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          Apart from the world we live in, there is another realm that has a different time
          and progression. A realm called ' Dark Moon'. Suddenly, at ancient ruins scattered
   upon our world, gateways to this realm appeared. And from these, the 'beasts' came
   forth to ravage our people. The time of reckoning is upon us.

                              2/9/99    Gungage FAQ v.1.0
                       By 'Benandanti'  < >

       Disclaimer: The information within this guide is for PRIVATE and PERSONAL use only.
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This guide is Copyright 1999 Benandanti

Gungage is copyrighted (C) KCET (C) Konami Japan
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       Revision History
       Chararcter Profiles
       Boss Strategies
       Flower Locations
       Misc Info
       Cheats & Codes
       What's Missing
       In closing / Thanks


I picked up Gungage from an importer a couple of months ago. It was in Japanese, but I thought
'What the Hey', I'd would get by taking reference from some sites on the Internet. But after a
long search, I couldn't dig up anything about the game but a handful of GameShark codes, and a
couple of reviews.

This FAQ is my attempt to redress the balance, providing info on a forgotten title.

This is also my first FAQ, so try to bare with me, O.K ?

Revision History:

 2/9/99       V.1.0: The first release. Hopefully more to come..............


Basic controls are found in the manual and customizable in the game , but I'll point out a couple
of details:

       L1 or R1 twice executes a roll/dodge. This move is essential for bosses and later levels
       to move you out of harms way, just be careful where you use it. (e.g NOT on the train )

       Use L1/R1 in conjunction with the left/right d-pad to constantly face the enemy whilst
 turning, a great strategy to help with dispatching bosses and other stubborn enemies.

       L2's handy if the auto-lock disappears off screen, allowing you to see where you're

       L1 + R1 + select + start will reset the game, but it will keep your flower count, so if
       you find a difficult one, you can reset and it will still be saved !

       Another strange thing is that Steyr can also duck by pressing L1+R1+X, which is handy for
       avoiding the explosive orbs on the train.

       Steyr can also dash forward by pressing up twice, making avoiding enemies a lot easier.

       No other characters seem to have these moves though.

Character Profiles:
Wakle Skade
Equipment Arms : Out of Place Artifacts No.1605
Radar: Enemy Proximity ( Red = close, Green = far )
Specials: Wakle lacks a bit in this area, his specials are designed more for defensive, rather
than offensive play.

        Electro Shield : 24 energy units
                       Places a shield in front of Wakle that starts at 100% then slowly counts
                       down to 0 . Everytime the shield takes a hit, the count speeds up. The
                 shield can be cancelled midway, but you lose the energy units. -_-
                       A good move which comes into its own when the boss fight starts,
                 sometimes meaning the difference between life and death.
             Stop Shot : 28 energy units (*)
                       Fires a ball that will immobilize a single enemy for a few seconds. Handy
                       for escaping sticky situations, but the shot itself does no damage, and
                       the bad guy seems to get loose really quickly, making it unreliable,
                 though it can give you some breathing space.

Level PlayThrough : Town, Tower, Plain, Desert, Meiah Lake, Power Plant, Subway, Lab, Dark Moon.

Kard Berdysh
Equipment Arms : Titonia Commando Custom Model Gei-Ga ( Laser and Grenade Selective )
Radar: Nope.
Kard's weapons:

         Buster Laser: Kard's default, and the one you'll probably use most often. Handy for
                       dispatching foes at any distance, and great in a clutch. Great power, but
                       no rapid fire might put you off its long term use.
    Assassin Grenade : A reasonable mid-range weapon, but it seems pointless as you can't
                       really lock-on with it, as you'll miss far away enemies with it because
                       of the bounce. Pretty good in a crowded room, but not as good as......

         Fire Breath : Essentially a flame-thrower, but it adds some sorely needed
          continuous-firing that Kard otherwise lacks. Suffice to say it's a close
                       range weapon, but it's power makes up for the lack of distance.
     Stinger Missile : And what stockpile of weapons would be complete without a handy-dandy
                       homing rocket launcher ! Except the damage is kind of poor, and the
                 rockets do get confused pretty easily. But the range is great, and you
                 do have a pretty big splash radius per missile. A nice change from the

              Big Shot : 1 Special Bullet
                       It's Barret's first limit from FF7 ! ^_^ Select the Buster Laser or the
                       Assassin Grenades and push Special for this powerfully charged shot. It
                       can't be locked-on, but it does enough damage anyway so it's not a
                 problem. The lack of homing can prove a problem with bosses, so this is
                       best used to clear a crowded corridor or room.

