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A quick note from KM:

Hello!  No, this isn't another update, it's more like a quick addition
I'm putting here so that everyone will notice it.  I'm asking that you
guys DON'T E-MAIL ME ABOUT FF7 QUESTIONS anymore.  I've answered so
many e-mails I can't possibly count them all, and even though I stopped
the US FF7 FAQ back in January, people still e-mail me constantly, and
I don't have the time to answer it all.  If you want to use my FF7 FAQ
on a web page, go ahead.  If you want to use this FAQ in any other way
(such as in a publication or there is some sort of legal or credit
issue,) then you MUST contact me first, but otherwise, that's it!  You
can't please everyone, which is a big reason why the FAQ won't be
updated anymore!

I'm not trying to be rude, but it gets a little tiring at times.  I
realize that there are some mistakes still in the FAQ that I never got
around to correcting (the Emerald Weapon does damage equal to the
materia that you wear, there is no use for the miniature soldiers, you
cannot have chocobos that can fly, and any character who isn't in Disc
2 or 3 cannot be used without a GameShark code, and Bahamut Zero can be
gotten from Cosmo Canyon, this is in the FAQ but no one notices [ditto
with info. on how to get the Underwater Materia in the US version!]),
but I've done this thing for more than a year now and I'm tired of FF7,
geez!  Besides, those of you who keep up on the legal side of things
know that I have other reasons for not wanting to continue the FAQ....
Anyway, if you _do_ send me a question, your mail will be erased!  I
hate to end the FAQ on this sort of note, but that's how it is.

                                                      - March 31, 1998

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   F    i    n    a    l     F    a    n    t    a    s    y     7

                      FINAL FANTASY VII FAQ v2.2
               Part 2 of 2 - Extra Stuff You Should Know
                  for the Sony PlayStation  (import)
                   by K. Megura  

Unpublished work Copyright 1997-1998 Kao Megura

This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice
appears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.
This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Kao Megura .
All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically
mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.

The Final Fantasy series is (c) Square Soft and (c) Sony Entertainment
of America.

(Please note that this is the last revision of the Japanese FF7 FAQ.
If you own a US copy of FF7, I have an English FAQ that you can find
at most Final Fantasy-related sites, including my own homepage at:
<>.  I've had a lot of
fun working on this guide and I appreciate everyone who contributed,
but at this point, there's not much of a reason to continue this
version of the FAQ now that the English release of FF7 is available.)

This FAQ is divided into two parts:

The Complete Walkthrough    - You're not reading this file.  It contains
                             a guide for the entire game, and has
                             information on how to play the game.

Extra Stuff You Should Know - The file you're reading now.  This file
                             focuses on secrets in the game.  In
                             addition it has extensive lists of materia
                             orbs, limit breaks, monsters and
                             speculation concerning FF7 rumors.

Both of these files can be found at the 'main' address (cgfm2's homepage)
Other sites that carry this FAQ may not have both files, or may have
older versions of the FAQ (it was just one file until v1.6).  If you're
asking why I split up this FAQ, it's because it was too big for me to
edit on my computer.... ^_^;  Both parts will be updated under the same
revision number--you can find out which file was updated by looking
under the 'Revision History' section.  Some sections can be found in
both files, simply for ease of use and to create a more uniform

Newest revisions of this FAQ can be found at:
Kao Megura's Home Page  

Otherwise, revisions of this FAQ can be found at:
Square Net                    
Secrets of the Sega Sages     
Astea's Page                  
Akuma's Manga/Video Game Page 
My Japanese Playstation Game FAQ Page
The NEW CronoRye              

I'm no longer accepting people's URLs!  If you are a contributor and
want to see your page up here, okay, but otherwise, nada.  It seems like
people just want to see their site's name in print....

Translations from important scenes from FF7 can be found at:
Square Net                    

Some very good Game Shark codes for FF7 are located at:
Game Shark Code Creator's Club


     a.  Makoro Power Plant
     b.  Midgar City
     c.  Avalanche Base
     d.  Return to the Makoro Plant
     e.  Midgar City Slums
     f.  Wall Market
     g.  The Sewers / Train Yard Revisited
     h.  Into The Sky
     i.  Shin-Ra Headquarters
     j.  Escape!
     k.  Kalm Town / Chocobo Farm
     l.  Mithril Mine / Junon Town
     m.  Shin-Ra Boat
     n.  Costa Del Sol / New Continent
     o.  Gold Saucer
     p.  Gongaga Town / Cosmo Canyon
     q.  Return of Sephiroth
     r.  The Inventor
     s.  Betrayal
     t.  The Temple
     u.  Excavator's Site / The Forest
     v.  Ancient City
     a.  The Cave
     b.  Icicle Lodge
     c.  Lost in the Snow
     d.  The Crater / Tornado Labyrinth
     e.  Junon Town Attacked!
     f.  Where's Cloud? / North Corel Express
     g.  Condor Fort
     h.  Inside Cloud's Head
     i.  100 Leagues Under the Sea
     j.  Underwater Adventure
     k.  Cid's Rocket
     l.  Return to the Ancient City / Midgar City Under Siege
     a.  Makou Pit
     - Old Forest
     - Vincent's Waterfall
     - Bonus Materia Locations
     - Yuffie's Sub-Quest
     - Terminology
     - Starting The Game
     - Controller Functions
     - Fighting Battles
     - World Map and the Area Map
     - List of Status Changes
     - Name Your Character
     - Visiting Towns and Shops
     - Having Fun
     - Translations
     - Items and Equipment
     - Shopping List


     - Getting Yuffie Kisaragi
     - Getting Vincent Valentine
     - The Safe in Nivelheim
     - The Sleeping Man
     - Piano Trick
     - Key to Midgar City
     - Kamedouraku Flyers
     - All 7 Fever
     - FMV Viewing Trick
     - Always Run from Battles
     - Raising Chocobos
     - Uncharted Isles
     - Game Shark Codes
     - The Characters
     - Materia Orbs
     - Huge Materia / Master Materia
     - Materia List
     - Enemy Skill List
     - Learning Limit Breaks
     - Ultimate Weapons
     - Limit Break List
     - Translations
     - Items and Equipment
     - Shopping List
     - Monster List
     - Rumors and Speculation
     - The Documents

                          12. REVISION HISTORY

VERSION 2.2  (November 12, 1997)
Minor corrections and URL changes.  Just a reminder that this is
the last revision of the FAQ, and that you should download my US
FF7 FAQ if you need help in the game.

VERSION 2.1  (August 19, 1997)
Stuck the disclaimer back in part 1 of the FAQ, and made a few

VERSION 2.0  (August 10th, 1997)
More minor corrections.  I think now I have everything covered :)

VERSION 1.8  (August 8th, 1997)
Added information Yuffie stealing 'disabled' materia, and made
various corrections I forgot to add to v1.7 ^_^;

VERSION 1.7  (August 4th, 1997)
The Disc Two and Three Walkthroughs have been entirely re-written,
and are now in English.  In addition, the Monster List has been
updated.  More corrections have been made as well, in addition to
extra information about the sub-quests, the URA battle, and more.

The FF7 FAQ is more or less complete at this point (I didn't think
I'd be saying that for a _long_ time).  There are still some minor
things to be fixed/added here and there, but this is the last major
revision that I'll be making.

VERSION 1.6x  (July 10, 1997)
A mini-update, I guess.  Everything in the Disc 1 Walkthrough is now
in English, and the Translations and Shopping List sections have been
updated.  Two new sections, Ultimate Weapons and Items and Equipment,
have also been added, in addition to the various usual minor fixes.
The 'Rumors and Speculation' section has also been updated.

VERSION 1.6  (June 20, 1997)
Finished the Materia List and revamped the 'Rumors and Speculation'
section.  Changed the order of some sections and updated lots of
other stuff, including the Translation section.  The Disc One
walkthrough is now completely rewritten--Disc Two should be done
by the next revision or so.  Also added the initial release of the
monster list.  If you haven't noticed, the FAQ has been split into
two files, too.  Also updated the 'Earn Lots of AP' Game Shark code.

VERSION 1.5x  (June 1, 1997)
Added the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code, in addition to some info.
about the hidden (or at least undocumented) Materia Orbs; you may want
to take a look at the 'Underwater Breath' materia.  Also updated the
Rumors and Speculation section, Materia List and added all remaining
master AP scores for the Materia Orbs.

VERSION 1.5  (May 31, 1997)
Added the 'Item Select' Game Shark code!  Fixed up minor changes made
in later releases of v1.4 so everything is up to date at this point.
Also added master AP scores for most of the materia in the Materia List.

VERSION 1.4  (May 29, 1997)
New sections have been added: 'Shopping List' (to make help with
purchases), 'Learning Limit Breaks' (self-explanatory), and
'Translations' (a list of items, etc. and their translated names).
Several sections have also been updated (like the Enemy Skills List
and Materia list).  I am currently re-playing the game to fix
mistakes and clear up any poorly written sections; Disc 1 is a
little over half complete and I will work on the other discs soon.
As usual, more corrections and updates have been made (especially
for my translations :)).  I've added some Game Shark codes that
were submitted to me in the 'Secrets and Strategies' section, as
well as more info on the FMV Viewing Trick.  Finally, the disclaimer
has been tweaked a little (hopefully for the last time :)).

VERSION 1.3  (May 6, 1997)
Updated the Enemy Skills List, Materia List, and Raising Chocobos
sections.  Added information on other Bonus Areas and Cosmo Canyon.
Added the 'Kamedouraku Flyers' and 'All 7 Fever' tricks, as well
as the 'Infinite Limit Break Use' and 'Start with Gold Chocobo' Game
Shark codes.  There's also a new section, the Limit Break List.
General updates and corrections have been made throughout the FAQ.
Now that I have many of the 'correct' names for the items, locations,
etc., most of the names in this FAQ have been changed.  The disclaimer
has also been changed somewhat.

Keep an eye out for a complete listing of monsters and their abilities;
the initial release will be added to this FAQ in an upcoming revision
or be released separately.

VERSION 1.2  (April 20th, 1997)
Complete overhaul of the Enemy Skills list.  How to get the Bahamut
Zero materia, info. on red sub and events at Cosmo Canyon added.  New
ASCII title, and a new URL added (for those of you who want to
understand this game's storyline).

VERSION 1.1  (April 14th, 1997)
Added the FMV Viewing Trick to the 'Secrets and Strategies' section.

VERSION 1.0  (April 12th, 1997)
The Disc Three walkthrough is done, making this version the 'official'
release (since it now guides you through the whole game).  Added the
'Piano Trick', explained how to get the Alexander Materia and how to
reach the lower chest in the east wing of Sephiroth's Mansion.
Altered the Introduction and Revision History sections a bit, and
updated the Enemy Skill List and Materia Orbs sections.  Also added
how to get back into Midgar City.

VERSION 0.4x  (April 7th, 1997)
Various corrections/updates, among them the 'Character Select' code
and info. on the Sleeping Man, as well as the monster in section 4a.

VERSION 0.4  (April 6th, 1997)
The walkthrough for Disc Two is complete!  This FAQ now provides a
complete guide for both Disc 1 and 2 at this point.  The guide for
Disc 3 is currently underway.

VERSION 0.3  (April 5th, 1997)
Began work on Enemy Skill and Summon Materia charts.  Fixed up some
misc. info. and other things in the FAQ, and added the Mini-Battle
game strategy to the 'Having Fun' section.  Added 'Body Heat' Game
Shark code, and more information concerning the 'Character Select'

VERSION 0.2  (March 31st, 1997)
Fixed information on the 'bug' Materia (it's actually Techniques of
the Enemy).  Added the 'Character Select' Game Shark code, which
among other things, lets you play with Aerith AFTER Disc One or even
use Sephiroth!  The Disc Two Walkthrough has just been started and
will be added in good time.

VERSION 0.1  (March 28th, 1997)
First release.  Bare-bones walkthrough for Disc One and other basic
information.  Still more to add and correct.  Contains the 'No Time
Limit' Game Shark code.

Began construction of VERSION 0.0 on February 14th, 1997.

                            13. INTRODUCTION

"The town of Midgar is under the tight grip of Shin-Ra, the infamous
conglomerate.  The Shin-Ra Electric Power Company has been exploiting the
life force of the planet, destroying its' precious nature.
Meanwhile, the underground rebel force with a mission, Avalanche, managed
to blow up Makon Furnace No. 1.  Their goal is to destroy Shin-Ra and
stop their atrocities.  It turned out that Cloud, one of the former
Shin-Ra soldiers, helped the explosion.
Can just a handful of brave soldiers save the life of the planet?
Shin-Ra is much too big an enemy to fight against.


So begins Final Fantasy VII's saga, set in a futuristic world where swords
and sorcery are combined with guns and machinery.  This FAQ is designed to
guide people through the game, providing not only a walkthrough for the
adventures contained on each disc but also information on basic gameplay,
secrets and tricks, and more.

This FAQ is based entirely on the Japanese version of FF7.  Therefore,
some things in this guide may not apply to the English version of FF7 when
it is released (presumably on September 7th, 1997).  Furthermore, as the
writer of this FAQ neither speaks nor understands Japanese, this guide is
not 100% accurate.  Although mistakes will be corrected in future
revisions as soon as they are noticed, some parts of this guide are bound
to be unclear on the subject or run the risk of supplying false info.

Any Japanese names that you come across have either been submitted to me
by someone else or I have translated them using a kana chart (and since I
don't know the first thing about the Japanese language, my translations
may not be correct).  Now that I am doing item and name translations,
(as of v1.3 onwards) this is more true than ever.  If you see a
translated name and would like to know the English equivalent, (assuming
there is one) then please refer to the 'Translations' section for details.

Whenever possible, I'll write NSS (Not So Sure) after anything that may
be incorrect or unconfirmable.  Furthermore, the I'll try to provide
names of monsters, cities, locations, etc. when possible, but many things
may be referred to as 'the big brown hut', 'the four-armed red frog
monster', etc. because I don't know the exact name.  This FAQ tries to be
as understandable and clear as possible, but this is not always the case.

Due to the size of this game, the FF7 FAQ will be revised whenever it is
necessary, and can be found at:


You can find revisions elsewhere (look at the top of the FAQ).  While I
update the FAQ whenever I have the spare time, I can't guarantee that
other places will have the latest revision.

                       14. SECRETS AND STRATEGIES


You can get Yuffie in your party during any disc.  If you're in Disc 1
and are riding around in the Buggy, that will work, too.  The two
places that she appears most often are the forests beyond the Gold
Saucer (in the Gongaga Area), and the small wooded area near the Condor
Fort.  After a few battles, you'll fight Yuffie (seems to be a 1 in 15
chance, if you ask me).

BOSS TIPS: MEI NO NINJA       LV: 37  HP: 1950  MP: 280

Just attack, really.  The Summon Materia 'Titan' works well.  Yuffie can
do all kinds of cool attacks during this time, but not once she joins
you!  Yuffie's level, HP and MP vary depending on what level your
characters are at.

When the battle ends, you'll be in a plain with Yuffie lying nearby.
There's also a Save Point here.  However, if you touch the Save Point,
then go to your menu screen to save, Yuffie escapes and steals 200 gil!
Don't worry, you can meet her again.  You'll have to talk to her several
times to get her to join.  As she and you converse, she'll ask you
several questions, and you can reply in two ways.  To get her to join,
respond like this:

 Bottom answer, Top answer, Bottom answer, Top answer, Bottom answer

Put another way, respond using the second reply, then the first reply,
then the second reply... and so on.  After that, you can name her, and
she'll hook up with Cloud and the rest of the gang.  Note that if you
choose the top answer for the last question she asks, you can name her,
but she'll steal 700 gil from you and run away.  You'll have to repeat
the whole process if you want to get her in your party.


The second 'optional' (or hidden) character in the game, Vincent can
also join your party during any disc.  You'll need the gold key from the
safe in Nivelheim's Shin-Ra Mansion (see below if you don't know how to
open it).  Go down to the pink cavern leading to Sephiroth's library
(it's in the Shin-Ra Mansion, the entrance is in the stone wall in the
eastern wing).

Remember the door to the crypt you couldn't get through?  You can now
enter it.  Stand at the foot of the purple coffin and hit O.  The lid
will fly off and Vincent will talk to you.  Choose the bottom reply when
he asks you a question.  When the coffin closes, press O again.  Choose
the second (bottom) reply when Vincent poses another question, and you
can name him.  Then, try to leave the cavern and he'll join you.  Vincent
can join you from the first time you reach Nivelheim onwards (but not
during Cloud's flashback).


What most people forget when trying to open the safe is that it's just
like a real combination you have to go in more than one
direction when inputting the numbers.  Furthermore, unless you're
fast enough, you'll run out of time if you try any other combination.
The code is:

       RIGHT TO 36, LEFT TO 10, RIGHT TO 59, RIGHT TO 97

This means that you hold right and scroll through the numbers, then
hold left until you reach 10, then hold right for the last two numbers.
Don't forget to press O to verify each entry.  When the safe opens, a
Summon Materia (Odin) pops out, and you are assaulted by a big goon
(how'd he fit into that little safe?)

BOSS TIPS: ROSUTONANBAA            LV: 35  HP: 7000  MP: 300
This boss can be taken out just by attacking and using Limit Breaks.
Magic spells (Flame, Cold, Lighting) that are at level 2 are also
okay to use.  Heal yourself and use Summon Materia (like 'Sumon Chocobo
and Moogle', and you'll win in no time.  Aside from physical attacks,
all this guy can really do is use a Thunder 2 spell on you, but it only
does 400-500 points of damage to one character, so it's nothing to
worry about.  Rarely, he does a double-fisted hammer punch to one
character that averages 2200 points of damage, though, so pack in some
Phoenix Tails before trying to tackle him.  If you blow off his red
half (the one that uses magic) his physical attacks become more
aggressive, so keep your HP up.  Likewise, if his purple half is
destroyed first, the Lost Number will use more mid-level spells, like
Quake 2, against your party.  It is possible to kill this boss without
either part of it dying (by stunning it using the 'Summon Chocobo and
Moogle' spell).

Not only do you get an item from the boss once you beat it (it's the
manual for Red 13's Level 4 Limit Break, the Cosmo Memory), but there's
also a gold key lying in the safe that you can grab (Chi x x no Key).
Don't forget to take the Red Materia!  Apparently, there's a paper in
the lower room in the right wing of the mansion that hints at the correct
combination for the safe, but someone like me can't read it :(  Once
you've read the paper, you can find hints throughout the house (by the
piano, next to the chair in the bedroom, etc.)  Refer to the Disc One
Walkthrough for more information.

Did the code still not work?  Remember, the safe's lock is LIKE A REAL
COMBINATION LOCK.  So, when you're turning to 36, you can either land
on it or creep up to it, but you can't hit 37 and go back.  This
applies to the rest of the digits, too; you can't go farther than the
number you want.  If you do (i.e. you go to 09 when trying to get to
10), you'll have to start all over again.


Get over 100 wins by fighting battles.  To see how many wins you have,
get in the Highwind or ride a Green, Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo
ever so slightly south and a little ways to the east of Midgar City,
where you'll find a cave surrounded by mountains with a river nearby.
Inside the cave is a sleeping fellow who (usually) tells you how many
wins you've gotten so far.  Not only do you need to have over 100 wins,
but the last two digits have to be the same (100, 111, 255, 733, etc.)

When you have the correct number of victories, talk to the sleeping
man.  He'll toss and turn, then give you an item (Mithril).  Next,
go to the house on the penninsula near the Gold Saucer (you should
recognize it since it's full of weapons inside).  Talk to the man in
the house, and when he gives you a choice, pick the top option.
You'll lose the Mithril, but you now have the choice of opening the
long wooden chest by the bed to get a Gold Bracelet, or examining the
metal lid on the upper floor at the end of the walkway to get the
manual for Aerith's Level 4 Limit Break.

It's probable that you can do this with less than 100 wins, but I'm
not certain of that.  Someone want to verify it for me?


Go to Nivelheim (the town by the pointed mountains on the Western
Continent).  Enter Tifa's house (the second building on the right side)
and head upstairs to where her piano is.  Choose the bottom option,
then the bottom option again to play it (you can't use the top option
if you want the manual).  Then, press:

       X, S, T, L1+T, L1+S, X, S, T, L1+X, O, X, S, X


       D, L, U, L1+T, L1+S, D, L, U, L1+X, R, D, L, D

* You can also use a combination of buttons and direction presses.

I'd like to stress that as far as I can determine, the result of
playing the piano is random.  Sometimes, nothing happens, other times,
you'll find 1 gil, and other times, you'll find Tifa's Level 4 Limit
Break Manual (keep reading).  I'd also like to state that I've gotten
her manual _without_ having Tifa in my party.  I'm not sure how I did
it, but I have a save file that proves it (see? see!)  I thought I did
it by playing the melody once, exiting out, playing it again, exiting
out again, and then getting back on the piano and pressing L1+T.

But, the way that you're _supposed_ to do it is to stick Tifa in your
party, go to the piano, play it once using the 'button only' method,
and she'll eventually find a letter from her master, Zangan (the caped
guy you saw during the first Nivelheim flashback).  Tifa will get the
Final Heaven Limit Break Manual after reading his letter.


 First talk to the man standing by the doors back at
Midgar City.  He won't appear until after you've gotten the Highwind
and rescued Cloud from Mideel Village.  Talk to him, then return to the
excavator's village on the Northern Continent.  Chat with the man by the
door and pick the first option, then the second or third option.  While
you could place diggers and hunt for the Key yourself, if you want to
cheat, go over to the destroyed plane atop the dinosaur's skull.  See
the one excavtor near the bottom of the screen?  Near him is a tiny
piece of metal sticking outwards; position yourself underneath it and
press up so that your character is looking forward, then dig.

You can use the Key to enter the locked gates near Area 7 and look
around Midgar City.  If you go into the church where you met Aerith,
you can see her bending over the flowers; she'll flicker and disappear
after a second.  There's not a lot to do here, but if you go back to
the Wall Market and go to the 'ITEM' building with the machine gun
inside it, you can get Tifa's Ultimate Weapon by examining the computer
before the gun fires upon you (you don't need Tifa to get the item).
Also, remember the man in the gun shop that you bought the Zinc Batteries
from to reach the Shin-Ra Building back in Disc 1?  The man in the left
side of the shop will sell you an accessory (Nusuzoku no Shoute) for
129,000 gil this time around.


There are six of these flyers scattered throughout the world.  You can
find them in the following locations:

Flyer No. 1:  Midgar City...the town next to Aerith's house.  Go to
             the second floor of the southeastern building and look
             at the papers taped to the wall by the stairwell.

Flyer No. 2:  Shinra HQ...on the first floor, check out the board with
             the papers on it near the elevators.  The only time you
             can read this flyer is at the beginning of the game or
             when you raid Midgar in Disc 2.

Flyer No. 3:  Gold Saucer...go to the Ghost Square and enter the hotel.
             Read the sign that says 'SHOP' next to the shop entrance.

Flyer No. 4:  Cosmo Canyon...check the left wood post of the Tigerlily
             Arms Shop.

Flyer No. 5:  Cosmo Canyon...the gold paper by the door on the second
             floor of the inn (the entrance is behind some hanging
             cloth near the bonfire).

Flyer No. 6:  Utai...the bottom floor of Yuffie's house; it's the wall
             scroll to the right of the doorway.  You can't get there
             unless you've done the sub-quest (refer to the 'Bonus
             Areas' section).

You don't have to find the flyers (they look like pieces of paper) in
order.  Whenever you have read all six of them, go to the restaurant
in Utai (the large building in the southwestern corner of town).  Talk
to the barkeep and you'll get a Power Up, Guard Up, Magic Up, Mind Up,
Speed Up, Luck Up, and a Last Elixir.


As easy as this trick sounds, it's harder to perform than you might
think.  One of your characters has to have a current HP of 7777 (or a
maximum and a current HP of 7777...I'm not sure yet).  This can be done
by getting injured, equipping materia, or raising levels.  When that
particular character enters a battle, the message 'Ooru 7 Fiibaa' (All 7
Fever) will appear.  It will show up every time the 'fevered' character
attacks, too.

During this time, the person affected by the 'All 7 Fever' will make one
_normal_ attack against each enemy when their Time Bar is filled, even if
you have materia such as Slice Everybody or Everything Affect All
equipped.  However, assuming they don't miss, that person will always
strike for 7777 damage, even if an enemy has special defenses.
Furthermore, that person behaves as if he/she was berzerked (i.e. you
can't select commands for them since they will do nothing but attack),
and can take no other action (even if you're wearing a Counter materia).
They can still lose HP or be affected by enemy abilties/magic/etc.

There are two major drawbacks to this trick; your current HP drops to 1
point after the battle (it can be healed by normal means), and you can't
repeat the trick unless you have 7777 HP exactly.  Since I think your
maximum HP has to be 7777 too, this means that you can't repeat that
trick once you raise a level, since you will gain HP and it will affect
the amount of HP a materia is adding/taking away from your 'real' total.
This means that the only way to permanently keep this trick is to get
really good at using materia orbs to customize your character's life,
or by killing that character before the end of the battle so that they
don't gain experience ^_^;


All you FF7 owners out there should try this!  Go to any point in the
game with an FMV sequence (such as starting a new game--the part where
Cloud runs up to the Makoro furnace).  Open your PSX and put in another
disc.  When you continue playing (the game won't crash) the FMV sequence
will be replaced with one from the disc!  (Using the last example, put
in Disc 3 and you'll see the sequence with the stone pillars rising from
the center of the last level; it's the same bit you see after killing
Jenova Synthesis before fighting Sephiroth for the last time.)

What's really weird is that you can keep playing the game with another
disc in your system!  I beat the whole first part of the game and the CD
would load up the various levels!  I don't know for sure, but I guess
that means that the ENTIRE game is written on each disc (barring the FMV,
obviously)!  If you want to verify this, try starting up a save file from
disc 3 and replace it with, say, the first disc.  You can do the
submarine/snowboard sequences, or go to any place you couldn't go to in
the first disc--and all the data loads up!

Going back to the trick, though, you can try this anywhere, and you
usually get cool results.  For instance, near the end of Disc 2, the
Weapon monster rises up from the sea and attacks Midgar City--and gets
decapitated by the Mako Cannon.  I switched to the first disc before
viewing the FMV and saw parts of the intro, and some parts from the
FMV during/after Aerith's death!  If you're fast, try switching the
discs during the opening FMV when you start a new game; with Disc 2
inserted, it showed some more FMV of Aerith (this is when you return
with Buugen Haagen to the Ancient City).

Even stranger is the fact that you can still see text/graphics over the
FMV in some cases, such as Cloud and the Avalanche member running
offscreen just after the furnace explodes near the start of the first
disc, or Cid talking to Cloud on his phone during the part where the
Weapon attacks Midgar City (of course, this is over the FMV from the
disc you've chosen).  And as I mentioned before, you can play normally
after the FMV is over, even with the other disc in your PSX!

In earlier versions of this FAQ, I said that there was 'hidden' FMV of
a silver car rotating around.  Several people e-mailed me and informed
me that you can normally view this in the Shinra HQ during Disc One.
What's interesting, though, is that when I saw this FMV by using the
trick above, I had switched Disc One with Disc Three (at the FMV with
the bridge collapsing in Cloud's flashback).  This means that it's on
at least two of the three discs.  Why it's there is another story.
Also, the scene with the planets in Buugen Haagen's observatory (which
is only in Disc 1) will also be partially displayed if you switch it
with Disc 2 or 3.


Interestingly enough, you will instantly flee a battle if at least one
character is petrified, stopped, or paralyzed while in the 'running'
pose.  So as long as you are not fighting a boss or have been ambushed
(see the Running section for more detail), you can always escape simply
by letting the enemy do one of the above attacks to you, or by doing it
to yourself (via Spell Materia)!  This is also useful if all your members
are paralyzed, stopped, or whatever, and your last character is about to
suffer a similar fate.  Simply try to run away (even if you can't), and
you'll escape the moment you are hit by the attack.  The only exception
to this trick is that if you are petrified and your other teammates are
dead or petrified, then you will always lose.  This doesn't work on boss
battles, by the way.


This section is based upon a summarized guide written by Nikki.  Some
information is also taken from a more detailed guide written by Crow.
Their addresses can be found in the Special Thanks section near the end
of the FF7 FAQ.

You're going to need a lot of money, patience, and luck if you want to
raise chocobos.  The payoff is that you can breed chocobos that can fly,
swim, climb over mountains and go to places normal vehicles can't reach.

a)  Go to the Chocobo Farm once you've accquired the Highwind.  Enter
   the house (not the barn) and talk to the person there.  Choose
   the first option, then choose the top choice.  Doing this will let
   you purchase one of the stalls in the barn.  You'll need to purchase
   all six, but they cost 10000 gil a pop.  If you want, you can do
   the process with only four stalls, but you'll have to kick out the
   chocobos you don't need to make room for the newer ones.

b)  Leave and get on the airship.  Fly to the northern continent and
   land near the lone house surrounded by grass (it's exactly to the
   northwest of the farm).  Equip one character with a Steal (yellow)
   materia and keep walking around on the grass until you fight a
   large red reptile (Brachosaur?)  Try to steal from him until you
   get a Karabu Fruit (you'll get a message with an exclamation mark
   if you stole something).  Run away or beat him, then repeat the
   process three times so that you have three Karabu Fruits.  You can
   also get this item from the same enemy if you go to the tip of the
   penninsula near the excavator's village on the Northern Continent
   where the dark grass is.

c)  Now, go to the chocobo tracks near the Gold Saucer (by the shore).
   Equip someone with a Chocobo Attract materia and walk along the
   tracks until you enter a battle with a Chocobo.  Don't kill the
   chocobo, but do kill the other enemies.  When the battle is over,
   press X to dismount and select the top option to make the chocobo
   return to the farm.

d)  Go to the tracks on the Southern Continent, near the forest where
   you found Cloud in Disc 2.  Unlike the walking kind, you can get
   running chocobos here.  Just repeat step (c) to catch one.  Wait
   a second--save your game.  If you didn't get the right type of
   chocobo (more about this in part e), you can reset the game and
   try again: the chocobo's gender is determined randomly each time,
   so you can end up with the correct gender if you keep resetting
   and naming the Chocobo until you get the one you want.

e)  Return to the chocobo farm.  Talk to the guy standing still in the
   barn and choose the 3rd option, then the first choice twice.  Name
   your chocobo, then repeat with the other bird.  This will also place
   your chocobos in the stables.  You can tell by their stance (walking
   or running) if they are the right type.  To tell your chocobo's
   gender and race ranking (more on this later), go up to them in the
   barn and press O.  Next to their name are two characters.  The last
   character is the same, but the first character identifies the
   chocobo's gender:

         Female (me):        |        Male (o):       |
                      __    /                   ---------
                         \/                         / |
                        / \                      _/   |
                     _/                            ___|

   You'll want to make sure that the running chocobo is female and
   the walking chocobo is male.  If you have a chocobo walking with
   his head down, put it in a stall, then talk to the man again and
   choose the 6th option from the top.  Pick that chocobo and choose
   the top option twice, then the bottom option once to let that bird
   go so you can get another one.  If the sex of the chocobo is wrong,
   just use the trick in the above section to change it.

f)  Do you have the correct type and gender?  Talk to the man in the
   barn again and choose the fifth option from the top.  Choose one
   of the chocobos by walking up to it and pressing O.  Pick the top
   option, then repeat with the other chocobo.  When you get another
   choice, pick the top option.  A list will appear.  Remember the
   items you stole from that reptile in the north?  It will appear
   as the item 7th from the top (there should be a 3 next to it
   since you stole 3 items).  Choose and and choose the top choice.

g)  Hopefully you got a green Chocobo!  If you got a blue one or a
   yellow one, reset and try to mate the two chocobos again (repeat
   step f).  You'll want a blue chocobo, but if you get one right
   now, it's harder to breed a green one -NSS-.  Keep note of your
   chocobo's gender--it's important.

h)  At this point, you can't mate the yellow chocobos again or the
   green chocobo.  If you don't want to wait, repeat steps (c)
   through (f) and try to breed a Blue Chocobo who is the opposite
   gender of your Green Chocobo.  If you have time on your hands,
   though, waste it and come back later.  You can re-breed your
   two yellow chocobos and try to get a Blue Chocobo.  Either way,
   it will take _a lot_ of tries, but you save the trouble of
   capturing and renaming chocobos if you waste some time and just
   re-breed your two yellow birds.  Remember the item that you
   used (Karabu Fruit), will now have a '2' next to it since you
   already used one.  Don't worry, it will still stay in the same
   place on the menu.

i)  Okay!  Now, you should have a Blue chocobo and a Green chocobo of
   opposite genders.  If you caught another pair of yellow chocobos,
   you won't have any more stall space and you'll have to let the
   two yellow ones go.  If you simply breeded them again, you'll
   still have two stalls left open.  Since the Blue chocobo is a
   newborn, you'll need to waste some more time before you can breed
   it to the Green one.  Hop in the Highwind and fly back to the
   house on the grassy patch in the Northern Continent.  Talk to the
   purple geezer and choose the first option.  He will offer to sell
   ou items; buy 40 of the ones that cost 5000 gil (Shirukisu

   Return to the Chocobo Farm and give ten of them to your blue
   chocobo and 10 to your green chocobo.  You can do this by picking
   the fourth option when you talk to the man, then picking the
   Shirukisu Vegetable (it's the next to last one).  Pick the chocobo
   you want to feed it to and press up or down on your controller to
   increase the number.  Then press O twice to feed the chocobo.

j)  Go to the Gold Saucer (you can get there from the sky lift in
   North Corel).  Go to the Chocobo Square, enter the main
   building, and talk to the girl in front of the 'STAFF ROOM'
   door.  Choose the first option and pick either your green
   chocobo or your blue chocobo to race.  Then pick the top choice
   two times and press Start at the next screen to start the race.

   The point of racing is to improve your chocobo's race ranking.
   Remember what happened when you checked your chocobo's stats?
   Underneath the gender was the race ranking.  You need to improve
   it from a C to an A-class ranking, and you can do so by racing.
   It doesn't matter if you lose; just keep racing until you gain
   new classes.  Refer to the chocobo-racing tips in section 3o if
   you need help, although it's easy to win the races using
   Automatic Sequence Mode.  Every time you win a race, pick the
   top option to get an item, the bottom option twice to get an
   item, or the bottom option, then the top option to get some GP.
   Remember, to raise a class level, you have to come in first place
   (and even then you may need to get a high score such as 1-2 or
   1-2 a few times before you'll gain a level).  When you do raise
   a race ranking, the girl will tell you.  You can see your
   chocobo's class every time you race it (at the screen before the
   race starts).  Obviously, it will take quite a few races before
   you can hit class 'A' (it took me around 3 races to raise to
   the next class each time).

k)  Fun, wasn't it?  Get back in the Highwind and return to the
   Chocobo Farm.  Refer to step (f) and breed the blue and green
   chocobos together.  With a little luck, you'll find a black
   chocobo in one of the empty stalls the following day.  Yes,
   you may have used up your last piece of Karabu, but you won't
   need it anymore.  Once again, take note of your black chocobo's

l)  There's an elongated island with a forest on it northeast of the
   Chocobo Farm.  Go into the forest and wander around until you
   run into a tiny monster wearing boxing gloves (Goblin).  You can
   steal a Zeio Fruit off of it--you only need one.  After you
   get it, fly to the chocobo tracks on the west edge of the Northern
   Continent and capture one; you can get the dashing kind here.
   Then go back to the farm, name your yellow Chocobo, and put it in
   the stalls.  If it isn't the opposite gender of your black chocobo,
   reset and try the naming process again.  Refer to step (e) if you
   forgot how to do this.

m)  You should have 20 Shirukisu Vegetables left, so feed 10 of them to
   the dashing yellow chocobo and 10 to your black chocobo (just like
   how you did it in step i).  Now for the real fun part--you have to
   get an A-rank class for both the yellow and black chocobos!  So,
   just repeat what you did back in step (j).  It will take a while,
   but when they're both at race ranking A, leave the Gold Saucer and
   return to the Chococbo Farm.

n)  Now, breed your yellow and black chocobo together.  This time,
   use the Zeio Fruit (it's at the very bottom of the list).
   Once again, refer to step (f) if you have trouble navigating
   the menus.  It may have to retry a few times, but you'll end up
   with the gold chocobo eventually.  Now you can go anywhere on
   the World Map!

YELLOW CHOCOBOS can go anywhere you can normally get to on foot.  The
sole advantage is that a chocobo is a lot quicker than walking.

BLUE CHOCOBOS can walk along rivers, but they can't go past waterfalls.
They can also walk in shallow water, just like Cid's airplane could.

GREEN CHOCOBOS can run over mountains, even the pointed mountains by
Nivelheim.  They can also dash over _most_ cliffs and drops.

BLACK CHOCOBOS can walk along rivers and move around in shallow water.
They can also run over mountains and cliffs.  Unlike the blue or green
chocobos, the black variety can go over any cliff or drop: even
walk up or down waterfalls, enter the canyon surrounding the Ancient
City, or walk _over_ the ice forest that you have to traverse in Disc
2 after the snowboard scene!

GOLD CHOCOBOS can do everything a black chocobo can--they can also
walk in the ocean, allowing you to go anywhere you want, even into
the dirt pit surrounding the Gold Saucer (just like the Saucer
vehicle).  Truly the ultimate in transportation!

In case you didn't know about it, you can rotate the chocobo you're
viewing when using the various options in the Chocobo Farm by holding
the R1 or L1 buttons :)

Unlike chocobos that you capture and ride around on, the ones that you
ride out from the Chocobo Farm are a little tamer.  They'll stay where
you get off them until you ride them again, and you can do this as much
as you want and return them to the Farm whenever you want (although you
can only have one chocobo out at a time).  If you're riding a chocobo
and you try to enter the Highwind, you'll find it in the 'Chocobo' area
of the the ship.  You'll automatically be riding the chocobo when you
land the ship, too.


Head due south from Cosmo Canyon in the Highwind, then go a little to
the west.  You'll see an island that's part dirt, part grass, with
a smaller grassy island nearby.  This isle doesn't appear on the Map,
but if you land the Highwind on the grassy plain and run around in
the dirt long enough, you can fight Sabotenders (better known as
Cactrots; those little cactus guys from FF3)!  You can't get Rename
Cards from them or anything like that, but it's kinda fun fighting
them.  Actually, the name of this island is 'Cactus Island' so it
makes sense to find them here.

To get to the second isle, head for the two islands near to each other
on the northeastern edge of the map.  Then go north (and a little more
to the east), and you'll come across an oval-shaped island surrounded
by mountains.  There's a cave entrance here, but you can't land there
in the Highwind.  For more about the island, refer to the Bonus Areas
part in section 6.  The name of this place is 'Round Island'.


I'm not much of a code-maker myself, but here are some cheats you might
want to try.  Remember, you need a Game Shark or a Pro Action Replay for
these to work.  Some people have reported problems with these codes
(such as, these codes don't work with a PAR).  FYI, I made these codes
using a Game Shark with PAR software (version 1.98), so I really don't
know why it wouldn't work on both devices.

All of the codes in this FAQ were made by me, unless otherwise stated.
If you want to reprint, submit, or display these codes, please give
credit where it is due.  If you want to submit a code, just tell me
the code itself, what it does, and include any glitches/problems with
the code.  Oh, and please tell me the code's creator if you didn't make
it yourself.  Remember, these codes were made to work on the Japanese
version of FF7--they _may_ work on the English-text version or Japanese
re-released version, but I don't know for certain.

FF7 MASTER CODE                                         80000000 - 0000
This is the cheat that lets you use other codes with this game.  I don't
know if it (and the other codes listed here) will work on every disc,
but if a code doesn't, then I'll let you know.

NO TIME LIMIT - 1ST POSITION                            800F5E88 - FFFE
With this code, anyone in the first position always has a full Time bar.
This means that he or she can repeatedly choose commands and will do
them as fast as he is able.  The other two characters act normally.

The plus side to this is that you can attack many times in a single turn
of combat.  Also, if you reach your Limit Break, you can repeatedly
activate it as long as you start doing so before the first Limit Break
begins.  (As an example, I used an old file and was able to kill the
boss of the Shinra Boat in the first round.  This was possible because
Barett already had a full Limit bar when the battle began.  I rapidly
selected Barett's Heavy Shot whenever the menu popped up.  He did
something like 20 Heavy Shots in a row.)  While this is obviously useful
when attacking or using Limit Breaks, you can't 'stockpile' Summon uses
or Magic casting.  Even if you select to summon, say, Ifrit nine times,
you'll get a message for the subsequent 8 summons and nothing will
happen.  Similarly, if you choose to cast a spell five times but don't
have enough MP, then you'll only use the spell until your MP runs out,
at which point you get a message telling you so and nothing happens until
your commands 'run out'.  Just because you have a full Time bar doesn't
give you extra initiative, either; enemies will still attack you when
they are able (once you've stopped performing a command), and your allies
will do whatever you told them to do (once again, as soon as you stop
doing something).  This code is especially useful if you're using the
'Control Enemy' Materia, since you can have them do whatever you want
as many times as you want (as long as they don't get hit).

CHARACTER SELECT - 3RD POSITION                         8009B376 - FF0x
Enter this code, but replace the last digit with one of the following:

       x = 0  -  Cloud Strife
           1  -  Barett Wallace
           2  -  Tifa Rockheart
           3  -  Aerith Gainsborough
           4  -  Red 13
           5  -  Yuffie Kisaragi
           6  -  Cait Sith
           7  -  Vincent Valentine
           8  -  Cid Hiwind
           9  -  
           A  -  
           B  -  
           C  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)
           D  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)

When you start the game, the character in your 3rd slot (position) will
'turn into' the character you've chosen.  If the graphics are messed up,
try entering and exiting the PHS screen to clear things up a bit.  If
the code doesn't work initially, try checking your character's stats in
the PHS screen or switching that character in and out of the PHS screen.
This code works much better if you use a new game or have a saved file
in which the third character slot is empty.  Basically, the code works
like this:

If you want to have any of the 'normal' characters, i.e. Cloud to Cid,
then they'll usually start off at level 1.  The game won't freeze or
mess up if you talk to someone or if an event occurs, but if you're not
supposed to have that character yet, they won't appear or interact with

The sole exception to this is Aerith.  Like Cloud, she cannot be removed
from the party, or even the PHS system once she is put in reserve.
Furthermore, the game WILL freeze or hang if you put her in her party
once she's left for the last village, or if you have her join at any
point from the end of Disc One onwards.  What's really weird about this
is that in some cases (like after the snowboarding event on Disc 2, when
the party comes to in the snow), she DOES have her own dialogue (these
seem to be 'any character' quotes, though).  Those of you who want
another code can try:

PLAY AS AERITH - 3RD POSITION                           801D3330 - 3313
It only lets you select Aerith, but seems to mess up less than the
character select code.  To choose her, go into the PHS screen, place
your character on the 3rd person (who you don't have to remove), and
press the O button twice (as if you were going to check his/her
status).  With this code, Aerith is 'invisible' during most events/
conversations and says nothing.

As for the 'Character Select' code:

Make sure that you don't have the same character in the third space
that you're going to use with the first code (i.e. don't have Cait
Sith in the third space and then enter a code for Cait Sith).  The
result is that you can make 'copies' of that character, but not
select others.  Unless you want to have, say, two Baretts--then put
Barett in the first or second space and then use the Barett code
in the third space.

The special characters are the ones whose names are in brackets.  While
you probably recognize Young Cloud and Sephiroth from Cloud's flashback
after reaching the World Map, the Chocobo and the two 'Nau Purintingu'
portraits don't have any real stats, they'll just have Cloud's instead.

The problem with the special characters is that you cannot turn another
character into them, or their stats 'merge'.  The result is that not only
does that character not even appear, but they lose all their HP instantly
(and don't appear, either) during battle sequences.  Right now, Young
Cloud and Sephiroth are the only 'special' characters that don't merge
instantly.  The Chocobo face appears when you try to raise Chocobos in
the second disk, so that explains that.  The character that I called
'Kanjimaru' is in fact translated as 'Now Printing' in English.  Mr.
Kelley (who translated the name) suggests that it was perhaps a test
portrait made by the programmers (sort of a default portrait perhaps
used before the actual portraits were drawn/decided upon), or simply
a joke by the programmers, which makes sense as the portrait has no
real stats, equipment, or anything else.

So, to play with one of the special characters, you have to have a blank
opening.  I've been having some trouble 'creating' a blank space using
the PHS system, so I was forced to find a file when there are two
characters or less.  The Shinra boat (Disc One) was the one file I had
on hand to use, so it's the one I'll use in my example (the file's at
the second Save Point, just before you meet with your friends and
encounter Sephiroth).  You could also start a new game since there's
no one in the third position.  If you can't get this code to work
(especially with one of the special characters), try it with a blank
space for optimum results.  So, to test out one of the special
characters at the Shinra boat, for example:

Enter the code and start the game, then choose the file.  Cloud will
be at the top, and at the bottom will be the messed-up portrait and
stats of either Young Cloud or Sephiroth.  Go talk to Barett, in
order to speed up events, then go meet your friends.  When you're
asked to pick new party members, kick out the 'special' character and
take two other characters.  This prevents the game from glitching in
the next scene.  Be sure to turn off the Game Shark so that your new
allies won't suddenly 'become' Young Cloud or Sephiroth.

Then, talk to one of your allies and remove your third member.  Flick
up the switch on the Game Shark, and you've got your special character!
You can try them out in battle if you'd like in the hold below, but
don't try to meet Sephiroth with Sephiroth in your party or the game
will crash.  For some strange reason, if Red 13 is your third member
and you turn the switch on to enable the code just before the battle
with Sephiroth's creature, the two won't merge and you can fight the
boss with Sephiroth.

Special notes about the characters:

SEPHIROTH is still automatically controlled by the computer.  However,
you can de-equip and take his Materia for your own!  Even better, you
can use this code at the very start of the game to have Sephiroth
accompany Cloud into the Shinra reactor!  If you leave the code on
and have him switch places with Cloud, you'll have three Sephiroths
to fight with!  (This does crash the game with a high rate, though).
BTW, even if you remove Sephiroth's Materia, he can still cast magic
in battle!  If you start a new game with him as your character, you
can't select Materia since you can't choose that option yet.

While YOUNG CLOUD has a Limit Break, it (like Sephiroth's) doesn't
really exist (it can't be used in battle, even if you try it with
the 'Infinite Limit Break Use' code below).

The CHOCOBO and both NOW PRINTINGS always act as if they are 'merged'.
I have yet to find a way around this, so they are unplayable for the
time being, even though you can get their portraits (I doubt you
can play with either of them).

Unfortunately, the code for VINCENT VALENTINE almost always results
in a 'merged' (and hence, unplayable) version of Sephiroth, even if
I activate him in a blank space.  Once you get Vincent (normally),
both this and the Sephiroth code give mixed results, at best.  Even
without Vincent, this code gives you some strange results.  For
instance, even though Sephiroth doesn't really have a Limit Break,
the name that is given is Vincent's initial Break.

As you can see, this code is far from perfect, and I haven't been able
to test the codes fully.  If you have trouble using these codes,
remember that you MUST have a blank space to put one of the 'special'
characters or the code won't work and both characters will merge.
Also, don't be surprised if the game hangs, especially during character
events, even if the code you're using is for one of the 'normal
characters' (Aerith in particular).

With both of these codes (characters & Aerith) it's a good idea for
you to flip off the code after getting the character you want to
lessen the chance of the game hanging.

BODY HEAT ALWAYS STAYS AT 31 DEGREES                    80074DC4 - 2000
This code has no effect on the game unless you go to the outside ledges
of the Frozen Mountain.  While there, your body heat will stay at a
constant 31 degrees, and neither tapping the S button or being exposed
to the cold air will have any affect to your temperature.  This way,
you can explore the mountain freely without worrying about passing out.
The number may fluctuate a bit (it sometimes stops at 91), but your
heat will still be unaffected.

