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    L  L            II    II        II II  II          A A   A A         R R    R   R
    L  L            II    II        II  II II          A A   A A         R R    R  R
    L  L            II    II        II   I II          A AAAAA A         R R    R R
    L  L            II    II        II   I II          A AAAAA A         R RRRRRRR
    L  L            II    II        II   I II          A A   A A         R R    R  R
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 CCCC       OOO  OOO   MM  MMM  MM   PPPPP     LLLL      EEEEE        TTT     EEEEE
 CCCC       OOO  OOO   MM  MMM  MM   PPPP      LLLL      EEE          TTT     EEE
 --------   --------   --   -   --   ----      -------   -------      ---     -------
                                      DEMO CD
                       By Skychrono
                   My Web Page:
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I.    What's New
II.   Q & A
III.  Demo CD
      A.Dyne and the Dragon's Den
      B.The Wierd Woods
      D.Old Hag's Forest
      E.Boss! Sailine Slime
      F.The End for now
IV.    First CD
      A.Continued from last time
V.     Second CD
VI.    Music
VII.   Makings CD
VIII.  Characters
IX.    Equiptment
X.     Other
XI.    Credits/ Copyright

This is my first FAQ so don't blame me for mistakes. My title art is messed up
and alot isnt filled in. But all of the demo CD is here now. I'll try to make as
little spoilers ar possible.

I.What's New/ Revisions

0.0   March 19, 1999
Just Started. You really can't expect me to write too much if the game's not out yet huh.
Just got the basis up.
0.5   April 22, 1999
Updated it with all of the demo CD.

II. Questions and Answers

Q. When's the damn game coming out!?!
A. I belive the current EB World date says April 4

Q. What's a Grog leaf?
A. I don't know


A. Dyne and the Dragon's Den
The game starts out with you hearing Alex's voice talking about Dyne.
Soon Nall comes up to you and you see a Anime Sequence talking about Luna.
Try going down and a sequence of Ramusas comes up. When you finally get control
go to the top-right to see another sequence with Luna's singing and Alex's'
Ocarina joining in. She will yell at you for thinking of going to the Dragon's
cave, then decides to join you. Go to Alex's house to get money, a sling for Luna,
a dagger for Alex, herbs, the fire ring, and the all important Angel Tear. Keep it
on Nall so he can revive the others. Anyway, Begin out of the town and Ramuaus will
join. You're now on the world map. Loop around the mountians on the right and go to
the cave. The gorilla enemys here are kinda hard, leveling up on slimes would be a
good idea. You should be level 6 by the time you get out, because the first few battles
you'll level up every time. By the way, if you like the game's music you can play it
all on Alex's Ocarina, which should be in his inventoty. The gorillas in the cave
can smash the ice blocks to advance later on. You'll come to Quark's cave sooner
or later. You've probably been using AI mode in fights, but you shold use command
because the computer Alex will use Sword Dance every turn. After Quark gives him his
task head southwest. The gorilla will smash the ice, just find the Dragon Ring.
Bring it back to Quark and teleport out.

B. The Wierd Woods
  Alot of things happen back at home. When you finally get to leave head to the
Wierd Woods with Ramus. He'll chicken out and you'll return to the village. After
some scenes with Luna you'll get to leave again, but before you do buy everything
from the equipment store. Head to the Wierd Woods and Luna will sing the Fog away.
The battles here are very hard, so you should be at least lvl. 7 be the time you leave.
Wander far enough and Laike will come to the rescue. He attacks like six times in
a row so you won't have any trouble. Loop around the bush on the left when you wake

C. Saith
  Go south from the exit of the woods to get to Saike. There is new equipment that
is important later. Buy it all. Anyway, talk to everyone on the docks twice for info.
Then go to the bar and play a game of heads-or-tails with the guy in the top right.
After playing twice Ramusus will bet the dragon diamond. After beating him talk to him
again to get the luck wand. Equip it on Luna. Head northwest form the town and go to
the Old Hag's Woods.

D. Old Hag's Woods
  I hated this part. By the time you get out of here be at least level 9. The enemys
here are very hard. Don't open any chests until the way back. The route all the way on
the right seems to be the shortest. When you get near the Hag's Hut you'll find Nash
trapped under a very primitave trap. Get him out and you'll get your fourth party member.
Just talk to the witch to get the sea chart. I don't think it matters if you have Luna
or Ramsus handle it. Go back to Saith afterwards, and level up your characters.

