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 - [ F I N A L    F A N T A S Y    V I I    W A L K T H R O U G H ] -
SYSTEM: Sony PS-X Playstation (Japan)TITLE: Final Fantasy VII
TYPE: Role Playing GameDEVELOPER: Squaresoft of JapanPRICE: 6,800 yen
FEATURES: 3 CD set, CG rendered backdrops, polygonal landmap environment
SUBJECT: Final Fantasy VII - The Walkthrough v1.06VERSION: 1.06 (Build 4.12.97)
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Here is version 1.06 of the walkthrough for Final
               Fantasy VII.  Please note that this guide will assume
               that you have at least a minimal understanding of
               Japanese (katakana & hiragana), due to the extensive
               length & gameplay of this epic saga.  
               For details on operating the window control menus,
               how to save, info on best equipting the materia,
               and of the sort, please refer to the "Reference Section",
               which is located towards the end of this guide.
               For details on the various secrets & tricks encountered
               so far in FFVII, please refer to the "Tips & Tricks
               Section", which is located right after the Reference
               It is also recommended that you view this document in
               a font with a [fixed width] such as courier, as the
               layout for this walkthrough has been optimized in using
               the courier font.  But just a suggestion, of course.
               On a final note, I HIGHLY urge you to only use this
               walkthrough on a minimal basis and on certain instances
               where you may find yourself "stuck" without any other
               options to spare - as the only greatest reward achieved
               from playing an epic rpg as Final Fantasy VII is truly
               the feeling of accomplishment through your own efforts...
Iwata Shoji          -
"Sato" from the Next-Gen Chat Forum ( - port 9998)
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KEY:  [!] = Decision Point.  You will be given choices in response to
           the various interaction with the characters & environment.  
           Note that the majority of the choices encountered in
           FFVII have a certain level of significance in the course
           of your saga.  In certain decision points, you will be
           given only 1 chance to answer them correctly, so be aware
           of your actions....  
  [Tip!] = Tip point. (duh)  From time to time, little advises
           on certain situations will be given, for assisting you
           in solving certain sequence of events without completely
           losing the game's innovative appeal due to using this
           walkthrough or "cheat" as some would say....
   [^o^] = Secret/trick point.  In the course of your epic saga,
           there will be various opportunities to find secret artifacts,
           hidden events & sequences, or little added bonuses.  
           Some events require that you accomplish a certain sequence,
           while others are merely well hidden.  Advises & solutions
           will be provided to help you cover as much of those secrets
           that the wizards at Squaresoft have managed to hide within
           these 3CDs...
   [OP!] = Optional Event.  There will be several optional/side events
           throughout the course of your journeys - none of which will
           have any effect to the primary storyline, whether if you take
           part in the optional side events or not.  These optional side
           events are, however, great opportunities to obtain certain
           special artifacts or even a hidden materia or two...  
[ FFVII Walkthrough : DISK 1 ]
[1.]---[ Inside Area 1 of Makoro Industrial Complex ]  
   o Proceeding the introductory sequence, as you along with the
     few resistance members, known as the "abaranche", leap off the
     train, Barrett will urge you to hurry & follow.    
   o Battle your way up to the outer gate of the industrial complex -
     the rest of the resistance members (Vicks, Wedge, JC) will be
     waiting there for you.    o Talk to Vicks.  He will then ask for you name.
     (refer to the Reference Section for details on the control
      interface of the name screen)      
     As the gate is opened and the resistance members proceed through,
     go ahead & customize Barrett's name to your own preference,
     or leave it as is.
   o Battle your way through the industrial levels of the Makoro
     complex - talk to JC in order to open the 2 gates.
     Upon reaching the elevator, JC will tell you to push the
     elevator controls.  Upon leaving the elevator, JC will
     later stop to tell you the controls to maneuvering around
     the ladder & beams.   (Press Circle button to leap onto ladder)
                           (Use directional pad to maneuver)
   o Upon reaching the core level of the Makoro complex, Cloud will  
     proceed to initiate the bomb.  Prepare for a battle sequence
     w/the level boss.
   o You will then have 10 minutes to escape the Makoro complex.
     Well, what are you waiting for?  RUN!
     (Make sure not to leave anyone behind inside the complex)
   o Upon successfully making your escape, Barrett will tell everyone
     to meet at the train station.  
   o Shortly after, you will encounter Aerith for the very first time.
     (At this early point in the game, she is identified only as
      a young girl selling flowers)
     Aerith will approach you to ask what had happened.
[!]  You will be given a choice to respond:
       Top Choice -> Tell Aerith to escape/run as well
    Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith not to worry...and
[!]  If you choose the bottom choice, you will be given another choice:
       Top Choice -> Show interest in Aerith's flowers
    Bottom Choice -> Nevermind
[!]  If you choose the top choice & show interest in Aerith's flowers,
    Aerith will offer to sell you some flowers.  You can respond:
       Top Choice -> Buy the flowers for 1 Gil      Bottom Choice -> Do not buy
[Tip!] - If you choose to buy the flowers, there will be a little
        "bonus" scene that will occur later on at the bar in the slum
        town of Agito w/Tifa & Marin.  
  o After Aerith gives you the flowers, proceed on through the Area 8
    city.  Guards will be lurking around -- You will even be given
    choices if you want to confront the guards or not.