          Phoenix Bolt : 3 Special Bullets (*)
                       Ouch ! Lock-on to an enemy with the Fire Breath or Stinger Missiles and
                       use special to fire this bolt at an enemy. As it's locked-on, it'll only
                       attack a single enemy, but the damage done is worth it. Save it for the
                       bosses if you can, if you can spare the bullets.

Level PlayThrough : Tower, Plain, Power Plant, Lab, Subway, Town, Desert, Meiah Lake, Dark Moon

Steyr Harquebus
Equipment Arms : EA: Titonia XM9 Assault Buster
                Length : 1110.0 mm
                Height : 231.2 mm
                 Width : 181.5 mm
                Weight : 85.5g(8100g)
               Bullets : Unlimited
Radar: Small Display / Large Range; detects enemies and power-ups

Steyr has a few more moves than the rest of the cast. She can :
                                                              Dash by pressing up twice
                                                              Duck by pressing L1+R1+X
                                                              Use a compass by holding R2
                                                              Use Night vision in the Desert

Specials :
           Mirror : 17 Energy Units
                  Looks very similar to one of Geese Howard's moves from the Fatal Fury games
                  Essentially a VERY close range multi-directional attack. Damage isn't too
                  great either, making this poor in almost all respects. Does look nice though.

            Laser : 23 Energy Units
                  Actually a great special, if you have the time. A first press of special
                  locks-on to targets in front of you, whilst the second fires. Great damage,
                  and VERY useful for boss encounters, just fire it quickly !

             Nova : 45 Energy Units
                  So-so. A 360-degree missile attack with some very high power. Not much cop for
                  bosses and the cost really does outweigh the benefits. Just see it as the  
                  equivalent of 2 laser shots. Use if surrounded, but really Steyr could
                  easily avoid that ever happening.

Level PlayThrough: Subway(Train), Lab, Plain, Power Plant, Tower, Meiah Lake, Town, Desert, Dark

Dee Van Feng
Equipment Arms : EA. T5 M1474 ( Dr. Ruzerno Bradford Custom )
Radar: Large Display / Short Range; detects enemies and power-ups

   R: Red Ball : 1/5th of the Special bar
                 A single red energy ball that does a surprising amount of damage for its cost.
                 Not really any downside to this at all.

  F: Force Wave: 1/4th of the Special bar
                 A 360 degree electrical field that does the same purpose as Steyr's Specials
                 but with a larger range and a better cost. The field lasts longer too.

 B: Focus Beam : 1 segment for 1 second: approx. 20 seconds for the full bar.
                 A continuous beam of light, much like Kard's Buster Laser, with the same look
                 and power, but with the added bonus of constant fire. Great for bosses, or to
                 cut down hordes of enemies, positively lethal on Infinite Energy mode.

G: Grenade O' Death  : 1/2 of the Special bar
                      If Gungage had a BFG 9000, it still wouldn't compare to this. Insane
                      damage against everything in it's path. Basically a suped up version of
         the Red Ball. Use whenever you want, just watch out for the cost.

Level PlayThrough : Lab(boss), Plain, Meiah Lake, Tower, Town, Power Plant, Desert, Subway, Dark

(*) Something strange about these weapons. Apparently, if your Special Energy bar is high enough,
you can get a extra shot with this weapon, no matter the cost. (e.g. Kard's Phoenix Bolt uses 3
bullets, but with a maximum payload of 5 bullets, Kard can fire the weapon twice. No, I don't
understand it either. )

Boss Strategies :
Note:  These boss strategies are in the same order as Wakle fights them, but they can be applied
to anyone. Just remember that the bosses will have more energy the further into the game you are,
and may be more inclined to use their attacks. In which case, use you're specials to end the
fight quicker.

Town: Spider : He'll drop his head just before he attacks, so move quickly. The ground shockwaves
can be avoided with a simple dodge/roll/jump, but the pincers he fires are harder, so keep far
away so you have more time to react. You shouldn't need to use specials to beat him, but if
you're feeling particularly gung-ho, get in close and use them or any close range attacks to
finish the job faster. Just keep aiming for the head and KEEP MOVING.