INFINITE LIMIT BREAK USE - 3RD POSITION                 800F619C - 00FF
As long as this code is activated, your Limit Bar instantly fills up
and stays full until you use a Limit Break.  It then immediately fills
again, allowing you to use your Breaks as often as you'd like.  The
only side effect is that you can 'choose' Breaks that you don't really
have--this has no affect on the actual game aside from wasting a turn
and if you try to use one, you get a message telling you that you don't
have enough MP.  This code has no effect on Vincent after he's done
any of his Breaks, and it doesn't allow characters to use Limit Breaks
when they normally can't (Sephiroth, Young Cloud, Cait Sith he's used the Slot Suit and gotten three moogles>, or characters who
can't use them due to their status, such as petrification).  I really
want to get a '1st position' code so I could use it with the 'No Time
Limit' code...imagine what you could do with that.  In fact, I've
been trying to get most of my codes to work for players in other
positions, so maybe I'll have some new stuff for you coders to cheat
with when the next revision is put up.

START WITH GOLD CHOCOBO                                 800E54B4 - 0004
This code suffers from some MAJOR drawbacks, but at least it's usable.
If I can tweak it enough to get a real chocobo select, then this code
will be updated.  When activated, it turns your chocobo into a gold
chocobo.  The color and type remain the same, but you can cross cliffs,
mountains, rivers, shallow water, oceans, go up waterfalls, etc. (as if
you were riding a gold chocobo).  However, this code has it's share of
flaws, namely:

You can't do this with wild chocobos that you catch: you have to catch
a chocobo, send it to the Chocobo Farm, name it and ride it out of the
farm, _then_ activate the code.  This effectively prevents you from
using this code until about halfway through Disc 2 when the option of
chocobo breeding is available to you, so you can't cheat wildly on the
first disc and do things like skip to new areas, bypass levels, or
grab the Knights of the Round Materia at such an early point in the
game :(  Secondly, you can't leave the World Map while the code is on,
so you'll have to turn off the code before entering any area.  When
you come back out, the chocobo will have 'reverted' to normal, so
you'll have to get back on and flip the switch up again to re-activate
the code.  Also, the code sometime glitches if you enter the dirt pit
around the Gold Saucer.  I had to have all the chocobo types before I
could make this code in the first place, so it didn't help me much. :(

ITEM SELECT                                               8009B4xx - yzzz
This is THE code that I've been wanting to make since I bought this game,
and I'm quite overjoyed to have it.  I wish there were more secret items
in the game, and I would have really liked to get some Key Items, but
that's another code for another day.  Don't forget that you can sell
these items for loads of cash (as long as the switch is up), and you can
use them to empower your characters (try the '-Appu' items) early on in
the game.  Enjoy!

Please take note:  As long as you follow the below guidelines (remember
to be careful when putting in the two 'location' digits), this code
should work.  Several people have been complaining that they can't get
the code to work--even the people with the same GS and version number
as mine (1.98).  If you've _carefully_ tried this code and can't get any
results, then you may simply not be able to use the code on your game.
I have NO IDEA what causes this and I'm sorry I can't offer more help to
those with problems concerning this code or the Materia Select code
(they both work in the same manner).

And yes, saving your game with this code _will_ save the items into
memory--you'll still have to be careful that you don't end up with the
'battle' glitch' described below.

An example code would be 8009B4A8 - 202A for the Ghost Hand item, for
those of you who don't understand how the x/y/z entries work.

xx = Location where item appears on the Item Select Screen.  You can
    change this number to enter the code multiple times to have
    multiple items of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers
    (i.e. C2, 9A, or 88) or the game may glitch.  Also, if this code
    would put an item over an occupied space and not a blank one, the
    game may freeze or the item may not appear.  Finally, try to keep
    the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

 y = No. of items; you'll have an infinite amount unless you turn
     the switch off (usually).  The number you enter is converted
     to hexidecimal form (so what you put in won't correlate with
     the # of items you get).  Keep in mind that 0 is a valid
     number and can be used.

zzz = Item name:

000 = Potion                            0A0 = Gatling Gun
001 = Hi Potion                         0A1 = Assault Gun
002 = X Potion                          0A2 = Cannonball
003 = Ether                             0A3 = Atomic Scissor
004 = Ether Turbo                       0A4 = Hard Vulcan
005 = Elixir                            0A5 = Chainsaw
006 = Last Elixir                       0A6 = Micro Razor
007 = Phoenix Tail                      0A7 = A. M. Cannon
008 = Poison Neutralize                 0A8 = Double Machine Gun
009 = Gold Needle                       0A9 = Drill Arm
00A = Virgin's Kiss                     0AA = Sold Bazooka
00B = (Uchide no Koduchi)               0AB = Rocket Punch
00C = (Yamabikoenmaku)                  0AC = Enemy Launcher
00D = Stimulant                         0AD = Pile Banker
00E = Tranquilizer                      0AE = Maximum Ray
00F = Almighty Medicine                 0AF = Missing Score
010 = Silent Smoke                      0B0 = Mithril Clip
011 = Speed Drink                       0B1 = Giyaman Hairpin
012 = (Ei x no Kusuri)                  0B2 = Silver Baretta
013 = Vaccine                           0B3 = Gold Baretta
014 = (Shurudan)                        0B4 = Adamant Clip
015 = Bomb Fragment                     0B5 = Crystal Comb
016 = Right Arm Bomb                    0B6 = Magic Comb
017 = Gold Hourglass                    0B7 = Platinum Baretta
018 = Death God's Kiss                  0B8 = Battle Clip
019 = Spider Thread                     0B9 = (Kanzashi)
01A = Dream Powder                      0BA = Seraph Comb
01B = Silent Mask                       0BB = Behimoth Horn
01C = Battle Gong                       0BC = Spriggan Clip
01D = Delusion Washi Weed               0BD = Limited Moon
01E = Fire Dragon Fang                  0BE = Guard Rod
01F = Fire Scroll                       0BF = Mithril Rod
020 = Antarctic Wind                    0C0 = Full Metal Rod
021 = Cold Binding Crystal              0C1 = Strike Rod
022 = Electric Shock Bird Horn          0C2 = Prism Rod
023 = Fast Thunder                      0C3 = Aurora Rod
024 = Earth Drum                        0C4 = Wizard Rod
025 = Earth Hammer                      0C5 = Confusion/Vizier Rod
026 = Harmfulness Material              0C6 = Fairy Tail
027 = Molbol's Tentacle                 0C7 = Umbrella
028 = Sand Star                         0C8 = Princess Guard
029 = Vampire Fang                      0C9 = Spear
02A = Ghost Hand                        0CA = Slash Pike
02B = Basilisk's Nail                   0CB = Trident
02C = Light Curtain                     0CC = Pole Axe
02D = Moon Curtain                      0CD = Partisan
02E = Reflection Mirror                 0CE = Serpent Halberd
02F = Holy Torch                        0CF = Javelin
030 = Big Bird Feather                  0D0 = Glow Lance
031 = Sea Dragon Scale                  0D1 = Mop
032 = (Mozu no Hayanie)                 0D2 = Dragoon Lance
033 = Shorten                           0D3 = (x ryuu x getsutou)
034 = Eye Medicine                      0D4 = (Houtenga x geki)
035 = Fire Cocktail                     0D5 = (Ronginusu)
036 = S Mine                            0D6 = Venus Gospel
037 = 203 Million Bullet Shells         0D7 = Juuji Shuriken
038 = Gravity Ball                      0D8 = Boomerang
039 = Space-Time Bullet                 0D9 = Windmill
03A = (Ikasumi)                         0DA = Crescent Moon Ring
03B = Numbness Needle                   0DB = Hawk Eye
03C = Fang of Dragon Pair               0DC = Crystal Cross
03D = Witch's Cauldron                  0DD = Wind Slasher
03E = Shirukisu Vegetable               0DE = Twin Viper
03F = Reigen Vegetable                  0DF = Manji Shuriken
040 = Mimetto Vegetable                 0E0 = Super Ball
041 = Kuriie Vegetable                  0E1 = Fuuma Shuriken
042 = Pasaana Vegetable                 0E2 = Rising Sun
043 = Tantaru Vegetable                 0E3 = (Kari x)
044 = Karakka Vegetable                 0E4 = Irreconcilable
045 = Gizaaru Vegetable                 0E5 = Yellow Megaphone
046 = Tent                              0E6 = Green Megaphone
047 = Power Up                          0E7 = Blue Megaphone
048 = Guard Up                          0E8 = Red Megaphone
049 = Magic Up                          0E9 = Crystal Megaphone
04A = Mind Up                           0EA = White Megaphone
04B = Speed Up                          0EB = Black Megaphone
04C = Luck Up                           0EC = Silver Megaphone
04D = Zeio Fruit                        0ED = (Hou xx)
04E = Karabu Fruit                      0EE = Gold Megaphone
04F = Porofu Fruit                      0EF = (Totsu x rappa)
050 = Paramu Fruit                      0F0 = Starlight Phone
051 = Rasan Fruit                       0F1 = Marvelous Cheer
052 = Saraha Fruit                      0F2 = Quicksilver
053 = Rujiru Fruit                      0F3 = Super
054 = Pipio Fruit                       0F4 = Landal
055 = Zinc Battery                      0F5 = (Raiatto)
056 = Pocket Tissue                     0F6 = Winchester
057 = S. U. W. G. C. S. Manual          0F7 = Peacemaker
058 = Catastrophe Manual                0F8 = (Bantorain)
059 = Final Heaven Manual               0F9 = Longbarrel R
05A = Great Word of God Manual          0FA = Silver Jewel Gun
05B = Cosmo Memory Manual               0FB = Sniper CR
05C = Universe Manual                   0FC = Highbrow ST
05D = Chaos Manual                      0FD = Outsider
05E = Highwind Manual                   0FE = Death Penalty
05F = (1/35 Shin-Ra x)                  0FF = Masamune
060 = Super Alloy Sweeper               100 = Bronze Bangle
061 = Masamune Blade                    101 = Iron Bangle
062 = Save Crystal                      102 = Titanium Bangle
063 = Dio's Exciting Fight Diary        103 = Mithril Bracelet
064 = Signed Colored Paper              104 = Carbon Bangle
065 = _My Life's Gambling_              105 = Copper Bracelet
066 = 102                               106 = Gold Bracelet
067 = 103                               107 = Daia Bangle
068 = 104                               108 = Crystal Bangle
069 = 105                               109 = Platinum Bangle
06A = 106                               10A = Rune Bracelet
06B = 107                               10B = (Ejinkooto)
06C = 108                               10C = Wizard Brace
06D = 109                               10D = Adamant Bangle
06E = 110                               10E = Gigas Bracelet
06F = 111                               10F = Imperial Guard
070 = 112                               110 = Aegis Bracelet
071 = 113                               111 = Force Brace
072 = 114                               112 = Warrior Bangle
073 = 115                               113 = [Shin-Ra Relaxed Form
                                              Defense Tool]
074 = 116                               114 = [Shin-Ra Armor Type
                                              Defend Tool Reform]
075 = 117                               115 = Four Slot
076 = 118                               116 = Ardent Flame Bracelet
077 = 119                               117 = Aurora Bracelet
078 = 120                               118 = Thunder Bracelet
079 = 121                               119 = Dragon Bracelet
07A = 122                               11A = Minerva Brace
07B = 123                               11B = Escort Guard
07C = 124                               11C = Myth Tear
07D = 125                               11D = (Zaidorittsu)
07E = 126                               11E = (xx wan x kei)
07F = 127                               11F = Chocobo Bracelet
080 = Buster Sword                      120 = Power Wrist
081 = Mithril Saber                     121 = (Boudan Chokki)
082 = Hard Breaker                      122 = Earring
083 = Butterfly Edge                    123 = Talisman
084 = Enhance Sword                     124 = Chocobo Feather
085 = Ogre Nix                          125 = Charm
086 = Crystal Sword                     126 = Champion Belt
087 = Force Eater                       127 = Poison Ring
088 = Rune Blade                        128 = Toughness Ring
089 = Murasame                          129 = Sacred
08A = Nail Bat                          12A = Star Pendant
08B = (Riku x syukichikou)              12B = Silver Edge Glasses
08C = Apocalypse                        12C = Headband
08D = (Ten no Ganshou)                  12D = Fairy Ring
08E = Ragnarok                          12E = Jewel Ring
08F = Ultima Weapon                     12F = White Cape
090 = Leather Glove                     130 = Hermes' Shoes
091 = Metal Knuckle                     131 = Peace Ring
092 = Mithril Claw                      132 = Ribbon
093 = Grand Glove                       133 = Flame Ring
094 = Tiger Fang                        134 = Cold Ring
095 = Daia Knuckle                      135 = Thunder Ring
096 = Dragon Claw                       136 = Tetra-Element
097 = Crystal Glove                     137 = Safety Bit
098 = Motor Drive                       138 = Angry Ring
099 = Platinum Fist                     139 = Cursed Ring
09A = Kaiser Knuckle                    13A = Protection Ring
09B = Army Cotton Gloves                13B = Spirit Bell
09C = Over <-head> Throw                13C = Reflection Ring
09D = Master Fist                       13D = Water Ring
09E = God Hand                          13E = (Nusuzoku no Shoute)
09F = Premium Heart                     13F = Hypno-Crown

-   Codes ending in 066 - 07F give you these items.  As of right now,
    I don't know what their purpose is (they may be disabled Key
    Items, I think).
-   Codes ending in 080 - 08F are swords for Cloud.
-   Codes ending in 090 - 09F are claws for Tifa.
-   Codes ending in 0A0 - 0AF are cannons for Barett.
-   Codes ending in 0B0 - 0BD are combs for Red XIII.
-   Codes ending in 0BE - 0C8 are rods for Aerith.
-   Codes ending in 0C9 - 0D6 are spears for Cid.
-   Codes ending in 0D7 - 0E4 are shurikens for Yuffie.
-   Codes ending in 0E5 - 0F1 are megaphones for Cait Sith.
-   Codes ending in 0F2 - 0FE are handguns for Vincent.
    The code ending in 0FF looks like a gun, but it is in
    fact Sephiroth's Masamune blade.
-   Codes ending in 100 - 11F are defensive bracelets.
-   Codes ending in 120 - 13F are accessories you equip.
-   Codes ending in 140 - FFF are 'glitch' items that don't exist
    and have no purpose/effect on the game.

If you have this code activated and you go into a battle, you may get
a strange effect that prevents you from fighting the battle.  As the
battle begins, these messages will appear, one after the other:

               シーン:##  /  エラーコード:  ##
               L1+R1+SELECT  デリセットシテネ
               システムエラーガ  xx  シマシタ

I think it would be translated as:

               xxx: ### / Error Occurred: ##
               L1+R1+SELECT x Reset xxx
               System Error x xx xxxx

Should you press L1+R1+Select at any time, you're instantly taken out of
the battle.  While you don't gain AP, gil, or experience points or items,
you don't lose anything, either.  Not only can this be used to bypass
normal battles, but it can be used during boss battles and the game will
continue as if you had fought and beaten the boss!

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think this is probably some
sort of error checker/debugger that was used by the game's programmers
to test battle sequences, probably to fix up any flaws in the 'Active
Time Battle' system.  This seems possible because the number seem to
indicate your party's Agility compared to the enemies (I think).  And
assuming my translations are correct (assuming, mind you :)) it would
make some sense.

Keep in mind that this may still happen even with the code off.  So,
it's a good idea not to have this code on when you go into a battle.
The best procedure would probably be to put in the codes for the items
you want, then save your game and load it without using this code.
Then, make sure that you don't have any spare items left in your menu
(use them, sell them, or try 're-equipping' them to reduce the amount
that you have--if you re-equip them you'll still keep one, but the
others will vanish).  Of course, if you don't want to fight any battles,
then leave the code activated :)

MATERIA SELECT                                            8009B6xx - 00yy
Well well!  Here's an interesting code.  It works very much like the
Item Select code above, except that you have to go into the Materia
Screen.  As long as the switch is up, you have an infinite number of
whatever Materia you've selected.  The only bad thing about this code
is that it will sometimes start off the Materia orbs with 'beyond master'
levels, meaning that you can use all their abilities, but you can't get
another one by mastering it.

xx = Location where the materia appears on the Materia Menu.  You can
    change this number to enter the code multiple times to have
    multiple materia of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers
    (i.e. A0, C4, or 86) or the game may glitch.  Also, if this code
    would put a materia over an occupied space and not a blank one, the
    game may freeze or the materia may not appear.  Finally, try to
    keep the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

yy = Name of Materia:

00 = MP Up                              2E = (glitch)
01 = HP Up                              2F = (glitch)
02 = Speed                              30 = Master Command
03 = Magical                            31 = Flame
04 = Lucky                              32 = Cold
05 = Experience Points Up               33 = Earth
06 = Gil Up                             34 = Thunder
07 = Enemy Avoid                        35 = Remedy
08 = Enemy Collect                      36 = Medical Treatment
09 = Chocobo Collect                    37 = Resurrect
0A = Advance Attack                     38 = Seal
0B = Long Distance Attack               39 = Perplex
0C = Everything Affect All              3A = Transform
0D = Counter                            3B = Seperation
0E = Slice Everybody                    3C = Poison
0F = Continuous Slice                   3D = Gravity
10 = Protect                            3E = Barrier
11 = Underwater Breath *                3F = Mabarrier *
12 = HP/MP Replace                      40 = Meteorite
13 = Double Magic                       41 = Time
14 = Double Summon                      42 = Reflect *
15 = Double Item                        43 = (Rifuabu) *
16 = Booster *                          44 = Annihilation
17 = Affect Everybody                   45 = Sealed Off
18 = Command Counter                    46 = Full Cure
19 = Magic Counter                      47 = Shield
1A = MP Turbo                           48 = Ultima
1B = MP Absorb                          49 = Master Magic
1C = HP Absorb                          4A = Chocobo & Moogle
1D = Attribute                          4B = Shiva
1E = Additional Effect                  4C = Ifrit
1F = Surprise Attack                    4D = Titan
20 = Final Attack                       4E = Ramuh
21 = Slice in Addition                  4F = Odin
22 = Steal in Addition                  50 = Leviathan
23 = Random Magic Strike                51 = Bahamut
24 = Steal                              52 = Kujata
25 = See Through                        53 = Alexander
26 = Law *                              54 = Phoenix
27 = Throw                              55 = Bahamut Reborn
28 = Metamorphosis                      56 = Hades
29 = Certain Kill                       57 = Chupon
2A = Manipulate                         58 = Bahamut Form Zero
2B = Mimicry                            59 = Knights of the Round
2C = Techniques of the Enemy *2         5A = Master Summon
2D = (glitch)                           89 = (glitch)

*   Codes ending in 11, 16, 26, 3F, 42 and 43 are 'disabled' Materia that
   you can't normally get during the game.

*2  With this code, the Teki no Waza orb will have all stars filled
   except for stars 1-8.

- Codes ending in 00 - 0D, 10 and 12 are Independant Materia.
- Codes ending in 0E, 0F and 17 - 23 are Combination Materia.
- Codes ending in 13 - 15, 24, 25, 27 - 2C and 30 are Command Materia.
- Codes ending in 31 - 3E, 40, 41, and 44 - 49 are Magic Materia.
- Codes ending in 4A - 5A are Summon Materia.
- Codes ending in 2D - 2F, 89 are game glitches and not real Materia.
- However, equipping the '089' materia will raise most of your stats.
  to 255 and your MAX MP to 999, although your HP will be dramatically
- All other codes (5B - FF, excluding 89) are game glitches and not
  real Materia.

Here are materia charts for each of the 'disabled' materia.  Please note
that the abilities/AP levels of these materia tend to fluctuate, even if
you put these in using the Game Shark, saved your game, and then played
again without the GS codes on.  Refer to the 'Main Menu' section of the
first part of the FAQ for information on Materia descriptions, etc.

MABARIA  (Mabarrier) - Magic Materia            20000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Mabarrier  マバリア       24      Lessens magical damage
LV2: Mabarrier  マバリア       24      Lessens magical damage
LV3: Mabarrier  マバリア       24      Lessens magical damage

This materia has its own description, Mabaria no....  Although it is just
like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes
put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in
Mabaria instead of [Mabaria], sort of).

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (3F).

RIFUREKU  (Reflect) - Magic Materia             20000 AP          4 stars

LV1: Reflect  リフレク         30      Reflects most magic
LV2: Wall     ウオール         58      Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

This materia has its own description, Rifureku no....  Although it is
just like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like
quotes put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as
in Rifureku instead of [Rifureku], sort of).

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (42).

RIFUABU  (Reflect Wave?) - Magic Materia        60000 AP          3 stars

L1: --                         --      --
L2: Wall  ウオール             58      Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

This materia has its own description, Uooru no....  Although it is just
like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes
put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in
Uooru instead of [Uooru], sort of).

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (43).

SUICHUU KOKYUU  (Underwater Breath) - Independant Materia          1 star

Has no description.

It says it's ability is 'SuichuuKokyuu*'

This materia seems to have no effect when equipped, nor does it affect
anything or anyone at any point in the game, as far as I can tell.
Unlike all other materia, it has only one star.  I would assume that
this Materia starts off mastered, but because of the Materia Select code,
I have way over a million AP and I can't seem to make that number go
down.  It could be that you have to master it (just like other materia)
but then it would be the only materia in the game that starts off with
no mastered star levels.

* The info. box will give the stats. of the last Materia the cursor was
 on should you move it around (unless it was last on an Independant
 Materia, in which case it will display 'SuichuuKokyuu' for the ability

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (11).

NOTE:  If you want to learn more about this materia, please refer to the
'Rumors and Speculation' and 'Documents' sections for more detailed
conjecture.  For those of you who keep asking, I've been to the Ancient
City and _nothing_ happens.  Believe me, I've experimented with this
materia in just about every possible way and it doesn't seem to have
any effect in the game.

HOUSOKU  (Law*) - Command Materia               20000 AP          2 stars

Has no description.

LV1:  ZENINAGE  (Coin Toss)  ぜになげ
     Just like the 'Zeninage' skill of the 'Nageru' materia.  Although
     it doesn't say it, you also have the Nageru skill (Throw) in
     battle, too.

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (26).

*  Mr. Kelley points out that this is most likely a joke by the
  programmers.  'Law' is what lawyers deal with, and the listed skill
  given for this materia is Coin Toss.  As in 'you have to throw away
  your money when dealing with lawyers'.

BUUSUTAA  (Booster) - Combination Materia       90000 AP          5 stars

Has no description.

It says it's ability is 'Buusutaa'.

So far, it doesn't seem to affect any Materia I equip it to.  From the
name, though, I'd imagine that it's supposed to increase the range/
effectiveness/power of the Materia that you combine it with or perhaps
increase the amount of AP you earn for that Materia.

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (16).

Here are some codes sent in by contributors:

ALWAYS HAVE 9999999 GIL                                 8009B9F8 - 967F
submitted by                   8009B9FA - 0098
As long as this code is activated, you'll always have 9999999 gil, even
if you win a battle or purchase something (you can turn the code off to
spend and gain money normally, and it won't drop down to the original
amount you had before you used this code).  If you turn off the code and
earn a lot of gil, the numbers may look a little buggy, but it's not a
harmful effect and it won't do anything to your game (and the amount
will appear normal when you're purchasing items from a shop).

submitted by
With this code turned on, you'll win much more EXP. from enemies than
you would normally.  You don't need to use this code to keep your new
exp. levels, either, since you can save them into the game just as if
you had earned them normally.  I wonder how the 'Experience Up' materia
would affect this code?

submitted by
This works pretty much like the above code; simply turn it on and when
you win a battle, you'll always earn a ton of ability points (AP),
usually 4000-8000 points per battle.  You can save your game normally
to keep any materia orbs that you've mastered or leveled-up, too, so you
don't have to keep using this code.  If you affix a Materia Orb to a
weapon that increases the rate at which a materia levels-up (such as
Cloud's Apocalypse weapon), then you'll gain double or triple the amount
of AP that you would normally.

A special thanks to Deuce for discovering that if you
change the code to 8009BF74 - 8FFF, you will gain far more AP per battle
(around 36800 points) than you would normally.

                           15. MISCELLANEOUS


Who's going to help Cloud fight against the Shin-Ra?  Read on to discover
friends (maybe even foes) who hook up with Cloud as the game progresses.

A beautiful woman with a mysterious atmosphere.  She met Cloud when she
was selling flowers in (Midgar, and now she plays an important role in
Cloud's adventure.  She is better at magic attacks than attacking with

BARETT WALLACE  (35 years old)
The leader of "Avalanche".  His overwhelming power and a gun made
especially for him would destroy anything.  He lost his wife in the
past and now lives for his little daughter, Marin.

CAIT SITH  (age unknown)
No one knows where he is from.  The way he talks lets us guess he is a
male being.  He gives life to the fat stuffed animal of Moogle and rides
its back.  His attacks during the battle are worth seeing; it is as
though everything in a toy box were coming out.  Fortune telling is his
hobby, but what he says is never reliable.

CID HIWIND  (32 years old)
A pilot who dreams like a boy.  In the sky or on the water, no one steers
better than him.  He is dreaming of traveling the endless starry sky.  A
man always willing to face danger with a lance in his hand.  He also has
an amazing knowledge of mechanics.

CLOUD STRIFE  (21 years old)
A former soldier of Shin-Ra.  He is now a member of the rebel force
"Avalanche", and is getting involved with battles that would decide the
fate of the planet.  There is nothing that his sword would not destroy.

RED XIII  (age unknown)
Sex unknown.  Red XIII has decidedly red fur and looks threatening, but
has an intelligence level that is well beyond that of humans.  The only
thing known about Red XIII is that it attacks the enemy with its claws
and fangs.  A very mysterious beast.

SEPHIROTH  (age unknown)
He was also a Shin-Ra soldier, and Cloud was under him.  Only Shin-Ra's
confidential files know his past.  He was one of the best soldiers
there.  His long sword has an incredible power, and he is the only one
who can use it.  No one knows where he is now.

TIFA ROCKHEART*  (20 years old)
An optimist who encourages the members of the party.  Despite her cute
appearance, she is a real martial arts fighter who only uses her fists.
She is also an important member of "Avalanche".  She has known Cloud
since they were small and has feelings for him but still cannot tell
him so.

* It may be 'Lockheart', for all I know.

VINCENT VALENTINE  (27 years old)
A guy with a dark, mysterious atmosphere.  It seems that the past
relation with Shin-Ra is making him travel with Cloud and others.
It is known that his slim body possesses some kind of amazing power
and abilities.

YUFFIE KISARAGI  (16 years old)
She is a member of a Ninja family with long history, but she does not
care much about it.  She decided to join Cloud's party only because she
wanted to get "something".  She is a clever, selfish girl, but plays an
important role in battles by using her Ninja tricks and skills.


As you play the game, you'll find, buy, and be given Materia Orbs.  When
equipped, these orbs have various functions (like Relics from FF3), and
become stronger as you use them (like the Classes from FF5j).  There are
five types of Materia:

       Green   -       Spell Materia.  When equipped, you can cast
                       spells like Thunder, Fire, Cure, Barrier, etc.
       Yellow  -       Command Materia.  These give you the ability
                       to Steal, Throw, Mimic, etc.
       Purple  -       Independent Materia.  These will increase
                       your scores, like Max HP or Speed.
       Blue    -       Support Materia.  These augment the power
                       of certain other Materia.  For instance,
                       the 'Select All' Materia, when combined with
                       a Flame materia, lets you cast a fire spell on
                       all foes.
       Red     -       Summon Materia.  These let you summon monsters,
                       like Chocobo, Shiva, Bahamut, or even Chupon!

* My tv has some strange color properties.  This means that when I
 mention a 'Purple Materia', it may actually be a Blue Materia.  I
 didn't even realize this until after first releasing this FAQ, so
 try and bear with me, okay?  I'll avoid incorrect naming in the
 future, but I may still get it wrong sometimes.  Sorry! ^_^;

You can equip Materia from the Main Menu, and mix and match them in
any way you want.  This is how they work:

Weapons and bracelets have a certain number of 'holders' on them.  You
can equip one Materia per holder.  So, if a sword has one holder and a
bracelet has five holders, you can equip six Materia in all.  The benefit
to equipping a Materia is the skills/magic/etc. it gives you.  The bad
part is that equipping Materia tends to lower your statistics.  While
this is only temporary, you'll have to decide if you value skills or
scores more when equipping certain Materia.  To restore your stats. to
normal, simply unequip the Materia you're using.  You'll notice that
some holders aren't connected, and some are (it looks something like
this: 0=0 ).  Connected holders are used to couple an Independent
Materia with another Materia, since Independent Materia have no effect
on their own.

When you win a battle, you gain AP (Ability Points).  Each Materia has
a number of stars, representing its' 'levels'.  All Materia start off
at level 1, but can be increased to their max. level.  The more level
stars a Materia has, the stronger and more useful it becomes.  To
gain a star level, you have to gain a certain number of Ability Points,
just like raising levels or learning Esper magic (in FF3).  However,
only Materia that you have equipped earn AP.  Luckily, that Materia has
the same number of points no matter who uses it.  For example, let's
say Cloud keeps the Summon Chocobo materia equipped for a long time,
and manages to raise it to level 2.  If Barett, who's never worn that
Materia before, equips it, he can also use it at level 2 strength.  When
you do 'master' a Materia (by gaining all its' levels), you will
instantly get another Materia of the same type!  Even though it will
begin at level 1 (i.e. unused), this means that you can have as many
Ultima or Summon Bahamut materia as you want (for example), providing
you max out the ones you already have beforehand.  Be sure to sell off
Materia that you don't need; if you have a full Materia list with no
empty places and you master a materia that you have equipped, it will
appear in a random location on the list, permanently erasing the Materia
that was in it's place (guess the programmers at Square never bothered
to check that out, did they?)

You'll want to be careful if you have more than one of the same Materia,
because you have to raise them seperately.  And there's no point in
giving two of the same Materia to the same person!  Try to figure out
what Materia works best with which person (i.e. give the MAX MP up
Materia to a good magic-user, and give the Certain Kill materia to a
character with low normal attack power).  Also, take note of the way
the holders look; if they don't have silver dots in them (like this:
O=O or just O), then you can still equip Materia, but you can't level-
up them since none of the AP you gain in battles will be distributed to
the Materia in that weapon or item.  The tradeoff is that such equipment
is usually very strong.


From Disc 2 onwards, you have the chance to find and collect four 'Huge
Materia'.  They can be gotten from these locations:

Blue Materia   - North Corel.  You have to save the town from being
                destroyed by a train during Disc 2.

Yellow Materia - The other Huge Materia is located in the Condor Fort--
                you can only get this during Disc 2.  What you have to
                do is win the 'mini-battle' sequence atop the tower or
                you won't receive the Huge Materia.

Green Materia* - Rocket Town.  After you and Cid blast off in his ship,
                you'll have to enter the code command to free the huge
                Green Materia.  If you can't save the Materia, it's lost
                for good.  This quest can only be done during Disc 2.

Red Materia    - Red Submarine.  If you were able to sink the red sub
                during the return trip to Junon Town in Disc 2, you can
                capture the huge Red Materia from the sunken submarine
                at any time during Discs 2 or 3.  If you weren't able
                to stop the sub, then this Materia is permanently lost.

* In one game, I tried beating every quest but Corel.  I had three of
the materia, Yellow, Green, and Red.  I always thought the Blue Materia
was part of the Rocket Town sub-quest, but I guess not.

While you have to get two of the Huge Materia in order to make the game
progress during Disc 2, you don't need to collect all four of them.
However, you can get the powerful 'Master Materia' from the Huge Materia,
as well as the strongest Bahamut summon materia, 'Bahamut Form Zero', so
it's advisable that you try to find them all.  You can receive the
following materia from each Huge Materia:

NAME                DESCRIPTION              PREREQUISITES
Master Magic        Cast any magic spell     Huge Green materia and a
                                            'master' level for all 21
                                            magic materia.

Master Command      Use most commands        Huge Yellow materia and a
                                            'master' level for seven
                                            command materia (see below).

Master Summon       Use all summon spells    Huge Red materia and a
                                            'master' level for all 16
                                            summon materia.

Bahamut Form Zero   A summon materia         Huge Blue materia and the
                                            Bahamut and Bahamut Reborn
                                            summon materia orbs.

Once you've fulfilled the prerequisites to get a certain master materia,
simply return to Buugen Haagen's observatory in Cosmo Canyon and touch
the correct Huge Materia (I hope you have the Huge Materia on you/have
already taken it to the observatory in Cosmo Canyon beforehand!)  Pick
the first option and the screen will glow; pick the top option to get
your master materia or the bottom option if you want to get that
particular master materia later.  You do have to have all the mastered
materia on hand, but it doesn't matter whether they're equipped or not.

If you're trying to get Bahamut Form Zero, then all you have to do is
touch the huge blue materia and you'll automatically receive it after
choosing the first option; you have to get this summon spell before you
can receive the Master Summon materia.  There's good news and bad news,

- All of the Master materia do not have level stars, so you can't
  simply 'master' them and get a second Master Materia.  Wearing
  one doesn't effect your statistics, either (so all of you who
  were hoping for a 'MAX MP +80%' or something like that will be

- When you receive a Master materia, you lose all the materia that
  you mastered.  This means that not only will you be left with a
  bunch of low-level materia (since you get another materia of the
  same type when you master it, remember?), but you'll have to master
  each of them if you want to get a second Master materia of that
  type.  The good news is that if you have two mastered orbs of the
  same type (say, two Flames and you're trying to get the Master
  Magic materia), you'll only lose one and keep the other.  So, if
  you have two mastered Kujata materia and you get a Master Summon
  materia and want another one, you'll only have to level-up 15 orbs
  instead of 16 since one is already mastered.

Individual notes on the Master materia:

- If you affix a combination materia like Affect All or Random Magic
  Strike to the Master Magic orb, it will affect all the spells!
  However, not all combination materia work with each spell.

- When you master a Summon materia, you can call a particular summoned
  beast five times.  With the Master Summon materia equipped, you can
  summon any beast an infinite number of times (providing you have the
  MP for it)!  Like the Master Magic materia, Combination materia
  attached to this orb will affect all summon spells.

- You only have to master the Steal, See Through, Throw, Metamorphosis,
  Certain Kill, Manipulate and Mimicry materia orbs in order to get the
  Master Command materia.  This may sound good, but then again, all you
  get are the above abilities of those materia: this orb won't let you
  use other commands like Swordplay, Double Item, Techniques of the
  Enemy, or Continuous Slice, for example (but you can equip these
  seperately, if you like).

- And of course, there are no Master Combination or Master Independant
  Materia :)


This section lists each Materia and explains it's abilities and other
information.  A new addition to this section is 'AP to Master': this
tells you how many AP you will need to master that materia.  It's easy
enough to check your current AP level in the Main Menu, but you can't
figure out what the master amount of AP is until you're at the next
to the last level--the reason for this addition.


MATERIA NAME  (Translated Name)           AP TO MASTER   # OF LEVEL STARS
Name in Japanese

Levels: Translated Name*    MP Cost    Effect when used

Changes to status when Materia is equipped:

Who has it when they first join you:
Where you can buy it from:            (may change depending on what Disc
                                     you're currently on)
Where you can find it at:             (* anything else you should know)

* The translated name is often not the exact Japanese equivalent, but
 rather, what the _intended_ meaning is.  For example, the -ra and
 -ga endings to some of the spells don't actually mean anything aside
 from denoting the strength of the spell.  Because numbers were used
 in previous American FF games, I use '2' or '3' in the FAQ, although
 that isn't exactly a 'by the book' translation.  For more details,
 please refer to the 'Translations' section.

HONOO  (Flame)                                  35000 AP          4 stars
ほのお  (炎)

LV1: Fire 1  ファイア       4      Fire damage
LV2: Fire 2  ファイラ       22     Fire damage x2
LV3: Fire 3  ファイガ       52     Fire damage x3

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAX HP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAX MP +02%

Initially equipped:  Red 13
Purchase from:       Wall Market, Costa Del Sol, Condor Fort, Mideel

REIKI  (Cold)                                   35000 AP          4 stars
れいき  (冷)

LV1: Blizzard 1  ブリザド   4      Ice damage
LV2: Blizzard 2  ブリザラ   22     Ice damage x2
LV3: Blizzard 3  ブリザガ   52     Ice damage x3

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Initially equipped:  Cloud
Purchase from:       Wall Market, Costa Del Sol, Mideel, Condor Fort

IKAZUCHI  (Thunder)                             35000 AP          4 stars
いかずち  (雷)

LV1: Thunder    サンダー    4      Lightning (bolt) damage
LV2: Thunder 2  サンダラ    22     Lightning (bolt) damage x2
LV3: Thunder 3  サンダガ    52     Lightning (bolt) damage x3

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Initially equipped:  Cloud
Purchase from:       Wall Market, Costa Del Sol, Mideel, Condor Fort

DAICHI  (Earth)                                 40000 AP          4 stars
だいち  (土)

LV1: Quake    クエイク      6      Earth damage
LV2: Quake 2  クエイラ      28     Earth damage x2
LV3: Quake 3  クエイガ      68     Earth damage x3

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Kalm Town, Costa Del Sol

DOKU  (Poison)                                  38000 AP          4 stars
どく  (毒)

LV1: Bio    バイオ          8      Poison dmg., then continuous damage
LV2: Bio 2  バイオラ        36     Poison dmg., then continuous damage x2
LV3: Bio 3  バイオガ        80     Poison dmg., then continuous damage x3

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +02         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Kalm Town, Costa Del Sol
Find:                Shinra HQ -- 68th floor

JUURYOKU  (Gravity)                             40000 AP          4 stars
じゅーりょく  (重)

LV1: Gravity    グラビテ    14     Reduces current HP to 3/4*
LV2: Gravity 2  グラビラ    33     Reduces current HP to 1/2
LV3: Gravity 3  グラビガ    48     Reduces current HP to 1/4

Status Changes:         POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                       MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Costa Del Sol, Mideel
Find:                Cave below Cosmo Canyon after beating the boss.

*  If the description doesn't make sense, think of it like this: Gravity
  reduces current HP by 1/4, Gravity 2 reduces current HP by 1/2, and
  Gravity 3 reduces current HP by 3/4.  Make sense now?

INSEKI  (Meteorite)                             60000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Comet    コメット      70     Special damage x4 against one enemy
LV2: Cometeo  コメテオ      110    Special damage x4 against all foes

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Ancient City

FUUIN  (Sealed Off)                             60000 AP          5 stars

LV1: Freeze   フリーズ      82     Ice damage + Stop  (chance)
LV2: Break    ブレイク      86     Earth damage + Petrify  (chance)
LV3: Tornado  トルネド      90     Wind damage + Confyuu  (chance)
LV4: Flare    フレア        100    Fire damage

Status Changes:      POWER    -04      MAGIC         +04      MAXHP -10%
                    STRENGTH -02      MAGIC DEFENSE +02      MAXMP +10%

Find:                Mideel  (see note *1)

*1 Go to the town on the Southernmost Continent and feed the hyperactive
  boy's chocobo.  You'll have to make sure that you have the proper
  seasoning on you (buy it for 1500 gil from the Chocobo Farm; it's the
  same one you use to learn Chocobockle; the 5th item from the top).
  Choose the top option when you examine the chocobo, then choose the
  5th option (the next to last one), and you'll get this materia.  You
  can still do it even after the town is partially destroyed.

ALTEMA  (Ultima)                                100000 AP         3 stars

LV1: --                     --     --
LV2: Ultima  アルテマ       130    Special damage (heavy) to all foes

Status Changes:      POWER    -04      MAGIC         +04      MAXHP -10%
                    STRENGTH -02      MAGIC DEFENSE +02      MAXMP +10%

Purchase from:       North Corel  (see note *2)
Find:                North Corel

*2 You get this for free if you save the town.  If you fail, you can
  still buy it from a kid in one of the train cars for 50,000 gil.

KAIFUKU  (Recovery)                             40000 AP          5 stars

LV1: Cure    ケアル         5      Recover lost HP
LV2: Cure 2  ケアルラ       24     Recover lost HP x1.5
LV3: Regene  リジェネ       30     Gain back some HP each round
LV4: Cure 3  ケアルガ       64     Recover lost HP x3

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Midgar City -- Area 5, Wall Market, Mideel,
                    Condor Fort
Find:                Makoro Furnace

FULKEA  (Full Cure)                             100000 AP         3 stars

LV1: --                     --     --
LV2: Full Cure  フレケア    99     Recover all lost HP

Status Changes:      POWER    -04      MAGIC         +04      MAXHP -10%
                    STRENGTH -02      MAGIC DEFENSE +02      MAXMP +10%

Find:                Cosmo Canyon; behind the Item Shop (Disc 2+ only)

CHIRYOU  (Medical Treatment)                    60000 AP          4 stars

LV1: Poisona  ポイゾナ      3      Cures Poison status
LV2: Esuna    エスナ        15     Cures any bad status
LV3: Resist   レイズィスト  120    Prevents status change

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Kalm Town, Gongaga Town, Junon Town

SOSEI  (Resurrect)                              55000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Raise    レイズ        34     Come back to life with some HP
LV2: Araise   アレイズ      100    Come back to life with all HP

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Purchase from:       Junon Town, Costa Del Sol (Disc 2+)

FUUJIRU  (Seal)                                 20000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Sleep    スリプル      8      Enemy falls asleep
LV2: Silence  サイレス      24     Enemy is silenced

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Junon Town

MADOWASU  (Perplex)                             30000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Confuse  コンフュ      18     Enemy is confused
LV2: Berserk  バーサク      28     Automatic attack/Attack Power goes up

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Cosmo Canyon  (see note *3)

*3 Berserk is useful against magic-casting enemies because they're
  forced to attack and can't use spells.  You can also use this
  spell on yourself; while the ally can do nothing but attack, his
  attack power is greatly increased (but this is true for enemies
  hit with this spell, too).

HENSHIN  (Transform)                            24000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Minimum  ミニマム      10     Body shrinks; stats./damage drop to 1.
LV2: Toad     トード        14     Can do nothing but attack/ cast 'Toad'

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Initially equipped:  Cait Sith
Purchase from:       North Corel, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga Town, Mideel

RIDATSU  (Seperation)                           30000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Escape  エスケプ       16     Escape from battles (some exceptions)
LV2: Degeon  ディジョン     99     All enemies are banished (killed)

Status Changes:      POWER -01         MAXHP -02%
                    MAGIC +01         MAXMP +02%

Purchase from:       Rocket Village  (see note *4)

*4 Yes, if you cast Degeon on yourself then you'll all die ^_^;

JIKAN  (Time)                                   42000 AP          4 stars

LV1: Haste  ヘイスト        18     Time bar fills faster
LV2: Slow   スロウ          20     Time bar fills slower
LV3: Stop   ストップ        34     Time bar can't fill for a short while

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Purchase from:       Gongaga Town, Rocket Village

BARIA  (Barrier)                                45000 AP          5 stars

LV1: Barrier    バリア      16     Lessens physical damage
LV2: Mabarrier  マバリア    24     Lessens magical damage
LV3: Reflect    リフレ      30     Reflects most magic
LV4: Wall       ウオール    58     Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Purchase from:       Rocket Village  (see note *5)

*5 Reflect reflects a magic spell to the opposite party (foe to ally, ally
  to foe) even if the caster and receiver are both allies or enemies.
  If a spell affects more than one person, only the people with Reflect
  will have the spell reflected.

  Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, a reflected spell (at least, if
  the reflective power is automatic or due to an accessory like the
  Reflect Ring) will bounce back and forth until it 'breaks through'
  a target's reflectiveness (which will still be there--it's not
  permanently removed) or misses.  This is quite a change from the
  normal 'reflect one time' rule of other FF incarnations, and whether
  it was programmed in purposely or is a glitch remains to be seen.

  Riflek doesn't work against Juuryoku-type spells, Inseki-type spells,
  Ultima, Shield, Debarrier, or Dispel.

SHOUMETSU  (Annihilation)                       45000 AP          4 stars

LV1: Debarrier  デバリア    12     Cancels Barrier spells
LV2: Dispel     ディスペル  20     Cancels any magic
LV3: Death      デス        30     Kills foe instantly

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                    STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Purchase from:       Condor Fort, Mideel  (see note *6)

*6 Dispel removes status-changing magics such as Wall, Haste, Slow,
  Regene, Toad, etc.  It only affects the spells in use, but can
  remove more than one magical status at once.

SHIIRUDO  (Shield)                              100000 AP         3 stars

LV1: --                     --     --
LV2: Shield  シールド       180    Ally becomes invincible for a while

Status Changes:      POWER    -04      MAGIC         +04      MAXHP -10%
                    STRENGTH -02      MAGIC DEFENSE +02      MAXMP +10%

Find:                Makou Pit

MASUTAA MAHOU  (Master Magic)                   n/a              no stars

When equipped, you can cast ANY magic spell, providing you have enough
MP.  The spells are listed in this order:

ケアル      Cure         ケアルラ    Cure 2       ケアルガ      Cure 3
ポイゾナ    Poisona      エスナ      Esuna        レズィスト    Resist
レイズ      Raise        アレイズ    Araise       リジェネ      Regene
ファイア    Fire         ファイラ    Fire 2       ファイガ      Fire 3
ブリザド    Blizzard     ブリザラ    Blizzard 2   ブリザガ      Blizzard 3
サンダー    Thunder      サンダラ    Thunder 2    サンダガ      Thunder 3
クエイク    Quake        クエイラ    Quake 2      クイエガ      Quake 3
バイオ      Bio          バイオラ    Bio 2        バイオガ      Bio 3
グラビデ    Gravity      グラビラ    Gravity 2    グラビガ      Gravity 3
スリプル    Sleep        コンフュ    Confuse      サイレス      Silence
ミニマム    Minimum      トード      Toad         バーサク      Berserk
ヘイスト    Haste        スロウ      Slow         ストップ      Stop
バリア      Barrier      マバリア    Mabarrier    リフレク      Reflect
デバリア    Debarrier    デスペル    Dispel       デス          Death
エスケプ    Escape       デジョン    Degeon       ウオール      Wall
コメット    Comet        コメテオ    Cometeo      フリイズ      Freeze
ブレイク    Break        トルネド    Tornado      フレア        Flare
フレクア    Full Cure    シーレド    Shield       アレテマ      Ultima

Remember, using a combination materia together with the Master Magic
materia will affect all your spells, but not all of them will be
compatible with certain types of combination materia.


NUSUMU  (Steal)                                 50000 AP          3 stars

LV1: NUSUMU  (Steal)  ぬすむ
    Attempt to steal an item from an enemy.  It doesn't always work,
    and you can't steal if an enemy has no items.

LV2: BUNDORU  (Plunder)  ぶんどる
    As above, but you will attack and steal at the same time.  Once
    you learn this, you can't use Nusumu.

Status Changes:      SPEED +02

Purchase:            Kalm Town
Find:                After killing the boss when you fall into the sewers
                    once you've rescued Tifa from Wall Market (Disc 1).

NAGERU  (Throw)                                 60000 AP          3 stars

LV1: NAGERU  (Throw)  なげる
    You can throw one of the weapons in your inventory at an enemy.
    You'll lose the weapon you throw, however.  The only items you're
    allowed to throw are: swords (Cloud), rods (Aerith), cannons
    (Barett), shuriken (Yuffie), megaphones (Cait Sith), handguns
    (Vincent), and spears (Cid).  You cannot throw a weapon an ally
    is equipped with.

LV2: ZENINAGE  (Coin Toss)  ぜになげ
    Once you learn it, this command and Nageru switch constantly while
    the Battle Window is open.  If you choose it, you must then decide
    how much money you will _keep_ by using the controller (just like
    purchasing a certain amount of items).  No matter how much gil you
    toss, the maximum damage is always 9999.  The ratio of gil to
    damage points is 10:1, so you'd better have a lot of money.

Status Changes:      STRENGTH +01

Intially Equipped:   Yuffie
Purchase:            Condor Fort, Rocket Town

RENZOKUGIRI  (Continuous Slice)                 150000 AP         3 stars

LV1: RENZOKUGIRI  (Continuous Slice)  れんぞくぎり
    You can make make two physical attacks on one enemy.

LV2: MIDAREUCHI  (Random Hit)   みだれうち
    You can attack 4 times, but the damage you inflict is slightly
    lower than normal.  Each enemy that you attack is picked at

Status Changes:      SPEED +02

Find:                Wrecked Plane

ZENTAIGIRI  (Slice Everybody)                   150000 AP         3 stars

LV1: ZENTAIGIRI  (Slice Everybody)  ぜんたいぎり
    You can make one attack which will hit all enemies.  It's possible
    to hit and miss at the same time with this command.

LV2: IAINUKI  (Swordplay)  いあいぬき
    All enemies facing you are instantly killed.  This command doesn't
    always work.