    (Choose the top choice to fight them, the bottom to run)
    (Note: You will only have a few seconds to make this decision)
  o Upon making your leaping escape onto the train & gather back
    together w/the abaranche/resistance, talk to everyone.
    You will need to talk to JC for information on the structure
    & foundation of Midgar (how the cities are divided into
    8 subsections and named w/numerical area values - i.e. Area 8)
    and the Shinra corporation.  He later goes on to explain how
    each of the 8 subsections have ID censor checkpoints which are
    interconnected to Shinra Corp's host computer.
    (If you talk to JC once more, he will suggest possibly giving you
     a gift that he made. - Choose the top choice to deny it, or
     choose the bottom choice to accept it if & when he does have it)
  o Upon reaching the train station of Area 7, Barrett will tell
    everyone to head to the slum town of Agito.  Follow them.      
[2.]---[ Slum Town of Agito: Abaranche Headquarters ]
  o Head into the bar - the rest of the Abaranche/resistance
    members will be there, as well as Barrett's daughter (Marin)  
    and Tifa.     After Marin mistakes you for her father, Barrett, Tifa will
    approach you, welcoming you back.  Tifa will first ask
    you if you had any quarrels with Barrett during your mission.  
[!]  You can respond:
       Top Choice -> Tell Tifa you quarreled/argued with Barrett
    Bottom Choice -> Tell Tifa you restrained/held yourself from
                     quarreling with Barrett
    If you chose the bottom choice, Tifa will complement you
    in a surprised manner that you are acting more mature now.
    Name screen will pop up - customize Tifa's name to your
    own preference or leave it as is.
  o If you bought those flowers earlier from Aerith, Tifa will
    notice the flowers.  She will be surprised that you found
    flowers in Midgar. [!]  You will be given a choice - You can:
       Top Choice -> Give the flowers to Tifa
    Bottom Choice -> Give the flowers to Marin (Barrett's daughter)
    (I will leave this choice up to you -- although if you really
     must know, I chose to give them to Tifa) (^o^)
  o Walk towards the entrance of the bar - Barrett will rush in.
    After Barrett & the rest of the Abaranche members head down
    to the secret headquarters, talk to Tifa.
    (NOTE: Depending on who you gave the flowers to, will determine
           what Tifa will say to you.  If you chose to give the flowers
           to Marin (Barrett's daughter), Tifa will urge you to follow
           them down to the headquarters.)
[!]  If you chose to give the flowers to Tifa, she will offer a drink  
    to you.  You can respond:
       Top Choice -> Tell Tifa you do not feel like drinking at the
    Bottom Choise -> Tell Tifa you want a sharp/heavy shot of liquor.    
  o After the light conversation, Tifa will urge you to go down to
    the headquarters.  As Cloud & Barrett once more get into an
    arguement, Cloud emphasizes the fact that he feels no obligation
    to neither the Shinra Corp or the Abaranche, despite the fact that
    he once used to be a "soldier".      o Head back to the bar level.
    Tifa will shortly follow after you, urging you to help Barrett
    & the Abaranche against the Shinra Corp.  Cloud states, as he
    did before, that he has no interest in whether or not the planet
    is in danger of destruction.  Tifa argues how Cloud is so easily
    willing to part away from the long friendship they had once shared
    since they were young children.  [!]  In response to this, you can respond:
       Top Choice -> Tell Tifa that what she speaks of is meaningless
                     (Similar to saying "Whatever" in English)
    Bottom Choice -> Tell Tifa solemnly that there is nothing else
                     he can do....
    (Either choice will result in the same response)
    Tifa then continues to remind Cloud of his special "promise"...
    ...a promise Cloud made 7 years ago to which he would come save
    Tifa in the case if she were to ever be in trouble...
  o Barrett will shortly come in & give Cloud the money due to him
    for the earlier mission, as promised.  Cloud then offers to
    take part in the next mission for double the price - 3000 gil.    
  o Head up to the bar level & talk to Barrett - he will tell you that
    the next target is the Area 5 Makoro industrial complex.
    He will then ask you to teach him how to equipt & use the materia
    orbs.[!]  You will be given a choice - you can respond:
       Top Choice -> Although it is too much work, you will explain
    Bottom Choice -> It is too much work....
    Assuming you chose the top choice, a demo sequence will start,
    showing the steps in how to equipt & use the materia orbs.
    For further details, please refer to the "Reference Section"
    of this guide.   o Tifa will also join in your character party.
    Before heading off to the train station, explore the town
    and purchase any supplies you may need on your journey.  
[3.]---[ Train Sequence - To Area 5 Makoro industrial complex ]
  o Proceed on boarding the train - a sequence will soon take place,
    as the Shinra's ID scanning system will burst out in full alert.
    Follow & run past each train cart within the time frame given
    or the doors will lock.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Run!
  o Upon making your leaping escape from the train, proceed down the
    train tunnel.  You will encounter a section gated off by the
    laser barrier.  Just to the left of it lies a small hole
    that will lead to inside the Area 5 Makoro industrial complex.
