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Final Fantasy Tactics

             A warrior takes a sword in hand,
              clasping to a gem to his heart.
               Engraving vanishing memories
                   into the sword,  
              He places finely honed skills
                    into the stone
                 Spoken from the sword,
               Handed down from the stone...
                Now the story can be told...
                    Square Presents
                The "Zodiac Brave Story"

              Characters in Final Fantasy Tactics
        The following is a list of characters for Final Fantasy 3. The    
        following is in the format of:

            Profession (what they did or who they were before the Lion War)
                  (Some other basic information about their history)

        Each character has his/her own ability. Each has its advantages and                      
        disadvantages. Some character development is done in this game. Its
        up to you to decide which player is best during certain situations.
        But what makes this game different from other is the ability to use
        a character's statistics and try it on different job. Mix and match
        to see what is best for you.

Ramza Beoulve
    Profession: Hero of the Lion War
Born to the noble family of Beoulve who have served the Larg's for generations.
His two brother command Ivalice's most powerful military corps, leaving Ramza
with feelings of inferiority. After graduating from the Gariland officer
academy, he joined Pricess Ovelia's protection team and, while there, witness
the Princess' abduction. Ramza becomes aware of his brother, Dycedarg's hopes to
seize authority throught the war. He has fought against his two brothers
unintenionally trying to expose the church of there sinful deeds. Fighting to
clear the confusion set by the church he was caught in the middle of it all and
faced unimaginable challenges. Once the church heard of Ramza's goals they
placed him under heresy in hopes of silencing the truth.

Delita Hyral
    Profession: Holy Knight Gaurdian of Princess Ovelia
According to historical record, he is the hero who ended the Lion War.
Afterwards he became king and maintained a long peaceful rule. Born to a family
of horse breeders that served the Beoulve family, he and Ramza have been friends
since childhood. It is believed that he was able to attend Gariland officer
academy, an elite school, through the influnce of the Beoulve family. He has
grown up since then and has a plan of his own to end the Lion War. He
manipulated all the people around him to reach his goals. Ramza was even a part
of the plan. Delita kidnapped the Princess from the Orbonne Monastary. He was
believe to be dead at the Fort Zeakden incident while trying to fight the Death
Corps. At first it seemed like he was involved with the Nanten Knights but
luckily it wasn't true.

Balbanes Beoulve
    Profession: Heavenly Knight, Former leader of the Hokuten
He achieve the highest rank possible of Heavenly Knight. The greatest warrior to
ever live he won victories numerously. He produced many victories even when
outnumbered. A treaty was reached because of the fear he struck into the hearts
of the enemies. He died because of an illness in the more later years of the
Fifty Year War. His sense of Justice seems to have passed on to Ramza.

Alma Beoulve
    Profession: Student of the Aristocratic School
She is the youngest of the four Beoulve family. She attends the Aristocratic
School at Igros. She came from a different mother than your second brother. With
a cheerful personality she is well liked by everyone. She has spent most of her
life in a convent. Losing Teta and Delita at the Fort Zeakden incident she
questions the policies of her brothers.

Teta Hyral
    Profession: Student of the Aristocratic School
Sister of Delita and Daughter of a farmer of a fief in the Beoulve Kingdom.
Losing her parents to the Black Plaque, she was taken in by the Beoulve family
along with her brother. She attended the Aristocratic School with Alma, but has
a hard time due to her family's background. The students there tease and pick on
her. Abducted in the involvement in the assasination of Duke Dycedarg, she was
killed by Algus at Fort Zeakden.

Simon Pen Rakshu
    Profession: High Priest at Orbonne Monastery
Head of the Orbonne Monastery and Professor of Theology. A devout believer in
the teachings of Glabados. Once a high level, Pagan examiner, he resigned due to
one incident. He escaped the secular world and currently lives as a hermit in a
distant land. While teaching Princess Ovelia, he gives her fatherly love.

Agrias Oaks
    Profession: Holy Knight, Lesalia St. Konoe Knight
A Holy Knight sworn to protect Princess Ovelia because of her position. She was
assigned at Orbonne Monastery for the protection of he Queen. She failed in
trying to recover the Princess and is now trying to find her. She sympathizes
for the Princess to live so isolated from the world.

Ovelia Atkaschas
    Profession: Princess
She was adopted into the royal family by the late King Omdolia, after the dead
of his second prince. Ovelia was raised by Prince Larg and spent much of her
time at Orbonne Monastery. She then was kidnapped and taken to Lionel Castle.
She was just a pawn in an even larger scheme. People have been using her so that
they can have control of the throne. Also it turns out that she might no be the
real Ovelia. Senators created her to succeed Luveria and have more control of

Algus Sadalfas
    Profession: Cadet of Limberry Castle
Born from Ruofons of Limberry, he was found on Mandalia Plains surrounded by
Death Corps troops but Ramza and Delita rescued him from harm. At first Algus
was just a young cadet trying to find Marquis Elmdor and return him to safety
but as he grew on he started to turn on Delita because of the rank of his
family. Algus' family used to be a highly respected one when the Fifty War was
taking place but now they were forgotten in time. Algus joined the Knights to
try and regain his family's status. Ramza told Algus to leave and then they
found him a Fort Zeakden. The murderer of Teta and the command was given to him
by none other that Zalbag himself.

Gaff Gafgarion
    Profession: Dark Knight Mercenary
Hired by the Hokuten to protect Princess Ovelia and take her to Igros Castle he
attempted to save her from Death Corps. He decided to tag along to save the
princess but sooner or later would leave. Gafgarion would soon turn against
Ramza and try to kill him. He is secretly working with the Cardinal himself to
get Ramza eliminated and to retrieve the stone back to Draclau. He supports the
royal family and has sided with the Beoulves except Ramza of course. He has no
sympathy toward commoners like Ramza does nor do they share an identical sense
of Justice. Back then during the Fifty Year War he commanded the Touten Knights
but was removed because of his style of fighting.

Miluda Folles
    Profession: Death Corps Fencer
She is the brother of the Knight, Wiegraf. She is leading the Death Corps to
invade the throne so they can have their land back. She fought in the Fifty Year
War but when it was over they were thrown away like useless animals left to fend
for themselves. Miluda received no acknowledgement after the war and rebelled
against her kingdom. She was killed while trying to accomplish her goals. In the
end she would rather fight to the death then die rotting in a cell. She showed
her true abilities as an assistant to her brother in the Knights of Death.

Golagros Levine
    Profession: Knight of the Death Corps
He goes to Igros to try and assasinate Duke Dycedarg. The attempt failed, but
when he tried to escape he took Alma and Teta with him. Zalbag save Alma but
Teta is unfortunate. He took Teta to Fort Zeakden as a hostage. He uses Teta as
a shield but fails and gets them both killed. He dies at Fort Zeakden during the

Gustav Margueriff
    Profession: Sub leader of the Death Corps
Former sub leader of the Knights of Death he now fight along with Wiegraf.
Before joining the Knights of Death, he was one of the Hokuten Knights. He was a
reckless person and was eventually forced out because of his rapes and
robberies. He attempts to abduct Marquis Elmdor but loses his life because of
that by Wiegraf himself.

Zalbag Beoulve
    Profession: Leader of the Hokuten Knights
As the leader of the Hokuten Knights he is considered to be a "Holy Knight". He
is Ramza's older brother. With many victories in the Fifty Year War, he has been
praised by King Denamunda as a "savior of the Ivalice in Gallione. Under the
name of Beoulve there is a victory." An undefeated warrior he is also a devouted
believe in the teachings of Glabados.

Dycedarg Beoulve
    Profession: Troop leader to Prince Larg
Following Balbanes' last wishes he gave up his position as leader of the Hokuten
to Zalbag his younger brother. One of Prince Larg's troop leaders he follows
Prince Larg. He is also the most trusted leader. Dycedarg is also known to have
magical skills as a Magic Fencer.

Bestrada Larg
    Profession: Lord of Gallione
He is the brother of Queen Ruvelia of the Omdolia Kingdom. The Larg family is
part of the Atkascha Kingdom, who gained power from the Fifty Year War. He is
currently fighting Prince Goltana searching for a successor of Prince Orinas.
The most feared Hokuten Knight are under the orders of Prince Larg.

Druksmald Goltana
    Profession: Lord of Zeltennia
As with the Larg family, the Goltana family is part of the Denamunda
Kingdomsince the Fifty Year War. Also known as the "Duke of the Black Lions",
from his family crest taken from the double headed crst of the Kingdom. One of
the leaders during the Fifty Year War, he is under the Nanten Knights who are
rivals of the Hokuten Knights.

Orinas Atkascha
    Profession: Sucessor to the Throne
Third Son between the late King Omdolia and Queen Ruvelia. With two sons dying
at birth he is next in line to succeed the throne. A Guardian is sought for the
young successor and a feud between Prince Larg and Prince Goltana is about to
begin for position. He is only two years old.

Ruvelia Atkascha
    Profession: Queen of the Omdolia Kingdom
Younger sister of Prince Larg she married King Omdolia when she was age twenty.
Giving birth to three sons two of them died at infancy. The third son, Prince
Orinas is the only son left ot succeed the throne. After the death of the King,
her tyannical rule became worse, as she executes anyone who disagrees with her

Omdolia Atkascha
    Profession: King of the Omdolia Kingdom
Eighteenth King of the Atkascha Kingdom he obtained the throne at the end of the
Fifty Year War from King Denamunda who died of ill health. Weak since birth, he
did not command his troops during the war and is also a person that is unsuited
to become a king. He died due to the Black Plaque, after suffering from high
fevers for seven days.

Marge Funeral
    Profession: High Priest of Glabados Church
Although not in full power, Funeral still has executable powers. But it could be
said that the High Priest of the Church has power equal to that of the King.
There are Temple Knights that secure the safety of the High Priest.

Wiegraf Folles
    Profession: Leader of the Death Corps
The anti-aristocratic group known as the "Death Corps" lead by Wiegraf. He was
also the leader of the Knights of Death, which were made up of volunteers during
the Fifty Year War. To relieve the stronghold of the Aristocrats, they performed
terrorist acts, such as kidnappings and assasination of leading fiqures but were
eliminated by retaliation by the officals.

Alphons Draclau
    Profession: Head of Lionel
Not only the Head of Lionel but also a Cardinal second only to the head of
Glabados Church. A famous knight of the Fifty Year War, as well as being a
Theologist. He is revered by his people, but he has his dark side. Draclau is
interacting with a criminal organization known as "Bart Company" to obtain a
Holy Stone found in Goug Machine City. The Cardinal associated with Queklain of
the legendary devil group, Lucavi seeking the holy stone for some unknown

Mesdoram Elmdor
    Profession: Leader of Limberry
A soldier who fought bravely against the invading forces in a foreign land,
during the later years of the Fifty Year War. With his silver armor and his long
blond hair, his allies called him the "Silver Noble". Yet, he is feared by the
enemies, calling him the "Silver Orge". Also known as a devouted follower of the
teachings of Glabados Church, he has qualifications to become a Pagan examiner.

