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Legend of Legaia Walkthrough

3/27/99, V.1.00

Rim Elm

You begin the game in the town of Rim Elm. After naming the main character--FYI,
for the purposes of this Walkthrough, I am going to refer to each character by
their default name--a short scene will take place at the Genesis Tree in the
center of town. When the elder asks you whether or not you were praying for a
successful hunt, it does not matter what you say in reply.  He will say
basically the same thing. After he leaves, you can take a look at the back of
the Genesis Tree at a sign that has a panoramic view of the town. That will tell
you where some important places in the town are. Exit the area to the south.
When you leave, another short scene will take place, this time with Mei. Again,
no matter how you respond, the conversation turns out the same way. Before going
to meet her at your house, head south to the beach. On the west side, there is a
man standing. His name is Master Tetsu. You may want to talk to him for info,
but be sure to practice fighting with him! He will show you the basics for your
upcoming first battle, and he will also teach you a new Arts move. After the
fight, head to your house. It is the one closest to the east side of the beach.
After the scene, you can talk to your family or not--it doesn't matter. If you
talk to your sister, though, tell the truth. She knows anyway. When you leave
your house, yet another scene takes place. Afterwards, you are placed in Mei's
house. Once more, no matter what you say to the old woman, you will get the same
outcome. Once you are finished talking with Mei, leave her house. Now would be a
good time to save. If you go to the northeast of the town, you will see a cave.
The save point is in there. Next, run up to the house in the northeast corner.
Inside, on the left half, go to the cupboard and you will find a Magic Leaf
inside. Once you get that, head on back home. Before talking with your father,
go to the cupboard and grab the Healing Leaf. Then, speak with your father and
tell him that you want to rest. In the middle of the night, your family awakes
you because there is a loud pounding sound coming from outside the village
walls. No matter what you say to your father, you have to go outside to see what
the pounding is. Talk to the man in the yellow outfit and purple hat to get
things going. After the cinematography, you have your first battle. Use the
Somersault Arts move you learned from Tetsu. You should have no trouble taking
out the Gimard in five rounds or so. Now, you can both roam around and fight the
Gimards standing around, or you can run down to the Genesis Tree. Once at the
Genesis Tree, a woman tells you to touch it. When you do so, the Ra-Seru Meta
comes down and asks if you want to work together. If you say no, Meta will leave
you. If that happens, you will have to go back to the tree and talk to Meta
again. You cannot progress in the game if you do not acquire Meta! Once you get
Meta, it tells you to go and gather the villagers in near the Genesis Tree.
If you get into any fights along the way, the best thing to do is attack with
the Ra-Seru. It is your strongest attack at this point by far. First go to Mei's
house. Tell her that the Mist is here, and she will go with you to be safe. Tell
here that there is nothing to worry about and she will stay with her dead
father. Either way, she winds up at the Genesis Tree unharmed, but if you tell
her there is nothing to worry about, then later in the game she WILL NOT give
you the accessory called Mei's Pendant. Now, go straight to your house and speak
with your father. You will then appear near the Genesis Tree with the entire
town standing there. A cut scene follows. Near the end of the scene, the Village
Elder asks you to help him find Mei's mother. You cannot refuse this. No matter
what happens, he tells you the story.  From this point on, you can visit your
house and talk with Nene to rest for free. Also, now that the Mist has been
driven away, you can head to the shop in town and purchase things. If you fought
a few battles, you should have enough money to purchase the Warrior Seal and the
Battle Knife. If not, roam around near the village and fight until you get
enough money to come back and buy all the armor and weapons available to you. Be
sure to equip everything you buy! As you leave the Rim Elm, Mei runs up and
gives you the Hunter Clothes. Be sure to equip them.

Outside Rim Elm and Hunter's Spring

Recommended Level - 2

Your next objective is to get to Biron Monastery. Biron is north of Rim Elm, but
alas, there is a river blocking your way. Head west following the path until you
see a blue circle-type thing along the side of the road. This place is called
Hunter's Spring. Here, you see all of the hunters from Rim Elm, and a man named
Lezam. Speak with him to find out what to do next. When speaking with him, don't
say that you need to get going and he'll tell you the story of Drake Kingdom.
Tell him that you wish to help him. He will send you on your way to Drake
Kingdom. Before leaving, drink from the mini-spring to have your HP and MP fully
restored. There are also four statues you can "speak" with to get some tips
about the game. Now, head north along the road to get to the castle and the next
leg of your journey. Before Drake Castle, you will notice just to the east on
the Field a waterway. You need a key to stop the water flow, but you don't have
one just yet. Continue on for now. Be sure to save your game before going into
Drake Castle.

