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VERSION:  4.0a
               AND VAGITA35 (
LAST UPDATED:  September 20, 1999

[This Guide is copyrighted by enigmaopoeia.]

       0.0 - INTRODUCTION
       2.0 - DID YOU NOTICE?
               2.1 - DID YOU NOTICE IN THE BOX COVER?
               2.2 - DID YOU NOTICE IN THE CD AND IT'S COVER?
               2.4 - DID YOU NOTICE IN THE VIDEO GAME?
               2.6 - DID YOU NOTICE MISCELLANEOUS?
       6.0 - LYRICS
       7.0 - UPDATE HISTORY
       8.0 - CREDITS
       9.0 - LINKS


       Welcome to my little Guide on one of my favorite games for the
PlayStation, LUNAR:  Silver Star Story COMPLETE!  This all started when
I was reading the instuction manual from front to back.  Then I notice
that there was a mistake when I was reading about Myght's profile.  The
manual stated that he has two names:  Myght and Might.  An idea popped
into my head as I wonder what other mistakes has they made and,
unbelieveably, I was able to spot about 100 mistakes in the instuction
manual, CD cover, box cover, in the game, and many more!!!  I must got
some REAL good eyes, eh?  ^^;  Well, I do hope that you enjoy reading
my little quirky guide on these mistakes and I also added a list of
the songs in the Music Soundtrack which is included in the game.  Let
me know your feedbacks on this Guide, so please feel free to e-mail
me any questions, flames, praises, comments, or anything at all to  Thank you and happy reading!  ^^
       WARNING:  This Guide is strictly for entertainment purposes
only!  And don't mistake me, I love LUNAR, but I think that making
these many mistakes are just plain hilarous!  ^^;


       Here it is!  Feast your eyes on it!:

Bought LUNAR on      - Around June and July of 1999 . . .
Finished LUNAR on    - August 29, 1999.

To Finish LUNAR      - Meribia:  39 Hours, 31 Minutes.

       Wonder why did it take us so LONG to finish?  Well, I had a
little obsession with this Rhythm Action game called Bust-A-Groove,
and it was affecting my gameplay with Brigandine and LUNAR, but don't
fret!  At least I still finished Brigandine [, but only as King
Cai!  x_X;; ] and LUNAR after a while . . .  ^^;  You thought that
was long?  Don't let me tell ya how long it took me to finish Final
Fantasy Tactics!  I lost my will to play that game around the Deep
Dungeons!  =P  Anyways, here are Alex's stats that we recorded when
we are at Meribia with Luna at the ending.  I couldn't get my other
members' statistics because I saved over that damned slot!  ^^;
Remember that these statistics are from when I FIRST played the
game, so when I replay the game and finish it, the stats would've
been better, but oh well . . .  And Alex is unequipped, so these
are his natural stats!:

LV              - 48
EXP             - 1155211
NEXT LEVEL      - 0
HP              - 275/275
MP              - 0/0
ATTACK          - 108
DEFENSE         - 79
AGILITY         - 84
WISDOM          - 91
# OF ATTACK     - 3
RANGE           - 18
LUCK            - 18
SILVER          - 463225 S
# OF BROMIDES   - 12 Bromides, I am missing "Jess' Bromide 2" due
                 to that damned bug!  x_X;;



       I know that everyone is not perfect and I do not blame them.  I
guess you can call me paranoid or it's just the Virgo blood inside of
me, but that's the way I am . . .  Thanks to my sister, Karniz, who was
able to spot some that I didn't notice.  Here I list all the mistakes
that I was able to find and they are numbered.  Can you find any more
that I didn't list?  ^^;

[NOTE:  All the mistakes that I've listed are mainly based on pictures
on these pages 10 - 23, 26, 30, 36 - 37, 39, 41, 47, 48, and 65; or by
a majority in which I see them in; or in the video game.  ^^; ]

01 - On the front cover, look at the sword Dragonmaster Alex is
    weilding.  The arrowhead-like hilt of his sword is colored silver
    when it's really is supposed to be gold like the rest of the hilt.
02 - On the front cover, look at the red bands supporting Dragonmaster
    Alex's armor at the middle.  They are not supposed to have those
    zigzag marks.
03 - On the front cover, I shall not explain how wrong is Dragonmaster
    Alex's scabbard is!  The color and the designs, it's ALL wrong!
04 - On the bottom side of the box cover, look at Alex's backpack.  The
    red triangles on it is really supposed to be orange.
05 - Look at the back cover, they yet again mistakingly colored the
    arrowhead-like hilt on Dragonmaster Alex's sword silver!
06 - Open up the box cover, now look at the background on the right
    side, you can see an image of Dragonmaster Alex's sword.  Now look
    at the bottom of his hilt, the very bottom design is wrong.  It's
    supposed to be a straight line design, not a small v-shaped one.

