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Legend of Legaia Walkthrough

-A fortnightly publication
Version 1.0
Written by Tan Yong Hua
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Requirements to be able to read this walkthrough:A Word Processer

Okay man, ladies and gentlemen or rather mad players of Legend of
Legaia, the great game bestowed upon by Contrail. This is my first faq
so perhaps you may find it a bit dull and disorganised. So I plead with
you. Email me if you have any comments or suggestions to make. You may
ask why I prefer to write Legend of Legaia Faq over Legend of Zelda.
Well so much so that? I may as well give you the answer. There is over
ten faqs on Zelda at but is there a single one on this
game at the website. The answer is no there isn't.

Note:Some key events in this faq may be a spolier!!! Avoid reading them
2.Basic Controls
-Rim Elm attacked!
-On to Drake Castle
-Reunited as one
-Biron Monstatery
4.Art Moves

Created Version 1.0 of Legend of Legaia Walkthrough
Add Art Moves of All Characters


Rim Elm attacked

The game started with Vahn by a Genesis tree in Rim Elm. He will be
going on a hunting trip with the hunters tommorrow. After you have
finished talking with the mayor, make your way up the steps from the
genesis tree. Along the way, Mei will pop out of her house and asked
for your measurements one last time. She will be waiting in the house
on the far right. Explore the whole village as long as you like. Some
houses may contain healing leaves when you opened their cabinet and
drawers. Upon measuring your size, go to the beach and talk to the man
over there, he will let you practise with him. Take your time here. Do
not hesistate to try the different attacking combinations below. Go to
Mei house again. Talk to her and answer her truthfully. Next go to the
mayor house on the north-east. He is in the second room. After that, go
back to your house and talk to either your sister or father to sleep.

You will be awaken by the loud bang. Go outside and you will spot the
villager gathering before the wall that has protect Rim Elm from the
mist for over ten years. Speak to the mayor. A scene will ocurred.

Zepot, an evil minion will appear and summon Serus to attack the
village. You must hurry to the Genesis tree. Touch the tree and a voice
will sound in your mind.It says that you must gather all the villagers
at the Genesis tree. Do as it has told by hurrying back to your house
and approaching your father. Soon everyone will appear at the magical
tree and started praying. Strange glow will occur in each person
gradually as he or she pray hard. Finally the genesis tree will grow
and thus clearing away the mist. You are now officially the hero of Rim

On to Drake Castle

Next morning, talk to the mayor again and he will ask you to bring
Mei's mother,Maya back to the village. Buy as many healing leaves as
much as possible. You will be needing them a great deal later on. Also
put this in prority.Buy accessory ,weapons and armor from the weapons
store. There is one accessory that will speed Vahn up and upgrade his
attacks. I personally tried the dungeon ahead without this accessory
and I failed. As you go out of Rim Elm, Mei will handed you the hunter
clothes. Put it on. As you walk to the west, you will see a pool of
water on the world map,enter it and you will encounter many hunters
plus a story for you to listen to. Drink the water at the fountain as
it will refill your hps and mps. Head west and then north into Drake
castle. At the entrance, you will probably see a chest. Open it to find
a Door of Light which will granted you the wish to warp tp the entrance
of the dungeons. Go up the stairs into the left room.Pick up the Sun's
key(the thing that keeps shining on the cupboard).Next go into the
right door and Meta, your Ra seru will say something.Exit and go on
into the middle door. You will waste a ton of time plus encountering a
ton of enemies if you go through the door neccessary as I have
instructed. You can get all the items in there later when the castle
have regained. All the chests are locked up.Go the long stairs and into
the next room.Go into the bottom left room and walk around. You will
soon find the key through the door. Don't worry. There will only be one
or two room. Both of them are small. On to the next door,you will need
to find the star key's here. To take a shortcut, go into the bottom
right door.You will appear in a passage. Go into the middle room and
then into the north-western door.Open the chest to read a letter from
the Drake. See the shining thing over there.Pick up the key.I am not
sure about this but wander around and you will find the star's key.

Up the next steps and into the final door,The mountain gate.there will
be a hidden entrance near the bottom left. Enter ut to find the mountai
key. Also remember to open the chest at the northwestern for a healing
leaf. You will appear o the world map.Save your game!

Reunited as One
Proceed west and up the mountain. A scene will occured saying that Meta
has sensed the presence of another Raseru here. The screen will then
switched to a girl named Noa. Follow the wolf and soon you will reach
the practice cave. You will need to practise your skills here just like
what you did with Vahn. Learn your skills well.You will be needing them
a lot for the first boss.Talk to the wolf if you need any healing After
you have finished with your practising,follow the wolf back to the
camp. Rocks boulders will drops down along the wway signifying a hole
for the entrance to the cave. Hurry after the wolf. What really is
annoying here is that you seem to fight more enemies than usual.
Finally you will see the wolf. Hurry along and soon you will be on the
world map. Go to the mountain. Into the various small caves. Just run
along the path. There will be no conflicts or obstacles to stop you.
Save at the save points. A midboss is waiting for you. And finall you
get to fight the golem. Dont worry about healing here. The wolf will
heal you when neccessary. However if you are close to death and feel
that a healing leaf or two will never hurt you. Go ahead and use them.
You will appear on a landing after the boss is defeated. The wolf will
declare to rest a while and finally revealed the truth to you. Hurry on
and you will soon reach the summit of the mountain. Zepot will appear
and summon a monster to kill you all. The monster will knocked out the
wold causing the raseru on it to unable to unleash its power. The scene
switched to Vahn. Hurry up the mountain. It is only a little while,
less than minute or so compared to Noa's. Save at the save point. Then
prepare to fight.

