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This walkthrough is not a traditional walkthrough, mainly because
Legend of Mana isn't a traditional RPG. It uses an Event System,
which is much like SaGa Frontier's Free Scenario System (but much
more refined). After you trigger an Event, you can keep working on
it until you finish it. Finishing an Event will usually yield an
Artifact or two, which you can use to make new areas where you can
finish old Events or find new ones. Anyway, this list of Events is
organized in the order they appear in Saboten-kun's Diary (in the
main character's bedroom at My Home). It is probably the best order
to complete them in, so you don't try the harder ones first. I
have only written up these few, but I have many more still waiting
to be put in this walkthrough. Check back often to see what I have
added. Thanks for reading, and let the Mana begin!

The Pet Meadow
Trigger Events: Find Duel in Domina Town
Required Artifacts: Wooden Town

To start this Event, you need to go to Domina. Keep heading to the
west side of town. When you see the Pelican Mailman, you are in
the right area. Head west one more screen and you will come into
a clearing with Duel and a monster chick in sight. The little guy
says that it is a beast chick, and that it is unusual for them to
be in a place like this. Duel is also quick to note that you are
very lucky, and a chance like this only comes along once. Before
you try and catch the chick, there are a few things that Duel
wants you to know. I have summarized these points, so take a look
before you try to catch the chick in your game.
o Monster chicks are not ready to fight right when you get them.
 You have to wait until they are grown to take them out on the
 quests with you.
o There are many different types of monster species; the species
 it will grow into depends on the type of chick it is. The Beast
 chick in front of you will grow into a Beast type; there are at
 least 10 different species of monsters that can be found. Also,
 you can tell somewhat what kind of species the chick will grow
 into by looking at it as a chick.
o To catch the baby, there are a few steps you have to follow. You
 have to be careful to not let it see you. Arrows will flash above
 its head to let you know which way it is turning next. Try to
 stay behind it. Then press Square to open the Bait Menu. Choose
 the bait you are going to lure the chick with. (All of the items
 you have collect so far, except weapons and armor, are bait.)
 Confirm the bait you chose with Circle and you will place it.
 Move out of the way, and wait to see what happens.
o You want to use the type of bait that will attract the type of
 chick you are catching. For example, use meats for Beast types,
 and plants for Plant types. If the chick likes the bait, it
 will start eating and a heart will appear above its head. Wait
 until it is done eating and the chick will fall asleep. Run up
 and press Circle to catch the chick. The Pelican Mailman will
 take the chick to the meadow.

At this point, Duel will pop in and say that you also need to go
to the meadow. You will teleport there and he will explain a few
more things.
o The meadow is where full-grown monsters are placed. Once they
 go here, they are ready to join your party. However, before all
 this, they go into the cabin.

o Inside the cabin, you can feed your chicks and watch them grow.
 Once they are grown, you can release them into the meadow to
 graze. Remember, though, that you can only have 5 monsters at
 any one time. If you get more than that, you must sell one to
 make room for the new chick.

o Once a chick is fully grown, put it out to pasture. Then you
 can take it with you when you want. Monsters rapidly gain
 levels once you get them out to fight, and they make very good
 and reliable partners.

That should cover the basics of monster catching. For a more
detailed look at it, check out my other FAQ. Event complete.

The Missing Princess
Trigger Events: Enter Mekibu's Cave
Required Artifacts: Wooden Town & Green Kingfisher Egg

After talking with the Plantman at My Home, you will receive the Full
Wooden Town. Exit to the world map and use it to create Domina Town.
Enter Domina Town, where you will see a scene taking place between
Duel the Onion Swordsman and a mysterious person. Duel will ask the
person his name, to which he replies Ruri (Ruri means "Lapis Lazuli",
but I will just call him Ruri). Follow Ruri into the building; Nikita
will come out just as you go in. Let him get through and go into the
house. Inside, Ruri will be interrogating Amanda; he wants to know
where his friend has gone. She doesn't talk, but you want to know
some things. Keep choosing the bottom options (they allow you to
listen about his friend, and finally to go help him find his friend.)
He joins your party, and Amanda gives you the "Green Kingfisher Egg"
Artifact. Exit to the world map and use it to creat Mekibu's Cave.
Head to Mekibu's Cave next. Once inside, Ruri will tell you to hurry
up and find Princess Pearl (his friend). Be sure to set all of the
Abilities and Deathblows that you want to use. Make your way downwards
in the cave, fighting the enemies as you go. Whenever you see one of
the purple hippo/dragon things, called a Bunya, you can talk to it to
create a shortcut (refer to my other FAQs for more details on this).
Anyway, you will eventually reach an area with a chest and a girl
walking around. If you talk to her, she suprisingly knows Princess
Pearl's name. Ruri is suspicious, but he has no time to question her
more, as Pearl screams in fear. You both enter a large room, and have
to fight your first boss, Du-Inc.

Like any first boss of any game, Du-Inc isn't too hard. You can keep
beating on him with your regular attacks and Deathblows when the meter
is full, but watch out when he charges up. Stay out of the way when he
begins his charging process. Just be careful, and you should have no
problem beating him.