[NOTE:  Not all of the CD covers of Disc 1 and Disc 2 are the same!
One of my friends, Vagita35 [who also has LUNAR], has Luna and Althena
as covers for Disc 1 and Disc 2.  o_O;;  I have Alex and the Four
Heroes as covers for my Discs 1 and 2!]
01 - The front cover of the CD has Dragonmaster Alex's sword all wrong!
    The shape of his sword is not correct, it has no diamond-like edge;
    the hilt is smaller than it's supposed to be; and the design is
    supposed to be a straight line, not a v-shaped one!
02 - Open the first part of the CD cover in which you should see Disc 1,
    the cloth map, and the Music Soundtrack.  Take out Disc 1 and look
    at the back CD cover.  Now observe Alex's backpack, the red
    triangles on it is really supposed to be orange.
03 - Look again at the back CD cover of Disc 1, the designs of Alex's
    ocarina is wrong.  There are supposed to have red zigzag-like
    patterns on the bottom which is absent in this picture.  It is also
    supposed to be white, instead of grayish-lavender.
04 - Now move the cloth map aside in which you can look at the cover of
    the Music Soundtrack.  It states that it's running time is 54:59,
    but when I inserted it into my CD player, it's tells me that it's
    running time is 55:12!?!  o_O
05 - On the Music Soundtrack cover, Luna is supposed to wear small
    golden earrings in which she doesn't here.
06 - Now open to the second part of the CD cover in which you should
    see Disc 2 and The Making Of LUNAR CD.  Look at the cover of
    Disc 2 at the sword Dragonmaster Alex is weilding.  The
    arrowhead-like hilt of his sword is colored silver when it's
    really is supposed to be gold like the rest of the hilt.
07 - On the cover of Disc 2, the red bands supporting Dragonmaster
    Alex's armor at the middle are not supposed to have those zigzag

01 - On the front cover of the instruction manual, they forgot to add
    the word COMPLETE after LUNAR:  Silver Star Story.
02 - On page 2, the Opening Song is really titled "Wings".
03 - On page 2, the Boat Song is really titled "Wind's Nocturne".
04 - On page 6, the sleeves on Jessica's outfit are shorter than they
    are supposed to be.
05 - On page 6, Luna's eyes are miscolored a brownish-orange when they
    are supposed to be blue.  If you are planning to rebut me saying
    that Luna's eyes are colored that way because of the style the
    artist used, I understand you.  But then why are everyone else's
    eyes are their normal color and Luna is the exception?  Doesn't
    make any sense to me . . .  o.O;;
06 - On page 6, the fur on Jessica's outfit is a brownish-black when
    it's supposed to be a bluish-black color.
07 - On page 6, the earring Kyle is wearing is on the wrong ear.  He
    wears an earring on his left ear, not right.
08 - On page 6, Luna's earrings are supposed to be small, not large!
09 - On page 6, Luna wears gold earrings, not white earrings!
10 - On page 10, the colors on Alex's ocarina is all wrong!
11 - On page 14, the suit Kyle is black, not blue as colored in the
12 - On page 14, the first "film-frame" of Kyle has his earring
13 - On page 15, the fourth "film-frame" on Jessica's profile has
    Kyle's dagger hilt colored yellow.  It's supposed to be black!
14 - On page 15, the drawing of Jessica has the marks on her face
15 - On page 20, the designs on Fresca's bandanna above is not
    present as it is below!
16 - On page 20 and 72, Tempest is supposed to be wearing a
17 - On page 21, Myght was mistakenly called Might!  [This was the
    FIRST mistake that I've ever noticed!  ^^; ]
18 - On page 21, I don't understand why they didn't show Taben's
    picture on his profile when they show a small sketch of him
    on the upper-left hand corner of page 45?
19 - On page 24, the girdle Luna is wearing is supposed to be
    black, not golden-orange!
20 - On page 24, Luna's dress is SO off colored!
21 - On page 28, is it just me or did Quark gotten a haircut and
    grew out his fangs?!  o_O;;
22 - On page 30, the currency symbol they used for Silver is wrong!
23 - On page 31, they failed to mention that not only Ramus
    doesn't have any special skills, but Laike as well!
24 - On page 36, Alex's buttons are orange when they are supposed
    to be red.
25 - On page 37, the hilt of Kyle's dagger is colored gold when
    it's supposed to be black!
26 - On page 37, Kyle's belt is sienna brown, not gray as it is in
    the picture.
27 - On page 37, the fur on Jessica's outfit are supposed to be
    blue-black, not gray!
28 - On page 47, Phacia's hairband doesn't have a straight line as
    it did in the picture, it supposed to be designs like the Vile
    Tribe's markings.
29 - On page 47, Royce's headband is supposed to have white designs
    on it instead of it being completely red.
30 - On page 49, there is no such condition as Good, it was later
    replaced by the character's Level!  The only time I remember
    seeing the condition Good was back in LUNAR:  The Silver Star!
31 - On page 54, Alex has a band on his pant leg when he's not
    supposed to!
32 - On page 54, is it just me or is it impossible to have Ramus
    in your party along with Mia?!?
33 - On page 56, the currency symbol they used for Silver is wrong!
34 - On page 63, wasn't it Antidotes that neutralize poison, not
    Holy Water?  And isn't Holy Water supposed to be Cleansing
35 - On page 72, Tempest is supposed to be wearing a bandanna!
36 - On pages 76 and 77, the Opening Song is really titled
37 - On pages 78 and 79, the Boat Song is really titled "Wind's
38 - On pages 78 and 79, the designs on Luna's skullcap is
    absent on some of the "film-frames" below!
39 - On page 83, Working Designs stated that they decided to go
    with just audio for the bromides is false.  Luna's Bromide
    has her singing the Festival song!
40 - [From Karniz Archada:] On
    page 85, wasn't it weird that Royce and Xenobia is shown
    and not Phacia?  Isn't she part of the Vile Tribe as well?
41 - On page 86, it states that they have the walkthrough
    straight from the Official LUNAR Strategy Guide within to
    help ya, and yet on page 116, I don't remember seeing a
    LUNAR Dictionary Excerpt in the Official LUNAR Strategy
    Guide . . .  ^^;
42 - On page 86, it states that they have the walkthrough
    straight from the Official LUNAR Strategy Guide within to
    help ya, and yet the walkthrough in the instruction manual
    has more captions than the Official Strategy Guide does and
    the Official Strategy Guide has Animechecks, more
    pictures, and Retrochecks!?!  "Straight from the Official
    LUNAR Strategy Guide" my butt!