Tower: Moth : Trickier, as you can't just get in close to dispatch him. You should be able avoid
the powder attack if you keep moving about and it doesn't do much damage anyway, so it isn't a
concern. The dive attack is however, so keep away as much as you can so you dodge/roll in time.
Wait until he stops just above the ground, then keep blasting for all your worth. Try to get to
one side of him at this point to avoid the tornadoes he fires.

Plain: Mini-Boss: Bee: Similar pattern to the moth, except the dive is a lot easier to avoid,
though the shots he fires can be a concern. Just keep blasting and you'll be fine.

Plain: Boss : Robot : Very slow and predictable, there shouldn't be any troubles. The rocks don't
offer much cover and really just get in the way, but since his beams and lunges are so slow, it
ain't too much of a hardship.

Desert: Tanks: KEEP MOVING. These aren't particularly fast or accurate, but as there are so many,
it's very easy for one to appear out of nowhere to run you down. Suffice to say, you don't attack
them head on. Go after tanks one at a time and it will be over before you know it.

Meiah Lake: Dogs: These can be a major pain if you can't keep your cool. Just pick a dog and work
on him, both are identical, so it doesn't matter which one. If you keep your distance, the flame
breath shouldn't be a problem, and their dash attacks only really nail you if you stand still for
too long. Once ones down, the other quickly follows, just watch out for the edge of the platform!

Power Plant: Orb:  Just shoot at the orb at every chance you get. Don't let the troops distract
you, just keep firing. The lasers can be avoided easily by sidestepping in time with them, or
just by jumping them. One of the easiest bosses.

Subway: Hammerhead:  Pretty tricky in the opening stages, a nightmare in the later ones. It's
weak spot is the jewel in it's forehead, so blast away. Bare in mind that he is gaining ground,
so you will need to move up the carriages for safety. The main problem seems to be his arms as
these swipe at you and shield his forehead. If you face him early on in the game it might be best
to just go straight in for the kill, if not, get rid of the arms as soon as possible. Probably
the first boss I've mentioned where you should really use your specials as much as you can. It's
difficult to avoid it's attacks, especially the laser blast, since you can't dodge/roll too well
on the train and the only alternative is to try to jump them. Just focus on putting him down as
fast as possible.

Laboratory: Walker Bot: Another tricky boss battle, though thankfully not as tough as the one
before. Its slow at turning so just try to get behind it and blast for all your worth. Just keep
an eye out for those helicopter bombs that home in. Its fireballs are also very accurate, so just
keep out of it's way.

Dark Moon: Final Boss: As tough as they come. Keep avoiding his attacks until he opens his chest
up to fire some green lasers and then just blast away at the heart. Keep doing this until he's
dead. You could also aim for the arms, but really all that does is stop him firing his eye beams
forcing him to then drop leeches around the area. The leeches are trickier, as they move pretty
fast and are difficult to keep track of, but for each one you kill, you get an Energy upgrade, so
it could  be worth the trouble .

Flower Locations:
Probably the main reason for the guide, this shows where every flower is located in the game.
I've tried to make the instructions as clear as possible, but it is my first FAQ, and there may
be some confusion. I'll also list who can get the flower. ( Other characters may be able to get
the same flower, but these are the ones I am sure of. )


#1 : Wakle: Right at the start of the level. Just destroy the crate in front of you and hop over
           the railings

#2 : Wakle: Just before the two crates that block your path, a bad guy is in the corner where the
           large steel door is that you can't open. The flower is beside it.

#3 : Wakle: Keep going till you find two crates on a high ledge. Shoot the one the left to drop
           the other other crate that you can climb to find the flower.

#4 : Wakle: After getting #3, head back the way you came. You'll see the flower to the side of  
           the ramp.

#5 : Wakle: Check behind one of the crates in the area just before the boss.

#6/7/8/9 Wakle : Check all four corners of the boss's area to get the 4 flowers

#10 : Kard: As you start, you'll see 4 wooden boxes stacked in a way that stops you from  
           proceeding. Destroy 1 box, and climb up the rest to get to the flower on top.


#1 : Wakle: Wait for the 'sand slug' behind you to move, then take the flower that was under it.
           Hurry, as another one will cover it up again in a few moments.

#2 : Wakle: Face away from the tower's entrance, and head down the passage on your left hand  
           side. The flower is in a gap in the wall on your left.

#3 : Wakle: On top of the large rock to the right of the tower's entrance.