Find:                Old Forest

MIYABURU  (See Through)                         40000 AP          2 stars

You're shown an enemy's HP, MP, experience level, and any weaknesses they
may have.  Furthermore, their current HP and MP rate is shown if you
select them while the Help Window is activated.  Not all enemies can be
scanned with this command.

Initially Equipped:  Red 13
Purchase:            Kalm Town, Junon Town
Find:                Midgar City -- Area 7

HENKA  (Metamorphosis)                          100000 AP         2 stars

This command makes you do a physical attack at roughly 2/3rds less
damage.  If your foe is killed with this hit, he will transform into an
item for you to take.  Not all enemies can be morphed.

Find:                At the Temple

HISSATSU  (Certain Kill)                        40000 AP          2 stars

When used, an ally will try to make a critical strike.  This attack
misses often, but still hits more frequently than a regular critical
attack does.

Status Changes:      LUCK +01

Purchase:            Condor Fort, Rocket Village
Find:                Area near Gongaga Town

AYATSURU  (Manipulate)                          40000 AP          2 stars

You can control an enemy with this command.  If it works, your character
can't do anything aside from controlling the enemy.  Not all enemies can
be controlled, and on top of that, this command doesn't always work.
While an enemy is under your command, you can do nothing aside from
direct it (you can't perform normal commands, only pick commands for the
monster under your control).  If you're using this materia and Subete
Zentaika, you'll attempt to control all monsters, but you can only
control one, no matter how successful you are :(

Initially equipped:  Cait Sith
Purchase:            Condor Fort, Rocket Village

TEKI NO WAZA  (Techniques of the Enemy)         n/a              24 stars

You can learn certain skills normally available only to your enemies
with this materia equipped.  To learn a skill, the enemy must use it
on you (even if you dodge it or are killed by it), and you must then
proceed to win the battle.  Each time you gain a new skill, one of the
24 stars in the Materia Menu lights up and the skill's name is added
to the gray box beneath it.  Using enemy skills costs MP, in most cases.
You can also check out Enemy Skills in the Magic Menu.

Find:                Shinra HQ -- 68th floor, after killing the boss.
                    Ancient City (behind a bed), Chocobo Sennin's
                    house (talk to the Green Chocobo), basement of
                    Junon Town (the room with the soldiers).

MONOMANE  (Mimicry)                             100000 AP         2 stars

You can mimic the last action one of your allies made when using this
command, whether it was spell-casting, using up an item, activating a
Command Materia, summoning a monster, changing rows, etc.  You won't
lose any HP, MP, items, or anything else that would be used up or
depleted normally.  Since Monomane mimics the last action made, you can
skip through the other allies until it is your turn again to repeatedly
imitate yourself.  And while you can't mimic Limit Breaks, you can
imitate your own Breaks.  What's really cool about this materia is that
you will imitate the person's combination materia, too.  So if someone
casts Faira, and it's combined with Mahou Midareuchi, then you will
use Mahou Midareuchi as well when you mimic them without having to have
it equipped!

Find:                One of the bonus areas...refer to section 5b.

W MAHOU  (Double Magic)                         250000 AP         2 stars

This command lets you cast two spells, one right after the other.  MP
consumption remains normal and you have to have enough for both spells.
The great thing about this materia is that you can still use Mahou
Midareuchi, Zentaika, Subete Zentaika, MP Turbo, or any other materia
that affects magic along with this to affect both spells that you're

Find:                Makou Pit.

W SHOUKAN  (Double Summon)                      250000 AP         2 stars

You can summon two monsters, one right after the other, when this Materia
is equipped.  You have to have enough MP to perform the summons, and if
you've already called a monster the maximum number of times, you can't
call it again using this command.

Find:                A prize you can buy at the Gold Saucer's Battle

W AITEMU  (Double Item)                         250000 AP         2 stars

You can use two items, one right after the other, with this command.
You must have enough items to use, though.

Find:                At the end of the passageway leading south when you
                    raid Midgar City at the end of Disc 2.

MASUTAA KOMANDO  (Master Command)               n/a              no stars

When equipped, you can use the following commands in battle: Certain
Kill, Coin Toss, Manipulate, Metamorphosis, Mimicry, See Through, Steal,
and Throw.


Note that when more than one of the following Materia are worn, their
bonus is culmulative:  HP Up, MP Up, Lucky, Magical, and Speed.  This
means that you can wear more than one for an even higher increase in
your scores (but you can only wear so many--try to equip lots of the
same type of Materia and you'll see that your stats. remain the same.
The rest of the Purple Materia (Gil Up, Teki Yose, etc.) have no
additional effect of two or more of them are worn at once.  The only
exception is when you wear the Counter Materia; see below for details.

HP APPU  (HP Up)                                50000 AP          5 stars

LV1: HP 10% Up       When equipped, your Maximum HP increases by the
LV2: HP 20% Up       listed amount, allowing you to gain back more HP.
LV3: HP 30% Up       Your HP cannot be raised above 9999, though, and you
LV4: HP 40% Up       lose your HP bonus when this materia is de-equipped.
LV5: HP 50% Up

Purchase:            Cosmo Canyon or Mideel.

MP APPU  (MP Up)                                50000 AP          5 stars

LV1: MP 10% Up       When worn, your Maximum MP increases by the listed
LV2: MP 20% Up       amount, allowing you to gain back more MP.  Your MP
LV3: MP 30% Up       cannot be raised above 999, though, and you lose the
LV4: MP 40% Up       MP bonus when this materia is taken off.
LV5: MP 50% Up

Purchase:            Cosmo Canyon or Mideel.

MPMP IREKAE  (HP/MP Replace)                    80000 AP          2 stars

This materia switches your maximum HP score with your maximum MP score.
While this allows you to have up to 9999 MP, your HPs can never go
beyond 999 while wearing this materia.  Interestingly enough, equipping
an 'HP Up' materia will increase your MP amount (up to 9999), and
wearing a 'MP Up' materia will increase your maximum HP (but you still
can't go beyond 999 Hit Points).

Find:                One of the bonus areas...refer to section 5b.

RAKKII  (Lucky)                                 100000 AP         5 stars

LV1: Luck 10% Up     This materia raises your luck score (which helps
LV2: Luck 20% Up     determine your critical hit (Hissatsu) rate.  If
LV3: Luck 30% Up     it is removed, your luck drops back to normal.
LV4: Luck 40% Up
LV5: Luck 50% Up

Find:                At the Temple.

MAJIKARU  (Magical)                             50000 AP          5 stars

LV1: Magic 10% Up    This materia raises your magic score (which helps
LV2: Magic 20% Up    rate the effectiveness of Mahou materia).  When
LV3: Magic 30% Up    de-equipped, your magic score returns to normal.
LV4: Magic 40% Up
LV5: Magic 50% Up

Find:                Bottom of ladder in the cave beyond the Ancient
                    City in Disc 2.

SUPIIDO  (Speed)                                100000 AP         5 stars

LV1: Speed 10% Up    This materia increases your speed rating (which
LV2: Speed 20% Up    determines, in part, battle initiative and your
LV3: Speed 30% Up    ability to dodge attacks).  Should this materia
LV4: Speed 40% Up    be taken off, your speed will go back to it's
LV5: Speed 50% Up    former level.

Find:                A prize you can buy at the Gold Saucer's Battle

GIRU APPU  (Gil Up)                             150000 AP         3 stars

LV1: Receive 1.5 times more gil than usual when you win a battle.
LV2: Receive twice as more gil than usual when you win a battle.

Status Changes:      LUCK +01

Purchase:            Gold Saucer's Wonder Square.

KEIKENCHI UP  (Experience Points Up)            150000 AP         3 stars

LV1: Receive 1.5 times more EXP than usual when you win a battle.
LV2: Receive twice as more EXP than usual when you win a battle.

Status Chagnes:      LUCK +01

Purchase:            Gold Saucer's Wonder Square.

TEKI YOKE  (Enemy Avoid)                        50000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Enemy encounter rate drops to one-half.
LV2: Enemy encounter rate drops to one-fourth.

Status Changes:      LUCK +01

Find:                Receive as a prize if you did well in the chocobo
                    races at the Gold Saucer.

TEKI YOSE  (Enemy Collect)                      50000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Encounter enemies 1.5 times more often.
LV2: Encounter enemies twice as often.

Status Changes:      LUCK -01

Find:                A prize you can buy at the Gold Saucer's Battle

CHOKOBO YOSE  (Chocobo Collect)                 30000 AP          4 stars

Allows you to encounter chocobos while in areas with very light grass or
with Chocobo tracks.

LV1: Chocobo encounter rate is 2 times higher.
LV2: Chocobo encounter rate is 4 times higher.
LV3: Chocobo encounter rate is 8 times higher.

Status Changes:      LUCK +01

Purchase:            The man in the chocobo stables at the Chocobo Farm.
Find:                Edge of the Chocobo pen at the Chocobo Farm (Disc

SENSEI KOUGEKI  (Advance Attack)                80000 AP          5 stars

LV1: Chance of attacking first is 12%    When worn, this materia gives
LV2: Chance of attacking first is 24%    your party an increased chance
LV3: Chance of attacking first is 36%    of getting a free round of
LV4: Chance of attacking first is 48%    fighting, just as if you had
                                        made an initial attack.

Status Changes:      SPEED +02

Find:                A prize you can buy at the Gold Saucer's Battle

ENKYORI KOUGEKI  (Long Distance Attack)         80000 AP          2 stars

You may attack from the back row without any reduction in your attack
power.  This materia has no effect if you are in the front row.

Find:                In the Mithril Mine.

KABAU  (Protect)                                40000 AP          5 stars

LV1: 20% Up          The character wearing this Materia will block
LV2: 40% Up          an enemy's attack by standing in front of one of
LV3: 60% Up          his allies when they are attacked.  It won't
LV4: 80% Up          always happen (unless you're at 100%), and that
LV5: 100% Up         ally will keep guarding even if his HPs are low.
                    This only works when another ally is hit by a
                    physical attack, not by magic or certain enemy

Status Changes:      STRENGTH +01

Find:                In the garden next to Aerith's house.

KAUNTAA  (Counter)                              100000 AP         5 stars

The character wearing this will counterattack using his weapon if he is
targeted by an enemy (the attack doesn't have to be physical, and it
doesn't have to be aimed specifically at the person wearing the Counter
Materia.  In fact, it doesn't even have to hit or do damage in order
to trigger a counterattack).  Damage is the same, just as if you had
attacked normally (it's even possible to miss).

A counterattack is made only against the enemy you hit; combining this
materia with Subete Zentaika, Renzokugiri, or any other materia that
affects your ability to attack will have no effect.  However, I'm not
sure how Enkyori Kougeki would affect this materia.  The chance of you
countering when hit raises at 20% per star.  You won't counterattack
your friends if they attack you, BTW.

Note that the more of these that you wear, the more times you make a
counterattack.  So if you have 4 Counter materia equipped and an enemy
hits you with a physical attack, you will strike that foe 4 times.

Find:                Caves behind Nivelheim, or you can receive it as a
                    prize for winning the chocobo races held at the
                    Gold Saucer.

SUBETE ZENTAIKA  (Everything Affect All)        160000 AP         5 stars

Like Zentaika, this materia allows you to target all allies or enemies
instead of just one.  However, the Subete Zentaika affects _every_
ability your character possesses.  The ability must be a selectable one
(in the Battle Window), and not an ability such as Counter or Cover.
This Materia doesn't work with Summon Spells or the ability to use Items
(even with W Item equipped).

Find:                Makou Pit.


HP KYUUSHUU  (HP Absorb)                        100000 AP         2 stars

Every time you hit an enemy with magic, 1/10th of the damage you did is
given back to you in the form of HPs.

Find:                Makou Pit.

MP KYUUSHUU  (MP Absorb)                        100000 AP         2 stars

Every time you hit an enemy with magic, 1/10th of the damage you did is
given back to you in the form of MPs.

Find:                Chest in Uutai.

MP TAABO  (MP Turbo)                            120000 AP         5 stars

When paired with a Mahou or Summon materia, the MP cost raises by about
1/3rd the original amount.  However, the effectiveness of the spell cast
is increased by a third as well, whether it is damaged inflicted or HP
restored.  The only exception to this that I've found so far is the
Knights of the Round materia--pair it to MP Turbo and the cost raises
only 5 points, yet the amount of damage is still raised by a third.

Find:                In the Temple.

ZENTAIKA  (Affect Everybody)                    35000 AP          5 stars

When linked to a green materia, you will target that spell on all allies
or enemies instead of just one.  This allows you to hit them all with
that spell.  The more levels you raise this materia, the more times you
can do this; after enough uses of that spell, you'll have to target
one enemy again until the next battle.  Note that Zentaika will not work
with the following materia: Altema, Chiryou (Resist only), Fulkea, Fuuin,
Inseki, Ridatsu, or Shield.

Initially Equipped:  Red 13
Purchase from:       Condor Fort
Find:                Shinra HQ -- trade in one of the bags from the
                    'locked door' puzzle to get it.

MAHOU MIDAREUCHI  (Random Magic Strike)         200000 AP         5 stars

This can be combined with Spell or Summon Materia.  When used, the spell
strikes 4 times, with the target randomly chosen each time.  The damage
that spell would inflict is reduced, but the you only lose MP as if you
had casted the spell once.  The same applies if it is combined with a
Summon Materia.  This Materia works with every magic spell and summon
skill except for Escape and Knights of the Round.

Find:                One of the bonus areas...refer to section 5b.

FUIUCHI  (Surprise Attack)                      150000 AP         5 stars

If you have a Mahou, Summon, or Command materia attached to the Fuiuchi
materia, then the character wearing them will instantly use the
attached materia before the allies or enemies can attack.  However,
there is only a small chance of this working, but you can increase it
by raising this materia's levels.  This materia doesn't work against
enemies that are supposed to attack first (such as the armored tank
that you fight after escaping from Shinra HQ in Disc One).

Find:                Receive as a prize if you did well in the chocobo
                    races at the Gold Saucer.

MAHOU KAUNTAA  (Magic Counter)                  300000 AP         5 stars

Despite it's name, you can attach a Mahou or a Summon materia to this
materia orb.  If you are attacked, there is a chance that you will
counterattack with whatever spell or Shoukan you have equipped, providing
you have the MP for it.  The chance of you making a counterattack
increases 20% per level star you earn.  If you have either the Master
Magic or Master Summon materia equipped, the Shoukanjuu or magic spell
used is determined randomly.

Find:                Receive as a prize if you did well in the chocobo
                    races at the Gold Saucer.

KOMANDO KAUNTAA  (Command Counter)              100000 AP         5 stars

This materia will only work if it is attached to a Command Materia.
Furthermore, it will will only work with the following Materia:
Ayatsuru, Henka, Hissatsu, Miyaburu, Monomane*, Nageru, and Nusumu.
If you have the Master Command materia linked to this one, then one of
the eight commands will be picked at random.  When you are attacked by
an enemy, you will counterattack with the command materia you have
equipped.  The chance of you counterattacking increases by 20% for each
new level star you earn.  If the command chosen is Nageru or Zeninage,
then the item thrown/amount of gil thrown is randomly determined.

* Since Monomane will make you imitate what you or your allies just did,
 you can use Monomane to counterattack with Renzokugiri, a Summon
 spell, or any other Materia ability.  It's probably the best Materia
 to have when using the Command Counter because you can strike back
 with just about any ability you can think of.

Find:                Makou Pit.

FAINARU ATTAKU  (Final Attack)                  160000 AP         5 stars

This works just like the ability that many of your enemies have; when
your HP is reduced to 0, you will activate whatever Materia is attached
to the Final Attack Materia, but that Materia has to be a Mahou, Shoukan,
or Command materia.  Be careful, though, since if one of your allies
kills you, you'll attack them with the Materia you have equipped!  You
can equip a Materia like Sosei or Barrier to revive yourself or protect
your party once you pass away, though, making this useful as both an
offensive and defensive tactic.  The more stars you've earned, the more
times you can use this Materia when you are killed.

Find:                A prize you can win at the Gold Saucer's Battle
                    Square, should you win the URA Battle.

TSUIKAGIRI  (Additional Slice)                  200000 AP         2 stars

After using the materia that this is combined with, you'll perform a
single physical attack on the enemy affected by the materia.  This means
that if you use a materia on yourself (like Barrier), you'll attack
yourself or your allies!

Find:                Look on the 'switching path' in the Mountain
                    Crossroads area (it's where you can use your map
                    in the 2nd disk, just before the snowfield).

TSUIDENI NUSUMU  (Steal in Addition*)           200000 AP         2 stars

After using the materia that this is combined with, you'll attempt to
steal from the enemy affected by the previous materia (you won't move
or anything--you simply receive a message telling you if you were
successful or not).  Combining this with the Nusumu materia is obviously
pointless unless you're having a hard time stealing from a particular

Find:                In a cavern above Uutai (you need to be able to
                    cross the fire-pits before you can reach it).

*  Could also be translated 'Steal while you are doing (action)'.

TSUIKA KOUKA   (Additional Effect)              100000 AP         2 stars

This materia is affect not only by which Mahou or Shoukan materia you
combine it with, but if you affix it to your weapon or your bracelet.
It takes the properties of the linked materia and gives your weapon or
bracelet those properties.  For example, equip Shiva on your paired
bracelet holders and you are protected from Ice damage.  Equip it and
the Ikazuchi materia on your weapon's holders and your normal attacks
will hit for lightning damage.  Like Zokusei (below), not all materia
will work with this combination materia.

Find:                Cosmo Canyon -- the cave that you and the old man

ZOKUSEI  (Attribute)                            80000 AP          4 stars

Like Tsuika Kouka, this materia affects the weapon or armor it is
attached to as well as the materia it is combined with.  Zokusei only
works when paired with certain Mahou or Shoukan materia.  If it is
attached to a weapon, the type of damage you inflict is the same as the
Materia combined with Zokusei (so if you have Phoenix attached to your
weapon and it is combined with this materia, you'll hit for fire damage.
And if you have Doku attached to you armor along with this materia, you
will be protected from Poison attacks).  This Materia has no additional
power when linked with a weapon, but if it is combined with a bracelet,
it has the following abilities:

LV1: Damage inflicted is reduced to 1/2 if it is the corresponding type.
LV2: No damage is received if it is the corresponding type.
LV3: Gain HP if you are struck with the corresponding type of attack.

Zokusei will only work when paired with these materia:

Doku                 Alexander        Titan
Honou                Ifrit            Ramuh
Ikazuchi             Leviathan
Juuryoku             Phoenix
Reiki                Shiva

Find:                From Domino on the 62nd floor of the Shinra HQ.
                    Also in either Tifa's house or the mountains
                    behind Nivelheim (NSS).


All summon materia have five level stars.  The more levels you raise,
the more times you can summon that particular Shoukanjuu (Summoned
Beast) during a battle.  Unless mentioned, all summon attacks strike
all enemies at once.

CHYOKOBO & MOOGURI  (Chocobo and Moogle)        35000 AP     COST - 14 MP

Technique:       HISSATSUWAZA!!  (Ultimate Special Technique!!)
                Dash attack hitting for physical damage.  Has a small
                chance of stunning your foes for several rounds.

Technique:       DEBUCHOKOBO  (Fat Chocobo)
                Fat Chocobo performs squashing attack hitting for
                physical damage.  Occurs 1/16th of the time.

Status Changes:  MAGIC +01               MAXHP -02%
                                        MAXMP +02%

Find:            Talk to the fenced in Chocobo at the Chocobo Farm.

SHIVA                                    50000 AP            COST - 32 MP

Technique:       DAIYAMONDODASUTO  (Diamond Dust)
                Attacks with frost blast for ice (Reiki) damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC +01               MAXHP -02%
                                        MAXMP +02%

Find:            In the cave between the chocobo farm and Condor Fort
                (before Junon Town).  

IIFURITO  (Ifrit)                               50000 AP     COST - 34 MP

Technique:       JIGOKU NO KAEN  (Flame of Hell)
                Flaming body check hitting for fire (Honou) damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC +01               MAXHP -02%
                                        MAXMP +02%

Find:            After killing Jenova Birth on the Shinra Boat.  

TAITAN  (Titan)                                 80000 AP     COST - 46 MP

Technique:       DAICHI NO DORI  (Anger of Earth)
                Ground lift and crush hitting for earth (Daichi) damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC +01               MAXHP -02%
                                        MAXMP +02%

Find:            Check the ruined machinery after the Shin-Ra minions
                leave in the village located before Cosmo Canyon.

RAMUU  (Ramuh)                                  70000 AP     COST - 40 MP

Technique:       SABAKI NO IKAZUCHI  (Lightning of Judgement)
                Lightning storm striking for thunder damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC +01               MAXHP -02%
                                        MAXMP +02%

Find:            Alcove in Chocobo racer's room in the Golden Saucer.

OODIIN  (Odin)                                  90000 AP     COST - 80 MP

Technique:       ZANTETSUKEN  (Iron-Cutting Sword)
                Slashes with sword, instantly killing all enemies.

Technique:       GUNGNIR NO YARI  (Gungnir Spear)
                Impales one foe with spear for special damage (done
                only vs. foes that cannot be 'instantly killed', such
                as bosses).

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +01       MAXHP -05%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +01       MAXMP +05%

Find:            After opening the safe and defeating the boss in the
                mansion in Nivelheim (where Vincent is found).

REVAIASAN  (Leviathan)                         10000 AP      COST - 78 MP

Technique:       DAIKAISHOU  (Great Ocean Collide)
                Summons tidal wave that hits for water damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +01       MAXHP -05%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +01       MAXMP +05%

Find:            Given to you after beating the Ashura-like monster at
                the top of the pagoda in Utai on the Westmost Continent.

KUJATA                                          140000 AP   COST - 110 MP

Technique:       TORAIDIZASUTAA  (Tri-Disaster)
                Hits for three element damage (Honoo, Reiki, Ikazuchi).

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +01       MAXHP -05%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +01       MAXMP +05%

Find:            Second screen of endless Forest on Northern Continent.

BAHAMUUTO  (Bahamut)                            120000 AP   COST - 100 MP

Technique:       MEGAFUREA  (Megaflare)
                Attacks with flare breath for special damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +01       MAXHP -05%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +01       MAXMP +05%

Find:            After beating the dragon in the Temple once you've met
                Sephiroth and the Temple starts to shake.  

AREKUSANDAA  (Alexander)                        150000 AP   COST - 120 MP

Technique:       SEINARU SHINPAN  (Holy Judgment)
                Laser ray hitting for holy power damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +01       MAXHP -05%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +01       MAXMP +05%

Find:            In a cave on the east edge of the icy wasteland below
                the old man's shack on the Northern Continent.

BAHAMUUTO KAI  (Bahamut Reborn)                  200000 AP   COST - 140 MP

Technique:       GIGAFUREA  (Gigaflare)
                Attacks with stronger flare breath for special damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +02       MAXHP -10%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +02       MAXMP +10%

Find:            Lying on path leading to first barrier at top of the
                crater in the Frozen Mountain.  

FENIKKUSU  (Phoenix)                            180000 AP   COST - 180 MP

Technique:       TENSEI NO HONOO  (Flame of Reincarnation)
                Causes fire damage to enemy and revives all dead allies
                (restores a dead character's HP to max).

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +02       MAXHP -10%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +02       MAXMP +10%

Find:            Win the Mini-Battle at Condor Fort.  

HAADESU  (Hades)                                250000 AP   COST - 150 MP

Technique:       ANKOKU NO KAMA  (Cauldron of Darkness)
                Hades appears and summons a gas from within his cauldron
                which will affect enemies with various status ailments,
                in addition to inflicting poison damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +04       MAXHP -10%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +04       MAXMP +15%

Find:            Near the ruined helicopter in the sunken Shinra plane
                next to the Gold Saucer.  

BAHAMUUTO REISHIKI  (Bahamut Form Zero)         250000 AP   COST - 180 MP

Technique:       TEREAFUREA  (Teraflare)
                Bahamut's ultimate form appears in outer space and
                eradicates all enemies with a super flare for special
                damage.  This attack hits for around 8000-9999 damage.

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +04       MAXHP -10%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +04       MAXMP +15%

Find:            Touch the floating blue stone in Cosmo Canyon after
                revisiting the Ancient City with the old man.  You
                must have Bahamut and Bahamut Kai or you won't
                receive this materia.  

TYUPOON  (Chupon)                               250000 AP   COST - 160 MP

Technique:       TENCHI HOUKAI  (Collapse of Heaven and Earth)
                Chupon creates a wind vortex, then turns the ground
                upside-down and all the enemies fall down into the
                sky :)  This attack instantly kills foes, but it can

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +04       MAXHP -10%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +04       MAXMP +15%

Find:            In a bag on a branch across from three pink vines, in
                the third area of the Old Forest.  

NAITSUOBORAUNDO  (Knights of the Round)         500000 AP   COST - 250 MP

Technique:       ARUTIMETTOENDO  (Ultimate End)
                King Arthur and his fellow knights (they don't look
                like knights to me) each take a turn attacking your
                opponents with all kinds of attacks (causing fire
                damage, ice damage, special damage, etc.)

Status Changes:  MAGIC         +08       MAXHP -10%
                MAGIC DEFENSE +08       MAXMP +20%

Find:            In a cave on the uncharted island in the northeast
                corner of the map.  You'll need the Gold Chocobo to
                reach it.  

MASUTAA SHOUKAN  (Master Summon)                n/a              no stars

When equipped, you can summon ANY Shoukanjuu.  They are listed in this

チョコボ&モーグリ  Chocobo & Moogle   シヴァ              Shiva
イフリート          Ifrit              ラムウ              Ramuh
タイタン            Titan              オーディーン        Odin
レヴァイアサン      Leviathan          バハムート          Bahamut
クジャタ            Kujata             アレクサンダー      Alexander
フェニックス        Phoenix            バハムート改        Bahamut Reborn
ハーデス            Hades              チュポーン          Chupon
バハムートZERO  Bahamut Form Zero  ナイツオブラウンド  Knights...


This section lists the enemy skills you can learn in numerical order.
It also lists the amount of MP needed to use an enemy skill, the effect
of that skill, and the locations of monsters you can learn them from.

STAR 01 - KAERU NO UTA  (Song of the Frog)                COST - 5 MP

Effect:  Transforms all foes into frogs and puts them to sleep.
Learn:   From the green frogs (Tatchimi) in the circular forest near
        Gongaga Town (also from the other forests nearby).  
Tip:     You can control the enemy and make it use Kaeru no Uta on you
        (pick the bottom option).

STAR 02 - LEVEL 4 JIBAKU  (Level 4 Self-Destruct)         COST - 10 MP

Effect:  All enemies with an experience level that is a multiple of 4
        loses almost all their HP (you can't kill an enemy with this
        spell--the best you can do is reduce their HP to one point).
        In addition, they may be afflicted with the 'Minimum' status.
Learn:   Burrowing squirrel-like foes (Muu) found near the Chocobo Farm.
Tip:     You can't control this enemy, so you'll have to wait until they
        use it on you.

STAR 03 - MAJIKKUHANMAA  (Magic Hammer)                   COST - 3 MP

Effect:  Bop one foe on the head and gain up to 100 MP (assuming
        the monster has enough MP).
Learn:   Plant-like monsters (Ashigirisou)  found on the tip of the
        Westernmost Continent (in the dark grass).  
Tip:     You can control an Ashigiisou and have it use the Magic
        Hammer against one of your allies (choose the third

STAR 04 - HOWAITOUINDO  (White Wind)                      COST - 34 MP

Effect:  Each ally regains lost HP and their status ailments are cured
        and dispelled.  The amount of HP recovered depends on the
        current HP of the caster.
Learn:   The white and green cactus-like monsters (Zemzerett) in the
        grassy area by Junon Town  , or from the winged
        serpents you fight if you're hit by a barrier at the Frozen
Tip:     You can't learn White Wind from a Zemzerett unless you control
        it and make it use the skill on you (pick the bottom choice to
        do this).

STAR 05 - MAITIGAADO  (Mighty Guard)                      COST - 56 MP

Effect:  Has the same effect as casting Haste, Barrier, and Mabarrier on
        all your allies.
Learn:   The spiky, shelled creatures with green tentacles (Beach Plug)
        that live on the shore near the Gongaga Town.  
Tip:     The Beach Plug won't use Mighty Guard unless you control it
        and make it use the skill on one of your members (it's the
        middle option).

STAR 06 - TENSHI NO SASAYAKI  (Angel's Whisper)           COST - 50 MP

Effect:  An angel appears above one person and brings them back to life
        if they are dead.  They also relieve any status ailments and
        dispel any bad effects.  In addition HP is restored to the
        amount shown during the skill's use; however, this can be a
        bane to characters with high HP because if your life is higher
        than the amount shown, it is reduced to that amount.  You'd
        think that this would be a great way to weaken enemies with
        more than 9999 HP, but it won't work on your opponents in this
        manner--it will only heal them, remove status ailments, etc. :(
Learn:   From the beckoning women in the yellow swimsuits (Polan Solita)
        you meet in the Makou Pit if you take the right path the first
        time you meet your friends.  
Tip:     The easiest way to learn this skill is by controlling your
        enemy and picking the bottom option to make them use this skill
        on you.

STAR 07 - DORAGONFOOSU  (Dragon Force)                    COST - 19 MP

Effect:  Increases your physical and magical defense rating.
Learn:   From the dragons (Dark Dragon) you meet during the descent into
        the Makou Pit.  
Tip:     You can't learn this unless you control the Dark Dragon and have
        it use Dragon Force on one of you (pick the second choice).

STAR 08 - DESUFOOSU  (Death Force)                        COST - 3 MP

Effect:  One ally becomes immune to instant death attacks (this doesn't
        protect you from dying if you lose all your HP).
Learn:   The huge tusked turtles (Adamantaimai) by the shoreline of the
        Westmost Continent.  
Tip:     You can't learn this skill unless you control the turtle and
        make it use Death Force against you.  To do this, choose the
        bottom option once it's under your control.

STAR 09 - KAEN HOUSHA  (Flame Blaster)                    COST - 10 MP

Effect:  A stream of fire burns one foe for fire (Honoo) damage.
Learn:   From any enemy that utilizes a fire breath attack. One of the
        earliest locations would be the room with the ladders and
        pipes where you fight the boss of the mountains behind
        Nivelheim; you can fight Dragons in that area that use Kaen
        Housha often.    You can also learn it from the
        flying yellow monsters (Aakudoragon) in the Mithril Mine.
Tip:     While you could learn this skill by controlling a Dragon and
        picking the bottom choice to make it use this skill on you,
        chances are it will hit you with Kaen Housha as it's initial
        attack in the first place.  The same goes for the flying

STAR 10 - REEZAA  (Laser)                                 COST - 16 MP

Effect:  Reduces an enemy's HP by one-half.
Learn:   From the dragons (Dark Dragon) you meet during the descent into
        the Makou Pit.  
Tip:     You can either let the Dark Dragon use this ability on you, or
        you can control it (using Ayatsuru), and pick the top option
        to make it use Laser on one of your allies.

STAR 11 - MATORAMAJIKKU  (Matora Magic)                   COST - 8 MP

Effect:  Fire a pack of missiles at one enemy for magic damage.
Learn:   Machines with big feet and guns for arms (Sweeper Custom) around
        Junon Town.    Or from the wheeled robo-creatures in
        the underwater part of Junon Town.  
Tip:     To learn this skill from the Sweeper Custom, just control it
        and choose the last option.

STAR 12 - KUSAI IKI  (Smelly Breath)                      COST - 58 MP

Effect:  Inflict multiple status ailments upon all enemies, including
        Confusion, Frog, Minimum (Shrink), Mute, Poison, and Sleep.
Learn:   From the Mobol creatures (green guys with tentacles and really
        big mouths) living on the outside ledges in the Frozen Mountain.
         You can also meet them in the Makou Pit, if you take
        the right path the first time you run into your friends.
Tip:     Be sure to have some protective accessories equipped when trying
        to learn this skill or your party may be too weakened by the
        Smelly Breath to kill the Molbol or even escape!

STAR 13 - BEETA  (Beta)                                   COST - 35 MP

Effect:  A swirling red shape appears, surrounded by specks of white.
        All targets are hit for magic damage.
Learn:   The big shadow snake (Midgal Zuolm) in the marsh near the
        Chocobo Farm.  
Tip:     This monster won't use Beta unless he's waving back and forth.
        To make him do that, inflict heavy damage on him.  Then just
        wait until he uses Beta.  If he still doesn't use it, take off
        a little bit of his life since he tends to use Beta more when
        he's near death.

STAR 14 - AKUABURESU  (Aqua Breath)                       COST - 34 MP

Effect:  Blue bubbles strike all enemies for water damage.
Learn:   From the boss of the Ancient City  , the winged chimera
        in the plains surrounding the Gold Saucer  ; or from
        the floating sea-dragon creature (Saapando) in the sunken plane
        near the Gold Saucer.  
Tip:     To pick up this skill, just control a Chimera and choose the
        bottom option to make it use Aqua Breath.

STAR 15 - TORAIN  (Tryne)                                 COST - 20 MP

Effect:  A Delta Force-like attack that hits all enemies for lighting
        (Ikazuchi) damage.
Learn:   The Ashura-like boss (Godo) of the pagoda's top floor in Utai.
         Also from the red spider/crab-like creature (Stilve)
        living inside the Frozen Mountain , or the spider-like
        boss (Materia Keeper) of the mountains behind Nivelheim.           1>.  Remember, the _only_ time you can learn this skill is while
        fighting one of the above monsters, so learn it while you still
        can!  If you miss it, it's possible to learn it from the Stilves
        you meet in the Gold Saucer's Battle Square, though -NSS-.
Tip:     Actually, the Materia Keeper is more likely to use this against
        your characters than any other enemy that can use this skill.
        It's a good thing, too, since you can't control it.

STAR 16 - MAJIKARUBURESU  (Magical Breath)                COST - 75 MP

Effect:  Rainbow orbs hit all foes for fire, ice, and lighting damage.
Learn:   From the red spider/crab-like creatures (Stilve) living inside
        the Frozen Mountain.    Also from the blue, leech-like
        enemies (Parasite) in the Makou Pit.  
Tip:     To learn this skill from a Parasite quickly, control it and
        pick the last option to have it use Magical Breath on your

STAR 17 - ????                                            COST - 3 MP

Effect:  A weight drops and hits for special damage.  The amount is
        equal to the amount of damage the caster has received in
Learn:   From the balance-like creatures (Judge) in Nivelheim.  
        Also from the purple behemoths (Behemoth) you encounter when
        raiding Midgar City.    Keep in mind that you won't
        actually learn this skill unless you take damage from it.
Tip:     The Judges will use this skill eventually.  You can't control
        them, but they're easier to run into than the Behemoths.

STAR 18 - GOBURIN PANCHI  (Goblin Punch)                  COST - 0 MP

Effect:  One foe is hit for physical damage.  The damage inflicted is
        multiplied if your opponent has the same EXP level that you
Learn:   Imp-like monsters wearing boxing gloves :) (Goblin) found on the
        only forested island in the northeast area of the map.           2-3>
Tip:     You can control the Goblins if you want (pick the middle option
        to use the Goblin Punch), but it's more likely that they'll hit
        you with it in the first place, so don't even bother and just
        let them strike first.

STAR 19 - CHOKOBOKKURE  (Chocobockle)                     COST - 3 MP

Effect:  A fat chocobo bounces around and hits one foe for special
        damage.  This attack gains strength each time you flee from a
Learn:   Go to the Chocobo Farm.  Talk to the man in the barn and choose
        the first choice.  The 5th item from the top costs 1500 gil;
        purchase three of them.  Then go to the chocobo tracks on the
        Southern Continent near the forest.  Equip yourself with a
        Chocobo Yose materia.  When you encounter a chocobo, kill off
        all but one of the other enemies and use the item you bought 3
        of on the chocobo (it looks like an orange squash).  This will
        make the chocobo peck at the ground.  At any time after that
        point (whether or not the chocobo is still pecking), use the
        Level 4 Jibaku enemy skill and you'll be hit by the Chocobockle.
Tip:     Make sure you're in the right location (the forest near Mideel);
        you can't learn this skill from any other type of Chocobo (these
        are the only ones who will be affected by Level 4 Jibaku).

STAR 20 - REBERU 5 DESU  (Level 5 Death)                  COST - 22 MP

Effect:  Any enemy whose level is a multiple of 5 is instantly killed.
Learn:   From the blue, leech-like enemies (Parasite) in the Makou Pit.
Tip:     Simply use Control to command your foe and then choose the
        middle option if you want the Parasite to use Level 5 Death
        on one of your members.

STAR 21 - SHI NO SENKOKU  (Death Sentence)                COST - 10 MP

Effect:  One enemy is Condemned (they die when the counter over their
        head reaches zero).
Learn:   The yellow, spiked enemies (Bound Fat) that live in front of and
        in the area behind the Ancient City.  
Tip:     You could control these guys, but if you kill one it will
        counterattack with this skill so it may be easier to simply
        off one, especially if you don't have the Ayatsuru materia.  If
        you do, then simply control them and pick the bottom option to
        use the Death Sentence.

STAR 22 - SHI NO RUURETTO  (Roulette of Death)            COST - 6 MP

Effect:  One friend or foe is randomly killed.
Learn:   From the floating card-jesters (Death Dealer) in the Makou Pit
        if you take the right path the first time you meet your friends.
Tip:     You can control the Death Dealer and make him use Shi no
        Roulette on you by picking the second option when the enemy
        abilities window appears.  If it kills one of your enemies,
        you'll have to try again until the pointer lands on you.

STAR 23 - SHADOU FUREA  (Shadow Flare)                    COST - 100 MP

Effect:  A black flare hits a single opponent for magic damage.
Learn:   From the flying black dragon in Disc 3; it uses it as a
        counterattack before dying.  Or, learn it from the Dragon
        Zombies in the Makou Pit.  
Tip:     If you're fighting the flying dragon, just kill it and it will
        use the Shadow Flare on you.  If you're trying to learn it from
        a Dragon Zombie, you'll have to wait until it uses it since you
        can't control them.

STAR 24 - NANTOKA ???  (What???)                          COST - 110 MP

Effect:  A star field and question mark appear; hits all enemies for
        physical damage.
Learn:   From the huge, multi-limbed bone dragons (Dragon Zombie) in
        the Makou Pit if you take the right path the first time you
        meet your friends.  
Tip:     As the Dragon Zombies are uncontrollable, you'll simply have
        to keep fighting them until they use this skill on one of
        your characters.

To learn an enemy skill, you must be equipped with a Teki no Waza (Learn
Enemy Skill) yellow materia.  When an enemy hits you with it's special
skill, you will learn it, even if it misses or kills you.  However,
unless you win the battle, you won't keep the skill you've learned.
There are 24 skills in all, and one of the 24 stars on the Materia Menu
will light up as you get more enemy skills.  Note that you can't learn
a skill and then have your player cast it on another person with a
Teki no Waza; they _must_ learn it from enemies.  You'll know if you
learned a skill because the character with the materia equipped will
spin in a circle once and you'll get a message ending in an exclamation
point.  Keep in mind that if you're controlling a monster to learn a
particular skill, you'll have to target the character wearing the Teki
no Waza in order to learn the skill.

For those of you who would like a more definitive guide, here is a list
that shows the earliest point at which you can learn each skill as you
play through the game:

DISC ONE  ---------------------------------------------------------------

Matora Magic     - from the Sweeper Customs after you've escaped from
                  Midgar City.
Level 4 Self-... - from the Muus in the area around the Chocobo Farm.
Beta             - from Midogaru Zuorumu, the snake you encounter after
                  reaching the Chocobo Farm.
Flame Blaster    - from the Aakudoragons in the Mithril Mine (I tried to
                  learn it from the Mootaabooru boss, but I couldn't
                  get it, so....)
White Wind       - from the Zemzeretts in the Junon Area (land between
                  the Condor Fort and Junon Town).
Aqua Breath      - use the Gold Saucer vehicle to get attacked by a
                  Chimera in the dirt pit around the Saucer.
Song of the Frog - the Tatchimis in the forests around Gongaga Town.
Mighty Guard     - the Beach Plugs on the shore near Gongaga Town.
????             - from the Judges in Sephiroth's Mansion in Nivelheim.
Tryne            - from the Materia Keeper boss of the Nivelheim
                  mountain range.
Death Force*     - from the Adamantaimais on the shores of the
                  Westermost Continent (once you have Cid's airplane).
Magic Hammer*    - from the Ashigiisous found in the dark, grassy areas
                  of the Westernmost Continent (just before entering
Death Sentence   - from the Bound Fats found just before the Ancient

* If Yuffie hasn't joined you yet, then you can get these skills without
 worry.  But if she has joined your party, then she'll steal all your
 Materia, preventing you from learning these two skills until after
 you've completed her sub-quest and gotten your Teki no Waza materia
 back (along with the rest of your materia).

DISC TWO  --------------------------------------------------------------

Smelly Breath    - from the Molbols while climbing up the Frozen
Magical Breath   - from the Stilves inside the Frozen Mountain.

Once you get the Highwind...

Chocobockle      - from the Chocobs found in the forest near Mideel.
Goblin Punch     - from the Goblins on the forested isle in the
                  northeast part of the World Map.
Shadow Flare     - from the Ultima Weapon flying around in the sky.

DISC THREE  ------------------------------------------------------------

Dragon Force     - from the Dark Dragons in the Makou Pit.
Laser            - from the Dark Dragons in the Makou Pit.
Level 5 Death    - from the Parasites in the Makou Pit.
Angel's Whisper  - from the Polan Solitas in the Makou Pit.
Death Roulette   - from the Death Dealers in the Makou Pit.
What???          - from the Dragon Zombies in the Makou Pit
                  (you can also learn Shadow Flare from them).


A lot of people don't know how the process to learn Limit Breaks works,
or they may not know how to learn all the Breaks.  Basically, the Limit
Break mastery process goes like this:

- Breaks are divided into four levels of power, and most characters
  have two Breaks per level, excluding level four (you only have one
  break for that level).

- Each ally starts out with his first Level 1 break, so you don't
  have to fret over learning it.

- But when you want to learn the second Limit Break of that particular
  level, you have to use the first break approximately:

      Ten times to get your second Level 1 break
      Eight times to get your second Level 2 break
      Six times to get you second Level 3 break

  You don't have to do this all in one battle, but you do have to kill
  the enemy your Break affects (if it is an attacking type of Break),
  Also, you do have to win the battle, since the new Limit Break you
  learn appears in the 'EXP/AP Gained' screen, although you don't have
  to be the one to kill the last opponent, as long as you killed at
  least one enemy with a Break.  I'm a little unsure when it comes to
  non-attacking breaks...I think you just have to use them a certain
  number of times (see above).

- Once you have your second Break, your goal is to reach the next
  level of power (and get that level's first Break in the process).
  To do this, your character has to win 40 battles _on his own_.
  This means that if the other characters kill the enemies and you
  do nothing or only inflict damage, you won't reach the next level.
  You have to win the battle using your abilities (attacking, magic,
  Limit Breaks, items, etc.), although it's okay if other characters
  damage that enemy before you kill it.

- Finally, there is the Level 4 Limit Break.  To learn it, you must
  have learned _all_ of that character's other breaks.  Furthermore,
  you must have a special manual (you can tell what it is since it
  has the same name as the Limit Break).  If you try to use the manual
  on another character, or on a character who has yet to learn all his
  or her breaks, you'll get a message in red and white.  But when you
  have filled all the requirements, simply using the manual on the
  correct person will automatically give them their last Break (don't
  forget to set that person's level to 4 so that you can use it in
  battle :))  Here are the locations of each character's manual:

  You must earn 32,000 battle points at the Gold Saucer in _one visit_.
  You can then trade them in for the manual.

  Get it from a lady wearing a hat in one of the buildings in North
  Corel after the train ride in Disc 2.

  Go to Nivelheim and play the 'Highwind' theme twice on the piano in
  Tifa's house followed by L1+T (see section 8 for details).

  Get 1xx wins in battle (where xx are two matching digits).  Then go
  to the cave where the sleeping man is and he'll give you the Mithril.
  Head to the blacksmith's house by the Gold Saucer, give him the
  Mithril, then climb up the stairs and examine the metal lid at the
  end of the walkway.  Once you get the Highwind, doing this is a snap.
  But Aerith will have already left you by then.  So, to get her
  manual while she's still in your party in Disc 1, do the following:

  Hop on the Gold Saucer Buggy.  If you haven't gotten it yet, keep
  playing until you've finished the Gold Saucer area.  Then pilot the
  Buggy _into_ Costa Del Sol.  You'll enter the town as if you had
  walked into it.  Go to the harbor and talk to the sailor by the boat.
  Choose the top option to pay 100 gil and you can then walk along the
  dock and enter a ship, which will return to Junon Town.  Although
  there's not much new here, you will get a different reaction from
  most people because you're no longer dressed up as a guard.  Anyway,
  once you exit the city (the fastest way is to take the helicopter--
  refer to the end of section 4e for details), you'll find that you've
  brought the Buggy with you!  From here, it's a simple matter of
  heading towards the river, crossing it at the ford below the
  waterfall, then heading up to the cave where the sleeping man is.
  And after getting the Mithril, you have to go _all_ the way back to
  the Eastern Continent so you can reach the blacksmith's house.
  Well, don't say I didn't warn you!

  Go to Nivelheim and unlock the safe in the right wing of Sephiroth's
  Mansion (use the code in section 8 if you don't know how).  You'll
  receive Red 13's manual from the boss when you defeat him.

  Return to Uutai after completing Yuffie's sub-quest.  Head to the
  pagoda and beat the five bosses within--she'll get her manual once
  Godo is defeated in battle.

  Once you have the submarine or a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo, go to
  the waterfall in the middle of the Western Continent.  If you enter
  the waterfall from the left side with Vincent in your party, he'll
  meet a girl from his past (Rukuresshia).  You have to visit the falls
  twice, once during Disc 2 and again in Disc 3; it's during your
  second visit that you'll get his manual.  Much to my surprise, I
  tried this and it _doesn't work_!  I've heard from more than one
  source that this is the correct method, so if someone can tell me
  what I did wrong, it'd be appreciated.  All I know is that I went
  to the room under the falls in Disc 3 and there's no one there,
  even when I stuck Vincent in my party.

  After you get a submarine, go underwater and search for the wrecked
  plane near the southern part of the World Map, between the Western
  and Eastern continents.  His manual is in one of the treasure chests
  inside the plane.

- Note that Cait Sith only has two Limit Breaks; his inital one and
  one for Level 2.  You still learn it the normal way you'd learn
  the first break of a new level.  The same applies to Vincent, who
  has four Break levels but only one break per level.  All other
  characters have two breaks a level (but only one break for Level 4).

Limit Breaks become stronger and stronger as you play.  This is due in
part to your character's current level.  Limit breaks that inflict
damage become stronger depending on your Attack Power as well, even
ones like Cait's Dice attack (in which the damage amount can vary),
and Vincent's transformations (even though he doesn't use his guns).
At the very least, equipping a strong weapon will add to the basic
amount of damage a Limit Break can inflict*.

*   The only exception to this is Cait's Slot attack, when he summons
   a monster; damage is determined normally for this attack.  Remember,
   if the Break doesn't inflict damage, it isn't affected by your
   character's Attack Power.


Truly the best in offensive weaponry, the Ultimate Weapons can make
mincemeat out of even the strongest opponent (like there are any :)).

How do you know if you got an Ultimate Weapon?  Well:

* The weapon will have eight connected Materia holders.
* Materia attached to the weapon don't gain AP (the holders are
* The weapon will power-up and do more damage after certain
  conditions are met.
* The weapon (usually) has a higher Attack Power and Hit Rate than
  any other weapon.
* The weapon's power won't decrease if you're using the Metamorphosis
  (Henka) materia.  With other weapons, Attack Power is reduced by
  about 2/3rds when using this materia against an enemy.

The sole exception to this is Aerith--her Ultimate Weapon has only
seven slots, and you _can_ earn AP for Materia equipped to them.
Also, another one of her weapons (the Umbrella), has a higher Attack
Power than her Ultimate Weapon (the Princess Guard).

Where you can find each weapon, and what you have to do to make it
power-up, is listed below:

Location:   Kill the Ultima Weapon (the big dragon) flying around in Disc
           2/3. It will take a few tries as he will escape from battle
           several times before finally facing you.
Condition:  The more current HP you have, the more damage this weapon
           inflicts.  (i.e. the closer your score is to the maximum
           amount, the higher the damage, regardless of defenses).

