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                           ~ Final Fantasy VIII FAQ ~

                             North American Version
                     by Prasetia Gunawan (AKA Squally Claude)
                           Mail :
                       Website :
       I become a staff at Balamb Gardener (
       as Zero Mercury
                                ICQ# 37661533    
                                VERSION : 1.0

----------------------------------------I N T R O------------------------------------
8888888888 88 88     88     8     88
8888888888 88 888    88    888    88
88         88 8888   88   88888   88
88888888   88 88 88  88  88   88  88
88888888   88 88  88 88 88     88 88
88         88 88   8888 888888888 88
88         88 88    888 88     88 88
88         88 88     88 88     88 8888888888
88         88 88      8 88     88 8888888888

8888888888     8     88     88 8888888888     8      88888888 88      88
8888888888    888    888    88 8888888888    888     88888888  88    88
88           88888   8888   88     88       88888   88          88  88
88888888    88   88  88 88  88     88      88   88   88888888    8888
88888888   88     88 88  88 88     88     88     88  88888888     88
88         888888888 88   8888     88     888888888         88    88
88         88     88 88    888     88     88     88         88    88
88         88     88 88     88     88     88     88  88888888     88
88         88     88 88      8     88     88     88  88888888     88

88             88 8888 8888 8888
88           88   88   88   88
 88         88    88   88   88
  88       88     88   88   88
   88     88      88   88   88
    88   88       88   88   88
     88 88        88   88   88
      888         88   88   88
       8         8888 8888 8888

You should have known what is Final Fantasy, RPG created by Square Soft, now there
are 8 series of Final Fantasy plus Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics II.
Final Fantasy VIII is the greatest version of Final Fantasy, but we can't imagine
will Final Fantasy IX beat this game ? We just need to wait.....
August 1999 the English version has been launched in my country, Indonesia, and I
play it directly, and now writing the FAQ, you can find this FAQ at my website
( or Game FAQs (
This FAQ is shareware for free and may not be sold for money !!! Big warning !
If you use a word processor that uses ruler, please change the ruler limit to 7 !
Big warning again ! Don't use Quick Level Up gameshark code on this game if you
haven't got any strong weapons, because your enemies will build up to level 100, too !

----------------------------------------S T O R Y------------------------------------
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... ^_^; People can use magics : for
fighting and healing, and after centuries, the magics has been forgotten and never
been used, and at that time, some people can still use magics, but they use it for
crime, so some schools been built for teaching some youngsters magics, and add them
to a black magic basher team named SeeD. The schools are :
- Balamb Garden
 A school colored blue that is the most popular school at Balamb Continent.
- Galbadia Garden
 A school colored red with a hi-tech system at Galbadia Continent.
- Trabia Garden
 A school that has been forgotten after been attacked by missiles, and the students
 there are transferred to Balamb Garden.

The story starts at Balamb Garden, when two students are in training, they're Squall
Leonhart and Seifer Almasy, and you can see it at the opening FMV, where a Gunblade
falls to the ground, followed by a fight of Squall and Seifer, but a mysterious
sorceress possess Seifer and when Squall is charging to Seifer, Seifer launch a
fireball and then slashes Squall thus leaving scar on his face, and please see the
FMV yourself..........

----------------------------------------C H A R A C T E R S-------------------------
I sort the characters as the time you get that character !

Playable Characters :
1. Name : Squall Leonhart (Main Character)
  Gender : Male
  Age : 17
  Weapon : Gunblade
  Birthdate : August 23
  Status : Permanent Character

2. Name : Quistis "Instructor" Trepe
  Gender : Female
  Age : 18
  Weapon : Whip
  Birthdate : October 4
  Status : Permanent Character

3. Name : Zell "Chicken-Wuss" Dincht
  Gender : Male
  Age : 17
  Weapon : Gloves
  Birthdate : March 17
  Status : Permanent Character