Mustadio Bunanza
    Profession: Machinist, Miner
A young man at the mines of Goug Machine City and the son of Besrodio, a
respected machinist as well who produces advanced weapons. He has mastered the
use of a "gun" which is an advanced weapon where gun powder is packed into a
steel barrel.

Besrodio Bunanza
    Profession: Machinist
He lives in Goug Machine City. A well respected meister of producing advanced
weapons. Also a devouted researcher who strives to implement and create new
technology by disassembling machinery of the previous generations. Discovering
the stone "Taurus" in the mines of Goug, he was pursued by th Bart Trading
Company, but was rescued by Ramza.

Bart Rudvich
    Professsion: Representative of Bart Trading Company
He is involved in a variety of businesses, based in Warjilis Trade City. Rudvich
is respected and praised as a man of influence by his people. But in his
shadows, he is said to be a boss of a criminal organization, who is involved in
acts such as the slave trade and opium smuggling. Failing to obtain the Holy
Stone of "Taurus" he was killed by Cardinal.

Vormav Tingel
    Profession: Temple Knight
Head of the Temple Knights of Murond Glabados Church. Leader of the new Zodiac
Braves, which the High Priest Funeral tried to recreate, but Vormav seems to
have his own intentions. He also was part of the kidnapping of Princess Ovelia
and knows the truth to whether or not she is the real Ovelia or not.

Izlude Tingel
    Profession: Temple Knight
Temple Knight of the Murond Glabados Church he is the son of Vormav. A member of
the new Zodiac Braves, he had the Holy Stone "Pisces". He unquestioningly
believes in his father's words, but does not know the secret powers of the Holy
Stones to summon, "Lucavi" until later. He was slained trying to restrain Vormav
who turned into Lucavi.

Olan Durai
    Profession: Astrologist
He is the adopted son of the great Orlandu and a Magican of the Nanten Knights.
Olan's real father was a comrade of Cidolfas and died in th Fifty Year War. His
ability to gather information is superb, as well as forming battle strategies
from the information. His abilities are on the same or even higher levels than
most War generals. Curently working as the "Right Hand" man under Cid. But after
the asssasination of Duke Goltana, he was placed in the dungeon of Zeltennia
Castle as a man knowing the truth.

Cidolfas Orlandu (T.G. Cid, Thunder God Cid)
    Profession: Holy Swordsman
Also known as "T.G. Cid" he is undefeated in the Fifty Year War leading the
Nanten Knights. His only equal is Balbanes and Zalbag. Orlandu has known Prince
Goltana for nearly twenty years. The only reason the prince is able to engage in
battle is due to the trust and ability of the Orlandu family. He is critical of
the Prince for fighting to become a successor.

Zalmo Rusnada
    Profession: Holy Priest
Pagan examiner of the Glabados Church. The Pagan Examiner is in charge of the
"Heretic Hunt" and is considered the elite of the elites in the Church. He holds
enormous power outside of the Church as well, as even Knights are unable to
stand against him.

Malak Galthana
    Profession: Assassin, Hell Knight
Member of an elite assassination group, "Kamyuja" assembled by Barinten. Became
orphaned by the Fifty Year War. Saved and brought up as a magican by Barinten he
thinks of the Prince as his real father. Therefore he is forced to fight against
his real sister, Rafa, who is an enemy to the Prince.

Beowulf Kadmus
    Profession: Temple Knight
Former leader of the Lionel Holy Knights he was branded a "Heretic" by Priest
Buremonda, who was envious of the love between Beowulf and his fiance, Reis. He
searches for Reis, who was turned into a dragon by a spell of the priest.
Reunited at Goland Reis was brought back to human form using the powers of the
Holy Stone.

Rafa Galthana
    Profession: Assassin, Heaven Knight
Member of an elite assassination group, "Kamyuja" assembled by Barinten. Became
orphaned by the Fifty Year War. Saved and brought up as a magican by Barinten,
but finds out that Barinten was behind the plot in burning the village. Rafa
escapes to Riovanes Castle and becomes an enemy to the Prince.

    Profession: Assasin
An Ultima Demon summoned by Marquis Elmdor.

    Profession: Assasin
An Ultima Demon summoned by Marquis Elmdor.

Gelkanis Barinten
    Profession: Leader of Fovoham
Since the Grand Duke was not a warrior, he did not fight on the frontlines of
the Fifty Year War. But under the Grand Duke, a group of mercenaries were
assembled from many countries, and fought in his name. Realizing the power of
the Holy Stone and its significance in warfare, he steals the Holy Stone. The
action infuriates Vormav and get killed by him.

Balk Fenzol
    Profession: Engineer
Temple Knight of the Murond Glabados Church. Before joining with the Temple
Knights, he lived as a machinist in Goug Machine City. Therefore, his skill with
a "gun" is superior to his swordsmanship. As a commoner in his machinist days,
he was involved in the anti-arisctocratic movement and was on the black list of
the knights. He died at the battle at the Bed Desert against Ramza.

Balmafula Lanando
    Profession: Aspiring Magician
Young Magician who is sent by the church to assist Delita, who has lurked into
the Goltana army. But, unlike Delita, her loyalty and belief in the Church is
rather low. She is acting as though she has allegience for her ambitions.
Delita's trust in her is strong, as they spend a lot of time with each other.

Meliadoul Tingel
    Profession: Temple Knight
Temple Knight of the Murond Glabados Church. Daughter of Temple Knight, Vormav.
Her brother, Izlude, is thought to have been killed by Vormav. To avenge for the
death of Izlude, she is falsely accusing Ramza and is after her.
      ============The Walkthrough========

         --Orbonne Monastery--
    PARTY: Ramza, Gafgarion, Agrias, Rad, Knights x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMY: Knight, Archer x3, Chemist
You start out the game here as mecenarys hired by the Hokuten. Your job is to
save the Princess. All of a sudden the enemies attack. They are all wearing the
Black Lion crest. It must be Goltana. Just stay at a distance and throw stones
if you like. Agrias and Gafarion will take care of the enemies for you. Once the
enemies are all beat up you find out that Delita has taken the princess. Then
Ramza has a flashback of Delita and the Gariland Academy. You find out that you
have to go to Igros Castle.

         Chapter One: The Meager
Ramza has a flashback of when they (Delita and Ramza) are in training at the
Gariland Academy. The Hokuten are short on people and need back up so they hired

         --Magic City Gariland--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Squire x4, Chemist
    GIL: 500
    WAR TROPHIES: Mythril Knife, Phoenix Down
The first thing you should do is take care of the Chemist. Then go for the guy
behind the
Shop. The rest should be simple because there is no Chemist to heal them. Have
your other people
Attack the other Squires. Concentrate your attacks on one of them and then most
on to the next one.

    The End of the Fifty Year War, The Beoulve Residence
You then cut to a scene of Balbanes, Ramza's father, in terminal illness.

         --Mandalia Plains--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies or Save Algus
    ENEMIES: Squire x4, Red Panther, Thief
    GIL: 700
    WAR TROPHIES: Potion x2
This one's a little tougher than the last. The thief is the strongest attacker
here but the Squires have the Guts ability of Stone Throw which does enough
damage to put you in critical condition. If Delita or Algus hasn't done so take
care of the Red Panther and the Thief first. Don't spread your party members too
far apart so the Chemist will be able to heal them. This battle shouldn't last
too long.

         --Igros Castle--
You arrive at Igros Castle and go to some scenes. Also you are asked to guard
the Castle.

         --Sweegy Woods--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, Algus, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Goblin x2, Bomb x2, Black Goblin, Red Panther
    GIL: 1800
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
What rotten luck indeed meeting enemies in a place like this. First take out the
Black Goblin. The best thing to do is to take you strongest people, mainly the
one's with the most HP and surround him. But watch out for the Turn Punch
attack. Kill him before he can attack if you surround him. Then attack the
Goblins. They have an annoying Eye Gouge attack that lowers you hit rate in half
occasionally. If you have a Counter Tackle ability on they should be gone in no
time. The Red Panther can poison you which will take off 1/9 of your life. The
Squire ability of Heal can counter the effects of it. The Bomb will self
destruct if they are in critical condition and are on active turn. Almost to
Dorter Trade City.

         --Dorter Trade City, Slums in Dorter--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, Algus, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Knight, Archer x3, Wizard x2
    GIL: 2200
    WAR TROPHIES: Iron Sword, Linen Robe, Ether, 500 Gil
When you walk in you see a Knight attacking one of the thieves. It so happens to
be Wiegraf. Delita and Algus will go after the Archer at the tip top of the
building. Make one of your party members follow them so that you can take him
out as quick as possible. Then take the Wizards out. Have Ramza a few steps back
from the knight and have him come to you. When he does get another party member
to surround him. By now a Wizard has just cast a spell on you and is charging.
If not he will. When it connects it will hit the Knight as well. Then Ramza
attacks and so does the other party member. By now he should be gone. Then take
a party member to attack the archer at the top and another to attack the wizard
behind the knight. Then finally take out the archer in between the buildings.
The Wizards magics are as strong as physical attacks so a good tactic to use is
to stay around enemies so the magic hits them too. Of course you already knew
that but just remember it doesn't hit diagonally.

Once the battle is over the knight is take in and being questioned. Apparently
Marquis is at the Rat Cellar in the desert. So you next destination is to the
desert. You also find out that Gustav has kidnapped Marquis Elmdor.

         --Zeklaus Desert, Cellar of Sand Mouse--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, Delita, party member
           2nd Squad - Algus, party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Knight x3, Monk x2, Archer
    GIL: 2200
    WAR TROPHIES: Blind Knife, High Potion, 500 Gil
I recommend you have the first squad setup all the way to the left and the
second squad all the way to the right. Have two of your party members stand at
the sides of the door to ambush the knights and monks that come out. This will
also make the archers useless and ineffective because they are not in visual
range. When the people crowding the entrance ways are defeated enter in and take
out the last archer. The monks are pretty hard to deal with because of their
attack power but you should have a Chemist to use potions.

Inside the building is Wiegraf and Gustav battling it out. In the end Wiegraf
was too much and Gustav dies. Marquis Elmdor is safe now and you take him back
to Igros Castle. While there Larg and Dycedarg have a conversation regarding yet
another plot. From here your next stop is to Thieves Fort.

         --Thieves Fort--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, Algus, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Miluda
    ENEMIES: Miluda (knight), Thief x3, Priest x2
    GIL: 3300
    WAR TROPHIES: Iron Sword, Bronze Shield, 700 Gil
Have everyone head for the Priests. They are quick and heal so much of the
damage you've done it will take a long time to win this battle so take them out
first. Then send Ramza and two other party members to attack Miluda. Delita,
Algus and you other party member should hold off the thieves until Miluda is
dead. Be careful because the Thieve can steal your heart meaning they will
Muddle you.

