GameSurge Strategy Page



version 1.0

by Spleener

Table of contents

1. Introduction/disclaimer/copyright information
2. Characters
   a. Alex
   b. Nall
   c. Ramus
   d. Luna
   e. Laike
   f. Nash
   g. Mia
   h. Ghaleon
   i. Kyle
   j. Jessica
   k. Tempest
   m. Mel
   n. Royce
   o. Phacia
   p. Lemia
   q. Xenobia
   r. Magic Emperor
   s. Myght
   t. Fresca
   u. Taben
   v. Dyne
3. Walkthrough- disc 1
   Chapter 1: Introduction
   Chapter 2: Meet the dragon, tease the monkey
   Chapter 3: The weird woods, the magical song, and the strange guy
   Chapter 4: The gambler man, the mage boy, the old hag, and the giant
   Chapter 5: The high seas, the big city, and the stinky sewers
   Chapter 6: The temple, the cave, and the floating city
   Chapter 7: The drunk, the priestess, and the fake dragonmaster
   Chapter 8: Deception, round 1- Imprisonment, freedom, and revelation
   Chapter 9: Deception, round 2- Ghaleon's "Coming Out"
   Chapter 10: The group forms
   Chapter 11: Thieves
   Chapter 12: the bug from hell, the red dragon, and the descent from
   Chapter 13: The song of Lyton, the song of Luna, and the Blue Dragon
   Chapter 14: The archer, the impossible puzzle, and the maze from hell
   Chapter 15: Tempest, the Dark Songstress, and the Black Dragon
   Chapter 16: Betrayal, and departure
4. Walkthrough- disc 2
   Chapter 17: The maze from hell, number two
   Chapter 18: The unexpected ally, Ruid, and Magical Weapon Nash
   Chapter 19: The Grindery
   Chapter 20: Revelations
   Chapter 21: Kickin' Butt and Takin' Names
   Epilogue: Fun in the city
5. Closing comments

Part 1- introduction/disclaimer/copyright info

Well, my friend, if you are reading this, then you've probably bought the
game. If so, congrats, you have made what is most probably the best decision
of your life. To put it quite bluntly, the game totally rocks. If you DON'T
own the game, then get up off your ass and buy it! Anyway, this is the second
walkthough I've written (the first one was years ago, for an old SNES game
called "Chrono Trigger") and I'd like you to email me at
with any thoughts on it.

Disclaimer/copyright info
This walkthrough is rated "Teen." It contains implied violence, abusive
language, and suggestive themes.

This walkthrough is property of me. You may copy it, and print it out, and
use it as a hat or whatever you like to use stacks of papers as, send it to
your friends, and post it up on your webpage, although I would like to be
notified. Just the url of the page would be fine with me.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the version of LUNAR: SILVER STAR STORY
COMPLETE is based on the version released in the United States of America
(remember, that's that country between Canada and Mexico) by Working Designs
and the strategies may not apply to the versions of this game released
anywhere else.

This walkthrough contains SPOILERS of the whole game. If you do not wish for
the plot to be spoiled, please do not read this FAQ/walkthrough.

LUNAR, Alex, and all other characters in LUNAR are (C) 1999 Working Designs,
and (C) whatever other years they were released by their respective

Well, I think that's all the legal crap I need. Now, on to the good stuff!

2. Characters
These are all the characters mentioned in th e manual. 22 characters in all,
although there are actually twenty, since two are just "secret identities" :)

I'll start off with the characters that join your party, in order of

a. Alex
Alex is a young boy who lives in the small town of Burg. North of this town
is the memorial to Dragonmaster Dyne. He idolizes Dyne, and wants to someday
go on an adventure just like he did.
Combatwise, I certainly hope that he'd be good. He has some good spells flash
cut can do major damage to all enemies, although costly in terms of MP. Sword
dance, when combined with two attack-increasing spells, can do MAJOR damage
and is useful against bosses. He also, of course, has good attack power and
defense, and gets 3 attacks/round by the end of the game, 4 with his best
weapon equipped. His only disadvantage is his relativley low amount of MP.

b. Nall
The annoying fuzzball who's always making smartass remarks, Nall has been by
Alex's side since they were little. He looks like a winged white cat, but
he's a bit more than just a cat, as you'll find out at the end. :)
In combat, Nall doesn't fight. He just flies around at the top of the screen.
However, every once in a while he'll float down to revive a dead character
with 1 HP, and he restores all dead persons at the end of a fight.  You can
also go into his menu to change tactics, to change your battle formation, to
save/load, and to change your prefrences. However, one of the most useful
things about him, you'll find, is his (well, almost) bottomless pit of an
inventory. Whereas your other characters can only carry six items and six
pieces of equipment, Nall can carry many times more than that. I recommend
you put only the items you need for combat in your human character's
inventories (except for Alex's ocarina, keep that with him- he won't be using
items that much anyway) and give anything extra to the fuzzball.

c. Ramus
Also known as "Chunkus Maximus" according to the manual, Ramus is the son of
the village elder of Burg. He wants to one day become rich and famous, and is
the one who convinces Alex to go with him to the white dragon cave.
As far as combat goes, all I have to say is thank god that he's only with you
for the first four dungeons. Ramus knows no magic spells, and is the slowest
of all characters. This might not be so bad, were it not for the fact that
from level one to twelve, the only stat he gains in is max HP (his range goes
up by one at one point, but that's it), and after that, his stats don't go up
at all at level ups. He's a good character to have early on, but he
thankfully leaves right around the time that he starts to suck.

d. Luna
Luna is known for her singing in Burg, and for a good reason. The first scene
with her is her singing, one of the best songs in the game is sung by her,
and all of her spells are songs. She is sortof Alex's adopted "sister,"
although their relationship is a bit more than that, as you can tell as the
game progresses. She does not know very much of her origin, but has these
strange dreams occasionally.
In combat, she's actually quite good. A nice assortment of spells and a VERY
high amount of MP. Sure, she's weak physically, but physical power is what we
have Alex and Kyle for. She leaves for good at around level 15, but she
probably would lose her usefulness if she didn't.

e. Laike
A strange traveler who meets Alex and co as they have a run-in with a group
of monsters. Not much else I can say about him without spoiling the plot. :)
The bad news is, that like Ramus, he has no magic. The good news is, he's at
lvl 99! 3 attacks/round and 500 HP, who needs magic? He's only in your party
for one battle and one easy dungeon (well, easy as far as enemies go, but one
puzzle... well, let's not go there just yet.)

f. Nash
A level three apprentice at the magic guild of Vane, he does work for
Ghaleon. He is overconfident, and often considers himself to be higher up
than country folk and the like. He also has a crush on Mia Ausa, the daughter
of Lemia Ausa and future leader of the Magic Guild.
In combat? Well, he's obviously one of the more magically inclined
characters, although he's not as physically weak as Mia or Luna. He has three
thunder spells five status-changing spells. The thunder spells are quite
useful, but the status ones are so-so. Try them out for yourself and see what
you think- the only one I used very much was sleep.

g. Mia
As mentioned above, she's the daughter of Lemia Ausa and future leader of the
Magic Guild. She's very shy, but very pretty and this causes her to be
admired by everyone in the Magic Guild, including Nash.
In combat, she's very weak physically, and quite slow. However, she has a
VERY high amount of MP, and some good attack and support spells. I recommend
putting her in the back of your party formation so she won't get hurt as

h. Ghaleon
One of the legendary Four Heroes, he and Dyne were good friends back in those
days. He now works at the Magic Guild of Vane with Lemia, and is an extremely
powerful magician. However, as you've probably already guessed, he's a bad
Well, he joins your party for a little while before his "coming out" (no, not
THAT sort of coming out... he's perfectly straight) and you fight some of the
game's weakest enemies with him. He's at lvl 99 like Laike, and has several
powerful attack spells. He's useful for the short time you have him, and it's
nice to have a little peek at the spells that will be cast on you in the
final battle :)

i. Kyle
The first time you see him, he's drunk. That should tell you a little bit
about his personality. He's the leader of a band if thieves, and is the ex-
boyfirend of Jessica. He has an ego the size of France, and always likes to
get drunk and hit on girls, which is why Jessica dumped him.
In combat, he's very useful. He has four good spells- Power up + power slash
is good against bosses, and sonic riser is good at taking out groups of
enemies. He has low MP and agility, however, but high attack, HP, and
defense. A great character to put up front with Alex.

j. Jessica
The daughter of Mel Dealkirk(sp?), she studies to be a priestess at the
temple of Althena. However, she's a bit of a tomboy, and is always ditching
classes at the temple to go out and have adventures. She used to go out with
Kyle, but dumped him because of his, err.. unfaithfulness.
Combatwise, she rocks. She has several good healing spells right off, and
gets more of them over time. Calm litany is a great all-ally healing spell,
and saint litany is good for boss fights. Escape litany is a good spell for,
as name implies, escaping a dungeon, but dragonfly wings do the same thing.
Of course, since whenever you use that you're most probably about to restore
yourself anyway...

k. Tempest
Leader of the Prairie tribe, Tempest is a skilled archer. Not much else I can
say about him, since he's quite a minor character.
He joins you for a little bit when Jessica and Mia leave temporarily. He's a
so-so character. Flash arrow is a good, but not great, area attack, but flash
wind is useful, as it blows away all enemies, similar to escape song. The
only downside to this is that you don't get exp and S from them.

Well, those are all the characters who join your party and fight with you.
Now, for the others, and please note that some of these descriptions are very

l. Quark
The legendary white dragon, who lives in the white dragon cave nearby Burg.
He tells Alex that it is his destiny  to explore the world and find the other
dragons to become a Dragonmaster.

m. Mel
Also known as "Hell Mel", he's one of the legendary four heroes who traveled
the world. His daughter, Jessica, is his pride and joy.

n. Royce
A mysterious fortuneteller who lives on Black Rose street in Meribia, Nash
seems to be frequently reporting to her.

o. Phacia
Head priestess of Althena's Shrine, and yet Jessica, who has not been to the
shrine in a few weeks, does not know her. Bum bum bum.

p. Lemia
Leader of Vane's Magic Guild, Lemia is the mother of Mia and one of the four
heroes. Of course, she has latley been acting quite strange, and even Mia
doesn't know what's going on...

q. Xenobia
One of three witches (The other two have already been mentioned) who works
for the magic emperor. She has the ability to mimic the forms of other

r. Magic Emperor
The head evil guy. Also known as Ghaleon, for those of you who haven't
checked the list of songs that you can play with Alex's ocarina.

s. Myght
The inventor with an odor problem. He lives secluded at the top of a tower
with one very difficult puzzle that your are given absolutley no clues on.
More on that later.

t. Fresca
Apparently Tempest's girlfriend, she also lives with the Prairie Tribe in the
town of Pao.

u. Taben
Evil inventor who creates the Magic Emperor's ultimate weapon, the Grindery.

v. Dyne
Legendary Dragonmaster, the most famous of the four heroes who died of
unknown curcumstances years ago.