4. Name : Seifer Almasy
  Gender : Male
  Age : 18
  Weapon : Dark Gunblade
  Birthdate : December 22
  Status : Non-Permanent Character
  ------------------------------Seifer's Party (Enemies)----------------------------
  a. Name : Fujin
     Gender : Female
     Age : About 17+
     Weapon : Whip
     Birthdate : ??
     Status : Enemy

  b. Name : Raijin
     Gender : Male
     Age : About 17+
     Weapon : Club/Stick
     Birthdate : ??
     Status : Enemy
7. Name : Selphie "Little Messenger Girl" Tilmitt
  Gender : Female
  Age : 17
  Weapon : Nunchaku
  Birthdate : July 16
  Status : Permanent Character

6. Name : Laguna Loire
  Gender : Male
  Age : 27
  Weapon : Machine Gun
  Birthdate : January 3
  Status : Flashback Character
  -------------------Laguna's Party (Playable at Laguna's scenarios)----------------
  a. Name : Ward Zabback
     Gender : Male
     Age : 25
     Weapon : Harpoon
     Birthdate : February 25
     Status : Flashback Character
  b. Name : Kiros Seagul
     Gender : Male
     Age : 23
     Weapon : A pair of daggers (like Ashton's weapon at Star Ocean 2)
     Birthdate : July 6
     Status : Flashback Character
7. Name : Rinoa "Forest Owl Princess" Heartilly
  Gender : Female
  Age : 17
  Weapon : Blaster Edge (The names are similar to Yuffie's weapon)
  Birthdate : ??
  Status : Permanent Character

8. Name : Irvine "Sharpshooter" Kinneas
  Gender : Male
  Age : 18
  Weapon : Sniper Gun
  Birthdate : Novemver 24
  Status : Permanent Character

9. Name : Edea
  Gender : Female
  Age : ??
  Weapon : Magic
  Birthdate : ??
  Status : Non-Permanent character

Non-Playable Characters :
1. Name : Raine Loire
  Description : Laguna's wife

2. Name : Ellone Loire/Elle
  Description : Laguna's niece or goddaughter (after married Raine)

3. Name : Cid Krammer
  Description : Balamb Garden headmaster, Edea's husband

4. Name : Julia
  Description : A pianist at Galbadia Hotel

5. Name : Xu
  Description : A SeeD Tour Guide

6. Name : Nida
  Description : Balamb Garden pilot

7. Name : Biggs
  Description : The Galbadian soldier who always wants to "slay" Squall and pals

8. Name : Wedge
  Description : The Galbadian soldier who always wants to "slay" Squall and pals

---------------------------------------C O N T R O L----------------------------------
Analog : Available
Dual Shock : Available

Field :
Square : Talk, Challenge Cards
Triangle : Cancel
Circle : Main Menu
X : Talk, OK, Action
L1 : N/A
L2 : N/A
R1 : N/A
R2 : N/A
Start : Pause
Select : N/A

Battle :
Square : Boost G.F.
Triangle : Cancel
Circle : N/A
X : Action, OK
L1 : N/A
L2 : N/A
R1 : Trigger
R2 : Auto-Trigger (Rough Divide)
Start : Pause
Select : Disable Menu

World Map :
Square : Vehicle Forward
Triangle : Vehicle Backward
Circle : Main Menu
X : Action, OK
L1/L2/R1/R2 : Change Camera View
Start : Pause
Select : N/A

---------------------------------L I M I T    B R E A K--------------------------------
In FF7, you use Limit Breaks everytime the Limit Gauge is full and can be used once,
but in FF8, when you're in danger, or you use Aura Magic, beside the "Attack" command
there will be a signal like this :
|         |
|Attack > |
|G.F.     |
|Draw     |
|Magic    |

And if you press right, every character is different

Squall :
Attack > Renzokuken
A box like this will appear :
|__|>>>|__________________|  Hit the trigger (R1) when the light reaches the [>>>] bar,
If all the lights hit the trigger, you will get PERFECT, and if you're lucky, you will
use Limit Break like Rough Divide.

Quistis :
Attack > Blue Magic
You can get the Blue Magics by getting some items, you can learn such as Energy Wave,
Micro Missiles, etc.