[NOTE:  I will RARELY put up any mistakes that I find in the
video game because there are lots.  I will only put up the ones
that I just happen to notice as I played along or something
that is a MAJOR mistake and cannot be ignored!  ^^; ]
01 - [From Karniz Archada:] Isn't it
    weird that where Alex and Nall were in the boat in which Luna
    was singing "Wind's Nocturne" was no where NEAR where he was
    standing in the FMV?  o_O;;
02 - In Nanza when Kyle becomes a transvestite so he can get
    captured by the Vile Tribe.  Wasn't it weird that Xenobia
    said, "Ha, ha, ha!  Hello, fools!  Don't make a move or
    I'll rip her to shreds..." and just when "Kyle" pushed
    away those Scythe Masters, then Xenobia said, "Hey, what's
    happening?!  Catch him!  Quickly!  What's going on here?"
    I mean, she called "Kyle" a HER and then back to a HE?!?
    If Xenobia knew that it was a MAN, wouldn't she stop
    pursuing him and go on to find other singers!?!?
03 - In Myght's Tower, there is a sign that is supposed to tell
    you what the password it, but Nall says that it is blank.
    There was REALLY supposed to be a sign telling you what the
    combination is to pass, but was forgotten to be in there
    by Working Designs.  In order to get anywhere further, just
    do a combination of the four places [Star, Planet, Sun, and
    Moon] until you will get somewhere!
04 - [Face it, this is the BIGGEST mistake I've seen so far!]
    After you become a Dragonmaster or after Nash made a hole
    in the Airship and you got the free engine, goto Lann and
    talk to the boatsman there.  The dialogue is so screwed up!
    When the boatsman was talking, you see Jessica's face and
    EVERYTHING is messed up!  And also because of that, it's
    hard to get Jessica's Bromide 2!  I heard there is a flag
    to trigger to get her Bromide, but I have yet to tried it
    out!  x_X
05 - Did anyone think this is weird, but the place where you
    fight Royce on the map compared to the battle scene are
    VERY different???  x_X;;