    Go ahead & proceed in.
  o Battle your way through the corridors of the inner Makoro
    industrial complex.  Head down to the core area of the complex,
    similar to the place where you planted the bomb at the Area 1
    Makoro complex.  Upon reaching there, Cloud will briefly experience
    a flashback which had taken place years ago.
  o After planting the bomb to the core, proceed to head up to the
    control center -- there, Tifa will instruct you to push the
    botton at the same time as they do, in order for the gate to open.
    (Simply coordinate Cloud's action with Tifa & Barrett as they
     press the button.  It will take a few tries before you get it.)
  o Proceed on to the bridgecross -- you will find yourself
    surrounded by an army of guards, met by the president of Shinra
    himself.  Prepare yourself for a battle against the subboss,
    "Airbuster" robot.
  o After defeating the subboss "Airbuster" robot, a brief fmv sequence
    will follow, as Cloud falls to the depths of the city below...
[4.]---[ Area 5 - Encounter with Aerith ]
  o Finding himself with Aerith in a chapel of Area 5 slums,
    go ahead & talk to Aerith - in the course of the conversation,
    she will ask you if you still remember her.[!]  You can respond to her:
       Top Choice -> Tell Aerith you recall meeting her before
    Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith you do not remember  
[!]  If you chose the top choice in that you recall meeting her before,
    another set a choices will be given - you remember her as:
       Top Choice -> She was selling flowers...
    Bottom Choice -> She was drunk on the streets...
    - I hope you chose the top choice - (^o^) -
[!]  As the conversation continues, Aerith asks if you do not mind
    talking to her more...  You can respond:      
       Top Choice -> You do not mind the conversation
    Bottom Choice -> There is nothing you wish to talk about.
  o Assuming you chose the top choice, she will tell you to wait
    a minute, as she finishes tending the flowers.  Talk to her
    once more - you both will formally introduce your names to  
    each other - the name screen will appear.
    (customize Aerith's name to your own preference, or leave as is)
    As the Shinra guard walks into the scene, talk to Aerith once
    more - she will ask if you will become her hired bodyguard,
    and request that you escort her safely to her house.  As a
    payment for Cloud's services, Aerith offers to go on a
    date with Cloud later on.  (^o^)
  o Proceed on up towards the top of the chapel -- a sequence will
    occur, as Aerith falls from the top ledge before making the leap.
    As the guards begin to close in on Aerith, Cloud quickly notices
    the few barrels positioned on the beams above him.
[!]  You will be given a choice:
       Top Choice -> Tell Aerith to wait a little while.
    Middle Choice -> Tell Aerith to fight the guards.
    Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith to run from the guards.
    (I will leave this option up to you -- I do not want to spoil
     all the fun out of these intense moments from you, ya know.)
  o After making your escape w/Aerith through the roof of the chapel,
    proceed on to Aerith's house, located to the far northeastern
    part of the Area 5 slum town.
  o Upon reaching Aerith's house, you will be welcomed by Elmina,
    Aerith's foster mother.  As Cloud then suggests that he needs
    to go to Area 7 in meeting up with Tifa, Aerith will curiously
    question of your relationship with Tifa.  
[!]  You can response to Aerith that Tifa is:
       Top Choice -> Not your girlfriend.
    Bottom Choice -> Is your girlfriend.
    (I will leave this choice up to you)  
  o Head up to the stairs to rest.  Seeing it that he should not
    involve Aerith into a dangerous situation, Cloud decides to
    sneak out & head to Area 7 without her.      
    You must sneak out of the house without making any noises or
    Aerith will hear you & you will have to start over.
    (Hint: Try not to run)
  o Leave the slum town.  You will find Aerith waiting for you
    at the entrance to Area 6.
  o As you approach near the entrance to Area 7, Cloud suggests
    that Aerith return to her house.  
[!]  You are given a choice - If Aerith says she does not want to
    go back, how would you respond:
       Top Choice -> Take her back to her house.
    Bottom Choice -> Take her with you to Area 7.
    (Although I chose the bottom choice & chose to take her with
     me to Area 7, I am pretty sure the outcome will be the same
     in either choice)
     As a little sequence is proceeded between Cloud & Aerith at the
     playground area, a caravan with Tifa approaches the scene &
     heads off to the slum town nearby.  Follow Aerith to the slum town.
[5.]---[ Area 6 - Inside the Slum Town & Encountering Corneo... ]
   o Explore the slum town - you will find that there are many....
     ...interesting people who inhabit this little slum town.      
   o First, you will need to head to the "girl bar", located towards
     the lower southeastern end of the slum town, and talk to the
     towns people there.
[!]   If you talk to the manager there (the character in the big red
     vest), he will ask you if you are looking for females -
     you can respond:         Top Choice -> Ask him if he knows where Tifa is.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell him you have no interest in his business.
     If you chose the top choice, asking him about Tifa's whereabouts,
     he will tell you that Don Corneo has taken her to his mansion.
   o Now head up to Corneo's mansion, located to the very top end
     of the slum town.  Talk to the guard standing front.  As you
     find out that only females are allowed into Corneo's mansion,
     Aerith suggests that you alter your appearance to disguise as
     a female.      o You must now obtain a dress for Cloud to disguise in.
     Go to the clothing shop - talk to the clerk behind the counter.