Zell :
Attack > Duel
To do Zell's Duel, a box like this will appear :
|Booya > <     |
|Rush Punch O X|  
|______________| 06:52
You must push the buttons listed before the time ends, to get new skills, read the
Fighting Comics !

Selphie :
Attack > Slots
A box like this will appear :
| Curaga 2 times |      To change the magic, choose Do Over, to cast it, choose Cast,
|                |      don't worry, you need not the amount of the Magic ! Just need
|  Do Over       |      the magic on the inventory, or there are 4 special magics,
|  Cast          |      which need not any magic in the inventory, they're Full Cure,
|________________|      Wall, Flight Detonator, and The End.

Rinoa :
Attack > Combine > Angelo
                > Angel (Disc 3)
If you choose Angelo, Angelo will appear to do the ability you selected at status menu
such as Angelo Cannon, Angelo Strike, etc. To get Angelo's skills, read the Pet Pals
Magazines. If you choose Angel, Rinoa will become an Angel and goes berserk.

Irvine :
Attack > Shot
After choosing Shot, choose the bullet, and a time limit will appear, push the trigger
(R1) to shoot before the time limit ends. You can buy the bullets at shops. There are
shots that hit one enemy, and there are shots that hit all enemies.

--------------------------------------M A G I C S-------------------------------------
You can get magics from Magic Stones, a purple crystal, or by drawing from enemies,
you can cast the magics by equipping the "Magic" command or by Draw > Cast from
enemies, some elemental magics have the next version of the magic, like Fire > Fira >
Firaga, Blizzard > Blizzara > Blizzaga, Thunder > Thundra > Thundaga.

---------------------------------S A V E   P O I N T----------------------------------
The save points are a ball-like thing with Red, Blue, and Yellow colors, when you get
onto the point, a writing will appear, access the menu and select "Save".

----------------------------------M A I N   M E N U-----------------------------------
My main menu is like this at Disc 4 :
|Quistis Lv100 HP 9999/9999 |Junction  |
|Squall  Lv100 HP 9999/9999 |Item      |
|Rinoa   Lv100 HP 9999/9999 |Magic     |
|                           |Status    |
|___________________________|G.F.      |
|Zell    Lv 97 HP 9999/9999 |Ability   |
|Irvine  Lv 77 HP 8878/8878 |Switch    |
|Selphie Lv 89 HP 9999/9999 |Card      |
|                           |Tutorial  |
|___________________________|Save      |
|                           |Play 40:44|
|Altemisia's Castle         |SeeD A    |
|___________________________|25622750 G|

1. Junction
   You can set G.F.s, Magics, and so on.
2. Item
   For viewing and using Items
3. Magic
   For Arranging and Using Magics
4. Status
   For setting Limit Breaks and viewing status
5. G.F.
   Switching G.F.s Ability, seeing G.F. status
6. Ability
   Using G.F. Abilities
7. Switch
   Change Party Members
8. Card
   Viewing cards
9. Tutorial
   The game's tutorials
10. Save
   Save your game
11. **** G
   Showing your amount of moneys (G=Gil)
12. SeeD **
   Showing your SeeD Level, to get money, it's based on your SeeD level, everytime
   you walk about 100 Miles, there will be a writing [S-Lv *     ***** Gil] on the

Okay, for other tutorials, you will see it on the game.

------------------------------------J U N C T I O N----------------------------------
When you enter the junction menu, a box like this will appear :
| Junction   Off   Auto   Ability | JUNCTION |
|______                               _______|
|      |  Squall                     |Attack |
|Squall|                             |G.F.   |  
|Photo |  Lv 100                     |Draw   |
|      |                             |Magic  |
|______|  HP 9999/9999               |_______|
|[HP]  Curaga 9999                   [][][][]|      
|[Str] Ultima  255  [Spd] Haste    144       |
|[Vit] Thundaga255  [Eva] ----      22%      |
|[Mag] Firaga  198  [Hit] ----     255%      |
|[Spr] Blizzaga 67  [Luck]----      44       |

1. Junction
  To equip G.F. and Magic Attributes
2. Off
  To remove all magic attributes
3. Auto
  To automaticcaly set magic attributes
4. Ability
  To set the battle commands and character/party ability

Words :
HP = Hit Point         Spd = Speed
Str = Strength         Eva = Evade
Vit = Vitality         Hit = Hit rate
Mag = Magic            Luck = Luck
Spr = Spirit

------------------------------------S e e D   T E S T--------------------------------
To increase your SeeD Level, you have to do the written test, you can access the test
from the "Tutorial" after you have got the Magical Lamp from Cid.