Miluda gets his life spared as Ramza and Delita both agree that he shouldn't be
killed. She goes away limping toward the other base. Meanwhile back at Igros
Castle, Teta is being kidnapped by Death Corps thief, Golagros. Alma as well but
with the help of Zalbag she remains safe for now. Head back to Igros Castle.
Dycedarg is planning an attack on the Death Corp base to recover Teta. Delita
doesn't know for certain that Teta will be return so he goes out himself in
search of her. Algus disapproves of Teta's rescue and would save a person of
such low rank. Ramza tells him to leave in a furious rage. Before Algus leaves
he tells Ramza that their base is at Fort Zeakden.

You find Delita at Mandalia Plains. Watch the sunset hoping Teta is watch it as
well. Like Algus said Fort Zaekden is where Teta is so Fort Zeakden is where
you'll go.

         --Lenalia Plateau--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Miluda
    ENEMIES: Miluda (knight), Knight x2, Wizard x2, Time Mage
    GIL: 3500
    WAR TROPHIES: Silk Robe, Battle Boots, 1000 Gil
Miluda's back and she has people with her. First, what you should do is Poison
Miluda. When she is poisoned have Ramza and another one of you party members go
after her. While Miluda is being taken care of have your other two party members
follow Delita's lead. Take out the Time Mage first. The Wizards magic hit harder
this time but no too much for you to handle.

         --Fovoham Plains, Windmill Shed--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Wiegraf
    ENEMIES: Wiegraf (White Knight), Knight, Monk x2, Chocobo
    GIL: 3500
    WAR TROPHIES: High Potion
You see a scene with Golagros and Wiegraf. Later the Hokuten arrive and out to
rescue Teta. First send a Chemist and another attack over to Delita. Quick cure
Delita because they will surround him. Have someone Poison Wiegraf as soon as
possible. Next take out the Monks before they Stigma Magic Wiegraf which will
reverse the effects of Poison. Have some Phoenix Downs ready because Wiegraf's
Crush Punch is devastating. Enough to kill you in one blow. Don't worry about
the Knight too much just concentrate on Wiegraf. When he is in critical
condition he will run away.

Teta was suppose to be returned but Golagros was stupid enough to still bring
her along and now has taken her to Fort Zeakden.

         --Fort Zeakden--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, Delita, party member
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Algus
    ENEMIES: Algus (knight), Knight x3, Wizard x2
    GIL: 8500
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Golagros has taken Teta and using her to defend his life. Algus is there along
with Zalbag and they shoot Teta to get to Golagros. It was Zalbag's idea to kill
Golagros and Teta was just insignificant to him. Zalbag retreats while Algus
does the rest. Have Ramza and your other party member attack Algus. Take out the
Wizard with the Haste spell and the Knights around him. The Knight behind the
building shouldn't be too much of a problem but just go around him. Have as many
people as you can attack Algus because he has the Reaction Ability of Auto
Potion. Be sure to have the Wizards destroyed first.

When the battle is over Delita approaches Teta and is frozen at the fact that
Teta is now dead. A small spark then ignites a chain reaction of explosion.

         Chapter Two: The Manipulator and the Subservient
Your back from you flashback and your headed to find Delita and Princess Ovelia.

         --Dorter Trade City--
    PARTY: Ramza, Agrias, Gafgarion, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Archer x2, Thief x2, Wizard x2
    GIL: 7800
    WAR TROPHIES: Flame Rod, Mage Masher, Phoenix Down, 1000 Gil
A knight has just hired mercenaries to wiped out Ramza and company. Little did
the mercenary know that Gafgarion has come to play a part in recovering the
Princess as well. This battle is basically no sweat because Agrias and Gafgarion
do so much damage. Take out the Thieves first before they muddle you though.

Your next stop to toward the Bethla Garrison.

         --Araguay Woods--
    PARTY: Ramza, Agrias, Gafgarion, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies, Save Chocobo
    ENEMIES: Black Goblin, Goblin x5
    GIL: 5700
    WAR TROPHIES: High Potion
When you enter here you find a stranded Chocobo. I recommend you bring him along
by picking the second choice. Gafgarion and Agrias will take care of most of the
Goblins but you should help too. Attack the Black Goblin first. If you have Ice
or Ice2 use it on them. Bring you Chemists and Priest over to the Chocobo so you
can heal him. The Black Goblin will go after the Chocobo so be sure to keep the
Chocobo alive. Remember if you are going to surround a Goblin better kill it
before it uses Turn Punch on you. At the end of the battle you are prompted with
the option of bring alng your new Chocobo friend there. I recommend doing so
because you can raise a Red Chocobo with it or have him to ride on.

STOP!!! Don't go any further. Unequip Gafgarion of everything and make him a
chemist or a priest. That way you can take him out real quick without him doing
any harm to Princess Ovelia. If you don't listen or have already entered battle
I will still tell you what to do but unequiping him makes this battle easier
than ever.

         --Zirekile Falls--
    PARTY: Ramza, Agrias, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Save Princess Ovelia
    ENEMIES: Gafgarion (Dark Knight), Knight x5
    GIL: 5600
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Delita is there along with Princess Ovelia. The strange thing is he is
protecting her from the Hokuten Knights. Gafgarion now turns against Princess
Ovelia and Agrias. Keep the Princess alive for long enough to cast MBarrier on
herself. Cast Slow on Gafgarion as soon as possible. Get your archers, monks,
squires, knights, or whatever attackers you have on him. The Chemist and Priest
should stay near Princess Ovelia and heal her. If you have the Weapon Break
ability for a Knight use it on Gafgarion until it breaks. Delita will be a big
help with his new found Holy Knight abilites. He should be able to take care of
al the knights himself. When Gafgarion is gone, Princess Ovelia will run as far
away as possible. Go over to Delita and help him now. Make sure Delita is still
over 50 HP or he'll be sorry.

After the battle, it is the reunion of Delita and Ramza for a short while.
Delita decides that he needs to protect the princess and not Ramza. But Delita
leaves it in Ramza's hands a little longer. You don't know what to do now so you
should probably ask Cardinal Draclau.

The Bethla Garrison location has been taken out and now you are headed for
Lionel Castle.

         --Zaland Fort City--
    PARTY: Ramza, Agrias, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies, or Save Mustadio(recommended)
    ENEMIES: Wizard x2, Archer x2, Knight x2
    GIL: 7000
    WAR TROPHIES: Mythril Sword, High Potion, 2000 Gil
You should select "We have to help him" so you can get Mustadio in your group
and get another character later to be named, Cloud. If you have a Priest in your
group have that person cast Shell and Protect on Mustadio. The Wizards and
Acrhers are a real pain so go after them first. Watch out for their attacks.
They have "Concentrate" so they will never miss on their arrows. Also the
Wizards have Fire2 which they use a lot and even worst is Fire3. They don't use
it too often but when they do you are toast. If you have Foxbird for the Oracle
you can lower the brave points of Knights and Archer which will affect there
strengh(to a degree). You should focus mostly on keeping Mustadio alive or
before you know it he is gone.

When the battle is over Mustadio has a chat with Ramza about the people after
him. It seems they were hired by Bart Company. Mustadio wants to come along and
meet the Cardinal as well. Before you leave you see a scene with Agrias and
Princess Ovelia. It is a long way from Lionel Castle but they'll make it.
Cardinal Draclau is currently neutral and not taking sides but what you don't
know is that he has chosen another side unmention.

Just a quick note to mention. Hopefully you have a Time Mage job for Ramza by
now and a Gained JP Up as well. Try to learn Demi2. It will help a lot in the

         --Bariaus Hill--
    PARTY: Ramza, Mustadio, Agrias, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Knight x2, Summoner x2, Archer x2
    GIL: 7400
    WAR TROPHIES: Holy Water, 1000 Gil
Rudvich Mercenaries are popluating Bariaus Hill and want Mustadio for his
"stone". The very first step to take is getting rid of the summoners. They can
do lots of damage to lots of party members all at once. Mustadio's Arm Aim
should help because it stops them from taking part in the battle for awhile. It
is good to have an Archer of your own so you can chuck away at their life from a
distance. Have Ramza and another of your party, preferably a Monk and attack the
Archers and Knights. If the Knights and Archers so happen to surround you and
there is a good chance they will use Spin Fist.

When the battle is over you will go back to a scene at Igros Castle with
Dycedarg and Gafgarion. It seems that Dycedarg is involved after all and is
desperate to get Princess Ovelia out of the picture. He would even take out
Ramza to get what he wants.

         --Lionel Castle--
Cardinal Draclau has heard the stories of Mustadio and Agrias and decides to
help them out. A High Priest Funeral is going to go to Murond to try and expose
Larg's scheme. Also troops will be sent to Goug Machine City to wipe out Bart
Company. Also you find out a little about the "Zodiac Brave Story". If you
haven't found out by now Mustadio's stone is the identical stone to that of
Cardinal Draclau because they are "Zodiac Stones". Well you have to go to Goug
Machine City to find Mustadio's father, Besrodio.

         --Zigolis Swamp--
    PARTY: Ramza, Mustadio, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Ghoul x2, Flotiball, Skeleton x2, Bone Snatch
    GIL: 7900
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Oh man fighting monsters in a place like this. It doesn't look easy nor is it.
The thing to remember here is that you cannot step into the waters of the swamp.
Doing so will leave you poisoned for awhile. If you do so happened to get poison
use the Squire's Heal ability or the Priest's Esuna. If you have Rubber Boots
equipped the Skeletons should be no problem. Use Fire magics and Cure magics. If
you have Raise and Raise2 they will take off half their life or all their life
respectively. Skeletons however are also weak against the Cure and Raise magics
but take more damage from Bolt magics and Lightning attacks such as if you have
the Lightning Bow or the Thunder Rod. The Ghouls are weak against Holy as well.
Use all available Ice magics on the Flotiball. Once you destory an enemy quickly
move on to the next one before they ressurect themselves.

Across the ocean and now your in Goug Machine City.

         --Goug Machine City--
When you enter in you notice that no one from the Church has been here. There
doesn't even look like a fight was put up. Something is strange. Mustadio will
check it out so just sit tight. When you are back on the World Map just press on
any destination and you will automatic be put into a fight. It seems like
Mustadio was setup.