     He will tell you unless his father can stop drinking & get to
     work more, the dress that Cloud seeks will not be completed.
   o You must now talk to the father of the clerk - he is in the
     bar, located right across from the weapon/gun shop.
[!]   Talk to the father - once Aerith convinces him to make a dress
     for Cloud, he will ask you what type of dress you want:
        Top Choice -> A smooth dress      Bottom Choice -> A silky dress
[!]   You will be given another set of choices:
        Top Choice -> A shiny dress      Bottom Choice -> A well-blended dress
[Tip!] - Top Choice for 1st + either Top or Bottom for 2nd
        will get you a "cotton dress"
      - Bottom Choice for 1st + Top Choice for 2nd will get
        you a "satin dress"
      - Bottom Choice for 1st + Bottom Choice for 2nd will get
        you a "silk dress"
   o Now, leave the bar & head back to the clothes shop.
     The father will be there & will give you the dress.
   o Of course, a dress will not be complete without a wig, right?
     So, after Cloud gets out of the dressing room, you will need to
     obtain the wig from the wresting arena, located below the
     weapons/gun shop.
   o Talk to the female - she will offer to give you a wig, only
     if you can beat her hefty brother in a fitness match.
     After she explains how to operate the buttons for this match,
     she will ask you if you understand:[!]   You can respond:
        Top Choice -> You do not understand - please explain once more.
     Bottom Choice -> You understand - go ahead with the match.        
[Tip!] - Press the [square] button to kneel.
      - Press the [X] button to stand up.
      - Press the [circle] button to bend over & stance.  
      Basically, the fitness drill here is to kneel, stand-up, & bend
      over again & again until the time has run out.  The best way to
      beat the hefty brother in this fitness match, is to keep
      a very steady pace of pressing the buttons in a consistant pattern
      of pressing [square], [x], & [circle] over & over.    
[!]   Choosing the bottom choice, she will go on to explain that you will
     have 30 secs to beat her brother.  You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Practice first before the match.
     Bottom Choice -> No practice is needed - go on with the real match.
     (I suggest you practice first - the timing of pressing the buttons
      will require some getting used to)
     NOTE: The real match will promptly begin right after the practice.      
[Tip!] - If you win, you will get a "blond wig"
      - If you tie, you will get a "chapatsu wig"
      - If you lose, you will get a "kusege wig"
[!]   After obtaining the wig, head back to the clothes shop &
     go to the dressing room.  Aerith will ask you if you are
     ready to change your clothes - you can respond:
        Top Choice -> You are ready to change your clothes.
     Bottom Choice -> Not ready yet.
   o If you chose to change your clothes, Aerith will change her
     clothes as well, but note that once you change, you must proceed
     to Corneo's mansion -- you cannot go back to the "girl bar" or
     get the coupon from the restaurant...  
   o Once disguised in your dress & wig, head up to Corneo's mansion.
     Talk to the guard - he will now let you in.  Once inside,
     go to the dungeon room, where you will encounter Tifa.    
   o Surprised at your state of appearance, Tifa will go on to explain
     that Corneo may have some information that will come invaluable
     to them.  Head up to Corneo's office - where, Corneo will
     choose from the 3 of you to become    
[Tip!] - Corneo will choose TIFA if:  You have the cotton dress.
      - Corneo will choose AERITH if:  If you have any of these 3 or
                                       more of the special items:
                                         - "silk dress"
                                         - "sexy cologne"
                                         - "blond wig"
                                         - "lingerie"
                                         - "facial make-up"
      - Corneo will choose CLOUD if:  You must have all the special
                                      items listed above.
   o Once everyone has arrived in Corneo's bedroom, Corneo will
     confess to the Shinra's next plan in ridding the abaranche
     of its menacing existance, along with the little slum town
     surrounding it, through the destruction of the entire Area 7
     of Midgar.[!]   Just as you are about to leave, Corneo will ask you,
     when should a person expect the worst in a given situation...
     You can respond:          Top Choice -> When a person is prepared to die.
     Middle Choice -> When a person is winning/victorious.
     Bottom Choice -> When a person does not know what is going on.
     (Every choice will get you the same result - go ahead & pick any)
   o A sequence will follow. The president shinra has made his final
     decision to destroy the entire Area 7 of Midgar, for the sake of
     ridding the Abaranche....
[6.]---[ Underground Sewers and Abandoned Trains ]      
   o Prepare yourself for an immediate battle with a subboss "Apusu".      
   o Tifa suggests that there may still be time left to save Barrett
     and the rest of the Abaranche before the entire Area 7 is
     literally brought down.  Battle your way through the sewers &
     through the abandoned train station.  
[7.]---[ Abaranche - Battle to save Area 7 ]    
   o By the time you reach the entrance to Area 7, Barrett & the
     Abaranche will already have engaged in battle against the Shinra
     army at the top of the tower.
     (Even after that long fall, Wedge seems to still be alive....)
   o Battle your way up the tower & meet up with Barrett.
     Along the way up the tower, you will even encounter Vicks & JC
     injured.  Upon reaching the top of the tower, prepare for
     a brief battle with Leno - a Shinra operative who will initiate
     the destruction of Area 7.
   o A CG sequence showing the utter destruction of Area 7 will follow.    
   o As Barrett expresses his rage over the death of his Abaranche
     resistance - Vicks, Wedge, and JC - Tifa suggests that Barrett's
     daughter, Marin, may still be alive.