01 - [From Karniz Archada:] On the
    cover, wasn't it weird that Royce and Xenobia is shown
    and not Phacia?  Isn't she part of the Vile Tribe as well?
02 - On page 2, Alex's buttons are orange when they are supposed
    to be red.
03 - On page 3, the hilt of Kyle's dagger is colored gold when
    it's supposed to be black!
04 - On page 3, Kyle's belt is sienna brown, not gray as it is in
    the picture.
05 - On page 3, the fur on Jessica's outfit are supposed to be
    blue-black, not gray!
06 - On page 4, Phacia's hairband doesn't have a straight line as
    it did in the picture, it supposed to be designs like the Vile
    Tribe's markings.
07 - On page 4, Royce's headband is supposed to have white designs
    on it instead of it being completely red.
08 - On pages 6 - 10, I'm unsure if anyone seems to bother about this,
    but I would like to see also what can other minor characters
    can wear such as Ghaleon, Tempest, and Laike!  Such as they never
    put down who can use the Pixie's Bow!  \_/
09 - On page 12, look at the three sketches of Luna.  Let me tell you
    that the middle one is the correct sketch of her!  The other
    two has the designs on her scarf wrong!  Look at Luna's scarf in
    the middle sketch and compare it to the other two!
10 - On page 17, the designs on Luna's scarf is wrong!  Look at the
    middle sketch on page 12 to see how Luna's scarf is REALLY
    supposed to look like!
11 - On page 17, when the heck did Luna ever wear LIPSTICK!!!
12 - On pages 49 and 50, notice that the drawing of the boat below
    on page 49 looks NOTHING like the one in the upper-left corner
    on page 50!?!
13 - On pages 55 and 56, how the heck can it be called Royce's Shop
    when she doesn't even sell anything!  I rather call it Royce's
    Hut or whatever -- NOT SHOP!
14 - On page 57, read the box with the caption "OFF LIMITS".  There
    is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can get to the right of the sewers from
    those three treasure chest by Mel's Mansion!  They probably meant
    to draw the red line toward the door labeled A-1, not the right
    of the treasure chests!
15 - On page 60, even though this isn't a mistake, but many
    Walkthroughs and Strategy Guides on LUNAR mistake this!  The
    psycho who thinks that Jessica is her sister is A GIRL!  NOT A
    BOY!  Get it right, dammit!  It evens says it in the text in
    the video game that the person is a FEMALE!
16 - On page 60, they forgot to tell you where you go if you go
    South of Althena's Shrine.
17 - On page 62, did anyone notice the word STORY STORY on the
    upper-right corner of the bottom right map?
18 - On page 63, the sketch of Phacia has her brooch wrongly
    decorated!  Her brooch is not JUST a circle, but with more
    designs on it!
19 - On page 63, Royce wears two earrings, not one!
20 - [From Karniz Archada:] On page 68,
    the WHOLE map is screwed up!
21 - On page 81, look at the STORYCHECK at the middle and notice the
    upper caption box with the words "Jessica's so darn grumpy when
    she's about to be killed." has absolutely NO picture to prove
    Jessica's grumpiness!  The picture left of that caption is a
    scale-down version of the map above!  o_O;;
22 - On page 84, the picture on the bottom-right corner has Luna's
    scarf designs wrong!
23 - On page 84, Luna's earrings are triangular when they are
    supposed to be round!
24 - On page 86, they forgot to state on the map where you go if
    you go south of Reza.
25 - On page 87, the zig-zag pattern on the bottom of Alex's ocarina
    is supposed to be blue.
26 - On page 87, Luna's scarf design is yet again wrong!  [One more
    mistake on Luna's scarf, and I will go NUTS!]
27 - On page 87, the tip of Alex's boots are supposed to be a
    bluish-gray color, not a very light whitish-brown!
28 - On page 101, they state that the Red Dragon is a male whereelse
    Nall says that the Red Dragon is female, and then later in the
    game, it states the Red Dragon is male!  o_O;;  I'm so confused!
29 - On page 102, the color of Kyle's breastplate is darker than it's
    supposed to be!
30 - On page 102, Jessica's brooch is half-way completed!
31 - [From Karniz Archada:] On page 106,
    the caption "DON'T DRINK THE WATER" is wrong.  It should've
    been more like "ROCK AND ROLL" or something.  That caption
    "DON'T DRINK THE WATER" was already used on page 73.
32 - On page 112, they state on top of the map that going north leads
    to Myght's tower when it really leads to the Stadius Zone.
33 - On page 116, if you go north of the Forest of Illusion it leads
    you to the Stadius Zone, not Tamur!
34 - On page 121, has anyone notice that they didn't do an Anime
    Check on the scene called "A Dragonmaster Born"?
    PLAYING THE GAME!  On page 132, it has Kyle saying, "Let them
    go, you Wonderbra-wearing witch!" on the first picture below
    the caption:  "Groped By Xenobia!"  I recently played that
    scene and I don't remember Kyle calling her that, I remember
    it more like he called her a wench or something on that
    terms.  ^^;
36 - On page 136, they used a wrong picture for the "Sneak Attack"
37 - On page 138, they did it again; There is no Anime Check for
    the scene called "Vane vs The Grindery"!
38 - [From Karniz Archada: as she
    typed it herself] In the Strategy Guide on pg. 139 you cannot
    see the Blue Dragon in the black spot indicated on the
    South-Eastern sector of A-4 passage.  The Blue Dragon is
    supposed to be shown (well almost), but it is instead
    black . . . but you CAN see the other Dragons:  Red, White,
    and Black on the A-5 passage.
39 - On page 143, feast your eyes on this juicy text found on
    the bottom picture under the caption:  "Family Feud"!  I
    just LOVE this quote from Xenobia even though Phacia is one
    of my favorite females in LUNAR!  ^^;  It's so unfit for
    print!  You cannot find that text in the video game!
    Probably too unsuitable for the good ole' U.S.!  >=(
40 - On page 153, you never said "You're right, Nall..." around
    when you are confronted by your other halves by Xenobia.
41 - On page 155, the Anime Check called "Ghaleon Decends" was
    supposed to be here, not on the back on page 159!  x_X;;
42 - [FYI, this is the second biggest mistake!  ^^;]  On page
    155, you never get 50000 experience points from the
    Magic Emperor!  Practically, you get NO exp. from him!
43 - [Third biggest mistake!]  On page 156, it states that
    you must have Alex's Ocarina in Alex's inventory, but the
    only problem is that:  YOU CANNOT GET RID OF YOUR OCARINA
    FROM ALEX'S INVENTORY PERIOD!  I tried millions of times
    to give his Ocarina to Nall, but it wouldn't accept it!
    Is it because of my version of this game or what?!
44 - There is no Anime Check for the "ending" ending!  =P
    You know, the ending in which you can see Alex and Luna
    hold hands with each other . . .  *ick* . . .
45 - On page 159, the Anime Check called "Ghaleon Descends"
    is supposed to be on page 155.

01 - [From Karniz Archada:] On page
    131 of the Official Strategy Guide of LUNAR that on the
    first picture on the right-hand side underneath the
    caption:  "Moral Dilemma" it has Kyle saying, "If the guards
    see a bunch of humans running around, our jig is up!"  BUT
    in the video game, Kyle says, "If the guards see a bunch of
    humans running around, our gig is up!"  SO WHICH ONE RIGHT
    HERE?!?!  [This is the most insane mistake I've ever seen!]
02 - There are so far two FMV scenes in LUNAR which kept the
    original Japanese voices, they are:  "A Dragonmaster Born!"
    and "Vane vs The Grindery".  Don't ask me how I do I know
    this, I just do!  ^^;  Also they kept Alex's original
    Japanese voice when he cast his Magic.