         --Goug Machine City, Slums in Goug--
    PARTY: Ramza, Mustadio(unequipped), party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Summoner x2, Thief x2, Archer x2
    GIL: 13600
    WAR TROPHIES: Thunder Rod, 100 Gil
Ramza is in the Slums waiting for Mustadio and apparently enough he is late. Too
late. You hear a man's voice and he asks if you are the friend of Mustadio. It's
Rudvich in person and now he has Mustadio and Besrodio. Mustadio couldn't help
see his father getting hurt so he gives up the stone. Rudvich then accidentally
spills the beans about him working for Cardinal Draclau. Being the person he is,
Rudvich takes the stone and Mustadio and Besrodio's lives anyway unless you do
something about it. Take out the thieves first before they "Steal Heart" you.
The summoners should be your next target. If you steal from one of the summoners
you can get a Rainbow Staff. The Archers shouldn't be much of a problem. The
best thing to do is close in on them so the bows will be useless.

Mustadio rushes over to Besrodio to see if he's okay. The Cardinal is working
with Bart Company and decieved Mustadio but not before Mustadio could decieve
them. The stone they got was a fake all thanks to the ingenius idea by Mustadio.
Lionel Castle's front entrance is sealed off so I guess you'll have to take the
back entrance way and you'll need a boat. At the end of the conversation you are
prompted  with the question of if you want Mustadio in your group. Of course
you'll answer yes(if you want Cloud). Your first Zodiac Brave Stone. It is the
Taurus stone.

         --Warjilis Trade City--
When you arrive at Warjilis Trade City you see Delita. He tells you to go to
Igros for your own sake but you would listen of course. Delita also mentions the
fact that Larg, Goltana, and the others are all flowing the same way. Well
whatever it means it doesn't sound good. "At this time, the best ideas do not
always mean the best results".

Before you leave for Lionel Castle you see a scene there with Gafgarion,
Rudvich, and Cardinal Draclau. It seems the Princess is bait in an attempt to
get the real stone back. Gafgarion goes after you and Rudvich is left stuck
behind. When Gafgarion leaves the Cardinal's temperment erupts because of
Rudvich's failures. Now he is about to be taken out of the picture.

         --Bariaus Valley--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, Agrias, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Save Agrias
    ENEMIES: Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard x2
    GIL: 8700
    WAR TROPHIES: Echo Grass
Agrias managed to escape but the Princess didn't. The troops are now after her
and she stuck at a dead end with nowhere to go. What will she do, but not to
fear Ramza has arrived. Try and Charm the archers with your "Steal Heart"
ability. Then take out the wizards as quick as possible. The archer should be
you first priority if you didn't Charm them. You can keep the left archer on top
of the hill for the whole battle which will serve you well because they will
have nowhere else to go. If you have a Chocobo make him follow Agrias around and
use the Choco Cure. Agrias will take care of the Knights with her "Lightning
Stab" and "Stasis Sword" so it shouldn't be too hard.

You find out from Agrias that the princess will be excuted at the Golgorand
Execution Site. You must hurry. At the end of the battle Agrias will be able to
join your party. If you don't choose to have her you must be pretty stupid(no
offense but...) or pretty confident. Her Holy Sword skills are extremely useful
and you will be needing it for the very next battle.

At the World Map the trail to Lionel Castle has been removed and a new dot has
opened up. It's Golgorand Execution Site.

         --Golgorand Execution Site--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Gafgarion(Dark Knight), Knight x3, Archer x2, Time Mage x2
    GIL: 12200
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
When you get there the Princess it at the Gillotine and about to be sliced up.
Then a second later the executioner takes the hood and cape off to reveal none
other that Gafgarion. And the Princess is a fake. Somehow they knew you would
fall into there trap. This is the hardest battle so far in my opinion. First and
foremost get rid of Gafgarion before he does some serious damage. It isn't as
easy this time. Have Agrias use her "Holy Sword" Techniques. You can break or
steal his Blood Sword which will eliminate his "Dark Sword" skill and give you a
pretty good sword. But watch out for his "Punch Arts". If you have Mustadio in
your group the most valuable attack is his Arm Aim. It will stop Gafgarion from
attacking and helps you a lot. If Gafgarion is under the "Don't Act" status
ignore him for now and attack the Time Mages. The will forever cast Haste on
their fellow members and leave you there to watch them attack you. Once the Time
Mages are gone attack Gafgarion until he runs away again. If you have the
Elemental ability of "Hell Ivy" from a Geomancer use it on Gafgarion and the
Time Mages to stop them fro moving and acting. Although Gafgarion isn't weak
against Holy it does lots of damage to him. If you don't defeat him after about
ten rounds he will run away. With Gafgarion out the battle should be a bit
easier. Attack the Archers after the Time Mages are gone. The Knights should be
the last to go. If you have the Summon "Titan" that will do some damage to a
large area of enemies.

Back at Lionel Castle you see a scene with Delita and Princess Ovelia. Delita
intends to take Ovelia somewhere but you won't find out yet. Then Cardinal
Draclau and a knight enters in. The Knight is Vormav. She tells the Princess
that she isn't Ovelia. She is just a substitute. Her predesesor was Princess
Luveria and no one wanted her in the throne.

         --Lionel Castle, At the Gate of Lionel Castle--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza
           2nd Squad - party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Gafgarion (Dark Knight), Knight x3, Archer x2, Summoner
    GIL: 11100
    WAR TROPHIES: Mythril Helmet, 700 Gil
This is the first one on one battle (well sort of) will Gafgarion. It is also a
tough one. If you have it use Time Magic "Meteor" (I had it but that's because I
stayed back to get it) on Gafgarion but be sure to stay near the top balcony or
near the gate so it won't hit you. If it does hit you and you are near the gate
your party member can use Raise on you. Also if you have teleport quickly
teleport over to the gate switch. Have Mustadio stand in front of the gate and
keep shooting a Gafgarion while Ramza attacks. If you have the Time Magic
"Stop", "Don't Move" or "Slow" use it on him because there is a good chance it
will connect on him. You should worry about the summoners next once Gafgarion is
dead. They will slowly take away your life and the archers will keep shooting at
you from a distance. Have Mustadio use his Snipe "Arm Aim" on the Archers and
attack the Knights. If you can beat Gafgarion the rest of the battle should be
must easier.

Now that Gafgarion is out of the way you have to hurry and save Princess Ovelia.
After the battle you are prompted to save. I recommend saving in a different
slot because if you find it impossible to beat this next guy, you can still gain
your levels and try again.

         --Lionel Castle, Inside of Lionel Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Queklain
    ENEMIES: Tainted King Queklain
    GIL: 8000
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
You find Cardinal at the Chapel area of the castle and he cannot tolerate your
interference anymore so he takes matter into his own hands by using the Holy
Stone. If you have Meteor the battle is over for Queklain. Just be sure to
survive the attacks. If not this won't be easy. Holy attacks work well against
him. If have a Monk with the "Stigma Magic" you can cancel all but Death
Sentence of his "Nitemare" attack. Surrprisingly enough your Chocobo might do
much more damage than that of any of your other characters maybe. Queklain has
about four hundred and fifty HPs.

Once the battle is over you skip to a scene at Zeltennia Castle. Delita has
brung Ovelia over to Goltana. It seems one of Goltana's men wants to join Larg.
It turns out to be Minister Gelwan. Delita promise to spare his life. Gelwan
then dies at the spot. Goltana sends Princess Ovelia to the throne and kidnaps
Ruvelia. Queen Ruvelia is held at Bethla Garrison and so is Orinas. Larg could
stand to see it that way and rescues them with the Hokuten Knights. The race for
the throne has now increased and the Nanten and Hokuten are battling for the
spot. The Hokuten are lead by Prince Orinas while the Nanten are lead by Ovelia.

Years pass in the war and many people are dying. 20,000 dead on both sides each.
The harvests are doing poorly and it is time to call up a peace treaty. Goltana
refuses and is enthusiastic that the war win soon be won. The food is growing
short with no rain and people are overcrowding the cities. What will become of
the war.

         Chapter Three: The Valiant
You have to Lesalia before some else happens and tell Zalbag of the manipulation
of the war.

         --Goland Coal City--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Save Olan
    ENEMIES: Thief x3, Chemist x2, Mediator
    GIL: 12000
    WAR TROPHIES: Battle Dict, 1500 Gil
You find a man running from some people and he needs you help. This is your
first encounter with Olan. First attack the two chemist so they don't heal the
damage done. Olan's Starry Heaven attacks should keep them busy for awhile,
especially "Galaxy Stop". The Thief can Charm you so watch out. Once "Galaxy
Stop" is cast the battle is basically self controlled. Every enemies is put on
"Stop", "Don't Move", and "Don't Act". On top of that the effects for it are to

When the battle is over you talk with him and he goes off. Well you still have
to go to Lesalia so...

         --Lesalia Imperial Capital--
Ramza finds Zalbag in the Library of the Castle and tells him of the news.
Zalbag doesn't believe it and thinks Ramza is just trying to deceive everyone.
Ramza tells him that Dycedarg is behind it as well trying to kidnap Princess
Ovelia. It seems that now T.G. Cid has broken through Dogoula Pass.

You are placed on the world map so just press anywhere. You are about to enter
         --Lesalia Imperial Capital, Back Gate of Lesalia Castle--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, Alma, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Zalmo
    ENEMIES: Zalmo (Holy Priest), Knight x3, Monk x2
    GIL: 13000
Before Ramza leaves Alma catches up with her. She doesn't know yet that Delita
is alive. Right when Ramza is about to leave a priest from the Church come up to
her. It seems that Ramza has been placed as a Heretic. This battle isn't too
hard because Alma will cast MBarrier on your party members. Cast Golem if you
have it and just keep attacking Zalmo until he is weak. If you don't have Golem
the Monks should really be the only ones you need to take care of. After that
just attack Zalmo.

Alma will now tag along but just to Orbonne Monastery. She claims to have seen
the Virgo Holy Stone.

         --Orbonne Monastery--
When you enter here you find out that someone's already been through here. Alma
rushes to Simon to check if he is okay. The High Priest are trying to regain
power by using the Holy Stones.
         --Orbonne Monastery, Underground Book Storage Second Floor--
    PARTY: Ramza, Alma, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Lancer x3, Time Mage x2, Chemist
    GIL: 19300
    WAR TROPHIES: Battle Dict
First of all if you have it cast Golem. That should leave the Lancers' attacks
useless for awhile. Then go for the Time Mages. They have a high priority
because if they cast "Haste" on the Lancers, your Golem will wear down faster.
Once the Golem wears off attack the Lancers. I have notice that if you have a
Mediator, "Invitation" works pretty good and makes enemies join you. Although
the percent of them being invited is around eleven to twenty percent it is a big
help. If you have a Black Chocobo use them to attack the Time Mages from a

When the battle is over Izlude finds the Holy Stone of Virgo and it is too late.