Walkthrough- Disc 1

   Please note that when I might say "You" in the walkthrough, depending on
the context, it could mean the character Alex or your group as a whole, most
probably the latter. Just wanted to clear that up.
   Another thing: the bromides have not all been "integrated" into the
walkthrough, since I had already finished it and was about to post it before
I found out where they all were, so if you want to get them all, check the
bottom of the document for a list of all of their locations, and watch out
for the point that you can get them.
   Also, note that up to the Saline Slimer battle, I'm writing this from
memory and the manual's walkthrough, so I might make a few mistakes.

a. Chapter 1: Introduction

   You start off at Dyne's Monument. Alex talks about how his dreams to
become like Dyne, and then Nall arrives, looking for Alex. Cue first of many
anime scenes. Nall says that you should go see Luna, so head south.
   But first off, fatas- I mean, Ramus, runs to you, saying in an anime
sequence that the ice near the dragon's cave is melted, so they can get
started on their big adventure. Note how on the map, his hair is blue, and in
the anime and close-ups it is brown. Weird. Anyway, keep going south to enter
   Since you don't have any money, you can't buy anything at the shops just
yet, so all you can do is head to the northeastern exit of town. Walk north
through the trees, and you'll see and anime sequence Luna singing her song.
You whip out your ocarina and join her, and she asks if you were planning on
adventures with Ramus. You say that you were going to the dragon cave, and
she insists on going along.
   Return to your house as Luna says, and talk to your dad. He gives you a
dagger, sling, and flame ring.says to take the stuff from the chests
downstairs. Do so, you'll get a star light, angel's tear, herb, and dragonfly
wing. Go to the weapon shop and sell the star light and angel's tear (you
won't be needing them) and upgrade all your stuff. Get Alex a short sword and
wooden shield, get Luna a poison darts and iron armlet, and get both a heavy
clotes, and remember to sell your excess stuff. If you sell what you don't
need and save your shield and armlet for last, you should be able to afford
it all. Also, equip the flame ring on either Alex or Luna, it gives a small
boost in attack and defense and increases resistence to wind and water
attacks. Now, go to the western exit and talk to fat boy. He joins you, and
you leave for the dragon cave.
    One last note: if you haven't saved yet, save now. In fact, save often.
You can save anywhere you want, just press circle, or go to Nall's menu, pick
"system", and choose save.

Chapter 2: Meet the dragon, tease the monkey

   Go northeast, around the mountains, and southwest to get to the dragon
cave (you can see it to the south from Burg.) Enter the cave, and you will
automatically walk up to the large ice rock and melt it with the flame ring.
Head south, run into the gray blob you will most probably see and you will
end up in your first battle.
   This isn't too difficult. Just use regular attacks, and have Luna use
"healing song" if someone's HP gets low. Hell, use that strategy for all
enemies here. If things get really tight against a strong enemy like one of
the monkeys, have Alex use sword dance to finish the enemy off. And please
note that the remainder of this walkthrough will not mention the enemies in
the dungeon unless necessary.
   Anyway, head south from the entrance, west, pick up the herb in the
chest, go north, west, south, and down the stairs. Go northwest, up the
stairs there, north, pick up the herb, west, south all the way, east, pick up
the herb, north, east through the field of ice pillars, south and east, down
the stairs, pick up the herb in the chest, head west, south, and west, then
go up into the door with the four ice pillars in front of it. You should be
at around level 5 or 6 now, if you've been fighting enough. Also, if Luna
starts to run low on MP from healing, return to Burg and go up to the statue
to heal. Go north in the new room, and you will meet Quark, the white dragon.
Cue anime scene. When Ramus asks for a Dragon Diamond, Quark says to go find
the dragon ring inside his cave. He'll restore you, so go back south.This
time, go west, up the stairs, and up into the door.
   Time to tease the monkey! Don't fight the monkey; instead, stand between
it and one of the ice pillars. It should crash into the pillar and break it.
Use this tactic to clear the path, and remember, if you accidentally fight
it, you can exit and re-enter through the northeast door and it will return.
Anyway, after clearing the path, go through the west door, then head south
(don't kill the monkey) and make the monkey crash into the pillars in the way
of the chest containing a star light. After nabbing that, take the northwest
exit. There are two chests in this room. The one in th e lower right corner
contains 250s, the one on th e left side has th  dragon ring. Tease the
monkey into clearing the path to both (if you screw up, exit and re-enter)
then, after nabbing the loot, retrace your steps back to Quark.
   Quark gives you a Dragon Diamond, and then tells Alex to go see his three
brothers- black, red, and blue (he must be the black sheep of the family- or
would that be the white sheep?) and pass their trials to become a
Dragonmaster. He heals you, so you should now head back to Burg.

Chapter 3: The weird woods, the magical song, and the strange guy
   Back in Burg, go to Althena's statue to heal, and then  head for the item
shop. The owner tells you that you'll have to sell the Diamond in Meribia.  
Head back to your house. On th e way, Ramus asks Luna to go on ahead, then
tells you that you and him should just go to Meribia right now, without
telling Luna. So head to the Weird Woods to the southwest of town. It is, as
you will notice, quite foggy. Go northwest, then south, pick up the antidote
in the chest, then keep going northwest until Ramus chickens out and you go
back to town.
   Head back to your house, and Ramus leaves on the way, saying that you
probably should tell Luna about going to Meribia. So go back home, talk to
Luna once, and she will get royally pissed at you. Talk to dad, and then to
your mom, and tell her that your mind is made up. She gives you a cool 1000s!
Woohoo! Anyway, talk to Luna and apologize to her. She insists that she goes
with you, and you decide to leave the next morning after talking to dad. Luna
has a strange dream (anime sequence) and wakes up, going to Dyne's monument
where Alex is playing the ocarina. They discuss their fears about their
upcoming adventure, and then Luna leaves. The next morning, you wake up. Talk
to fat boy at the exit, go to the shop and upgrade his equipment if you
haven't already, maybe buy a few more herbs, exit town, and head southwest
back to the weird woods.
   The fog is still there. Not for long, however- Luna sings a song to clear
the fog, not knowing how she could do it. Anyway, head northwest, the north
from the point where Ramus wimped out, pick up the antidote, head southwest
all the way and then south, picking up the antidote along the way, west all
the way, gatting the antidote and herb, north all the way, get the herb,
south, east a bit, then north, get the antidote, then head east and north
along the path and get the herb.
   Are you at level 10 yet? If not, it might be wise to go back and gain
levels, leaving to heal and cause the monsters to reappear when needed.
Anyway, when you're ready and healed up (if you bothered to build up, you
want to be at max HP and MP, but don't waste your star light or anthing like
that), go west and northwest and you will be ambushed. A man will appear and
offer his assistance. If you don't accept his help, you'll be attacked by a
large group of monsters. Use powerful attacks like explosion staff (when th e
enemies are really close together) and Luna's Tranquil Song (heals all of
your characters) to kill them. If you continue to decline his help, you'll
fight two more waves. However, if you accept his help, no more monsters will
attack. If you're strong enough, you should be able to survive the first two
fights, and just have him help for the last fight, so you'll get a lot of
exp. Laike, as he is called, is at level 99 with 500 hp and 3 attacks/round,
so, as you can tell, he can squash the enemies like bugs.
   After the fight is over, you see an intro sequence of Laike telling you
that the place is dangerous and asking what you're doing there, and then
there is a campfire scene where you talk with Laike about where you're
headed. The next morning, you are restored, and Laike is gone. At this point,
Luna scolds you if you did wind up asking for Laike's help. Anyway, go back
northwest through where you were ambushed, then head west all the way, pick
up the herb, and continue south downt he path and west through the exit. Head
south until you hit the port town of Saith.

Chapter 4: The gambler man, the mage boy, the old hag, and the giant slime
   First thing's first: head to the shop. Buy Alex a short sword, Luna a
small bow and leather clothes, and Ramus and Alex leather armor. Now talk go
to the dock house to the south and talk to the captain, who tells you he lost
the sea chart he needs, and then the guy at the desk, who says that Brett,
the guy who won it, is at the bar. Talk to the guy in the back, Brett, and
gamble with him. Choose whichever side you want, it doesnt' matter, because
eventually, after betting the Diamond, Ramus figures out that Brett's
cheating. Brett says that the old hag to the north has the Chart, and gives
you the fortune cane to trade with her. Heal up, then head nothwest into the
old hag's forest.
   Head northwest. Don't get the chest in the clearing just yet, get the one
in the upper right corner of the clearing for an herb. Go west, north,
northwest, pick up the star light near the trees, north, northeast and north
and pick up the herb. Go southeast and east into the clearing, then go north
into a dead end, with a chest on the left side with 400s. Go back into the
clearing, then head, east, and north along the path into another area.
   Go north. You automatically check one of the traps, and you hear someone
shouting for help. You head north, and find someone trapped in one of the
traps. You help him out at Luna's request, and an anime scene introduces him
as Nash, third level apprentice of the Magic Guild of Vane. After some
squabbling, Nash joins you and you head north into the old hag's house.
   Head upstairs, talk to the hag. The hag want's Nash's water cane, and
Nash doesn't want to give it up. Have Luna convince Nash (or have Ramus try,
then talk to her again and have Luna try) to give it up, and the sea chart is
yours. Leave the house, and don't forget to equip the fortune cane on Nash.
Also, to see a cool picture of Mia, use Nash's "Mia's Bromide" as an item. :)
   Head south back into the forest. Now you should open up all those chests
in the open. You will be attacked, but the experience is good for you. Build
up to level 12 at the very least, healing back at town when needed, and
remember to pick up the chest with an herb on the right middle side of the
   Back at town, heal up and talk to the captain in the dock house again. He
will tell you that a monster is attacking his ship, the Hispaniola. Agree to
help him, and he will lead you to the ship where the crew is running like a
bunch of scared women from the first boss of th e game, the saline slimer.

BOSS: Saline Slimer
   Not too difficult, really. The only things to watch out for are its mucus
attack and the fact that it can regenerate part of its hp each round. Have
Alex use vigor and have Luna cast cascade song on Alex the first round, and
have Ramus and Nash simply defend, since they probably won't be able to hurt
it enough this round. On round two, have Alex start using sword dance, which
should do a lot (100-200+) of damage, have Luna cast cascade song on Ramus,
have fat boy use his regular attack, and Nash use Thunder Bomb. Round three,
have all but Luna do the same. Have her either a) cast cascade song on fat
boy again to max out his attack and defense, spells like this can be cast
twice on a character, a third casting and the stat goes up by one or none, or
b) heal anyone who needs it with h aling or tranqual song. As for the mucus
attack, it can incapitate a character for 2 or 3 rounds of combat. It also
has a regular 2-hit attack, and an attack called "gelatin breath" which does
a bit of damage to one character. If Alex runs too low on MP to do Sword
dance, use one of your Star Lights to restore his MP. There isn't too much to
this battle, just keep casting sword dance on the guy.  Also, another thing
you might want to know: in Lunar, bosses don't have a set amount of HP, MP,
offense, etc. Their stats depend on Alex's level. So, the higher Alex's level
is, the stronger the boss is.
   Anyway, after kicking slimey's butt, you all head back to town to get
some rest because the Hispaniola is departing for Meribia tommorow. But Luna
stays behind, so you talk to her to ask what's wrong. She says that she's not
going to Meribia with you. However, the next morning as the ship departs,
Alex convinces Luna to come with them just in time, and Luna sails with you
to Meribia.
Chapter 5: The high seas, th e big city, and the stinky sewers
   Head down to the lower deck. Talk to the people there if you like, but be
sure to talk to the guy at the desk and buy a soap or two. This is the only
place in the game where you can buy soap, and it is used for a special
purpose later.
   Anyway, talk to Ramus and Nash, then talk to Luna twice. The scene
changes to that night. Head up to the top deck, and you see a nifty singing
anime scene with Luna.
   The next morning, head to the top deck and to the south portion of the
ship (the bow, I beleive it's called... I'm not too familiar with ship
   When you reach the town, Nash and Ramus leave, Ramus trying to find a
place to sell the diamond and Nash heading to Black Rose Street.There are
quite a few things to do in town. First thing's first, upgrade your weapons
and armor. Go to the northwestern weapon shop (there are two in town) and get
a broad sword for Alex and a battle bow for Luna. In the armor shop near the
west exit, get an iron armor, iron shield, and iron helment for Alex and a
headband for Luna.
   You can do these two events in any order you choose, I simply chose this
one because I happened to be in the area. Black Rose Street is through the
western exit of the main town. Go to the armor shop there and buy a robe,
steel armlet, and headband if you haven't gotten one yet, for Luna. Now head
for the far left house. Enter it, and Nash will be there talking to a
fourtuneteller woman, Royce. Cue intro anime. Well, you'll see more of Royce
later on.
   The other event you can do is meeting Mel. Take the northeastern gate
exit to wind up in Mel's mansion. Go north and east to find a large double
door. Enter there and talk to the man from in front of the desk. Cue intro
anime for Mel. After telling him who you are and about how you want to be a
Dragonmaster, Mel challenges you to a one-on-one sparring match.