[8.]---[ Inside the Shinra Building... ]        o Head off to Aerith's house.  
     (You will find Aerith's foster mother there, who will explain how
      she encountered Aerith & her real mother some 15 years ago at the
      train station - her mother whose dying words were for Elmina to
      take Aerith to a safe place...and so Elmina had realized...she
      would never see her husband again, nor did she have any children
      of her own -- and so, there was nothing else for her to do, but
      to take Aerith home with her...
      Elmina goes on to explain that she somehow knew Aerith was
      different from others....Aerith retained a certain inner power -
      a power to which had interested the Shinra corp as well for their
      own corrupt uses.  When Aerith had just brought Marin to her home
      for safety, the Shinra operatives had taken hold of her --
      and Aerith had offered to be taken in exchange for Marin's
      safe passage.)
     Upon learning of this, Barrett solemnly expresses his apology to
     Elmina for what Aerith did for Marin.  
     (Barrett goes on to explain his reasoning for leaving Marin behind
      during the battle -- he wishes to be with Marin more often, but
      should he be with her, he cannot fight the Shinra corp.  
      And if he does not fight, the planet will die -- and so, he
      explains how he finds himself in an endless turmoil between being
      with Marin & saving the planet...)
[!] o Head up the stairs.  Talk to Barrett - he will tell you that
     he will join you to help fight against the Shinra corp to  
     save Aerith at any cost.  Marin will then suggest that Aerith
     may actually be in love with you (Cloud).  You can repond:
        Top Choice -> Tell Marin you do not know anything about it.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Marin it would be nice if it were true.
     (I will leave this option up to you)
[!] o Go to the next room over - an option will be given to you
     if you want to rest or not:         Top Choice -> Rest.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not rest.
   o Head downstairs & towards the entrance of the house.
     After everyone has gathered back together, Tifa will
     suggests to go back to the Slum Town (wall market).  Go.
   o Head up towards the northern end of the slum town --
     you will encounter a bunch of children running about.
     Follow them - they will lead you to a wall w/a pipe
     structure up through the middle.  If you talk to the
     child sitting in front of the pipe, he will tell you that
     the pipe leads up to the upper levels of Midgar, specifically
     to the Shinra Corp Building.
   o Climb the pipe.  Towards the top of the pipes, you will
     find a battery outlet, which will open up a passage for you
     to proceed.  Since you will now need a set of batteries,
     climb back down to the surface.  
   o Go to the weapon/gun shop.  Talk to the blacksmith on the
     left side -- he will offer to sell 3 batteries to you for 300 gil.
     (Choose the top choice to buy)
     After buying them, head back up the pipes & use the battery
     on the outlets.  Proceed on through the various obstacles.
     There will be 3 battery points you will need to cover.
     (Note: Press the [circle] button to jump onto the swinging wire)
     (Note: It may take some time before you correctly position
            yourself to jump.  Ignore the messages that keep on
            popping up repeatedly -- they are just instructions
            on how to jump on to the swinging wire)
   o Once you finally get to the Shinra Corp Building, Barrett will
     explain that Aerith has probably imprisoned in the upper levels
     of the building (60-68th level).   Tifa & Barrett will briefly
     get into an arguement in how they should approach inside the
     Barrett's Method: Bum Rush through the front door & battle your
                       way up to the 60th or so floor.
     Tifa's Method: Secretly sneek in through the back stairs, without
                    the suspicion of the guards.
[!]   You will be given a choice.  You can either:
        Top Choice -> Bum Rush in through the front.
     Bottom Choice -> Go in secretly through the back stairs.
     (I will leave this up to you -- however going through the front
      will probably gain you more experience points & items, although
      it will be quite a tedious task.)          
   o Any path you choose to proceed up the building, you will end up
     at the 59th floor regardless.  Upon reaching the 59th floor,
     battle against the 3 guards -- one of them will drop a key for the
     60th floor.    o Proceed on to the tube elevator -- choose the 60th floor.
   o Upon reaching the 60th floor, go to the left control operating
     room - you will have to coordinate each person to successfully
     cross over to the other side without being caught.  
     Time your movements carefully & accordingly.
[Tip!] - Move only when the guards are crossing & in motion.
        Once Cloud crosses over, you will have to press the [circle]
        button to signal the others when to move.
   o Proceed on up the stairs to the 61st floor.
     You will find yourself in the building's "refresh floor", with
     several other wandering characters.
[!] o Talk to one of the characters walking around.
     One of them will suspiciously ask what you are doing here -
     You can respond:         Top Choice -> Ask him where Aerith is held.
     Bottom Choice -> Don't answer him.
     Choose the bottom choice, and he will give you the access key
     to the 62nd floor.
   o Now head up the stairs once more, up to the 62nd floor.
   o You will notice that the 62nd floor has 4 different colored
     chambers, each containing 3 sets of bookshelves.  
     Go to the room on the western part of the floor, where
     Domino will offer to give you the keys up to the 65th floor
     if you can guess the password correctly.  As a bonus,
     if you can solve his password in the 1st attempt, he will
     even give you a special materia orb (Zokusei Materia).      
   o Leave the room & goto any one of the 4 chambers & read a       book.  