         --Orbonne Monastery, Underground Book Storage Third Floor--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Izlude
    ENEMIES: Izlude (Knight Blade), Knight x2, Archer x2, Summoner
    GIL: 13900
    WAR TROPHIES: Defense Armlet
For this battle you just have to defeat Izlude. Izlude has a lot of HP and he
hits hard so get rid of him as fast as you can. I recommend having Monks because
he can break you swords and shield which will leave you weak. Cast Golem on your
party first and foremost. If you haven't got it now I suggest you do get it or a
least try to. It will come to good use. Once Golem is casted you don't have to
worry about anyone but Izlude and the Summoner. Have everyone but Ramza attack
Izlude while Ramza attacks the Summoner. Keep casting Golem each time he wears

Izlude teleports out of there when he loses.

         --Orbonne Monastery, Underground Book Storage First Floor--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Wiegraf
    ENEMIES: Wiegraf (White Knight), Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard
    GIL: 31500
    WAR TROPHIES: 2500 Gil
Izlude teleports to the first floor and finds Alma there. Wiegraf tells Izlude
to go while Alma get taken away. First off cast Golem it will be a big help
against most of the attacks. Attack the Wizard in the back first because she
will use lots of Hi-Potions on Wiegraf. Most of your attacks should be
concentrated at Wiegraf so you can get this battle through with. The Knights and
Archers should be no problem with Golem up.

Wiegraf refuses to die and teleport out of the Monastery. Alma is knocked out
and Izlude rides away. Wiegraf is severely wounded and takes out the Holy Stone
Aries. It will give Wiegraf his power only if he accepts it. He turns into
Velius. Ramza gets ready to attack but Velius runs off. Simon comes out of the
church limping and hands Ramza a book. It is the Germonik Scriptures. The Simon
dies outside. Your next stop is to find Alma and save her.

You should take awhile to read the Germonik Scriptures now. Go to the Menu by
pressing the TRIANGLE button. Then go to "BRAVE STORY" and press CIRCLE on
"TREASURES". "GERMONIK SCRIPTURES" should be highlighted so press CIRCLE.

I have just written out what was wrote and not what was said. The second part of
this is what Simon wrote in the book.

       It was the golden age, when many
       airships flew all over the sky...
     The day St. Ajora was born in Bervenia
        of Lesalia he stood up, walked to the
        well and said,
      'Calamity will come from this well soon.
     We must seal it so people don't drink
           the water'.
      Days later, plaque swept over Bervenia.
     The people who drank the tainted water
     But the only family who believed him
    didn't get sick and survived.
       Since then, people calle him "Miracle
        Child", "Child of God".
     When St. Ajora turned 20, he became a
     "Savior", and was sent to Heaven as 'a
      member of God'...
     Long before Ivalice was united, it was
     divided into 7 small kingdoms ;
    Zeltennia, Fovoham, Lionel, Limberry,
    Lesalia, Gallione, Murond.
      As the kingdoms continued to increase
   their terrorities, the wars continued.
   In the several hundred years of war, an
    ambitious young king was born in Murond.
     Though he lead an army large enough to
     cover Ivalice, the way of victory was
      long and hard. Using the secret method
     from an ancient book, the king tried to
     summon an evil spirit and use its power.
     But the evil spirit killed the king and
     tried to destroy the world...
    One Brave with 12 followers, collected
      "Zodiac Stones" from all over the world
    and revived them.
     They destroyed evil in an instant and
     succeeded in sending the evils back to
     This's how the became 'Saviors'.
     That's the "Zodiac Braves" legend.
    Ever since, everytime the world is in
    danger, they appear, save the world
      and disappear.
    When St. Ajora was alive, similar things
    The King of Limberry summoned an evil
      spirit to take over Ivalice.
    The world once again fell into crisis.
     St. Ajora collected 12 Holy Stones,
    just like the legend, formed Zodiac
     Braves and killed evil.
    But 'Heroes' are always a nuisance to
    rulers of a country...
     The Yudora empire was afraid of Ajora
   who was gaining power, annonuncing the
     arrival of God's Kingdom. Yudora sent
     troops against one of his sects.
     The priests of Fara, the largest sect
    then, were afraid of St. Ajora's power.
    He was caught and executed at Golgorand
     Execution Grounds after Germonik told of
      his whereabouts for money.
     But St. Ajora was a 'Child of God' and
   the priests of Fara were smitten by an
     angry God. After the execution, the base
   at Fara, Murond was sunken by various natural
      This is how St. Ajora was sent to
        Heaven as a 'Child of God', and became
    a 'Member of God'...
   And that's all I know. All anyone in Ikoku
    knows of the "Myth" if St. Ajora.
   But the St. Ajora in the "Germonik
   Scriptures" was a totally different person...
  Ajora was not a 'Child of God', but a
   human just like us.
   An ambitious revolutionary who fought
 to fulfill his dream.
  Moreover, he loved peace and was not a
   hero who risked his life for others.
   This is what Germonik wrote...
  A founder of an advanced new religion,
  Ajora was a threat to the Empire.
   But Ajora had another 'side' to him
   other than being a priest.
   He was a spy who entered enemy
   territory agitating and gaining information.
   Anyhow, Ajora was a threat to the
      Empire. The empire sent Germonik to
    find proof that Ajora was a spy.
   Yes, Germonik was also a spy of the
   Empire watching Ajora's activities.
 They say Ajora tried to revive the
    Zodiac Braves.
    Germonik found some Holy Stones to
      prove it.

  "Despite rumors of its existance, no one
    ever saw the "Germonik Scriptures".
    I don't know whether the book tells the
   truth or fabricates Ajora's great
  "When I was a heresy examiner for the
   church, many examiners felt afraid to
   show the people the book. The High
   Priest probably felt the same because
    everything the book said was true."
  "After Ajora's death, the church had to
   unite St. Ajora with God making him
  divine. To do that unsuitable facts had
  to be deleted from history and St. Ajora
    had to become the 'Child of God'."
   "They were wise to use the Zodiac Brave
  story, widely believed in Ikoku. It was
   easy to make people believe the Zodiac
   Braves lead by Ajora killed an imaginary
   evil spirit."
  "When I read this book I lost my faith.
  But I'm not sad... because it inspired
   me to search for the truth."
   "At the same time, I'm guilty for not
    bringing it into the light, even though I knew
   the church was lying. Why?
   Because if I told the people about the book,
  I was afraid they would take the
      library away from me."
   "I would have been devastated if the
  library was taken away from me because
   it satisfied my thrist for knowledge.
     But, my curiousity got the best of me."

         --Dorter Trade City--
Go to Dorter Trade City and you will see everyone run inside. A man approaches
you and refers to you as "Heretic Ramza". He tells you to bring the Germonik
Scriptures to Riovanes Castle to save Alma. Before you leave Dorter trade City,
you see a scene at Zeltennia Castle.

         --Ruin's of Zeltennia Castle Church--
Ovelia has been quiet and Delita has been looking for her. You see a scene with
Ovelia and Delita. He promises to guide and protect her and he won't betray her.

         --Grog Hill--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Squire x2, Chemist x2, Archer, Thief
    GIL: 15800
    WAR TROPHIES: Mythril Gun
First you should cast Golem. That makes each and every one of there attacks
useless. If you have a Monk walk straight to the middle of the group in the
beginning to the battle and use "Earth Slash. That gives you a lead to start
with. The Chemist should be the first to go. Take them out before anyone else
because they will use lots of Potions and Phoenix downs. You can steal Mythril
Guns from the two Chemist.

After the battle you meet up with Olan again. He doesn't try to catch you
because you have done the job for them catchin the deserters. Ramza decides also
not to tell him about the Germonik Scriptures for fear he might be called as a
Heretic and doesn't want for Olan to get hurt. Olan will tell Orlandu of it and
will put a stop to it if necessary.

         --Yardow Fort City--
    PARTY: Ramza, Rafa, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Save Rafa
    ENEMIES: Malak (Hell Knight), Ninja x3, Summoner x2
    GIL: 15300
    WAR TROPHIES: Yagyu Darkness, Holy Water, 2000 Gil
Rafa and Malak are talking about escaping the clucthes of Barinten so they can
live their own life. Malak doesn't want to betray his so called father and
thinks Rafa is lying. But the true is that Barinten burned the villiage to get
the Hell and Heaven skills in the crystals the are formed when someone dies. The
first thing you should do is cast "Golem". The Ninjas here take you out in one
turn if the hits don't miss. The second thing you should do is cast "Re-raise"
on Rafa just incase she falls. Attack the Summoners because their magics hit
hard. As long as Golem is up the Ninjas' attacks shouldn't be a problem.

Rafa knows of Barinten's plan to be king and would do anything to get it. He
took the innocent lives of Rafa and Malak's parent trying to get the crystals of
the Heaven and Hell skills. Malak send a frog to send them a message so Ramza
need to go to Riovanes Castle quickly of else Alma is gone. The frog then self

         --Yuguo Woods--
    PARTY: Ramza, Rafa, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Revnant, Gust, Ghoul, Wizard x2, Time Mage x2
    GIL: 39600
    WAR TROPHIES: Phoenix Down x2
Fire and Cure magics are what work best against all these enemies. You cannot
Invite them because they dead monsters. If you cast Raise or Raise2 you can take
away half or all their lives. Mustadio's Seal Evil can stop an enemy for good.
The Summons Bahamut and Odin aren't fire elemental but still does good damage.
Don't use Lich or any Drain spells because you will only be gaining them life.
Kill the Wizards and Time Mages first because the Revnant, Gust, and Ghouls will
come back to life unless you use "Seal Evil".

         --Riovanes Castle--
You see a scene with Barinten and Vormav. Barinten wants a to make a pact
between the Shrine Knights and Riovanes Castle. Larg and Goltana seem to have
little or no power so they won't seem fit to rule Ivalice. Barinten is trying to
blackmale the Shrine Knights so Vormav tells Wiegraf to go after Malak while he
takes care of Barinten. Vormav uses the Holy Stone to take care of the Knights
guarding Barinten and his little scheme whil Barinten himself escapes through a
secret exit.

You are not prompted to save now but I suggest you save it under a different
slot. If you don't have any other slots than that might pose a problem. If you
have already saved over your other slots it is a shame. If you are having
trouble with when you fight Wiegraf, email me and I can tell you how to beat him
with your current stats, if possible.

         --Riovanes Castle, At the gate of Riovanes Castle--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, Rafa (for a short time), party member
           2nd Squad - party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Malak (Hell Knight), Knight x3, Archer x3
    GIL: 22000
    WAR TROPHIES: Elf Mantle, High Potion, X-Potion
Put a Dragoon in your first squad and have him "Jump" the Archers if you can.
Don't let the Knight in the small crack water area get you. He is well hidden
and has Feather Boots. Cast Golem as soon as possible. It makes all of the
enemies attacks useless except for Malak's Hell Knight abilities. When you get
him weak he will run away along with Rafa. Have your Summoner stand at the
farthest corner and put that person on the second squad that way the arrows
won't hit you. "Foxbird" works works pretty well if you have an Oracle. It
lowers the Brave points of your enemies.