Drake Castle and Mt. Rikuroa Southern Pass

Recommended Level - 5

Right away, get the Door of Light from the treasure chest on the right set of
steps. Then, head into the castle. Once inside, go straight ahead and up the
stairs. Go into the door on the far left side and push the X button near the
sparkling area to get the Sunrise Key. As of now, there is nothing of use in the
room on the right side. Once you have the Sunrise Key, use it on the door in the
middle. Continue up the stairs to the next room. In the next room, immediately
go left and then up on the other side of the flowing water to get a Healing Leaf
from the treasure chest. Then, go straight down into another room. In this room,
you can open the bookshelf on the west wall and read about Drake Castle's water.
Head around the makeshift jail with possessed people to the sparkling case that
contains the Lightning Key. Once you have that, go up and out the door next to
you and then go use the key on the door on the north wall of the large room you
just came from. Again, head up the stairs to the next floor. In this room, head
left and then down into another room a lot like the one the Lightning Key was
in. You can go to the bookshelf and read the Queens diary if you wish. There is
a Survival Knife in the treasure chest. Even if you already have one, you can
sell it later in the game. Leave the room and go all the way to the east side of
the large room and then head down into another room. In this room, you will find
the Star Key in a sparkling case. Grab it, and like you have before, use it to
get to the next area. On your way, you can go to the bookshelf in the large room
and read about the geography of Drake Kingdom. Head up the stairs once more.
Now, you will be in a cave-like room. Go right and then down into a hall. Now go
left and then up into the next set of doors you see. This puts you in the throne
room. By going into the west door, you will find a treasure chest with a
letter in it and the King Drake himself possessed by a Seru. Read the letter to
find out what is going on. After reading, go to the northeast corner of the room
to get the Mountain Key. Now, go into the eastern door of from the throne room
to rest, save your game, and get the Fire Book I. Go into the Items menu to use
the Fire Book I on Vahn. This will now enable him to use his first Hyper Arts
move, Tornado Flame. Before leaving the room, you can also go to the bookshelf
to read some research notes about Seru and the Mist. Now, head south out of the
throne room. Once out of it, go west and then up and out of the hall. Then, once
back in the cave-like room, go straight up and get the Healing Leaf out of the
treasure chest. Now, down and right and then use the Mountain Key to get out of
Drake Castle.  Upon exiting Drake Castle, follow the path to Mt. Rikuroa. Once
there, Meta instructs you to race to the top of the mountain because he can
sense another Ra-Seru is there. Now the game switches to a new character.

Snowdrift Cave

Name the new character and then watch the dream scene. When you wake up and
answer the wolf's question--once again, what you say does not matter. Save your
game at the Save Point directly to the south, and then follow Terra. She will
tell you to follow her again. Keep going until you find her. The next few times
you talk to her, she will ask you some questions. The answers are as follows.
Answer #1: Seru and human
Now run after Terra again. This time she gives you the second test.
Answer #2: A Genesis Tree
This time, instead of running after Terra, head into the area she just
unblocked, and go north to get a Healing Shroom. After getting that, go ahead
and catch up with Terra for the final test.
Answer #3: Mt. Rikuroa
After answering the third question, head east to grab another Healing Shroom. Go
south to do some physical training. After speaking with Terra about training,
hug the wall and go west to get one more Healing Shroom. After that, fight as
many of the Piuras as you want to in order to build up Noa's level. After each
battle you can go talk to Terra to get healed. I recommend fighting as long as
you can. After you have fought a certain amount, Terra takes you back to camp
and the Piuras disappear for good. Whether or not you leave on your own or are
forced to leave, you still must follow Terra back to camp. Head back the way you
came and talk to Terra who is blocking the way. As you are speaking with her, an
earthquake interrupts and tears a crack in the cave for the Mist to come
through. You'll have to navigate your way back to the camp where you started as
Noa while fighting monsters along the way. Once you make it back to camp, Terra
points out the huge crack. Before leaving, save your game. IMPORTANT: If you
still have about 70 HP or are willing to risk it, you do not need to heal
yourself in the upcoming battles where Terra fights with you. When Noa's HP get
low, Terra will automatically heal you. Also, Terra is not controllable and she
is invincible. Just focus on fighting the bad guys and let Terra do the healing.
Now then, after saving, head back to the crack and go through it. Follow the
path and grab the Healing Shroom in the third chasm. Keep going until you exit
Snowdrift Cave.


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