[Tip!] - Now, normally, you would have to research all the books
        in all 4 chambers - and using your intuition & cognitive
        reasoning, you would have to try to come up with a valid
        guess at the password...
        HOWEVER....lucky for you, I will provide the correct answer
        for you (^o^).  The correct answer is "Shichoo Bakuhatsu", at least most of the time....
        Unfortunately, I have found that the answer is not always
        the same in each game, so you may find the answer to be
        different in your game...
        (Ok - So this is not much of a tip.....I know, I know)
   o At any rate, go back to the room & talk to Domino once more
     to make your final answer selection.  After obtaining the
     key up to the 65th floor, head back up the stairs & go to
     the 63rd floor.        
   o The 63rd floor is quite optional -- However, it is an opportunity
     to obtain a "Zentaika materia", which will allow you to cast        
     your normal spells onto multiple enemies.  
[Tip!] - The objective of solving the 63rd floor is merely to find
        the best/shortest route in getting to the coupons, through
        only opening 3 locked doors.  You can only choose 3 doors
        to unlock, so use them efficiently.  Once you obtain the
        coupons, you can exchange them for special items from the
        computer console.  
        - "A Coupon" will get you the "Pendant of the Stars"
        - "B Coupon" will get you the "Four Slot"
        - "C Coupon" will get you the "Zentaika Materia"
   o Go back up the stairs & head up to the 64th floor.
     Replenish your characters & save your game here.  
   o Go back up the stairs & head up to the 65th floor.
     Upon reaching the 65th floor, you will notice that there
     are several item/treasure chests located throughout the
     many rooms -- and you will also notice that most of them      locked.  
   o There will be 1 chest that is unlocked -- locate it & you
     will obtain a broken piece of the mini-midgar structure,
     located in the center circular room.  Go to the circular
     room & attach the broken piece onto one of the missing
     sections of the Midgar structure.  You will hear a clicking
     sound -- that is the sound of one of the other chests unlocking.
     Now repeat the procedure until you obtain the key to the
     66th floor in one of the chests.  
   o Once obtaining the key, go back up the stairs & head up to
     the 66th floor.    o On the 66th floor, go to the toilet.  
     You will discover that you could crawl into the air vents.      
[!] o You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> The toilet a little dirty - let's flush it first.
     Middle Choice -> Climb on top of toilet.
     Bottom Choice -> Leave the toilet.
   o Choosing the middle choice, proceed on through the air vents
     and you will be able to witness the Shinra president's meeting
     with his officials.  You will soon learn that President Shinra
     has no intention of rebuilding Area 7 of Midgar...  
   o Leave the toilet - you will notice that the scientist Hojou,
     from the meeting, is about to head off as well.  Follow him
     up to the 67th floor.
   o Keep on following him - a sequence will soon follow.
   o Proceed on to the elevator.
     You will finally encounter Aerith, enclosed within the
     laboratory capsule -- a sequence will follow.
[!] o Red XIII will join you for your upcoming battle -
     you will be given a choice to choose who to join in your
     upcoming battle:         Top Choice -> Choose Tifa
     Bottom Choice -> Choose Barrett
     Red will then formally introduce himself - the name screen will
     pop up.  (Customize Red XIII's name to your own preference or
               leave it as is.)    o Prepare to battle against the subboss.
        o Once everyone has gathered together, the remaining characters
     will tell you that they will be waiting at the elevators
     on the 66th floor.
[Tip!] - (Make sure not to forget to pick up any materia orbs you
         may find lying around)
   o The lab assistant/guard will be standing around on the upper
     level of that room -- talk to him.  He will give you the
     key for access up to the 68th floor.
   o Your task here is done - head down to the 66th floor to meet
     up with everyone at the elevator.
   o Upon reaching there, you will be captured by the Taaks,
     the bounty hunters for the Shinra Corp.
   o Finding yourself in the prison cells, talk to everyone.
     (If you go up to the cell entrance, you will be given
      options:     Top Choice -> Talk to Barrett
                Middle Choice -> Talk to Red XII
                Bottom Choice -> Talk to Aerith)    
   o Upon resting, a sequence will follow - you will find your    
     cell door unlocked & the guard killed.  Proceed on to
     the elevator, heading up to the laboratory.      (where you found Aerith)
   o Find the entrance to the stairs & head up to the 69th floor.
     At the 69th floor, it is recommended that you save your       game here.
        o Head up the stairs to President Shinra's floor --
     You will soon learn that Sephiroth was responsible for
     killing the guards & the president.  
   o Proceed through the door located by the stairs --
     you will encounter Rufus - the son of the dead president
     and now the new self-proclaimed president of Shinra.
     As the sequence follows, Cloud will tell Barrett to
     take everyone else to safety, as prepares to face off against
     Rufus by himself.    o The control will switch over to Aerith's party --
     Head to the elevator tubes located on the same floor.
     Prepare for an intense battle down the elevator!  
   o The control will now switch back to Cloud's scene --
     (Note: Press the start button to proceed)
     Prepare for a battle against Rufus.
   o After Rufus flees from the battle, proceed back down the stairs
     to meet up with Tifa.  As the events follow, you will be soon
     treated with an extremely well-done CG fmv of the escape scene.