#4 : Wakle: Inside the tower, move on until you find 3 crates in a corner. Climb them and then  
           jump on the ledge behind you. Follow the walkway to the flower.

#5 : Wakle: After going up the first lift, drop to the floor below to find the flower behind one
           of the pillars in the corner

#6 : Wakle: After climbing the crate to get you out of this area, turn to your right to find the
           flower in the corner.

#7 : Wakle: In the area where you fight the boss, check all the sides.

#8 : Steyr: Right under the entrance to the tower, get it quickly

#9 : Steyr: Turn 180 degrees from #8 and run down the right hand passageway before the 'sand  
           slug' destroys it. Just keep running until you see it.

#10 : Steyr: After the slug at #9 has passed, head back to the passage and head all the waydown.
            The flower is in a marbled area on your right.

#11 : Steyr: Destroy the crate on your right as you enter the tower.

#12 : Steyr: Destroy the crates in the corner that you climbed to get #4

#13 : Steyr: After the first lift, use the metal box on the walkway to jump up to the platform  
            where the flower is.

#14 : Kard: At the start of the level, head forward and left as far as you can go to find the
           flower where a slug had covered it for the other characters.

#15 : Dee: Right in front of you as you start the level.


#1 : Wakle: Keep following the path until you head up a gentle hill. Turn 180 degrees at the top
           of the hill to find the flower.

#2 : Wakle: Turn 180 degrees after you cross the bridge, then head left to find the flower.

#3 : Wakle: Past the bridge but before the mini-boss, head to the group of pillars at the far  
           side of this area. There is a door in the wall behind them. Blast the door open, and
           head inside.

#4 : Wakle: In the flower patch, at the tunnels entrance, just before the entrance to the  
           mini-boss' area.

#5 : Wakle: In the flower patch, in the mini-boss' area.

#6 : Wakle: Immediately after you get out of the mini-boss' area, turn left to find the flower.

#7 : Wakle: Head for the right-hand side of the stonehenge-like rocks, the flower is behind the
           regular pillar just past them.

#8 : Wakle: Continue on from #7 (keep  following the wall) to get the flower in the corner of the
           playing area.

#9 : Wakle: In one of the pillars when you fight the boss, just make him break it open.

#10 : Kard: From where you start, move on until you get to the pond. The flower is straight to  
           your left.

#11 : Kard: Cross the bridge over the pond, but keep going forwards, make the jump to get the  


#1 : Steyr? : O.K. I'll level with you, I'm not sure of the EXACT location of the flower here.
             The whole level seem to scroll infinitely in all directions, and I only found the
             flower here after a lot of aimless wandering with Steyr. I'll update this as soon
             as I find out.


#1 : Wakle: Jump across to the platform on your left, just before the first set of destroyable  

#2 : Wakle: On a pedestal on your left just past the destroyable doors at #1

#3 : Wakle: After #2, destroy the breakable doors and keep moving straight on. When you can't  
           move any further, look to your left to find the flower

#4 : Wakle: Right next to the door you destroyed to get to #3, there is a rock wall you can  
           destroy. Break it down and head to your right to find the flower behind the arch.

#5 : Wakle: Just on from #4, there is a platform that acts like a see-saw. The flower is on a  
           platform behind it.

#6 : Wakle: Stay on the see-saw, til the other end rises high enough for you to jump from in to
           reach the platform overhead. The flower is just along the top of this platform.

#7 : Wakle: Turn left past the first set of collapsing platforms. Go up the ramp to find the    
           flower in the corner of the wall.

#8 : Wakle: Head to the opposite side now, (to the right of the collapsing platforms.) and hop on
           the wall to get this flower

#9 : Wakle: Right next to #8, but you'll need to make a VERY tricky jump to get it.

#10 : Wakle: From #8, head left down the ramp till you find a destroyable ornament that should  
            give you weapon energy. Turn around to find a flower on a platform to the left-hand
            side of the ramp you just came down.

#11 : Wakle: Just head on from #10 up the other ramp, and find the flower in one of the corners

#12 : Wakle: At #11, find the set of collapsable platforms to the right of the ramp you went up.
            Jump across these, but halfway along the line drop down to find a hidden platform  
            below with a flower.

#13 : Wakle: Continue along the collapsing platforms from #12

#14 : Wakle: Move to the opposite side of the level from #11. Climb the wall here and drop down
            behind it to the platform below with the flower.

#15 : Wakle: Just before you enter the indoor section, double back to find the flower behind the
            ramp edge on your left.