When the battle is over a Riovanes Knight come out an says that there is a
monster inside. You better hope Alma is safe. Alma is safe for now. A guard open
the door to let Alma run from the monster. Alma escapes.

         --Riovanes Castle, Inside of Riovanes Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Wiegraf
    ENEMIES: Wiegraf (White Knight)
Ramza walks in the castle only to find dead bodies. Wiegraf is still standing
though and has been waiting for you. This is the HARDEST battle in the game.
Here are all the possible ways to beat him as far as I can see:

1: Have a Chemist and give the ability:
    Action Ability: Punch Arts
    Reaction Ability: Auto Potion
    Support Ability: Gained Jp Up
    Movement Ability: Move +1
The Chemist should have a Gun as a weapon and attack him fom long range. Your
bound to get hit by his "Earth Slash" by it only does about sixty each hit. You
should get rid of your regular potions and just have Hi-Potions and X-Potions.

2: Have a Squire and give the ability:
    Action Ability: Time Magic
    Reaction Ability: Critical Quick
    Support Ability: Gained Jp Up
    Movement Ability: Move +1
 Use Demi2 twice on him and he will be gone. It misses about thirty to forty
percent of the times but is a sure fire way to get him. The reason I picked the
Squire is because Time Mages have too little life to survive one of Wiegraf's
attacks. The Critical Quick is there so you can have an instant turn before he
does because sometimes Wiegraf attacks two times in a row.

3: Have a Lancer (Dragoon) and give the ability:
    Action Ability: Item
    Reaction Ability: Dragon Spirit
    Support Ability: Gained Jp Up
    Movement Ability: Move +1
The Dragon Spirit is there so you can come back to life once he gets you. The
Item is for you to use an X-Potion when you get back up. Jump him constantly and
he won't be able to do a thing about it.

4: Have a Knight and give the ability:
    Action Ability: Steal
    Reaction Ability: MP Switch
    Support Ability: Gained Jp Up
    Movement Ability: Move +1
Steal his sword from him so he will end up using his Punch Arts. When he attacks
you, you're given one free hit(sort of) because it hits your magic points
instead of your hit points.

5: Have a Ninja and give the ability:
    Action Ability: Summon Magic
    Reaction Ability: Speed Save
    Support Ability: Gained Jp Up
    Movement Ability: Move +1
The Summon is for you to have for the next battle because a Ninja will wiped
him out real quick. The Speed Save is there just incase you miss you will be
quicker than him and attack back hard. Don't equip any of the Flail, or Morning
Star, or Axes because the damage they do is almost never precise.

6: Have a Samurai with the ability:
    Action Ability: Elemental
    Reaction Ability: HP Restore
    Support Ability: Two Hands
    Movement Ability: Move +1
The HP Restore is when he gets you to critcal HP you can regain some life to
keep attacking. The Elemental action ability was chosen because of the range it
has. When your Samurai attacks run away and use the Elemental abilities. They
never miss and do about fifty wach time.

7: Have a Monk with the ability:
    Action Ability: Guts
    Reaction Ability: Hamedo
    Support Ability: Attack UP
    Movement Ability: Move +1
With this you can hit hard and even take him out before he can hit you. The
Attack UP makes you stronger and added in with the Monk's natural strengh he
should die in no time. The Hamedo however is need when he hits close to you.
Most like he won't do that forcing him to move and giving up a future active

8: Have an Orcale with the ability:
    Action Ability: White Magic
    Reaction Ability: Regenerator
    Support Ability: Defense UP
    Movement Ability: Move +1
Have an Orcale use Life Drain over and over until he dies. The White magic is
for you to cast "Re-raise" just incase something go wrong.

There are many more ways to defeat him. These are the one's I have compiled
myself. When the battle is over, Wiegraf seems to have ran away but he just
teleport back to where he started. He also has a Zodiac Brave stone to back him
up now.

         --Riovanes Castle, Inside of Riovanes Castle, Battle Two--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member
           2nd Squad - party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Velius
    ENEMIES: Velius (Warlock), Archaic Demon x3
    GIL: 14400
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
As if the Wiegraf battle wasn't hard enough you have to face a Zodiac Brave as
well with out recovering your depleted life. If you have "Lich" as an ability
for a summoner us it because that is his weak point. The Archaic Demons have a
"Dark Holy" attack the looks tight but hurts. If you have an Orcale use Life
Drain to do lots of damage and recover your life. Be careful of that "Life
break" attack because it can do lots of damage or no damage if your not quick
about killing the Archaic Demons. Velius has extremely strong summons. His
"Lich" does five hundred to everyone who gets hit by it. Not only that he has an
attack called "Loss" which does almost the  status effect to you and has a
hundred percent hit rate. Unseeing, Unthinking brains, Loss! This attack can
really leave you at a disadvantage. To top it all off he has another summon
called Clops (Cyclops) which will destroy you in an instant.

He makes a tremendous exit when he is gone and leaves the Zodiac Stone lying
there. Alma enters the room and finds Izlude hurt and there is blood scattered
everywhere. Izlude tells Alma to tell Ramza of the evil powers of the Zodiac
Stones. They have turned Vormav into Lucavi. Vormav knocks Alma out and she
drops the Zodiac Stone. Vormav then teleports away.

         --Riovanes Castle, Roof of Riovanes Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza, Rafa, party member x3
    CONDITIONS: Protect Rafa
    ENEMIES: Marquis Elmdor (Arc Knight), Celia (Assasin), Lede (Assasin)
    GIL: 10000
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Barinten is confronted by Rafa and tries to kill Barinten. Malak over hears of
all this and accidentally gets shot by Barinten trying to stop Rafa. Then an
Ultima Demon assassin takes Barinten and tosses him off the roof. Marquis Elmdor
is here and he isn't trying to thank you for saving him before. He wants the
Zodiac Stones as well. The two Ultima Demon assasins hit hard so watch out. Cast
Re-Raise on Rafa and Regen as well. Use Esuna to counter the "Shadow Stitch"
which basically has a 100% hit rate of "Stop". Just concentrate you attacks on
Marquis Elmdor or any of the assasins and Marquis will teleport away along with
Celia and Lede when he is weak or when any one of then is weak(well try to at

Rafa greives Malak and so does the stone. The stone reacts to it and uses the
power on Malak to ressurect him. The stone also said something to him, "Return
to the one with the right minds...". Ramza finds the Zodiac Stone where Alma
dropped it and takes it with her. The Hokuten are trying to attack Bethla
Garrion so they can take hold of it.

You are prompted woth the option to acquire Rafa and Malak into your group.

The corpses were all search and luckily none of them was Alma. They might have
gone to Murond Church to follow up one the High Priest orders.

         Chapter 4: Somebody to Love
You see Orlandu and Olan taking back at Zeltennia Castle. It turns out that T.G.
Cid has one of the Zodiac Stones.

Ramza has to meet with Delita at Zeltennia Castle so that's where you have to

         --Doguola Pass--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Knight x2, Wizard x2, Lancer x2
    GIL: 18600
    WAR TROPHIES: Diamond Armor, 2000 Gil
Some Nanten Guards are on patrol and won't allow you to pass. You'll just have
to get through with force. Attack the Wizards behind the knights first. Be sure
to have Golem casted or you'll be sorry when they bombard you with attacks. The
archers should be the next to go. Keep moving around so they don't "Charge" for
some serious damage. Agrias should take care of the knights with her "Holy
Explosion" or "Lightning Stab".

        --Bervenia Free City--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Meliadoul
    ENEMIES: Meliadoul (Divine Knight), Archer x2, Summoner x2, Ninja
    GIL: 19300
    WAR TROPHIES: Jade Armlet, Remedy x2
When you enter the city a women approaches you and attacks you in vengence for
her brother. Her brother was Izlude Tingel and daughter of Vormav. This is a
hard battle because Meliadoul will "Shellbust Stab" you and it will lower your
HP, Max HP, as well as destory your equipped armor. A good tactic to use is have
Mustadio in your second squad and give him the "Battle Skill". The have him
break Meliadoul's Sword (which is the Defender) and her Accessory (which is the
Chantage). That should take care of the Regen. Then have Mustadio Snipe her
using "Leg Aim" to leave her in effective for a good amount of time. If you have
a black chocobo bred already, I recommend using it so you can get to the top of
the houses and attack the archers because the range of their bows engulfs almost
the entire screen. The summoners have some high levels summons so heal quickly.
When Meliadoul falls she will either "Re-raise" herself or teleport away.

         --Finath River--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Red Chocobo x4, Black Chocobo, Chocobo
    GIL: 56200
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
This might be your first sight of a Red Chocobo. You should use the Mediator's
skill of "Train" use it on the Red Chocobo. Its "Choco Meteor" attack is
invaluble to your party and has lots of range but only hits one person. The
summon "Lich" seems to work best on these Chocobos. The Red Chocobos should be
attacked first because of there strengh. I would pay too much attention to the
Black Chocobo until last. The Chocobo can heal his allies so he should be kept
away. Don't try "Silence Song" or "Mute" because they will still be able to use
the "Choco Ball" and "Choco Meteor" attacks. Also those attacks don't use MPs.
It took me several tries to defeat them though. When you defeat a Chocobo keep
track of its counter before it turns to crystal because the Chocobos will always
go after it to restore their life.

         --Zeltennia Castle--
You see Delita and his associate. Ramza is in the Church and Delita enters in.
When Ramza asks, Delita tells her of the High Priest Funeral's Plan. He can
leave because he has to stay with Prince Orinas or Princess Ovelia. Then out of
nowhere come a gunshot. It's Zalmo and he back with more people.

         --Zeltennia Castle, Church outside the town--
    PARTY: Ramza, Delita, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Zalmo
    ENEMIES: Zalmo (Holy Priest), Knight x3, Orcale x2
    GIL: 19800
    WAR TROPHIES: Angel Ring
If Ramza has the "Teleport" ability have her go right up next to Zalmo and start
attacking. Magics, Bow and Arrows, and Guns will be able to reach Zalmo at his
high so use it to your advantage. Don't worry about the Knights on the ground,
Delita's Holy Sword abilities should take care of them. The Orcales will cast
Zombie on you occasionally so watch out. This battle isn't too hard.

T.G.Cid has already left Zeltennia and is heading for Bethla Garrison. Delita
lets Ramza go but little does Ramza know she is being used by Delita.

         --Bed Desert--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Balk
    ENEMIES: Balk (Engineer), Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard
    GIL: 19700
    WAR TROPHIES: 5000 Gil
You see Balk and he doing something unusual. He has spread Mosfungus into the
air and is letting it loose on everyone. You should give everyone the Guts and
Basic Skill ability so they can heal themselves. Or you could have your entire
party surround a Monk and use the Punch Art "Stimga Magic". Regen will also
counter act the effect of Poison. You should go straight for Balk and have a
Monk with you. Balk will constantly use his "Arm Aim" to everyone of your party
members(even though the percentage read differently the rate of that attack will
always be close to 100%). Just keep attacking Balk until he dies. If you steal
Balk's weapon you can get a Blaze Gun.

