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LUNAR:  Silver Star Story COMPLETE

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submitted on 4/17/99
WereNinja (

Table of Contents
1. Preface
2. Battle Tactics
3. Walkthrough
4. Side Areas

I will try to keep this short and sweet.  This is my first game guide
ever, so please e-mail me with suggestions for future updates.  The
LUNAR: SSSC demo should have all the features of the first few hours of
the full game (at least Working Designs says so).  I prefer not to give
maps of the dungeons because they are fun to explore and don't really
need an in-depth glance.  Look for my guide for the full game when it is
released.  Thanks!

Whether or not you master this will determine your success in the game.  
Notice in the field menu how you can change your position in battle.  
Keep weak defense/long range attack people in the back and strong
defense/short range attack people in the front.  Arrange your formation
according to how the enemies of the area you are fighting in move per
round.  For example, set up Alex's position just far enough so that he
can attack one enemy without being hit by other enemies.  It takes
Always keep an eye on the characters' HP.  I heal them if they fall
below halfway.
Only use attack spells on enemies if more than two attacks won't kill
Learn the traits of the enemies so you will know their weaknesses in
future fights.

_The Beginning_
Alex is approached by Nall and then Ramus at Dyne's memorial.  Explore
Burg a little bit and then head over to the spring where you will find
Luna.  Go to Alex's house and ask his dad for permission to go to the
Dragon's Cave.  Ramus will be waiting for you at the entrance to Burg.  
Talk to him and leave for the Cave.

_The White Dragon's Cave_
Enemies in here are very hard but it gives a good introduction to the
battle system.  Work your way around until you come to Quark.  He
restores your HP and MP.  Now you have to find the Dragon Ring.  Get
your characters to at least Level 7 before trying to find it.  It's a
good idea to go back to town to buy good armor and weapons and also to
restore your HP/MP.  Come out of the room and go to the left and into
the door.  Here's a tricky part.  You must get the baboons to break the
ice so you can continue.  Get behind an ice block, jump out, and
distract the baboon so he charges towards you.  If a block is in his
way, he'll destroy it.  Repeat this until you find the Ring (it's
surrounded by ice).  Go back to Quark, then go back to town.

_The Weird Woods_
The first time you go in here, Ramus almost pukes and runs away.  The
second time, Luna sings to make the fog go away.  Make sure you have
top-notch equipment before going in here.  Almost all enemies use poison
attacks, so watch out.  Explore until you're surrounded by monsters.  A
man comes out to help you.  If you don't accept his help, you're toast!  
Later, he reveals himself as Laike.  The next morning, leave the Woods
and head south to Saith.


This guide is copyright (C)1999 Martin Jones.  No use without permission
is prohibited by law.
The LUNAR:  Silver Star Story COMPLETE Demo is copyright (C)1999 Working

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