
cup to the nearest town. After she does that, Lafarga joins your party and you
see a little scene with Inouva and Zagato with Inouva saying that he'll protect
Zagato no matter what the cost.

Boss: Lafarga (fighting with Hikaru) HP-about 16000
 Use Hikaru's flash and that's about all you can do to attack him good. Use
StarCubes and LifeCubes when needed.

15. Lake
 Head for the lake as Lafarga told you. It should be just across the bridge at
to the east. Once you are there, Mokona will make another flying cup to fly you
to the island with the cave on it to go into Zagato's castle.

16. Cave
Treasures: LifeFull, LifeCube, StarCube
 Go down the stairs on the island to get to the cave. Follow the path until you
reach a spot where you can either go north or east. Take the east path to get a
treasure chest, then go back up the north path. Follow the path again until you
reach a place where you can either go south or west. Take the west path to get
another treasure chest, then go south from THAT path. From this path you should
reach another treasure chest. Keep following this path until you reach a warper.
Take the warper to the Mirror Maze if you are ready.

17. Mirror Maze
Boss: Inouva, Keviroth
Treasures: StarFull (x7), LifeFull (x4), SoulCore (x2), FuseCore (x2)
 Look closely at the mirrors the mirror in between two mirrors on your left
will let you go through. Those are the kind of mirrors that let you pass - so
keep an eye out for those. Go through the center mirror that was an example. Go
through the second mirror from the right to get a treasure chest. Now go back
and go all the way to the left. Go through the last mirror and turn right, there
should be a path that leads to the save spot. Use the save spot and LEVEL UP. I
advise you to get the magic knights to lvl 45 and get Lafarga to at least level
40. After leveling up, go up the stairs and to the left to get a treasure chest.
There is also another treasure chest to the right. After getting the treasure
chests, continue on the path going south. Go to the right to obtain another
treasure chest, but be careful, you can be pushed down to another floor by a
trap. There is nothing on the left side, so don't worry and continue on the
path. When there are two paths leading east, take the second path and don't
worry about the first. Taking the second path will lead you to more mirrors. Use
the mirror on the very to gain access to another room with more mirrors. From
here take the mirror on the very left, and you're in the treasure room! :) Grab
the treasures and go back. Then take the mirror path going south to get you to
even more treasures, now go back and finally go on the north path. This will
lead you to Inouva. Inouva attacks you. After you beat it, it turns into a two
headed wolf. After you beat that, continue on the path and soon Lafarga will say
that its time to invade Zagato's castle. The knights are too affable and lets
Lafarga leave their party because they don't want him involved. The Magic
Knights then head into the castle.
Boss: Inouva HP-????
 Use Hikaru's FireEdge, Umi's BlueFang, and have Fuu use JadeWing and HolyWind
to protect and heal. Have Lafarga just attack.

Boss: Keviroth HP-????
 Use same strategy as you did with Inouva

18. Zagato's Castle
Boss: Alicione, Keviroth (x2), Zagato, Zagato Mashin, Emeraude Mashin
Treasures: RootCube (x3), LifeFull (x3), StarCube (x8), LifeCube (x5), StarFull
 Once you go in there will be a save spot to save your game. After you do that
and proceed forward, Alicione will appear and tell you the only way that she can
quell Zagato's anger is by defeating you. You fight Alicione and two Keviroths,
after you beat them, Alicione will run to Zagato crying.
 Go down the white carpet and into the castle. You then will see a scene where
Alicione storms into the room where Princess Emeraude is being held. She gets
all pissed and stuff and Zagato destroys her. Then Zagato goes after the Magic
Knights alone.
 Now that you are in the castle, search around. Go into the door to your left
where you will fnid a treasure chest. Then take the route going north to the
left of the place where you got the treasure chest. Continue until you reach a
room where you can either go north or take the stairs. Take the stairs. Then
follow the path and go south to get a treasure chest, then go back and take the
east path. Continue and you'll reach a gold treasure chest, take the contents
and keep going by taking the stairs downward and going north. You reach a place
with three doors. Take the last door to get a treasure chest, the head south
(other two doors have nothing). Soon you'll run into another stair case, take
it. If you keep following the path you'll reach yet another stair case - again
take it. From here go south to get a treasure chest, then take the north path.
Keep going, go through the stair case and take the south path. Follow this path
and go to the west side and you'll reach another stair case. Again, use this
stair case. Just follow the path and you'll reach a save spot (FINALLY). Save
your game and level up to lvl 54-55.  After you're done, continue on the path
and grab the treasure chests. Here you'll meet Zagato. After you defeat him, a
Zagato Mashin will appear made just to kill you (how nice). Defeat it then head
toward the Pillar. Inside a something odd is happening to Emeraude. She has
turned into the Emeraude Mashin! This is because she was never kidnapped. She
locked herself inside the pillar to pray, but never could get her mind off of
Zagato because she loved him. Now that you killed Zagato, she's after you. The
first time you fight Emeraude Mashin you can't harm her, so just let her kill
you. After this Princess Emeraude will appear and tell you to kill her...its the
only way that she could be with her true love. Now, kill Emeraude Mashin and
you'll return to a different place.