BOSS: Master Mel
   It doesn't really matter if you win or lose here, I don't think. Just use
vigor a couple of times then use sword dance till your MP runs out then do
regular attacks, and don't forget to heal when you're below 40 hp. This isn't
too difficult if Alex is stocked with herbs.

   Now, head for the shop next to the armor shop (with Japenese characters
written on it) making sure to heal up at Althena's statue. Ramus is there,
negotiating with the shopkeeper for the Dragon Diamond. Accept his offer of
20,000s. The man (Dross) will run off with the diamond without coming back,
so go see Mel as the girl says. After doing so, return to the shop and go
through the door that Dross went through. Talk ot the man there if you want,
then take the southwest exit into the Meribia sewers.
   Check out this music! Doesn't it just rock? It's also track 17 on the
soundtrack CD, BTW... anyway, talk to the man if you like, then hit the blue
switch in the northwest corner. This opens up the bridge to the south. Take
the eastern side of the pool south along the "river", then go east and hit
the switch to open up a brige to the south. Take that bridge, then head west
and south on the first turn. Go east and get the star light, then head south.
   There are quite a few paths to take here, and each one has fish jumping
across it, so to avoid fights you must time your crossings right. The far
right one has a chest with money in it. Second from the right is a dead end,
and you can't cross the bridge that the third leads you to just yet. The
fourth, fifth, and seventh ones have dead ends too, so take the sixth. Head
south, and hit the blue switch there. Now go south, get the chest (I forget
what was in it... stupid me) and head east then north across the bridge. Hit
the blue switch there, then return to the multiple paths and take the third
from the right, then cross the bridge to the south.
   Get the herb from the chest to the south, then head notheast and go along
the narrow path leading north, then take the 250s from the chest. Go back
south, then east, then north through the door. Go north again, and keep going
north along the narrow path, then go east, south, and up the stairs.
   Before confronting Dross, loot the room. There's an antidote, star light,
and another antidote there. Now go see Dross. Then you are attacked by a

BOSS: Water Dragon
   Start this fight off like the one you did with the Saline Slimer: Have
Luna cast cascade song on Alex, and have Alex use Vigor. Since the dragon is
in the water, you cannot hit him with regular attacks unless he is right next
to the side of the pool. However, sword dance still works. :) Because of
this, have Ramus simply defend. Have Alex continuously use sword dance, and
have Ramus attack regulary if the dragon is close enough. As for Luna, have
her use healing spells, and do a regular attack (with the bow she should
have) if spells are not needed, which probably won't happen. If Alex runs out
of MP before the dragon dies, which he probably will, use a star light. Not
an easy battle, but not too hard either, so long as you have two or three
star lights in your inventory. His only attacks are a short-range flame
attack and a biting attack that can poison

   Ramus cons not only the Daimond back from Dross, but his entire shop too!
As you leave, Royce makes a short appearence, saying that "she" (Meaning
Luna, I'd guess) is the one.
   Use a dragonfly wing to return to the entrance, then remove all equipment
and items from Ramus into Nall's inventory. Now return to the shop. Nash is
here, inviting you to come with him to Vane. Accept his offer, and then Ramus
decides to stay in Meribia. Good riddance, lo- I mean, oh, darn. Before
leaving town, head for Mel's mansion, and head for the arena (Take the stairs
east of Mel's office, then take the southeast exit of that room). Take the
southwest exit.
   Yes, you're back in the sewers. But in a different part- take the western
stairs, and head south. Take the bridges south, or go around that part to the
east, and head west, then south. Go east and take the stairs, then go east
and take the stairs there. Now collect the fruits of your labor here- a star
light, a fourtune ring, and a locked red chest that you should remind
yourself to come back to later (you've probably seen a couple of these
already). Equip the ring on whoever you like (I gave it to Alex, since he's
in  the line of fire the most) and exit the dungeon on foot or via dragonfly
wings. Heal up, and leave town.

Chapter 6: The temple, the cave, and the floating city
   Head east, then south. Cue anime intro of Vane. Go south again to the
transmission springs. Talk to the guy there twice for some funny dialouge,
then talk to the guy in the robe. The man says that you must get permission
forms form Phacia in order for you, Luna, and Nall to go to Vane. So, leave
the area and head west to the Goddess Tower. Head north intot he main room to
meet Phacia (cue anime intro.) She gives you the application you need to get
into Vane. Now that you have it, leave for the transmission spring again.
Talk to the guy, and you give him the application, then Nash drops the news
that you must pass through the "Cave of Trials" to get to Vane, since you are
first time travelers here. So, head into the center blue spot of the star,
and you will enter the cave of trials.
   One little quirk here- you can't use items here. Only spells, and regular
attacks. But don't worry, the enemies here aren't too tough. However, there
is a doglike enemy here that can get you a lot of exp and silver, so long as
it doesn't run away. It takes 1 damage from all normal attacks, so use sword
dance or explosion staff to kill it. Talk to the guy there to heal, but since
you can only do it once per guy, you should save it for when you need it, in
case you get in a jam. Anyway, head north into the opening, then head east
and into the opening you see there. Head south, then around the rocks to the
north and get the money from the chest. Head east and north, but don't heal
at the guy, you won't need it (Luna should have plenty of MP remaining,) and
go up the stairs. go east and north, through the opening, (or west and up, it
doesn't matter) and up the stairs. Head south now, don't take the first east
path, it leads to a locked red chest, but take the second turn to the east
and go southeast as far as possible, get the chest with 250s, and take the
stairs to the north.
   There are a bunch of guys here who are lost, and the guy in the southwest
corner talks like Austin Powers. Take the northeast exit (don't heal here
just yet.) Go east, north, west, north, west (talk to the guy if you like,)
get the 250s from the chest, then go south, then west to get a sneak peek at
the boss. DO NOT attempt to go west again or you will engage it, and you are
probably not ready. Go back east, south, and west to get a chest with another
250s in it. Now, retrace your steps back to the last heal guy, and heal up
now. Now go back to where you found the boss, and engage it.

BOSS: Truffle Troubler
   Same strategy you used for Saline and the Dragon. However, you might want
to conserve Alex's MP, so have him defend the first two rounds while Luna
cascade songs him. Then simply sword dance the guy to death. He has a short
range attack that can paralyze called "flash bolt", and an attack that hits
both of your characters for 10-30 damage called "mad spark". If Alex is
paralyzed, simply wait it off. If Luna's paralyzed... then you're screwed,
unless she shakes out of it real fast. As long as that doesn't happen, then
you're fine.
   You've won, but don't exit through the stairs just yet. go south, west,
north, east, and get the chest for the healing ring, which regenerates a bit
of hp each round. Very handy. Equip it on someone (I chose Alex,) and then go
back to the stairs, climb them, then go west, north, east, and talk to the
guy and climb the stairs to leave.
   Welcome to Vane. As always, get new stuff first. At the armory, get alex
a chain mail and silver shield, and get Luna a magic robe ("magically
delicious"? What the hell...?) Go to the weapon shop next, and pick up a
saber for Alex. Go to the magic shop (with the sparkley sign) and buy a star
light or two if you want- at 1000s they're quite expensive, but they're still
useful. Only if you have enough cash. Also, the Althena statue is in the
northwest corner of town, to the left of the Magic Guild. Walk arond town and
talk to people, maybe explore the library if you want, and enter the top
center building when you're done.
   You meet Nash at the entrance. Ghaleon is busy at the moment, so Luna
goes off to the parlor while you look around the magic guild. In the parlor,
Luna hears someone playing a song, and she goes outside, thinking that it is
Alex. Instead, it is a pale-faced, white haired man. Cue anime intro scene
for- oh, guess who he is. Ghaleon says that it was Dyne who composed the
tune, and he and Luna talk for a little more about the dream she keeps
having. Back to Alex and Nall, take a look around the classrooms if you like,
then take the lower-left staircase up. Go through the east door upwards, then
the western door. Cue anime intro for everybody's favorite Lunar babe, Mia!
(Actually, I like Jessica better.) You explain who you are, and then Nash
barges in and drags you off saying you shouldn't be there, etc, etc, and says
that Ghaleon will see you now. Go take the southeast stairs in the main room,
and talk to Luna. you enter Ghaleon's office, cue another anime intro for
him. He tries to get you to study magic at the Guild, but no matter what
answer you will say no. Ghaleon then tells you of a person who claims to be a
Dragonmaster in Lann, and asks you to check it out.
   Time to leave town. Before you do so, be sure to upgrade Nash's stuff.
Get him a magic robe, silver bracelet, and fruity bandanna at the armory. At
the weapon shop, get him a fire cane. Note that the fire cane is one of many
items in the game that casts a spell when used as an item, and it doesn't run
out. The spell is simply a fireball, but it will most probably be better than
your regular attack, so I recommend using it often. Now, step onto the center
spot in the star at the bottom center of town to return to land.