Location:   Look on the landing near the Sister Ray during the raid on
           Midgar City in Disc 2 (if Vincent's not in your party, he'll
           be on the landing near the chest with the Ultimate Weapon in
Condition:  Equip materia on this weapon.  The more AP a materia has,
           the higher the damage (so if you're wearing 8 mastered
           materia, Barett will do _lots_ of damage).

Location:   Return to Midgar City in Disc 2 or 3 and examine the computer
           in the Wall Market.  It's in a room marked 'ITEM'.
Condition:  When Tifa performs her Limit Break, but gets a 'MISS' for
           one or more of the spinning wheels, her weapon powers-up.

Location:   You can get it in the Temple, during the talking clock mini-
           game.  This only has seven materia holders instead of eight,
           but it's still considered an Ultimate Weapon.  Since Aerith
           has no Limit Breaks that inflict damage, I wonder if this
           weapon has any effect when you use a Limit Break (see below
           for details).
Condition:  'This weapon (should) power-up when protecting an ally.'
           The English translation of this weapon's description, more
           or less.  I guess this means that this weapon is stronger
           when Aerith is healing injured companions, or that it works
           only when she's defending with a Kabau (Protect) materia?

Location:   Buugen Haagen will give this to Red 13 when he dies at Cosmo
           Canyon after the monster attacks Midgar City in Disc 2
           (although you can get it in Disc 3, as well).
Condition:  The more current MP you have remaining (the closer you are
           to you maximum amount of MP), the stronger this weapon is.

Loaction:   Look in the Wrecked Plane in Disc 2 or 3.
Condition:  If an enemy's experience level is higher than Yuffie's,
           this weapon will power-up and do added damage.

Loaction:   Search the lockers on the 64th floor of the Shinra HQ during
           your raid on Midgar City during Disc 2.  You can get to the
           HQ by heading north along the underground rail passage.
Condition:  The more current MP you have remaining (the closer you are
           to you maximum amount of MP), the stronger this weapon is.

Location:   You get this when you get his limit break manual (see above).
Condition:  The more enemies that Vincent kills (as in, he finishes them
           off, at least), the stronger this weapon becomes.  This
           counts for all the enemies he's killed since he joined you,
           not the enemies he's defeated since getting this weapon
           (just like the way the computer determines damage for the
           Chocobockle Enemy Skill).

Location:   Talk to the old man standing outside the house that's just
           left of the rocket launch pad (the same one who gave Cloud
           a sword in Disc 1).  You can only do this after completing
           the 'Huge Materia' rocket sub-quest in Disc 2 or 3 (which
           means the rocket has been destroyed).  After talking to the
           geezer three times in a row, he'll give Cid his Ultimate
Condition:  The more current MP you have remaining (the closer you are
           to you maximum amount of MP), the stronger this weapon is.

Finding these weapons can be hard or difficult; Cloud's weapon can be
easily won from the Ultima Weapon monster, but Barett's weapon won't
appear if he's not in your party, so it's easy to miss.  I myself
haven't been able to verify it, but it's been said that the power of
your character's Limit Breaks are _greatly_ increased when he/she is
wielding their 'Ultimate Weapon'.


This is a list of each character's Limit Break, it's effect, and a brief
description.  The letters and numbers mean the Break Level and which one
it is (i.e. B3/1 is Level 3, 1st Break).

Cloud Strife

B1/1: ブレイバー          BUREIBAA                      (Braver)
Cloud dashes forward and performs a diving slash against one opponent.

B1/2: 凶斬り              KYOUGIRI        (Cross Slash)
Cloud's three slashes create a symbol over his enemy.  When it fades
away, that enemy is hit once.  It also has a chance of paralyzing the
hit foe.

B2/1: 破晄撃              HAKOUGEKI              
Cloud sends a wave of green energy at the targeted foe.  When it hits,
smaller waves shoot outward to hit each remaining foe, although the
damage is less than the first, big wave.

B2/2: クライムハザード    KURAIMUHAZAADO                  
Cloud sticks his sword into an enemy and then yanks it upwards while
jumping for heavy damage.

B3/1: メテオレイン        METEOREIN                          
Cloud twirls his sword and leaps into the air.  With one swing, he sends
a shower of meteors down upon his foes, hitting 4 times.

B3/2: 画龍点睛            GARYUUTENSEI  
Creating a light at the tip of his sword, Cloud throws a funnel of rising
air that sucks in all opponents for an instant kill attack. Those that
survive are dropped to the ground for further physical damage.

B4/1: 超究武神覇斬        CHOKYUUBUSHINHAZAN
A column of wind surrounds Cloud and his sword lights up.  He then
attacks all enemies for a total of 15 hits, finishing with a diving sword
slash.  The sword strikes cause physical damage, while the last strike
hits all foes.

Barett Wallace

B1/1: ヘビーショット      HEBIISHOTTO            (Heavy Shot)
Collecting energy, Barett fires a huge fireball at one opponent.

B1/2: マインドブレイク    MAINDOBUREIKU                      
Similar in appearance to the Heavy Shot, Barett launches a ball of azure
energy at one opponent.  While it inflicts no damage, it completely
drains that enemy of MP.

B2/1: グレネードボム      GURENEEDOBOMU                    
Barett fires an invisible shot that explodes into a huge hemisphere of
fire that damages all opponents.

B2/2: ハンマーブロウ      HANMAABUROU                      
Barett dashes forward and punches one enemy as purple waves emanate from
his arm.  If it misses, this attack causes no damage, but if it hits,
the enemy is instantly killed.

B3/1: サトライトビーム    SATORAITOBIIMU                
Barett locks on to his enemies and calls down beams of blue light to
fry the opposition.  This attack hits for special damage.

B3/2: アンガーマックス    ANGAAMAKKUSU                        
Using his weapon like a machine gun, Barett fires repeated rounds of
ammunition at all opponents.

B4/1: カタストロフィ      KATASUTOROFI                      
Steam erupts from Barett's weapon as he leaps into the air and fires an
earth-scorching beam of yellow light at all his enemies.  This attack
hits ten times in all for special damage.

Tifa Rockheart*

B1/1: 掌打ラッシュ        SHOUDARASSHU        
A quick combination of punches.

B1/2: サマーソルト        SAMAASORUTO                        
A somersault kick.

B2/1: 水面蹴り            SUIMENSHOKARI              
A sweep kick that hits for water damage.

B2/2: メテオドライヴ      METEODORAIVU                      
A back-slam.

B3/1: ドルフィンブロウ    DORUFINBUROU                    
A rising uppercut accompanied by a geyser of water with a dolphin riding
on top of it.

B3/2: メテオストライク    METEOSUTORAIKU                  
Tifa grabs her opponent, jumps in the air, and body-slams them as a
huge explosion appears.

B4/1: ファイナルヘヴン    FAINARUHEVUN                    
Tifa strikes her enemy with a huge, exploding attack.

*  Tifa's Limit Break works like this; the more Limit Breaks she learns,
  the more slots appear in the slot machine that picks the skill she
  uses (the abilities listed above).  When she gains a new Break, she
  is able to use a new attack.  She can learn up to 10 slots total.
  When picking a slot, there are three outcomes: HIT, which makes Tifa
  perform one of the above attacks, YEAH!, which works like HIT but
  increases the damage inflicted, and MISS, which makes Tifa do nothing.
  Tifa will then proceed to perform all the moves you end up with in
  a row.  She will randomly switch to a new enemy (or stay with the one
  she's attacking) for each new move.

  For some reason, Tifa never goes any farther than the Dolphin Blow
  when I use this Break, even if I get 7 'Yeah!' scores (since some
  of the slots have nothing on them but 'Miss'.  Someone want to tell
  me why I can't get all the hits?

Aerith Gainsborough

B1/1: 癒しの風            YUSHI NO KAZE                    
Aerith creates an encircling wind that restores a large amount of lost
HP to herself and her friends.

B1/2: 邪気封印            JAKIFUUIN                
Purple lights fly into all of Aerith's opponents.  This attack causes
no damage but has the same effect as 'Stop' and 'Silence' on all of them.

B2/1: 大地の息吹          DAICHI NO IBUKI                
Streams of blue light wrap around the allies, curing status ailments.

B2/2: 怒りの烙印          DORI NO RAKUIN                    
Aerith waves her staff, causing blue lightning to hit herself and her
allies, followed by yellow, circular lights.  This will instantly max
out the other characters' Limit gauges.

B3/1: 星の守護            HOSHI NO SHUGO                  
Stars rotate around Aerith and her friends as the screen turns yellow,
making them invincible for a short while.

B3/2: 生命の鼓動          SEIMEI NO KODOU                    
Aerith kneels and prays; every ally's status ailments are cured and they
gain back all lost HP and MP.

B4/1: 大いなる福音        OOINARUFUKUIN              
Rain falls upon Aerith and her companions.  It is replaced by a bright
sky where three angels can be seen floating around.  All allies have
their HP and MP restored, and are made invincible for a short time.

Red 13

B1/1: スレッドファング    SUREDDOFANGU                      
Swirls of blue energy surround Red 13, who tackles his opponent for
physical damage.

B1/2: ルナテイックハイ    RUNATIKKUHAI                    
Sheets of yellow vapor shoot up from around Red 13 and his companions.
It has the same affect as 'Haste'.  Each ally is also 'powered up' (?).

B2/1: ブラッドファング    BURADDOFANGU                      
Swirls of energy surround Red 13, who tackles his opponent.  In addition
to striking for physical damage, Red is healed for a small amount of HP
and also gains back some MP as well.

B2/2: スターダストレイ    SUTAADASUTOREI                  
A field of stars replaces the background.  Red 13 howls and a shower of
blue lights rain down on all opponents striking twelve times.

B3/1: ハウリングムーン    HAURINGUMUUN                    
A full moon appears, making Red 13 leap up and howl at it.  He is
affected by Berserk and Haste at the same time.

B3/2: アースレイヴ        AASUREIVU                          
Red 13 attacks the enemy with jumping bites and claw scratches.  Each
time he attacks, balls of fire burst forth and shower over the enemy.
This attack hits five times for physical and fire damage.

B4/1: コスモメモリー      KOSUMOMEMORII                    
Red 13 summons a flare into which a field of stars and balls of fire are
absorbed.  The flare then explodes in a ray of flame followed by an
explosion that hits all foes for fire damage.

Yuffie Kisaragi

B1/1: 疾風迅雷            SHIPPUUJINRAI                
Yuffie slashes once with her weapon, causing no damage.  A second slash
mark then appears and her opponent is hit for physical damage.

B1/2: 明鏡止水            MEIKOUSHISUI        
Globes of water surround Yuffie and her companions.  When they pop open,
each character regains some HP.

B2/1: 抜山蓋世            BATSUSANGAISEI  
Yuffie hits the ground and a line of blast waves heads towards her
enemy.  The ground buckles, then explodes, inflicting earth damage.

B2/2: 血祭                KETSUSEI                        
The screen turns red and Yuffie hits all enemies with her weapon 10
times for physical damage.

B3/1: 鎧袖一触            GAISHUUICHISHOKU  
Yuffie creates a blue light beneath all her opponents.  A column of blue
light bursts upward, hitting every one for special dmaage.

B3/2: 生者必X             SEISHAHITSUMETSU
The screen turns blue as Yuffie leaps from enemy to enemy, striking for
a total of 15 hits.  With each hit, purple light flashes from her weapon.

B4/1: 森等万象            SHINRABANSHOU                        
Yuffie creates a swirling circular mass of red, purple, and white light.
Out of it fires a large beam of white light that damages all enemies for
special damage.

Cait Sith

B1/1: ダイス              DAISU                                    
Cait's stuffed moogle throws several dice to the ground.  The score that
is rolled determines how much damage the targeted enemy will receive.

B2/1: スロット            SUROTTO                                  
A slot machine appears.  Depending on what you pick, a different result
will occur:

-                                      3 bars
  Cait Sith randomly calls upon a summoned monster.

- トイソルジャー         TOISORUJAA                3 crowns
  Six toy soldiers appear and fire at all enemies for special damage.

- モーグリダンス         MOOGURIDANSU              3 stars
  A moogle (from the 'Summon Chocobo & Moguri' spell) appears and does
  a dance that completely restores each members' HP and MP.

- ラッキーガール         RAKKIIGAARU                3 hearts
  A cat-girl appears and all allies have a 100% hit rate (no chance of
  missing) for the rest of the battle.

- 合体                   GATTAI                       3 moogles
  Cait's allies disappear and his moogle grows twice as large, gaining
  9999 HP and 999 MP.  In this form, he can do anything but use Limit
  Breaks, and his attacks cause more damage.  When the battle is over,
  everyone's current HP and MP drop to 1/3rd their former amount.  He
  can't use this ability if there are less than 3 allies.

- アールオーバ           AARUOOBA                      3 faces
  All enemies facing you are instantly killed.  This ALWAYS works
  against any enemy.

- ジョカーデス           JOKAADESU          face, face, bar
  All allies are instantly killed.  There's no way to avoid this, even
  with the help of accessories like the Safety Bit or an Enemy Skill
  such as Death Force.

- トイボックス           TOIBOKKUSU       any other combination
  A random object is dropped on one enemy, inflicting physical damage.
  It can be a Hell House, Debu Chocobo, Magic Hammer, icicles, a
  boulder, or a Cometeo-like meteor attack.  Just like when you attack
  normally, it's possible to hit for extra damage (like making a
  critical hit attack).

Vincent Valentine*

B1/1: ガリアンビースト    GARIANBIISUTO                    
Vincent alters his form and becomes a horned, purple monster.

  Vincent claws and bites one opponent.

  Vincent throws golden orbs at all foes that hit for ice/lightning

B2/1: デスギガス          DESUGIGASU                        
This metamorphosis changes Vincent into a Frankenstein's Monster.

  Vincent jumps and punches one enemy.

  Vincent pounds his chest and fires electricity at all enemies, which
  strikes for lightning damage.

B3/1: ヘルマスカー        HERUMASUKAA                      
Vincent transforms into a Jason look-alike, complete with chainsaw and
hockey mask.

  Vincent attacks 5 times with his saw.

  A poison gas with skulls flying out of it appears and afflicts an
  enemy with Silence, Sleep, and Toad ailments in addition to causing
  poison damage.

B4/1: カオス              KAOSU                                  
Vincent turns into a skull-faced demon with bat wings.

  Vincent slashes all foes with his wings.

  The ground rises in the shape of a skull and it's eyes flash, causing
  an instant death attack.  The survivors are attacked by orange skulls
  that hit for special damage.

*  At the start of any of Vincent's Limit Breaks, his HP is doubled and
  is filled up to it's maximum amount.  It returns to normal afterwards.
  Also, Vincent can still be affected by status changes while in another
  form (such as Minimum or Poison).  While transformed, Vincent is
  uncontrollable and will randomly perform one of his form's two attacks
  when his Time bar is maxed out.

Cid Hiwind

B1/1: ブウスタジャンプ    BUUSUTOJANPU                      
Cid performs a diving slash to one enemy.

B1/2: ダイナマイト        DAINAMAITO                          
Using his cigarette, Cid lights a stick of dynamite and tosses it at
his enemies, causing a damaging explosion.

B2/1: ハイパージャンプ    HAIPAAJANPU                        
Cid spins into the sky and drives his weapon into the ground, which is
covered in a blue light.  Upon pulling it out, all enemies are damaged.

B2/2: ドラゴンモッド      DORAGONMODDO                    
A serpent-like dragon flies from behind Cloud and encircles one enemy
before flying away.  HP and MP stolen from the target are given to Cid.

B3/1: ドラゴンダイヴ      DORAGONDAIVU                      
Cid leaps in the air and comes down with his weapon 6 times, creating a
column of multi-colored energy each time he lands that causes damage.

B3/2: 大乱闘              DAIRANTOU                            
Cid pokes and impales opponents with his weapon 8 times while dust rises
around him.

B4/1: ハイウインド        HAIUINDO                            
Cid calls down a barrage of missiles (from the Highwind, I guess?) to
strike all enemies repeatedly.


B1/1: ダイス              DAISU                                    
Doesn't really exist; it's just a name (Cait's B1/1, in fact)


B1/1: ガリアンビースト    GARIANBIISUTO                            
Doesn't really exist; it's just a name (Vincent's B1/1, in fact)

- Words in CAPS are the translated name.
- Words in (  ) are the English name (from the FF7 demo disk).
- Words in <  > are the guessed English name.
- 'x' means that I don't know the character and couldn't
 translate it.
- 'Physical' is damage caused by your weapon which you can lessen using
 Barrier.  'Elemental' is element damage (fire, ice, lightning, etc.)
 that you can lessen using accessories and to which some enemies are
 immune.  'Special' damage is from an attack that can't be defended
 against/avoided by any means short of invincibility.
- Yes, I used the GameShark to see Young Cloud and Sephiroth's Breaks.


This section contains a list of just about everything in the game that's
worth translating--materia, spells, items, Limit Breaks, and the like.
While you can find some of this information elsewhere, it's all in this
one list so if you can't remember a name, you can simply go to this
section to find out what you need.

(Kana and Kanji)

__________________________________________________________  SPELL MATERIA
ほのお                Honoo                  Flame
 ファイア              Faia                   Fire
 ファイラ              Faira                  Fire 2
 ファイガ              Faiga                  Fire 3
れいき                Reiki                  Cold
 ブリザド              Blizado                Blizzard
 ブリザラ              Blizara                Blizzard 2
 ブリザガ              Blizaga                Blizzard 3
いかずち              Ikazuchi               Thunder
 サンダー              Sandaa                 Thunder
 サンダラ              Sandara                Thunder 2
 サンダガ              Sandaga                Thunder 3
だいち                Daichi                 Earth
 クエイカ              Queku                  Quake
 クエイラ              Quera                  Quake 2
 クエイガ              Quega                  Quake 3
どく                  Doku                   Poison
 バイオ                Bio                    Bio
 バイオラ              Biora                  Bio 2
 バイオガ              Bioga                  Bio 3
じゅうりょく          Juuryoku               Gravity
 グラビデ              Gravide                Gravity
 グラビラ              Gravira                Gravity 2
 グラビガ              Graviga                Gravity 3
いんせき              Inseki                 Meteorite
 コメット              Kometto                Comet
 コメテオ              Kometeo                Cometeo
ふういん              Fuuin                  Sealed Off
 フリーズ              Furiizu                Freeze
 ブレイク              Bureiku                Break
 トルネード            Torunedo               Tornado
 フレア                Furea                  Flare
アルテマ              Altema                 Ultima
 アルテマ              Altema                 Ultima
かいふく              Kaifuku                Recovery
 ケアル                Keal                   Cure
 ケアルラ              Kealra                 Cure 2
 リジェネ              Rijene                 Regene
 ケアルガ              Kealga                 Cure 3
フルケア              Fulkea                 Full Cure
 フルケア              Fulkea                 Full Cure
ちりょう              Chiryou                Medical Treatment
 ポイゾナ              Poizona                Poisona
 エスナ                Esuna                  Almighty
 レシスト              Rezisuto               Resist
そせい                Sosei                  Resurrect
 レイズ                Reizu                  Raise
 アレイズ              Areizu                 Araise
ふうじる              Fuujiru                Seal
 スリプル              Suripuru               Sleep
 サイレス              Sairesu                Silence
まどわす              Madowasu               Perplex
 コンフュ              Konfyu                 Confuse
 バーサク              Baasaku                Berserk
へんしん              Henshin                Transform
 ミンマム              Minimamu               Minimum
 トード                Toodo                  Toad
りだつ                Ridatsu                Seperation
 エスケープ            Esukepu                Escape
 デジョン              Dejyon                 Degeon
じかん                Jikan                  Time
 ヘイスト              Heisuto                Haste
 スロウ                Surou                  Slow
 ストップ              Sutoppu                Stop
バリア                Baria                  Barrier
 バリア                Baria                  Barrier
 マバリア              Mabaria                Mabarrier
 リフレク              Rifureku               Reflect
 ウォール              Uooru                  Wall
しょうめつ            Shoumetsu              Annihilation
 デバリア              Debaria                Debarrier
 デスペル              Desuperu               Dispel
 デス                  Desu                   Death
シールド              Shiirudo               Shield
 シールド              Shiirudo               Shield
マスターまほう        Masutaa Mahou          Master Magic
 マバリア              Mabaria                Mabarrier
 マバリア              Mabaria                Mabarrier
 マバリア              Mabaria                Mabarrier
 マバリア              Mabaria                Mabarrier
 リフレク              Rifureku               Reflect
 ウォール              Uooru                  Wall
 ウォール              Uooru                  Wall

________________________________________________________  COMMAND MATERIA
ぬうむ                Nusumu                 Steal
 ぬすむ                Nusumu                 Steal
 ぶんどる              Bundoru                Plunder
なげる                Nageru                 Throw
 なげる                Nageru                 Throw
 ぜになげ              Zeninage               Coin Toss
れんぞくぎり          Renzokugiri            Continuous Slice
 れんぞくぎり          Renzokugiri            Continuous Slice
 みだれうち            Midareuchi             Random Hit
ぜんたいぎり          Zentaigiri             Slice Everybody
 ぜんたいぎり          Zentaigiri             Slice Everybody
 いあいぬき            Iainuki                Swordplay
みやぶる              Miyaburu               See Through
へんか                Henka                  Metamorphosis
ひっさつ              Hissatsu               Certain Kill
あやつる              Ayatsuru               Manipulate
てきのわざ            Teki no Waza           Techniques of the Enemy
 カエルのうた          Kaeru no Uta           Song of the Frog
 レベル4自爆           Reberu 4 Jibaku        Level 4 Self-Destruct
 マジックハンマー      Majikkuhanmaa          Magic Hammer
 ホワイトウインド      Howaitouindo           White Wind
 マイチガード          Maitigaado             Mighty Guard
 天使のささやき        Tenshi no Sasayaki     Angel's Whisper
 ドラゴンフォース      Doragonfoosu           Dragon Force
 デスフォース          Desufoosu              Death Force
 火炎放射              Kaenhousha             Flame Blaster
 レーザー              Reezaa                 Laser
 マトラマジック        Matoramajikku          Matora Magic
 臭い息                Kusaiiki               Smelly Breath
 ベータ                Beeta                  Beta
 アクアブレス          Akuaburesu             Aqua Breath
 トライン              Torain                 Tryne
 マジカルブレス        Majikaruburesu         Magical Breath
 ????              ????                   ????
 ゴブリンパンチ        Goburinpanchi          Goblin Punch
 チョコボックレ        Chokobokkure           Chocobockle
 レベル5デス           Reberu 5 Desu          Level 5 Death
 死の宣告              Shi no Senkoku         Death Sentence
 死のルーレット        Shi no Ruuretto        Roulette of Death
 シャドウフレア        Shadoufurea            Shadow Flare
 なんとか???        Nantoka???             What???
もんまね              Monomane               Mimicry
Wまほう               W Mahou                Double Magic
Wしょうかん           W Shoukan              Double Summon
Wアイテム             W Aitemu               Double Item
マスターコマンド      Masutaa Komando        Master Command
 なげる/ぜになげ      Nageru/Zeninage        Throw/Coin Toss

____________________________________________________  INDEPENDENT MATERIA
MPアップ              HP Appu                HP Up
MPアップ              MP Appu                MP Up
HPMPいれかえ          HPMP Irekae            HP/MP Replace
ラッキー              Rakkii                 Lucky
マジカル              Majikaru               Magical
スピード              Supiido                Speed
ギルアップ            Giru Appu              Gil Up
ケイケンチアップ      Keikenchi Appu         Experience Points Up
テキヨケ              Teki Yoke              Enemy Avoid
てきよせ              Teki Yose              Enemy Collect
チョコボよせ          Chokobo Yose           Chocobo Collect
せんせいこうげき      Sensei Kougeki         Advance Attack
えんきょりこうげき    Enkyori Kougeki        Long Distance Attack
カバウ                Kabau                  Protect
カウンター            Kauntaa                Counter
すべてぜんたいか      Subete Zentaika        Everything Affect All

____________________________________________________  COMBINATION MATERIA
MPきゅうしゅう        HP Kyuushuu            HP Absorb
MPきゅうしゅう        MP Kyuushuu            MP Absorb
HPターボ              MP Taabo               MP Turbo
ぜんたいか            Zentaika               Affect All
まほうみだれうち      Mahou Midareuchi       Random Magic Strike
ふいうち              Fuiuchi                Surprise Attack
まほうカウンター      Mahou Kauntaa          Magic Counter
コマンドカウンター    Komando Kauntaa        Command Counter
ファイナルアッタク    Fainaru Attaku         Final Attack
ついかぎり            Tsuika Giri            Additional Slice
ついでにぬすむ        Tsuideni Nusumu        Steal in Addition
ついかこうか          Tsuika Kouka           Additional Effect
ぞくせい              Zokusei                Attribute

_________________________________________________________  SUMMON MATERIA
チョコボ&モーグリ    Chokobo & Mooguri      Chocobo & Moogle
 必殺技!!              Hissatsuwaza!!         [Ultimate Special
 デブチョコボ          Debuchokobo            Fat Chocobo

シヴァ                Shiva                  Shiva
 ダイヤモンドダスト    Daiyamondodasuto       Diamond Dust

イーフリト            Iifurito               Ifrit
 地獄の火炎            Jigoku no Kaen         Flame of Hell

タイタン              Taitan                 Titan
大地の怒り             Daichi no Dori         Anger of Earth

ラムウ                Ramuu                  Ramuh
 佐波きの雷            Sabaki no Ikazuchi     Lighting of Judgment

オーディーン          Oodiin                 Odin
 グングニルの槍        Gunginir no Yari       Gunginir Spear
 斬鉄剣                Zantetsuken            Iron-Cutting Sword

レヴァイアサン        Revaiasan              Leviathan
 大海衝                Daikaishou             Great Ocean Collide

クジャタ              Kujata                 Kujata
 トライディザスター    Toraidizasutaa         Tri-Disaster

バハムート            Bahamuuto              Bahamut
 メガフレア            Megafurea              Megaflare

アレクサンダー        Arekusandaa            Alexander
 聖なる審判            Seinaru Shinpan        Holy Judgment

バハムート改          Bahamuuto Kai          Bahamut Reborn
 ギガフレア            Gigafurea              Gigaflare

フェニックス          Fenikkusu              Phoenix
 転生の炎              Tensei no Honoo        Flame of Reincarnation

ハーデス              Haadesu                Hades
 暗黒の釜              Ankoku no Kama         Cauldron of Darkness

バハムート零式        Bahamuuto Reishiki     Bahamut Zero-Form
 テラフレア            Terafurea              Teraflare

チュポーン            Tyupoon                Chupon
 天地崩壊              Tenchi Houkai          Collapse of Heaven & Earth

ナイツオボラウンド    Naitsuoboraundo        Knights of the Round
 アルテイメットエンド  Arutimettoendo         Ultimate End

マスターしょうかん    Masutaa Shoukan        Master Summon

__________________________________________________________________  ITEMS
ポーション            Poosyon                Potion
ハイポーション        Haipoosyon             Hi Potion
エクスポーション      Ekusupoosyon           X-Potion
エーテル              Eeteru                 Ether
エーテルターボ        Eeterutaabo            Ether Turbo
エリクサー            Erikusaa               Elixir
ラストエリクサー      Rasutoerikusaa         Last Elixir
フェニックスの尾      Fenikkusu no O         Phoenix Tail
毒消し                Dokushushi             Poison Neutralize
金の針                Kin no Hari            Gold Needle
乙女のキッス          Otome no Kissu         Virgin's Kiss
うちでのこづち        Uchide no Koduchi      (cures Minimum status)
やまびこえんまく      Yamabikoenmaku         (cures Sleep status)
興奮剤                Koufunzai              Stimulant
鎮静剤                Chinseitai             Tranquilizer
万能薬                Mannoukusuri           Almighty Medicine
けむりだま            Kemuridama             Silent Smoke
スピードドリンク      Supiidodorinku         Speed Drink
英 X の薬             Ei x no Kusuri         (casts Mighty Guard?)
ワクチン              Wakuchin               Vaccine
手榴弾                Shurudan               Hand Pomegranate Bullet
ボムのかける          Bomu no Kakeru         Bomb Fragment
ボムの右腕            Bomu no Migiude        Right Arm Bomb
金の砂時計            Kin no Sunadokei       Gold Hourglass
死神のキッス          Shishin no Kissu       Death God's Kiss
クモの糸              Kumo no Ito            Spider Thread
ドリームパウダー      Doriimupaudaa          Dream Powder
サイレントマスク      Sairentomasuku         Silent Mask
戦いのゴング          Seni no Gongu          Battle Gong
惑わし草              Wakuwashisou           Delusion Washi Weed
火龍の牙              Karyuu no Kiba         Fire Dragon Fang
火とん                Katon                  Fire Scroll
南極の風              Nankyoku no Kaze       Antarctic Wind
冷気の結晶            Reiki no Ketsushou     Cold Binding Crystal
電撃鳥の角            Dengekitori no Tsuno   Electric Shock Bird Horn
雷迅                  Raijin                 Fast Thunder
大地のドラム          Daichi no Doramu       Earth Drum
大地のハンマー        Daichi no Hanmaa       Earth Hammer
有害物質              Yuugaibutsushitsu      Harmfulness Material
モルボルの触手        Moruboru no Shokushu   Molbol's Tentacle
星の砂                Hoshi no Sa            Sand Star
バンパイアの牙        Banpaia no Kiba        Vampire Fang
ゴーストハンド        Goosutohando           Ghost Hand
バズィリスクの爪      Bazirisuku no Sou      Basilisk's Nail
光のカーテン          Hikari no Kaaten       Curtain of Light
月のカーテン          Tsuki no Kaaten        Curtain of Moon
反射ミラー            Hansha Miraa           Reflection Mirror
聖なるとーち          Seinarutoochi          Holy Torch
巨鳥のハネ            Kyouchou no Hane       Big Bird Feather
海龍のウロコ          Kairyuu No Uroko       Sea Dragon Scale
モズのはやにえ        Mozu no Hayanie        (casts 'Toad')
チヂマール            Chijimaaru             Shorten
目薬                  Mokuyaku               Eye Medicine
ファイアカカテル      Faiakakateru           Fire Cocktail
Sマイン               S Main                 S Mine
203ミリ砲弾           203 Miri Houdan        203 Million Bullet Shells
重力球                Jyuuryoku Kyuu         Gravity Ball
字空弾                Jikuudan               Space-Time Bullet
イカズミ              Ikasumi                (causes Paralysis)
しびれ針              Shibirehari            Numbness Needle
双龍の牙              Souryuu no Kiba        Fang of Dragon Pair
魔女の大釜            Majo no Daifu          Witch's Cauldron
シルキスの野菜        Shirukisu no Yasai     Shirukisu Vegetable
レイゲンの野菜        Reigen no Yasai        Reigen Vegetable
ミメットの野菜        Mimetto no Yasai       Mimetto Vegetable
クリーエの野菜        Kuriie no Yasai        Kuriie Vegetable
パサーナの野菜        Pasaana no Yasai       Pasaana Vegetable
タンタルの野菜        Tantaru no Yasai       Tantaru Vegetable
カラッカの野菜        Karakka no Yasai       Karakka Vegetable
ギザールの野菜        Gizaaru no Yasai       Gizaaru Vegetable
テント                Tento                  Tent
パワーアップ          Pawaa Appu             Power Up
ガードアップ          Gaado Appu             Guard Up
マジックアップ        Majikku Appu           Magic Up
マインドアップ        Maindo Apu             Mind Up
スピードアップ        Supiido Appu           Speed Up
ラックアップ          Rakku Appu             Luck Up
ゼイオの実            Zeio no Mi             Zeio Fruit
カラブの実            Karabu no Mi           Karabu Fruit
ポロフの実            Porofu no Mi           Porofu Fruit
パラムの実            Paramu no Mi           Paramu Fruit
ラサンの実            Rasan no Mi            Rasan Fruit
サラハの実            Saraha no Mi           Saraha Fruit
ルジルの実            Rujiru no Mi           Rujiru Fruit
ピピオの実            Pipio no Mi            Pipio Fruit
ズィンクバッテリー    Zinkubatterii          Zinc Battery
ポケットティッシュ    Pokketo Tissyu         Pocket Tissue
超究武神覇斬          Choukyuubushinhazan    (see Notes section) - Cloud
カタストロフィ        Katasutorofi           Catastrophe         - Barett
ファイナルヘヴァン    Fainaru Hevan          Final Heaven        - Tifa
大いなる福音          Ooinarufukuin          Great Word of God   - Aerith
コスモメモリー        Kosumomemorii          Cosmo Memory        - Red 13
森羅万象              Shinrabanshou          Universe            - Yuffie
カオス                Kaosu                  Chaos               - Vincent
ハイウインド          Haiuindo               Highwind            - Cid
1/35神羅 X            1/35 Shinra x          1/35 Shin-Ra x
超合金スイーパー      Chogokin Suiipaa       Super Alloy Sweeper
マサムネブレード      Masamune Bureedo       Masamune Blade
セーブクリスタル      Seebu Kurisutaru       Save Crystal
ディオ激問日記        Dio Gekito Nikki       Dio's Exciting Fight Diary
サイン色紙            Sain Irogami           Signed Colored Paper
人生バクチ打ち        Jinsei Bakuchi Uchi    _My Life's Gambling_

________________________________________________________  CLOUD'S WEAPONS
バスターソード        Basutaasoodo           Buster Sword
ミスリルセイバー      Misuriruseibaa         Mithril Saber
ハードブレイカー      Haadobureikaa          Hard Breaker
バタフライエッジ      Batafuraiejji          Butterfly Edge
エンハンスソード      Enhansusoodo           Enhance Sword
オーガニクス          Ooganikusu             Ogre Nix
クリスタルソード      Kurisutarusoodo        Crystal Sword
フォースイーター      Foosuiitaa             Force Eater
ルーンブレイド        Ruunbureido            Rune Blade
村雨                  Murasame               Town Rain
釘バット              Teibatto               Nail Bat
陸 X 守吉行           Riku x syukichikou     [Land x Protect Good Luck
アポカリプス          Apokaripusu            Apocalypse
天の巖霎              Ten no Ganshou         Heavenly Boulder Rain
ラグナロク            Ragunaroku             Ragnarok
アルテマウェポン      Arutemauepon           Ultima Weapon

_________________________________________________________  TIFA'S WEAPONS
レザーグローブ        Rezaaguroobu           Leather Glove
メタルナクル          Metarunakkuru          Metal Knuckle
ミスリルクロー        Misurirukuroo          Mithril Claw
グランドグラブ        Gurandogurabu          Grand Glove
タイガーファング      Taigaafangu            Tiger Fang
ダイアナックル        Daianakkuru            Daia Knuckle
ドラゴンクロー        Doragonkuroo           Dragon Claw
クリスタルグラブ      Kurisutarugurabu       Crystal Glove
モータードライブ      Mootaadoraibu          Motor Drive
プラチナフィスト      Purachinafisuto        Platinum Fist
カイザーナックル      Kaizaanakkuru          Kaiser Knuckle
軍手                  Gunte                  Army Cotton Gloves
オーバーソウル        Oobaasouru             Over (-head) throw
マスターフィスト      Masutaafisuto          Master Fist
ゴッドハンド          Goddohando             God Hand
プレミアムハート      Puremiamuhaato         Premium Heart

_______________________________________________________  BARETT'S WEAPONS
ガトリングガン        Gatoringugan           Gatling Gun
アサルトガン          Asarutogan             Assault Gun
キャノンボール        Kyanonbooru            Cannonball
アトミックシザー      Atomikkushizaa         Atomic Scissor
ハードバルカン        Haadobarukan           Hard Vulcan
チェーンソー          Cheensoo               Chainsaw
マイクロレーザー      Maikuroreezaa          Micro Laser
AMキャノン            A.M Kyanon             A. M. Cannon
Wマシンガン           W Mashingan            Double Machine Gun
ドリルアーム          Doriruaamu             Drill Arm
ソリッドバズーカ      Soriddobazuuka         Solid Bazooka
ロケットパンチ        Rokettopanchi          Rocket Punch
エネミーランチャ      Enemiirancha           Enemy Launcher
パイルバンカー        Pairubankaa            Pile Banker
マキシマムレイ        Makishimamurei         Maximum Ray
ミッシングスコア      Missingusukoa          Missing Score

_________________________________________________________RED 13'S WEAPONS
ミスリルクリップ      Misurirukurippu        Mithril Clip
ギヤマンヘアピン      Giyamanheapin          Giyaman Hairpin
シルバーバレッタ      Shirubaabaretta        Silver Baretta
ゴールドバレッタ      Goorudobaretta         Gold Baretta
アダマンクリップ      Adamankurippu          Adamant Clip
クリスタルコーム      Kurisutarukoomu        Crystal Comb
マジックコーム        Majikkukoomu           Magic Comb
プラチナバレッタ      Purachinabaretta       Platinum Baretta
セントクリップ        Sentokurippu           Battle Clip
かんざし              Kanzashi               (57/120/none)
セラフコーム          Serafukoomu            Seraph Comb
ベニーモスホン        Beniimosuhon           Behimoth Horn
スプリガンクリップ    Supurigankurippu       Spriggan Clip
リミテッドムーン      Rimiteddomuun          Limited Moon

_______________________________________________________  AERITH'S WEAPONS
ガードロッド          Gaadoroddo             Guard Rod
ミスリルロッド        Misuriruroddo          Mithril Rod
フルメタルロッド      Furumetaruroddo        Full Metal Rod
ストライクロッド      Sutoraikroddo          Strike Rod
プリズムロッド        Purizumuroddo          Prism Rod
オーロラロッド        Oororaroddo            Aurora Rod
ウィザードロッド      Uizaadoroddo           Wizard Rod
ウアイザーロッド      Waizaaroddo            Confusion/Vizier Rod
フェアリーテイル      FEariiteiru            Fairy Tail
アンブレラ            Anburera               Umbrella
プリンセスアード      Purinsesugaado         Princess Guard

__________________________________________________________  CID'S WEAPONS
スイパ                Supia                  Spear
スラッシュパイク      Surasshupaiku          Slash Pike
トライデント          Toraidento             Trident
ポーレアックス        Pooreakkusu            Pole Axe
パレチガン            Paruchizan             Partisan
蛇矛                  Jahoko                 Serpent Halberd
ジャベリン            Jaberin                Javelin
グローランス          Gurooransu             Glow Lance
モップ                Moppu                  Mop
ドラグーンランス      Doraguunransu          Dragoon Lance
X 龍 X 月刀          x ryuu x getsutou      x Dragon x Scimitar (?)
方天画 X 戟           Houtenga x geki        [Direct Heaven Picture
ロンギヌス            Ronginusu              Long Noose
ビーアンスゴスペル    Biiansugosuperu        Venus Gospel

_______________________________________________________  YUFFIE'S WEAPONS
十字手裏剣            Juuji Shuriken         Cross Throwing Star
ブーメラン            Buumeran               Boomerang
風車                  Fuusha                 Windmill
円月輪                Engetsuwa              Crescent Moon Ring
ホークアイ            Hookuai                Hawk Eye
クリスタルクロウ      Kurisutarukurosu       Crystal Cross
風斬り                Fuukiri                Wind Slasher
シーンヴァイパー      Tsuinvaipaa            Twin Viper
卍手裏剣              Manji Shuriken         Manji Throwing Star
スーパーボール        Suupaabooru            Super Ball
風魔手裏剣            Fuuma Shuriken         Wind Demon Throwing Star
ライジングサン        Raijingusan            Rising Sun
圻り X                Kari x                 (90/116/4c/4s)
不倶載天              Fugutaiten             Irreconcilable

____________________________________________________  CAIT SITH'S WEAPONS
イエローメガホン      Ieroomegahon           Yellow Megaphone
グリーンメガホン      Guriinmegahon          Green Megaphone
ブルーメガホン        Buruumegahon           Blue Megaphone
レッドメガホン        Reddomegahon           Red Megaphone
クリスタルメガホン    Kurisutarumegahon      Crystal Megaphone
ホワイトメガホン      Howaitomegahon         White Megaphone
ブラックメガホン      Burakkumegahon         Black Megaphone
シルバーメガホン      Shirubaamegahon        Silver Megaphone
法 X X                Hou xx                 (68/118/none)
ゴールドメガホン      Goorudomegahon         Gold Megaphone
突 X ラッパ           Totsu x rappa          xx Rapper
スターライトホン      Sutaaraitohon          Starlight Phone
マーベラスチアー      Maaberasuchiaa         Marvelous Cheer

______________________________________________________  VINCENT'S WEAPONS
クイックシルバー      Kuikkushirubaa         Quicksilver
スパス                Supasu                 Super
ランダル              Randaru                Landal
ライアット            Raiatto                (64/120/4c/2s)
ウィンチェスター      Winchesutaa            Winchester
ピースメーカー        Piisumeekaa            Peacemaker
バントライン          Bantorain              (48/124/4c/APx2)
ロンゲバアレルR       Rongebareru R          Longbarrel Rifle
銀玉鉄砲              Gin Tama Teppou        Silver Jewel Gun
スナイパCR            Sunaipa CR             Sniper CR
ハイブロウST          Haiburou ST            Highbrow ST
アウトサイダー        Autosaidaa             Outsider
デスペナルチ          Desupenaruti           Death Penalty

_____________________________________________________  SEPHIROTH'S WEAPON
正宗                  Masamune               Quick Blood Rain

______________________________________________________________  BRACELETS
ブロンズバングル      Buronzubanguru         Bronze Bangle
アイアンバングル      Aianbanguru            Iron Bangle
チタンバングル        Chitanbanguru          Titanium Bangle
ミスリルの腕輪        Misuriru no Udewa      Mithril Bracelet
カアボンバングル      Kaabonbanguru          Carbon Bangle
銀の腕輪              Gin no Udewa           Silver Bracelet
金の腕輪              Kin no Udewa           Gold Bracelet
ダイアバングル        Daia Banguru           Daia Bangle
クリスタルバングル    Kurisutarubanguru      Crystal Bangle
プラチナバングル      Purachinabanguru       Platinum Bangle
ルーンの腕輪          Ruun no Udewa          Rune Bracelet
エジンコート          Ejinkooto              Age Coat
ウィザードブレス      Uizaadoburesu          Wizard Brace
アダマンバングル      Adamanbanguru          Adamant Bangle
ギガースの腕輪        Gigaasu no Udewa       Gigas Bracelet
インペリアルガード    Inperiarugaado         Imperial Guard
エイジスの腕輪        Eijisu no Udewa        Aegis Bracelet
フォースブレス        Foosuburesu            Force Brace
ウォーリアバングル    Uooriabanguru          Warrior Bangle
神羅安式防具          Shinrayasushikibougu   [Shin-Ra Relaxed Form
                                             Defense Tool]
神羅甲型防具改        Shinrakoukeibougukai   [Shin-Ra Armor Type Defend
                                             Tool Reform]
フォウスロット        Fousurotto             Four Slot
烈火の腕割            Retsuka no Udewa       Ardent Flame Bracelet
極光の腕輪            Kyokukou no Udewa      Aurora Bracelet
天雷の腕輪            Tenrai no Udewa        Thunder Bracelet
ドラゴンの腕輪        Doragon no Udewa       Dragon Bracelet
ミネルバブレス        Minerubaburesu         Minerva Brace
エスコートガード      Esukootogaado          Escort Guard
ミスティール          Misutiiru              Myth Tear
ザイドリッツ          Zaidorittsu            (100/15/98/18/none)
X X 腕 X 計          xx wan x kei           Gorgeous (?)
チョコボの腕輪        Chokobo no Udewa       Chocobo Bracelet

____________________________________________________________  ACCESSORIES
パワーリスト          Pawaarisuto            Power Wrist
防弾チョッキ          Boudan Chokki          (Strength +10)
イヤリング            Iyaringu               Earring
タリスマン            Tarisuman              Talisman
チョコボのはね        Chokobo no Hane        Chocobo Feather
お守り                Omamori                Charm
チャンピオンベルト    Chanpionberuto         Champion Belt
ポイズンリング        Poizunringu            Poison Ring
タフネスリング        Tafunesuringu          Toughness Ring
サークレット          Saakuretto             Sacred
星のペンダント        Hoshi no Pendanto      Star Pendant
銀縁メガネ            Gin Fuchi Megane       Silver Edge Glasses
ハチマキ              Hachimaki              Headband
フェアリーリング      Feariiringu            Fairy Ring
ジュエルリング        Jueruringu             Jewel Ring
ハワイトケープ        Howaitokeepu           White Cape
エレメスのくつ        Eremesu no Kutsu       Hermes' Shoes
安らぎの指輪          Yasuragi no Yubiwa     Peace Ring
リボン                Ribon                  Ribbon
炎のおの指輪          Honoo no Yubiwa        Flame Ring
冷気の指輪            Reiki no Yubiwa        Cold Ring
雷の指輪              Ikazuchi no Yubiwa     Thunder Ring
テトラエレメンタル    Tetoraerementaru       Tetra-Elemental
セーフティビット      Seefutibitto           Safety Bit
怒りの指輪            Ikari no Yubiwa        Angry Ring
呪いの指輪            Jui no Yubiwa          Cursed Ring
守りの指輪            Mamori no Yubiwa       Protection Ring
タマのすず            Tama no Suzu           Spirit Bell
リフレクトリング      Rifurekutoringu        Reflector Ring
水の指輪              Mizu no Yubiwa         Water Ring
盗族の小手            Nusuzoku no Shoute     Thief's Vulgar Little Hand?
ヒュプノクラウン      Hyupunokuraun          Hypno-Crown

___________________________________________________________  LIMIT BREAKS
ブレイバー            Bureibaa               Braver
凶斬り                Kyougiri               Evil Omen Slash
破晄撃                Hakougeki              Breaking Clear Attack
クライムハザード      Kuraimuhazaado         Crime Hazard
メテオレイン          Meteorein              Meteo Rain
画龍点睛              Garyuutensei           [Picture Dragon Finishing
超究武神覇斬          Chokyuubushinhazan     [Hyper Study War God Supreme

ヘビーショット        Hebiishotto            Heavy Shot
マインドブレイク      Maindobureiku          Mind Break
グレネードボム        Gureneedobomu          Grenade Bomb
ハンマーブロウ        Hanmaaburou            Hammer Blow
サトライトビーム      Satoraitobiimu         Satellite Beam
アンガーマックス      Angaamakkusu           Anger Max
カタストロフィ        Katasutorofi           Catastrophe

掌打ラッシュ          Shoudarassyu           Palm of Hand Strike Rush
サマーソルト          Samaasoruto            Somersault
水面蹴り              Suimenshokari          Water Surface Kick
メテオドライヴ        Meteodoraivu           Meteo Drive
ドルフィンブロウ      Dorufinburou           Dolphin Blow
メテオストライク      Meteosutoraiku         Meteo Strike
ファイナルヘヴン      Fainaruhevun           Final Heaven

癒しの風              Yushi no Kaze          Healing Wind
邪気封印              Jakifuuin              Wicked Spirit Sealed
大地の息吹            Daichi no Ibuki        Earth's Breath
怒りの烙印            Dori no Rakuin         Angry Brand
星の守護              Hoshi no Shugo         Guardian Star
生命の鼓動            Seimei no Kodou        Life Beat
大いなる福音          Ooinarufukuin          Great Word of God

スレッドファング      Sureddofangu           Shred Fang
ルナティックハイ      Runatikkuhai           Lunatic High
ブラッドファング      Buraddofangu           Blood Fang
スターダストレイ      Sutaadasutorei         Stardust Ray
ハウリングムーン      Hauringumuun           Howling Moon
アースレイヴ          Aasureivu              Earth Rave
コスモメモリー        Kosumomemorii          Cosmo Memory

疾風迅雷              Shippuujinrai          Gale Thunderclap
明鏡止水              Meikoushisui           Clear Mirror, Still Water
抜山蓋世              Batsusangaisei         Extract Mountain Cover World
血祭                  Ketsusei               Blood Ritual
鎧袖一触              Gaishuuichisyoku       Armored Sleeves' One Touch
生者必滅              Seishahitsumetsu       All Living Human Must Perish
森等万象              Shinrabanshou          Universe

ダイス                Daisu                  Dice
スロット              Surotto                Slot
 トイボックス          Toibokkusu             Toy Box
 トイソルジャー        Toisorujaa             Toy Soldier
 モーグリダンス        Mooguridansu           Mogli Dance
 ラッキーガール        Rakkiigaaru            Lucky Girl
 合体                  Gattai                 Combine
 アールオーバ          Aaruooba               All Over
 ジョカーデス          Jokaadesu              Death Joker

ガリアンビースト      Garianbiisuto          Giant Beast
 バーサカダンス        Baasakadansu           Berzerker Dance
 ビーストフレア        Biisutofurea           Beast Flare

デスギガス            Desugigasu             Death Gigas
 ギガダンク            Gigadanku              Giga Dunk
 ライブスパーク        Raibusupaaku           Life Spark

ヘルマスカー          Herumasukaa            Hell Masker
 スプラッタコンボ      Supurattakonbo         Splatter Combo
 ナイトメア            Naitomea               Nightmare

カオス                Kaosu                  Chaos
 カオスセイバー        Kaosuseibaa            Chaos Saber
 サタンインパクト      Satan Inpakuto         Satan Impact

ブウスタジャンプ      Buusutojanpu           Buster Jump
ダイナマイト          Dainamaito             Dynamite
ハイパージャンプ      Haipaajanpu            Hyper Jump
ドラゴンモッド        Doragonmoddo           Dragon Murder
ドラゴンダイヴ        Dorgaondaivu           Dragon Dive
大乱闘                Dairantou              Big Fray
ハイウインド          Haiuindo               Highwind

ダイス                Daisu                  --  (not a real Break)

ガリアンビースト      Garianbiisuto          --  (not a real Break)

________________________________________________________  ABOUT THIS LIST

- Note that the romaji was not translated directly.  In some cases,
  the actual kanji-to-romaji spellings are different from what I
  interpreted them as; I assume that both are correct.  Below are
  the direct spellings as opposed to the spellings in the above

  Reiki    = Burizado, Burizara, Burizaga
  Daichi   = Kueiku, Kueira, Kueiga
  Doku     = Baio, Baiora, Baioga
  Juuryoku = Gurabide, Gurabira, Gurabiga
  Kaifuku  = Kearu, Kearura, Kearuga
  Fulkea   = Furukea
  Altema   = Arutema

- Pretty much all of the kanji used in the spellings of the Limit Breaks
  were translated kanji by kanji (I'm horrible at pairing them).  I know
  the names sound funky and make no sense, but I'm at a loss unless
  someone provides me with the actual translations.