       Here it is, folks!  The total number of mistakes me and my
sister found was:  ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SEVEN!!!  Or as we like to say it
in simple terms:  107!  Hey, count it for yourself!!  ^^


       This is just a compile of miscellaneous things I happen to find
out while playing around the game or reading the manual, etc. that
just doesn't seem right IMHO or things I naturally wonder about in my
lifetime about LUNAR!  ^^; :

01 - [From Karniz Archada:] Isn't
    it weird that everyone says that Alex is the next Dragonmaster
    because they can foretell it since he has the green eyes.
    But how can Dyne become a Dragonmaster when his eyes are the
    color of brown!?
02 - Isn't it just weird that all of the couples that the girls
    have eyelashes while the boys don't with the exception of
    Nash and Mia in which NASH has the eyelashes and Mia
    doesn't!  ^^;
03 - NOT EVERY GIRL IN LUNAR HAS A BROMIDE [with the exception of
    those villagerwomen and other minor characters!  =P ], here
    are the women of LUNAR without a Bromide, but one might want to
    see one of:  Lemia, Fresca, Althena, and KYLE IN DRAG!  =P
04 - For us female RPG players out there:  WHY CAN'T WE GET TO
    SEE MALE BROMIDES!?!?  C'mon, we gotta let the girls have some
    of the fun!  =P  [C'mon, girls, you HAVE to agree with me on
    this one!  I wouldn't mind to see some Tempest Bromides
    myself!  ^^; ]  There is a website called "The Male Lunar
    Character Bromide Project", I will give you the link if you
    e-mail me about it!  ^^;  This website has Bromides for all
    the LUNAR games known and they are all MALE!  =P  UPDATE:
    You can get Male Bromides in Lunar II:  Eternal Blue remake
    for the PlayStation!  I so far seen Ghaleon, Hiro, Leo, and
    Nall.  All I gotta say is that I REALLY like Ghaleon's and
    Nall's Bromide, but I don't like Leo's . . .  =(  He reminds
    me too much of Tuxedo Mask for some dumb reason . . .  -_-;;
05 - And this is entirely my rant:  Why can't I see Tempest
    bathing in the Springs!  >=(
06 - [From Karniz Archada:] Why is it
    that whenever you look through Jessica's or Mia's stuff that
    their significant other yell at you, and not Jessica and Mia
07 - Why do in the Making of LUNAR CD do they pronounce LUNAR as
    "LOON-NAR"?  I don't remember pronouncing a lunar eclipse as
    a "LOON-NAR I-KLIPS" . . .  I remember pronouncing it like
    this, "LOON-ER I-KLIPS" . . .  I pronounce it as "LOON-ER".
08 - Alex's and Luna's relationship . . .  I understand they are
    deeply in love and stuff . . . but I just don't get that they
    were secretly dating without their parents knowing!!!  I love
    Tempest deeply, but if he were to become my half-brother [if
    he was adopted, like Luna was], I wouldn't even think of
    dating him, NO matter what!!!  Is only my sister, my friends,
    and I think their relationship is incest???  -_-;;
09 - Phacia must be the oddball sister because Royce and Xenobia
    both have blonde hair, and she has gray hair.  Phacia looks
    a little bit more like Ghaleon's sister than Royce's and
    Xenobia's!  ^^;
10 - I wonder how Lemia can have dark brown hair when she was
    young, and grew to have golden-orange hair???  I didn't knew
    hair dye existed in their World . . .  o_O  [Probably she has
    been out in the Sun a little bit TOO long!  =P ]
11 - [From Karniz Archada:] Why is
    Kyle's crack mosaic out and not Nash's?
12 - [From Karniz Archada: as she
    typed it herself] Where in LIFE did those Lyrics in the
    "Wind's Nocturne" come from??? Is it Nall in
    the BG???
13 - Why can't Tempest be one of the permanent party members!  He
    was kinda kewl in The Silver Star in which he has three
    Skills, and all we got in Silver Star Story COMPLETE was two
    dinky Magic spells and they weren't even good eye candy for
    me!  x_X;;  Why, oh why did they have to destroy my Tempest
    SO MUCH!  Gah!  [Can anyone tell that I like Tempest VERY
    MUCH?  ^^;  I just HAVE to be Tempest's only number one
    fan!  =P ]
14 - This is just my pure ranting due to my knowledge of Japanese:
    Why do they call Earth the Blue Star when if you think about
    it, the Blue Star in Japanese would have been Aoi Hoshi [I
    think!  I only played the English LUNAR!  ^^; ]  which IS
    translated as Blue Star, but knowing the word Hoshi can also
    be translated as Planet [if you know what I mean if you have
    translated the Final Fantasy VII OST.].  So, what does sound
    better:  The Blue Star or the Blue Planet?  I think Planet
    sounds a lot better, and don't start a thing that back then,
    the Planets were called Stars.  I just think that the Blue
    Star should have been called the Blue Planet and LUNAR
    should keep the name:  The Silver Star.  ^^;;
15 - Does anyone thinks it's weird that LUNAR is placed on the
    Moon?  And that there's a place called Burg and Meribia on
    the Moon, and etc.?  o_O;;


       I was addicted to LUNAR back then in 1994 when they released
LUNAR:  The Silver Star to the SEGA CD.  And I bought an Official
Strategy Guide by Zach Meston and J. Douglas Arnold even though I didn't
have LUNAR or EVEN a SEGA CD!  [I was THAT ADDICTED to it, I read about
it in the reviews and saw some previews of it, and I feel in love!]
Five years later after still drooling over LUNAR [as well as other
things, but that is BESIDE the point!  ^^; ], I finally bought their
PS title:  LUNAR:  Silver Star Story COMPLETE!  And I was damn pleased
with it!  I loved the video game even though some people might state
that it is an old-school RPG or that "so-and-so" game was a lot better
than it!  Well, below is a little list of the changes I can find from
reading my Official Strategy Guide to playing LUNAR:  Silver Star Story
COMPLETE.  Don't expect it to be complete and accurate!  ^^;  You may
also want to buy the Official Strategy Guide for LUNAR:  Silver Star
Story COMPLETE so you can read the Retrochecks inside!  [I got that
Strategy Guide, but I want to type these anyways!  =P ]  Here is the
short list of the changes from The Silver Star to Silver Star Story
COMPLETE!  And don't complain to me if I made errors because this is
from what I read in the Strategy Guide!  ^^; [NOTE:  Most of the
things on this list CANNOT be read in the Official Strategy Guide!]:

THE SILVER STAR CHANGES [in almost NO order!]:
- It's called The Silver Star!  *Gasp*
- Ages, heights, weights, and quotes are given.
- Spells and statistics are somewhat different for each character.
- Pary members had either more or less Magic/Skills, etc.
- Everyone looked different.
- Less FMV . . .  -_-;;
- Different voices [I believe!  ^^; ]!
- Alex played a harp!
- Different dialogue!
- Laike is really Dragonmaster Dyne!
- Laike HAS special skills!
- There are battles in the world map.
- Quark didn't have hair!  ^^;
- Mel de Alkirk looked a LOT younger!
- No Royce or Phacia!  =(
- Taben's picture is shown at least here in the Strategy
 Guide!  ^^;  [Handsome Devil isn't he?  BLEH!  =P ]
- The Magic Emperor is known as Evil Ghaleon.
- Saving your game doesn't display Level or Time.
- There are HP Shrines and MP Shrines on world map.
- There is ONLY one Bromide, and it's of Mia!  ^~
- Party order was a little weird to adjust from my point of view!
- There were less options in battle.
- Items, Special Items, Armor, Weapons, etc. are different.
- Monsters are different:  they are different looking, have
 different names, and are placed in different locations!  ^^;
- Different looks for locations!  YEAH!  ^^;
- Different profiles!  ^^;
- Different places sell different stuff . . .
- Luna emerges from bushes in Burg Springs.
- You need a Chest Key to get the items in the basement of
 Alex's house.
- Ramus states that there is a Magic Ring in order to melt the
 chunk of ice at the entrance of the White Dragon's Cave.
- There's a broken bridge.
- There is a shed in the Weird Woods!
- You get a Father's Letter to get a boat in Saith!
- Nash is in a Tavern at Saith!  =(
- There is a Lighthouse!
- Luna leaves you in Saith . . .
- No "Wind's Nocturne"!  =(
- You can haggle on the Dragon Diamond!  x_X
- Nash awakens Alex's magical powers in the Sewers!
- You can play a card game with Brett!  ^^
- Ramus leaves to find his own adventures!  "Fare thee well, fair
 Ramus!  We will miss ya!"  ^^;
- You are all alone [with the exception of Nall!  ^^; ] in the
 Cave of Trials!  x_X
- There is no bardic Ghaleon!  =(
- You first meet Mia in the Silver Spire.
- Ghaleon's assistant name is Glumm.
- You have to search for Althena's Mirror!  x_X
- Nash joins you again in the Silver Spire!
- Althena's Mirror actually show that the fake Lemia is Xenobia!  ^^;
- Dross' Shop became a Magic Shop
- You meet Brett in the Merbian Sewers
- Blackjack is Brett's game!
- Ghaleon kills Quark!  >=(
- Xenobia captures Luna in Burg!  ^^
- The people of Burg are really Gargoyles in disguise!
- There is a fake Damon in Iluk.
- One of Kyle's soldiers steals the Dragon's Wings from you in Reza.
- You buy soap in Reza!
- The cast are doing different things when bathing in the Springs.
- Most of the cast are at least clothe in the Springs.
- The hot-air balloon crashes into Iluk.
- You ride on a giant turtle to Damon's Spire.
- Damon tells you that Xenobia is about to capture Lily.
- Xenobia captures Lily!
- You use a Rain Cloud to get to the Red Dragon's Cave.
- The Red Dragon is a male!  o_O;;
- There was a Fountain of Transmission in the Stadius Zone.
- You have to walk through a waterfall to enter the Blue
 Dragon's Cave!
- Brainiac is the boss of the Blue Dragon's Cave!  ^^;
- Nash betrays you for Xenobia and steal the Dragon Helmet in
 the Blue Dragon Cave!  -_-;;
- You can talk to Tempest for a challenge in Tamur!
- There are holes in the pipes of Myght's Tower that sent you
 to ground level!  o_O
- On the roof of Myght's Tower, you will meet Ghaleon!
- Laike has a house!  ^^;
- To get to Pao, you go through a Prairie Cave, not a Forest
 of Illusion!!
- I'm unsure whether the disease claimed Fresca.
- You have to get the Seal of the Goddess to cure the disease!
- You have to go inside the Cave of Darkness, or Grimzol's
 Cave, to get the Seal.
- The Cave is North of Pao.
- Tempest fights with a whip, not bow and arrows!  x_X  [NOTE:
 I may be wrong on this one!  ^^; ]
- Grimzol is an Inca God Boss dude!  *Gasp*  =P
- The village elder is a woman!  o_O;;
- The village elder gives you the "Water of Mirage", or
 Mirage Potion.
- You goto the Dark Cave from the Spring of Transmission to
 get to the Frontier!
- You can go to Cadin without going through a cave.
- There was a kid named Beau.
- You have to go through the Black Dragon Cave to get to
 Talon Mine.
- The slaves in Talon Mine were the townsfolk of Burg as
 well as Alex's mother and father.
- Noah tells Alex everything from that Laike is Dyne and
 the origins of Luna and Nall, etc.
- You attack a thing called a Dragon Tank.
- There is a town called Marke.
- The Black Dragon was scaley.
- You go through a place called Taben's Tower.
- You get the Sword of Althena earlier.
- You go to Althena's Tower earlier.
- You get to enter the Grindery AFTER you enter Althena's
 Tower!?!  o_O;;
- You use the wings to go to Marke to follow the Grindery.
- Talon Mine has been flatten down by the Grindery.
- When you are about to enter the Grindery as the Grindery
 is about to zap Vane, the party would get zapped by the
 force field and you will gain consciousness SEVEN days
 later in Reza!  o_O;;
- Kyle and Nash loses morale and got drunk in Reza.  ^^;
- Laike reveals he is Dyne inside the Tavern at Reza!
 WHOAH, that's a BIG step, old man!  ^^;
- There was no long story about Dyne and Althena like
 the one he told you on Burg's Monument.
- Laike tells you to go retrieve the Sword of Althena,
 so you have to go to Burg and etc. or whatever!
- You use the balloon to get to Althena's Tower.
- You get to learn about Nall's existence as the child
 of Quark, etc. and the history of Luna inside
 Althena's Tower.
- Alex goes by himself to Althena's Tower.  [Yes, Nall
 is with him, so he's not exactly alone and "by
 himself"!  x_X;; ]
- The Grindery was also heading for Meribia!
- You lost consciousness YET AGAIN and reawaken inside
 Althena's Tower if you don't equip the Dragon
 stuff . . .  Baka Alex!  ^^;
- You meet up with Tempest and Fresca inside the
 Grindery . . .
- You will get to meet Luna in Ghaleon's Palace, but
 she is really Xenobia.
- When you defeat Xenobia, you will get teleported
 to Ghaleon's inner sanctum.
- Oh dear!  Poor Ghaleon never had a exquisite selection
 of outfits!  ^^;  [Darn . . .  =P ]
- No Dark Songstress.  =(
- Dragon Angels were helping Luna regain back her
 memories, but they were zapped by good ole' Ghal!
- Ghaleon becomes some kind of "Demonic dog"?  WTF?!?
- When you go up to meet up with Luna and when she
 starts to blast ya with bolts, they REALLY DO take
 damage!  x_X;;  Ouch, Luna!  Love hurts, doesn't it?
- The End!  ^^;