Chapter 7: The drunk, the priestess, and the fake dragonmaster
   Head sothwest and into the mountains. Meribia sewers music again! Doesn't
this tune just rock? :) Anyway, head west and north, up the path, but watch
out for the chest. It contains a group of monsters, and you start the battle
out confused.  I recommend just skipping it; however, if you insist on trying
it, SAVE FIRST. And if one of your confused characters wastes a star light,
reset, or finish the battle and go to Nall's load menu, and re-load your
game. Anyway, after opening and fighting or not opening, head east and south,
and get the chest with 50s (Hah! Chicken feed...) To the north is a dead end,
so head west past the chest and keep going west, then south.
   Big open area here. Just head south, and down the slope. East and north
is a chest with an herb, then head south. First go west and south to get a
chest with 50s. Now go east, down the slope, then northeast to get a chest
with an herb. Back west then south gets you to another trap chest. Read
above. Anyway, now go north and west, along the path all the way (all the
turns up and down lead to dead ends.) You are now in the Nanza barrier.
   Talk to the guy to have him open the door, then head west and south
through another door. Heal at the statue, then go west through the door and
under the bridge, and talk to the guy. He says to ask the boss, Kyle, for
permission to go west to Lann. Go back east and enter the tower, then go up
the stairs. go south through the door, and you're now on the top outdoor
level. Go northeast and talk to the blue-haired man, then go to the east
tower and head for the top. Talk to the girl there, then go down all the
stairs to the basement. Go to the mess hall and talk to to all the people
there, then talk to the man in Kyle's bedroom to the north who says to check
the jail cell. Go up to the sell and try to talk to Kyle through the bars.
Cue Kyle's anime intro. The blue haired man who talks funny gives you
permission in Kyle's place to go to Lann. So, head to the west gate and back
onto the mountain path.
   Head south all the way for another trap chest (Doh!) Now go west, south,
and continue west. Go north for a star light, then go back to the path and
continue west back to the world map. Now go northwest, and north through the
narrow path, and keep heading northwest until you get to Lann. Apparently,
the so-called dragonmaster is stealing fish from the villagers, as you'll
hear if you talk to the people there. Go to the shop and buy a few healing
nuts, the head for town hall (the large central building... you can tell
which one it is.)
   Head north in the building to hear a speech and intro anime from...
JESSICA! WOOHOO! (forgive me for being a little excited... she is my favorite
character.) She asks to come along with you to find out about the
dragonmaster. Hell yes, let her come along! Jessica seems to know Luna from
somewhere before. Bum bum bum. She also tells you to borrow a boat from the
pier. So exit townhall and head southwest to the guy with a boat. After
Jessica gives him a little convincing, you depart for the island with the
"dragonmaster." Be sure to change your
   The island is rather large and open, which poses a problem for me, who
needs to know where everthing is and exactly where to go. The first thing you
want to know is that yes, you can walk on the water there, but, this being an
RPG swamp, you will lose health. Anyway, first head northeast around the
puddles to get to a chest with 300s. Now go west to a chest with... nothing.
However, it screws up your controller movements for a little while, so just
bear with it and try not to walk into the water. Now head north along the
side of the puddle (you can't walk into the darker ones, but you might take
damage from the one on the left) then northeast to find a chest with 500s.
Head north along the east side of the wall, then west when you find a trio of
puddle with narrow paths between them for a chest with... another dizzy
spell. Avoid this one. Keep going north around the grass patches (and the
puddles, unless you somehow enjoy taking damage) to get a chest with another
300s. Now go southwest for another dizzy spell (if you want) Go around the
north side of the lake that you can't step into, west and south to get
another chest with... another dizzy spell! Go southwest and west go get a
chest with... oh, guess. For those of you who are braindead, here's a clue:
DIZZY SPELL. Now go northwest and north to confont the one and only fake
dragonmaster, Zoc,  who attacks you with his "dragon"- actually a giant frog.

BOSS: D Master Zoc
   Just guess how you start out this fight. That's right, kids- cast vigor
and cascade song on Alex. Meanwhile, Nash should start using his thunder
spells and Jessica should just use her regular attack, since you probably
don't need healing just yet. Round two, Alex should start witht he sword
dances, Luna should cast cascade song on Jessica, and Jessica should uither
do another regular attack or cast calm litany if needed. From that round on,
have Alex and Nash continue with their attacks unless one runs low on MP- you
can survive without Nash, but if Alex needs more MP, use a star light on him
ASAP. Same thing if Luna and Jessica get to below 15 MP- you should heal
Luna, since Jessica's regular attack is better anyway. Zoc has a regular 3-
hit attack, a flame attack, and a powerful "press" attack. Not too hard, just
don't let Alex's MP or anybody's HP get too low.

   After some chiding from the group, Zoc leaves. Seach the island for
anything you have missed (actually, whatever I have missed- email me if I did
miss something, and I'll put it in the walkthrough next time I go through it,
and you will get credit :) if you like, then use Jessica's escape litany (or,
if she's too low on MP, a dragonfly wing) to return to the entrance, and
leave the island. Upon your arrival back at the town, Phacia will come,
saying she was looking for the dragonmaster. You tell her he was a fake, and
after she leaves, Jessica says that she has never seen her at the shrine
before. Bum bum bum. Anyway, so Jessica leaves to return to the shrine. So
now it's time to go alllllllllll the way back to Vane. Have fun on the trip.

Chapter 8: Deception, round 1- Imprisonment, freedom, and revelation
   Back in Vane, head directly to the Magic guild, healing along the way if
you wish. Talk to Ghaleon twice, and Lemia will arrive. Cue intro anime for
Lemia Ausa. She says that you seek to destroy the Guild and Althena, so you
are thrown into jail. Walk around your cell to hear someone (try and guess
who she is under the mask) talking, then Mia and Nall come to free you, and
the former gives you Althena's mirror, which shows things for what they
really are. You decide to take the masked woman along with you as you head
for the Crystal Tower. As you enter the tower, Nash comes along and joins
you. Mia breaks the seal on the door, and you enter.
   You realize that you must unequip your weapons in order to move around
here. Nash and Mia are okay, since they can cast spells and use their canes
as items to attack, but Alex is at a slight disadvantage, but he can still do
his two attacks unarmed. Also, note that Mia has about as much MP as Luna
has, so you won't have to worry about running out anytime soon. One last
note: strangley enough, Alex can STILL use his sword spells.
   Anyway, go up any of the two staircases to the north, then head southeast
for a chest with 500s. Now go west, south, east, and down the stairs. Go
north, west, south, and down the stairs. Now go north, east, south, and pick
up the chest with 750s. (Note how the enemies in this room look suspiciously
like Ghraf's gear from Xenogears) Take the northeast stairs and go southeast
for a chest with a star light, then return to that room and take the
northwest exit. Now head southeast and take the stairs there. Go northwest,
and take the left door, then head south and take the stairs there for a room
with a chest with 250s. Go back to the two staircases and take the one on the
right. Go southeast and take the south door for a room with another chest,
this one with an angel ring. This ring gives you a one-time auto resurrect.
Not too useful, but you can sell it for a whopping 5000s if you like. Now go
back through the stairs, this time going northeast and taking those stairs.
Head east and take the south stairs. Go north a few steps to hear Luna sing.
Go up the stairs there to get to the star chamber.
   Phacia, Royce, Lemia, and Ghaleon are there, listening to her sing to see
if she's "the one." You use Althena's mirror to see who she really is. It
doesn't work, but the masked woman who's with you reveals herself to be the
real Lemia Ausa. The fake Lemia, Royce, and Phacia reveal themselves to be
three witches from the Vile Tribe in a nifty anime sequence (one of my
favorites,) as the fake Lemia reveals herself to be Xenobia. The three depart
(Royce forseeing "another round of deception in your future"... bum bum bum,)
leaving behind a gang of monsters, which you will get used to them doing
quite often. However, they aren't too difficult so long as you use your best
spells, although you might want to have Luna cascade song Alex.
   Ghaleon apologizes for allowing himself to be so easily fooled by the
Vile Tribe (heh... yeah, right) and you return to the main chamber of the
guild. Ghaleon says he wants to go see Quark, the white dragon, so you and
Luna decide to go with him. So, head for Meribia, and don't forget to re-
equip Alex. Luna's weapon has mysteriously vanished, but you won't be needing
one for her anymore, so don't bother replacing it. However, on your way to
Meribia, stop by the shrine and talk to the girl near the statue twice to get
Phacia's Bromide.

Chapter 9: Deception, round 2- Ghaleon's "Coming Out"
   Note about the chapter title for those with a sick mind: no, not THAT
kind of coming out. He's perfectly straight. This was mentioned above, but I
may as well say it again.
   Anyway, in Meribia, drop by Ramus' store and buy a silver sword for Alex.
Now go to Mel's office in his mansion. Jessica is there, but she pretends not
to know you. Talk to Ghaleon twice, and Mel will say that the ship to Caldor
will be ready tommorow morning. Jessica leads you off to her room, where
after talking to her four times, she explains why she is pretending to be
stranges with you in front of her dad, because if he knew that she was
sneaking out of the shrine to have adventures, "He'd freak out! And I'd be
grounded until I was 50...", you tell her what happened in Vane, then you go
to bed. Luna has her dream again, and the next morning, talk to Ghaleon in
the harbor and you will depart for Saith.
   On the boat, Ghaleon asks you some rather... difficult questions, asks
Luna to sing for him sometime, and then you arrive back at Saith. Ghaleon
then joins your party. Head back through the weird woods (where Ghaleon can
slaughter every enemy there with one of his spells- check them all out,
they're cool, although Rock n' Roll looks like someone spilled a box of Cocoa
Puffs) and go to Burg if you like and see everyone's reaction to you having
Ghaleon with you, and visit Dyne's monument too. But you don't really need to
go there- just head through the White Dragon Cave to see Quark. Once you set
foot in his chamber, remove all equipment form Luna and give it to Nall-
she's about to leave. Hell, you can take it all off earlier than that, she
most likely won't get attacked at all. Ghaleon asks about the day that Dyne
died 15 years ago, and asked if Luna was the one born that day. Quark says
   And Ghaleon begins to laugh evily. He says that the time for his coming
out party has come, and he reveals himself to be the Magic Emperor (who saw
that one coming? Come on, you HAD to know that one) and enslaves Quark, then
kidnaps Luna, saying "Who shall be my queen?" He knocks out Alex and Nall,
the the scene fades out. You wake up the next morning, and your dad tells you
that Laike saved you, and he's at Dyne's monument. First, go into the
basement and check the leftmost shelf to get Luna's Bromide 2. Now go see
Laike. Tell him that you're going to save Luna, and Dyne tells you that you
must become the Dragonmaster, telling you (roughly) what happened that killed
Dyne. Then he gives you the Dragon Wings, a useful tool that allows you to go
to any town you have already visited. Head for Meribia.
   One additional note: Alex has a new spell. It's called "Dragon Protect,"
and it nullifies the effect of the next offensive spell against your party.
However, at 60 MP it's quite costly. Th e only time I used it was in  the
final battle.

Chapter 10: The group forms
   The music gives it away: something is wrong here. The town is under
attack by monsters. Help Jessica kick butt and take names (or at least just
kick butt.) You tell her what happened, and figure out that Mel is the target
of the monsters. Be sure to save here, the monsters can kill you quite easily
if you get careless. You'll have to take the long way around town to Mel's
mansion, but the piles of crates only one layer thick can by broken by making
monsters smash into them (just like in the first dungeon with the ice
pillars.) You can also go into Ramus' shop, which is still open, and talk to
the people there. But all you really need to do is head through the city
streets to Mel's mansion- west, south past Ramus' store, around the dock
houses east and north, east across the bridge, east until you can go north
between a couple of houses, west, and north into the mansion. The man at the
door says that Mel's in the arena, so go there. Xenobia is there, and Mel is
petrified while trying to protect Jessica, and Xenobia leaves. Back in Mel's
room, Jessica attemps to undo the curse, but it cannot be undone unless the
caster, Xenobia, is killed, which won't be for awhile. Now head for Vane.
   Big trouble here, too. Mia and Nash are fighting off a rather large
monster there, and you and Jessica join in on  the fun.

