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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete v1.0

PSX | May 28, 1999 | Working Designs/Gamearts
By Andrew C.

Table of Contents

  1) Introduction
  2) Updates
  3) FAQs
  4) Walkthrough: Part 1
       - Burg
       - Dragon Cave
       - Wierd Woods
       - Saith
       - Old Hag's Forest
       - Saith
       - Slime

     Walkthrough: Part 2
       - Meribia
       - Sewers
       - Aqua Lizard
  5) Characters
       - Characters
       - Magic

  6) Items
       - Weapons
- Armor
- Headgear
- Accessories
- Items

  7) Tips and Tricks
  8) Thanks, Disclaimer Etc.

Introduction -
Lunar: The Silver Star Story is a game rereleased on to the Playstation.
The game was originally created for the Sega CD and now has been remade
with 75% new text, a soundtrack, updated graphics and anime as well as a
hardcover book and a cloth map.

Other versions of Lunar have been remade onto the Sega Saturn which was
released two years ago.

The game is created by Game Arts and distributed by Working Designs. There
once was a young boy named Alex. The hero of the game. He lived with his
dear mother and father in the town of Burg.. His parents are very nice..
they even offered to take care of a girl whom was named Luna. She had a very
beautiful voice which combines nicely with Alex's musical talents. Besides
Luna, Alex had two other friends, Ramus, a young entepreneur whom wishes to
move to a large city someday and become wealthy, and Nall, a little creature
whom was given to Alex at an early age by a mysterious man. Every day Alex
visited the memorial to his hero, Dyne outside of town. Alex idols
Dragonmaster Dyne and hopes he will fullfill his dream and join the ranks of

Alex and the gang were all hoping to go on a quest one day. That dream came
true when Ramus found out about a quest one day. They're suppose to find
some sort of diamond in a cave to the east. Of course Alex and all were
escatic and enthusiastic about the idea because this is one of their first
real adventures. Ramus went to get some snacks to munch on for the trip
whereas Alex went to practice for a singing competition with Luna for the
upcoming festival.

As usual Alex was late for practice. They began to practice with Luna
singing and Alex playing his ocarina. Half way through the song Alex quits
playing with a worried face. Luna looks at him and asks what's wrong. He
tells her about the upcoming adventure to the cave and how they have to find
about the diamond. At first Luna was worried as she didn't know what risks
were involved, but knows that she cannot stop him, so she insists on coming
along to see what will come out of the adventure.. and so the quest begins.

Who will this game appeal to? The game will appeal to mostly fans of the
classic 2D style RPG fans with simple a to use interface and stunning
anime cutscenes and great voice acting.

The gameplay is pretty easy to comprehend. The main commands are AI
and Command. When using AI, the computer plays for you but don't use it
because the computer always uses powerful magic on weak characters.
After using command, you can defend, attack, use an item or magic.

Updates -
Version 1.0:
This is my first gamefaqs so if there's an error or something then just
tell me.  Anyhow, the faqs so far is half done. I will implement more
as I play along the game. I will include up to the end of the demo and then
gradually add more info.          

FAQs -
Q) When did the game release?
A) June 2nd for retail and May 28 for online orders.

Q) What's this I hear about the bug in the demo?
A) If you give Nall, Alex's ocarina in the demo, something will happen,
  although I'm not sure what will happen.

Q) How do I get Nall to attack?
A) You have to get Kyle to use his cut(?) attack and have the rest of the
  party escape. Afterwards, Nall will attack.

Q) Why won't my levels increase in the demo?
A) Working Designs put a level 12 cap. However you can still collect money
  as well as build up your experience points so that you will start at a
  higher level once you start a game on the actual game.

Q) Laike looks pretty cool. Do I get to use him?
A) Yep :)

Q) What's the highest level I can achieve?
A) Level 99

Q) Is there dual shock support?
A) Yep

Q) Is this version different from the other versions?
A) Yes.. For instance, in the original version, Luna doesn't join you and
  the bridge after the wierd woods is broken. A lot of things have been
  taken out such as overworld random battles and the anime and graphics
  have also been udpated. Nothing too drastic though.

Walktrhough Part 1 - The Beginning
Enemies: None
Items Found: Fire Ring, Daggar, Sling, Dragon Wings, Starlight, Ocarina

You start the game off with Alex admiring Dragonmaster Dyne's statue again.
However, Nall comes up and warns you that you're late for a meeting with
Luna. So, you leave and on the way to meet Luna, Ramsus encounters you and
tells you about a journey to the Dragon Cave. You decide to go and then
now you meet Luna while Ramus leaves to get prepared.