Answers (Y=YES N=NO) :
Lv 1 : YNYYYNNYNN          11 : YYNYYNYNNY          21 : YYYYNNYYYN
  2 : YNYYYNYYNN          12 : NYNNYNYNYN          22 : NNNYNNNYYN
  3 : NNYNYYYNYN          13 : YNNNYNNNNN          23 : YNNNNYYYYY
  4 : NYYYNNYYNN          14 : YYYYNYYNYN          24 : YYNNYYNNNY
  5 : NNNYYNNYYY          15 : YYNNNNNYNY          25 : YNYYYNNYNN
  6 : YNYYNNYYNY          16 : YNNYNYNNYN          26 : YYNYNYNYNN
  7 : YYYYYYNYYN          17 : YNNNYNNYNN          27 : NYNNNNYNYN
  8 : NYNNYYNNYN          18 : YNNNYNNNNN          28 : YNNYYYNYNN
  9 : NYNNNNNNYY          19 : YNNYNNNNNY          29 : NNNYYNNNYN
 10 : YNNNNNNNYN          20 : YYNYNYYYNN          30 : NYNNNNYNNN

-------------------------------------F A V O R I T E---------------------------------
Umm, what do I like from the game ? The musics ? yes, my favorite music in the game
is "Eyes on Me", wanna the text ? Here it goes !

                                -------EYES ON ME-------
                           Whenever sang my songs
                           On the stage, on my own
                           Whenever said my words
                           Wishing they would be heard
                                   I saw you smiling at me
                                   Was it real or just my fantasy
                                   You'd always be there in the corner
                                   Of this tiny little bar
                           My last night here for you
                           Same old songs, just once more
                           My last night here with you ?
                           Maybe yes, maybe no
                                   I kind of liked it your way
                                   How you shyly placed your eyes on me
                                   Oh did you ever know
                                   that I had mine on you
                           Darling, so there you are
                           With that look on your face
                           As if you never hurt
                           As if you never down
                           Shall I be the one for you
                           Who pinches you softly but sure
                           If frown is shown then
                           I will know that you're no dreamer

                           So let me come to you
                           Close as I wannabe
                           Close enough for me
                           To feel your heart beating fast

                                   And stay there as I whisper
                                   How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
                                   Oh did you ever know
                                   That I had mine on you

                           Darling, so share with me
                           Your love if you have enough
                           Or tears if you're holding back
                           Or pain if that's what it is
                           How can I let you know
                           I'm more than the dress and the voice
                           Just reach me out then
                           You will know that you're not dreaming

                           Darling, so there you are
                           With that look on your face
                           As if you never hurt
                           As if you never down
                           Shall I be the one for you
                           Who pinches you softly but sure
                           If frown is shown then
                           I will know that you're no dreamer

--------------------------------------U P D A T E S----------------------------------
Version 1.0 : August 29, 1999 : Decided to write a Walktrough for this great game,
                               for Disc 1, disc 2 will be launched as fast as I can.

-----------------------------------W A L K T R O U G H-------------------------------

Disc 1 :