BOSS: Vile Crustacean
   Start the fight off with Mia casting Ic e shell and Alex casting Vigor on
himself, while having Nash use the fire cane, and Jessica should use her
regular attack. Round two, keep Nash with the same, have Alex use vigor
again, Jessica should heal if needed, and have Mia cast Ice shell on Jessica.
Round three, Alex should start with the sword dances, Mia should ice shell
Nash, and Jessica should heal or attack. Round four, same as always, but Mia
should ice shell herself. Keep the pattern up with the first three from then
on, but have Mia either start attacking Vile Crustacean with her spells, or
cast ice shell on everyone again, I recommend the latter. VC has a regular
two-hit attack, a "Mini Doom" attack that either kills or almost kills
someone (the only way to survive is to be at max or almost max HP) and a
"Crimson Ray" attack that hits a line of people for a lot of damage. Just
restore Alex and Jessica's MP (and HP, of course) when needed and you'll be
   Mia and Nash thank you for helping out, and you tell them what is going
on. You talk to Lemia about it, and then talk to Mia and Nash twice, and they
will both join you. Now talk to Lemia twice, and she will say (like everyone
has) that you need to become the Dragonmaster, and also says that the Red
Dragon is rumored to be in the volcanoes to the south of Nanza. So go there
via the dragon wings, but first re-equip the fire rods on Mia and Nash.
   Jessica makes a comment as you arrive there about Kyle. After that, head
west and southwest to find a woman being attacked. Or is it...?A (hilarious)
anime scene reveals that it is actually... Kyle! And this is the first time
that you see him sober. You fight an easy battle with Kyle only. Use a couple
of regular attacks to kill them all. Xenobia takes her leave, and then
Jessica asks Kyle to join. Talk to him again and he will. As Nall says, this
will be an interesting trip- it's always funny to see Jessica and Kyle fight.
:) Check Kyle's bed a couple of times and talk to the guy in his room for
some funny dialouge (hell, talk to everyone here,) then take the south exit
of the area.

Chapter 11: Thieves
   Head south down the path, then at the fork head northest then north. Take
the angel's tear fromt he chest on the right, while making a mental note
about the chest on the left, then head back to the fork and take the south
exit back to the world map. Head south to the town while noticing the
different overworld music that is also track 5 on the soundtrack CD.
   This nifty music is track 21 on the soundtrack. Welcome to the thieves'
town of Reza. Heal up at the statue if needed, then head north into town. A
thief will steal the dragonfly wings from you, and Kyle will warn you  (a
little too late, obviously) that theives inhabit this town. Head into th e
bar, and talk to Laike, then the bartender, actually the leader of the
Thieves' guild. The guy says that you have to join the guild to get the wings
back, and that you must be tested by a man in Meryod. Before heading there,
go to the weapon shop and buy a samurai blade for Alex (Kyle can equip it
too, but it's not as good as his starting weapon,) a flail for Jessica, and
an ethereal cane for Mia and Nash. Now go to the armor shop just south of it
and get purity clothes for Jessica, socerer's robes for Mia and Nash, and
silver armlets for Mia and Jessica. Now leave town.
   Head south, southeast, east, northeast, and north into the woods- or you
can go into the small shrine to the east, and talk to the girl there. If you
bought soap on the Hispaniola, you get to see a pic of the guys taking a bath
(don't worry, you don't see anything like -that-, this IS a teen rated
game... although Kyle's butt does have to be fuzzed out) but who wants to see
that anyway? Well, I guess they have to give the girls something, since we
guys have the bromides and the girls' spring which comes along later in the
game. Also note the statue inside the building that you can heal at if you
wish- very useful considering the difficulty of the monsters in the forest.
   Anyway, back to the forest. Note that the enemies here are strang against
all elemental attacks, making Mia and Nash almost useless. Also, the bee
enemies here are VERY tough (their sting attack can kill or almost kill
someone in one hit... ouch! Use flash cut against the larger groups and sword
dance against the smaller ones, and hope they don't kill Alex before he gets
a chance to use it.) Head north, then west all the way, then north, west, and
south to get a chest with 1000s. Now go north, and note the locked chest
behind the tree. I'm going to skip any exact directions here, just make your
way to east of the entrance for a chest with 1000s. No go south, west, and
south all the way to leave, then go to the shrine to heal- you'll probably
need it. Anyway, I'm just going to skip any exact directions and just say
that you want to go to the north center of the forest to get out, and try to
avoid the bees.
   Back on the world map, head north east to get to Meryod. Don't take the
bridge to the east yet, instead head for the armor shop and get Alex a steel
armor, shield, and helm (Kyle already has that stuff,) Nash a white bracelet,
and jade hairpins for Mia and Jessica. Head to the item shop and stock up on
healing nuts (the wrath rings cost WAYYYYYYYYYY too much, but you'll get one
for free later on) if you wish. There IS a weapon shop here, but you have to
cross the bridge to  the east of the entrance to get there. So cross.
However, the bridge collapses on your way across, and your party is spread
apart. You can see Nash from there, so go talk to him and he will rejoin.
Jessica is within sight here, so get her. Go get Mia from where you see her,
then head to the bar to the north. Talk to Kyle, who is currently getting
drunk with the thief guild tester. He says that you must go south to Damon's
spire, then gives you the book with the password to get in  there and rejoins
you. So you now must go through the forest of hell again. Have fun.
   But wait! You see Mel's statue toward the exit! Or is it? It turns
everyone but Jessica into stone, and attempts to have her join them, but Kyle
breaks out and fights to protect Jessica.

BOSS: Plaster Mel
   This is a one-on-one battle between Kyle and Plaster Mel. Use power up
twice first, then keep doing power slash. 2 attacks should do it if you have
enough MP. If not, then you'll have to result to normal attacks. If you have
plenty of healing nuts in Kyle's inventory, he'll be fine, since Mel's only
attack is an axe swing that does 10-20 damage.
   It was actually a fake statue planted by Royce. Everyone is unstoned, and
after a short mushy scene with Kyle and Jessica, you can move again. Exit
th e forest by going straight south, as always. Heal up at the springs to the
east, then go south to Damon's spire.
   Head north a bit, and you will recite the password to the man there. You
can step on the red tiles on this floor to open up doors. Go north and hit
all the red switches there and the ones you find on the way, then go back to
the first intersection andead east, hit all the switches in that room, head
north, hit the red switch there, keep going north and hit the switch there,
go west and hit the switch there, get the chest with nothing in it, keep
going west, then south, open the empty chest, keep going south, get another
empty chest, then go up to the closed door. ::catches breath::  Have whoever
you like answer the question- Mia has the right answer, but if you pick Nash
he will screw up, and Mia will give the correct answer and you will keep get
to proceed anyway. (Hehe... the dialogue is what I like most about this
   Floor two: there are monsters here, but they aren't too difficult (immune
to normal attacks, but weak against magic- have Jessica, Alex, and Kyle
defend and have Mia and Nash use blizzard and thunder bomb,) but you'll want
to avoid them anyway. Hit the red switch to the east, keep going east and hit
th e switch there, go back west then go north, east, east again and hit the
switch, get the star light from the chest, hit the switch to the south, go
north, west, get the star light in the chest, go west again hitting the
switch there although I'm not sure that you need to, then return to the
northeast room and go up to the door. Have Kyle answer the question if you
like for a funny scene, but Nash has the correct answer. Head up the stairs
to floor three.
   New, tougher enemies here. Rufuses are immune to magic and normal
attacks, but weak against physical magic attacks like explosion staff and
sonic riser. Head south and hit the switch on the way, then get the sage's
clothes from the chest. Give them to Jessica, then head west hitting the
switch on the way. Go north while hitting the switch, and keep going north to
encounter an injured man. Tell Jessica to help him, and you will be allowed
to proceed after Jessica gets MAJORLY pissed at the mage guy. But don't go up
yet- head west, south, and get the chest with a star light. Now go back up to
the stairs to proceed to floor four.
   Again, new enemies here. This time, no particular weaknesses or
strengths, but they can petrify. Anyway, head west, get the spirit bandanna
and equip it on Nash, hit the switch to the south, then return east, go east
again through the now-open door, get the star light, then head south, hit the
switch on the way, get the ice pendant from the chest (give it to anyone you
like, I gave it to Jessica,) then head back north all the way, west past the
stairs, south, east while hitting the switch, and north. For this question,
you must decide who was the least useful and leave them behind. Take Mia's
advice and don't make anyone leave, and you will be able to proceed to the
next floor, floor five.
   No enemies here. Yayyyyy! Hit the north switch and go through the door,
head west and hit the switch there, then go back to the southeast room and go
west. For this puzzle, you choose who directs the sculpting, and he or she
has the other five people sculpt what is their greatest treasure to them.
It's fun to have each person try, so do so. Kyle makes a crowbar (although it
looks like a golf club,) Jessica makes a necklace her mother gave her, Mia
makes a monster who she considers to be cute, and Nash makes a sculpture of
Vane- the dialogue for that one is especially funny. But if you want to skip
all that, then just say no to all of them and have Alex try. Nall knows what
he's going to sculpture (and so did I from the moment this started,) so he
directs. It's... Luna! But everyone else thinks that it's the Goddess.
Anyway, head up the stairs to the top of the tower. Damon gives you the
thieves' guide. You can leave now with escape song not if you like, but check
all the bookcases out first, and maybe talk to Damon a couple more times if
you like.
   Back on the world map, return to Reza. Talk to the bartender/thieves'
guild leader and you will join the guild, and you get the thieves' crest,
which allows you to open all the locked red chests in the game! WOOHOO!
Anyway, head behind the bar and go through the door. Go north, west, and
north through the door. Now go north (talk to Lily, the girl, if you like)
and you will be in the thieves' bazar. Talk to the man in the northeast
corner and he will give you the dragonwings back, plus you get a soap. Talk
to him again to buy stuff. Get Alex an ice blade, Nash and Mia ice canes
(stone bow has more attack power, but enemies in an upcoming dungeon are weak
against ice, so...) and Jessica an ice mace. Get intelligent robes for Nash
and Mia and crystal armlets for Mia and Jessica if you have the money, but
you're probably running very low after buying all of those elemental weapons,
so come back here later.
   On your way out, you will encounter Royce, who is attempting to take the
girl, Lily, away. Follow her father back into the bazar, and talk to the blue
haired man near him, who gives you the blueprints for a hot air balloon. So
leave town and head for Iluk. However, you might want to look around the
world for any red chests that you can unlock now. Here's a list of the ones I
can remember right now that you can get to up to this point, I'd appreciate
someone telling me of any that I missed:

Burg, Ramus' house- garbage can lid (that's it?)
Weird woods, northeast of the clearing where you meet Laike- wrath ring
Saith, second floor of southwest house- protection ring
Old hag's house, basement- silver light
Meribia sewers via Mel's mansion entrance- silver light
Cave of Trials- soap
Lann- silver light
Path from Reza to Nanza- silver light
Forest to Meryod- fortune ring

Like I said, I'm pretty sure I missed some.