- Characters I weren't able to translate are replaced with an 'x'.
  Kanji that I couldn't display are replaced with an 'X'.

- If an object's name is untranslated (such as 'xx no x'), then the
  effect (for items and accessories) or statistics (for weapons and
  bracelets) of that object will be given in parenthesis instead, so
  you can tell what the object is by what it does/how if affects you.
  The statistics are listed in this order:

  (Attack Power/Hit Rate/Single Materia Holders/Connected Materia
  Holders/Gained AP Bonus)

  (Defense Power/Evade Rate/Magic Defense Power/Magic Evade Rate/Single
  Materia Holders/Connected Materia Holders/Gained AP Bonus)

- Words enclosed in [ ] take up two lines due to their size.

- Finally, anything enclosed in < > is accessible/usable only with a
  Game Shark code.

______________________________________________________  TRANSLATION NOTES
Tensei no Honoo / Flame of Reincarnation
This is the literal translation.  If your dead allies were revived as
frogs, it might make sense :)  But in this case, I think 'tensei' is
supposed to mean 'ressurection' instead of 'reincarnation'.

Shurudan / Hand Pomegranate Bullet
Well, this is that actual kanji-by-kanji translation...  If you look at
the individual translations, you may think of a grenade.  In Japanese,
grenade is 'tekidan', which would fit the first and last kanji ('shu'
and 'ru', since shu can also be 'te'), but not the middle one.

Bomu no Migiude / Right Arm Bomb
Okay, believe it or not, this item has appeared in other FF games with
the exact same name.  The only thing I can think of is that maybe this
item is the right arm of the enemy you get it from (the little floating,
self-destructing creatures that are also in other FF games).

Wakiwashisou / Delusion Washi Weed
If you spell 'washi' using kanji, it means a type of thin rice paper.
I don't know what 'washi' is supposed to mean in this case, but think
about it...a weed wrapped in paper that causes delusions?  And 'sou'
can also be translated as 'herb'.  In other words, this is a joint!

Nankyoku no Kaze / Antarctic Wind
'Nankyoku' literally means 'north pole', but this item has been
translated as 'Antarctic' in previous FF games, so that's the word
I used.

Reiki no Ketsushou / Cold Binding Crystal
This is my best guess for the translation.  I'm sure that 'ketsushou'
spelled differently is a real word, but I don't know the correct way
to spell it in English.

Dengekitori no Tsuno / Electric Shock Bird Horn
You can win this item from the birds that cast thunder spells in the
Uutai area, so 'dengeki' (electrick shock) and 'tori' (bird) seem to
be correct.  I think 'tsuno' implies the type of horn you use to make
a sound (and summon others), not the horn of an animal.

Yuugaibutsushitsu / Harmfulness Material
As it is, the name basically means that this object has a harmful
quality (it poisons enemies).  As strange as this sounds, this is
the actual implication of the kanji.

Jikuudan / Space-Time Bullet
'Jikuu' is time and space, and 'dan' is bullet.  What this has to do
with casting a gravity-related spell is beyond me.  I recall there
being a magic series in FF5j called 'Jikuumahou' (Time-Space Magic)
that a class of magic users could learn, and I think the gravity spells
(Juuryoku) were part of that magic set.  However, I haven't played FF5j
in at least a year, so I'm not too sure.

Souryuu no Kiba / Fang of Dragon Pair
The literal translation of the kanji is 'Pair Dragon of Fang'.  Usually,
anything with 'no' in it is supposed to be rearranged, but even then,
the name of this item doesn't make much sense.  Of course, you do win
it from Twin Head (a two-headed boss monster), so 'Dragon Pair' isn't
_that_ far off from 'twin', I guess.

Misuriru Seibaa / Mithril Saber
'Mithril' is not a real substance, but it's used in video games a lot.
It was made up by a novelist named J. R. R. Tolkien, who published a
series of fantasy books some time ago.  'Misuriru' is simply the romaji
version of this word.

Riku x syukichikou / ?
With all but one kanji translated, you think I could figure this one
out.  As it is, none of the kanji go together, making the translation
'Land x Protect Good Luck Journey'.  I have my guesses as to what this
means, but until I can get the second kanji, I'm not going to hazard
a translation.

Daianakkuru / Daia Knuckle
It would make sense if 'daia' were short for 'diamond', but I recall
hearing somewhere that 'daia' is supposed to be an incredibly hard
substance found in the Final Fantasy universe.

Purachina Fist / Platinum Fist
Like 'Chitanbanguru' (see below), 'purachina' is a real word that
means 'platinum'.  Since most people aren't familiar with it, I
simply made a double translation and wrote it as 'platinum'.

Pairubankaa / Pile Banker
This weapon looks like a harpoon or grappling hook, yet it is not a
projectile weapon.  The translation 'Pile Banker' has no meaning, but
then what could the name of this weapon be?

Supurigankurippu / Spriggan Clip
Does anyone know if 'spriggan' is a real word?  That's what I translated
'supurigan' as, since I couldn't make it into any recognizable word.

Waizaaroddo / Wizier/Confusion Rod
I assume that 'waizaa' is translated as 'wizier' (also spelled with a
'v').  According to the online dictionary I use, it means 'confusion'.
Since this weapon doesn't confuse enemies in battle, I chose to list
both meanings until I can discover which one is appropriate.

Fiariiteiru / Fairy Tail
A play on words.  What's given above is the exact translation, but
'tale' is pronounced the same way in English (as in 'fairy tale').
Get it?  Ha, ha...ahem.

Ronginusu / Long Noose
My translation of this 'long noose' is probably wrong, but I can't think
of any other translation that fits.  Any ideas?

Biiansugosuperu / Venus Gospel
Yes, 'Venus Gospel' is the correct translation of this weapon's name.  As
is usual in Japanese games, two words having to deal with two distinctly
different things (the worship of Greek gods and Christianity) have been
put together to produce a nonsensical name.

Juuji Shuriken / Cross Throwing Star
This translation seems like it makes sense, but the individual kanji mean
something like 'ten characters'.  Anyone know more about this?   Of
interest only to me is the fact that the kanji for 'shuriken' translate
individually as something like 'hand inside blade'.

Manji Shuriken / Manji Throwing Star
Unlike 'Cross Throwing Star', the manji symbol has no real meaning (at
least not in present day terms).  But before you get worked up, keep in
mind that the first symbol is not a swastika.  While they look similar,
the manji is turned counter-clockwise, and was given it's name by
Japanese Buddhists, who have used the symbol for centuries to mean good
fortune and prosperity.

Fuuma Shuriken / Wind Demon Throwing Star
This translation would work, but a lot of people are familiar with
Japanese words like 'shuriken', or the names of swords 'Masamune',
'Murasame', 'Muramasa', so this weapon and the other two may simply
be more recognizable as 'Juuji/Manji/Fuuma Shuriken'.

Fugutaiten / Irreconcilable
The translation given is the direct one, but a more loose translation
would be something like 'I'll never agree' or 'ever-clashing enemies'.

Randaru, Raiatto, Bantorain
I'm assuming that these names (given in romaji) have English equivalents
(i.e. they're real guns).  Anyone know which ones?  Also, can anyone
figure out what the CR in 'Sniper CR' and the ST in 'Highbrow ST' stand

Gin Tama Teppou / Silver Jewel Gun
The kanji for 'tama' means jewel or orb, but there's another kanji for
'tama' that means bullet.  I think the latter one would have made more
sense (as in Silver Bullet Gun), but I'm just translating what's there,

Masamune / Quick Blood Rain
I heard this translation from someone else (can't remember who, but you
get credit, of course).  However, the translations of the two individual
kanji end up meaning something like 'point of justice' as in, the sword-
point of justice (see what I mean?  This translation is sort of like
gunslingers in the old West who made their own 'justice' by killing
others.  Doesn't make too much sense unless you know about these things).
I don't know which one is correct, though.

Chitanbanguru / Titanium Bangle
This is something of a modified translation, since 'chitan' is a word
in it's own right (it's Japanese for titanium).  This kind of pairing
('real' Japanese words with romaji) is common in Japanese words and is
a nightmare to translate if you don't realize that one word is in fact
a 'genuine' word.

Eijisu no Udewa / Aegis Bracelet
I have no idea if 'eijisu' is the romaji version of 'aegis' or not, but
it seems to fit.  The word 'aegis' comes from Latin, and was a shield
carried by the gods in Greek mythology.

Shinrayasushikibougu / Shin-Ra Relaxed Form Defense Tool
I couldn't make this into anything, so it's listed here translated
kanji by kanji.  Yes, the first two characters stand for 'Shin-Ra'
as in the group that you're fighting against.  I would assume that
'Relaxed Form' means that this bracelet is weaker than the other
bracelet below?

Shinrakoukeibougukai / Shin-Ra Armor Type Defend Tool Reform
This item has pretty much the same story as the first one.  From
the meanings of the kanji, it seems as if this bracelet is a
remade, stronger version of the 'shinrayasushikibougu'?

Retsuka no Udewa / Ardent Flame Bracelet
Literally, 'violent flame' bracelet.  No matter how you translate it,
I think retsuka is supposed to mean 'great fire' as in a bonfire or
large blaze, but 'ardent flame' seemed to be the closest I could get
without changing the meaning of the word.

Kyokukou no Udewa / Aurora Bracelet
Literally, 'pole light', or the Aurora Borealis (sp)?  Together,
the kanji for 'kyokukou' mean 'aurora'.

Tenrai no Udewa / Thunder Bracelet
Literally, 'heavenly/divine thunder', perhaps referring to the wrath
or might of the gods.  Together, the kanji for 'tenrai' mean 'thunder'.

Misutiiru / Myth Tear
I know this sounds wrong, but what else could you translate it as?

Boudan Chokki / ?
Well, the kanji for 'Boudan' translate loosely as 'bulletproof'
(literally, 'protect bullet'), but I can't figure out what 'chokki'
(in romaji) is supposed to mean.  I assume it's an article of clothing
or a piece of jewelry, but can't make any definite translations.

Eremesu no Kutsu / Hermes' Shoes
I thought this seemed correct, and it would fit according to the purpose
of the item (it makes your Time Bar go faster, and Hermes was a Greek
god said to be incredibly fast), but it doesn't sound exactly right.

Tetoraerementaru / Tetra-Element
For those of you who don't know, 'tetra-' is a prefix that means 'four',
which is the reason why this accessory protects you from the four basic
elements (fire, earth, etc.)

Nusuzoku no Shoute / Thief's Vulgar Little Hand
I doubt this is the correct translation, but the kanji used for this
item all have meanings that sound right.  Anyone care to translate this
for me?

Hyupunokuraun / Hypno-Crown
'Hypno' is short for 'hypnotic', which is obvious if you consider the
effect of this item (you have a higher success rate when using the
Control/Manipulate materia).

Kyougiri / Evil Omen Slash
This could also be 'Evil Behead', 'Bad Luck Murder' or 'Villan Kill',
depending on how you translate the kanji 'kyou' and 'zan (ki)'.  In the
FF7 demo disc, this was translated as 'Cross Slash'--which is completely
wrong.  During the Break, Cloud actually slashes out the kanji for
'kyou' with his sword (Evil Omen).

Hakougeki / Breaking Clear Attack
I'm not sure if 'clear' is supposed to mean that there's nothing around,
or that something can be seen clearly, but it makes sense when written
along with the other words.

Garyuutensei / Picture Dragon Finishing Touch
There's a old story in which a boy gets a magical paintbrush that will
make whatever he paints come to life.  The boy becomes a successful
artist by painting very lifelike pictures, which he always leaves
incomplete so the drawing doesn't spring to life and leave the paper.
To make a long story short, he finishes drawing a picture of a dragon
but a drop of ink from his brush lands on the paper; right where the
dragon' eye would be, completing the picture and revealing his secret
to everyone else when the dragon flies away.

...What this has to do with Cloud's Limit Break is beyond me, but
that's what the above kanji imply, so there you have it.  Edmond Chiu
suggests that Cloud is 'drawing' a picture with his sword, and the
enemies act like the 'eyes' of the picture.

Chokyuubushinhazan / Super Ultimate War God Champion Slash
Sounds strange, doesn't it?  All the kanji used to make up this word
are seperate, although you can pair 'bu' and 'shin' together.  My
take on this is a little incomplete, but here's some of the possible

Kanji Breakdown of Cloud's Level 4 Limit Break

      Chou      Kyuu   Bu    Shin          Ha               Zan
Transcend/Hyper  Study  War   God/   Champion/Supreme  Behead/Kill
Super/Ultra                  Master                    Murder/Slash

Together, 'Bushin' means 'Army God'.  There is also a god of war called
Ashura.  If 'ha' were to mean 'champion', another implied meaning could
be 'the War God's Champion', as in, this person (the champion) is the one
who is attacking.

I'm not sure about 'study'.  Maybe it implies mastery through studying
the art of fighting/war?  Assuming the first kanji was 'transcend', it
could mean 'Transcending Knowledge' as in beyond understanding/more
important than the sum of all knowledge.

However, Edmond Chiu (who knows a lot more about kanji than I do),
suggests that the translation is "something like 'Super Ultimate War
God Champion Slash.'"  Sounds good to me.

Shoudarassyu / Palm of Hand Strike Rush
Well, rassyu (in romaji) translates as 'rush'.  But the two kanji that
make up 'shouda' have more than one meaning--I got 'palm of hand' from
'shou' and doubt if that's the correct translation (although it sounds
good in English :).

Hoshi no Shugo / Guardian Star
'Shugo' actually translates as 'protect' or 'safeguard', but it seemed
to me that 'guardian' would make more sense when written with 'star'.
I generally try to avoid putting my own spin on translations, so if you
don't like what I've written, use one of the other examples.

Seimei no Kodou / Life Beat
Obviously, what this is supposed to mean is 'heart beat', but then
again, 'life' and 'heart beat' are connected, so this isn't as strange
as it looks.

Ooinarufukuin / Great Word of God
Another translation would be 'Great Gospel'.  I wonder if this will be
translated exactly when the English version of FF7 is released? :)

Mekoushisui      / Clear Mirror, Still Water
Gaishuuichishoku / Armored Sleeves' One Touch
Seishahitsumetsu / All Living Human Must Perish
All these translations are according to Edmond Chiu, who explains that
Square used the kanji for both literal and meaningful purposes.  The
literal translations are: Bright Mirror Stop Water, Armed Shoulder One
Hit, and Life Person Inevitable Destroy.  Anyone know what 'Extract
Mountain Cover World' (Batsusangaisei) is supposed to mean?

Dairantou / Big Fray
Together 'ran' and tou' mean 'fray'.  I prefer their seperate
translations, which would make this word 'Big Riot War'.  Sounds
better, doesn't it?


This section contains a list of all the items, weapons, bracelets, and
accessories in the game.  It lists their names in Japanese and English,
and explains the purpose or effect of each item.

ポーション           Potion                1   Restores 100 HP
ハイポーション       Hi Potion             1   Restores 500 HP
エクスポーション     X Potion              1   Restores all lost HP
エーテル             Ether                 1   Restores 100 MP
エーテルターボ       Ether Turbo           1   Restores all lost MP
エリクサー           Elixir                1   Restores all lost HP/MP
ラストエリクサー     Last Elixir           A   Restores all lost HP/MP
フェニックスの尾     Phoenix Tail          1   Revive with 1/10th HP
毒消し               Poison Neutralizer    1   Cures 'Poison' status
金の針               Gold Needle           1   Cures 'Petrify' status
乙女のキッス         Virgin's Kiss         1   Cures 'Toad' status
うちでのこづち       Uchide no Koduchi     1   Cures 'Minimum' status
やまびこえんまく     Yamabikoenmaku        1   Cures 'Sleep' status
興奮剤               Stimulant             1   Causes 'Anger' status,
                                              cures 'Sadness' status
鎮静剤               Tranquilizer          1   Causes 'Sadness' status,
                                              cures 'Anger' status
万能薬               Almighty Medicine     1   Cures any status ailment
けむりだま           Silent Smoke          A   Escape from battle if
                                              used on allies or enemies
スピードドリンク     Speed Drink           1   Casts 'Haste'
英 X の薬            Ei x no Kusuri        1   Casts 'Mighty Guard'
ワクチン             Vaccine               1   Prevents status ailments
手榴弾               Shurudan              1   Minor special damage
ボムのかける         Bomb Fragment         1   Medium fire damage
ボムの右腕           Right Arm Bomb        1   Heavy special damage
金の砂時計           Gold Hourglass        A   Casts 'Stop'
死神のキッス         Death God's Kiss      A   Same effect as 'All Over'
クモの糸             Spider Thread         A   Casts 'Slow'
ドリームパウダー     Dream Powder          A   Casts 'Sleep'
サイレントマスク     Silent Mask           A   Casts 'Silence'
戦いのゴング         Battle Gong           A   Casts 'Berserk'
惑わし草             Delusion Washi Weed   A   Casts 'Confuse'
火龍の牙             Fire Dragon Fang      A   Casts 'Faira'
火とん               Fire Scroll           A   Casts 'Faiga'
南極の風             Antarctic Wind        A   Casts 'Blizara'
冷気の結晶           Cold Binding Crystal  A   Casts 'Blizaga'
電撃鳥の角           [Electric Shock Bird  A   Casts 'Sandara'
雷迅                 Fast Thunder          A   Casts 'Sandaga'
大地のドラム         Earth Drum            A   Casts 'Quera'
大地のハンマー       Earth Hammer          A   Casts 'Quega'
有害物質             Harmfulness Material  A   Casts 'Biora'
モルボルの触手       Molbol's Tentacle     A   Casts 'Bioga'
星のX                Sand Star             A   Casts 'Cometeo'
バンパイアの牙       Vampire Fang          1   Gain HP stolen from target
ゴーストハンド       Ghost Hand            1   Gain MP stolen from target
バズィリスクの爪     Basilisk's Nail       1   Causes 'Petrify'
光のカーテン         Light Curtain         A   Casts 'Barrier'
月のカーテン         Moon Curtain          A   Casts 'Mabarrier'
反射ミラー           Reflection Mirror     A   Casts 'Reflect'
聖なるとーち         Holy Torch            A   Casts 'Dispel'
巨鳥のハネ           Big Bird Feather      A   Inflicts Wind damage
海龍のウロコ         Sea Dragon Scale      A   Casts 'Aqua Breath'
モズのはやにえ       Mozu no Hayanie       1   Casts 'Toad'
チヂマール           Shorten               A   Casts 'Minimum'
目薬                 Eye Medicine          1   Cures 'Dark' status
ファイアカカテル     Fire Cocktail         1   Causes fire damage
Sマイン              S Mine                1   Medium special damage
203ミリ砲弾          [203 Million Bullet   1   Heavy special damage
重力球               Gravity Ball          1   Casts 'Gravite'
字空弾               Space-Time Bullet     1   Casts 'Gravira'
イカズミ             Ikasumi               1   Causes 'Dark'
しびれ針             Numbness Needle       1   Causes 'Paralysis'
双龍の牙             Fang of Dragon Pair   A   Causes lightning damage
魔女の大釜           Witch's Cauldron      1   Casts 'Smelly Breath'
シルキスの野菜       Shirukisu Vegetable   C   Speed, Stamina, and
                                              Kashiisa Up
レイゲンの野菜       Reigen Vegetable      C   Stamina Up
ミメットの野菜       Mimetto Vegetable     C   (no effect)*
クリーエの野菜       Kuriie Vegetable      C   Stamina Up
パサーナの野菜       Pasaana Vegetable     C   Kashiisa Up
タンタルの野菜       Tantaru Vegetable     C   Stamina and Kashiisa Up
カラッカの野菜       Karakka Vegetable     C   Kashiisa Up
ギザールの野菜       Gizaaru Vegetable     C   Stamina Up
テント               Tent                  A   Restores all lost HP/MP,
                                              only when touching a Save
                                              Point or in the World Map
パワーアップ         Power Up              1   'Power' up by one point
ガードアップ         Guard Up              1   'Guard' up by one point
マジックアップ       Magic Up              1   'Magic' up by one point
マインドアップ       Mind Up               1   'Mind'  up by one point
スピードアップ       Speed Up              1   'Speed' up by one point
ラックアップ         Luck Up               1   'Luck'  up by one point
ゼイオの実           Zeio Fruit            -   Used to breed chocobos
カラブの実           Karabu Fruit          -   Used to breed chocobos
ポロフの実           Porofu Fruit          -   Used to breed chocobos
パラムの実           Paramu Fruit          -   Used to breed chocobos
ラサンの実           Rasan Fruit           -   Used to breed chocobos
サラハの実           Saraha Fruit          -   Used to breed chocobos
ルジルの実           Rujiru Fruit          -   Used to breed chocobos
ピピオの実           Pipio Fruit           -   Used to breed chocobos
ズィンクバッテリー   Zinc Battery          -   Used in Midgar, Disc One
ポケットティッシュ   Pocket Tissue         -  
超究武神覇斬         S. U. W. G. C. S.     M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Cloud
カタストロフィ       Catastrophe           M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Barett
ファイナルヘヴァン   Final Heaven          M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Tifa
大いなる福音         Great Word of God     M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Aerith
コスモメモリー       Cosmo Memory          M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Red 13
森羅万象             Universe              M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Yuffie
カオス               Chaos                 M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Vincent
ハイウインド         Highwind              M   Lv.4 Limit Break - Cid
1/35神羅             1/35 Shin-Ra x        -   Part of a set of twelve?
超合金スイーパー     Super Alloy Sweeper   -   (no purpose)
マサムネブレード     Masamune Blade        -   (no purpose)
セーブクリスタル     Save Crystal          -   Make a save point one time
                                              only in the Makou Pit
ディオ激問日記       [Dio's Exciting Fight -   (no purpose)
サイン色紙           Signed Colored Paper  -   (no purpose)
人生バクチ打ち       _My Life's Gambling_  -   (no purpose)

1 = Affects one target only.
A = Affects all targets (all allies or all enemies).
C = Only Affects chocobos that you've captured in Disc 2 or 3.
   If used in battle, these items restore 100 HP to the target.
M = This is the manual required for a character to learn his or
   her 4th Level (also called Ultimate) Limit Break.
* = This item has no effect when used on Chocobos, but it can be used
   to get the Fuuin materia and can be used in conjuction with a Teki
   no Waza materia to learn the Enemy Skill 'Chocobockle'.

WEAPON NAME          TRANSLATION           ATK.    HIT.    HOLDERS    AP

CLOUD - SWORDS  _________________________________________________________
バスターソード       Buster Sword           18      96     2c
ミスリルセイバー     Mithril Saber          23      98     2c/1s
ハードブレイカー     Hard Breaker           32      98     2c/2s
バタフライエッジ     Butterfly Edge         39     100     4c
エンハンスソード     Enhance Sword          43     107     8c
オーガニクス         Ogre Nix               62     103     4c/2s
クリスタルソード     Crystal Sword          76     105     6c
フォースイーター     Force Eater            36     100     3s        APx2
ルーンブレイド       Rune Blade             40     108     4s        APx2
村雨                 Murasame               51     100     4c/1s
釘バット             Nail Bat               70     100     none
陸 X 守吉行          Riku x syukichikou     56     100     2s
アポカリプス         Apocalypse             88     110     3s        APx3
天の巌霎             Ten no Ganshou         93     100     6s
ラグナロク           Ragnarok               97     105     6c
アルテマウェポン     Ultima Weapon         100     110     8c        APx0

TIFA - GLOVES  __________________________________________________________
レザーグローブ       Leather Glove          13      99     1s
メタルナクル         Metal Knuckle          18     102     2c
ミスリルクロー       Mithril Claw           24     106     2c/1s
グランドグラブ       Grand Glove            31     110     2c/2s
タイガーファング     Tiger Fang             38     110     4c
ダイアナックル       Daia Knuckle           51     112     4c/1s
ドラゴンクロー       Dragon Claw            62     114     4c/2s
クリスタルグラブ     Crystal Glove          75     115     6c
モータードライブ     Motor Drive            27     106     3s        APx2
プラチナフィスト     Platinum Fist          30     108     4s        APx2
カイザーナックル     Kaiser Knuckle         44     110     2c/6s
軍手                 Army Cotton Gloves     68     114     none
オーバーソウル       Over (-head) throw     28     106     4s        APx2
マスターフィスト     Master Fist            38     108     6s
ゴッドハンド         God Hand               86     255     4c
プレミアムハート     Premium Heart          99     112     8c        APx0

- The Overthrow will 'power-up' when Tifa is in critical condition
  (i.e. near death).
- The Master Fist will power-up when Tifa is suffering from a status
  ailment.  (NSS)

BARETT - CANNONS  _______________________________________________________
ガトリングガン       Gatling Gun            14      97     1s
アサルトガン         Assault Gun            17      98     2c
キャノンボール       Cannonball             23      98     2c/1s
アトミックシザー     Atomic Scissor         32      99     2c/2s
ハードバルカン       Hard Vulcan            39     100     4c
チェーンソー         Chainsaw               52     100     4c/1s
マイクロレーザー     Micro Laser            63     101     4c/2s
AMキャノン           A. M. Cannon           77     103     6c
Wマシンガン          Double Machine Gun     30     100     3s        APx2
ドリルアーム         Drill Arm              37      97     4s        APx2
ソリッドバズーカ     Solid Bazooka          61     100     8c
ロケットパンチ       Rocket Punch           62     110     none
エネミーランチャ     Enemy Launcher         35     100     2c/3s
パイルバンカー       Pile Banker            90      80     6c        APx0
マキシマムレイ       Maximum Ray            97      98     6c
ミッシングスコア     Missing Score          98     108     8c        APx0

- The Gatling Gun, Assault Gun, Cannonball, Hard Vulcan, Micro Laser,
  A. M. Cannon, Double Machine Gun, Solid Bazooka, Enemy Launcher,
  Maximum Ray, and Missing Score are all projectile weapons.  They will
  cause the same amount of damage whether Barett is in the front or
  back row.

RED 13 - COMBS  _________________________________________________________
ミスリルクリップ     Mithril Clip           24     100     2c/1s
ギヤマンヘアピン     Giyaman Hairpin        33     102     2c/2s
シルバーバレッタ     Silver Baretta         40     110     4c
ゴールドバレッタ     Gold Baretta           50     104     4c/1s
アダマンクリップ     Adamant Clip           60     106     4c/2s
クリスタルコーム     Crystal Comb           76     108     6c
マジックコーム       Magic Comb             37     100     3s        APx2
プラチナバレッタ     Platinum Baretta       39     104     4s        APx2
セントクリップ       Battle Clip            58     108     8s
かんざし             Kanzashi               57     120     none
セラフコーム         Seraph Comb            68     110     4s
ベ二ーモスホン       Behimoth Horn          91      75     6s
スプリガンクリップ   Spriggan Clip          87     100     6c
リミテッドムーン     Limited Moon           93     114     8c        APx0

- The Kanzashi will hit for the same amount of damage whether Red 13 is
  in the front or the back row during battles.

AERITH - RODS  __________________________________________________________
ガードロッド         Guard Rod              12      99     1s
ミスリルロッド       Mithril Rod            16     100     2c
フルメタルロッド     Full Metal Rod         22     100     2c/1s
ストライクロッド     Strike Rod             32     100     2c/2s
プリズムロッド       Prism Rod              40     105     4c
オーロラロッド       Aurora Rod             51     110     4c/1s
ウィザードロッド     Wizard Rod             28     100     3s        APx2
ウァイザーロッド     Confusion/Vizier Rod   33     100     4s        APx2
フェアリーテイル     Fairy Tail             37     103     7s
アンブレラ           Umbrella               58     118     none
プリンセスアード     Princess Guard         52     111     6c/1s

- "Mamoru beki x gairuto (pawaa appu)"
  The Princess Guard (should) power-up when protecting an ally.  (NSS)

CID - POLEARMS  _________________________________________________________
スイパ               Spear                  44      97     2c/2s
スラッシュパイク     Slash Pike             56      98     4c/1s
トライデント         Trident                60     105     6s
ポーレアックス       Pole Axe               64      99     4c/2s
パレチガン           Partisan               78     100     6c
蛇矛                 Serpent Halberd        58     102     4s        APx2
ジャベリン           Javelin                62     104     4c/1s     APx2
グローランス         Glow Lance             78     102     6c
モップ               Mop                    68     118     none
ドラグーンランス     Dragoon Lance          66     100     8s
X 龍 X 月刀         x ryuu x getsutou      86     102     2c        APx3
方天画 X             Houtenga x            100     100     6s
ロンギヌス           Ronginusu              92     112     4c
ビーアンスゴスペル   Venus Gospel           97     103     8c        APx0

YUFFIE - SHURIKEN  ______________________________________________________
十字手裏剣           Juuji Shuriken         23     100     2c/1s
ブーメラン           Boomerang              30     101     2c/2s
風車                 Windmill               37     104     4c
円月輪               Crescent Moon Ring     49     105     4c/1s
ホークアイ           Hawk Eye               61     107     4c/2s
クリスタルクロウ     Crystal Cross          74     110     6c
風斬り               Wind Slasher           30     103     3s        APx2
シーンヴァイパー     Twin Viper             36     108     4s        APx2
卍手裏剣             Manji Shuriken         68     110     2c/6s
スーパーボール       Super Ball             68     120     none
風 X 手裏剣          Fuuma Shuriken         64     113     3s
ライジングサン       Rising Sun             68     108     4c        APx2
圻り X               Kari x                 90     116     4c/4s
不倶載天             Irreconcilable         96     112     8c        APx0

- Yuffie will always strike for the same amount of damage whether she
  is in the front or back row since she uses projectile weapons.

CAIT SITH - MEGAPHONES  _________________________________________________
イエローメガホン     Yellow Megaphone       36     100     2c/2s
グリーンメガホン     Green Megaphone        41     100     4c
ブルーメガホン       Blue Megaphone         48     100     4c/1s
レッドメガホン       Red Megaphone          60     100     4c/2s
クリスタルメガホン   Crystal Megaphone      74     100     6c
ホワイトメガホン     White Megaphone        35     102     3s        APx2
ブラックメガホン     Black Megaphone        31     104     4s        APx2
シルバーメガホン     Silver Megaphone       28     106     8s
法 X X               Hou xx                 68     118     none
ゴールドメガホン     Gold Megaphone         58     103     8c
突 X ラッパ          Totsu x rappa          95      95     6c        APx0
スターライトホン     Starlight Phone        88     102     8c
マーベラスチアー     Marvelous Cheer        95     110     8c        APx0

VINCENT - GUNS  _________________________________________________________
クイックシルバー     Quicksilver            38     110     2c/2s
スパス               Super                  48     112     4c
ランダル             Landal                 51     118     4c/1s
ライアット           Raiatto                64     120     4c/2s
ウィンチェスター     Winchester             73     120     6c
ピースメーカー       Peacemaker             38     118     2c/1s     APx2
バントライン         Bantorain              48     124     4c        APx2
ロンゲバアレルR      Longbarrel R (Rifle)   66     255     8c
銀玉鉄砲             Silver Jewel Gun       62     120     none
スナイパCR           Sniper CR              42     255     4c
ハイブロウST         Highbrow ST            97     120     6c        APx0
アウトサイダー       Outsider               80     120     4c/4s
デスペナルチ         Death Penalty          99     115     8c        APx0

- Vincent will always strike for the same amount of damage whether he
  is in the front or back row since he uses projectile weapons.

SEPHIROTH - KATANA  _____________________________________________________
正宗                 Masamune               99     255     6c

- The materia description acts as if this item has no holders.  You can
  only get this weapon by using the Item Select GS code (look elsewhere
  in the FAQ for details).  It appears with a handgun icon, as if it
  were a weapon for Vincent, but he cannot equip it.  Equipping it on
  Sephiroth is kinda useless since he already has one.

ブロンズバングル     Bronze Bangle          8    0    0    0  none
アイアンバングル     Iron Bangle           10    0    2    0  1s
チタンバングル       Titanium Bangle       14    2    4    0  2s
ミスリルの腕輪       Mithril Bracelet      18    3    8    0  2c
カアボンバングル     Carbon Bangle         27    3   14    0  2c/1s
銀の腕輪             Silver Bracelet       34    4   22    0  2c/2s
金の腕輪             Gold Bracelet         46    4   28    0  4c
ダイアバングル       Daia Bangle           57    6   37    0  4c/1s
クリスタルバングル   Crystal Bangle        70    8   45    1  6c
プラチナバングル     Platinum Bangle       20    0   12    0  2s     APx2
ルーンの腕輪         Rune Bracelet         43    5   24    0  4s     APx2
エジンコート         Ejinkooto             50    0   33    0  7s
ウィザードブレス     Wizard Brace           6    3   85    3  8c
アダマンバングル     Adamant Bangle        93    0   23    0  2c
ギガースの腕輪       Gigas Bracelet        59    0    0    0  4c/1s  APx0
インペリアルガード   Imperial Guard        82    0   74    0  6c
エイジスの腕輪       Aegis Bracelet        55   15   86   50  4c
フォースブレス       Force Brace           74    3  100    3  4c/1s
ウォーリアバングル   Warrior Bangle        96    0   21    0  4c     APx0
神羅安式防具         [Shin-Ra Relaxed      30    0    0    0  2c/2s
                     Form Defense Tool]
神羅甲型防具改       [Shin-Ra Armor Type   77    0   34    0  6c
                     Defend Tool Reform]
フォウスロット       Four Slot             12    0   10    0  4s
烈火の腕割           [Ardent Flame         72    8   52    3  4c
極光の腕輪           Aurora Bracelet       76    8   54    3  4c
天雷の腕輪           Thunder Bracelet      74    8   55    3  4c
ドラゴンの腕輪       Dragon Bracelet       58    3   47    2  6c
ミネルバブレス       Minerva Brace         60    8   57    0  6c
エスコートガード     Escort Guard          62    5   55    0  6c
ミスティール         Myth Tear             65   50   72   60  6c
ザイドリッツ         Zaidorittsu          100   15   98   18  none
X X 腕 X 計         xx wan x kei           0    0    0    0  8s
チョコボの腕輪       Chocobo Bracelet      35   10   38   10  4s

 Ardent Flame Bracelet  -  Absorb fire-based attacks.
 Aurora Bracelet        -  Absorb cold-based attacks.
 Thunder Bracelet       -  Absorb lighting-based attacks.
 Dragon Bracelet        -  Half damage from fire, cold, and lightning-
                           based attacks.
 Escort Guard           -  No damage from lighting, earth, water, or
                           poison-based attacks.
 Zaidorittsu            -  Half damage from every damage type.
 Chocobo Bracelet       -  Speed increases by 30 points when worn.
 Minerva Brace          -  Can only be worn by women (Aerith, Tifa,
                           or Yuffie).

パワーリスト         Power Wrist          Power goes up by 10
防弾チョッキ         Boudan Chokki        Strength goes up by 10
イヤリング           Earring              Magic goes up by 10
タリスマン           Talisman             Mental Power goes up by 10
チョコボのはね       Chocobo Feather      Speed goes up by 10
お守り               Charm                Luck goes up by 10
チャンピオンベルト   Champion Belt        Power and Strength go up by 30
ポイズンリング       Poison Ring          Absorbs Poison-based attacks,
                                         and your attacks strike with
                                         the 'Poison' attribute
タフネスリング       Toughness Ring       Strength and Mental Power go
                                         up by 50
サークレット         Sacred               Magic and Mental Power go up
                                         by 30
星のペンダント       Star Pendant         Immune to Poison
銀縁メガネ           Silver Edge Glasses  Immune to Dark
ハチマキ             Headband             Immune to Sleep
フェアリーリング     Fairy Ring           Immune to Poison and Darkness
ジュエルリング       Jewel Ring           Immune to Petrify, Slow
                                         Petrifying, and Paralysis
ハワイトケエウ       White Cape           Immune to Minimum and Toad
エレメスのくつ       Hermes' Shoes        Automatic 'Haste' in battle
安らぎの指輪         Peace Ring           Immune to Sadness, Anger,
                                         Confusion, and Berserk
リボン               Ribbon               Immune to Sleep, Poison,
                                         Sadness, Anger, Confusion,
                                         Silence, Toad, Minimum, Slow
                                         Petrifying, Petrify,
                                         Condemned, Berserk,
                                         Paralysis, and Darkness
炎のおの指輪         Flame Ring           Immune to fire-based attacks
冷気の指輪           Cold Ring            Immune to cold-based attacks
雷の指輪             Thunder Ring         Immune to lighting-based
テトラエレメンタル   Tetra-Elemental      Absorb fire, cold, lightning
                                         and earth-based attacks
セーフティビット     Safety Bit           Immune to Death, Slow
                                         Petrifying, Petrify and
怒りの指輪           Angry Ring           Automatic 'Berserk' in battle
呪いの指輪           Cursed Ring          Status up (?); but you're
                                         Condemned during battles
守りの指輪           Protection Ring      Automatic 'Barrier' and
                                         'Mabarrier' in battles
タマのすず           Spirit Bell          Regain 2 HP with each full step
リフレクトリング     Reflector Ring       Automatic 'Reflect' in battle
水の指輪             Water Ring           Absorbs water-based attacks
盗族の小手           Nusuzoku no Shoute   Increases success rate when
                                         using 'Steal' or 'Plunder'
ヒュプノクラウン     Hypno-Crown          Increases succes rate when
                                         using 'Control' on enemies

 Cursed Ring - If you die while wearing this ring (or if time runs
               out), and you are revived, the counter will not
               appear again.


This section is a list of each shop in the game and what you can purchase
there.  Please keep the following notation in mind:

Bracelet    - a bracelet anyone can wear.  'd' means 'Defense Power'
             and the number afterwards shows what your defense power
             will be changed to if this bracelet is equipped.  Next
             to that is a number and a letter; this indicates the
             number of Materia holders and whether they are single
             (s), or combined (c).
Weapon      - a weapon.  The name next to it indicates who can wield
             it.  'a' means 'Attack Power' and the number afterwards
             shows what your attack power will be changed to if this
             weapon is carried.  Next to that is a number and a
             letter; this indicates the number of Materia holders and
             whether they are single (s), or combined (c).  'None'
             means that that weapon has no Materia holders.

All the statistics below apply to all three discs.  If the goods for
sale or prices change from one disc to the next, then it will say
'(location) - DISC #' afterwards, which is why a location may be listed
more than once.

MIDGAR - AREA 7 TOWN  ___________________________________________________

INN - TOP OF BUILDING       10 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia

 Iron Bangle              160      Bracelet  - d10  1s
 Assault Gun              350      Barett    - a17  2c
 Shurudan                  80      Item

MIDGAR - AREA 5 TOWN  ___________________________________________________

INN - AERITH'S HOUSE         0 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia

 Titanium Bangle          280      Bracelet  - d14  2s
 Shurudan                  80      Item

MIDGAR - WALL MARKET  ___________________________________________________

INN                        300 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Yamabikoenmaku           100      Item
 Eye Medicine              50      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

MATERIA SHOP  (after Area 7 is destroyed)
 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia
 Cover                   1000      Independent Materia

 Mithril Rod              370      Aerith    - a16  2c
 Metal Knuckle            320      Tifa      - a18  2c
 Assault Gun              350      Barett    - a17  2c
 Titanium Bangle          280      Bracelet  - d14  2s
 Mithril Bracelet         350      Bracelet  - d18  2c

 Zinc Battery             300      Item (Disc 1 only)
 Nusuzoku no Shoute    129000      Accessory (Disc 2+)

GENERATOR NEAR AREA 7 TOWN  ______________________________________________

MAN SELLING ITEMS (during fight atop the power generator)
 Potion                    50 gil  Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Shurudan                  80      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

KALM TOWN  ______________________________________________________________

INN                        300 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Eye Medicine              50      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Earth                   1500      Magic Materia
 Poison                  1500      Magic Materia
 Steal                   1200      Command Materia
 See Through             1000      Command Materia
 Remedy                  1500      Magic Materia

 Mithril Saber           1000      Cloud     - a23  2c/1s
 Cannonball               950      Barett    - a23  2c/1s
 Mithril Claw             750      Tifa      - a24  2c/1s
 Full Metal Rod           800      Aerith    - a22  2c/1s
 Mithril Bracelet         350      Bracelet  - d18  2c/1s

CHOCOBO FARM  ___________________________________________________________

INN - MAIN HOUSE           100 gil

 Chocobo Collect         2000      Independent Materia

 Rasan Fruit              600      Item
 Saraha Fruit             400      Item
 Ruchiru Fruit            200      Item
 Pipio Fruit              100      Item
 Mimetto Vegetable       1500      Item
 Kuriie Vegetable        1000      Item
 Pasaana Vegetable        800      Item
 Tantaru Vegetable        400      Item
 Karakka Vegetable        250      Item
 Gizaaru Vegetable        100      Item

 Purchase Stall (1-6)   10000      Used to breed Chocobos

CONDOR FORT  ____________________________________________________________

INN - BEDROOM                0 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia

CONDOR FORT - DISC TWO AND THREE  _______________________________________

INN - BEDROOM                0 gil

 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item
 S Mine                  1000      Item

 Throw                  10000      Command Materia
 Manipulate             10000      Command Materia
 Certain Kill           10000      Command Materia
 Annihilation            9000      Magic Materia
 Affect All             20000      Combination Materia

JUNON TOWN - OUTER AREA  ________________________________________________

INN - WOMAN'S HOUSE          0 gil  (you must save Purishira first)

 Mithril Bracelet         350      Bracelet  - d18  2c/1s
 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Shurudan                  80      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

LIFT TO INNER AREA          10

JUNON TOWN - INNER AREA  ________________________________________________

INN - FIFTH DOOR            30 gil (Disc 1)

 See Through             1000      Command Materia
 Seal                    3000      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia
 Remedy                  1500      Magic Materia
 Resurrect               3000      Magic Materia

 Hard Breaker            1500      Cloud     - a32  2c/2s
 Grand Glove             1200      Tifa      - a31  2c/2s
 Atomic Scissor          1400      Barett    - a32  2c/2s
 Strike Rod              1300      Aerith    - a32  2c/2s
 Giyaman Hairpin         1300      Red XIII  - a33  2c/2s
 Boomerang               1400      Yuffie    - a30  2c/2s

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Eye Medicine              50      Item
 Yamabikoenmaku           100      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Earth                   1500      Magic Materia
 Poison                  1500      Magic Materia

 Silver Edge Glasses     3000      Accessory
 Headband                3000      Accessory

 Mithril Saber           1000      Cloud     - a23  2c/1s
 Cannonball               950      Barett    - a23  2c/1s
 Mithril Claw             750      Tifa      - a24  2c/1s
 Full Metal Rod           800      Aerith    - a22  2c/1s
 Mithril Clip             800      Red XIII  - a24  2c/1s

JUNON TOWN - INNER AREA - DISC TWO AND THREE  ___________________________

INN - FIFTH DOOR           400 gil

 See Through             1000      Command Materia
 Seal                    3000      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia
 Remedy                  1500      Magic Materia
 Resurrect               3000      Magic Materia

 Rune Blade              3800      Cloud     - a40  4s
 Enhance Sword          12000      Cloud     - a43  8c
 Double Machine Gun      2000      Barett    - a30  3s
 Drill Arm               3300      Barett    - a37  4s
 Platinum Fist           2700      Tifa      - a30  4s
 Kaiser Knuckle         15000      Tifa      - a44  2c/6s
 Fairy Tail              2500      Aerith    - a37  7s

 Wind Slasher            2000      Yuffie    - a30  3s
 Twin Viper              3200      Yuffie    - a36  4s
 Serpent Halberd         7000      Cid       - a58  4s
 Dragoon Lance           6200      Cid       - a66  8s
 Peacemaker              3500      Vincent   - a38  2c/1s
 Bantorain               6800      Vincent   - a48  4c
 Magic Comb              2000      Red XIII  - a37  3s
 Platinum Baretta        3500      Red XIII  - a39  4s
 Wizard Rod              1800      Aerith    - a28  3s
 Confusion/Vizier Rod    3200      Aerith    - a33  4s

 Nail Bat                2800      Cloud     - a70  none
 Rocket Punch            3200      Barett    - a62  none
 Army Cotton Gloves      2200      Tifa      - a68  none
 Kanzashi                6000      Red XIII  - a57  none
 Super Ball              3000      Yuffie    - a68  none
 Hou x x                 3000      Cait Sith - a68  none
 Mop                     3200      Cid       - a68  none
 Silver Jewel Gun        3000      Vincent   - a62  none

 Platinum Bangle         1800      Bracelet  - d20  2s
 Overthrow               4200      Tifa      - a28  4s
 Enemy Launcher          3300      Barett    - a35  2c/3s
 Fuuma Shuriken          6000      Yuffie    - a64  3s
 White Megaphone         2300      Cait Sith - a35  3s
 Black Megaphone         2800      Cait Sith - a31  4s
 Silver Megaphone        3300      Cait Sith - a28  8s
 Sniper CR               3300      Vincent   - a42  4c

 Atomic Scissor          1400      Barett    - a32  2c/2s
 Grand Glove             1200      Tifa      - a31  2c/2s
 Strike Rod              1300      Aerith    - a32  2c/2s
 Giyaman Hairpin         1300      Red XIII  - a33  2c/2s
 Boomerang               1400      Yuffie    - a30  2c/2s
 Yellow Megaphone         500      Cait Sith - a36  2c/2s
 Spear                   1200      Cid       - a44  2c/2s
 Trident                 7500      Cid       - a60  6s
 Quicksilver             1000      Vincent   - a38  2c/2s

SHINRA BOAT  ____________________________________________________________

 Super Drink              250 gil  (restores HP/MP)

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item

COSTA DEL SOL  __________________________________________________________

INN                        200 gil
BUYING A HOUSE           30000

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Gold Needle              150      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Eye Medicine              50      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Remedy                  1500      Magic Materia
 Revive                  3000      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia
 Seal                    3000      Magic Materia
 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia

 Platinum Bangle         1800      Bracelet  - d20  2s
 Carbon Bangle            800      Bracelet  - d27  2c/1s
 Four Slot               1300      Bracelet  - d12  4s
 Fire Cocktail            400      Item