E. Boss! Sailine Slime
  Go to the dock and talk to the captian twice. You'll then go to the boss. He's
actually really easy if you're at least level 9. All you have to do is have Luna
cast Cascade Song on Alex twice and have him use sword dance. It will do 200+
damage each time. His mucus attack is very annoying though. It traps a character
in slime, and unlike Final Fantasy 7, can't get out for a while. If he traps
Alex or Nash, the only people that will do any damage, it might be trouble
if you're low leveled.

F. The End for now
  Now you'll see an FMV sequence and the game will end. Anyway, as soon as the game
comes out you can use your game save still. Also be sure that I'll have the rest of
this FAQ ready as soon as I get it!

V. Music
Alex's Ocarina can play all of the music in the game I belive.

Song                    When Played                  CD track #
Fighting Sprits         Battles                      ??????
Bar                     ???????                      ??????
Stand and Fight         ???????                      ??????
Mysterious Party        When you meet Laike          ??????
Go Go Go!               Right before you meet Laike  ??????
Currently Unknown

Weapons: Swords
Armor:Shields, Padded Armor
Summary: The main character.A great character that quickly increases in ability.
When he becomes lvl. 9 he can do 2 attacks a turn. Plays an Ocarina and worships
Dyne, the decesed DragonMaster. Practices with Luna to play at festivles in Burg.
Sword Dance...................Starts with it
  Hign Damage sword attack. 6 mp
Exploding Staff...............Level 10
  Multi-enemy attack spell. ? mp

Wepons: Staffs, projectile
Armor: Light Armor
Summary: Pretty blue-haired girl from the same town as Alex. Bascially a healer,
also has attacks that raise stats. Try using Cascade Song (level 9) on Alex
at lvl. 9. His sword dance will do 200+ damage! Luna herself is a great character.
Healing Song..................Starts with it
  Restores HP. 4 mp
Purity Song...................Lvl. 6?
  Cures Poison
Cascade Song..................Lvl. 9
  Raises Atk and Def

Little Dragon thing, resembles a cat. The sarcastic one.
"People always say I look like a cat. Not true. Cats look like me!"
"Luna: All of the cats here seem to be female, and they all seem to like you!
Nall: Errrrrrrr......... Huh?!"
"Should we take one (a chicken) home? Or are we have having Grog leaf again?"
"I bet DragonMaster Dyne drank his milk every day, Alex... It did his body good."

Wepons: Short Swords, Projectiles
Armor:Shields and Padded armor
Summary: Alex's money hungry friend. He dreams of going on great adventures to dragon
caves. He's actually a coward. Always has 0mp and is has more hp than anyone else.

Wepons: Same as Luna
Armor: Robes, Light Armor
Summary: Overconfident apprentice mage, third level. Has a thing for Luna. His thunderbolt
spell is the first area spell in the game. Starts with a picture of Mia, a character in the
game. You can equip it for a 1 point increase in defence.
Stone..........................Starts with it
       Turns to stone?
Thunderstorm...................Starts with it
       Thunder elemental group attack. 6mp

*Not ready yet*

*You can't open the orange chests yet. Can you in the real game?
*You can only go up to level 12, which kinda stinks
*Is Ramusas any good? He seems pretty sucky. He has high HP though.
*What does 3B Dedux mean? It's in the text at the bottom of the game's ad.
Actually, all Working Design games have strange text at the bottom of their ads.
*Why does Bug!, Bleem!, and Yahoo! always have exclamation marks?


This document Copyright 1999 Skychrono. This is not registered by Working Designs, Square,
or any other company. It can not be altered or reproduced without the author's
permission. Lunar: Silver Star Story in copyright 1999 by Working Designs. May be freely
distrubed for personal use. Any commercial use without the authors permission will be
punished in the name of Salior Moon.


FritzFranzof (
-For inspiring my to make my first FAQ (this) and for a bit of the format.

Working Designs
-For making this classic RPG remake, for all of the vereran RPGers out there who don't have
(or want) a Sega CD.

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