Part 1 : The Balamb Garden
       After the Opening FMV, you will see the black-coated man at the infirmary,
and Dr. Kadowaki asks him his name, then you can choose the name, the default name is
"Squall", and after you choose confirm, he will say "Who is your Instructor... oh..
yeah... Quistis, I'll call her", and then he calls Instructor Trepe (Quistis), after
that, you will see a girl says "Squall, so we meet again", but who is she ? I'll tell
you later. ANf then you will see an FMV, Quistis enters the infirmary and talks to
Squall. Follow her, she will talk to you when you walk, after you reach the door, you
will see a great FMV of Balamb Garden. After that, the scene changes to the classroom
Squall's seat is next to Seifer's. Quistis will say that the field exam is starting,
and you have a free time until afternoon, and she yells to Seifer, "And Seifer !
Don't ever hurt your friend when training !" After that, the bell rings, and then you
ordered to be dismissed. Now don't get out first, press X on your seat, you will
access your laptop to Balamb Garden Network !
|Balamb Garden Network            main index   |  Choose [Tutorial] and then login as
|----------------------------------------------|  [Squall], and you will get G.F.
|       [ Tutorial ]                           |  Quezacotl and Shiva ! For others,
|          [ The Basics ]                      |  access yourself.
|            [ About Garden ]                  |
|              [ A message from Garden ]       |
| ______         [ Garden Square ]             |
||      |   ============================       |
|| SeeD |  \ School Festival Commitee   \      |
||______|   ============================       |
___________________________              ___________________________
|========================== |            |========================== |
|------G.F. Monster 1------ |            |------G.F. Monster 2------ |
|========================== |            |========================== |
|Name : Quezacotl          |            |Name : Shiva               |
|Level : 1                  |            |Level : 1                  |
|HP : 300/300               |            |HP : 298/298               |
|Elemental : Lightning      |            |Elemental : Ice            |
|Attack : Thunder Storm     |            |Attack : Diamond Dust      |
|___________________________|            |___________________________|

       Now equip the G.F., access main menu and choose [Junction], and then choose
[Junction] then [G.F.], euqip it on Squall, and then set the commands you want, I
set the commands G.F., Draw, Item. It's up to you if you want to set Magic as a
command. But Draw and G.F. are very important. If you need help because your HP
low, protect with your G.F. or draw then cast a magic from enemies. Now get out
from the class, on your way out, talk to Instructor Trepe... I mean... Quistis,
and then she will wait at the Front Gate and request you to get there when you're
ready. Now get out, and on your way to elevator, a girl will run and rammed on you,
then she will say that she just been transferred from other garden (Trabia Garden),
she doesn't quite know about the ways in Balamb Garden, and she wants you to take
her to the map, you can choose either to take her or not. Before you enter the
elevator, talk to the guy, and he will give you 7 cards you cna use to play card
games, to play card games, talk to a card player using Square button. To get cards,
you can use "Card" command from Quezacotl to enemies, or beat the card players. Now
go to the elevator and then go to first floor, and go to the map, Squall will
explain to Selp... I mean... the girl (can't tell who is she), here it is :
|                                                                               |
|                                 [Dormitory]                                   |
|                                      |                                        |
|                      [Cafetaria]\    |    /[Parking Lot]                      |
|                                  \   |   /                                    |
|                                   \  |  /                                     |
|                                    \ | /                                      |
|                                     \|/                                       |
|            [Quad]---------------[Elevator]-------------[Training Center]      |
|                                     /|\                                       |
|                                    / | \                                      |
|                                   /  |  \                                     |
|                                  /   |   \                                    |
|                      [Infirmary]/    |    \[Library]                          |
|                                   [Lobby]                                     |
|                                 [Front Gate]                                  |

1. Elevator
  From Floor 1-2-3
2. Lobby
  This is the room where you find the save point
3. Dormitory
  The cadets' bedrooms
4. Parking Lot
  The Car Parking area
5. Training Center
  A training center at garden, be careful since there are T-Rexaurs
6. Library
  You can gather infos from books here
7. Front Gate
  The entrance of garden
8. Infirmary
  Dr. Kadowaki is in charge in this place
9. Quad
  Some new gossips
  Famous with its hot dogs

       Well, after Squall explains these, she will leave, and now you can explore
the garden, after you have finished, go to the Front Gate.
[Note 1] : Before you have finished Dollet mission, you can use this map to move to
          parts of garden easily by pressing X !