COSTA DEL SOL - DISC TWO AND THREE  _____________________________________

INN                          0 gil
BUYING A HOUSE           30000

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Earth                   1500      Magic Materia
 Gravity                 8000      Magic Materia
 Poison                  1500      Magic Materia

 Solid Bazooka          16000      Barett    - a61  8c
 Sento Clip             14000      Red XIII  - a58  8s
 Manji Throwing Star    14000      Yuffie    - a68  2c/6s
 Longbarrel R (Rifle)   13000      Vincent   - a66  8c
 Gold Megaphone         15000      Cait Sith - a58  8c
 S Mine                  1000      Item

NORTH COREL  ____________________________________________________________

INN                         50 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Transform               5000      Magic Materia
 Virgin's Kiss            150      Item
 Uchide no Koduchi        150      Item
 Gold Needle              150      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item

 Carbon Bangle            800      Bracelet  - d27  2c/1s
 Force Eater             2200      Cloud     - a36  3s
 Fire Cocktail            400      Item

GOLD SAUCER  ____________________________________________________________

ENTRANCE FEE              3000 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Virgin's Kiss            150      Item
 Uchide no Koduchi        150      Item
 Gold Needle              150      Item
 Yamabikoenmaku           100      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item


 Ghost Hotel (Inn)          5

 Ferris Wheel               3

 'Shooting Coaster'        10

 Arena Battle              10

Potion                       1      Item
Ether                       20      Item
X Potion                    80      Item
Ether Turbo                100      Item
Gold Ticket                300
????????                   500

Arm Wrestling              100 gil
Basket Game                200
Wonder Catcher             100
Mog House                  100
Urani (Fortune Teller)      50
G Bike                     200
3D Battler                 200

GONGAGA TOWN  ___________________________________________________________

INN                        300 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Tent                     500      Item
 Virgin's Kiss            150      Item
 Uchide no Koduchi        150      Item
 Gold Needle              150      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item

 Headband                3000      Accessory
 Silver Edge Glasses     3000      Accessory
 Star Pendant            4000      Accessory
 Talisman                4000      Accessory
 White Cape              5000      Accessory
 Angry Ring              5000      Accessory
 Perplex                 6000      Magic Materia
 Time                    6000      Magic Materia
 Remedy                  1500      Magic Materia
 Transform               5000      Magic Materia

 Hard Breaker            1500      Cloud     - a32  2c/2s
 Grand Glove             1200      Tifa      - a31  2c/2s
 Atomic Scissor          1400      Barett    - a32  2c/2s
 Strike Rod              1300      Aerith    - a32  2c/2s
 Giyaman Hairpin         1300      Red XIII  - a33  2c/2s
 Boomerang               1400      Yuffie    - a30  2c/2s
 Mozu no Hayanie          500      Item
 Shorten                  400      Item
 Fire Cocktail            400      Item

COSMO CANYON  ___________________________________________________________

INN - SECOND FLOOR         100 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Tent                     500      Item
 Virgin's Kiss            150      Item
 Uchide no Koduchi        150      Item
 Gold Needle              150      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item

 MP Up                   8000      Independent Materia
 HP UP                   8000      Independent Materia
 Perplex                 6000      Magic Materia
 Transform               5000      Magic Materia

 Butterfly Edge          2800      Cloud     - a39  4c
 Tiger Fang              2500      Tifa      - a38  4c
 Hard Vulcan             2700      Barett    - a39  4c
 Prism Rod               2600      Aerith    - a40  4c
 Silver Baretta          2500      Red XIII  - a40  4c
 Windmill                2600      Yuffie    - a37  4c
 Green Megaphone         2400      Cait Sith - a41  4c
 Silver Bracelet         1300      Bracelet  - d34  2c/2s

COREL PRISON  ___________________________________________________________

 Potion                    50  gil
 Phoenix Tail             300
 Tent                     500

NIVELHEIM  ______________________________________________________________

INN                        100 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

ROCKET TOWN - DISC ONE __________________________________________________

INN                       100 gil

 Supasu                 3100       Vincent   - a48  4c
 Gold Bracelet          2000       Bracelet  - d46  4c
 Power Wrist            7500       Accessory
 Boudan Chokki          3500       Accessory
 Earring                7500       Accessory
 Talisman               4000       Accessory

 Potion                   50       Item
 Hi Potion               300       Item
 Phoenix Tail            300       Item
 Ether                  1500       Item
 Stimulant               100       Item
 Tranquilizer            100       Item
 Tent                    500       Item
 Barrier               10000       Magic Materia
 Seperation            10000       Magic Materia
 Time                  10000       Magic Materia

ROCKET TOWN - DISC 2 ____________________________________________________

INN                        300 gil

 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Tent                     500      Item
 Barrier                10000      Magic Materia
 Seperation             10000      Magic Materia
 Time                    6000      Magic Materia
 Throw                  10000      Command Materia
 Certain Kill           10000      Command Materia
 Manipulate             10000      Command Materia

 S Mine                  1000      Item
 Gold Bracelet           2000      Bracelet  - d46  4c
 Ejinkooto               8000      Bracelet  - d50  7c
 Power Wrist             7500      Accessory
 Boudan Chokki           3500      Accessory
 Earring                 7500      Accessory
 Talisman                4000      Accessory
 Peace Ring              7500      Accessory
 Safety Bit              7500      Accessory

UUTAI  __________________________________________________________________

INN                          0 gil

 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item
 Fire Scroll              800      Item
 Fast Thunder             800      Item
 Chocobo Feather        10000      Accessory

 Murasame                6500      Cloud     - a51  4c/1s
 Daia Knuckle            5800      Tifa      - a51  4c/1s
 Chainsaw                6300      Barett    - a52  4c/1s
 Aurora Rod              5800      Aerith    - a51  4c/1s
 Gold Baretta            6000      Red XIII  - a50  4c/1s
 Slash Pike              6500      Cid       - a56  4c/1s
 Blue Megaphone          5500      Cait Sith - a48  4c/1s
 Crescent Moon Ring      6000      Yuffie    - a49  4c/1s
 Randaru                 6400      Vincent   - a51  4c/1s

EXCAVATORS' SITE  _______________________________________________________

 Placing Diggers          100 gil
 Daia Bangle             3200      Bracelet  - d57  4c/1s
 Rune Bracelet           3700      Bracelet  - d43  4s
 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail              30      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

THE TEMPLE  _____________________________________________________________

 Potion                    50      Item
 Hi Potion                 300     Item
 Phoenix Tail              300     Item
 Ether                     1500    Item
 Stimulant                 100     Item
 Tranquilizer              100     Item
 Virgin's Kiss             150     Item
 Tent                      500     Item

ICICLE LODGE  ___________________________________________________________

INN                        200 gil

 Ogre Nix               12000      Cloud     - a62  4c/2s
 Dragon Claw            10000      Tifa      - a62  4c/2s
 Micro Razor            12000      Barett    - a63  4c/2s
 Adamant Clip           11000      Red XIII  - a60  4c/2s
 Hawk Eye               12000      Yuffie    - a61  4c/2s
 Red Megaphone          12000      Cait Sith - a60  4c/2s
 Pole Axe               13000      Cid       - a64  4c/2s
 Raiatto                12000      Vincent   - a64  4c/2s
 Tent                     500      Item
 Hi Potion                300      Item

CHOCOBO SENNIN  _________________________________________________________

 Porofu Fruit            2000 gil  Item
 Paramu Fruit            1500      Item
 Shirukisu Vegetable     5000      Item
 Reigen Vegetable        3000      Item

MIDEEL VILLAGE  _________________________________________________________

INN - NURSE                  0 gil

 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Down             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Almighty Medicine       1000      Item
 Tent                     100      Item

 HP Up                   8000      Independent Materia
 MP Up                   8000      Independent Materia
 Transform               5000      Magic Materia
 Gravity                 8000      Magic Materia
 Annihilation            9000      Magic Materia

 Crystal Sword          18000      Cloud     - a76  6c
 Crystal Glove          16000      Tifa      - a75  6c
 A.M Cannon             18000      Barett    - a77  6c
 Crystal Comb           17000      Red XIII  - a76  6c
 Crystal Cross          18000      Yuffie    - a74  6c
 Crystal Megaphone      18000      Cait Sith - a74  6c
 Partisan               19000      Cid       - a78  6c
 Winchester             18000      Vincent   - a73  6c
 Crystal Bangle          4800      Bracelet  - d70  6c
 Wizard Brace           12000      Bracelet  - d6   8c

 Charm                  10000      Accessory
 Flame Ring              8000      Accessory
 Cold Ring               8000      Accessory
 Thunder Ring            8000      Accessory
 Fairy Ring              7000      Accessory
 Jewel Ring              7500      Accessory
 White Cape              5000      Accessory

MIDEEL VILLAGE - AFTER IT IS DESTROYED / DISC 3  ________________________

INN - NURSE                  0 gil

 Potion                    50      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Poison Neutralizer        80      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Charm                  10000      Accessory
 Flame Ring              8000      Accessory
 Cold Ring               8000      Accessory
 Thunder Ring            8000      Accessory
 Fairy Ring              7000      Accessory
 Jewel Ring              7500      Accessory
 White Cape              5000      Accessory

 Flame                    600      Magic Materia
 Cold                     600      Magic Materia
 Thunder                  600      Magic Materia
 Recovery                 750      Magic Materia

 Hi Potion                300      Item
 Phoenix Tail             300      Item
 Ether                   1500      Item
 Stimulant                100      Item
 Tranquilizer             100      Item
 Almighty Medicine       1000      Item
 Tent                     500      Item

 Crystal Sword          18000      Cloud     - a76  6c
 Crystal Glove          16000      Tifa      - a75  6c
 A. M. Cannon           18000      Barett    - a77  6c
 Crystal Comb           17000      Red XIII  - a76  6c
 Crystal Cross          18000      Yuffie    - a74  6c
 Crystal Megaphone      18000      Cait Sith - a74  6c
 Partisan               19000      Cid       - a78  6c
 Winchester             18000      Vincent   - a73  6c
 Crystal Bangle          4800      Bracelet  - d70  6c
 Wizard Brace           12000      Bracelet  - d6   8c

 HP UP                   8000      Independent Materia
 MP Up                   8000      Independent Materia
 Transform               5000      Magic Materia
 Gravity                 8000      Magic Materia
 Annihilation            9000      Magic Materia

* Depending on how many times you met the kid before Mideel was
 destroyed determines what he has for sale.


This section lists each monster in the game and gives it's statistics,
what you can win from it, where it's found at, and other information,
all shown below:

Name in Kanji/Kana  NAME IN ROMAJI  
 Exp. Level       Amount of EXP won  Can you steal from it?
 Maximum HP       Amount of AP won   Can you win something from it?
 Maximum MP       Amount of Gil won  Can you morph it into something?
 Can you control it?
 Attacks it uses in battle:
 Notes: (weaknesses, where it can be found, etc.)

I'd also like to say right now that this section was NOT written by
me.  What I did is take the original document and simply translate
it from Japanese to English, as well as re-format it.  _All_ I did
was translate it, the document was _originally_ written by someone
else.  Because of this, I haven't verified much of this document, so
don't ask me questions about this section because I won't be able to
answer them.  (I know I sound like a jerk, but I can see it coming).

Which brings me to another problem.  I can't view Japanese characters
on my web browser--I'm pretty sure I found this document at a place
called the 'Final Fantasy VII Database', or something close to that,
but when I went back to what I thought was the correct site, there
was no FF7 section.  Also, since I can't see Japanese characters, I
have no idea who I should be giving credit to (since someone else wrote
this section, remember?)  If anyone knows the URL of the site I'm
talking about, or knows who wrote this monster list, please tell me
so I can give proper credit.

Remember, my Japanese is limited at best, so I'm sure there's a lot
of mistakes in here (the 'Water Ghost Connect Shift System Ether' or
whatever else I mangled during translations :)) This list has been
alphabetized going by the romaji translations; it was originally
alphabetized according to the Japanese alphabet.  Because kanji have
more than one spelling, and because it's easy to confuse the kana,
the English alphabetization may not quite match the EUC-encoded kana
and kanji for each monster.  I highly suggest you find a table or
chart of both kanas so that you can look up the name of the monster
you're fighting.  Kanji is another story--you'll have to rough it
unless you have a friend who can read kanji or the like.  However,
there's not many kanji names in here, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Most of the enemies with kanji in their names are either Shin-Ra
soldiers or enemies in the Sunken Plane.

Finally, I know that some of the Japanese in here was not translated,
and that there is a lot of garbled English with no Japanese equivalent.
This list is _long_, and checking every inch of it for descrepancies
would be time-consuming, to say the least.


アークドラゴン  AAKUDORAGON  
 LV:  18         EXP:  84        Steal:  Ether
 HP:  280        AP:   10        Win:    Ether
 MP:  124        Gil:  180       Morph:  Phoenix Tail
 Control: Claw, Flame Blaster (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Flame Blaster
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Mithril Mine.

アーリマン  AARIMAN
 LV: 48          EXP: 1300        Steal: Eye Medicine
 HP: 8000        AP:  100         Win:   Eye Medicine
 MP: 200         Gil: 1360        Morph: n/a
 Control:  Claw, Level 4 Death, Level 3 Flare
 Attacks:  Level 3 Flare, Big Mouth Breath, Eye Tear
 Notes:    Weak against Wind attacks.
           Found in the Makou Pit. <大空洞内部>

 LV: 30          EXP: 720         Steal: Adamant Bangle
 HP: 1600        AP:  100         Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 240         Gil: 2000        Morph: Cancel
 Control: Light Bullet, Death Force
 Attacks: Barrier and Mabarrier magicks
 Notes:   Found in Uutai, near the shore

アイロネート  AIRONEETO  
 LV: 30          EXP: 900         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 2400        AP:  48          Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 680         Morph: n/a
 Control:  Body Blow, Fly Upper, Sleep magic
 Attacks:  Body Blow, Fly Upper, Sleep magic
 Notes:    Found in the Tornado Labyrinth.  <竜巻の迷宮>

アイスゴーレム  AISUGOOREMU  
 LV: 40          EXP: 1000        Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 4000        AP:  70          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 300         Gil: 1500        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Finger Freezing Bullet, Waidogureisaa
 Notes:   Found in <大氷河, ほら穴, アイシクルエリア, 絶壁のふもと>.

アンダーリザード  ANDAARIZAADO  
 LV: 29          EXP: 440         Steal: Almighty Medicine
 HP: 1400        AP:  45          Win:   Almighty Medicine
 MP: 140         Gil: 420         Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Body Blow, Stone Morph
 Attacks: Stone Morph
 Notes:   Found in Uutai Land, Goblin Island, Saboten Island
          and Temple <古代種の神殿、> areas.

アプス  APUSU
 LV: ??          EXP: 240         Steal: ??
 HP: 300         AP:  22          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: ??          Gil: 253         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Kosuishinha (Water Port Wave), Nemeru
 Notes:   Found in Ground Below Waterway.  <地下下水道>

 LV: 27          EXP: 375         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1000        AP:  30          Morph: n/a
 MP: 145         Gil: 350         Win:   Tranquilizer, Delusion Washi
                                         Weed, Hi Potion
 Control:  Grass Cutter, Hysteric Voice, Magic Hammer (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks:  Hysteric Voice
 Notes:    Found in the Uutai Area, Uutai - Dachao Statues


 LV: 23          EXP: 285         Steal: n/a
 HP: 640         AP:  20          Win:   Silent Mask
 MP: 40          Gil: 280         Morph: Silent Mask
 Control: Soft Skeleton Sword <軟骨剣>, Jump Soft Skeleton Sword
          <軟骨剣>, Demon, Imbibing Soft Skeleton Sword <魔吸軟骨剣>.
 Attacks: Soft Skeleton Sword, Jump Soft Skeleton Sword, Claw,
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim area.

 LV: 16          EXP: 110         Steal: Giyaman Hairpin
 HP: 450         AP:  11          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 60          Gil: 120         Morph: Guard Up
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Fang, Poison Breath, Claw, Horn
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in East Corel, the Corel Makoro,
          and Corel Mountain, West side.

 LV: 19          EXP: 173         Steal: Gold Needle
 HP: 480         AP:  18          Win:   Gold Needle
 MP: 55          Gil: 220         Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Claw, Stone Change Glare
 Attacks: Stone Change Glare
 Notes:   Found in the Gongaga area.

バンディット  BANDITTO  
 LV: 17          EXP: 99          Steal: X Potion
 HP: 360         AP:  10          Win:   Tent
 MP: 0           Gil: 220         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Katsuage, Strong Rob <かつあげ、強奪>.
 Notes:   Found in the Corel Prison.

 LV: 30          EXP: 510         Steal: n/a
 HP: 860         AP:  40          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 600         Morph: Cold Binding Crystal
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Kamitsuki
 Notes:   Weak against Fire.  Found in the Aishikuru Area, and the

 LV: 24          EXP: 300         Steal: n/a
 HP: 950         AP:  30          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 80          Gil: 300         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Dash Punch, Jump Kick, Dive Kick
 Attacks: Mabarrier, Dispel, Jump Kick, Graviga
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim area, and Rocket Port area.

バッテリーキャップ  BATERII KAPPU  
 LV: 24          EXP: 270         Steal: Shibire Needle
 HP: 640         AP:  32          Win:   ??
 MP: 58          Gil: 386         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Foe Laser, Side Shutting
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim area.

バウンドファット  BAUNDOFATTO  
 LV: 27          EXP: 420         Steal: Shibire Needle
 HP: 500         AP:  40          Win:   Shibire Needle
 MP: 80          Gil: 350         Morph: Shibire Needle
 Control: Burizara, Dark Needle, Death Sentence (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Death Sentence, Dark Needle
 Notes:   Found in the Coral Valley and the Forgotten Captial.

 LV: 19          EXP: 240         Steal: Gold Needle
 HP: 400         AP:  30          Win:   Gold Needle
 MP: 50          Gil: 275         Morph: ??
 Control: Shippu, Stone Strike
 Attacks: Quera
 Notes:   Found in the Cosmo area.

ベヒーモス  BEHIIMOSU  
 LV: 45          EXP: 1500        Steal: Battle Gong, Phoenix Tail
 HP: 7000        AP:  100         Win:   ??
 MP: 400         Gil: 2200        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Claw, Flare, ????  (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Found in <ミッドガル8番街地下>.

 LV: 26          EXP: 320         Steal: Almighty Medicine
 HP: 900         AP:  32          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 28          Gil: 350         Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Claw, Poison Breath
 Attacks: Poison Breath
 Notes:   Found in the Rocket Port Area.

 LV: 16          EXP: 95          Steal: n/a
 HP: 200         AP:  10          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 155         Morph: Ether Turbo
 Control: Kamitsuki, Mighty Guard (Enemy Skill), Burizado
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:    Found in the Corel, Gold Saucer, and Gongaga areas,
           always by the shore.

ボム  BOMU  
 LV: 18          EXP: 150         Steal: Right Arm Bomb
 HP: 600         AP:  20          Win:   Bomb Fragment
 MP: 30          Gil: 192         Morph: Bomb Fragment
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Bomb Self-Destruct, Fire Ball
 Notes:   Found in the Corel Mountain -- West.

(Bottom Swayer and Suikyuu)..............................................

 LV: 23          EXP: 550         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2500        AP:  52          Win:   Power Wrist
 MP: 100         Gil: 1000        Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Tail Attack, Moon Strike, Big Wave
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in <イルカの入りえ>.

 LV: 4           EXP: 0           Steal: n/a
 HP: 40          AP:  0           Win:   n/a
 MP: 0           Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: n/a
 Notes:   Created by BOTOMUSUUERU.  Use a magic attack to destroy it.

 LV: ??          EXP: 510         Steal: Karabu Fruit
 HP: 33333       AP:  40          Win:   Karabu Fruit
 MP: 333         Gil: 460         Morph: Elixir
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Electric Shock Ball, Violent Advancing Thrust
 Notes:   Found in the Icicle area.

 LV: 25          EXP: 270         Steal: n/a
 HP: 550         AP:  24          Win:   Vampire Fang
 MP: 0           Gil: 80          Morph: Vampire Fang
 Control: Blood Suck
 Attacks: Blood Suck
 Notes:   Weak against Wind and Holy.  Found in the Shin-Ra Mansion,
          in the Concealed Stairs and Mansion Basement.

ブレインポッド  BUREINPODDO  
 LV: 15          EXP: 52          Steal: Poison Neutralize
 HP: 240         AP:  6           Win:   Harmfulness Material
 MP: 46          Gil: 95          Morph: Harmfulness Material
 Control: Body Blow, <廃棄汚染> (listed twice)
 Attacks: <廃棄汚染> "Reject Disgrace Color".
 Notes:   Weak against Holy.  Found in the  Shin-Ra Building, 67th,
          68th, and 69th floors.

ブルモーター  BURU MOOTAA  
 LV: 19          EXP: 92          Steal: X Potion
 HP: 420         AP:  9           Win:   Ether
 MP: 96          Gil: 140         Morph: ??
 Control: Body Blow, Matora Magic (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Matora Magic
 Notes:   Found in the Corel Prison.

 LV: 41          EXP: 1200        Steal: n/a
 HP: 8800        AP:  200         Win:   Dragon Bracelet
 MP: 500         Gil: 1000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Blue Dragon Breath, Large Rotating Wind
 Notes:   Found in <絶壁内部>.


チョコボ  CHOKOBO  
 Level     HP       MP   EXP/AP/Gil            Found in:
  13      130       13      n/a      Grassland area
  16 *    160       16      n/a      Grassland area
  19      190       30      n/a      Junon area
  22      220      100      n/a      Gold Saucer and Rocket Port areas
  29      290      100      n/a      Gold Saucer area
  30      300      100      n/a      Uutai area
  33      330      100      n/a      Icicle area
  36 *    360      100      n/a      Mideel Area

 Steal:   n/a   Notes:  You can learn the Enemy Skill 'Chocobockle'
 Win:     n/a           from the Chocobos with a '*' by their levels.
 Morph:   n/a           Refer to the 'Enemy Skills' list for details.
 Control: n/a           Chocobos are invincible!  \(^_^)/

 LV: 34          EXP: 2900        Steal: n/a
 HP: 5000        AP:  50          Win:   Cold Ring
 MP: 210         Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Glare, Imbibe Supply
 Notes:   Found in Uutai -- The Pagoda of Five Strong

 LV: 46          EXP: 2000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 20000       AP:  90          Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 100         Gil: 3000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Search, Target Set, Count Down, Angry Dragon Gun
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in the Makou Cannon Area.

 LV: ??          EXP: 23          Steal: ??
 HP: 36          AP:  2           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 30          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Rolling Cross
 Notes:   Found in <4番街プレート内部、4番街プレート下部>.


 LV: 57          EXP: 5000        Steal: Dragon Bracelet
 HP: 14000       AP:  350         Win:   Elixir
 MP: 600         Gil: 2500        Morph: Vaccine
 Control: Laser, Dragon Force (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Ultima, Dark Dragon Breath, Dragon Force
 Notes:   Found in the Makoro Pit.

 LV: 25          EXP: 340         Steal: Ether
 HP: 400         AP:  32          Win:   Ether
 MP: 20          Gil: 320         Morph: Ether Turbo
 Control: Imbibe Supply, Glare
 Attacks: Imbibe Supply
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim Mountains, N. Cave, and N. Makoro

 LV: 38          EXP: 1340        Steal: n/a
 HP: 2800        AP:  60          Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 1250        Morph: n/a
 Control: Body Blow, Big Wave, Tornado Wave
 Attacks: Big Wave, Tornado Wave
 Notes:   Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro.

ダイン  DAIN  
 LV: 23          EXP: 600         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1200        AP:  55          Win:   Silver Bracelet
 MP: 20          Gil: 750         Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Needler Gun, Motlov Cocktail, S Mine
 Notes:   Found in Corel Prison.  You must fight with Barett alone.

ドァブゥル  DAVUURU  
 LV: 35          EXP: 760         Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 2800        AP:  50          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 160         Gil: 680         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Fang, Flame Bullet, Light Bullet.
 Notes:   Found in the Temple.

 LV: 27          EXP: 370         Steal: n/a
 HP: 900         AP:  36          Win:   Kemuridama
 MP: 80          Gil: 385         Morph: n/a
 Control: Scissors, Shoot Electricity
 Attacks: Shoot Electricity
 Notes:   Found in the Uutai area.

 LV: 13          EXP: 60          Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 240         AP:  6           Win:   Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 100         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Wheelie, Drift Turn
 Attacks: Drift Turn
 Notes:   Found in the Midgar Area.

デジョンハンマ  DEJONHANMA    
 LV: 12          EXP: 43          Steal: Yamabikoenmaku
 HP: 210         AP:  5           Win:   Delusion Washi Weed
 MP: 0           Gil: 80          Morph: Kemuridama
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in the Shin-Ra Building,
          floors 63 and 65.

 LV: 45          EXP: 3800        Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  220         Win:   Gigas Bracelet
 MP: 400         Gil: 4000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Demon's Crasher, Ceiling Drop <落盤>.
 Notes:   Found in the Temple.

デスディーラー  DESUDIIRAA    
 LV: 48          EXP: 1800        Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 7000        AP:  200         Win:   Death God's Kiss, Potion
 MP: 400         Gil: 1200        Morph: n/a
 Control: , Death Roulette
 Attacks: Death Roulette, Star, Flare Sun, <教皇>.
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit.

デスクロー  DESU KUROO    
 LV: 19          EXP: 96          Steal: Titanium Bangle
 HP: 400         AP:  10          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 120         Gil: 168         Morph: ??
 Control: Claw, Death Claw, Laser
 Attacks: Claw, Mabarrier, Barrier, Death Claw, Laser
 Notes:   Found in the Corel Prison.

デスマシン  DESUMASHIN    
 LV: 35          EXP: 900         Steal: Double Machinegun
 HP: 2500        AP:  80          Win:   ??
 MP: 150         Gil: 1200        Morph: n/a
 Control: Double Machinegun, Hundred Needler, Matora Magic
 Attacks: Hundred Needler, Double Machinegun
 Notes:   Found in <海底魔晄炉への通路、ジュノン・通路>.

 LV: 20          EXP: 230         Steal: Potion
 HP: 580         AP:  21          Win:   Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 300         Morph: Fire Scroll
 Control: Lance, Sand Iron Cannon
 Attacks: Sand Iron Cannon
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in the Corel Area.

ディアブロ  DIABURO  
 LV: 41          EXP: 1100        Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  70          Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: 1100        Morph: n/a
 Control: Horn Bonshii, Flame, Cold
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in the Old Forest <古えの森>

ディーングロウ  DIINGUROU  
 LV: ??          EXP: 35          Steal: Ether
 HP: 120         AP:  4           Win:   Gravity Ball
 MP: ??          Gil: 70          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in <列車墓場>.

ドラゴン  DORAGON  
 LV: 32          EXP: 900         Steal: Gold Bracelet
 HP: 3500        AP:  110         Win:   Fire Dragon Fang
 MP: 250         Gil: 1400        Morph: n/a
 Control: Dragon Fang, Flame Blaster (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Flame Blaster (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim Mountains and the Mountain Cavern.

ドラゴンライダー  DORAGON RAIDAA  
 LV: 35          EXP: 1000        Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 3500        AP:  80          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 180         Gil: 690         Morph: Mind Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Twin Attack, Neck Hunt, Rider Breath
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Tornado Illusion
          Palace <竜巻の洞窟>.

ドラゴンゾンビ  DORAGON ZONBI  
 LV: 54          EXP: 4000        Steal: Witch's Cauldron
 HP: 13000       AP:  300         Win:   Witch's Cauldron, X Potion
 MP: 400         Gil: 2800        Morph: Vaccine
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Extraordinary Breath, Whole-body Tail, Horn, Shadow Flare,
          and Nantoka (both Enemy Skills).
 Notes:   Weak against Holy.  Found in the Makou Pit and the 'Star
          Inside Body'.

デュアルホーン  DUARUHOON  
 LV: 30          EXP: 550         Steal: Pipio Fruit
 HP: 2500        AP:  45          Win:   Pipio Fruit
 MP: 0           Gil: 500         Morph: n/a
 Control: Horn Thrust, Horn Rift
 Attacks: Horn Rift
 Notes:   Found in the Woodland Area, and on the Goblin and Saboten


エアバスター  EABASUTAA  
 LV: ??          EXP: 180         Steal: ??
 HP: 1200        AP:  16          Win:   Titanium Bangle
 MP: ??          Gil: 150         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Big Bomber, Energy Ball, "Behind Direction" Machinegun
 Notes:   Found in Area 5 Makoro.

 LV: 34          EXP: 800         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2400        AP:  80          Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 450         Gil: 800         Morph: n/a
 Control: <角 kaku>, Southern Cross
 Attacks: Southern Cross
 Notes:   Weak against Gravity.  Found in the Temple <古代種の神殿>.

 LV: 36          EXP: 950         Steal: Wizard Brace
 HP: 1800        AP:  70          Win:   ??
 MP: 90          Gil: 1500        Morph: n/a
 Control: Bird Kick, Catapult, Acid Shower
 Attacks: Bird Kick, Catapult, Acid Shower
 Notes:   Found in Old Forest.

エレファダンク  EREFADANKU  
 LV: 14          EXP: 64          Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 220         AP:  7           Win:   Potion
 MP: 34          Gil: 140         Morph: n/a
 Control: Body Blow, Shower
 Attacks: Shower
 Notes:   Found in the Grassland Area.

 LV: ??          EXP: 36          Steal: Strike Rod
 HP: 300         AP:  4           Win:   Yamabikoenmaku
 MP: ??          Gil: 12          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Mono-Eye Laser  (One-Eye Laser)
 Notes:   Found in <列車墓場>.


ファーストレイ  FAASUTOREI  
 LV: ??          EXP: 12          Steal: ??
 HP: 18          AP:  1           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 5           Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in the Area 1 Makoro.

ファニーフェイス  FANIIFEISU  
 LV: 23          EXP: 300         Steal: Yamabikoenmaku
 HP: 520         AP:  35          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 80          Gil: 202         Morph: Silent Mask
 Control: Cutter, Funny Gas, 'Norui no Genyou'
 Attacks: 'Norui no Genyou', Funny Gas  <のろいの言葉>.
 Notes:   Found in the Shin-Ra Mansion, 1st and 2nd floors, as well
          as the Concealed Stairs.

フォーミュラ  FOOMURA
 LV: 16          EXP: 65          Steal: Boomerang
 HP: 240         AP:  7           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 120         Morph: Speed Drink
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Blue Inpulse
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Junon Area.

フォールランダ  FOORURANDA  
 LV: 27          EXP: 440         Steal: n/a
 HP: 800         AP:  34          Win:   Moon Curtain, Fire Scroll
 MP: 100         Gil: 460         Morph: n/a
 Control: Claw, Flame Dance/Wheel
 Attacks: Flame Dance/Wheel
 Notes:   Found in Uutai, in the Dachao Statue area.

 LV: 18          EXP: 140         Steal: Space-Time Bullet
 HP: 330         AP:  15          Win:   Space-Time Bullet
 MP: 60          Gil: 186         Morph: Space-Time Bullet
 Control: Tail Bit, Whirlwind Cut
 Attacks: Whirlwind Cut
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Gold Saucer area.

 LV: 19          EXP: 240/220/200  Steal: n/a
 HP: 550         AP:  24/22/20     Win:   Earth Drum
 MP: 68          Gil: 400/350/300  Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Biora, Side Bullet, Double Laser, Flower Pollen.
 Notes:   Weak against Flame and Earth,
          Found in the Jungle.  The three listings for EXP, AP
          and Gil correspond to the type of FURAWAAPURANGU; little,
          center, and big, respectively.

 LV: 41          EXP: 2500        Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 10000       AP:  100         Win:   Yamabikoenmaku
 MP: 200         Gil: 2680        Morph: Guard Up
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Finger Bullet, Golem Laser
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit.

フローズンネイル  FUROOZUN NEIRU  
 LV: 28          EXP: 520         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1300        AP:  50          Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 800         Morph: n/a
 Control: Connecting Claw, Whirlwind Cut
 Attacks: Connecting Claw, Whirlwind Cut
 Notes:   Found in the Great Water River <大氷河>.


ガーディアン  GAADIAN  
 LV: 40          EXP: 940         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  60          Win:   ??
 MP: 340         Gil: 500         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Jumping Blow
 Notes:   Found in Sea Bottom Makoro.

ガードハウンド  GAADOHAUNDO  
 LV: ??          EXP: 20          Steal: ??
 HP: 42          AP:  2           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 12          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Feeler
 Notes:   Found in Area 1 Rail Station, Area 1 Town, Area 8 Town, and

 LV: 35          EXP: 1100        Steal: n/a
 HP: 2200        AP:  80          Win:   Fire Cocktail
 MP: 200         Gil: 1200        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Internal Quick Machinegun, Rocket Launcher (Aggressive
          Escaping Attack)
 Notes:   Found in Sea Bottom Makoro Path <海底魔晄炉への通路>.

 LV: ??          EXP: 100         Steal: ??
 HP: ??          AP:  10          Win:   Assault Gun
 MP: ??          Gil: 100         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Search Scope, Gun Attack, Tail Laser, Scorpion Tail
 Notes:   Found in Area 1 Makoro.  Will counterattack with Tail Laser
          if you attack while it is shaking.

ガーゴイル  GAAGOIRU  
 LV: 43          EXP: 800         Steal: X Potion
 HP: 2000        AP:  80          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 200         Gil: 2500        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Level 4 Death
 Notes:   Found in <大空洞内部>.

ガンカリアー  GANKARIAA  
 LV: 39          EXP: 860         Steal: n/a
 HP: 3400        AP:  75          Win:   ??
 MP: 240         Gil: 1600        Morph: n/a
 Control: Common Bullet, Body Blow
 Attacks: Status Disorder Bullet, Common Bullet, Body Blow
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro.

ガルーダ  GARUUDA  
 LV: 29          EXP: 520         Steal:  n/a
 HP: 1400        AP:  30          Morph:  n/a
 MP: 200         Gil: 520         Win:    Electric Shock Bird Horn,
                                          Silent Mask, Light Curtain
 Control: Rod, Burizara, Sandara
 Attacks: Burizara, Decoy, Sandara
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in Uutai - Dachao Statues.

 LV: 42          EXP: 900         Steal: n/a
 HP: 3000        AP:  75          Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: 1100        Morph: n/a
 Control: Punch, Super Harmful Smog
 Attacks: Super Harmful Smog
 Notes:   Found in <炭鉱列車>.

 LV: 30          EXP: 410         Steal: Poison Neutralize
 HP: 800         AP:  35          Win:   Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 400         Morph: Poison Neutralize
 Control: Claw, Poison Secrete
 Attacks: Poison Secrete
 Notes:   Found in the Woodland Area.

(Gi*Nanataku and Sourufaia).............................................

ギ*ナタタク  GI*NATATAKU  
 LV: 29          EXP: 1400        Steal: n/a
 HP: 5500        AP:  150         Win:   Vizier Rod
 MP: 200         Gil: 3000        Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Debaria magic, Drain, Aspire
 Notes:   Weak against Holy.  Found in the Gi Tribe Cave.

ソウルファイア  SOURUFAIA  
 LV: 21          EXP: 200         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1300        AP:  10          Win:   ??
 MP: 220         Gil: 100         Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Faira, Power Shift
 Notes:   Weak against Wind and Holy.  Found in the Gi Tribe Cave
          along with Gi*Natataku.

ギガース  GIGAASU  
 LV: 40          EXP: 840         Steal: Gigas Bracelet
 HP: 3500        AP:  84          Win:   Earth Hammer
 MP: 100         Gil: 560         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Moon Worse
 Notes:   Found in the Crater.

 LV: 26          EXP: 380         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1600        AP:  44          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 0           Gil: 300         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Gravity.  Found in the Shin-Ra Mansion --
          Floor 2 and the Concealed Stairs.

 LV: 23          EXP: 260         Steal: n/a
 HP: 450         AP:  20          Win:   Kemuridama
 MP: 88          Gil: 150         Morph: ??
 Control: Kushizashi, Hell Spear, Death Sentence (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Kushizashi, Death Sentence
 Notes:   Weak against Flame and Holy.  Found in the cave beneath
          Cosmo Canyon (Tribe of the Dying Soul's Cave/Gi Tribe Cave)

ゴブリン  GOBURIN  
 LV: 40          EXP: 20          Steal: Zeio Fruit
 HP: 2000        AP:  20          Win:   ??
 MP: 80          Gil: 20          Morph: n/a
 Control: Attack, Goblin Punch (Enemy Skill), Sleep
 Attacks: Goblin Punch, Sleep
 Notes:   Found in the Goblin Island and Round Island.

ゴドー  GODOO  
 LV: 41          EXP: 5000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  60          Win:   Universe Manual
 MP: 1000        Gil: 40000       Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Beast Sword, Drain, Tryne, Biora, Gurabiga
 Notes:   Found in Uutai -- the Pagoda of Five Strong

ゴーレム  GOOREMU  
 LV: 24          EXP: 300         Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 1000        AP:  22          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 500         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in Cosmo Area.

ゴーリキー   GOORIKII
 LV: 30          EXP: 1500        Steal: n/a
 HP: 3000        AP:  50          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 150         Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Barrier, Gurabira, Regene, Reflect
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in Uutai -- Pagoda of Five Strong

ゴースト  GOOSUTO  
 LV: ??          EXP: 30          Steal: Ghost Hand
 HP: 130         AP:  3           Win:   Ghost Hand
 MP: ??          Gil: 22          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Drain, Fire
 Notes:   Found in <列車墓場>.

 LV: 44          EXP: 1600        Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 6600        AP:  60          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 100         Gil: 2000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Saint Elmo's Fire
 Notes:   Weak against Holy.  Found in the Ocean Bottom Makou.

グランドホーン  GURANDOHOON  
 LV: 19          EXP: 180         Steal: n/a
 HP: 460         AP:  15          Win:   Hi Potion, Battle Gong
 MP: 43          Gil: 240         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Punch, Grand Punch
 Attacks: Grand Punch
 Notes:   Found in the Gongaga and Cosmo Areas.

(Gurangaran, Kogurangaran, and Magogurangaran)...........................

 LV: 16          EXP: 88          Steal: n/a
 HP: 550         AP:  10          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 60          Gil: 220         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Silver Wheel, Dark Eye
 Notes:   Found in the Corel Area along with Kogurangaran and

 LV: 15          EXP: 77          Steal: n/a
 HP: 330         AP:  8           Win:   Potion
 MP: 40          Gil: 110         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Silver Wheel, Sad Eye
 Notes:   Weak against Gurangaran (Inside Section Exit?)

 LV: 14          EXP: 66          Steal: n/a
 HP: 110         AP:  6           Win:   ??
 MP: 20          Gil: 55          Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Silver Wheel
 Notes:   Weak against Kogurangaran (Inside Section Exit?)

 LV: ??          EXP: 20          Steal: ??
 HP: 42          AP:  2           Win:   Spider Thread
 MP: ??          Gil: 20          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Thread

グレネード  GURENEEDO  
 LV: 32          EXP: 900         Steal: Right Arm Bomb
 HP: 2000        AP:  100         Win:   Right Arm Bomb
 MP: 0           Gil: 400         Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Fire Erupt, Bomb Self-Destruct
 Notes:   Found in the Crater.

グリフォン  GURIFON  
 LV: 21          EXP: 260         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 760         AP:  25          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 40          Gil: 350         Morph: Phoenix Tail
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Kujaku (Peacock)
 Notes:   Found in Cosmo Area.

 LV: 31          EXP: 600         Steal: Shorten
 HP: 880         AP:  45          Win:   Shorten
 MP: 120         Gil: 560         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Shield Rotation, Burizara, Grim Rod
 Notes:   Found in the Coral Valley.

グレムリン  GUREMURIN  
 LV: 36          EXP: 750         Steal: Tent
 HP: 1500        AP:  60          Win:   Shorten
 MP: 100         Gil: 750         Morph: X Potion
 Control: Claw
 Attacks: Spiteful Words
 Notes:   Found in the Tornado Labyrinth.

(Gurousupanshaa - Large Gun Tower, Little Gun Tower, and Car Body).......

 LV: 46          EXP: 800         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4600        AP:  80          Win:   203 Million Bullet Shells
 MP: 200         Gil: 3100        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in Midgar Area 8 Town.

 LV: 42          EXP: 600         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2900        AP:  80          Win:   ??
 MP: 160         Gil: 700         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.

 LV: 50          EXP: 400         Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  80          Win:   ??
 MP: 300         Gil: 1400        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Part of Large Gun Tower and Little
          Gun Tower.


ハードアタッカー  HAADO ATTAKU  
 LV: 32          EXP: 750         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2500        AP:  58          Win:   Fire Cocktail
 MP: 150         Gil: 600         Morph: n/a
 Control: <体当たり>, Oil
 Attacks: Oil
 Notes:   Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro

 LV: 18          EXP: 250         Steal: ??
 HP: 1600        AP:  25          Win:   Mithril Bracelet
 MP: 0           Gil: 200         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Duplicate Gun, Duplicate Concealed Gun, Main Gun, Wave
          Motion Cannon.
 Notes:   Weak against Lighting.  Found in the Outside Elevator.

ハングリー  HANGURII  
 LV: 33          EXP: 700         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  60          Win:   Ether
 MP: 100         Gil: 600         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Minimum magic, Eat (Beru) <食べる>.
 Notes:   Found in the Coral Valley, Coral Valley Cave, and the
          <千年霜柱の洞窟>.  The 'Eat' attack will put one ally
          out of commission for the duration of the battle.

ヘビータンク  HEBIITANKU  
 LV: 21          EXP: 340         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 1600        AP:  45          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 25          Gil: 1300        Morph: Power Up
 Control: Advancing Thrust, Wheelie Attack, Large Revolver
 Attacks: Large Revolver, Wheelie Attack
 Notes:   Found in the Meltdown Makoro.

ヘッドボンバー  HEDDO BONBAA  
 LV: 35          EXP: 640         Steal: Tranquilizer
 HP: 1600        AP:  64          Win:   Stimulant
 MP: 200         Gil: 460         Morph: Tranquilizer
 Control: Bire Punch
 Attacks: Ultra Study Reverse Scale Bomber <超究逆鱗ボンバー>.
 Notes:   Found in < ガイアの絶壁、絶壁内部>.

 LV: 6           EXP: 20          Steal: Ether
 HP: 40          AP:  3           Win:   Potion
 MP: 52          Gil: 25          Morph: Ether
 Control: <体当たり>, Fire
 Attacks: Fire
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in <教会奥、教会屋根裏、
          AREA 5 SURAMU 番街スラム>

ヘクトアイズ  HEKUTOAIZU  
 LV: 30          EXP: 1000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 500         AP:  100         Win:   ??
 MP: 220         Gil: 720         Morph: Magic Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Poison.  Found in the Temple <古代種の神殿>.

ヘリガンナー (連戦)  HERIGANNA  
 LV: 19          EXP: (shared)    Steal: ??
 HP: 1000        AP:  (shared)    Win:   (shared)
 MP: 0           Gil: (shared)    Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: AB Gun, C Gun, 'One Equal Shot' Attack, Flying Drill,
          Revolving <回転体当たり>.
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning and Wind.  Fought right after
          defeating the HANDOREDDOGANNAA.

 LV: 18          EXP: 72          Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 350         AP:  8           Win:   Potion
 MP: 50          Gil: 130         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Magnetic Place Changer <磁場転換>.
 Notes:   Found in the Junon area.

ヘルハウス  HERUHAUSU  
 LV: 11          EXP: 44          Steal: n/a
 HP: 450         AP:  6           Win:   Hi Potion, Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 250         Morph: Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Hell Bomber, Self Destruct Drop, Hell Press, Crazy Attack
 Notes:   Found in Area 6 Town <6番街>

 LV: 37          EXP: 800         Steal: n/a
 HP: 3000        AP:  80          Win:   Yamabikoenmaku
 MP: 280         Gil: 1500        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Level 2 Confuse
 Notes:   Found in the Mideel area.

ホウルイーター  HOURUIITAA  
 LV: 9           EXP: 24          Steal: Potion
 HP: 72          AP:  2           Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 70          Morph: Potion
 Control: Kettle Attack (?)
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in <5番街スラム、6番街>


イビルヘッド  IBIRUHEDDO  
 LV: 28          EXP: 650         Steal: n/a
 HP: 740         AP:  50          Win:   Vampire Fang
 MP: 45          Gil: 400         Morph: Holy Torch
 Control: Blood Suck, Supersonic Wave
 Attacks: Supersonic Wave, Blood Suck
 Notes:   Found in <絶壁内部>.

イビルラップ  IBIRURAPPU  
 LV: 38          EXP: 1100        Steal: Ikasumi
 HP: 9000        AP:  70          Win:   ??
 MP: 120         Gil: 2500        Morph: Luck Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Big Fang, Ibiru Poison
 Notes:   Found in <神羅飛空挺・通路>.

 LV: 46          EXP: 2000        Steal: Warrior Bangle
 HP: 17000       AP:  90          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 50          Gil: 3800        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: One Wing Shoot Attack, Two Wing Shoot Attack
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning attacks.  Found in <炭鉱列車>.

(In and Yan).............................................................

イン  IN  
 LV: 24          EXP: 400         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1200        AP:  30          Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 400         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sadoin Attack
 Notes:   Part of In~Yan.  Found in Shin-Ra Mansion <神羅屋敷地下>.

ヤン  YAN  
 LV: 24          EXP: 300         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1200        AP:  40          Win:   ??
 MP: 220         Gil: 400         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Burizara and Sandara magicks, Yang Self-Destruct
 Notes:   Part of In~Yan.  Found in Shin-Ra Mansion <神羅屋敷地下>.

 LV: 19          EXP: 190         Steal: Spider Thread
 HP: 700         AP:  19          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 25          Gil: 278         Morph: Gold Hourglass
 Control: Butterfly Attack, Stop Wave, Spider Attack
 Attacks: Stopo Wave, Butterfly Attack
 Notes:   Found in the Jungle area.


ジャッジ  JAJJI  
 LV: 25          EXP: 320         Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 500         AP:  30          Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 100         Gil: 384         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Spin Attack, Fire, ???? (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Found in the Shin-Ra Mansion, 2nd Floor or Concealed Stairs.

ジャンピング  JANPINGU  
 LV: 24          EXP: 400         Steal: n/a
 HP: 999         AP:  30          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 50          Morph: Antarctic Wind
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Bokusa (!) Tsunin Jin Soodo, Diving Attack
 Notes:   Found in the Icicle Area.

ジェジュゼミ  JEJUZEMI
 LV: 28          EXP: 410         Steal: n/a
 HP: 640         AP:  35          Morph: n/a
 MP: 20          Gil: 350         Win:   Almighty Medicine, Harmfulness
 Control: Kamitsuki, Confusion Riot Scales Smash
 Attacks: Thread
 Notes:   Found in Uutai -- The Dachao Statues

ジェミニスミー  JEMINISUMII  
 LV: 24          EXP: 510         Steal: n/a
 HP: 800         AP:  50          Win:   ??
 MP: 80          Gil: 400         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Cold Breath, Toad
 Notes:   Weak against Poison.  Found in the Temple.

ジョーカー  JOOKAA  
 LV: 18          EXP: 150         Steal: n/a
 HP: 370         AP:  30          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 260         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Speed Card, Club Card, Dimond Card, Heart Card, Joker Card
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Gold Saucer Area.

 LV: 35          EXP: 930         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2600        AP:  90          Win:   S Mine
 MP: 245         Gil: 800         Morph: n/a
 Control: Hand Claw, Harrier Beam, Water Wave Motion
 Attacks: Harrier Beam, Water Wave Motion
 Notes:   Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro, Rocket Launching (during the
          Launching of Cid's rocket), and Ship Inner Path (?)


カームファング  KAAMUFANGU  
 LV: 10          EXP: 53          Steal: Ether
 HP: 160         AP:  5           Win:   Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 92          Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Fang, Body Blow
 Attacks: Body Blow
 Notes:   Weak against Flame.  Found in the Midgar Area.

 LV: 16          EXP: 75          Win:   Eye Medicine
 HP: 300         AP:  8           Morph: ??
 MP: 20          Gil: 150         Steal: Shin-Ra Relaxed Form Defense
 Control: ??                             Tool
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in Transport Boat; Machine Engine Room (運搬船・機関室).