Now you're in the town of Burg. Firstly, go to your house and talk to your
parents. Go to the basement and you'll notice that the trunks are locked.
Talk to your parents and then go back down and collect the items that are
contained inside the trunk. You'll also find a starlight which is useful.

Now go north to meet Luna. After a brief anime cutscene, you tell Luna all
about the adventure. She's not happy about the idea but quickly forces
Alex to take her along. Afterwards, go back to your house and your parents
will give you and Luna a weapon (Sling and Daggar).

Next you'll see Ramus by the entrance. Go meet him and leave for your
journey. Once on the world map, go around the top of the chain of mountains
and on to the right side. At the bottom you should see the entrance. If you
attempt to go to the wierd woods, you'll be restricted from going there.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Dragon Cave
Enemies: Slime, Baboons, Synapse Guard, Mutant Fly
Items Found: Dragon Ring, Dragon Diamond, Star Light, Herbs(5), Silver(?)

Before I begin, I'll have to warn you.. The cave can be tough if you
don't have enough Herbs or good enough weapons. Thus, I recommend that you
stay near the entrance and go after the Slimes until you get enough money
to go back to town and upgrade your weapons/armor.

Explore the cave and avoid baboons at all costs. They can deal a great
amount of damage to you and since you want to conserve herbs and MP, just
run from them. You might want to avoid Synapse Guards also (Diamond-shaped

Once you've gone through the cave, you should come to a door. Enter and you
will find Quark. Don't worry, you don't have to fight him. :) He'll tell
you about the diamond and the ring.

So you're off again and now in search of the ring in exchange for the
diamond. Leave the room and head south/west of the door and enter the door.
You should see a few Albino Baboons. Enter the other door and you should
end up in a room with a few ice blocks, several chests and one albino
baboon. However, you don't need to attack the baboon. Just go in front of
him and he should run in a straigt direction so you don't have to worry
about him chasing you. Have him run in the directions of the ice blocks
to open the way to the chests. The one on the top/left should contain the
dragon ring. Once you've obtained the dragon ring, you might want to get
the others which mostly contain money or go back to Quark.

Once you've arrived back at Quark's domain, he'll give you the crystal
and tell you about his other dragon counterparts. Afterwards, head
back to burg. The statue of Althena can now heal your party so go the
statue to rest. Now you want to try and sell the crystal :) Unfortunately,
the only item store in town doesn't have enough money to pay for the
crystal so what does the employee suggest? Go to Meribia to attempt to sell
the crystal.

After, Ramus will want to go to Meribia to try and sell it and of course,
asks Alex to come along and asks that he not tell Luna. Comply to his
demands and head out to the wierd woods, which was one restricted earlier.
However, the woods have not yet cleared up and thus, Ramus chickens out
and heads back to town for the night. Go back to your house and talk to
Luna and your parents. During the night, she'll meet you at the Dragonmaster
Dyne monument.. And of course, force Alex to allow her to come.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Onward to Meribia!
Wierd Woods-
Enemies: Flytrapper, Spore, Goblin, Gorgon
Items Found: Antidote(?), Herbs(?)

A good portion of the enemies can poison you but you probably won't have
to use any Antidotes. My characters were at a low level.. Somewhere around
5 or 6 so the enemies posed to be quite a challenge so level up a bit first.
Just battle your way through and eventually you'll come out to an open
area and encounter a lot of Gorgons. However, fret not, Laike will come out
and help you out.

Laike is one of the most powerful characters you'll first encounter. He's at
a level around 30-49 (I don't really recall what level he's at) or so and
can attack three times and deals a lot of damage.. somewhere around 290 -
320 damage. After, head down to Saith.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Saith
Firstly, you might want to upgrade the weapons and get armour for the
characters. It's optional though but you should at least upgrade
Luna's and Alex's weapon. After, head down to the docks and enter
the building. The captain will inform you on how he lost his Sea Chart
Map to this gambler(Brett) in the bar. After, head to the bar and have
a little chat with Brett and challenge him to a gambling game. Don't
worry if you lose the money (Or the Dragon Diamond which you'll wager on the
2nd try) at first because he's cheating. He's actually using a two sided
coin which Ramus will spot. After you discover his cheating, he tells you
that he lost the map to a woman who lived in the Old Hag's Forest. If you
talk to him again, he'll give you a fortune cane which can be equipped onto
Luna. Make sure you heal and equip your characters and leave for the Old
Hag's Forest in the upper North West of the map.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Old Hag's Forest
Enemies: Mutant Ants, Killer Wasps, Killer Fly, Mantile Rapper
Items Found: Starlight, Herbs(3), Money(400)

The enemies here are pretty hard. I basically just zoomed right through
without fighting but you'll have to sooner or later to prepare for the
upcoming boss. You can either go around the right or left. The Old Hag's
house is at the very top. Be cautious of chests in open areas. Once you
open them, flies will fly from several directions and chase you.