Balk dies and you rush off to Bethla Garrison.

You go to a scene with Orlandu and Nanten Knights. It seems that Orlandu has
been placed under suspicion of conspiracy. Orlandu will be placed in the dungeon
cell for the remainder of the war. Delita then enters in and is asked be Goltana
to take command of the Nanten Knights.

         --Bethla Garrison--
You are presented with an option of either sneak attacking or going in full
force (sort of). The North Wall

         --Bethla Garrison, North Wall of Bethla Garrison--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Archer x2, Lancer x2, Monk, Summoner
    GIL: 20900
    WAR TROPHIES: Gold Hairpin
For this battle the Monk and the Summoner should be attacked first. Cast Golem
as soon as possible so the Knights and Lancers won't hurt you. The Monk it
positioned and the bottom in the corner. Try to keep you party members spread
out as well.  The Knights and Archers should be pretty easy with the Golem spell

         --Bethla Garrison, South Wall of Bethla Garrison--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Knight x3, Archer x2, Ninja, Thief
    GIL: 23600
    WAR TROPHIES: Circlet
When you enter in the Nanten Knights stop you. Ramza mentions Orlandu but the
Nanten Knights think Ramza is here to assasinate Lord Goltana. First you cast
Golem on the party. Attack the Ninja and Thief first because they can steal your
equipment or do the most damage to your Golem armor. When the Ninja and the
Thief are gone attack the Knights. Have your summoner stay in a corner and make
sure she stays alive long enough to cast Golem again.

You skip to a scene with Zalbag and Dycedarg. The Hokuten Knights have been
poison and Larg is in bad shape. Dycedarg has also been affected with the
Mosfungus. Dycedarg asks of Larg's condition and then stabs him. Dycedarg found
out somehow that Larg was the assasin sent by the Nanten. Dycedarg then dies

You are now prompted to save.

         --In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Open watergate at Bethla Garrison.
    ENEMIES: Knight x4, Archer x2, Wizard x2
A new goal for once. For this battle you have to open the floodgate to stop the
fighting.  The switches are located at the top of the hill where the two knights
are standing. Cast Golem and attack the knights standing on the switches if they
don't move. The Squire's abilities of "Dash" and "Stone Throw" are useful
because they move enemies of their panels. The Wizards do some considerable
amount of damage so it is recommend you take care of them althoug it isn't
required. If you kill the Knights before they can move off the switch you will
have to wait awhile before their bodies turn to crystals. Also don't use spells
like "Don't Move" or attacks like "Leg Aim" (just a remainder). Ramza must pull
both switches so keep that as her goal while your other party members protect

The water gushes out and fills the Bethla Garrison area. The war has come to a

Over at the dungeons of Bethla Garrison, Olan enters in along with Balmafula and
Ramza. Orlandu escapes and Olan has to return to Zeltennia Castle. You are now
presented with the option of having Orlandu in your party. It is a good idea to
have him in your party for so many reasons:

1) His Speed is supernatural, more than enough to beat out any foe.
2) His attack power dominates anyone who goes against him.
3) His Holy Swordsman ability is of the highest rank.
4) He is equipped with the Excalibur Sword which makes him virtually invincible.
5) He HP level is extremely high, more so than all of your currect party

It would be just stupid to pass up Orlandu. But if don't want him in your party
you must be pretty confident and pretty stupid again to pass up the Excalibur
sword which is one of a kind and can only be receive through him.

Goltana sees the floodgate open and is shocked that the soldiers aren't persuing
attack. Delita then enters the room. Goltana wants them to attack but Delita
refuses then attacks Goltana striking a mortal wound. Then a Grevados acting as
a fake Orlandu comes in and is killed by Delita. Everything is going according
to plan.

         --Zarghidas Trade City--
When you enter Zarghidas Trade City, you see a flower girl at the corner and she
asks that you buy a flower from her. It only cost 1 gil so I guess it could
hurt. This flower girl looks a lot like a certain Final Fantasy cast member,
Aeris maybe? Whether you buy her flower or not she walks off. I am not certain
that you have to buy a flower to get Cloud but you should just buy it any way.

         --Germinas Peak--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Archer x3, Ninja, Thief x2
    GIL: 21900
    WAR TROPHIES: Feather Boots, Germinas Boots 7700 Gil
You are halted by a bunch of bandits looking for money. They will let you go if
you leave all of your money. Cast Golem when you get the chance. You should have
the Ninja's ability of "Catch" so the enemy Ninja's darts would hurt. The Golem
should protect you for most of the battle. If not just cast it again. Breaking
or stealing the Ninja's swords is a big help because most of the strength in the
enemies attacks are from such enemies. Before you defeat the last enemy, if a
member in your party have the "Move-Find Item" ability of the Chemist and has
Brave Points at 55 or lower you can get a "Vanish Mantle" at the top of the
cliff where the Ninja was originally standing.

         --Poeskas Lake--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Revnant x2, Archer x2, Orcale, Summoner
    GIL: 34400
    WAR TROPHIES: Phoenix Down x2
Mustadio is a great asset to your group for this battle. Cast Haste on him and
Golem on the party. Fire magics work well on the enemies so use it. Don't use
Orlandu's Night Sword or you will be very sorry. The Summoner and the Revnant
should be dealt with first. Just have Mustadio use "Seal Evil". The Golem should
help with the attacks of the archers until you can take care of the Summoner. If
you steal from the Archers you might get an "Ultimus Bow".

You see a scene with Dycedarg and Rofel. Rofel was talking about what had happen
to Balbanes. Dycedarg killed Balbanes to get more control of Ivalice. On the
other side of the door is Zalbag secretly listening in.

         --Limberry Castle, At the gate of Limberry Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Celia (Assasin), Lede (Assasin), Apanda x4
    GIL: 44600
    WAR TROPHIES: Echo Grass
Before you get into battle have some accessories that protect against Stop,
Dead, Petrify, and Frog. Go ones to have are the 108 Gems, Angel Ring, Jade
Armlet, and N-Kai Armlet. The Barette Helmet is a good item to equip for Agrias.
You have to fight the Ultima demons again but this time Marquis Elmdor isn't
here. Watch out for the Assassins "Shadow Stitch" attack and the "Allure"
attack. With the attack your party mebers are Charm at a 100% rate and there is
nothing you can do about it. What's even worse is there "Stop Bracelet" attack
which dispatches you at a 100% hit rate. The Apandas are also not to be left
alone. They will cast random status effects even though it is a Bio attack.
Concentrate your attacks on the Assasins and they go away along with the
Apandas. Having a Monk with the "Stigma Magic" ability is needed to reverse the
effects of the Bio2 attack. Attack one of the assasins with all of your
strongest attacks. Have Agrias and Orlandu equipped with Germinas Boots and put
them in the front row. Have them use "ShellBust Stab" and "Lightning Stab".

If you want to save Alma you had better hurry up and head inside. Elmdor awaits.

You are now prompted to save. Treat this like you would the battle against
Wiegraf and sae it in a different slot. It might be hard for you and it might
not but just to be safe.

         --Limberry Castle, Inside of Limberry Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Elmdor
    ENEMIES: Elmdor (Arc Knight), Celia (Assassin), Lede (Assassin)
    GIL: 19700
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Cast Golem on your party first. Have Orlandu and Agrias attack Elmdor with
"Lightning Stab" or "Holy Explosion". Don't worry too much about the assassins,
just concentrate on Elmdor and before you know it he will be gone. If you do
decide to attack the assassins and you succeed in killing them they turn into
Ultima Demons. Elmdor also has a Teleport 2 spell which is a 100% chace of
teleporting. Also he has a complete set of Genji Equipment sitting there for you
to steal. Also when Elmdor "Blood Sucks" your party member it will spread
quickly so use what remaining party membersyou have to deal with him. Just get
Elmdor weak and he will run away and to the underground area of Limberry Castle.

         --Limberry Castle, Underground cemetary of Limberry Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza, Meliadoul, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Zarela
    ENEMIES: Zarela (Angel of Death), Knight x2, Living Bone, Bone Snatch,
    GIL: 55700
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Just have Orlandu, Agrias and Ramza handle Zarela and the two knights while your
other two party members help out Meliadoul. As long as Agrias has the Barette
equipped nothing that Zalera can do to her will work. The Knights aren't
equipped with anything but sometimes will come back to life after you kill them.
Zalera doesn't have too much HP (about 1800) but the "Nightmare" attack he has
can leave you at a loss as well as his "Confuse 2" attack. "Holy Explosion", the
Summon "Ifrit", the Summon "Salamander", and "Holy" magic work best against him.

After the battle Meliadoul she presents you with the Zodiac Stone but in return
wants to tag along. She is as helpful as Agrias and Orlandu so I highly
recommend taking her with you. Also she has the "Save the Queen" sword which
cast Protect on you always.

Your next stop is to Igros Castle and talk to Dycedarg. It will be a long
journey so hurry. But before you leave you see a scene with Ovelia and Olan.
Also you may have not noticed this but Ovelia's is now given the title of
Princess when she speaks. Olan knows of Delita's traitorous deeds and is sent to
prison. She is asked to have some privacy with Olan and goes into her room. As
she walks into the room she pretends that she is inside and snoops on the
conversation. Olan was trying to clear his step father but Delita will not let
him. Also Balmafula is killed because she found out Delita will turn against the
High Priest.

Zalbag and a young Chemist comes to Balbanes cemetary to examine the tomb.
Zalbag wants to know what really happened to Balbanes and now knows the truth.
Dycedarg murder him with Mosfungus poison.  Zalbag pays the Chemist and he
leaves. He finally realizes what is right.

         --Igros Castle, Inside of Igros Castle--
    PARTY: Ramza, Zalbag, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Dycedarg, Elder Brother
    ENEMIES: Dycedarg (Lune Kinght), Knight x5
    GIL: (none)
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Outside Igros you see a chocobo belonging to Zalbag and no guards at the front
gate. Something's strange is happen you had better check it out. Zalbag is
trying to kill Dycedarg. Cast Golem to start off the battle. Have Orlandu move
over to Dycedarg but keep him at the lower level and use the "Hell Cry Punch".
After the sword of Dycedarg is destroyed the rest should be easy. Have Agrias
take the two Knights in front of them and on the top level. With Dycedarg's
Weapon gone he is helpless and Zalbag should take care of the rest.

When Dycedarg dies the Zodiac Stone takes effect. He kills Zalbag at the spot
sending him away. Dycedarg then admits to killing Balbanes.