       I know that Working Designs state in their instuction manual on
page 82:  "Our biggest goal was to make a soundtrack CD that was
listenable from beginning to end, with no 'dog' tracks.  One question
people may ask regarding the soundtrack is 'Why no track names and
numbers on the label for reference?'  This was a conscious omission to
encourage people to listen to the CD as a whole, beginning to end, and
not pick and choose.  Don't hate us because we're control freaks!"  And
I don't hate them!  They did encourage me to listen to the CD from
beginning to end, but not because that they "encouraged" me, but I
always listen to a CD from beginning to end AND THEN I start picking
and choosing!  =P
       But here is a list you can use for reference, but note that
from my and my sis' ears that we are able to not title some of the
tracks for the being that you cannot hear it on Alex's Ocarina
when you use it.  Instead, we added our own little "titles" to it,
but don't count them as their official names!  Our "titles" that
we've [my sis and I] given names to are indicated by a * by the
Title.  Also, a ! at the end of the Track states that this track is
one of my favorite songs and a $ at the end of the Track states that
this track is one of my sister's favorite songs.  WHERE PLAYED means
where it can be played whether it is played [OTHER THAN ON THE MUSIC
SOUNDTRACK!] on Alex's Ocarina, etc.  Anyways, here is the list!:

[NOTE: Track 03 and Track 15 are EXACTLY the same! That's why I
like it -^_^- ~Karniz Archada]

TRACK #      TIME        TITLE                         WHERE PLAYED?
Track 01 !$  00:01:50      "Wings"                     Game's intro
Track 02 !   00:02:19    * "Hey, Alex!"                In the game
Track 03  $  00:02:03    * "Standing Up"               In the game
Track 04     00:01:31    * "Nice To Meet You"          In the game
Track 05 !$  00:01:51      "Toward the Horizon"        Alex's Ocarina
Track 06  $  00:01:09    * "Clash Of Blades"           In the game
Track 07 !$  00:01:28    * "Vile Tribe Cometh"         In the game
Track 08 !$  00:01:30    * "Working Nightmare"         In the game
Track 09 !$  00:01:42    * "Take Heed"                 In the game
Track 10 !$  00:02:39      "Magical Weapon Nash"       Alex's Ocarina
Track 11  $  00:03:21      "Determination"             Alex's Ocarina
Track 12 !$  00:03:11      "Meribia"                   Alex's Ocarina
Track 13  $  00:01:26      "Recollection"              Alex's Ocarina
Track 14 !$  00:01:09      "Mysterious Party"          Alex's Ocarina
Track 15  $  00:01:44    * "Standing Up (Synth)"       In the game
Track 16     00:03:08      "Go Go Go!"                 Alex's Ocarina
Track 17 !$  00:03:27    * "Day Of Adventure"          In the game
Track 18 !$  00:03:25      "Four Heroes"               Alex's Ocarina
Track 19 !$  00:03:00      "Reach for the Front"       Alex's Ocarina
Track 20  $  00:01:39    * "Crucial Battle"            In the game
Track 21 !$  00:02:05      "Thieves' Bazaar"           Alex's Ocarina
Track 22  $  00:02:27    * "Tears"                     In the game
Track 23 !$  00:03:03      "Wind's Nocturne"           In the game
Track 24 !$  00:03:52    * "Wings (Instrumental)"      In the game