#16 : Wakle: From you're first encounter with one of the dogs, head up the ramps to the side.  
            Follow the passage until you come to a small square room. The flower is on top of  
            the ornament.


#1 : Wakle: As soon as you start, keep following the left-hand wall and you'll see the flower  

#2 : Wakle: Just past the first set of wooden crates that block your path, look to the right.

#3 : Wakle: Keep heading down the right-hand side wall after heading through the second set of  
           wooden crates.(Where the robots drop down from the train)

#4 : Wakle: Keep following the right-hand wall from #3, the flower's in the corner.

#5 : Wakle: Head through the level til you need to hit 4 switches to proceed. The flower is next
           to the switch furthest to the right.

#6 : Wakle: At the switch furthest on the left, there is a set of destroyable wooden blocks,    
           destroy them and pass on through. Hit the 4 switches in this section to continue. The
           flower is on the far right from where you enter.

#7 : Wakle: This time, head all the way to the left, next to the door marked 'X'

#8 : Wakle: Head through the 'X' door to appear on a platform above the boss. The flower is here
           on your right.

#9 : Steyr: Just follow the left-hand wall as you start to find it.

#10 : Steyr: After going as far as you can on the left-hand side, do the same for the right. The
            flower is just before the door.

#11 : Kard: Just before the door with the '1' symbol, follow the left-hand wall to get to the  

#12 : Kard: Hit all the switches to open the '1' door and get the flower inside.


#1 : Wakle: Behind the rightmost pillar as you start the level.

#2 : Wakle: When the alarm sounds, head left to the mini-office. The flower is behind the desk.

#3 : Wakle: Keep moving on until you see a vending machine in a corner. Jump on top of it and
           blast the air vent to find a passage to the flower.

#4 : Wakle: When you get to the area with the large blue doors, get the flower next to the one  
           right at the end.

#5 : Kard: After the cutscene before you enter the train area, double back to find the flower in
          a gap in the passage on the right.

#6 : Kard: As you enter the section with the train and rails, follow the wall on the left to a  
          vending machine with a flower above it.

#7 : Kard: Drop down at the 2nd set of rails, where the tracks end to find the flower.

#8 : Kard: Follow the train tracks until you find a gap to your  left with a flower inside.

#9 : Kard: Follow the tracks as far as they go and check behind the pillar there for the flower.

#10 : Kard: Go down the passageway to the side of #8, keep going til you find the flower. (Note.
           Dee starts the level here.)

#11: Kard: Head back to the train. Now jump on the RAISED part of the final carriage. The train
          shouldn't move. Now run along the tops of the carriage until you get to the wall at  
          the end. From here, just jump up to get to the hidden room with the flower.


#1 : Wakle: Go through the level until you get a choice of directions, keep heading forwards to
           the room with the computers. Jump on the ledge on the side of the wall and follow it
           round until you find the flower. (Note. Kard starts the level here)

#2 : Wakle: Continue down the corridors until you find a bench to one side. The flower's behind

#3 : Wakle: As you enter the blue carpeted room, follow the wall on the Left-hand side to find a
           passage to the flower.

#4 : Wakle: In one of the explosive drums in the large room past #3

#5 : Wakle: Go up the ramp from #4 til you come to a point with a sealed off door to your right,
           in the same room as #4. Jump over the railings onto the platforms that stick out of
           the wall, until you find a gap in the wall you can jump through to get the flower.

#6/7/8 : Wakle: All found in the boss area, just stick to searching the walls.

#9 : Steyr: Head to the past the two bridges after unlocking the doors. The flower is in the room
           at the far end.

#10 : Steyr: There's another flower, just go straight on from #9.

#11 : Steyr: Turn 180 degrees after getting #10 to find yet another flower.

#12 : Kard: After crossing one of the bridges, you'll find yourself in a room with 3 capsules in
           the middle and a cross made out of diamonds. The flower is in the corner.


#1 : Wakle: Right behind you as soon as you start.

#2 : Wakle: Just before the lock you have to shoot, the flower is behind the ramp you came down.

#3 : Wakle: The 2nd time the  lift goes down, stay on the section that doesn't move in the  
           middle. When the other lift goes up, drop down the gap it leaves to find a flower.

#4 : Wakle: As the lift finally hits the bottom, get off and wait til it rises again. Now just  
           grab the flower in the corner.