       At the Front Gate, you will see Instructor Trepe... I mean... Quistis there,
and she will join you and give you a tutorial. Now please equip Squall with
Quezacotl and Quistis with Shiva. You will be at the world map now. Go to the right
from Balamb Garden and enter Balamb Town, stock up items there, save your money
since you can't get money before you finish Dollet Mission. Now go until you see a
cliff with a hole, enter the hole to the Fire Cavern.
Part 2 : The Fire Cavern
       When you enter the Fire Cavern, Quistis will give you more tutorials, just
see and do it if you wish. Now talk to the garden faculties, and then choose the
time limit you need, form 10 to 40 mins. choosing less time limit will give you more
points for the exams. When you enter the cavern, you need to rush, before the time
limit ends, so just ignore any magic stones, keep going until you reach a big rock,
then a monster will appear !!!
Name : Ifrit
Level : 6
HP : 1068/1068
Draw : Fire, Cure, Scan
Weakness : Ice elemental attacks (Shiva)
AP Gained : 20
Strategy :
First, have Quistis charges Shiva, and let Squall get hit by Ifrit, don't use
Quezacotl, just wait until Quistis casts Shiva, then charge it again, just let
Squall get hit, don't attack, until Squall's HP reached less than 150, push Circle
repeatedly until you see the sign > next to the attack, push right, do the
Renzokuken, see how many triggers are there, first, push R1 when the light reaches
the TRIGGER box, and see if it's the last light, press R2, and Squall will do Rough
Divide (or anything if Squall have got the next weapon), just repeat that until
Ifrit dies, and you can recruit him as a G.F. Monster.
|========================== |
|------G.F. Monster 3------ |
|========================== |
|Name : Ifrit               |
|Level : 1                  |
|HP : 305/305               |
|Elemental : Fire           |
|Attack : Hell Fire         |

       After you get Ifrit, just get out without a time limit, and go back the
garden, at the Front Gate, Instructor.... oh.... Quistis will leave you and give
order to change at the Dormitory and then go to the lobby, just go to the Dormitory,
check the desk, and change to a uniform, then go to the lobby, you will see Quistis,
then after a short chit-chat, there is an FMV of a wrestler (I think ^_^), he is
Zell, Zell Dincht, and he will join you, after that, Seifer will come with Fujin and
Raijin, after a short chit-chat, the greatest person at Balamb Garden will come.....
he is....... Cid Krammer, the Headmaster !! He will explain something, and then go
follow Seifer, to the Parking Lot, and you will be brought to the world map with a
car, how to drive a car, see the CONTROL section. Just drive the car to Balamb Town,
and then to the harbour, and ride the vessel, and to the next part.
Part 3 : The Dollet Mission
       In the ship, you will meet the guide, Xu, and she will explain your mission,
Seifer will join you this time, but not for later, here are the best equipped G.F. :
Squall-Ifrit, Zell-Quezacotl, Seifer-Shiva. After Xu finished explains that, you
will see an FMV, see it yourself since I don't want to spoil your game (maybe
sometimes I spoiled it without knowing it ^_^). After the FMV, you will get down at
Dollet shore, just follow Seifer anywhere, Seifer will help you in battle this time,
all the stocked magics to Seifer will be stocked to Selphie later when you get her.
Oooops.... overtalks.... but I think it's okay since you will get Selphie soon ^_^.
Now on every fight with the soldiers, use Quezacotl for quick victory, since all the
soldiers and mechs are weak to lightning (except some soldiers), keep following
Seifer and battling enemies you meet, wanna see Seifer's limit break ? Try it
yourself, I haven't tried it. When Seifer stops, take the road to upright, then you
will see a soldier comes, fight him, after that, talk to Seifer, then just wait
until Seifer has a business with a dog ^_^;. After that, some soldiers will go to
the bridge, Seifer will follow 'em, just follow Seifer, until you see some stairs,
you will see a soldier is on ground and he says that there is a monster, and then
you will hear a sound and you must fight a BOSS
Name : Anacondaur
Level : 7
HP : 1178/1178
Draw : Fire, Cure
Weakness : Ice elemental attacks
AP Gained : 4
Strategy :
Just use Shiva, and have Squall with the magic command, casts Blizzard/Blizzara
If you're in danger, use Cure, but not with Squall, just use Renzokuken and then
Rough Divide if you're in danger, Zell's duel moves will cause much damage to this
boss, too ! After you defeat it, it will appear at random battles, but not as tough
as this one.
     After you defeated the Anacondaur, keep going up to the stairs, to the Radio
Tower, then there is a cliff, hide backwards the rocks and you will see two soldiers
going in, then after Seifer leaves, you will see an FMV, a girl (who rams you at the
Garden) is going down to the cliff where you're standing on, she says that she has a
message for Squad B captain from Quistis, but Seifer has ran off the tower, so she
will join you, yeah, she is Selphie, all the magics Seifer has stocked will be
stocked on Selphie, so if you think it's useless to stock magics to Seifer, you're
wrong ! Now after that, Selphie will jump down the cliff, you can choose either
jumps on the cliff or just follow Seifer's route (walking), now enter the tower,
stock the magic stone, save your game, and go up the elevator, and then you will see
the soldier named Biggs will talk to you and fight you ! time for boss !
Name : Biggs
Level : Biggs : 7
       Wedge : 9
       Elvoret : 7
HP : Biggs : 610
    Wedge : 608
    Elvoret : 2667
Draw : Biggs : Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Esuna
      Wedge : Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Cure
      Elvoret : Thunder, Cure, Double, Siren (G.F.)
Weakness : Elvoret : Wind elemental attacks
AP Gained : 18
Strategy :
First you will only fight Biggs, then after a little time Wedge will come, and then
you must kill one of them or both of them, the fastest way is using G.F., after one
of the dies, a wave will appear and then Elvoret appears, Elvoret is weak to Wind
elemental, if ou have Aero magic, use it, if you don't have, just attack with G.F.s
Don't forget to acquire Siren !
|========================== |
|------G.F. Monster 4------ |
|========================== |
|Name : Siren               |
|Level : 3                  |
|HP : 391/391               |
|Elemental : Holy/Silent    |
|Attack : Silent Voice      |