After the boss is killed, Pearl will come out and get severely a severe
scolding from Ruri. He seems a bit overbearing for a princess' body-
guard (then again, Pearl seems a bit timid). Anyway, when you get to
choose an option, choose the first to stick up for the Princess. Ruri
will tell you to shut up and tells Pearl it's time to leave. Pearl
thanks you for your gratitude with the Artifacts "Stone Eyeball" and
the "Firefly Bag Lamp". She leaves as well. Event complete.

The Little Wizards
Trigger Events: Finish "The Missing Princess" Event
Required Artifacts: Post and Wooden Town

To begin this Event, simply finish "The Missing Princess" Event and go
back to My Home. Enter and exit, and the Pelican Mailman will be outside
to deliver you a message. He informs you that a pumpkin patch has sprung
up west of Domina, and that it is being guarded by some evil, evil
wizards. Pelican is scared and his heart is thumping, and he doesn't
want to go there again. He also doesn't feel too reassured delivering
this message. He will leave, and you need to go to Domina Town.

Once there, keep heading to the left and you will come upon the pumpkin
patch. Two children are there, and they are busy with the pumpkins. The
boy thinks that the pumpkins will rule the world, and his sister thinks
that he is an idiot. When you walk in, they will see you and tell you
to leave. The boy teases you, and his sister tells him to stop. The
battle then starts.

This duo can be somewhat difficult to deal with, simply because there
are two of them and they both use magic. The easiest way to win is to
keep them both on one side of you, and hit them when they charge up to
cast magic. It should be another easy victory.

After your win, they both can't believe that you defeated them. They
want you to take them in as apprentices. You will be given two choices;
the top one takes them as apprentices, the second doesn't. Go ahead and
take them; they will make good party members later on. Event complete.

Trigger Events: Talk with the Penguins and Kashira at Lake Kilma; finish
               "The Missing Princess" Event
Required Artifacts: Firefly Bag Lamp

After fnishing "The Missing Princess" Event, you will receive two new
Artifacts, one of which is the "Firefly Bag Lamp". Use this Artifact on
the world map to create Lake Kilma. Head on in, and look around. Right
as you step in, you will hear voices; these are the Penguins. They are
with Kashira, who says that the Faeries couldn't just disappear. Walk
up to them, and they are all startled by the appearance of a stranger.
They ask you what you think about the Faeries (the top response is a
confirmation, the bottom is kind of a negative; choose the top one).
The Penguins are happy about this, and they inform Kashira that a new
friend has arrived. Kashira says that you aren't a friend, and that
they are being too noisy. He pushes the group on, leaving you alone.

Make your way through the forest, and make sure that you are keeping
your Deathblows and Abilities optimized. The enemies in this area can
be difficult if you aren't at a relatively high level; around 10-12
should be alright. As you walk along the path, you will see that some
of the Penguins have been turned to stone. It's odd, but keep going
on. You will eventually come upon an overturned turtle; he asks you
to help him, which you do. He explains that he was walking along the
lakeside path when he too started finding the Penguins like this. He
then accidentally rolled over while trying to climb down. Before he
fell, he heard Kashira and the Penguins talking about the Faeries'
treasure while he was eating. Turtle then asks you if you have been
able to see the Faeries (top is yes, bottom is no; choose no). Turtle
says that that is because the Faeries can conceal themselves to stay
out of danger, and that must mean that they don't trust you. He then
casts an incantation on you that will let you see what the Faeries
look like. You will be able to see the Faeries now, and you can talk
to them if you like (but I don't, as they are a rather unfriendly
group towards humans).

Keep forging on, and you will come to Kashira and a smaller group of
Penguins. Kashira is trying to keep their spirits up, and telling them
that the last laugh will be theirs this time. He wants to settle this
now, but the Penguins are starting to have second thoughts. Kashira
keeps insisting that they try to kill the Faeries for what they did to
his mother, but the Penguins won't listen. They leave, and Kashira
follows them. You should follow them too, and you will come to a ledge.
The penguins have jumped off, and a Faerie has Kashira cornered. She
tells him that his presence at the lake is unacceptable, and she blasts
him after he makes a few protests. Turtle comes and tells you that you
need to help him, to finally bring about a resolution. You both jump
down. At the bottom of the cliff, Kashira is turned into stone. Turtle
speaks about how life and death for the Faeries is much different, and
how it would be foolish to try to kill them. Turtle kicks Kashira into
the water, and the Penguins promptly follow him in. All this activity
lures a boss for you to fight.

Gazer is pretty huge, but he's not as tough as he looks. He has a few
patterns of attack that are easy to avoid. The first is when he hops
back into the water; he will hop back out and fire a beam from his eye.
Keep moving to avoid it. Also, he will swing back and forth in the air,
hoping to get ahold of you. Once again, keep your distance. Watch out
for these and just keep beating on him.

After all of this, Kashira and the other Penguins revert back to normal.
Kashira realizes how foolish he had been, and decides to leave the
Faeries in peace. He is also very thankful towards you for helping him,
and he rewards you with the Artifact "Beast King's Medal". Event

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