#5 : Wakle: In the corner, below all the ramps, but before the red barriers.

#6 : Steyr: Turn 180 degrees from where you start and head back outside to get a flower.

#7 : Steyr: As you start,  head through the doorway on your right and just follow the passage.

#8 : Steyr: Drop down from where you start from and get the flower from the open section to your

#9 : Kard: As soon as you start, turn 180 and walk backwards. You'll see the flower, just past  
          the first entranceway.

#10 : Dee: As soon as you enter the level, turn 180 degrees and run as fast as you can to the  
          other side of the area to grab the flower just before the truck runs over it.

#11 : Dee: From where you started the level, jump on the truck to make it move. Grab the flower
          it was once covering.

#12 : Dee: At the same point as #8, Dee is the only character short enough to get the flower at
       this part.

These instructions may be a bit hard to follow. So if they aren't helpful, follow these pieces of
       1. Get to the end of the level, then head back to the start, some flowers are hidden in
          areas you can't see if you're just moving quickly through the level in one direction.

       2. Check the boss areas thoroughly.

       3. If you know where one is, but can't reach it, head back with a different character.

Overall Checklist:

                       Level  No. of Flowers
                       Town                    10
                       Tower                 15
                       Plains                 11
                       Desert                  1
                       Meiah Lake              16
                       Power Plant             12
                       Subway                  11
                       Laboratory              12
                       Dark Moon               12
                       Total:                 100

Miscellaneous Information:

Sticking points:   Tower:
                        Q: How do I get in ?
   A: Jump on the backs of the slugs to get in. If there aren't any, move
                           about the level until they come.

                        Q: I went through this cave and came out at a closed in area with a
      flowerbed on a raised platform. I can't go backwards, what now ?
                        A: Blast the flowers, keep doing it until the mini-boss shows up

                        Q: That boss was pretty easy, but how do I climb out of this hole ?
                        A: Shoot each face on all the walls until a platform rises up.
                        Q: I've searched the whole level, and a steel door blocks my path.  
                           There's no where else in the level to go to.
                        A: Head to the rooms with the computers are and press the fire button in
      front of each of them.

               Dark Moon:
   Q: I've just opened this door near the end of the level , and this big
                           red energy barrier is in the way.
   A: Don't worry, these are just one-way barriers so you can pass through,
                           but you can't go back so get as many items as you can before

Cheats and Codes

Flowers: These are what the flowers get you.

       30 Flowers: Picture Viewer.
                   Nice scans here, but nothing too different to the loading screens.

70 Flowers: Music Player.
                   Hear the great music from the game, what could be better ? ^_^

80 Flowers: Stage Select.
                   Finally, a more practical option. Use the L1 and R1 buttons to select the  
                   level to start on. This applies for all characters.

      100 Flowers: Infinite Energy.
                   Not health, but special weapon energy. Now you can crank the game to        
                   specialist level without worry.

Unlock Codes:
               Steyr: Complete the game with Wakle
               Kard : Complete the game with Steyr
                Dee : O.k, here's the deal. I'm not quite sure how I got Dee. My guess it's a  
                      time or a score thing. I'm still working on it though so bare with me.

GameShark Codes: To be added at a later date.  
What's missing:

Quite a bit: Desert flower location.
            How to get Dee
            Any translation of the in-game text
            Gameshark codes
            And I could always clarify on the flower locations at a later date.
     A great ASCII title !

In Closing:

I'll admit, the guide doesn't look up to much now, but it'll be better when I can get my hands on
a US version. Overall, it's not bad for the fact that ANY info about Gungage is hard to come by.
And as it's my first FAQ, maybe it doesn't suck too badly. :P

Thanks to :

Konami: For making great games, and releasing them to us guys in PAL territories, unlike certain
other companies. (*cough* Squaresoft *cough*) But please release Snatchers and Policenauts in the States !

Kao Megura / Dingo Jellybean : These guys make GREAT guides that nursed me through my early days
as an arcade fighting game scrub. Thanks guys ! A major influence in me even deciding to do an

Michael Tham ( ) : He added my reviews to his Arcade Fighting Guide on  
GameFAQs. Thanks for the encouragement in this.

CJayC : He posted this, so he's due a thank you as well. Keep up the good work with the site.

The guys at Game_tech course at Abertay Uni : For being as nuts about games as I am. Thanks !

Gungage is copyrighted (C) KCET (C) Konami Japan. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged      

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