Boss 1:Triceretops-like monster

Use Vahn's Glizzard, fire attack. It will work nicely on the monster.
Also use combos that you have learned on the monsters. The monsters is
quite sly.Ocassionally, it will keep on firing out fire breath which
will take away almost your hps.Use the healing items or magics to cure.

When finally the boss is defeated,the wolf will be brought before the
genesis tree and the raseru on it will be passed on to Noa.Return to
Drake castle. You will be greeted by the Drake himself. Now go into
every room and hunt down the chests inside them. Quite pleasing
huh?Unlike wandering in the dark castle and encountering monsters when
the Drake and his sevants are not transformed back yet. Head
downstairs. A whole lot of shops awaits you..But the fighting robe for
Noa and the survival knife. In fact buy accessory that will upgrade
your characters.When you have finished with the shops, head outside on
the whole map. See the water gate over there just beside the castle.
Enter it and inserted the water key that the Drake has presented you
with. The gate will close enabling you to walk across. Keep Heading
east until you reach a building that look like it is inserted in the
wall.. Enter it
Biron Monastery
Here lives a group of monks that does that believe in wearing Serus.
They believe in depending on their skills to protect themselves. Head
inside and flip the lever. A door will open and a monk will invited you
to go in. The head monk will welcome and hold a party in honour of your
arrival. Explore around.Find more healing herbs. You will also find a
power elixir on the Buddlha statue.There you will see Mei's
mother,Maya. After you are finished with take a rest. The party will
start. In the party,Maya will learn of Juno's death and hurry off to
cry herself. Talk to to the man at the north and the head monk will
arrive. He will ask you to revive the genesis tree at the forests. The
next morning,but all the neccessry equipments you needed.Enter the door
up the stairs west of the head monk's room and out into the world map.
Art Moves
Vahn's Moves
Burning Flare: Right, Down, Left,Down, Left (Hyper)
Charging Scorch: Down, Right Up
Cross Kick: Down, Down, Down,Up
Cyclone: Down, Up, Up, Up
Fire Blow: Right, Right, Down, Left(Hyper)
Hurricane: Up, Up, Down, Down
Hyper Elbow: Left, Right, Left
PK Combo: Down, Up, Up, Left
Power Punch: Left, Left, Down
Pyro Pummel: Left, Right, Up, Left
Rolling Combo: Up, Down, Right,Left, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left
             (Super Arts)
Slash Kick: Up, Down, Left
Spin Combo: Up, Down, Right, Left
Somersault: Up, Down, Up
Tornado Flame: Right, Right, Left
Vahn's Craze: Right, Down, Left,Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left
            (Miracle Art)

Noa's Moves
Acrobatic Blitz - Up, Up, Down,
Bird Step - Down, Down, Down,Up
Blizzard Bash - Right, Left, Down,Down
Dolphin Attack - Right, Right, Left,Right,              
Frost Breath - Left, Left, Right, Right  (Hyper)                        
Hurricane Kick - Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Right (Hyper)                      
Lizard Tail - Right, Up, Down, Up                      
Mirage Lancer - Right, Right, Up,  Up                    
Noa's Ark - Left, Up, Right, Down,Up, Left, Up, Down, Right (Miracle)                                        
Rushing Gail - Up, Up, Left, Down,Right        
Sonic Javelin - Right, Down, Right                                        
Super Javelin - Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right (Super)                    
Super Tempest - Right, Right, Left,Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up
Swan Driver - Down, Up, Up, Up                        
Tempest Break - Right, Right, Left,Up, Up, Up (Hyper)                        
Tough Love - Down, Up, Down,Left, Right                                            
Vulture Blade - Left, Left, Right,Left, Right (Hyper)                    
Gala's moves.

Back Punch - Left, Right, Left
Battering Ram - Left, Right, Down
Biron Rage - Right, Right, Down,Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left
            (Miracle Art)
Black Rain - Up, Left, Down, Down
Bull Horns - Left, Up, Right, Down,Left
Electro Thrash - Up, Left, Down,Right, Left
Explosive Fist - Right, Right, Left,Left, Left (Hyper)
Flying Knee Attack - Down, Up,Left
Guillotine - Left, Up, Left
Head Splitter - Left, Up, Up
Iron Head - Up, Down, Down
Lightning Storm - Right, Right, Up,Left (Hyper)
Neo Raising - Left, Left, Right, Up,Left
Neo Raising X2 - Left, Right, Left,Up, Left, Left, Right, Up, Left
               (Super Art)
Side Kick - Down, Down, Up, Up
Thunder Punch - Right, Right, Left

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