After you have defeated Elvoret, Seifer will come and Selphie will say that Squad A
must go to the shore where Quistis is at 700 hour. So it means your time is only 30
minutes, now go down, and Biggs will call a mech, then on your way, a crab-like mech
ill be on your way, you must fight it !
Name : X-ATM 092
Level : 7
HP : ????/????
Draw : Fire, Blizzard, Cure, Protect
Weakness : Lightning elemental attacks
AP Gained : 50
Strategy :
This battle is an unique one, you must drop the BOSS HP about 1500 + and it will lost
consciousness, push L2+R2 to run away when it's unconsciousness, he will after you on
your way, so run away as fast as you can, if you fight it again, repeat the method.

After you reach the shore, you will see an FMV of Quistis shoots a gatling gun to the
mech thus destroying it. Now enter the ship and go back to Balamb Town, after you are
there, Seifer will leave first with the car, now take your time for shopping or
staying at the inn, now get out, it's better if you rent a car for 3500 Gil, whatever,
go back to the garden. At the lobby, you will see Instructor, Headmaster, and Guide...
I mean... Quistis, Cid, and Xu. Talk to Cid, then go to the entrance of the library,
talk to Seifer, and Cid will come, after a short chit-chat, go to the elevator, and
go to the 2nd floor, and wait for a Garden Faculty, and he will call they whom has
passed the exam, from Squad B, they're Zell Dincht and Squall Leonhart. Next you will
be at headmaster's office, and you will see the passed students, they're Squall, Zell,
Selphie, and Nida, after that he will explain what SeeD rules is, and after that, you
will be shown your report, and will be given your SeeD Level. Now go back to 2nd floor,
and you will see Seifer and the others, they will give an applause to Squall..........

              N E X T   U P D A T E : C O M I N G   S O O N

---------------------------------C R E D I T S-----------------------------------------
1. Thanks to Pluto and Genius Bunny (My PSX and My PC).
2. Thanks to Scott Ong's walktrough for the Japanese version so that I can finish the
  Japanese version, and I can easily beat the English version.
3. Thanks to Mr. X for repairing Pluto after been broken down.

                                   ~ T H E    E N D ~                          

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