Once you reach the top, you'll meet Nash who is trapped in a cage.
After getting him out, go to the Old Hag's house. In the house,
the Old Hag will, in exchange for water cane which Nash obligingly gives.

After, head back down and if you want there's a starlight hidden on the
left side of the forest by the Mantile Rapper.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Saith
Boss: Saline Slime

Once you head back to Saith and go to the house by the docks, the Captain
will inform you of a slime that is slowly digesting the ship and of course
you're the only one that can save it. Make sure your characters are at,
at least level 10 with Alex's Vigor skill and Luna's Cascade Song.

Boss #1 - Saline Slime
First off, your regular attacks will be virtually useless. This blob can
heal everytime you heal it from 50HP to 90HP. Make sure you're at level 10
at least and have Alex's Vigor skill and Luna's Cascade Song. During battle,
have Ramus act as bait since Ramus himself does little damage incase
the slime uses his mucus attack which will encase one of your members in a
blob which you can't get him / her out of. Once you use the Vigor Skill on
Alex first, Nash second, have him use his Dancing Sword technique and have
Nash use his Lightning attack. His Dancing Sword technique will do about
210 damage and Nash's lightning attacks will do about 59 damage. The Slime
also has other attacks, one which he uses his hands to attack, does about
29 damage. Have Luna heal incase. Anyways, the battle isn't too hard
and he has about oh, 550hp I believe.. around. This battle isn't too tough.
Flame Explosion will not work on this boss.

After the boss, Luna will announce that she won't go and will go back to
Burg. The next morning, just as the ship is about to sail, Luna joins you
again and now it's off to Meribia!

Walkthrough Part 1 - The Voyage to Meribia
Once the ship is about to leave, Alex starts to regret not asking Luna to
come and just as the ship takes off, Alex tells Luna how he wants her to
come she gets yanked up onto the ship just as it leaves the docks.
Afterwards, you can talk to Nash and Ramus or meet up with Luna who is in
the cabins. After that your whole party goes to sleep for the night.

In the middle of the night, Alex wakes up to find Luna missing from her
bunk. You race out of the room and look around the deck and eventually find
her on the lookout tower and is singing. A anime cutscene will follow.

The next morning, you arrive at Meribia!

Walkthrough Part 2 - Meribia!
Once you arrive at Meribia, you find out that Nash has some important matter
to attend to and Ramus will go off to try and sell the Dragon Diamond. So,
it's only you, Nall and Luna. Now you can go explore.

Explore the area and make sure that you upgrade your weapons and armor at
the weapon shop on Black Rose Street. Though some of them may cost a lot of
money, they'll be worth it for the upcoming battles. Afterwards, you can
either stop at a few more sites such as the Gentlemen's Bar or go see
Master Mell.

Go north and you'll eventually see castle walls. Enter through the main
entrance and you'll encounter Master Mell. After a brief anime cutscene,
and introduction, Master Mell will challenge you to a fight. You don't have
to get worked up about this because regardless of whether or not you win
or lose you don't have to win this particular battle. You probably won't
win unless you really leveled up at which case you'll be rewarded 100EXP.

After the battle, head to the shops, west, and you'll meet Nash and
Royce(sp). She's a fortune teller and will tell you your fortune.
After a short cutscene, head to Black Rose St. In the items shop you will
see Ramus negotiating a deal with the dealer who agrees to buy the
Dragon Diamond for 2000 silver pieces. However, the dealer is taking quite
a long time to get the money and when Nall checks behind the counter, he's
gone! At the back of counter, you discover a hole that leads to the sewers.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Sewers of Meribia
Enemies: ?
Items Found: ?
Boss: Aqua Lizard

The sewers isn't too tough. You might want to level up here before
encountering the boss. Since you can just go the statue to heal yourself,
this is an ideal place to level up. Try and get all the treasure chests.

However, if you don't want to level up, try and avoid all the enemies at
all costs because you want to conserve your MP for the last boss.

Once you arrive at the last boss, be prepared and make sure you're well

Walkthrough Part 2 - Aqua Lizard
Much like the blob that you fought earlier, use the sword dance technique
along with the vigor sword technique. Have Luna use her cascade song
to boost up Alex's attack/defense. The lizard will most likely use the flame
breath attack which causes about 50 damage so beware. Make sure you're
leveled enough and have Ramus act as bait again because his attacks
aren't as good as Alex's.