    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Adramelk
    ENEMIES Adramelk (Ghost of Fury)
    GIL: 27800
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Better hope you have a well developed Chemist because of Adramelk's "Seal" which
puts you under several status effect with a 100% hit rate. He can also cast
Summons which will hurt a lot. The best thing to use is "Lightning Stab" and
"Holy Explosion". Also try to keep as far as possible from him.

After he is defeated he explodes and turn back into a Zodiac Stone. Your next
stop is at Murond Holy Place.

         --Murond Holy Place, St. Murond Temple--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Mediator x2, Geomancer x2, Priest, Summoner
    GIL: 23500
    WAR TROPHIES: X-Potion
Inside the Chapel is Vormav and High Priest Funeral. Apparently Funeral is being
betrayed by Vormav because Funeral knows of the entrance to Murond City is. He
tells Vormav that it is inside Orbonne Monastery. Have Orlandu placed in the
second squad and take out the Mediators with his "Lightning Stab". Have Mustadio
Snipe the Summoner by using his "Arm Aim". Agrias should be place in the first
squad and use her "Lightning Stab" to try and Silence the Priest. It is helpful
to have a Dragoon with the "Ignore Height" ability. This battle should be too
hard even though you are out numbered.

After this battle you are prompted to save.

         --Murond Holy Place, Hall of St. Murond Temple--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Vormav
    ENEMIES: Vormav (Divine Knight), Rofel (Divine Knight), Kletian (Sorceror)
    GIL: 13500
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Vormav and Ramza have set a deal in order to get Alma back but Vormav double
crosses them. If you have Meliadoul in your party she is involved in this
storyline. Have Orlandu and Meliadoul use "HellCry Punch" to destroy Vormav and
Rofel's swords. This prevents them from using their "Mighty Sword" attacks. All
you have to do is survive for about three rounds and he will go away.

After this battle your are prompted to save.

         --Murond Holy Place, Chapel of St. Murond Temple--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Zalbag
    ENEMIES: Zalbag (Arc Knight), Ultima Demon, Archiac Demon x2
    GIL: 41600
    WAR TROPHIES: Elixir
Vormav has gotten tired of this and has now sunk to a new low. His 'servants'
will fight you instead of him. Have Agrias and Orlandu use "Holy Explosion" so
you cn attack while keeping the enemies at a distance. Use "HellCry Punch" on
Zalbag first though so is "Destroy Sword" abilities will be ineffective. The
Ultima Demon has a wide variety of attacks to leave you dispatched and even more
that the Archiac Demons. If you have Ramza as a Squire, you can leave Ultima
from them by have them cast it on you. Ramza must survive it though. If you have
108 Gems equip you don't have to worry about Zalbag's "Blood Suck" attack.

You see Zalbag here for the last time as he returns to whence he came. Ramza
finds High Priest Funeral hurt and and in fatal condition. High Priest Funeral
tells Ramza that Vormav went to Orbonne Monastery.


         --Orbonne Monastery, Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat all enemies
    ENEMIES: Knight x3, Monk x2, Archer
    GIL: 29700
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
Rofel's troops are to stay here and stand guard. If you check the Archer here he
is sometimes equipped with the strongest bow in the game, the Yoichi Bow. Cast
Golem first and attack the Monks. The Archer should be next. Have Orlandu,
Agrias, and Meliadoul attack the knights and you other party member go for the
Archer and the Monks. This battle isn't too hard, is it?

Rofel will take over while Vormav goes to open the portal. You will be prompted
to save here.

         --Orbonne Monastery, Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Rofel
    ENEMIES: Rofel (Divine Knight), Summoner x2, Wizard x2, Time Mage
    GIL: 31000
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
This is the final battle with Rofel (not the last in the game). He has been
waiting to settle the score. First you should have Meliadoul and Orlandu go
after Rofel. Have them use "HellCry Punch" as soon as possible. The Summoners
and Time Mages can be a problem so try to "Silence" them. If you decide to steal
from Rofel he is equipped with the "Save the Queen" sword. Rofel has "Weapon
Guard" so it is almost useless to attack him with swords. He can cast "Confusion
Song" on your party members so be ready. Also he has the "Defense UP" ability so
that might discourage your decision to attack.

When you defeat him the gate to the "Death City" opens up and your on your way
to saving Alma. Rofel destroys the entrance way that leads back to Ivalice so
your going to have to find another way back. The entrance way is destroyed and
the only way to go is forward. Rofel dies here. You will be prompted to save

         --Murond Death City--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Kletian
    ENEMIES: Kletian (Sorceror), Samurai x2, Ninja x2, Time Mage x2
    GIL: 36600
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
First cast Golem. That should leave the Samurai's and Ninja's attacks managable
for awhile. I wouldn't bother attacking anyone but Rofel. But you can have
Agrias and Orlandu in the second squad and attack the Ninjas and the Samurai's.
But beware Kletian will cast Raise2 on any fallen member. What you should do is
have Orlandu use his "Dark Sword" to take away all of Kletian's Magic Points. If
you steal Kletian's weapon, you can get the Mace of Zeus. It is unique and the
only place to get it in the game, as far as I know of.

When Kletian is defeated the enemies will stop their attack. Ramza notices
flashes of light so natural you would walk toward it. You will be prompted to
save here.

         --Lost Sacred Precients--
    PARTY: 1st Squad - Ramza, party member x2
           2nd Squad - party member x2
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Balk
    ENEMIES: Balk (Engineer), Chemist, Hyudra, Hydra, Tiamat, Dark Behemoth
    GIL: 30000
    WAR TROPHIES: (none)
You see Balk again but this time he claims the outcome will be different. What
you should do is have Agrias and Orlandu in the second squad and attack the
monsters that will come after. Have them use "Lightning Stab", "Holy Explosion",
and if you are a little low on life use "Night Sword". With some of the monsters
out of the way you can attack Balk more easily. Have Mustadio placed in the
first party and "Leg Aim" Balk. If he can move then he won't regain his HP. The
Chemist should be the first to go because he will heal the enemies which is a
real pain. If you steal from Balk you can get a "Blast Gun". With the monsters
out of the way is will be more easier to pincer attack Balk. The monsters here
all have Un-truth type attacks because the point of there attack is random, so
hope your lucky that you don't get hit.

Balk dies and the Zodiac Stone senses the next place to go. You will be prompted
to save here.

         --Graveyard of Airships--
    PARTY: Ramza, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Hashmalum
    ENEMIES: Hashmalum (Regulator)
    GIL: 21300
    WAR TROPHIES: Ragnarok
The Virgo Zodiac Stone doesn't work but Vormav is still optimistic. He claims is
needs more blood to ressurect St. Ajora. You don't have to fight Vormav again
(yea!), but you do have to fight Hashmalum (boo!). Have Orlandu and Agrias use
"Lightning Stab" and "Holy Explosion". Hashmalum doesn't have exceedingly too
much HP but can cast lots of status effect spells. His "Spell" attack has a 100%
hit rate of "Stop" and the "DeathCold" attack will put you on "Slow" also with a
100% hit rate. He only has about twelve thousand HP to deal with.

With the death of Hashmalum, Alma awakes. Still nothing happens to Alma and
Hashmalum offers his own life to bring back to life St. Ajora. He stabs himself
and returns to the Zodiac Stone. St. Ajora then returns to life and is inside
Alma's body. Alma's gone! Your war trophy as you may have noticed is the sword
"Ragnarok". It should be the best blade you have unless you went to the Deep
Dungeon and got it. It is a good weapon to equip because it will protect you
from Altima's (final boss) Ultima attack.

         --Graveyard of Airships, (part two)--
    PARTY: Ramza, Alma, party member x4
    CONDITIONS: Defeat Altima
    ENEMIES: Altima (Holy Angel), Ultima Demon x4
Something is happening and St. Ajora is in pain. A flash of light shine on Ajora
and Alma's essence it removed and placed outside of Ajora. For now Alma is safe.
St. Ajora knows of Ramza's intentions and tranforms to Altima. Alma is here to
help but heal her as quickly as you can for she one starts with one HP. Her
Cleric abilities are invaluable. Alma will cast "MBarrier" on everyone. Have
Orlandu and Agrias attack the Ultima Demons before they do some serious damage.
Hopefully you have Agrias and Orlandu with the Action ability of "Item". Use X-
Potions on your party members that are low. The Ultima Demons don't have a lot
of HP suprisingly so more power to you and attack them before they cast
"Ultima". By the way if you haven't learned it earlier you can learn "Ultima" if
you are a squire (But what good is it?). Monks are a wonder to have in this
battle because of their "Stigma Magic". Mustadio can also Snipe at Altima but
only "Arm Aim" works. Altima also has the spell "Ultima" but it a lot better
than you think. The graphics an the strength and the range is far better than
what Ramza can learn. This form of Altima only has thirteen hundred HP (1300).
Don't forget to use either "Chakra", "X-Ether", "Ether", or an "Elixir" on Alma
because "MBarrier" does take up MP's.

When you beat her she reincarnates herself into another form.

    ENEMIES: Altima (Arch Angel)
This time you cannot Snipe using "Arm Aim" for Mustadio but you can "Leg Aim"
this time. Altima has a "Despair 2" attack which will remove all the statuses
from you. This means "Reraise", "Regen", "Haste", "Protect", and "Shell" will
all be gone. Also be ever so careful of his "Grand Cross" attack. It doesn't do
HP damage but will place negative status on you. Also there is another "Ultima"
attack in her possession. "All-ultima" does even more damage to an even larger
group of foes. Monks should save their active turns for healing and recovering.
Use "Chakra" and "Stigma Magic". Use "Flare" and "Bahamut" to your fullest
because it will do lots of damage (Faith considered). Also "Holy" works well.
Orlandu and Agrias should use "Holy Explosion" when Alma has sufficient MP. If
she doesn't, give her you best Magic Point potion. Altima has about thirty three
hundred HP (3300).

When win the entire ship explodes. I won't tell you what happens after this
unless you really really want to know.
The game is complete. I have shown you how to get Cloud because it was too long.
I will in the future though.

Getting Cloud:
1) Buy a flower from Aeris in Zarghidas Trade City.
2) Go to Igros and defeat Adramelk to get the Capricorn Zodiac Stone.
3) Go to Goug Machine City.
4) Go to Goland Coal City and enter the Bar.
5) Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital
6) Go to Nelevska Temple
7) Fight Worker 8 to get Zodiac Stone.
8) Go back to Goug. See Cloud and follow him.
9) Go to Zarghidas Trade City and fight bandits.

Please excuse the briefness of it but I will try to work on it.

Another side area is the Deep Dungeon, where marvelous treasures are abundant.
This walktrough was created on July 7, 1999
The completion of this walkthrough is undecided but the first update is
July 21, 1999

Please no copying any part of this walkthrough. It took me awhile to play the
game over and to search every detail possible. I had absolutely no help by
anyone so credits weren't created.

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