 LV: 28          EXP: 420         Steal: n/a
 HP: 975         AP:  40          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 340         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Poison Powder
 Notes:   Found in the Uutai Area, Uutai - Dachao Statues

 LV: 34          EXP: 820         Win:   Shurudan
 HP: 1000        AP:  80          Morph: n/a
 MP: 100         Gil: 600         Steal: Shin-Ra Armor Type Defend
 Control: Machine Gun, Shurudan          Tool Reform
 Attacks: Shurudan
 Notes:   Found in Sea Bottom Makoro.

 LV: 38          EXP: 1200        Steal: n/a
 HP: 3000        AP:  100         Win:   X Potion
 MP: 200         Gil: 1600        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in Aru-Junon and the Airport.

カッパワイヤ  KAPPAWAIYA  
 LV: 15          EXP: 60          Steal: Ether
 HP: 210         AP:  6           Win:   Potion
 MP: 20          Gil: 103         Morph: n/a
 Control: Wire Attack, Ground Run
 Attacks: Ground Run
 Notes:   Found in Junon Area.

(Kariiaamaa, MigiUde and SaUde)..........................................

カリーアーマー  KARIIAAMAA  
 LV: 45          EXP: 2800        Steal: n/a
 HP: 24000       AP:  240         Win:   God Hand
 MP: 200         Gil: 4000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Lapis Laser
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro.

 LV: 45          EXP: 1400        Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  95          Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Arm Catch
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Part of Carry Armor.

左腕  SAUDE  
 LV: 45          EXP: 1500        Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  90          Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Arm Catch
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Part of Carry Armor.

 LV: 15          EXP: 65          Steal: n/a
 HP: 190         AP:  7           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 113         Morph: n/a
 Control: 2-Step Attack, Scissors Spark
 Attacks: 2-Step Attack, Scissors Spark
 Notes:   Weak against Flame.  Found in the Mithril Mine.

警備兵  KEIBI HAN  
 LV: ??          EXP: 16          Steal: ??
 HP: 30          AP:  2           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 10          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Machinegun
 Notes:   Found in <1番街駅ホーム、1番街駅、1番街、1番魔晄炉>

 LV: 12          EXP: 38          Steal: n/a
 HP: 270         AP:  4           Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 75          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Inside Section (Karamatsushingan), Laser Cannon
          (Exit Aggression Attack)
 Notes:   Found in Shin-Ra HQ -- Floors 67 and 68.

 LV: 20          EXP: 222         Steal: Tranquilizer
 HP: 540         AP:  22          Win:   Stimulant
 MP: 0           Gil: 222         Morph: Stimulant
 Control: Beak, Furious Bomber
 Attacks: Furious Bomber
 Notes:   Found in Cosmo Area.

キマイラ  KIMAIRA  
 LV: 18          EXP: 148         Steal: Strike Rod
 HP: 800         AP:  14          Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: 210         Morph: Elixir
 Control: Claw, Poison Storm, Aqua Breath (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Poison Storm, Aqua Breath
 Notes:   Found in the Gold Saucer Area.

 LV: 60          EXP: 2000        Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 18000       AP:  250         Win:   X Potion
 MP: 560         Gil: 950         Morph: n/a
 Control: Behimoth Horn, Flare
 Attacks: Cometeo, King Tail, Snarl Bite
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit

 LV: 17          EXP: 97          Steal: Gold Needle
 HP: 420         AP:  10          Win:   Gold Needle
 MP: 0           Gil: 168         Morph: Gold Needle
 Control: Beak, Bird Kick, Stone Change Smog
 Attacks: Stone Change Smog, Bird Kick
 Notes:   Found in Corel Area and Corel Mountains -- West.

コルベット  KORUBETTO  
 LV: 36          EXP: 1050        Steal: Stimulant
 HP: 3200        AP:  60          Win:   Delusion Washi Weed
 MP: 260         Gil: 2200        Morph: Light Curtain
 Control: Body Blow, Sharp Rikizami, Revolving Slash
 Attacks: Sharp Rikizami, Revolving Slash, Slap
 Notes:   Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro

コルネオ  KORUNEO    (Below Section)
 LV: ??          EXP: 8           Steal: ??
 HP: ??          AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 10          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in Corneo's Mansion, 2nd Floor

クアール  KUAARU
 LV: 33          EXP: 720         Steal: Tranquilizer
 HP: 1300        AP:  70          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 60          Gil: 800         Morph: Tranquilizer
 Control: Light Bullet, Blaster
 Attacks: Blaster

 LV: 24          EXP: 340         Steal: n/a
 HP: 800         AP:  34          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 368         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Cling Against, Cling Attack
 Attacks: Cling Against, Cling Attack
 Notes:   Weak against Flame.  Found in the Nivelhiem Mountains,
          Nivelhiem Mountain Cave, and the Rocket Pad Area.

 LV: 20          EXP: 600         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1000        AP:  60          Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 300         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Machine Gun
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro Path,
          and the Guard System Inside Area.

 LV: 42          EXP: 800         Steal: n/a
 HP: 3500        AP:  80          Win:   203 Million Bullet Shells
 MP: 120         Gil: 1500        Morph: n/a
 Control: <通常弾>
 Attacks: <通常弾>
 Notes:   Found in Midgar Area 8 Town (Below ?)

クラウンランス  KURAUNRANSU  
 LV: 20          EXP: 225         Steal: n/a
 HP: 440         AP:  23          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 70          Gil: 400         Morph: Dream Powder
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sleep magic, Fear Needle, Sandaa magic
 Notes:   Weak against Flame.  Found in the Cosmo and Rocket Port Areas.

クレイズィーソウ (草)  KUREIZIISOU  
 LV: 44          EXP: 800         Steal: Silent Mask
 HP: 3900        AP:  80          Win:   Phoenix Tail, Ether
 MP: 340         Gil: 1300        Morph: Ether Turbo
 Control: Uppercut, Gun Attack
 Attacks: Gun Attack
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning, Found in Midgar Area 8 Town (Below ?)

 LV: ??          EXP: 26          Steal: Potion
 HP: ??          AP:  3           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 53          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Double Spike

 LV: 37          EXP: 800         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1500        AP:  80          Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 600         Morph: Dream Powder
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sleep Pulverizing Dust
 Notes:   Found in the Mideel Area.

(Kurisutofaa and Zigii)..................................................

クリストファー  KURISUTOFAA  
 LV: 34          EXP: 2000        Steal: Earth Drum
 HP: 6000        AP:  140         Win:   Phoenix Tail, Ether
 MP: 200         Gil: 1400        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Aspire, Kealra, Song of the Frog, Sandaga, Status Tomaachi
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit.  Always appears with ZIGII.

ズィギー  ZIGII
 LV: 34          EXP: (shared)    Steal: Elixir
 HP: 5500        AP:  (shared)    Win:   Phoenix Tail, Ether
 MP: 100         Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Stone Change Glare, Status Tomaachi
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit.  Always appears with KURISUTOFAA.

クロウラー  KUROURAA  
 LV: 15          EXP: 56          Steal: n/a
 HP: 140         AP:  6           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 48          Gil: 65          Morph: n/a
 Control: Kamitsuki, Cold Breath
 Attacks: Kamitsuki, Cold Breath
 Notes:   Weak against Earth.  Found in the Mithril Mine.

 LV: 30          EXP: 700         Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 3200        AP:  150         Win:   Ether
 MP: 380         Gil: 1000        Morph: Mind Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in the Tornado Labyrinth.

 LV: ??          EXP: 40          Steal: Potion
 HP: 190         AP:  4           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 110         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Propeller

 LV: 12          EXP: 50          Steal: Tranquilizer, Shurudan
 HP: 230         AP:  5           Win:   Tranquilzier
 MP: 0           Gil: 98          Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Double Shot, Roller Spin
 Notes:   Found in the Shin-Ra HQ -- 2nd Floor, Levels 59, 60 Floor


マドゥジュ  MADUJU
 LV: 16          EXP: 70          Steal: Grand Glove
 HP: 220         AP:  8           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 150         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Iron Ball, Swamp Shoot
 Attacks: <スワンプシュート>.
 Notes:   Found in the Mithril Mine.

 LV: 35          EXP: 980         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 1000        AP:  50          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 1200        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Double Shield Throw, Powerful Kick
 Notes:   Weak against Fire and Gravity.   Found in the

 LV: 41          EXP: 8000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 4096        AP:  1000        Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 128         Gil: 8500        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: (steal items, but you'll get them back if you win)
 Notes:   Will say 'Erikusaa Choudai' (please give me an Elixir),
          from time to time, but if you use one on it, there seems
          to be no effect.  Found in the Makou Pit.

 LV: 49          EXP: 1200        Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  90          Win:   ??
 MP: 350         Gil: 3800        Morph: Guard Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Northern Cross
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Cannon <魔晄キャノン>.

 LV: 10          EXP: 55          Steal: Rasan Fruit
 HP: 120         AP:  6           Win:   Rasan Fruit
 MP: 0           Gil: 135         Morph: Ether
 Control: Grass Stab, Slow Dance
 Attacks: Slow Dance
 Notes:   Found in the Grassland area

 LV: 35          EXP: 900         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2500        AP:  80          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 110         Gil: 3000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Blizara, Faira
 Notes:   Found in <ミッドガル8番街地下>.

マシンガン  MASHINGAN  
 LV: 8           EXP: 5           Steal: n/a
 HP: 155         AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Machine Gun
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found on floors 67 and 68 of
          the Shin-Ra building.

 LV: ??          EXP: 6000        Steal: Elixir
 HP: 44444       AP:  200         Win:   Last Elixir
 MP: 100         Gil: 6800        Morph: Ribbon
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Minna no Urami (Malice of Everybody), <包丁>
 Notes:   Weak against Freeze x4 (w/o using Mahou Midareuchi).
          Found in the Makou Pit.

マテリアキーパー  MATERIA KIIPAA  
 LV: 38          EXP: 3000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 8400        AP:  200         Win:   Jewel Ring
 MP: 300         Gil: 2400        Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Big Horn, Hell Combo, Kealra, Tryne (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim Mountains.

謎のニンジャ  MEI NO NINJA  
 LV: 22          EXP: 240         Steal: n/a
 HP: 800         AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: 150         Gil: 800         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in Junon area, only in forests.  If you haven't
          already guessed, this is Yuffie.  Refer to the 'Secrets
          and Strategies' section of the FAQ to find out how to
          get her to join your party.

 LV: 26          EXP: 250         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  25          Win:   ??
 MP: 348         Gil: 400         Morph: X Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Beta (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Found in the marsh in the Grassland Area.

ミラージュ  MIRAAJU  
 LV: 24          EXP: 290         Steal: n/a
 HP: 570         AP:  22          Win:   Reflection Mirror
 MP: 0           Gil: 280         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: n/a
 Notes:   Found in the Shin-Ra Mansion, 2nd floor, and in the
          Concealed Stairs.

 LV: ??          EXP: 13          Steal: ??
 HP: 50          AP:  3           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 7           Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Rocket Launcher
 Notes:   Found in <螺旋トンネル(DISC1)、4番街プレート下部>.

モールダンサー  MOORU DANSAA  
 LV: 32          EXP: 500         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 600         AP:  56          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 700         Morph: X Potion
 Control: Nail, Dance
 Attacks: Dance
 Notes:   Found in the Coral Valley <サンゴの谷>.

モーターボール  MOOTAA BOORU  
 LV: 19          EXP: 440         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2600        AP:  45          Win:   Star Pendant
 MP: 120         Gil: 350         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Arm Attack, Twin Burner, Rolling Fire
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found on the Midgar Highway.

 LV: ??          EXP: 18          Steal: ??
 HP: 28          AP:  3           Win:   Potion
 MP: 28          Gil: 8           Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Fire
 Notes:   Found in the Area 1 Makoro.

モルボル  MORUBORU  
 LV: 44          EXP: 1000        Steal: Molbol Tentacle
 HP: 4400        AP:  100         Win:   Molbol Tentacle
 MP: 900         Gil: 100         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Smelly Breath (Enemy Skill), Freeze Breath
 Notes:   Weak against Water.  Found in the

 LV: 13          EXP: 46          Steal: Carbon Bangle
 HP: 260         AP:  5           Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 75          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Speed Slash
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found on floors 67 and 68 of
          the Shin-Ra Building.

ムー  MUU
 LV: 12          EXP: 54          Steal: n/a
 HP: 210         AP:  6           Win:   ??
 MP: 52          Gil: 130         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Geyser, Cave In, Flame Spring, Level 4 Self Destruct
          (Enemy Skill).
 Notes:   Found in the Grassland Area.

ムーバー  MUUBAA  
 LV: 59          EXP: 0           Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 3000        AP:  800         Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 120         Gil: 30000       Morph: Protection Ring
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??


 ネックハンター  NEKKUHANTAA  
 LV: 30          EXP: 650         Steal: Tranquilizer
 HP: 2000        AP:  80          Win:   Ether
 MP: 100         Gil: 1000        Morph: n/a
 Control: Kettle Attack (?), Raging Dagger
 Attacks: Raging Dagger
 Notes:   Found in the Mideel area.

 LV: 16          EXP: 53          Steal: n/a
 HP: 150         AP:  5           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 20          Gil: 146         Morph: n/a
 Control: Beak, Bit Wing
 Attacks: Bit Wing
 Notes:   Found in the Junon area.

ニブルウルフ  NIBURU URUFU  
 LV: 23          EXP: 265         Steal: Rujiru Fruit
 HP: 700         AP:  24          Win:   Rujiru Fruit
 MP: 0           Gil: 260         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: <体当たり>, Fang
 Attacks: Fang
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelheim and Rocket Port areas.

 LV: 17          EXP: 75          Steal: Gold Needle
 HP: 180         AP:  8           Win:   Electric Shock Bird Horn
 MP: 40          Gil: 130         Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Diving Attack, Thunder Kiss
 Attacks: Thunder Kiss
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Corel area and the Corel
          Mountain, East and West sides.

 LV: 22          EXP: 250         Steal: n/a
 HP: 400         AP:  20          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 240         Morph: ??
 Control: Poison Fang, Horror Whip
 Attacks: Horror Whip
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in the Gi Tribe Cave.


オチュー OCHAA  
 LV: 39          EXP: ??          Steal: Sacred
 HP: 8600        AP:  ??          Win:   ??
 MP: 290         Gil: ??          Morph: Ribbon
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Great Flower Pollen (Shibire Muchi) <大花粉、しびれムチ>.
 Notes:   Weak against Water.

尾跳飛  OCHOHI  
 LV: 28          EXP: 440         Steal: n/a
 HP: 960         AP:  36          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 0           Gil: 380         Morph: n/a
 Control: Kamitsuki, Somersault
 Attacks: Somersault
 Notes:   Found in the Uutai area.


パラサイト  PARASAITO  
 LV: 51          EXP: 1100        Steal: Almighty Medicine
 HP: 6000        AP:  100         Win:   Almighty Medicine
 MP: 300         Gil: 1000        Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Head Attack, Level 5 Death, Magical Breath  (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Para-Tail, "Witch-type Cancel Perish" <魔法消滅>
 Notes:   Weak against Wind and Holy.  Found in the Makou Pit.

パルマー  PARUMAA  
 LV: 38          EXP: 1800        Steal: n/a
 HP: 6000        AP:  98          Win:   Ejinkooto
 MP: 240         Gil: 5000        Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Makou Gun (effects of Burizara, Faira, Sandara)
 Notes:   Found in Rocket Town, in Cid's backyard.

ポイズンフロッグ  POIZUN FROGGU  
 LV: 26          EXP: 420         Steal: Mozu no Hayanie
 HP: 500         AP:  30          Win:   Mozu no Hayanie
 MP: 100         Gil: 260         Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Frog Punch, Song of the Frog (Enemy Skill), Poizona
 Attacks: Song of the Frog, Frog Punch
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in the Temple.

 LV: 41          EXP: 1000        Steal: Stimulant
 HP: 4000        AP:  100         Win:   X Potion
 MP: 220         Gil: 1000        Morph: n/a
 Control: Faiga, Angel's Whisper (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Cold Breath, Charm <魅惑>, Faiga, Angel's Whisper.
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit.

プアゾキュート  PUAZO KUUTO  
 LV: ??          EXP: 18          Steal: ??
 HP: 120         AP:  2           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 35          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Froth Hell
 Notes:   Found in <4番街プレート下部>.

プドゥレア  PUDUREA
 LV: 42          EXP: 900         Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 6000        AP:  70          Win:   ??
 MP: 220         Gil: 2500        Morph: Speed Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Fire
 Notes:   Found in the <神羅飛空挺・通路>.

 LV: ??          EXP: 24          Steal: ??
 HP: 72          AP:  2           Win:   Poison Neutralizer
 MP: ??          Gil: 32          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Drain, Feeler
 Notes:   Found in the Area 5 Makoro.

(Puraudokuraddo and Jamaaaamaa)..........................................

プラウド・クラッド  PURAUDOKURADDO    LV: ??          EXP: 7000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 62000?      AP:  1000        Win:   Ragnarok
 MP: 320         Gil: 10000       Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Wrist Laser, Knee Fire, Knee Blender, Beam Cannon
 Notes:   Found in Midgar City, Area 8 Town

ジャマーアーマー  JAMAAAAMAA  
 LV: 62          EXP: 8000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 20000       AP:  1500        Win:   ??
 MP: 300         Gil: 10000       Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Materia Jammer
 Notes:   Part of PURAUDOKURADDO.

プラウラー  PURAURAA  
 LV: 12          EXP: 55          Steal: Ether
 HP: 150         AP:  5           Win:   Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 160         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Strike
 Attacks: Pick Pocket
 Notes:   Found in the Midgar area.

 LV: ??          EXP: 16          Steal: ??
 HP: 100         AP:  2           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 15          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Machine Gun, <マシンガン>.
 Notes:   Found in the Area 5 Makoro.


 LV: 28          EXP: 385         Steal: Electric Shock Bird Horn
 HP: 800         AP:  36          Morph: Fast Lightning
 MP: 80          Gil: 420         Win:   Electric Shock Bird Horn,
                                         Yamabikoenmaku, Hi Potion
 Control: Thrusting Stab, Thunder Attack <雷撃>.
 Attacks: Thunder Attack <雷撃>.
 Notes:   Found in the Uutai area.

ランドウォーム  RANDOUOOMU  
 LV: 22          EXP: 400         Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 1500        AP:  40          Win:   Ether
 MP: 80          Gil: 256         Morph: Fire Dragon Fang
 Control: Earth Quake, Sand Storm
 Attacks: Earth Quake, Sand Storm
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in the Corel Desert (KoreruSabaku).

 LV: ??          EXP: 3200        Steal: ??
 HP: ??          AP:  33          Win:   Peace Ring
 MP: ??          Gil: 20000       Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Scorpion Tail, Aeroga
 Notes:   Found in Uutai -- the Dachao Statues.

 LV: 14          EXP: 65          Steal: Ether
 HP: 200         AP:  7           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 128         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Bird Kick, 100 Violent Stabs
 Attacks: 100 Violent Stabs, Bird Kick
 Notes:   Found in the Grassland Area.

 LV: 39          EXP: 3500        Steal: n/a
 HP: 6800        AP:  200         Win:   Dragon Bracelet
 MP: 300         Gil: 1000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Red Dragon Breath
 Notes:   Found in <壁画の間>.

レーザーキャノン  REEZAAKANON  
 LV: 8           EXP: 5           Steal: n/a
 HP: 155         AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Laser Cannon, Paralysis Laser
 Notes:   Found in <神羅ビル・67、68階(警告板内部より出現)>.

 LV: 34          EXP: 920         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 2000        AP:  65          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 400         Gil: 1000        Morph: Cancel
 Control: Wing Cut, Scorpion Tail
 Attacks: Scorpion Tail
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in

 LV: 40          EXP: 1000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  70          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 500         Gil: 900         Morph: n/a
 Control: Blood Suck, Boisterous Tree Dance <木の葉乱舞>.
 Attacks: Boisterous Tree Dance <木の葉乱舞>.
 Notes:   Found in the Old Forest <古えの森>.

(Rufausu and Daakuneishon)...............................................

ルーファウス  RUFAUSU  
 LV: 21          EXP: 240         Steal: n/a
 HP: 500         AP:  35          Win:   Boudan Chokki
 MP: 0           Gil: 400         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Shotgun
 Notes:   Found on floor 70 of the Shin-Ra Building, along with

ダークネイション  DAAKU NEISHON  
 LV: 18          EXP: 70          Steal: n/a
 HP: 140         AP:  7           Win:   Guard Up
 MP: 80          Gil: 250         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Barrier, Mabarrier, Sandaa
 Notes:   Found along with RUFAUSU.

ロケットランチャー  ROKETTO RANCHAA  
 LV: 20          EXP: 600         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1000        AP:  60          Win:   ??
 MP: 0           Gil: 300         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Rocket Launcher, Fray Missile <混乱ミサイル>.
 Notes:   Weak against Lighting.  Found in the

 LV: 35          EXP: 2000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 7000        AP:  80          Win:   Cosmo Memory Manual
 MP: 300         Gil: 2000        Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sandara
 Notes:   Found in the Safe on the 2nd floor of the Shin-Ra Mansion.


サーチャクラウン  SAACHAKURAUN  
 LV: 16          EXP: 80          Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: 150         AP:  8           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 30          Gil: 111         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Side Shutting, Foe Laser
 Notes:   Found in the Corel Mountains -- East and C. M. -- West

サーチアイ  SAACHIAI  
 LV: 15          EXP: 80          Steal: Ether
 HP: 240         AP:  8           Win:   Ether
 MP: 60          Gil: 120         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Faira, Burizara
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Transport Boat -- Mechanism
          Connection Room  <運搬船・機関室>.

サーペント  SAAPENTO  
 LV: 40          EXP: 1400        Steal: Sui no Yubiwa
 HP: 14000       AP:  70          Win:   ??
 MP: 290         Gil: 2500        Morph: Mind Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Serpent Breath, Dragon Constellation Dance, Aqua Breath
          (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the <神羅飛空挺・カーゴルーム>.

サボテンダー  SABOTENDAA  
 LV: 40          EXP: 1000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 6000        AP:  100         Win:   ??
 MP: 120         Gil: 1000        Morph: Tetra Element
 Control: HariSenBan , Kick????
 Attacks: Ten Thousand Needles
 Notes:   Found in the Saboten Island and North Corel Areas.

サハガイン  SAHAGIN  
 LV: ??          EXP: 30          Steal: Stimulant
 HP: 150         AP:  3           Win:   Potion, Stimulant
 MP: ??          Gil: 89          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Water Iron Cannon (MizuTetsuHou).
 Notes:   Found in Earth Below Waterway (?).

(Sanpuru:H0512 and Sanpuru:H0512-OPT)....................................

サンプル:H0512  SANPURU:H0512  
 LV: 19          EXP: 300         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1000        AP:  30          Win:   Talisman
 MP: 120         Gil: 250         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Mysterious Breath, Demon Revival System
 Notes:   Boss of the Shin-Ra HQ, 68th floor.

サンプル:H0512-OPT  SANPURU:H0512-OPT  
 LV: 7           EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 300         AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 48          Gil: (shared)    Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Fire, Burizado, Revolving Attack
 Notes:   Found with SANPURU:H0512.

サポテンダー  SAPOTENDAA  
 LV: 20          EXP: 1           Steal: n/a
 HP: 200         AP:  1           Win:   ??
 MP: 20          Gil: 10000       Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in the KoreruSabaku (the pit around the Gold Saucer).

(Sei Tai Fumei, Sei Tai Fumei 2 and Sei Tai Fumei 3).....................

 LV: 50          EXP: 1500        Steal: Ardent Flame Bracelet
 HP: 11000       AP:  150         Win:   ??
 MP: 110         Gil: 5000        Morph: Power Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Tongue, Kamitsuki, Blaster
 Notes:   Found in  <神羅飛空挺・カーゴルーム>

正体不明2  SEI TAI FUMEI  
 LV: 51          EXP: 3000        Steal: Aurora Bracelet
 HP: 13000       AP:  300         Win:   ??
 MP: 130         Gil: 10000       Morph: Guard Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Extraordinary Breath, Feeler, Mysterious Needle
 Notes:   Found in Shin-Ra (Kaagoruumu).

正体不明3  SEI TAI FUMEI  
 LV: 52          EXP: 2000        Steal: Lightning Bracelet
 HP: 15000       AP:  200         Win:   ??
 MP: 150         Gil: 7500        Morph: Magic Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sandara, Venom Fang, Slap, Negative Spirit Flavor Touch
 Notes:   Found in Shin-Ra (Kaagoruumu).

戦闘員  SENTOU IN  
 LV: ??          EXP: 22          Steal: ??
 HP: 40          AP:  2           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 15          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Machinegun Beam
 Notes:   Found in Midgar Area 1 Makoro.

シャドウメーカ  SHADOUMEEKA  
 LV: 42          EXP: 500         Steal: Gravity Ball
 HP: 2000        AP:  25          Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 120         Gil: 500         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in <螺旋トンネル(DISC2)>

シェイク  SHEIKU  
 LV: 32          EXP: 2200        Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  50          Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 180         Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Furious Bomber
 Notes:   Found in Uutai -- The Pagoda of Five Strong

 LV: ??          EXP: 23          Steal: Stimulant
 HP: 120         AP:  2           Win:   Potion
 MP: ??          Gil: 55          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Blue/Green Light
 Notes:   Found in the Ground Below Waterway <地下下水道>.

シーオーム  SHIIUOOMU  
 LV: 22          EXP: 1300        Steal: Water Dragon Scale
 HP: 9000        AP:  200         Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: 5000        Morph: Water Dragon Scale
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sand Storm, Sealing Crush
 Notes:   Weak against Cold.  Found in the shore zones of Mideel
          and North Corel Areas.

 LV: 34          EXP: 300         Steal: 203 Million Bullet Shells
 HP: 1300        AP:  10          Win:   S Mine
 MP: 100         Gil: 420         Morph: n/a
 Control: Machinegun, Grenade, Smog Bullet
 Attacks: Grenade
 Notes:   Found in <荒れ地、ウータイ総本山、報道室、,

 LV: 32          EXP: 850         Steal: 203 Million Bullet Shells
 HP: 1500        AP:  80          Win:   S Mine, Shin-Ra Relaxed Form
 MP: 85          Gil: 500                Defense Tool
 Control: ??                      Morph: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in the Elevator, Sea Bottom Makoro Path, Sea Bottom
          Makoro Submarine, Submarine Bridge

(Shizaasu Upper Half and Shizaasu Lower Half)............................

シザース  SHIZAASU  (Upper Half)  
 LV: 33          EXP: 1000        Steal: Ether
 HP: 2900        AP:  90          Win:   Ether Turbo
 MP: 88          Gil: 1400        Morph: Cancel
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Scissor Kick, Cross Scissor, Scissor Tail Attack
          Blood Nail, Scissor Tornado
 Notes:   Found in the Makou Pit.  Weak against upper and lower
          body detachment.

シザース  SHIZAASU  (Lower Half)  
 LV: (shared)    EXP: 3400        Steal: (shared)
 HP: (shared)    AP:  270         Win:   (shared)
 MP: (shared)    Gil: 4200        Morph: (shared)
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Confuse
 Notes:   Part of SHIZAASU (Upper Half).  Weak against upper and
          lower body detachment.
          "Weak against two person (kara) Ether (ga) Steal (meru)"

 LV: 32          EXP: 500         Steal: n/a
 HP: 900         AP:  40          Win:   Ether
 MP: 100         Gil: 950         Morph: n/a
 Control: Gale, Magic Claw, Kealga
 Attacks: Mad Claw, Kealga
 Notes:   Weak against Flame and Wind.  Found in the Large Icicle

 LV: ??          EXP: 22          Steal: ??
 HP: ??          AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 60          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in Corneo's Mansion - 2nd Floor

ソードダンス  SOODODANSU  
 LV: 11          EXP: 39          Steal: Stimulant
 HP: 160         AP:  6           Win:   Delusion Washi Weed
 MP: 0           Gil: 90          Morph: Light Curtain
 Control: Body Blow, Slap
 Attacks: Slap, Saw
 Notes:   Found in the Shin-Ra HQ, 65th floor.

ソルジャー:1ST  SORUJYAA 1ST  
 LV: 44          EXP: 960         Steal: Shin-Ra Armor Type Defend Tool
 HP: 5000        AP:  90                 Reform
 MP: 400         Gil: 2400        Win:   ??
 Control: n/a                     Morph: n/a
 Attacks: Inevitable Slash Sword, Silence
 Notes:   Found atop the Makou Cannon.

ソルジャー:2ND  SORUJYAA 2ND  
 LV: 35          EXP: 1000        Steal: Almighty Medicine
 HP: 4000        AP:  85          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 340         Gil: 750         Morph: n/a
 Control: Attack, Inevitable Slash Sword
 Attacks: Inevitable Slash Sword
 Notes:   Found in the Traffic Path, Aru-Junon, Airport, Sea Bottom
          Makoro, and the Junon Submarine Dock.

ソルジャー:3RD  SORUJYAA 3RD  
 LV: 13          EXP: 54          Steal: Hard Breaker
 HP: 250         AP:  6           Win:   Delusion Washi Weed
 MP: 40          Gil: 116         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Sleep, Sandara, Blizara
 Notes:   Weak against Fire.  Found in the Shin-Ra HQ, floors 67 and 68.

スイーパー  SUIIPAA  
 LV: ??          EXP: 27          Steal: ??
 HP: 140         AP:  3           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 30          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Double Machinegun, Smog Shot
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in the Area 1 Makoro.

 LV: 15          EXP: 63          Steal: Atomic Scissor
 HP: 300         AP:  7           Win:   Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 120         Morph: X Potion
 Control: Double Machinegun, Smog Shot, Matora Magic (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Double Machinegun, Matora Magic
 Notes:   Weak against Lightning.  Found in Midgar Area.

 LV: 32          EXP: 860         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1700        AP:  60          Win:   Stimulant
 MP: 100         Gil: 640         Morph: n/a
 Control: Body Blow, Fire Bullet
 Attacks: Fire Bullet
 Notes:   Weak against Holy.  Found in the Whirlwind Labyrinth.

スクリーマー  SUKURIIMAA  
 LV: 26          EXP: 400         Steal: n/a
 HP: 800         AP:  33          Win:   Earth Drum
 MP: 40          Gil: 400         Morph: Power Up
 Control: Iron Ball, Iron Attack Quake, Heroic/Masculine Yell
 Attacks: Iron Attack Quake
 Notes:   Found in the Nivelhiem Mountains.

スモッグファクト  SUMOGGU FAKUTO  
 LV: ??          EXP: 32          Steal: ??
 HP: 90          AP:  3           Win:   Harmfulness Material
 MP: ??          Gil: 60          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Harmful Smog
 Notes:   Found in the Midgar Area 5 Makoro.

スノウ  SUNOU  
 LV: 32          EXP: 500         Steal: Sacred
 HP: 4000        AP:  42          Win:   Cold Binding Crystal
 MP: 160         Gil: 700         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Cold Breath, Charm, Burizara
 Notes:   Weak against Flame.  Found in the Big Water River, Hora Hole,
          and the Frozen Mountain Cave (Fumoto).

スパイラル  SUPAIRARU  
 LV: 39          EXP: 700         Steal: X Potion
 HP: 2800        AP:  80          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 1300        Morph: Guard Up
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Spin
 Notes:   Found in the Mideel Area.

 LV: 17          EXP: 110         Steal: Saraha Fruit
 HP: 250         AP:  11          Win:   Saraha Fruit
 MP: 0           Gil: 175         Morph: n/a
 Control: Blade Sword, Sword Upper
 Attacks: Sword Upper
 Notes:   Found in the Gold Saucer Area.

 LV: 26          EXP: 370         Steal: Ether
 HP: 750         AP:  28          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 50          Gil: 330         Morph: Speed Drink
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Barrier magic
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Nivelheim Mountains,
          and the Nivelheim Makoro.

 LV: 29          EXP: 370         Steal: n/a
 HP: 900         AP:  30          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 50          Gil: 450         Morph: Stimulant
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Paralyze Needle, Berserk Needle, Insect Stinger
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Woodland Area.

 LV: 37          EXP: 700         Steal: Kemuridama
 HP: 1600        AP:  70          Win:   Harmfulness Material
 MP: 30          Gil: 1500        Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Punch, Harmfulness Smog
 Attacks: Harmfulness Smog
 Notes:   Found in the Sea Bottom Makoro Traffic Path (?).

 LV: 36          EXP: 3600        Steal: n/a
 HP: 6000        AP:  50          Win:   Ether
 MP: 240         Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Heroic/Masculine Yell
 Notes:   Found in Uutai -- The Pagoda of Five Strong

 LV: 21          EXP: 270         Steal: n/a
 HP: 600         AP:  24          Win:   Molbol's Tentacle
 MP: 65          Gil: 330         Morph: ??
 Control: Trip Attack, Death Sentence (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Trip Attack, Death Sentence
 Notes:   Found in the Gi Tribe Cave.

スチンガー  SUTINGAA  
 LV: 25          EXP: 290         Steal: Ether
 HP: 2200        AP:  25          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 60          Gil: 358         Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Stinger Bomb, Stab
 Notes:   Found in the Gi Tribe Cave.

スチルヴァ  SUTIRUVA  
 LV: 40          EXP: 1000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  110         Win:   Ether
 MP: 300         Gil: 1100        Morph: Holy Torch
 Control: Big Red Clipper, Tryne, Magical Breath (both Enemy Skills)
 Attacks: Magical Breath, Jump Attack, Large Horn

 LV: 18          EXP: 90          Steal: Gold Needle
 HP: 240         AP:  9           Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 125         Morph: Hi Potion
 Control: Body Blow, Vacuum, Hell Needle
 Attacks: Vacuum, Hell Needle
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Corel Makoro and Corel
          Mountains -- West.


タッチミー  TACCHIMII  
 LV: 18          EXP: 170         Steal: Mozu no Hayanie
 HP: 300         AP:  23          Win:   Virgin's Kiss
 MP: 74          Gil: 180         Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Frog Punch, Song of the Frog (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: Frog Punch, Song of the Frog
 Notes:   Found in the Gongaga and Jungle Areas.

 LV: 34          EXP: 850         Steal: Shin-Ra Armor Type Defend Tool
 HP: 2000        AP:  84                 Reform
 MP: 90          Gil: 1050        Win:   ??
                                  Morph: n/a
 Control: Machine Gun, Shurudan
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Found in the Submarine Bridge.

 LV: 10          EXP: 42          Steal: Tranquilizer
 HP: 130         AP:  4           Win:   Shurudan
 MP: 0           Gil: 72          Morph: Shurudan
 Control: Machinegun, Shurudan
 Attacks: Shurudan
 Notes:   Found in the Shin-Ra HQ, level 1 and 3

 LV: 46          EXP: 10000       Steal: Elixir
 HP: 20000       AP:  150         Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 100         Gil: 600         Morph: Escort Guard
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Adrenalin, Grand Sword
 Notes:   Weak against Water.  Found in <星の体内>.

 LV: ??          EXP: 28          Steal: ??
 HP: 60          AP:  3           Win:   Shurdan, Poison Neutralize
 MP: ??          Gil: 40          Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Machine Gun Beam, Wave Motion
 Notes:   Found in <螺旋トンネル(DISC1)、5番魔晄炉>.

 LV: ??          EXP: ??          Steal: Ether Turbo
 HP: ??          AP:  ??          Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: ??          Morph: Elixir
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Houchou (Kitchen Knife)

トーンアドゥ  TOONADU  
 LV: 30          EXP: 600         Steal: Big Bird Feather
 HP: 1600        AP:  45          Win:   Big Bird Feather
 MP: 0           Gil: 600         Morph: n/a
 Control: Claw, Big Rotating Wind <大旋風>, Big Sound Wave <大音波>
 Attacks: Big Rotating Wind
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the North Corel and
          Woodland areas.

 LV: 24          EXP: 480         Steal: n/a
 HP: 1500        AP:  35          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 100         Gil: 800         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Mountain of Gold <金山>, Level 4 Self-Destruct (Enemy Skill),
          Magma, Cave In, Geyser <地下水>.
 Notes:   Found in the Icicle Area, and the Forgotten Raruru Captial

(Tsuinheddo: Right Neck and Tsuinheddo: Left Neck).......................

ツインヘッド  TSUINHEDDO  (Right Neck)  
 LV: 43          EXP: 4400        Steal: Peace Ring
 HP: 18000       AP:  240         Win:   Fang of Dragon Pair
 MP: 350         Gil: 3000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Part of TSUINHEDDO.

ツインヘッド  TSUINHEDDO  (Left Neck)  
 LV: 43          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 18000       AP:  (shared)    Win:   (shared)
 MP: 350         Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Part of TSUINHEDDO.

つらら  TSURARA  
 LV: 30          EXP: 500         Steal: n/a
 HP: 3000        AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: 300         Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Tsurara Otoshi (Icicle Drop)
 Notes:   Weak against Flame, Earth, and Gravity.  Found in

トゥーサイド  TUUSAIDO  
 LV: 18          EXP: 100         Steal: Phoenix Tail
 HP: 330         AP:  10          Win:   Hi Potion
 MP: 80          Gil: 156         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Kealga, Self-Destruct
 Notes:   Found in Corel Prison and <地下室>.


ウィンドウィング  UINDOUINGU  
 LV: 36          EXP: 800         Steal: Hi Potion
 HP: 1900        AP:  60          Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 350         Gil: 500         Morph: Phoenix Tail
 Control: Tail Bit, Shamshir, Aeroga magic
 Attacks: White Wind (Enemy Skill), Shamshir, Aeroga magic
 Notes:   Found in <竜巻の迷宮>.

 LV: 43          EXP: 10000       Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  100         Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: 600         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Heavy Sword, Atomic Ray, Mighty Guard  (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Weak against Water attacks.  Found in the train during
          the North Corel Huge Materia Quest.  <炭鉱列車>.


 LV: 9           EXP: 44          Steal: Tranquilizer
 HP: 140         AP:  7           Win:   Phoenix Tail
 MP: 28          Gil: 40          Morph: Tranquilizer
 Control: Stinger
 Attacks: Stinger, Self-Destruct
 Notes:   Found in Shin-Ra HQ, Floor 67-69.

ヴァイス  VAISU
 LV: 7           EXP: 24          Steal: Speed Drink
 HP: 68          AP:  3           Win:   Potion
 MP: 0           Gil: 80          Morph: Potion
 Control: Hit
 Attacks: Pick Pocket
 Notes:   Found in the Midgar Area 5 Slum.


 LV: 17          EXP: 70          Steal: n/a
 HP: 285         AP:  7           Win:   ??
 MP: 36          Gil: 165         Morph:
 Control: Thunderbolt, White Wind (Enemy Skill)
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in the Junon Area.

ジェネネ/ゼネネ  ZENENE
 LV: 14          EXP: 58          Steal: Harmfulness Material
 HP: 250         AP:  6           Win:   Ether
 MP: 93          Gil: 60          Morph: Almighty Medicine
 Control: Fang, (Puazo) Shower, (Gehena) Gunner
 Attacks: (Puazo) Shower, (Gehena) Gunner
 Notes:   Weak against Holy.

 LV: 30          EXP: 700         Steal: n/a
 HP: 950         AP:  60          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 90          Gil: 700         Morph: Poison Neutralize
 Control: Kamitsuki, Venom Spit
 Attacks: Venom Spit
 Notes:   Gaia Wall (Frozen Mountain Area).

ズー  ZUU
 LV: 27          EXP: 450         Steal: Big Bird Feather
 HP: 1200        AP:  38          Win:   Big Bird Feather
 MP: 40          Gil: 430         Morph: Big Bird Feather
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Big Rotating Wind
 Notes:   Weak against Wind.  Found in Nivelheim Mountains and the
          Nivelheim Makoro.


(The Taakusu: Reno, Ruuda and Iriina)....................................

________________________________________________________  FIRST ENCOUNTER

タークス:レノ  TAAKUSU RENO  
 LV: ??          EXP: 290         Steal: n/a
 HP: ??          AP:  22          Win:   Ether
 MP: ??          Gil: 500         Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Pyramid, Electromagnetic Rod
 Notes:   Found in <プレート支柱>.

_______________________________________________________  SECOND ENCOUNTER

タークス:レノ  TAAKUSU RENO  
 LV: 22          EXP: 660         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  60          Win:   Fairy Tail
 MP: 80          Gil: 1500        Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Turks' Light Arrow
 Notes:   Found in the Jungle.

タークス:ルード  TAAKUSU RUUDO  
 LV: 23          EXP: 720         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  70          Win:   X Potion
 MP: 135         Gil: 2000        Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Fire
 Notes:   Appears along with RENO.

________________________________________________________  THIRD ENCOUNTER

タークス:ルード  TAAKUSU RUUDO  
 LV: 42          EXP: 3400        Steal: Zaidorittsu
 HP: 9000        AP:  80          Win:   ??
 MP: 240         Gil: 3000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Mabarrier, Sandara, Kealra, <地走り>.
 Notes:   Appears atop the Rocket in Rocket Town.

_______________________________________________________  FOURTH ENCOUNTER

タークス:レノ  TAAKUSU RENO  
 LV: 42          EXP: 10500       Steal: Toughness Ring
 HP: 15000       AP:  660         Win:   ??
 MP: 230         Gil: 9000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Neo Turks' Light Ray
 Notes:   Found in <神羅飛空挺・通路>.

タークス:ルード  TAAKUSU RUUDO  
 LV: 49          EXP: (shared)    Steal: Zaidorittsu
 HP: 20000       AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 280         Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sandara
 Notes:   Appears along with RENO.

________________________________________________________  FIFTH ENCOUNTER

タークス:イリーナ  TAAKUSU IRIINA  
 LV: ??          EXP: 6400        Steal: Minerva Brace
 HP: 30000       AP:  800         Win:   ??
 MP: 100         Gil: 7000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   She can absorb Cold-based attacks.  Found in the

タークス:レノ  TAAKUSU RENO  
 LV: 50          EXP: 4500        Steal: Toughness Ring
 HP: 25000       AP:  450         Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: 3000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Electric Spirit Rod, Turks' Light Ray
 Notes:   He can absorb Lighting-based attacks.  Appears along with
          Irina and Rudo.

タークス:ルード  TAAKUSU RUUDO  
 LV: 51          EXP: 5500        Steal: Zaidorittsu
 HP: 28000       AP:  600         Win:   ??
 MP: 250         Gil: 5000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: <地走り>.
 Notes:   He can absorb Flame-based attacks.  Appears along with
          Irina and Reno.

_______________________________________________________  BATTLE WITH HOJO

対宝条3連戦  HOUJOU  
 LV: 50          EXP: 25000       Steal: n/a
 HP: 13000       AP:  2500        Win:   ??
 MP: 250         Gil: 6000        Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: <カプセル(イビルラップサンプルとプドゥレアサンプル出現)>.
 Notes:   Can create SANPURU monsters (see below).  Found atop the
          Makou Cannon.

 LV: 34          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 11000       AP:  n/a         Win:   ??
 MP: 120         Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Big Fang, Ibil Poison
 Notes:   Created by Hojo.

プドゥレアサンプル  PUDUREA SANPURU  
 LV: 42          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  n/a         Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Created by Hojo.

ヘレティック宝条  HERETIKKU  
 LV: 55          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 26000       AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 200         Gil: (shared)    Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Bio Gas, Confuse, Sleep
 Notes:   Second form of Hojo.

 LV: 55          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 5000        AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 300         Gil: (shared)    Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Part of HERETIKKU.

左腕  SAUDE  
 LV: 55          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 24000       AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 400         Gil: (shared)    Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Part of HERETIKKU.

 LV: ??          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: ??          AP:  (shared)    Win:   Power Up
 MP: 100         Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Combo, Silence
 Notes:   Final form of Hojo.

____________________________________  FIRST BATTLE WITH THE ULTIMA WEAPON

アルテマウェポン  ARUTEMA UEPON  
 LV: ??          EXP: 0           Steal: Cursed Ring
 HP: ??          AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Quera, Ultima Beam
 Notes:   Found in Mideel (Disc 2).

_____________________________________  AIR BATTLES WITH THE ULTIMA WEAPON

アルテマウェポン(空中戦)  ARUTEMA UEPON  
 LV: ??          EXP: 0           Steal: Sacred
 HP: ??          AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Ultima Beam
 Notes:   Found in the Flying (Airship) Battle, Junon Lake, Mideel,
          and North Corel.

____________________________________  LAND BATTLES WITH THE ULTIMA WEAPON

アルテマウェポン(地上戦)  ARUTEMA UEPON  
 LV: ??          EXP: 0           Steal: Reflect Ring
 HP: ??          AP:  0           Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 0           Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Ultima Beam, Quera
 Notes:   Found in Mideel, Condor Fort, and Gongaga Town.

_____________________________________  LAST BATTLE WITH THE ULTIMA WEAPON

アルテマウェポン  ARUTEMA UEPON  
 LV: ??          EXP: 35000       Steal: n/a
 HP: ??          AP:  3500        Win:   Ultima Weapon
 MP: 400         Gil: 25000       Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Ultima Beam, Shadow Flare (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Found near Cosmo Canyon.

_________________________________________  CONDOR FORT: SIMULATION BATTLE

because of my lack of Japanese, or maybe this person used a Game Shark
code??? (I don't recall these characters having stats.)>

 LV: 19          EXP: 200         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  20          Win:   Basilisk's Nail
 MP: 100         Gil: 2400        Morph: ??
 Control: ??
 Attacks: Grand Attack
 Notes:   (Simulation...first battle)

 LV: 25          EXP: 400         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  40          Win:   n/a
 MP: 200         Gil: 4800        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Poison Breath
 Notes:   (Simulation...second battle)

 LV: 37          EXP: 800         Steal: n/a
 HP: 8000        AP:  80          Win:   Imperial Guard
 MP: 300         Gil: 9600        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Poison Breath, Grand Attack
 Notes:   ( battle)

____________________________________________________  BATTLES WITH JENOVA
 LV: 25          EXP: 680         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  64          Win:   White Cape
 MP: 110         Gil: 800         Morph: ??
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Stop, Tail Laser, Double Laser, Gas
 Notes:   Found in <運搬船・機関室>.

 LV: 50          EXP: 4000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  350         Win:   Wizard Brace
 MP: 300         Gil: 1500        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Blue Flame, Blue Ray, Aqua Breath  (Enemy Skill)
 Notes:   Weak against Earth.  Found in the Water Podium Shrine

 LV: 55          EXP: 6000        Steal: n/a
 HP: 25000       AP:  400         Win:   Reflect Ring
 MP: 800         Gil: 5000        Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Red Ray, Hot Wind, Silence
 Notes:   Fund in the Tornado Labyrinth.

 LV: ??          EXP: 60000       Steal: n/a
 HP: ??          AP:  1000        Win:   ??
 MP: ??          Gil: 0           Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Suck Imbibe, Biora, Ultima <吸収、バイオラ、アルテ>.
 Notes:   Will count down from 5, then cast Ultima.  If this
          happens, the battle ends, and if you're still alive,
          you receive no EXP or AP.  Found in the <星の体内>.

 LV: 61          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 600         Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Part of JENOBA SYNTHESIS.

 LV: 61          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
 HP: 8000        AP:  (shared)    Win:   ??
 MP: 600         Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: ??
 Notes:   Part of JENOBA SYNTHESIS.

____________________________________________  FIRST BATTLE WITH SEPHIROTH

リバース・セフィロス  RIBAASU SEFIROSU   (Part A)
 LV: ??          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: ??          AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: ??          Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Aurora Fence
 Notes:   Found in ???? (bottom of the Makou Pit).

 LV: 61          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 2000        AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: 400         Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Gurabiga
 Notes:   Part of RIBAASU SEFIROSU  (the head)

C (コア)  KOA
 LV: 61          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 10000       AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: 400         Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: (Reverse Energy Sutiguma) <リバースエナジー、スティグマ>.
 Notes:   Part of RIBAASU SEFIROSU  (the yellow core)

 LV: 61          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: 400         Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Sandaga, Burizaga
 Notes:   Part of RIBAASU SEFIROSU (the right wing)

 LV: 61          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 4000        AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: 400         Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Faiga
 Notes:   Part of RIBAASU SEFIROSU (the left wing)

___________________________________________  SECOND BATTLE WITH SEPHIROTH

セーファ セフィロス  SEEFA SEFIROSU  
 LV: ??          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: ??          AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: ??          Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: Slow, Flare, Doom, Break, Pyro Holes, Super Nova, Dispel,
 Notes:   His HP level is tripled (?) if Cloud is at level 98 or 99.