Chapter 12: the bug from hell, the red dragon, and the descent from heaven
   Actually, it's only "the bug from hell" if you don't know what to do.
Anyway, go south and southwest from Reza to get to Iluk. Go into a house on
the northwest and talk to the guy there. You give him the blueprints and he
says to get him a fluffy bug from the northwest fields to make his air
balloon work to get you to the Red Dragon Cave. You need to ask the botanist
to get into the field, so leave the house and go west down the stairs (my
guess is that the house that goes with this basement was blown up) and talk
to the guy, and you can enter the fields.
   Now, this is quite difficult if you don't know what to do. You can fight
a "fluffy bug" among other enemies, but it runs away the first round. What
you must do is locate a solitary bug enemy in the nothwest corner that does
not move, and fight that. Running away or not, you'll catch it. However,
you'll want to hang around here to get all the items, and this is a good
place to gain exp- build youself up to at least level 25, if not 27. But
watch out, they can do a lot of damage- I used Nash's sleep spell a lot here.
Also, press X when near the carrots a couple of times for some funny
dialogue. As for the treasures, in  the north part of the area there is a
spook hairpin (give it to Mia,) the northeast part, a healing ring, and in
the northwest near where the bug that you're supposed to get there's 1500s.  
   After getting the bug and building up to level 25, go back into the
inventor's house and talk to him. You give him th e fluffy bug and he will
begin to inflate the balloon. You spend the night there, and the next morning
you see that the balloon is, in fact, not yet inflated. That is, until Nall
bumps it. Tell the inventor that you're ready for takeoff (unless you are
not, in that case then you should not) and you will depart in the balloon for
the volcano.
   Welcome to the Red Dragon Cave. Head northeast and take the stairs to
enter the dungeon. Most of the enemies here are weak against ice attacks, so
use Mia's blizzard and ice wall spells, Nash's ice cane (as an item,) and
Jessica and Alex's regular attacks. Since Kyle can't equip ice weapons, he's
at a slight disadvantage here.  Head southeast or southwest down the path and
go up the stairs. Go norhteast and north, and get the star light from the
chest. Now go west all the way and get another chest with another star light.
Now go south and east until you find a stairs, and go up those stairs. Take a
step down and you will receive a message from the Red Dragon and you will
also be restored. Yayyyy! Anyway, go south and west, and take the first south
turn to get a chest with a barrier ring. Equip it on someone if you like,
then go back north and go northwest for a chest with a star light. Now go
back south and west, and walk north through the flames, then take the stairs.
Go south and east down the long path, all the way until you reach a chest
with a rainbow tiara for Jessica. Now go northwest and west back down the
long path back to th e stairs, but this time go northeast for a chest with a
star light (there sure are a lot of these in this dungeon, aren't there?) now
go southwest and west, along the lower part, then go southwest down a path.
Take the two chests you see there for an angel ring and a star light, then go
near the crater thingy to the right of the right chest (with the star light.)
You will be launched southeast to another platform. Go east all the way and
get the flame sword from the chest. DON'T equip it yet, obviously, because
most enemies in this dungeon are strong against fire. Go back west back to
the chests, then go northeast and northwest. Don't cross the fire yet; get
the star light from the chest northeast of here first. Now cross the long
lane of fire, trying to avoid the enemies (although it's quite difficult to
do so,) get the star light from the chest at the end, then save and heal up,
you're about to face a boss. Head north a bit and you will get to a scene in
which Royce summons two dogs to attack you.

BOSS: Bronze Dog X2
   As always, start off by having Alex use vigor twice, Kyle using power up
twice, and Mia casting ice shell once on each character, or at least on Alex
and Kyle. Jessica should use saint litany, since it makes your characters
regen a bit of hp each round, and Nash should use thunder thrust each round.
Afterwards, Kyle should use power slash, Alex his regular attack (it does
more damage than sword dance when he has an ice weapon!), Mia should use
blizzard (or ice lance when you're down to only one),  Jessica should use her
regular attack and use her healing spells when needed, and Nash should keep
up with the thunder thrusts. You should have Alex, Kyle, and Jessica
concentrate on one at a time, while Nash and Mia hit  them all with their
spells. The dogs have a weak regular attack, a "Heat Rush" which does up to
40 damage on each character, and a fireball attack that can do as much as 80
damage to one. Just keep your characters alive (well, Nash is expendable
here...) and you'll be fine.
   Afterwards, Royce takes her leave, and you should head northeast and get
the 5000s from the chest, then go up the stairs. Head north and you will
encounter the Red Dragon's spirit, who gives you the the Dragon Shield in an
FMV. You have also learned the spell "dragon anger," another one of the
dragon spells that costs a little too much MP for my taste. It does fire
elemental damage to all enemies at the cost of 35 MP. You can equip the
shield now, and you should do so. Leave the room, then use a dragonfly wing
or escape litany to return to the entrance. Enter the balloon, and after a
funny screaming anime scene (this is what the "descent form heaven" part of
the title means) in which th e balloon crashes, you will be back in Reza,
where, of course, the thieves there steal the balloon right off. Laike is
there. Talk to him, and he will tell you to go back to Meryod where the
bridge you broke is now fixed. So restore yourself at the statue, and use the
dragonwings to go back to Meryod.

Chapter 12: The song of Lyton, the song of Luna, and the Blue Dragon
   In Meryod, go east across the bridge that will not break this time, and
go into the weapon shop. Get Alex and Kyle great swords (even though you
still want to keep Alex' flame sword,) Nash and Mia sage's canes, and Jessica
a water mace. Now leave through the east.
   Head southwest a bit and you will see another shrine near a pool. This is
the girls' spring, my guess is. However, note the forest that one must corss
to get there. The enemies here are quite hard, almost impossible to beat, but
you can beat them. I recommend coming here after becoming a dragonmaster, as
you are much stronger plus you have the "dragon grief" spell, which kills all
the enemies in one hit, but you don't get exp or money. Anyway, back on the
world map, head north all the way until you get to Lyton. First off, head
east and go to the shop. Buy Alex and Kyle holy armors and holy helments,
Kyle a holy shield, and Jessica a rainbow armlet. Now go to the large
northern house and talk to the old man there. He asks you to help restore the
song of Lyton, so the Blu e Dragon can be called. So leave the house and head
east to enter the temple.
   Go north around the people (talk to them if you like,) and through the
door. Head north and northeast/north, and down the stairs. Now head
southeast, then south, then northwest, avoiding the crack in the floor, and
get the chest with a wisdom robe. Give it to Nash, then go back southeast
(don't fall through the crack) and then head southwest, south, east, and down
the stairs. Now head east, north, west, and get the chest with a star light.
Now go back east, north all the way, and down the stairs.
   Oooooooo... glowing walls here, for some odd reason. Head east, and south
making your way around the pillars, then east to get a chest with 2500s. Now
go south, west all the way and north all the way, then west a bit more and
down th e stairs. No more glowing walls here. Head east, south while avoiding
the cracks, then west and up the stairs. Keep going north around th e cracks
and go up the stairs there. Now go west and north. You can push the rocks in
front of the holes here to fix the music. Push the one on the left to the
left and the one on the right to the right. The music is fixed now, so you
can use escape litany to leave now. Return to the elder's house after healing
up at the statue, and talk to him.
   Go north to Lyton lake as he says.  Talk to eith er Kyle and Jessica or
Nash and Mia to hear them sing Luna's song. Horribly off key. But's it's
still fun to watch. Jessica actually does a good job, and Mia is okay. Nash
isn't very good, and Kyle totally sucks. So head north up to the "bridge" and
Alex and Nall will get an idea. You finally get to hear the song that is
track 2 of the demo CD, both game CDs, and the making of CD. Alex starts off,
then Luna starts singing in the place where she and the other singers are
being held captive in evil HQ. Th e other captured singers join in, with
Xenobia, Phacia, and Royce as an audience, with a cameo appearence by Magic
Emperor Ghaleon. The song works, and the entrance to th e Blue Dragon Cave
appears. So enter already!
   Go northwest to find a puddle. You must go into th e puddle to proceed.
So do so. At this point it is a good idea to equip the flame sword that you
got in th e Red Dragon Cave, as the monsters here are weak to fire, and
thunder, so Nash is useful here too. Anyway, head east from here and walk
into another puddle. Now try to enter the puddle to the north. You will be
attacked by a group of water elementals. You will get into these encounters a
lot, but they are worth good exp. Anyway, head west, southwest, west,
northwest all the way to get an angel's tear from the chest, and into the
puddle nearby. Now go north, and into the puddle. Head east, and into the
middle puddle. Now go southwest, west, south, get the chest with 5000s, then
north and into the puddle. Now head west all the way and get the chest with a
ruby tiara. Give it to Jessica, then head northeast, east, southeast, east,
north, get the chest with an angel ring, back south, east, north up the
narrow path, northeast, and...
   Whoa, there's a lot of puddles here. The one you want is the second one
from the left on the bottom row, but why not get into a few fights first?
Anyway, fight in  the other ones if you like, then take the second from the
left. The puddles to the left of here contain fights, so just go northeast,
north, west, southwest, and get the chests with a jewel bracelet and a
chira's tail. Equip the bracelet on Nash, and give the tail (increases
agility) to Mia, who has very low agility. Now go north, northwest, and into
the puddle. Go southwest, get the chest with the dragon armlet (despite its
name, it's for Mia,) then head northwest, west, southwest, and into the
opening with the light coming out. Now go north, and you will meet  the Blue
Dragon. I like this guy- for a nearly godlike being, he's quite funny. After
opening up th e passage to the official Dragonmaster Helment(TM), talk to him
several times for more funny dialouge. Now go south a bit, then east, an you
will claim the helment in another CG sequence. You then hear a sound form
th e lair. Go back west then north, and you see that those damned three
sisters have done it again- this time it's Phacia. After a bit of talking,
she takes her leave and tells you a bit about Ghaleon, Dyne, and Althena, but
disappears before you can hear the whole thing. Exit the chamber, then use
escape litany to leave. Talk to the elder again, and he will say to head east
to find the Black Dragon. So leave town, after healing up, and head
southeast. Oh, and one last note- Alex has a new spell, dragon healing, which
costs 40 MP and heals everyone completely. I found this useful in the last
battle, which is still a little ways away, but not that far either- you're
over halfway through the game right now!

