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Final FAntasy 8 (import)

WAlkthrough (Disc 1)
We fans of FF had been awaiting this series.Finally,we got our hands on
it but it is in japanese.Sighed........I shall guide you through disc
1.Let us start our journey.

The school
After the FMV,you will wake up in  the doctor's lab.After the
conversation,walk out of the room with your friend.Follow her through
the walkway.You will get into the main atrium.Walk up to the lift and go
up to the second floor.Go into the classroom and attend lessons.After
the lesson ends,don't run away.Instead check your seat.You will find
your first two GFs.They are summon monsters SHIVA and RAMUH.Take your
GFs and get out of your classroom happily.On your way out,you will knock
into a girl in her uniform who will be your companion in the
future.After the conversation,she will follow you.Then take her to the
school garden.Go in and to a stage.She will talk to you again.She will
ask you to do something but I don't know what it is sojust ignore her.
Get out of the school by exiting at the south entrance.Get out of the
school and soon you will meet up with a woman.She will join you
officially.Now,get out to the overworld map.

IFRIT's  Cave
Walk east to ifrit's cave.Better save first before you go in.When you
got in,they will ask whether you had been fully prepared.Say yes and get
pass throughg the guards.I think you should better choose the time limit
40:00,just to play safe.Its an easy dungeon.There is only one route so
you will not get lost.You will eventually see a pink sparkling dust
floating in the air but for now you won't need it because it is for
increasing your magic and you don't have any magic now so ignore it and
go ahead.You will encounter a battle with IFRIT.Defeat him and you will
get him.Remember to equip your GFs.

Its an easy boss.I beat him with only with normal attack because his HP
is really low or if you prefer a fast battle,cast your GF continuosly
and he will die very fast.As a reward, you will get him as your 3rd GF.

The school again
Get into your bedroom and have a sleep.To do what,i really forgotten
becausei am writting this faq from my memory.You can refer to
chiralfox's faq for this section.

First mission
You will get your first mission.Get prepared and go to sleep after you
went to the 3rd floor and talk to the principal.Go to the carpark and
get on the car.You will be brought to the dock at the next village.Enjoy
the FMV and you will land on the island.Follow the man in white suit.Its
easy for here so I leave it to you to get to the tower.AS you arrive at
the tower,be sure that you are level 13 in order to have the job done
easily.Save and prepare yourself.You are going to get a three hit
combo.Go up the lift and you will have to battle with the red guard.

Boss:Red guard,followed by eagle
If your level is high enough,you will not have any trouble getting them
down in the drain.Just keep casting your GFs.I got an information saying
that you can get the GF SIREN if you defeat them fast enough.However I
did not get it.

First mission continued
After you finished all thbe bosses,run down to the lower floor and save
and prepare yourself for another boss.The red guard will press the
trigger to let out a giant creature.As you get out of the tower,the huge
mechanic creature will jump down from the tower to the ground.You will
have to battle it but fight until it starts to repair itself,then
immediately hold L2 and R2 to escape.Then run for your life back to your
ship.While you are escaping ,you will engaged in several battles with
the creature.All you need to do is run when the creature is repairing
itself during the battle.Near to the end,a FMV will show up next and you
will be brought back to the dock.The man in the white suit drives
away,leaving you and your companions behind.No choice,you have to walk
back to your school.

Back in school
You will be commented by the principal and then you shall go back to
your bedroom for a nap.Change into your uniform and go and attend the
party.A FMV comes up again.As you are alone at the balcony,your friend
will come to you.After the talking,return to your room and get change
again,troublesome isn't it?Go to the training centre,go into the room
with a save besides it.After all the conversation,gget out and head left
and round.You will have to help a young lady by defeating a
creature.After that,the guards will take the young lady back and you
shall go to sleep in your bedroom.

The next day
You will be wake up by a knocking on the door.Someone is asking you to
assemble at the school's compound near the entrance.You will see the
principal and your friends are waiting for you.After the briefing,you
will be given a GF named BAHUMUT.You will have to open your inventory
and use that item to triggger a fight with bahumut.If you win,you will
get him as your GF.He is touggh.I defeated him when I was level 30 so
better save your strength for something else.Let bahumut live
longer,build up yourself then defeat him.Get out of your school and
travel to the village to the west.Talk to all the villagers and then go
to the train station in the west side of the village itself.Pay $3000
and hop on the train.Then follow the story and finish the train
section,its easy so I think you can handle it yourself.

The next station
You will land on the next stop.There will be a short scene.Then you must
hop on another train.
If I made a mistake,refer to CHIRALFOX's faq.

The forest
Stop at the next stop and head left to a forest.Once you get in  you
will faint and go back to the past again.You will be in a big city.Go to
the hotel and have a sleep and go down to talk with all the people in
the bar.You will soon wake up .Then you will get out of the forest
automatically.Go to the other school nearby.

The other school
Go to the second floor and into the first room you see.Get in and talk
to your friends.You will walk out of the room automatically.Then walk
back in again and talk to your friend again.Then go to the main entrance
and you will have a briefing.You will have to take the train to another
city again.It is the big city you had been to in your dreams.

NOTE:There are a few times where you will have to travel in your dreams
but I had forgotten when.All the dungeons in the dreams is very

The big city
Before the big city,there is a secret GF  to the northeast coast.There
is a cave in which is a maze.All you have to do in the maze is once you
travel in a direction,don't change it.You will end up in a few
places.One is which you have to  remove the gear on the wall.The other
one is you will have to open a switch to let the water flow in.Then  
look for a room which there is a boss.Defeat him and he will run
away.Run through the maze again and you will get into a room   with two
bosses.Defeat them and you will get TITAN.Then get out of the maze.I
forgot how to.Now you can get to the big city.Run through the city until
you find a bellboy whoi ask you for the password.The password is
071.Follow the bellboy into the general's house.There will be a lot of
scenes where you have to follow them around the city.The rest of the
routes seems straightfoward.You will fight the man in the white suit,two
creatures and finally the evil queen.You will also need to travel in a
sewer which is very easy.There is a time where you will be trapped in
the general's house.So find a glass and put it on the statue's hands and
get through the secret passage which is a sewer.The rest of the game
needs you to only follow them around.

Boss:Fire creatures
An easy foe.Kill them with your GFs,no fire will hurt them.Pls be quick
because you have only two person in your group.

Boss:Man in the white suit
I killed him with my Level 40 IFRIT only 1 time.

Boss:Evil queen
Cast your GFs quickly and you should end the battle soon.

You will watch a FMV and Hehheh you have completed the first

I will have a Disc2 walkthrough as fast as I can.

DONE BY:Jeffrey Lee


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