[9.]---[ The Great Escape - Motorcycle Chase ]
   o As one of the mini-games in this epic saga, the objective in
     this intense moment is to control Cloud w/the motorcycle
     and ward off the Shinra army from attacking your character
     party's truck.  If the truck takes too many hits, it's gameover.
[Tip!] - How to operate the controls:
     o Use the direction pad to maneuver Cloud in his motorcycle.
     o Press the [square] button to swing your sword to the left.
     o Press the [circle] button to swing your sword to the right.
     o Press the [triangle] button to bring up the main menu screen.
     o Press the [X] button to change your party characters.
     o Press the [start] button to begin your mini-game.
   o Once you reach the end of the road, prepare yourself to
     battle against a subboss.
   o Once escaping from Midgar, everyone will gather in front
     the main gate - Talk to everyone.  Leave Midgar.
     Barrett will suggest that you head to the town of Kaamu,
     located not far off from Midgar.    
     You will also need to choose which characters to accompany
     Cloud, as the rest of the remaining characters will meet you
     at the town of Kaamu.  
     (NOTE: For detailed information on best operating the controls
            during the 3d map view, refer to the "Reference Section"
            of this guide.) [10.]---[ The Town of Kaamu ]    
   o Follow Aerith & Red XIII into the inn - the rest of the characters
     will be waiting for you there.
   o As the conversation follows, Cloud will go on to explain his
     past relations with Sephiroth...
    ( was because of Sephiroth that had inspired Cloud to
     initially join the Shinra army...and within time, they had found
     themselves to become close associates, despite their vast
     difference in age & experience.  But from friendship to bitter
     betrayal, Cloud recalls of the very incident that had completely
     altered their association to the worst...5 years ago, when Cloud
     was but only 16 years of age...)
[!] o You will now be controlling Cloud in his own flashback.
     Follow Sephiroth into the inn & talk to him.  
     If you talk to him once more, you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Do not rest yet.
     Bottom Choice -> Rest for the night.    o Go ahead & rest for the night.
     In the morning, Tifa will accompany Sephiroth & Cloud to
     the Makoo Energy -- make your way through the mountainous path.
     (Sephiroth will even briefly join you in your battle sequences!
      ...although not playable/controllable though...
      Check out all the spells & abilities he can cast!)      
     Upon reaching the makoro, follow Sephiroth into the core
     chamber.  You will notice the many capsules interconnected --
     Sephiroth will ask you to release the bulb of one of the
     capsule hatches.  As the events follow, Sephiroth will undergo
     a state of berzerk rampage, upon learning of his origin as a
     mere creation....a laboratory monster much like those discovered
     in the capsules...        
[!] o As the scenery switches back from the flashback to the present
     time & place, you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Save your game for the time being & rest.
     Bottom Choice -> Continue on with the story/flashback.
     (I will leave this choice up to you)
   o Resuming with Cloud's story/flashback, head into the mansion.
     You will find a passage leading down to the depths of the
     corridors below, where you will also find Sephiroth, aimlessly
     searching for records of the underlining truth & origin of the
     Jenova Project, his once-presumed "mother".  You soon learn of
     a scientist by the name "Gasto", who was responsible for the
     Jenova Project, but also the creation of Sephiroth, whom he
     did not reveal at the time of his existance...
   o (Cloud now lying on the bed) Head down through the
     secret passage down to the corridors below, where you will
     find Sephiroth in a complete state of madness...  
   o Sephiroth has made his decision to retrieve his "mother"
     (Jenova) back.   Leave the mansion - you will find that
     Sephiroth has inflicted his rage against the town & everyone      in it...
   o Back in the makoro, proceed down to the core chamber room.
     You will encounter Tifa, lying next to her father's dead body,
     vowing revenge against Sephiroth for what he has done...
     Only to prove her actions useless against Sephiroth, Tifa
     falls to the cold surface, uttering her last words of Cloud's
     promise to her that he would come save her when she needed
     him the most...  
   o After setting Tifa's body aside (note: Tifa is not dead),
     head up the stairs where Sephiroth went.
     A sequence will follow -- As Cloud vows his revenge against
     Sephiroth for the destruction of his hometown & killing
     the people.....the flashback ends right before the final
     blows of fate. (doh!)  
     The scenery switching back to the present day & time,
     Cloud will state that he does not remember what had happened
     afterwards.  At this point, many questions arise from the
     characters -- what happened to Sephiroth afterwards; why are
     Cloud & Tifa still alive; why was Jenova at the Shinra building;
     and did Sephiroth take Jenova from the building....  
     (...and now back to the normal routine of the game...)
   o Heading downstairs, talk to Barrett - he will give you a
     PHS - which will allow you to change/switch your characters
     at the save points or at the 3d map environment.
     (For further details on how to operate the PHS, refer to the
      "Reference Section")    
   o Explore the town & purchase new weapons, items, supplies, etc.
     (Make sure to search bookshelves & cupboards for hidden items.)  
   o Leave the town & head off to the Chocobo farm. [11.]---[ Chocobo Farm ]
[!] o Upon reaching the Chocobo Farm, talk to the chocobo in the very
     front - you will be given a choice:         Top Choice -> "Kue."