Boss: Keviroth (x2), Alicione HP-A LOT
 Start off with JadeWing to protect your party. Then have Hikaru use RedHelix,
Umi use AokiYell, and Fuu use JadeRage to attack and kill the two Keviroths.
Heal when needed - especially when the dogs fire burn you and Alicione ices you.
Heal with HolyWind - works great. Once Alicione is alone, use FireEdge, BlueFang
and JadeRage.

Boss: Zagato HP-????
 Use JadeWing to protect and attack with FireEdge, BlueFang and JadeRage. Heal
with HolyWind when necessary.

Boss: Zagato Mashin HP-????
 This guy isn't very tough, just looks big :) Use same strategy as above.

Boss: Emeraude Mashin HP-????
 Protect with JadeWing and attack with Fire Edge, BlueFang and JadeRage. Heal
when she attacks you, it does 1000+ damage.

THE END! Sit back and ENJOY it! You beat the game!

           5. Magic List


Name         MP Cost     Effect
FireShot     3           Shoot a fire arrow          
RedBolt      6           Shock with red lightning
FireRobe     6           Envelope in flames
Meteor       10          Blast with meteors
SakaFire     10          Wrap in fiery pillars
RedWave      18          Burn with hot waves
HellFire     20          Blast with hot lava
Flash        30          Consume in holy light
FireClaw     20          Cut with Rayearth's claws
FireHowl     30          Attack with Rayearth's breath
RedHelix     35          Consume in a fire helix
FireEdge     40          Cut with Rayearth's sword


Name         MP Cost     Effect
W.Dragon     3           Attack with a water dragon
Tornado      6           Ravage with a tornado
SeaWave      12          Cover in a tsunami
Cascade      12          Consume in water
SeaBlade     18          Cut with sharp water
IceDance     25          Attack with an ice blizzard
SeaGuard     15          Defend with a wall of water
AnaChain     20          Stun with a chain of water
HolyFist     20          Punch with Celes's fist
BlueHate     30          Attack with a ring of water
AokiYell     35          Attack with Celes's rage
BlueFang     40          Cut with Celes's sword


Name         MP Cost     Effect
HealWind     2           Heal with holy wind          
WindSong     2           Restore allies to normal
JadeGale     8           Slice with a whirlwind
WindFury     15          Blow with a fierce wind
WindVeil     5           Defend with a wall of air
WindSoul     15          Revive allies from swoon
DoomWind     20          Stop with paralyzing wind
FateWind     20          Release a secret attack
JadeWing     20          Protect with wind from Windam
HolyWind     30          Recover with Windam's wind
JadeFury     35          Power up from Windam's fury
JadeRage     40          Cut with Windam's sword

Ascot/Caldina's MAGIC

Name         MP Cost     Effect
Cresta       5           Protect in barrier of light        
Eclipse      5           Protect with a Mage's magic
Shario       15          Fozzilize with a strange fog
Maxima       15          Summon a monster
Mirage       20          Confuse with a rainbow light

           6. Credits

This walkthrough was produced buy WallyBoy and only WallyBoy. There is of course
maybe some stuff missing, so if you find stuff missing, email me the stuff and
I'll put it up here ASAP and have your name here on the credits.

(c)1999 WallyBoy Productions

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