Once you win, the dealer attempts to fork over 1/4 of the 2000 silver pieces
but of course it's not enough. In addition to the 500 silver pieces, Ramus
manages to get the store :)

Ramus becomes the store owner, the store owner is the assistant and you
get half of the winnings.

I'll add more as I progress through the game.

Main Characters
Alex: Alex is the hero of the game. He wields the power of a natural
born hero and the heart of Dragonmaster Dyne. He too wants to be just like
his idol. Alex is a great character. He's very powerful and can inflict
a lot of damage as well as his useful magic attacks.

Luna: Luna is Alex's friend who is under the care of Alex's parents. She
has greaty magic, mainly healing, attacks but a weak physical attacker.

Nash: Nash is a very good magic user with some pretty powerful attacks. He's
the 3rdranked magician in the magic guild of Vane. He's Ghaleon's student
but he's very self centered and egotistocal.

Laike: Laike is a very powerful character that you will meet along the way
to Saith. He has a pretty powerful physical attack.

I'll add more once I get the full version of the game.

Characters - Magic

Name   |  Lvl. |Name of Magic   |  MP  |       Description    
Alex   |   1   |Dancing Swords*   |  6   |   Powerful Sword Attack
      |   10  |Explosion Staff   |  9   |   Sword/Fire attack
      |   12  |Vigor*            |  18  |   20+ Increased Att.
Luna   |   1   |Healing Song*     |  4   |   Heals one person
      |   7   |Temptation Song   |  8   |   Hypnotic Spell
      |   5   |Purity Song       |  4   |   Cures Status Ailment
      |   10  |Cascade Song*     |  10  |   Increase Attack by 10
      |   10  |Tranquil Song*    |  15  |   Heals all members
      |   12  |Escape Song       |  10  |   Helps you escape
Nash   |   1   |Thunder Bomb*     |  6   |   Lightning attack
      |   10  |Stone Spell       |  6   |   Turns an enemy into stone
      |   12  |Confusion         |  7   |   Hypnotizes a person

* - Indicates Good Magic

Items / Armor


Name          |         effect           |   Range    
Daggar        |          AT+5            |   Short
Sling         |          AT+2            |   Long
Short Sword   |          AT+11           |   Short
Poison Darts  |          AT+8            |   Long
Long Sword    |          AT+16           |   Short
Fortune Cane  |          AT+16 LK+10     |   Short
Water Cane    |          AT+20           |   Short


Name          |         effect           |   Range    
Peasant Cloth.|          AT+5            |   N/A
Heavy Clothes |          AT+2            |   N/A
Robe          |          AT+11           |   N/A
Leather Cloth.|          AT+8            |   N/A
Leather Armor |          AT+16           |   N/A


Name          |         effect           |   Range    
Hat           |          DEF+2           |   N/A
Bandana       |          DEF+1           |   N/A


Name          |         effect           |   Range    
Garb. Can Lid |          DEF+2           |   N/A
Wooden Shield |          DEF+3           |   N/A
Scarf         |          DEF+1           |   N/A
Mia's Bromide |          WIS+1           |   N/A
Iron Armlet   |          DEF+1           |   N/A
Flame Ring    |          DEF+1 AT+1      |   N/A
Iron Bracelet |          DEF+4           |   N/A


Name          |         effect           |   Range    
Herb          |      Slightly Heals      |   N/A
Antidote      |      Cures poison        |   N/A
Starlight     |      Restores MP         |   N/A
Water         |      Revive              |   N/A
Ocarina       |      Play Music          |   N/A Wings |      ??                  |   N/A
Dragon Diamond|      Worth a lot         |   N/A

Tips and Tricks -
Here are some tips and tricks...

- Always spread your characters out.. if the enemies have a multiple
 target spell.
- Don't use the AI function
- When in doubt, level up a level or two.
- Keep magic users at the back
- Listen to the NPCs.. some of them bear valuable info
- Use the formation function in Lunar to form different formations
- Heal often.. don't forget you can use healing magic when not in battle
- Level up a few levels at every new area

Thanks, Disclaimer, Etc. -
I'd like to thank Game Arts for making the game and Working Designs
for bringing the game over.  

I'd like to thank Ming Wong for a bit of help on the Meribia sections
and for giving me the enemy names.

I'd like to thank Chris for giving me a list of the items as well as their
effects and for the list of items in the different areas.

This walkthrough was written by Andrew C and none of this walkthrough
may be taken without prior consent. This page is copyright 1999-2000
by Andrew C. And was made for sites such as and

I'll be adding more as soon as I get the full version. Until then,
hope this faqs helps. If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask
me at

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