Chapter 13: The archer, the impossible puzzle, and the maze from hell
   Head southeast, south, southwest, southeast, and into the valley. The
signs here are screwed up; don't pay any attention to them. Head east,
southeast, south, get the star light from the chest, northeast, east, south
all the way, southwest, south, west, southwest, get shira's tail from the
chest (adds range... not really worth it, since all the people who use normal
attacks have enough range already.) Now go northwest, north along th e path
until you find a chest with a wind cane. Equip it on Mia (agility +20!) and
go back south down the path south, and keep going east.
   Xenobia's here! You fight off an easy horde of monsters, then fight
another horde of a few more monsters, and you're about to fight a third, but
then someone from the east fires off explosive arrows to save you. Xenobia
departs, and you see a short anime scene in which your saviors ride off. Head
east, northeast, southeast, and east to leave the area and you will arrive in
Tamur. First off, buy a wind sword for Kyle and a judgement mace for Jessica
at the weapon shop (I usually had Nash stay away from bows, since most staffs
increased his wisdom, and his spells are better than his regular attacks
anyway.) Now get silver armor for Alex and Kyle, radiance clothes for
Jessica, a saint's robe for Mia, and a spirit robe and lucky bandana for
Nash. Mia should already have a dragon armlet. Heal at the statue, then head
north to (once again) meet Laike! He tells you that there's an inventor,
Myght, who can help you get airborne, and thus can get you to the frontier
(although they say that you also need the airship to get to the Black Dragon,
you actually don't.) He says that Myght isn't really a people person, so
everyone else leaves and you go alone with Go- I mean, Laike to Myght's
tower, to the northeast.
   Now then, talk to the guy there and go up the stairs. This puzzle is
nearly impossible without some sort of guide because you are given absolutley
no clues as to its solution. There are four doors here: the north one is the
moon, west is star, east is sun, and south is saturn. The combination of
doors is: saturn, star, sun, moon. So, you take the south door, the west
door, back through the east door, and through the north door. In this
section, there are enemies, but they aren't too difficult. One warning about
this section however- I was kindof lost here myself, so this isn't exactly
the best way to get through here. Now, go northwest and take the elevator
there. Go west, into th e door, and make your way north, east, and south down
the ladder. Go into the left door, then go north, west, south, and west and
make your way to a chest with a silver light, then go back east and down the
ladder. take the elevator down, then go back to the left elevator you took at
the start, this time get back on   first time you get off to proceed futher.
Go west and into the door, and make your way east to get a barrier ring, then
take the ladder. Go west and take the elevator down back to the floor.
Actually, I did this by accident, but hey! This time take the left elevator
up three times and go through the door, head west and go down the ladder, go
into the next door and head east to find a chest with a healing nut. Head
east and down the ladder again. Head west and take the door next to the
elevator. Make your way west and pick up the crystal sword from the chest,
then go back east and down the ladder. Go east and take the second door from
the right, then go west and take the leftmost ladder. Take the door there and
go back east through the area you've already been to and you are back at
because the author of this walkthrough has no idea where he's going, take the
ladder to the east, then go all the way west, down the elevator twice because
the author screwed up again, and (you can just give up on me now and find
your way on your own now, if you like. I won't mind)  take the door on the
right. Make your way to the western ladder, take the elevator up, go through
the door there, go east all the way, down  the ladder, east, in th e door,
get the 500s from the chest, go to the western ladder, go left and take the
PARTY! YEAHHHHHH-okay, I'm done now.
   Save, then go north and say hi to Myght, cue anime intro. Myght agrees to
build the airship, so take the left door here to leave. Note that you can now
use the dragonwings to get back here, so you won't have to go through the
impossible puzzle and the maze from hell once again. Return to Tamur.

Chapter 14: Tempest, the Dark Songstress, and the Black Dragon
   Walk back to Tamur, then go into the bar (blue building in the southwest
with the bottle sign.) Talk to Mia there, and after telling the news to the
group, Nash will come, saying that some people are having an extreme
disagreement. So head out to the north exit (the others have rejoined you,
BTW) and go towards the north exit. You see the two people who saved you
hanging a man. Save the man, and cue an anime intro for Tempest in which he
explains why he was hanging the man. He challenges you to an easy fight- just
use you dragon anger spell a couple of times to toast the guy! He tells you
about the singer of his tribe captured by the Vile Tribe, and gives you the
dragon necklace (no, not another piece of dragonmaster eq...) and he and
Fresca take their leave. After figuring out that maybe Tempest's tribe knows
where the Black Dragon is, you decide to follow him. Leave town and head
southeast into the forest.
   Head south (the southeast path is just a more twisted way to get to where
this path takes you) to get to a clearing. Strangely, you don't take a break
just yet. So head southeast, south, west, get the chest with a healing nut,
then head back east, keep going east then northeast, north, take the
northwest path, then take the the northwest fork there to get to a chest with
another chira's tail. Give this ome to Kyle, Mia probably has enough agility
already. Now go back down the path south, east, and south, then go take the
northeast fork, then go southeast, and northeast again for a chest with a
holy hairpin. Equip it on Mia, then go back west and go south, around the
trees and continue south, west, southwest, and you will examine the trees
there. Keep going west, north, west and south and get the silver light from
the chest. Go back north, then go east, north, and east again to get back to
the clearing.
   You camp out there, and after Jessica says a few things to the (sleeping)
Kyle, and after a short anime dream sequence of Alex's, you awaken to find a
couple of people from the Prairie Tribe asking what you're doing here. After
noticing the dragon necklace, they escort you to their village- follow them
to the trees that you examined earlier. They open up the passage for you, and
before heading to the village, go through the passage and head west and north
along the path and get the chest with a dark shield. Equip it on Kyle, then
head back south and east, back to the fork and keep going east, take the
southeast fork there then go along the path north and get the star bracelet
from the chest. Equip it on Nash, then go back to the fork at the passage and
head south to leave the forest.
   Back on  the world map, head south until you reach Pao. Go inside the
large southeast hut and talk to Tempest. He tells you about the Black Dragon
Fortress, and after giving him back the necklace, the "Dark Songstress"
begins to sing, and Jessica and Mia fall over from the disease that her song
creates. Fresca comes in and tells you that the songs are coming from the
Black Dragon Fortress, then falls over herself from the disease. So you,
Nash, and Kyle should go into the large northeastern hut and talk to the
elder inside. He gives you permission to enter the fortress, then heal up at
the statue nearby the entrance to the shrine, and go in.
   Head east, northwest, north, and through the opening. Woohoo! Meribia
sewers music again! Anyway, go northwest, through the door, take the
northwest door there, and get the chest with a dragon bandana. Give it to
Nash, then head back south and take the northeast door, then go east, south
through the door, south through another door, east, north through the door,
and get the chest with a dream bow. Now go back south, west, and north and
take the stairs there. Head south, get the angel ring from the chest, then go
south through the door and east for a chest with... a trap! You lose some MP
from opening this chest. I recommend avoiding them (when writing this, I
simply saved before opening each chest, and then reloaded if it was a trap.)
So go west, and you will see Tempest there. He joins you, with two spells-
flash arrow, which hits enemies in an area, and flash wind, which blows away
most or all of the enemies on the screen, but you don't get any exp for
fighting them. Go northwest, and take the small narrow passage to the north
for a chest with a silver light. Go back south, east, and go through the door
to the north, then go northeast, north through the door, east, south through
the door, east, south through the door, (trap chest to the right, don't get
it,) southwest, north through the door, northwest and up the stairs.
   Go south, west, and north through any doors you might find, avoid the
trap chest there, go east, south through the door, east, north, get the
healing nut from the chest and go up the stairs. Go south through the door,
east, get the silver light from the chest, then go west, north through the
door, and you will hear the black dragon, and see his spirit. He tells you
that you must destroy his flesh before the Dark Songstress controls it
completely. He gives you the dragon armor in another nifty CG sequence, but
says you are not a dragonmaster until you  pass his trial- a test of purity.
Equip the dragon armor on Alex, then keep going north, northeast through the
door, through the southeast door, and get the dark armor from th e chest.
Equip it on Kyle, then go back a couple of rooms and take the northwest door
this time. Take the southwest door from there, get the dark sword from the
chest, equip it on Kyle, then go south and up the stairs.
   You're on the top of the tower now. Head east and get the dragonfly wing
from the chest, and head north up the stairs. You find out that the Black
Songstress (I thought is was the Dark Songstress? Whatever...) is actually a
hypnotized Luna. After Tempest gives you a chance to turn her back (instead
of killing her,) Ghaleon appears. Luna sings her evil song, and you fight a
fight against the black dragon that you can't win, because you're all
paralyzed. Alex still refuses to kill Luna, and tries to play his ocarina to
make her remember. It works, but Ghaleon still has Luna in his clutches, and
knocks her out. The Black Dragon Amor begins to glow, and cue a nifty anime
scene in which Alex finally becomes a Dragonmaster! You then fight the black
dragon, this time minus the paralyzation.

BOSS: Black Dragon
   First thing you'll want to know is that the dragonmaster change is, for
the most part, purley cosmetic. You do have a new spell, dragon grief, but
you don't want to use it yet because it doesn't work on bosses. Second, you
are completley restored for this fight. Yayyyyyy. So, start off as always
with Alex and Kyle casting vifor twice, then have them use sword dance and
power slash. There's not much for Tempest to do but his regular attack or
flash arrow, and Nash should use thunder bomb. Black dragon has a few
attacks: Fire Breath, which is a gust attack that moves everyone back plus a
fire attack on one, thunder breath, which you saw in the previous battle as a
gust attack and thunder damage on all, and cold breath, which is a gust
attack plus ice damage to one. This fight isn't all that difficult, so long
as you have plenty of healing nuts in your inventory.
   After th e fight, Ghaleon takes his leave on the Black Dragon after
taunting you a bit and saying that he'll be at the frontier (get used to the
"Dragonboy" nickname, it's gonna stick.) Walk south back one room, then use a
dragonfly wing to leave. Return to Tempest's tent in the village. After
updating Mia and Jessica on what's happened, (they don't really seem to
notice that you're a Dragonmaster now,) Laike arrives (apparently he taught
Tempest how to use a bow,) and tells you to go see Myght in his tower.
   But first, talk to Tempest to get the "master sword," which is, of
course, a very good weapon- the same one Laike has, a beleive.

Chapter 15: Betrayal, and departure
   This is one of the last times you can visit the world map, so you should
try and get anything you may have missed earlier. Now's a good time to try
for the spring nearby Meryod, or to simply cruise around and buy stuff-
you'll want to have plenty of star lights, and you most probably have a lot
of money to buy them with, I had over 120,000s after I sold all my excess
equipment!  You can get Jess' Bromide 1 by talking to a girl in Althena's
Shrine who thinks that she's Jessica's sister. Also, talk to fata- I mean,
Ramus, in his shop and he gives you the Rememberizer, which can let you see
all the anime cutscenes and CG scenes that you have seen in the game so far.
VERY cool.
   Anyway, back to Myght. Talk to him in his tower after using the dragon
wings to get there, and you'll stay the night there. Talk to Kyle and
Jessica, then Nash and Mia, then you go to sleep. The next morning, talk to
everyone there, then talk to Nash who is rather pessimistic about the future.
When you're about to leave, Nash says that you don't have a chance against
Ghaleon, and zaps part of the airship, then reveals that he's been reporting
to Ghaleon since the beginning, then Royce arrives and takes Nash away with
her. Myght says that the airship needs to have its engine fixed, but Kyle
suggests that you use the balloon's engine. So it's off to Reza once again.
Talk to th e Thieves' guild leader. He says that Lily is back, and that he'll
ask the guys at the Bazaar to give you a price break. Head to the Bazaar.
Talk to the witch saleswoman and buy lots and lots of star lights (you won't
be using money for too much else for the rest of the game,) and then talk to
the guy near the balloon who gives you the engine for free, (talk about a
price break!) so return to Myght's tower if you're ready. But first, you can
go to Iluk and talk to the pervert guy (in the northeast house, who asked to
take pictures of Mia in various states of undress) and you will get Mia's
Bromide 4, which is most probably the most revealing of all the Bromides.
Check it out, but make sure your parents aren't watching... :)
   Give Myght the engine, and then Laike will come, and you talk with him
for a bit. Talk to Kyle and Jessica, then Mia, then Laike, then you will go
up to the roof to see the airship. If you're ready, talk to Myght, and after
boarding the ship, you leave for the frontier. After Laike and Myght talk,
and Laike says that he's "sorry you must undo what I have done..." and after
a bit of flying and an anime cutscene you arrive in the frontier... and at
the end if disc 1!