_____________________________________________  LAST BATTLE WITH SEPHIROTH

(no name)  
 LV: ??          EXP: n/a         Steal: n/a
 HP: 0           AP:  n/a         Win:   n/a
 MP: ??          Gil: n/a         Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Attacks: (sword attack)
 Notes:   You can only attack him using Cloud's Level 4 Limit Break
          (even if you don't have it yet).  Even an attack that does
          0 points of damage will kill him (via a GameShark :)).
          Sephiroth cannot kill you, even if you let him strike first.
          And if he does, you will automatically counterattck.  There's
          no way to lose this battle, in other words.


This section contains a list of the most popular rumors in Final
Fantasy 7.  I've attempted to answer them using my own knowledge as well
as information that others have shared with me.  After listing the
rumor (as a question), I offer reasons (not evidence, mind you) why the
rumor may or may not be true--but I'm not saying that my arguments are
sound.  Finally, there's my own opinion on the rumor.  Remember, it is
YOU, the reader, who must decide what's true and what's not--don't blame
me for voicing my opinion since I'm not saying that I am correct.  I'm
only presenting my belief concerning each rumor.

Also, I'm not trying to say that any of the FAQs contributors are liars
or that they're just making stuff up--several people have told me their
opinions/knowledge about the rumors and I have no intention of making
them into scapegoats.  What they say is perfectly valid: as NONE of
these rumors have been PROVEN to be true or false, these people are just
as right or as wrong as the rest of us.  There is _no_ hard evidence in
the game concerning these rumors--even the 'Suichuu Kokyuu' materia
only _suggests_ that the Aerith rumor could be true as it has no effect
in the game as far as anyone knows.  And it IS perfectly possible that
Square had planned alternate endings but never put them on any of the
discs once they decided to can other parts of the game.

In an interview with the lead members of Square, it was stated that
the Aerith rumor is just that, a rumor.  It was also said that no other
endings were made because they (the Square programmers) would have to
create entirely new endings depending on whether or not Yuffie or
Vincent had joined your party.  Just so you know.

The section following this one contains all the documents that I used in
presenting, proving, and disproving these rumors; as you'll see should
you read it, there are many reasons why a rumor could be true or false.
All I'm trying to say is that we're all entitled to our own opinions,
and my opinions shouldn't be taken as the truth or be used as a reason
to put down others just because they have good reason to believe that a
rumor is true or false.  And if you haven't even played FF7, you're not
even in a position to judge anybody anyway, are you?

With that little reminder out of the way, on with the rumors:

Can you revive Aerith after her death in Disc One?  I heard that Square
had planned to let you resurrect her, but then decided against it.  Why?

Originally there was a rumor spread by a certain individual named Ben
Lansing who claimed that Square had originally been working on a
scenario which, if completed, would allow you to bring Aerith back to
life using a special materia.  The reason why people thought he had
so much crediblity is because he said he was a former temporary worker
for Square USA, and the information he presented to the 'outside world'
seemed impossible for someone to know unless they had been affiliated
with Square.

In the game itself, there is an Independent Materia called 'Suichuu
Kokyuu' which means 'Underwater Breath/Respiration'.  You can only
get it using a Game Shark code.  According to Mr. Lansing's story, you
needed a materia that would let you go underwater in order to revive
Aerith, so this could be that materia that he was referring to, since
there are no other materia in the game with that name or power.  Also,
if you return to Midgar City in Disc 2 or 3, you will see a flickering
image of Aerith in the church that Mr. Lansing claimed was left in by
mistake--it was supposed to be followed by a sequence with Cloud
talking to Aerith's ghost.  Lansing also gave several reasons for
Square removing the revival process, including the fact that Square was
pressed for time.  This is true--Square had already delayed the game
once and finished it shortly before it was shipped, and the obvious
incompleteness of the ending adds even more credence to his story.

Also, before the final battle, there is an extra ledge that no one is
standing on.  And if you are able to make three groups, one group will
only have two members.  Some people say that that proves that there
should have been an extra member in your party, who would be Aerith.

Mr. Lansing claimed that the materia that would let you go underwater
was a yellow (Command) materia.  The 'Suichuu Kokyuu' materia is
purple (Independant) instead.  Also, it has no known effect in the
game, even if one has follows the instructions concerning the Materia
that Lansing explained in his message.  Furthermore, he claimed that
there were two alternate endings you could see if Aerith was revived,
but it has been proven that there are no extra FMV ending files on
any of the discs, and even if the ending wasn't an FMV sequence, no
one has yet discovered any of quotes or graphics that might have been
used in either of the 'alternate' endings.  Most people also overlook
the fact that, although it's difficult, you CAN get her 4th level
Limit Break before her death near the end of Disc One--it was
originally thought that if you couldn't get it normally, why would
it be in the game unless Aerith could get it after her revival?  Now,
of course, that has been proven to be false.

One part of Lansing's story is rather interesting since it has yet to
be fully proven or disproven.  To get the underwater breathing materia,
according to him, you had to get the Area 5 Key during the first disc,
take Aerith to meet the General, then go into Midgar City and meet the
General's sick friend.  Aerith would care for him, but he would still
die.  Because Aerith tried to help, the General would remember her and
give Cloud the Suichuu Kokyuu materia in Disc 2.  According to Lansing,
the one thing that prevents you from doing this little side-quest is
the Area 5 Key, which was removed in the first disc only.  He insists
that the quest could be partially completed with a Game Shark.

Now, you get the Area 5 Key by digging at the Excavator's Site.  But
you can't even dig at the site until after Aerith's left for the
Ancient City.  So you'd need two codes, one to be able to dig up the
Key, and another one to stick Aerith back in your party (that last
part is easy enough to do :))  Even assuming you had a GS code to
simply put the Area 5 Key in your inventory, you'd run into another
problem almost immediately: while you do see the General leaving the
town after rescuing Aerith from the church in Midgar, he doesn't
appear outside of the city until the second disc, which means that
Lansing wasn't exactly right; _two_ things were removed from the game,
if his story is true.  And the General is a key part of this so-called
sub-quest.  That would seem to prove his story false right there, but
the General didn't give the materia until after you had cared for his
sick friend (the guy living in the tube near Aerith's house).  If you
were able to get back into Midgar with Aerith, and _anything_ happened
when you met the sick man, that alone would be very important;
according to Lansing, the whole point of this quest is to be able to
revive Aerith later, so if it's in there, it may be for the reason he
stated.  And if the General appeared when you left and gave you the
Underwater Breath materia or gave it to Cloud in Disc 2, as Lansing
states, then that would be the first piece of hard evidence to come
forward concerning the rumor.

The game's plot is also a large obstacle in the way of this rumor.  While
it seems that Square could have changed the plot in order to 'cover up'
the removed revival process, that would be a lot of dialogue to change.
Even the bit with Aerith in the church after her death is explained in
the game.  The biggest contradiction is that Aerith has NO lines of her
own in any of the other discs, even if a Game Shark code is used to
access her in later discs.  Also, the game freezes if she enters any
conversation/event in the later discs, further discrediting the rumor.
The only times she speaks is when she's saying a quote that any character
in your party would say at the time (such as just after crashing during
the snowboard event).  She also has no extra weapons available to her in
later discs, unlike any other character.

No, you cannot revive Aerith.  If you really have to play with her,
just use my Game Shark code, okay? :)

What about extra characters?  Aside from Vincent and Yuffie, isn't it
true that you can have Sephiroth or 'Young Cloud' join your party?
And what about the character called 'Baakusa'?

The fact that Sephiroth does join your party, at least for a time.
Like any playable character, he can fight, cast magic, and even use
magic outside of battle.  Plus, you can move him around and check
his stats.  If you use a Game Shark code, you can dequip and equip
him with materia and other equipment.  As for Baakusa, he is
supposed to be an imp (better known as a kappa to Japanese gamers)
that was removed from the game due to time contraints, as the rumor
goes.  Using the same code that enables Sephiroth to join your party
at any time, you can also see two extra character portraits, made up
of red hiragana (characters used in the Japanese alphabet).  One of
those could belong to Baakusa.  And Young Cloud has his own portrait,
his own stats, and can use materia.  He can equip things, raise
levels, and be controlled in battle just like a normal ally.
Throughout the game, Cloud battles his 'self'--that second self could
be the younger part of him, or Young Cloud.

Even with Sephiroth in your party, he is still controlled by the
computer.  And like with the GS code that lets you use Aerith,
Sephiroth cannot have a conversation or appear on the screen without
the game hanging, indicating that he has no lines in the game, not
even 'general quotes' that any ally might say.  Furthermore, he has
no weapons available to him aside from the Masamune (which doesn't
even have it's own icon; see below), and his portrait cannot appear
on the PHS screen.  To add to that, Sephiroth does not have any
Limit Breaks; if you use the GS code, it says that he has Vincent's,
which is impossible*.

While one of the two portraits could conceivably be for Baakusa, the
translations of the characters spell out 'Now Printing'.  A likely
conclusion for this would be that this was used while the portraits
were still being drawn/decided upon, a theory that is further backed
up by the fact that in the FF7 demo disc, none of the characters have
the same portraits used in the finished version (in fact, Cloud has
Young Cloud's portrait!)  If you load up either of the 'Now Printing'
portraits using a Game Shark code, you'll see that they don't have
their own stats/limit break/etc.  Also, each character in FF7 uses his
own type of weapon, but Baakusa has none, while even Sephiroth had a
weapon (although the icon with it was Vincent's gun, indicating that
perhaps you would never be able to buy/receive new weapons for Seph,
which further discredits that rumor).  The 'Now Printing' portrait
won't fit in the PHS screen, either.

How could Young Cloud join your party--through a time warp?  Remember,
Cloud's flashback takes place several years ago.  Even if you could
get Young Cloud, what would the point be?  Young Cloud doesn't have a
Limit Break; use a code and it says you have Cait Sith's (which is a
bug since Young Cloud, like Sephiroth, can't use it, even if you
activate a Game Shark code to have an fully-filled Limit Meter).  And
the Cloud in your party can do everything Young Cloud could do, too.
He also starts at a higher level.  Like the other 'hidden' characters,
Young Cloud's portrait is messed up if you try to stick him in the PHS
screen.  So even if you could get Young Cloud, why would you want him?

*  Vincent is NOT Sephiroth, despite what some people say.  The only
  reason why Vincent and Seph seem to have some similar abilities in
  terms of 'glitch' weapons and 'glitch' Limit Breaks is because
  Vincent is considered by the game to be the last normal character
  in the game before Sephiroth.  Although he comes before Cid in the
  'Character Select' code, that's because the nine playable characters
  appear in the earliest order that you could receive them.  In terms
  of Limit Breaks and weapons, Vincent always appears before Sephiroth,
  and the only reason why the handgun icon is used for Sephiroth's
  Masamune is because you're not able to equip Sephiroth with other
  weapons--the designers of the game had no need to make an icon
  because no one could ever see it normally, so they just used
  Vincent's.  Even if you don't believe this, Vincent's past (he was
  a former Turk) goes against the plot--and Sephiroth was already
  alive at the time (in his human form...I'm not talking about the
  'copy' Sephiroths that you see throughout the game.  Sephiroth
  protects his body by placing it in the Crater, but before he learned
  that he was inhuman, he only used his real body).  And no, I don't
  believe the theory that Seph could have controlled his alternate
  form of 'Vincent' by mind control, the same way that Reeve controls
  Cait Sith.  If I got the plot confused--well, hey, I can't read any
  of it, so don't blame me.

Vincent and Yuffie are the only 'hidden' characters in the game--the
only time when Sephiroth is in your party is during Cloud's flashback
at Kalm Town in Disc 1 (when Cloud is replaced by Young Cloud), and
there is no character named 'Baakusa'.  Once again, if you just have
to have either Seph or Young Cloud in your party, try a GS code.

Well then, what about the 'Chocobo Control' materia?  You can have
a Chocobo join your party if you use the materia, can't you?

There is a chocobo 'portrait' in the game, just like the one that your
allies have.  Also, the chocobo isn't a true enemy in the game, he/she
will only atack if you hit it first.  Plus, you can ride around on them
and breed them, so perhaps they're friendly enough to want to fight
alongside your allies.

The portrait is used simply for the purpose of naming a Chocobo during
the breeding scenario in Disc 2 onwards.  Should you use a Game Shark
code to add the portrait to your party, you'll see that it doesn't have
it's own stats/limit breaks/etc, and the portrait glitches in the PHS
menu.  And, there are no weapons in the game made for a Chocobo to use.
Most importantly, there isn't even a 'Chocobo Control' materia in the
game, and you can't control Chocobos using 'Ayatsuru', either.  Even if
you could, you could probably only make them attack someone, not join
your party.  If they did have such a command, it would be the sole
exception out of every other controlled monster's commands in the entire

There is no way to have a Chocobo join your party at any time during
the game.

If you think about it, all these rumors contradict each other.  There
are nine spaces in the PHS screen, and supposing you could revive
Aerith, they would all be filled.  But, one character is always leading
the party, so that clears up a space.  None of the hidden characters
portraits will work in the PHS screen.  However, Cloud's portrait fits
in the PHS screen, so that would leave three free spaces (your active
party).  So it must be possible, right?  Wrong.  There are four rumored
characters: Sephiroth, Young Cloud, Baakusa, and the Chocobo.  So where
would the fourth one go?  And if you say that they'd all fit if you
couldn't revive Aerith, then, okay, you may be right--but that means
that the rumor about bringing Aerith back to life is false, and if it's
true, one of the above rumors is also false.  If you say that maybe
they only join for a little while (maybe while Cloud is recuperating in
Mideel or for the period of time between Aerith's death and the first
chance you would have to supposedly 'revive' her), then that would also
be an event unlike any other event in the game.  Sephiroth is only in
your party for a little while, but remember that it's not really your
current party--it's just Young Cloud and Sephiroth during Cloud's

What about other endings in the game?  Let's ignore the whole Aerith
thing for a moment?  Doesn't the ending in FF7 seem a bit unfinished?
Could it be possible that there are alternate endings, just like in
Chrono Trigger?

Frankly, most everyone agrees that the ending does seem a little
incomplete.  And Mr. Lansing said that the 'main' ending was supposed to
have scences with Vincent and Yuffie in it.  In terms of FF7's plot, the
ending seems to wrap up Cloud's history and his troubles, but you never
hear about anyone else, with the exception of Red 13 (and that's not
explained either).  Taking the Aerith rumor into consideration,
throughout the game, Cloud is in situations in which he either must pick
Aerith over Tifa or show that he is a caring guy or an uncaring guy.
But, these choices affect the game in a very minor manner--the characters
reactions change a little, and the 'date' scene in the Gold Saucer
changes depending on the choices you made, but after Disc 1, the whole
thing is dropped.  According to information concerning the other endings,
Aerith lives happily with Cloud or commits suicide (read the Documents
section below) because of Cloud's actions.  Considering the number of
times when Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith get involved in a situation like the
ones I mentioned, it seems very likely that there could be other

People have searched the third disc and have proven that there are no
extra ending FMVs.  Even if the endings didn't use FMV, this goes
against the design of the main ending.  And despite replaying the game,
no one has yet found a significantly different path to take, (failing
all 4 Huge Materia quests has virtually no effect on the game's course)
nor have they found any other endings.

I hate to say it, but it seems that there's only one ending in the game.
I think that there could have been other endings planned, though, even
if they were never actually completed or put on the discs.  I don't know
if people have tried searching Disc 1 or 2 for the alternate endings,
but it seems a little odd to have to switch to an earlier disc to see
an ending sequence, so there may not be any endings on those discs,

Okay then.  Square DID cut stuff out of FF7, for whatever reason.
There WAS going to be more in the game originally, right?

Just about everything :)  There are disabled Materia in the game,
unused portraits (albeit possible test portraits at that), a seemingly
unfinished ending, and the fact that Disc 3 seems incredibly rushed,
which would be likely considering that Square announced that FF7 would
be a 3-disc game instead of a 2-disc game very late into their
production of the RPG.  There are many graphical glitches that could
have been easily fixed (such as when you view most characters up close),
and both the actual game itself and the mini-games could have used some
playtesting (as people and game reviewers have both said).  One rather
interesting point that no one has yet mentioned is that there are three
spaces for each Limit Break level, both in the Main Menu sub-screens and
on the red window that appears when use use a Limit Break in battle--it
could be that characters were originally going to have extra Breaks, but
this was dropped when the programmers began to run short on time.

Few games that are designed are ever released exactly the way they
were thought up.  This is due to a number of reasons; lack of money,
time contraints (which Lansing hinted as being the biggest reason why
Square may have cut things out of the game), or lack of interest from
both the programmers and the consumers.  FF7 is a complete game in
terms of being able to play, understand, and beat it, so it was
released in a 'usable' form.  And even using GS codes, it has been
discovered that there are no other Limit Breaks in the games aside
from the ones your characters can normally get in the game.

Cuts in the game?  Absolutely!  Like I said above, not every game is
released exactly the way it was intended to, but I think the main
reason why everyone got ticked off about FF7 is because so much was
removed at the last moment.  There's only one ending on the disc, in
my view.  Does that mean that Square never planned any other endings?
Of course not!  In my honest opinion, I do think there were going to
be more hidden characters, and I do think that Square may have toyed
with the idea of being able to revive Aerith.  Just because none of
this is evident in the final version doesn't mean it never happened.
FF7 was put together very hastily and it seems like the programmers
may have changed their minds as to what works and what doesn't
throughout the game.  The 'Materia Select' code and the extra
character portraits show that.  Even if the portraits were just test
images to be used before the real ones were put in, you think the
programmers would clean things up and remove them before putting out
the finished title.  Same for the 'Active Battle' debugger that
happens as a result of the Item Select Game Shark Code.  And the sudden
change from 2 discs to 3 before FF7 was released was also very
convincing--there's only one new area on the third disc.  Everything
else, from the bonus areas to the Ultima Weapon, all show up first on
the second disc.  If you think about it even more, what's the difference
between discs except for FMV?  The 'FMV Viewing Trick' proves that ALL
the discs have the same program on them; I played through several areas
of each disc that would seem specific to that disc with another FF CD in
the PlayStation, and they all loaded and played (like the snowboard and
submarine sequences, which aren't available in Disc 1, or the whole
first few hours of the game, which can't be reached in Disc 2 or 3 since
Area 7 of Midgar City is destroyed early on in Disc 1.)  The only
difference between Disc 1 and 2, and 3 are the FMV files, but all the
discs have at least some of the same FMV on them (the lift in Junon
Town, the observatory in Cosmo Canyon, and the sky lift going to and
from the Gold Saucer are on all three discs, and the bit with the
rotating silver car can be found on Discs 1 and 3, at the least).  So
yeah, I'd say that FF7 definitely has had some parts that were not
implemented and/or cut out for various reasons.

Will FF7 be just like the Japanese version when it is released in
English?  Will anything be added or removed?  Who's handling the
translation if there's no more Squaresoft?

(All the information below is from PSX Power except
where mentioned)

Apparently, FF7 _will_ be changed when it is released in the US.  In
addition to the obvious translation of text, the following changes
will be made:

- 'The overall difficulty setting during battle sequences will be

Thank goodness for this one!  This means that instead of a single
character being able to wipe out a boss all by him/herself, you might
actually have to _plan_ a strategy in order to win the battle!  The
bad part about this is that the HPs and stats of the monsters will
probably be changed, making my monster list useless *sniff*.

- 'The interface with the Materia exchange will be improved, allowing
   gamers more choices during gameplay.'

The exact wording of this is a little unclear, but it would seem as if
the Materia system will be altered so as to be a little more user-
friendly.  It's not bad as is, but it could use some improvements, such
as a command to dequip all characters (active or not) of their Materia.
It'd also be nice if you could equip/exchange Materia in battle.  What
really needs reworking is the Item Menu (you can't equip weapons in
battle, like you could in other FF games.  It'll also be interesting to
see what they do about the 'item organizing' commands, since one of them
arranges items according to the Japanese alphabet.)

- 'Additional "Weapon" monsters have been added.'

Apparently, the two Weapons that you don't fight (the one that attacks
Junon by sea and the one that attacks Midgar by land) will be fightable
in the US version.  Furthermore, if you go to:

You can see pictures of a green Weapon running around underwater (and
there's a timer going as well).  There are also pictures of a red
Weapon monster stomping around in the KoreruSabaku (Corel Desert; it's
the huge 'dirt pit' around the Gold Saucer).  You may only be able to
fight this monster via the Buggy or the Highwind.

- 'A few select scenes have been augmented to clarify the storyline.'

Sony claims that 'no portion of the story has been changed'.  So, it
seems that all that will happen is that many of the unresolved and
unexplained events in FF7 will be made more clear, such as Cloud's
real past, the connection between Sephiroth and the Jenova project,
and other events.  The above statement doesn't mention anything about
repairing the apparently unfinished ending sequence, but perhaps they'll
put in a few lines of text explaining what happens to our heroes after
the end of the game.

- You will now have 10 spaces to enter a character's name instead of
  six (this info comes straight from the UnOfficial Squaresoft

Some of you already saw this coming.  After all, 'Sephiroth', 'Vincent',
and 'Cait Sith' are all longer than six letters, when spelled in English.

Furthermore, this modified version of FF7 will also be released in Japan
as well (in Japanese, of course).  Now, this may just be speculation on
my part, but the agreement between Sony and Square (as I see it) is that
nothing that is normally in the game will be removed or altered.  This
does _not_ prevent them from removing the disabled materia, the 'test'
character portrait, and any reference to Aerith's ressurection.  I
wouldn't be surprised if the 'augmented scenes' change includes removing
certain mentions of Aerith's death from Buugen Haagen's conversations,
and I'm sure that the guy standing outside Midgar City in Disc 2 and 3
will have his dialogue re-worded to a certain extent.  This is just my
opinion, but it seems very likely to me, since Sony can do this without
anyone knowing (aside from those of us with GameSharks :))  I had always
been wondering what the translators would do about the disabled stuff
(call it 'dummy' materia, actually translate it into English, or
something else), but it looks like it could just be removed.

The actual translation of the game is being handled by Sony, since
Squaresoft (USA Squaresoft, mind you) has been disbanded ever since
the release of Secret of Evermore some time ago.  However Square is
working in conjunction with Square USA when it comes to adding the
extra stuff (such as the Weapon monsters).


Here are the documents the 'Rumors and Speculaton' section was based
upon (it was also based upon personal experience, use of GS codes, and
newsgroup discussions, particularly in  All
have been edited for space and so that they could fit this guide:

This original document below was located at Miranda's Cafe (the address
is in the Special Thanks section):

                          Aerith's Ressurection

                     A) You *cannot* ressurect Aerith
       B) We do not have the required Game Shark Codes to revive her
          C) We have NO FURTHER INFORMATION regarding her revival


                           The True Aeris Story
 This was posted on the FF Discussion Group by Lansing, a temp worker
 for Square who did some of the translations. It lays to rest (finally)
 the rumors of Aerith's ressurection:


Oh no. They did it. I wouldn't have known, because I had access to the
full set of FF7 info... but they did. I guess this means that I should
have actually played through things to see if anything had changed,
instead of getting tired of the game after translation purposes. I think
everyone is gonna kill me for my insolence, because I really should have
played through the game more fully before I said anything to make sure it
was still possible.

Throughout the past few weeks, I, myself, have been wondering why people
were having such a hard time reviving Aeris, because according to
everything I saw through the scenario translation process, it could be
done fairly easily. Here's the Aeris revival process, in full.

First off, throughout the game, you must make the logical choice of
things to say to Aeris to indicate that you like her. You must never hurt
her in any way by choice. What happens in scenarios, however, cannot be
avoided (Aeris' beating by Cloud, for instance). Also, with the sick man.
There is no medicine, but you could have Aeris tend to him and make him
feel better, by learning about her heritage and returning to Midgar in
the first CD. By doing this, the "GENERAL" as people call him, would
trust you, and request you go buy his dying friend something from the
store. A simple quest. After doing so, the GENERAL would tell you thanks,
and that if there was anything else you need ever, to ask him for help.
You then see a scene with his friend dying. A sad scene. :(

Now, continue through the game as normal, and after Aeris dies, go on to
the second CD. Once here, return to Midgar with the key from CD1, and the
GENERAL will ask you where the nice girl (Aeris) is. You explain that she
has died, by Sephiros, and that there is no hope in reviving her. There
would be a chance, but only if you could go deep under the waters of the
floating castle (where Aeris died). The GENERAL would tell you that he
thinks he may be able to help, and to come back later. After this
meeting, you were to go on to Aeris' church, where there would be a long
scene with her spirit. If you had been nice to her, she would express a
desire to return to help you. After doing this, return to the GENERAL,
who would provide you with a Yellow materia that allowed the entire group
to travel through water. With this, you could return to the floating
palace, go up to Mr. Fish, and once you touched him, you would be
transported under water, to a cavern, where, at the end, lay Aeris'
orb/life essence. With this orb, Bugen Hagen could complete the ress
process, and you could move on to a happier life with a neater ending.

Well, the FMVs were all completed on time, but a lot of coding was not.
They then delayed the games release by a month (Dec -> Jan). However, it
seemed that even by late December, the coding STILL wasn't finished, so
Square told production to wrap it up quickly. In order to get the game
out on time, SqJP sacrificed what could have been a miraculously better
game than FF7... The main coding that was not finished dealt with
manipulating the transparent polygon of Aeris' spirit in the church.
Since they were forced to wrap production up to meet the many-delayed
deadline, they had to stop with the Aeris process unfinished. So, to keep
things from ever happening, they simply removed the one item that allowed
any hint of the process to take place... The Key to Midgar, from the
first CD. This completely stopped the ability to ressurect Aeris.
HOWEVER, they left out the removal of one thing, and that was the split-
second of seeing the ghost of Aeris once you return to the church.
Unforunately, this, along with the insanely big size of the ending MOV,
are the only hints to Aeris' existence that we have. Other than the
original FF7 scriptline, from which all the above information came.

I ran across this info while talking to John H. (another temp like me)
trying to get some US script from him for our channel's page. Also, Seph
wanted it. I asked him if it would be alright for me to release the
script info in an altered form, and to release info on gameplay, such as
Aeris' death/ress. Then he told me the deadline story, and I almost had a
heartattack. He said that the process can still be done to its
completion, sans a couple of scenes, with the Game Shark, but until
someone develops a MOV player that handles multiple sector files, the
true ending will not be seen.

Oh, and about the ending... There were supposed to be scenes with the
hidden characters, but things got cut short, so they weren't added, and
the end of the ending was terrible, without even the typical "THE END" in
the stars.

This is part of an email sent to me from James Smith:
 First of all, the game is 'unfinished'. You may have heard rumors of
 thos, but I can swear they are true. The major thing removed was a
 large scenario by which you can revive Aerith. In December, when the
 game development was being finished, Square got a bit lazy and as a
 result just pulled the whole revival process. In fact, the movie files
 and code for the revival all exist on the discs, but a small part where
 you could get the key to Midgar in disc 1 was removed, making the whole
 process impossible. Game Shark allows the parts with her alive again on
 disc 2 and 3 possible, but the two other endings are inaccessible..
 (Yes, there are two endings, one in which Aerith commits suicide)
 Removing the revival also removed the possibility of getting another
 secret character, and imp, which I believe you had on your list as
 KanjiMaru (I've not seen anything much regarding the char, but that he
 had only 1 limit etc.) and strangely, I had heard nothing of 'Kanjimaru
 2'. The chocobo part is another secret in the game. Interestingly, from
 what I've gathered this part may still be accessible, but I'm not yet
 sure. Basically it's a materia that lets you control your chocobos,
 which I've been told is not a very large deal anyway.

Mr. Smith's second message is:
 In response to your question  knew Mr. Lansing>, we met about three months or so ago only, (online).
 Because of his relation to Square, he could not reveal the method to
 get Aerith back, that is until he left Square at the end of March.
 Well, the end of March came, and he left Square. Before he did, he was
 talking with a friend about getting some scripts and the full method in
 perfect steps for all the secrets, when his friend told him about the
 whole removal of it. I think it was in your FAQ the bit about seeing
 the ghost of Aerith in the church. Ever noticed how fast the ghost
 dissapears? It doesn't fade, and it's not even there for long. It was
 at this point that an Video sequence was supposed to start. But Square
 just deleted the key, and several parts hinting at her death, but they
 did forget the ghost. Yes, the game will freeze in parts of the second
 disc, but you have noticed that she does in fact have dialog. But there
 is no real point in the discussing the matter. It's impossible in the
 Japanese version, because even with the Gameshark it cannot be viewed
 in it's entirety. And having discussed it with Lansing, it will not be
 fixed for American release anyway. (Or, it is not scheduled to, which
 is unlikely to change) If you'd like to know more about it, I can
 basically tell you pretty much everything you want. The other two
 endings you recieved if:
 1. You revive Aerith and were nice to her through decisions throughout
 the game.
 2. You revive Aerith and were mean to here through decisions throughout
 the game.

 Come to think of it, why isn't Bakuusa's portrait displayed with those
 others? Hmm, that too is a question I need to get some help on. BTW,
 Lansing said that another thing that was 'forgotten' was a portrait of
 Bakuusa on the save game files. The portrait is supposed to appear
 randomly of a 1 in 30 chance, so clearing a slot and saving/deleting
 should find it pretty easily. I'll try to find out more so as to clear
 the confusion.    I believe, that was mentioned in the first message.>

Here's some more info. from Mr. Smith:
Hi, it's been a while since I've talked to you, and I've gained a little
information on the whole revival process. I hope you will put it in your
next FAQ, as it clears a few things up and makes me look less like I'm
just 'spreading rumors' :)

       Lansing left the web permanently. I tried to contact him, but he
is gone. For those who believe that Aerith was never meant to be
revived, I do pass along this: Lansing insisted that the second and
third endings were on the disc. Yet, by using PSXVideo you can plainly
see that only three ending files (The 'trip' to last boss, the ending,
and Red XIII segment.) So in at least one place there is no validity to
his statements. Yet I could be wrong here too. And what of the 'Chocobo
control' materia? This is not so clear either-- I truthfully don't have
much knowledge past what anyone else knows--that it's a rumor without
basis. Additionally, the secret endings, as Lansing said, were that
Aerith and Tifa argue over Cloud, Aerith attempts suicide, when in the
mad rush Cloud accidentally kills her. How much does this sound like a
Square ending? I'm really not so sure. I do however believe strongly
that Aerith was intended to be revived, and that Kappa/Bakuusa was
indeed supposed to be there. Does it not make sense? But I think perhaps
there is true proof that she was intended to be revived. Why the so
sudden dissapearance in the Church? Why does she have dialog at points
after her death, but in contrast, why does she only have dialog in
certain spots? I think we will truly never know-- Square will never
tell. Yet I believe that in early pictures a 'breathing underwater'
materia was in fact shown, though you as a reader can verify this just
as much as any other rumor. Laid to rest, I don't think we'll find much
more than we now know.   supposedly an item that you could use to make a chocobo join your party
that you could control in battle sequences.>

Here's Andrew Vestal's take on the whole Aerith rumor--this document is
no longer at his homepage (the address at the top of the FAQ)

                     Why Final Fantasy VII is Complete

Many have written me, concerned:

Aerith dies. You can't bring her back.

You ask that I start a petition--after all, my first one worked! Square
rushed the game, you say, and released it before it was finished.
Originally, you could bring her back! Make Square give us the TRUE Final
Fantasy VII!

And I smile and politely go about my day's business. But, lately, I have
received too many of these letters to ignore them, and I must I make my
views known.

Square is a video game publisher: they make games. Why? To make money.
But, then, why are movies made? TV shows aired? Books published? Magazines
written? Newspapers produced? For the same reason: to make money. Only a
fool, however, would argue that no important movie or book had ever been
made. Rightful works of art have appeared in each medium. And Square has
done more than any other video game publisher to move video games out of
the realm of mere children's entertainment and into their rightful place
alongside other media.

Square delayed the release of Final Fantasy VII by a full month. They have
also delayed the release of Final Fantasy Tactics, SaGa Frontier, Bushido
Blade, and Tobal 2. Every Playstation game announced to date! Their
profits for the year took a serious hit. Their stock value wavered. Yet
the games were delayed because a substandard product would not be worthy
of the Square name.

But Square, sadly, can't delay games forever. Final Fantasy VI's ending
was originally to have an Amano sketch for each character, but cartridge
limitations demanded they be cut. Chrono Trigger's End of Time was to be
majestic and crystalline. Characters such as Janus and Schala were,
tragically, cut at the last moment. And who knows what other parts of
Square's games never made the final cut? Square cannot always put
everything they want into a game; eventually, they must say "the game is
finished" and release it.

Some still insist the game is unfinished. I should start a petition to
demand the game be "fixed," they say. These people misunderstand the
power of the petition.

The Final Fantasy VII Translation Petition asked for fair and equitable
treatment. It asked that the game not be censored or cut; that it remain
in its original form; that Americans receive, finally, a Final Fantasy
game the way it was written. The petition was succesful, and I am proud
to have supported it, because it asked for justice.

A petition to demand the insertion of Aerith's ressurection, however,
would ask for preferencial treatment. It would selfishly demand more than
others have already received. It would ask Square to retouch a finished
product at gamers' whims. It would ask for these things out of greed, and
I cannot support it.

Square offers you the Venus de Milo, and you would send it back because it
has no arms.

There are rumors that an alternative, superior ending exists, unaccessible
because of Aerith's permanent death. Those rumors are nothing but LIES.
The ending you see is the ending Square originally intended: the largest
movie file on the third disc. The ending, as well, is perfectly
satisfactory; there's nothing "lackluster" about it. A "better" ending
(with Aerith ressurected) is an impossibility. If she had been
ressurected, then she would commit suicide before the end. This is true!
Cloud would try to stop her and fail, for her death is inevitable. Aerith
knew her death was absolutely necessary. Do not presume to know more than

And most importantly . . . Aerith should stay dead.

   A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and
   there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
        - Steward Alsop

Aerith's death is a tragedy. I truly do believe this. So was Tellah's. So
was General Leo's. So was the death of every person who ever sacrificed
themselves for a greater cause. But unlike deaths in previous Square
games, Aerith's death carries long-lasting repercussions that echo long
after her passing. For Aerith did not die senselessly. Aerith meant to

     Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live.
          - Henry Van Dyke

Aerith knew her actions would mean her end. But she faced death anyway,
aware that only in death could she avert the coming disaster and save her
world. She gave her life intentionally, purposefully, and with full
knowledge of the consequences. No one ever, EVER forgets that; the
tragedy of her loss is what keeps the small party together.

                Do not go gentle into that good night
                Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
                     - Dylan Thomas

Even in death her presence is felt. Her memory guides and leads the party
on its quest. Her spirit appears in silent reminder of her selfless act.
Aerith died. She died! And she died honorably.

              Dear, beauteous death, the jewel of the just!
                   - Henry Vaughan

If Prince Hamlet came back from the dead, would his indecision be
meaningful? If King Lear recovered, would we learn from his folly? And if
Aerith were disinterred mere hours after her death, would her sacrifice
have any importance? Square should be honored that the death of a
character brings about this outcry. It is touching testament to the
games' power: the characters are truly loved. And grief is a natural
reaction to the death of a loved one. As is denial. Now, Square fans
must proceed to the next stage: acceptance.

   Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep.
   I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow.
   I am the sun on ripened grain. I am the soothing, gentle rain.
   When you awake in morning hush, I am the swift uplifting rush
   Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the stars that shine at night.
   Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.
        - Anonymous

Aerith Gainsborough gave her life so that the world might live. May she
rest in peace.

                      . . . she smiled, in the end.
                           - Cloud Strife

Finally, here's some speculation about the 'disabled' Materia Orbs and
the Aerith rumor from Ian Kelley:


11. Suichu Kokyu
16. Booster
???? I have no clue whatsoever what the hell either of these Materia do.
My best guess is that they were materias thought up very early in
the gamemaking process, and were scrapped very early on, since neither of
them seems to have abilities that make any sense whatsoever. I was a
little intrigued by the Suichu Kokyu one so I did a little investigation
on that using my computer...I'll talk about it later.

26. Housoku
This is great! I cracked up when I saw this one. It's a joke materia put
in by the programmers. "Housoku" means "Law" in the sense of what lawyers
do. The skill given was "Zeninage" (Throw money) so I guess the
programmers are trying to say you have to throw away your money if you
want to hire a lawyer. Hehehe...^_^

3F Mabarrier
42 Reflek
43 Refuab(???)
These were all pretty interesting. It gives you insight onto how the
programmers initially intended to make the Barrier type spells. The first
teahces you "Mabarrier" 3 times...obviously not a finished Materia, like
Booster. The description says it allows you to cast "Mabarrier."

Reflek teaches you "Reflek" and "Wall," and Refuab (whatever the hell
that's supposed to be) teaches you Wall.

My best guess is this: When they first started programming the game, they
wanted to have all of the spells on the "Barrier" Materia that is
actually used on separate Materia. Then they decided to put Reflek and
Wall together on one materia, then just gave up and put Barrier,
Mabarrier, Reflek, and Wall all on one Materia, the one we see in the
game itself. If you do a little searching I bet you will find a Materia
with just "Barrier" on it, and maybe a Materia with Barrier + Mabarrier
on it.

Now for the stuff on the Suichu Kokyu Materia...
This interested me, cause for a moment I actually thought that Square was
being stupid enough at some point to actually be thinking about having
Aerith be ressurectable. Therefore, I booted up my Disk Block Editor on
my computer, and since I have Japanese system software on my computer, I
converted the ASCII values of each of the blocks to Japanese fonts so I
could read the dialogue. And this is what I found that is *really*

It took me an hour, but I eventually found the section where Bugenhargen
is in the place where Aerith died. Around that area, I found some lines
of dialogue that I don't remember before.
(I am paraphrasing this cause I don't remember the lines verbatim)

1. "But at the floor of the ocean is impossible..."
The middle of this sentence started at the beginning of a sector but the
previous sector did not have the first part of the sentence...possibly
this could be if that the Ascii values for a single character get split
in half it turns the first part into garble, and it might have split the
character in the sector before. Either that, or the beginning of the
sentence is stored in another sector. Anyhow, this came just like 2
sectors before the sentence where they talked about whatever the hell it
was you needed at the bottom of the ocean.

2. "[The] White Materia is necessary", literally.
This was about 10 sectors or so after the first line I don't remember.
Since this could mean anything, it might have been there before and I
just don't remember.

although mind you that I don't know much Japanese.>

Anyhow, after seeing this, I have some possible theories for the purpose
of the Suichu Kokyu Materia. There's not a hell of a lot of evidence, but
my guess is that either:
1) The materia is needed to leave the submarine to get the key or
whatever the hell it was underwater that you needed to get. Either that,
or the programmers initially intended for you to go underwater some way
other than the sub to get that key.
2) The materia is needed to get at the White Materia that dropped into
the Water right after Aerith gets killed.

I think the first theory makes more sense, since I found no dialogue
evidence towards a search or subquest for the White Materia, but it does
seem awfully strange that during that FMV sequence they show us in minute
detail whatis happening to the White Materia, when you would think that
they would be focusing on Aerith, who is in the process of dying. ^_^ My
best bet though is that that Materia would be needed to let you get out
of the sub, either to retrieve the key or whatever, or enter the sunken
plane.  It does make sense...after all, the monsters in the sunken plane
are stronger than most of the monsters in the last dungeon, yet you get
access to that place towards the beginning of Disk 2. If there was
supposed to be some key to getting in there that you could only get
*after* getting the sub, it might make sense, and the Suichu Kokyu
Materia would be a prime contender IMO for that key, if such a situation
really were to exist. Of course, this is all just conjecture. It is
really interesting though, and I plan to do more research...including
finding the exact address values of any fishy dialogue I see. It's cool,
with those earlier Barrier Materias, you can see how the programmers
planned the game mechanics to go one way, then changed their minds. It's
a waste of space though to leave stuff like that in; they should have
just deleted it.

And oh yeah, one other thing...a search for the ascii values of
the word "Fukkatsu" (Revive, bring back to life, etc.) turned up nothing
that had anything to do with Aerith...I guess the rumor about her
ressurection being possible in any way, shape, or form was just some guy
jumping to conclusions. Oh well, I guess it's more dramatic anyway to
have her die and stay dead anyway. And it wouldn't make sense to have
Square revive a dead character in one of their games, that's not like
them anyway. The closest they came to that was in Chrono Trigger, but
that was less a revival and more of a "jump in time + grab him before he
gets killed" kind of thing.

get on their case because of whatever they did/didn't say, okay?  No one
except for the programmers at Square know the real truth behind the game,
and I don't think they'll be saying anything anytime soon ^_^;>

                          16. SPECIAL THANKS

You think I could do this on my own?  Without the help of the following
people, this FAQ could never be what it is today.  Thanks muchly to:

Lazaro (Doc)                              
Writer for "Super Juegos", a game magazine
  How to find the tip for the 4th number of the safe combination in
  the Shin-Ra Mansion.

Final Fantasy VII Database  (maybe Final Fantasy Database Index ?)

  Whoever wrote the Monster List, I'm giving you full credit for it.
  (someone want to tell me who wrote this or at least give me the URL?)

Edmund Chiu                                      
  LOTS of info.--Limit Break translations, (and info. on how to learn
  new Limit Breaks) information about the Ultimate Weapons, info. about
  the dating sequence at the Gold Saucer, and other stuff.
  (1.7)  Information on the URA battle.

lim kheng chye                                
  For information concerning the second hidden passage in the bedroom
  in UUutai and other various information.
  (1.7)  Information on the URA battle.

Ignacio Lucas                                      
  Sent me lots of corrections concerning my translations, and info on
  prizes you can win during the marching mini-game in Junon Town.
  (1.6x) More translations info., especially for the Limit Breaks.

Alan E Resendiz                                        
  For information about the FMV sequence on the first floor of the
  Shin-Ra HQ, and info. on extra chests in that area.

Michael Lee                                    
  Also gave info about the so-called 'hidden' FMV and extra chests in
  the Shin-Ra HQ, and gave me a good reason to add the URL of the GSCCC.

Andrew Vestal                                          
  For hosting the FAQ on his page and putting up with my constant
  e-mailing of FAQ revisions :)

  Pointed out a mistake concerning the Fulkea materia in Cosmo Canyon;
  namely, you can't get it during Disc One.  Also provided information
  concerning the Chocobo Yose materia, and sent in Game Shark codes,
  in addition to various info. such as GS code usage, the number of
  parties you fight during the last battle, the location of the Ultima
  Weapon when you kill it in Disc 3, etc.

Karl Stenerud                                
  Passed along information on what items Yuffie steals from your party
  during the game, as well as lots of other stuff (the location of
  Red 13, Tifa, and Aerith's Level 4 limit breaks, Chocobo info, some
  Kamedouraku Flyer info, info on the piano in Nivelheim, and other
  various tips).

  Told me how to refill your chocobo's Dash Meter during a race.

Shoji Iwata                                            
  Locations of the Kamedouraku Flyers, and information about the '7
  Fever' trick.  The Materia List was based upon the materia information
  taken from his FF7 walkthrough version 1.06 (all of the above was
  taken without permission).

Niwat W.                                            
  Provided the solution to the 'three items' puzzle on the 63rd floor
  of the Shin-Ra Headquarters.

  The Materia List and Raising Chocobo sections were based on info.
  taken from his page.

  Passed on some very _interesting_ news...he's the reason why I added
  the reminder to the Author's Note section below.  Can you beat Final
  Fantasy 7 in a week?

Cloud Strife                                    
  Details on the Huge Materia, Bahamut Zero, Vincent's Waterfall, the
  Condor Fort mini-game, and other tips.

James Smith                                            
  Gave me lots of information concerning the cuts Square made to FF7
  prior to it's release in Japan.  He also pointed out errors in the
  FAQ and gave me several hints and tips.
  (v1.4)  Even more information regarding the possiblity that Square
  released FF7 as an unfinished game.

  Seeing his work made me decide to change the format and layout of the
  FAQ somewhat.

Ian Kelley                                  
  The first melody for the 'Piano Trick' was based on a posting by
  Mr. Kelley in the newsgroup.
  (v1.2)  Rewritten Enemy Skills List info. taken from his 'Teki no
  Waza' list, as well as various game tips.
  (v1.3)  More info on the Enemy Skills, not to mention item arrangement
  and kana chart info.  The Materia List section was based on his
  Materia FAQ v1.0.
  (v1.6)  Translation info., info. and speculation about the 'disabled'
  materia orbs.  Also translated the name for 'Kanjimaru', and gave
  me advice on Cait Sith's Limit Breaks, the 'Ultimate Weapons' and the
  ghost racer in the Gold Saucer's Snowboard game, not to mention the
  method to get Aerith's 4th level Limit Break in Disc One*.

  Took the time to translate my ASCII art kanji symbols (for the yellow
  Materia 'Learn Enemy Skill') in version 1.0 of the FAQ.
  (v4.0x)  Tips concerning the dragon-monster in section 4a and more
  info on various enemy skills.

Duane Moore                                            
  Where to get the items needed to climb up to the Shin-Ra HQ.

  For info on the yellow Materia in the Ancient City.
  (v1.2)  Information about Bahamut Zero, the location of the sunken red
  submarine, and other stuff taken from his page.
  (v1.3)  Aerith info and info on Chocobo breeding also taken from his
  page (the Aerith info was taken pretty much straight from the his page
  and therefore without permission).

Ron Lee Aughenbaugh                                
  Explained how to cross the fire-pits in Uutai.

black cat                                        
  Explained how to get through Uutai.

  Explained the method to get Yuffie Kisaragi.

  For translating the FF7 instruction booklet :)

  For hosting this FAQ.

CGN - Cyber Games Net                                    
  THE place for import games.  Great prices and quick shipping.

Knight's Video Games
  Modified my PSX to play import games (for a good price, too!)

Charles Mac Donald                                    
  Has hosted my various FAQs over the past 2 years and provided me with
  an e-mail address.

And of course...

Tatsushi Nakao                                
  This guy took the time to write the FF5 walkthrough, which saved a lot
  of us gamers from going insane trying to beat what is probably the
  hardest RPG ever made.  His work is what inspired me to write this FAQ
  in the first place.

*  Thanks also goes to and for
  providing some info about getting Aerith's Limit Break, too).

*2 Also, thanks to Eddy for providing a link to
  phosphors' site soon after the instruction booklet was translated.

Anybody who sends me information that I don't already have (and can use
in the FAQ) is given credit in the Special Thanks section.  If I come
across some information that I'd like to use, I'll e-mail that person
and ask for permission.  However, if I don't get a response, then I'll
use it anyway.  So if you see your work up here and it says 'taken
without permission' that means that I've already e-mailed you asking
if I could use it.  I'm not trying to disrespect contributors, though,
and if this happens to you and you have a problem with it, drop me a offense is intended.  Also, if anyone in this section doesn't
want their e-mail address or URL shown, drop me a line and I'll gladly
change it in the next update.

Let's not forget the list of idiots!
- J. Banks
- Skankin Pickles

The first two sent my 'No Time Limit' code to other sites and took
credit from it--they copied the code description _word for word_ from
the FAQ.  Skankin Pickles decided he could rip from the walkthrough
more than once, and sent his 'own' Body Heat code to a
FF7 site.  Had he made the code himself, he'd know why the title is
a little misleading :)  This list is supposed to discourage people
from doing this kind of thing.  It's not so they can see their names
in someone's FAQ!

                           17. AUTHOR'S NOTE

After writing fighting-game FAQs, doing this one really blew me away.
It's hard to get everything straight.  Be sure to read the introduction
to understand just how this FAQ is set up.  Also, some information in
this FAQ is taken from the translation of the FF7 instruction booklet
and is therefore written down word for word, even if there are spelling
or grammatical mistakes.  I _may_ make major changes to this FAQ when I
pick up the American version, but I may just keep everything the way it
is and start an 'English' FAQ instead.  Remember, you can't play this
game unless you use the 'swap' trick (there's info on how to do this at
CGN's web site listed above), or have a modification chip installed into
your PlayStation (unless you live in CA, I can't recommend a place to could always try NCS, though).  Furthermore, knowing Japanese
is a big help (not that I would know ;-)).

Well, the first page to rip from my FAQ finally called it quits.  That
doesn't mean this reminder is any less important; it is the reason why
I've had to change the disclaimer so many times.  Making this FAQ is
hard work and nothing but, so please acknowledge the author and
contributors if you use something from either part of the FAQ, okay?

That's that.

Unpublished work Copyright 1997-1998 Kao Megura

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