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Lunar Silver Star Story

Version 1.0 By Tan Yong Hua
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Well, Hi there, this is the first version of Lunar Silver Star Story
FAQ of mine.It would not be not be that great compared to others on the
net but it's still worth a try. The objectives of this walkthrough is
to provide Lunar players an understanding of the game and to help those
stuck in confusing and frustrating places. Lunar will be a big hit in
Playstation since the Sega Saturn version. While, this goes on, let me
get back to the main topics. Also I will post all the important notices
up here in front which is rather a kind of update.
4.Secrets in Lunar
5.Gameshark Codes
6.Character Profiles
7.Copyright Notice
Firstly at the beginning of the walkthrough,let me introduce myself. I
am a 13 year old boy not to say boy but a teenager from Singapore and
has always loved to play rpg games since Super Mario RPG. This was when
I discovered the pleasure of playing these 3D environmental-based
games. It really captured my attention.So then I started to play RPG
along.Below are some of the list of RPG I had played
-Super Mario RPG
-Wild Arms
-Beyond the Beyond(u)
-Final Fantasy VII
-Legend of Legaia
-Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time
-Breath of Fire III
-Lunar silver Star Story
-Shadow Maddness
-Tales of Destiny
-Final Fantasy Tactics
-Saga Frontier(u)
-Parasite Eve
-The Granstream Saga
-Azure Dreams
-Tactics Orgre(u)
-Ogre Battle(u)
-Brave Fencer Mushashi

You can contact me and asked me about those games if you like. But I
would not be able to answer all of questions as I have not completed
some of the games. Symbol for uncompleted games is(u). I will still be
able to answer some of the uncompleted games question up to a limit.
You can also mailed to my best friend Philip at
or Ken at
T H E  S T O R E Y
The story started in a village called Burg where the great Dragon
Master Dyne is honured daily by the people living there. In this
village, there is a young boy by the name of Alex. He possessed the
green eyes of the Dragon Master and is chossen to the next and great
one. With that he set off on his quest with Luna and Ramus to find the
four dragons,White,Blue, Red and Black.
The walkthrough started here. It contains information on the game and
may affect your spirit. Read it at your own risk!!!

T H E  B E G I N N I N G  O F  I T  A L L
The destiny behold on the boy Alex. He will be chosen to be the next
Dragon Master after Dyne though it is still unconvinced if he will be.
It will be your duty to guild him.

Alex had always dreamed to be a Dragon Master and now his wish is
waiting to be fuliled. You will start off at the front of Dyne's
Grave.Head Down South into the Village.On the way, you will meet with
Ramus, the mayor's son who was always pampered by his parents to seek
on an adventure to the dragon cave.Proceed to the east and up to find
Luna besides the spring singing away.An animation shit will spring up
and you will be able to see how Luna looks like. Yep, quite ugly, huh.
Never Mind, you will meet some more babes later on.Oops!,just
joking!.Luna will hear on your quest to the cave and asked to tag along
with you. Agree with it and then head back to your house on the
northwest of the village. Talk to Alex's Dad for a dagger and a spring
shot. After that, walk to the basement and rip the chests of all the
items there. Activate the menu by pressing the square button. Along the
left side will be a kind of side menu, press R1 to switch between
system menu and magic menu. Go to item management and click on give
item to.Select the springshot and give it to Luna. Go to equipment
maanagement menu and equip their weapons accordingly.

Go to the entrance of the village which is on the west side to meet
Ramus. He looks sort of thin,huh.On the world map, there will be no
random enemies. Hurrah!. Go up round the mountain range and south into
the dragon cave.

T H E  D R A G O N  C A V E
Items founded:Herbs,Dragon Ring, Star Pearl, $250

The dragon cave is quite tough for a beginner, but if you keep
training,you will be well off, try to avoid the crystal as much as
possible since they hold so many enemies. Pick on those slimy things
and bees to fight on. Level up to 3. and head deeper in to the cave.
The cave is a maze sort of laybrinath but you will be alright. Come On,
you will not be so easily defeated,will you? Always save after fighting
what you think a great enemies.

When you reach the dragon cave, an animation will occur leaving you to
stare at the gigantic size of it. Time to fight it! Equip your items.
And refill all your members hit points. He he, just joking. Luna will
be recognised by the dragon though who on earth know who she is. You
will be given on a quest to proceed deeper into the cave to look for
the dragon ring. In exchange the dragon will give you the dragon
diamond. The last to suceed was a man called Dyne. Do you know him, Of
course , he is the great dragon master.Proceed west and you will
noticed that the icles blocking your way has been eliminated.Perhaps
destroyed by the dragon vibration.

Anyway proceed up the stairs into the cave beyond, you will see a
baboon and a crystal. Dstroy the crystal but do not destroy the baboon.
You will need the baboon to destroy those ice blocks. Lure the baboon
in to the ice blocks which will then break beyond its weight. Anyway,
head trough the door into the cave. Wanna get, the chest there. Just
lure the baboon there. Proceed west and into the cave where the dragon
ring is. Whew,finally. Lure the baboon into the chest to the west and
obtain the dragon ring. The chest to the southeast contains $250. If
you want it, then waste no time in getting it.Head back to the dragon
cave. You will obtain the diamond. Use the dragon wing to escape.But if
you wish to fight more enemies to level up. You may do so
W E I R D  W O O D S

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