------------End of Disc 1--------------

Walkthrough- disc 2
   Note- actually, you can save, turn off the game, put in disc one, and
load the game up again and you can still play it with disc one, until you
reach an anime scene, because the only data that is not on both discs is the

Chapter 16: The Vile Tribe's village, the mine, and the second maze from hell
   Note that this spiffy music is track 19 on the soundtrack. Apparently,
the Airship can't get to the grindery because of a magic barrier, so you'll
have to land nearby. Head east, and north into the small "crack" with some
green things sticking out.
   Welcome to the Vile Tribe's village of Talon.This place, or at least the
first part of it, is almost as bad as Myght's tower! Anyway, take the door on
th e right, the staircase on the left, the staircase on the left, then go all
the way up and left and into the shop. You can talk to the purple guy here to
get healed. Now go back out, and go through the open door there and north
through another open door to enter  the mine.
   Welcome to hell. Again, you can try this place on your own if you wish.
Anyway, go north up the ladder, east, and north under the bridge and into the
door. Now go west and into the door there. Now go north east, get the healing
nut from the chest, further east, south and into the door. Go west across the
bridge, southwest, northwest, and north into the door. You're back here again
because I'm an idiot who has no idea where he's going, so this time you may
as well climb up the ladders on the left, then northwest and up the stairs,
then north to get a chest with a silver light. Now go east, north, into the
door, northwest and into the door, go west and get the healing nut from the
chest, take the northeast door and go into the north door, and you will be in
a place with some miners. Talk to the people here if you like, then take the
northwest exit.
   Start heading northeast, and you will hear a rumble and a cry for help.
Agree to help the people in there, then go back to the previous room and talk
to the yellow guy. You save the miner that is trapped, then a group of guards
come and attack you. You can kick their butts quite easily, so do so. After
leaving, Phacia appears, and says a few words about your bravery, then the
scene returns to your party, so you should now head northeast, north through
the door, north up the ladder, northeast, south down the path and into the
door, then southeast to pick up a chest with a star light. Now go back
northwest through the door, north, east, south down the ladder, east, and
north for a chest with a silver light. Now go back south, north up the
ladder, west, south down the ladder, northeast and north under the bridge,
then continue north and northwest, then south into the door. Pick up the
chest with a hell armlet for Jess, then return to the start of this section
(near the sign) and head northwest, west, south into the door, south, east
through the door, south down the ladder, east, north under the bridge, west,
south down the ladder, and pick up the chest with a holy robe for Mia. Now
head east under the bridge and through the northeast door, then go east and
north up the ladder for a chest with a devil pendant (increases magic
endureance,) and go back south, west through the door, west, north up the
ladder, east, south under the bridge, and southwest through the door,
northwest and through the door there past the gauntlet of bugs, north across
the bridge for a chest with a refresher ring, which prevents conditions. I
recommend giving it to Jessica, because her healing spells can help the rest
of the group if they are affected by paralysis, etc. Anyway, go back south
through the door, southeast through the door, and take the southeast exit
there. Now go down the ladder there, west and south under the bridges, and
into the southeast door. Get the angel's tear from the chest, then go back
northwest, west, north, east, up the ladder, and go south across the bridge,
and west across another bridge. southwest, up the ladder and south through
the door, get the fire tiara for Jessica from the chest, and back north, down
the ladder, and northeast to the intersection. Now go northwest through the
door, north across the bridge, northeast, east, south, get the healing nut
from the chest, then head north and through the door.
   There's a graveyard here. Head north and heal up at the statue (a miner
says why the statue is there when they supposedley hate Althena,) then
continue north and up the stairs. Go north and up the stairs again. You head
north and then the lights go out, and when the lights go back on, you find
that Xenobia has kidnapped Jessica and Mia. Because it's what Xenobia wants
to see, you have a short fight vs. Kyle in which neither you nor Kyle can do
any damage to each oth er, so just use a couple of regular attacks and  the
fight will end in three rounds. After Xenobia tells you to use your real
strength, Kyle fools Xenobia into thinking that he could care less about
Jessica. However, it was just a ploy to give Mia and Jessica time to escape,
so Xenobia runs off, leaving a monster behind.

BOSS: Shadow Spectre
   There's nothing too special about this boss. Start off by using power
drive and vigor on Alex, power up on Kyle, and have Jess cast saint litany.
Then have Alex start with th e sword dances and Kyle with the power slashes,
have Mia use power drive on Kyle, and Jessica should either heal or use her
regular attack. Afterwards, all but Mia should do the same thing, but Mia
should cast power drive twice on Jessica, then start casting ice shell once
then a second time on everyone. Shadow Spectre's attacks are a basic three-
hit attack, a "piercing eyes" attack that does up to 90 damage on all, and a
"black bile" attack that silences one (this is why you want the refresher
ring.) This boss isn't too hard, so long as Jessica doesn't get muted and
keeps up with the healing spells and, of course, doesn't run out of MP.
   After beating the Shadow Spectre and watching  the funny conversation
("Thespian?! Aren't I the wrong gender for that, Jess?",) go back to the
statue to heal, then go back north to the room where you fought the boss,
then go northwest and up the stairs. Go north again and out the door, and...
you're back on the world map!

Chapter 17: The unexpected ally, Ruid, and Magical Weapon Nash
   Head east and into the egg-like place. Go north and into the small
opening, west and into the opening there, east and into another opening, then
into the egg. Head north and through the door (you can talk to the people in
the coccons by standing directly in front of them and facing up, then
pressing X,) north again through another door, and north to find a Vile Tribe
member praying at a statue of Althena. But it's actually Phacia, who, instead
of fighting you, helps you by telling you how to get into Ruid. After she
tells you why, say you beleive her, and she will teleport away. You probably
don't need to heal at the statue, so simply return to the world map. Now go
northwest and into Ruid.
   You automatically open up the secret passage, so enter. Go into the room
to the east and take the chest with a silver light, then leave that room and
go west and north into another room with a chest, this one with a star light.
Go north to another intersection and go into the northeast room for a chest
with a fortune ring. Now go back to the intersection and head north through
the door, northeast and east (you can't go through that door there,) east,
south, east all the way, north for a chest with a dark mace for Jessica, then
go south, west, north through the door, norheast through another door, and up
the stairs.
   Now head west, north down the train tracks a bit and west at the first
turn, then north through the door for a room with two chests, one with a
silver light and one with a healing nut. Now go back east, north down the
tracks again, then east, north through the door, and get the chest with a
fire armlet for Mia. Now go south, south again through the door, south again
through another door, east, north, east a little bit, north, east agin a bit,
and north. Now go east, north through the door, get the chest with a tri-ring
(prevents status,) and take the stairs to the northeast. Take the stairs to
the south (on the other side of the pillar,) head east and up the stairs
there, go around th e pillar in this room and up the stairs.
   Gee, do you think this room could just scream out "BOSS COMING UP MORON,
HEAL!" any louder? After doing so, go north through the door, and you will
meet Taben, the creator of the Grindery. He summons out his newest
creation... Nash in a really weird suit that makes him look like, according
to Nall, a giant chicken! After Nash zaps everyone but Mia, who gets pissed
and gives him a righteous bitch slap. Oww... you can even see the mark on his
face! Mia convinces him to stop, and Nash apologizes to everyone. But, you're
not about to get out of this dungeon without a boss fight, so you fight Nash,
with his weird suit under remote control by Taben.

BOSS: Magic Masher
   Not too difficult. Just do what you always do- double power
up/vigors/power drives on Alex, then Kyle, then Jessica, have Alex and Kyle
do sword dance and power slashes afterwards, and have Jessica either use her
healing spells (saint litany in the first round, of course) or her regular
attacks. And, of course, have Mia cast ice shell once on everybody, if not
twice, and then have her use fire spells, since Nash is weak against those.
Nash's attacks are thunder bomb, which does about 60 or so damage to a group
and thunder shower, a pumped up thunder thrust that does 100+ damage to
everybody (!). Not too difficult, just watch out for thunder shower. I
beleive the dragon ring increases resistance to thunder, so make sure Alex
has that.
   Taben runs off, and you have a conversation with Nash (I'm not sure
whether or not what you say here matters, but I chose to forgive him) and he
rejoins you, and has gaines about as many levels as you have since he was
last in the party. So follow Taben up the stairs and through the door. Head
north and through the door here. Ghaleon is here, with Taben, and after
saying you're too late and a bit more dialouge, the Grindery (a giant mobile
tower) is unleashed in a nifty anime scene. For some reason, you can use the
dragonfly wings here, so you'll have to walk back to the world map.
   The Grindery has made a convinient hole through the crater that you can
walk through to return to the airship. You follow the Grindery back towards
the main part of the world. That damn shield is still there, and you figure
out that it's headed to Vane and Althena's Tower, so you return to Vane. You
decide to use the "true power of Vane," and you have to go find Nash. First,
go to the magic shop and stock up on star lights- you should have enough
money to completley fill up Nall's inventory with those. Talk to Nash near
the entrance, who is all of a sudden worried about Mia for going to the
Silver Spire. Go back to the guild and head up the west hall to the door
opposite of the entrance to the star spire. Nash asks Mia if she's sure about
this, then you follow her into the spire. Go west down the stairs, into the
door, and onto the plate thingy. You are teleported to another room, and
after some preparation, Vane fires on the Grindery, and the Grindery on Vane,
in a nifty anime sequence. Use the dragon wings to transport to someplace
nearby- Althena's Shrine or Vane, then leave to the world map and head for
the Grindery.

Chapter 18: The Grindery
   Note that this is the ABOLUTE LAST time you'll be able to go to the world
map, so finish up anything that you want to. Now, as you approach the
Grindery, you are attacked by a group of monsters. Then you fight another
group of monsters. You're about to fight a third, but then it's Tempest,
Fresca, and the Prairie Tribe to the rescue! They cover for you as you enter
the Grindery.
   This place is a bit of a maze- not nearly as bad as Myght's tower,
though. Head north all the way, east, north down the narrow passage, and into
the door. You are taken to another part of the floor by the tube. From here,
head west, south, and take the second turn left and into the tube. Head east,
north, get the healing nut from the chest, then go west and up the tube. Head
east past the dragon's foot (are you starting to figure out what's happened
to them?) and keep going east, get the saint clothes from the chest, equip
them on Jess, then go up the nearby tube to the next floor.
   Now go south, west, get the silver light from the chest, then continue
south, west, and up the tube. Now go south, west, south across the bridge,
east, south, west, and up the tube to the next floor. Head east, north across
the bridge, east, north, and get the silver light from the chest. Head back
south, east, north, and up the tube. Now go east and up the left tube. Get
the stone bracelet in th  chest and give it to Nash, then go southwest and
west, then north and go into the tube. Now go west and take the tube there,
get the angel ring from the chest, then head east, south all the way and take
the tube to the next floor.
   Now go south, east, and take the tube. Now go north and take the tube
there. Hed east, and north all the way, then take the tube there. Now go west
and yo will see Quark's head. Apparently, his body and eveyone else's is
being controlled by none other than Ghaleon. Continue west, get the insane
shield from the chest and give it to Kyle, then head south and up the tube.
   Whoa... weird. This is some damn freaky place- it's a pretty garden with
faeries flying all around the place. Maybe I was wrong when I said the big G
was perfectly straight. Anyway, talk to the people here if you like, heal up
at the statue, then head north through the center door. Make your way around
to the south and down another set of stairs. Now head north, and down another
set of stairs. Now head east all the way, south, west past the stairs, and
get the phantom ribbon for Mia from the chest. Now go back east a bit and up
the stairs. Get the star lig

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