6.0 - LYRICS:

       Here are the North American lyrics to our favorites songs from
LUNAR!  There are three songs that can be heard on the Music Soundtrack:
The Opening Song, the Promo Song, and the Boat Song!  I personally love
all three of them!  [NOTE:  The Promo Song is Track 09 on the Music
Soundtrack and I; along with my sister and our friend, Vagita35; had to
listen to that song numerous amount of times just to get the lyrics
right!  o_O;;  They may not be correct or accurate, or we might have
misplaced some words, but the lyrics comes from straight our ears
alone!  So at least give us some credit to provide you these lyrics!]


       In your dreams,
       magical thoughts . . .

       All things are real
       unless you dream they're not.

       In your dreams,
       love is the plot
       carried on wings of hope.

       Each of our souls
       intertwine, when we do.

       Instantly we see it
       the time to grow and be it
       when everything is pinned on a hope.

       Let rise the dreams of your heart,
       that innocent youth
       careless and kind.

       Free to roam the breeze in love
       only when two
       brilliantly shine as one . . .

THE PROMO SONG  :  "TAKE HEED"  [NOTE:  This is not the official title!]
[NOTE:  These lyrics may not be accurate!  Anyone like to help?]

       When all the land is peaceful,
       And there's no further to us at last.
       There comes a time for love,
       Two hearts colliding into one within.
       But there are winds foreboding,
       And there's a dusk from the tomb we pass.
       Kiss me, my love, and go!
       A time for valor has returned again!
       All through the Night,
       Keep marching on!

       Fighting through the darkness!
       All is evil,
       So we must press on.

       Friendship or to battle,
       Watch your backs now,
       Take heed!

       (Hey!  Hey!
       Hey!  Hey!)

       Come back to me!

       Fighting through the darkness!
       All is evil,
       So we must press on.

       Flying toward the power
       That enslaves us,
       If we are not done.

       Racing through the climax
       Of the battle
       To return to love.

       Valuent against the power.
       Evil forces,
       Take heed!


       Wishing on a dream that seems far off
       Hoping it will come today.

       Into the starlit night,
       Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
       Waiting on a shooting star.

       But, what if that star is not to come?
       Will their dreams fade to nothing?
       When the horizon darkens most,
       We all need to believe there is hope.

       Is an angel watching closely over me?
       Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
       I know my heart should guide me, but,
       There's a hole within my soul.

       What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
       Am I to be satisfied without knowing?

       I wish, then, for a chance to see,
       Now all I need,

       Is my star to come . . .


VERSION 4.0a    Got my own personal Home Page, so have to change the
               Links.  And added a thing about Male Bromides!
VERSION 4.0     Finally finished that damned game and finished the
               whole crapload of mistakes!  BANZAI FOR ME!  ^^;
VERSION 3.0     More mistakes!  GAH!  Try correcting Track 9's lyrics.
VERSION 2.5     Got lyrics to Track 09 of the Music Soundtrack thanks
               to Vagita35!
VERSION 2.0     Bought the Official Strategy Guide and added more stuff
               to this Guide!
VERSION 1.0     Created the LUNAR:  Silver Star Story COMPLETE - Did You
               Notice? Guide!

8.0 - CREDITS:

       This is where I take notice of the disclaimer and credits for
this Guide!

       This Strategy Guide [filename:  lssscdyn.txt] may not be altered
in any way or form and to be called your own.  If you have any comments,
flames, praises, questions, or suggestions to this Guide, please feel
free to e-mail me at!  This Guide is strictly
for entertainment purposes only!

       The "LUNAR:  Silver Star Story COMPLETE - Did You Notice?
Guide" was created by enigmaopoeia with help from Karniz Archada and
Vagita35.  All Rights Reserved.  enigmaopoeia and Lilith Donovan Cross
are copyrighted by Lilith Donovan Cross at
Karniz Archada and "Nya-Nee-Nae! Enter the Stage!" are copyrighted by
Karniz Archada at Vagita35 is created by
Vagita35 at

       "LUNAR" is a registered trademark of Game Arts/Working Designs.
Licensed from ESP by Working Designs.  Original Game copyrighted Game
Arts/Studio Alex 1992.  Reprogrammed game copyrighted Game Arts/Kadokawa
Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. 1998.  English Translation copyrighted Working
Designs 1998/1999.  "Working Designs" is a registered trademark of Working
Designs, Inc.  LUNAR:  The Silver Star:  The Official Strategy Guide is
copyrighted 1994 by Zach Meston and J. Douglas Arnold.  SEGA and SEGA CD
are trademarks of SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD.  LUNAR:  The Silver Star
copyrighted 1992 Game Arts.  PlayStation is registered trademark of Sony
Computer Entertainment Inc.

9.0 - LINKS:

       Let's not forget that sometimes people have a website for you
to visit to!  ^^;

Game Arts              
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing
Working Designs        



Nya-Nee-Nae! Enter the Stage!

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