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                             Silver Star Story Complete Demo


Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Demo Guide
Date: 5:44 PM 4/26/99
Version: 0.1 (To be continued on the full version)
By: Marcus Tilley


I.    Walkthrough
II.   Items
III.  Weapons
IV.   Armor
V.    Accessories
VI.   Magic
VII.  Shops

Part I - Walkthrough

1. Burg
     Exit to the north-east to meet Luna. When she joins you, go back home
     to get some starting equipment. After opening the treasure chests in
     the basement, leave Burg to the west, picking up Ramus next to the
     exit. When you're on the world map, follow the path to the north
     around to the White Dragon Cave to the south.

2. White Dragon Cave
     Items that can be found here: Herb x 4, Star Light x 1, 250 Silver,
                                   Dragon Ring, Dragon Diamond

     I won't ruin the element of exploration and take you every single step
     to every item, instead, I'll just highlight the important parts. If you
     need to be healed, go back to Burg and talk to the statue in front of
     the weapon shop. After some exploring, make your way to the south end
     of the cave to an entrance. Go in to meet Quark. When you regain
     control of Alex, leave to the main area. Go west and enter the next
     entrance. You'll have to lure the ape into knocking down the ice rocks
     to get through. In the second of the next two rooms, get the Dragon
     ring the same way. Now head back to see Quark again. When you regain
     control of Alex again, head back to Burg.

3. Burg
     Go to the statue in front of the weapon shop. When you're refreshed,
     go to the item shop to find out they can't afford the Dragon Diamond.
     Head toward home and Ramus will ask to talk to you alone. You lose
     Luna here. Ramus wants to go the the big city to sell the Dragon
     Diamond. So go to the weapon shop and buy all the best equipment.
     You should have the money, but if you don't, go back to the White
     Dragon Cave and fight for a while to get it. Now leave Burg and
     enter the Weird Woods to the west.

4. Weird Woods
     Ramus will get scared and run away and you'll follow him. Go back
     to Burg.

5. Burg
     Go home and talk to mom. When she asks a question, answer "I have to
     go" to get 1000 silver. Talk to Luna, then talk to dad. After watching
     a scene and you regain control, leave town, picking up Ramus on the

6. Weird Woods
     Items that can be found here: Antidote x 5, Herb x 4

     Make your way to the north-west corner of the woods. You'll meet Laike
     and have to fight a group of eight monsters. After a scene, continue
     to the north-west and exit to the world map.

7. Saith
     Head south to Saith and go to the building on the docks. Talk to the
     captain in front of the stairs, then talk to the man at the counter.
     Go to the pub and talk to Brett in the far back. Gamble with him and
     you'll lose twice. Gamble a third time and you'll unveal his cheating
     scheme. Talk to him again and you'll receive the Fortune Cane. Now
     leave Saith and head north-west to the Old Hag's Forest.

8. Old Hag's Forest
     Items that can be found here: Herb x 3, 400 Silver

     Make your way to the northern exit. You'll meet Nash and he'll join
     you. Continue north and meet the old hag. You'll trade the Water Cane
     for the Sea Chart. Now leave the forest and head back to Saith.

9. Saith
     Go speak to the captain and offer to kill the monster on the ship.
     Here you encounter the first boss of the game.

Boss: Saline Slimer
     This is a very easy boss if your on at least level 10. Have Alex use
     Sword Dance on every turn, and when he runs out of MP, use attack.
     Have Luna use Tranquil Song and Healing Song as needed, if she doesn't
     need to, use Cascade Song on Alex and Ramus or attack. Ramus is no help.
     Just have him attack. Finally, make Nash cast Thunder Bomb on every turn.
     When you beat the Saline Slimer, you'll sail off toward Maribia.

Thus ends the demo.

Part II - Items

Alex's Ocarina - Plays different songs in the game
Angel's Tear - Revives fainted characters
Antidote - Neutralizes poison
Cleansing Water - Cures paralysis
Dragon Ring - Symbol of heroism
Dragon Diamond - Priceless gem
Dragonfly Wing - Escape dungeons
Fortune Cane - Good luck to carry it
Herb - Restores a bit of HP
Sea Chart - Detailed ocean map
Star Light - Restores a bit of MP

Part III - Weapons

Dagger - +6 attack
Long Sword - +16 attack
Poison Darts - +8 attack
Short Sword - +11 attack
Sling - +4 attack
Small Bow - +10 attack
Water Cane - +20 attack

Part IV - Armor

Bandanna - +1 defense
Garbage Can Lid - +2 defense
Hat - +3 defense
Heavy Clothes - +5 defense
Iron Armlet - ?
Iron Bracelet - +4 defense
Leather Armor - +9 defense
Leather Clothes - +7 defense
Peasant Clothes - +3 defense
Robe - +11 defense
Scarf - +1 defense
Wooden Shield - +3 defense

Part V - Accessories

Flame Ring - Def vs. water and wind - +1 attack, +1 defense
Mia's Bromide 1 - Nash's Treasure - +1 wisdom

Part VI - Magic

Note: an X in the Learn part means the character starts with the spell.

----------------   -------   ------------     ------------------ -----  --
Spell Name          Who        Use On          Description      Learn  MP
----------------   -------   ------------     ------------------ -----  --
Cascade Song       Luna      1 Ally           Encourage friends  LV  9  10
Explosion Staff    Alex      Enemies          Pressure attack    LV 10   9
Healing Song       Luna      1 Ally           Heal wounds        LV  X   4
Purity Song        Luna      1 Ally           Recover condition  LV  5   4
Stone              Nash      Enemies          Turn to stone      LV  X   6
Sword Dance        Alex      1 Enemy          Multi-hit attack   LV  X   6
Temptation         Luna      All Enemies      Hypnotize          LV  7   8
Thunder Bomb       Nash      Enemies          Thunder attack     LV  X   6
Tranquil Song      Luna      All Allies       Heal friends       LV 10  15

Part VII - Shops

1. Burg
     Item:   Herb              40 S
             Antidote          20 S
             Cleansing Water   60 S
     Equip:  Short Sword      200 S
             Poison Darts     180 S
             Heavy Clothes    140 S
             Iron Armlet       60 S
             Wooden Shield    100 S

2. Saith
     Equip:  Long Sword       360 S
             Small Bow        320 S
             Leather Clothes  200 S
             Leather Armor    260 S
             Herb              40 S
             Antidote          20 S

Copyright (C) 1999  Marcus Tilley
DO NOT copy any part of this guide and display elsewhere unless I am credited.
DO NOT use this guide to make a profit.

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