     Bottom Choice -> "Kueeeeeee."
     (It would help if we knew how to speak Chocobo) (^o^)
   o At any rate, choose the top choice & the chocobos will dance
     for you!  At the end of the dance, it will also give you
     the "Chocobo & Mooguri" Summon (Shookan) orb!  
   o Go to the Chocobo stalls/barn & talk to Grin-Grin, who will
     explain to you how to get Chocobos.  Eventually, he will
     tell you that you will need a "Chocobo Yose (Attract)" materia
     that will enable you to encounter chocobos in certain areas.
     He will sell it to you for 2,000 gil.  
     (Choose top choice to buy, bottom choice to not buy)      
[12.]---[ Mithril Mines ]
   o Leave the Chocobo Farm & head to the mithril mines/cave,
     located right across from the Chocobo Farm.  
[Tip!] - Note:  As you approach the entrance area to the mithril
               mines/cave, you will notice a large snake shadow
               crawling around aimlessly.  You can try to quickly
               run across to the cave without being caught, but
               the chances are very slim.  
      - So, you will need to find a chocobo to ride on, and you
        will have a much better chance to get across without being
        caught.  For more details on how to catch a chocobo, refer
        to the "Reference Section" of this guide.      
[Tip!] - If you have the "tekino waza" (enemy's special ability) materia,
        you can learn the spell "Beta" from the large snake --
        If you can manage to still be alive when the snake casts that
        spell, you will learn the "Beta" spell, which can inflict over
        1000hp damage on the enemies!  Well, for the early to middle
        portion of the game, this will come in handy.  
   o Upon entering the mithril mines/cave, you will come across a
     snake corpse on a stick -- one of Sephiroth's artistic work.
     Proceed on and battle your way through the cave.
   o Inside, you will encounter the Taaks, the infamous bounty hunter
     gang/side arm, courtesy of the Shinra Corp.  As their current
     prime objective is to stop Sephiroth, they will leave the
     confrontation for another time....
   o Once leaving the cave, you will first notice a structure
     peaking out with a golden condor sitting on top of the egg.    
[OP!] - If you choose to go to the structure, note that it is an
       optional event.....for now.  In this optional event, you  
       take a role as a commander in a fleet of an army & position
       them as you would in any war simulation game.
      (For those of you who have played PC titles as "WarCraft" or
       "Heroes of Might & Magic" will come to appreciate the similar
       tactics utilized within this mini-event.)      
     - For now, I will skip this event & explain how to operate it
       later on in this guide when it is required to play it in the
       course of the journeys.
   o Your main objective for now is to get to the town of Junon.
     In order to get to the town of Junon, you will first need to
     somehow find a way to get across the sea...
[12.]---[ Inside the Shinra Military Naval Base... ]
   o Head off to the naval base - explore the town.
     Go down to the shoreline/beach of the town, using the stairs
     located towards the lower southwestern end of the town.
   o You will find a little girl, by the name of Puricia, playing
     by the beach with her dolphin friend.    
   o You will suddenly encounter a sea monster -- prepare for a battle.    
   o Upon defeating the sea monster, Puricia (the little girl)
     will be unconcious - Cloud will be urged to save her life
     by CPR - breathing air into her.  [Tip!] - Here are the controls:
        o Press the [square] button the FIRST time to start collecting
          as much air into your lungs as you can.
        o Press the [square] button the second time to release/stop
          and breath the air into Puricia.      
      - Your main objective here is to collect as much air until
        the "lung" gauge as reach to its near max & at the right
        moment, release the air into her.
[!] o Now go to the house at the very front of the town.
     Talk to the old lady - she will thank you for saving Puricia,
     and she will offer to let you rest in the house.      You can:
        Top Choice -> Rest later.      Bottom Choice -> Rest now.
     (As there is nothing else to explore for now, I suggest that you  
      rest now & replenish yourselves.)
   o A sequence will follow - questions about the events that happened
     during that incident 5 years ago with Sephiroth fill Cloud's mind,
     as he continues to wonder why he cannot seem to remember where
     Tifa was before he the incident took place and why he never
     spent time alone together with Tifa...
   o Upon waking up, go find Puricia (the little girl).
     She will give you the "Shiva" summoning materia orb!
     As Cloud questions what the noise & excitement above is all about,
     Puricia will explain that preparations for the celebration
     festivities are taking place in honor of the new president of
     Shinra - Rufus.  
   o In getting up to the upper levels of the naval base, Puricia will
     help you -- follow her down to the beach.  She will explain to
     you that every time you blow the whistle, the dolphin will
     leap you up to the beams above.[!]   You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Tell Puricia to explain the procedure once more.
     Middle Choice -> You are ready to try.
     Bottom Choice -> You are not ready - you will try later.
[Tip!] - How to operate the controls:    
        o Press the [square] button to blow the whistle & call the
          dolphin - the dolphin will leap you up into the air.
      - The objective here is to try to position yourself at a
        fair distance from the beam above & blow the whistle
        so that you will land just on top of the beam.
   o Once you have reached the beam, proceed up to the airbase.      
   o Make your way to the guard locker room, where the head guard
     will mistake you for a participant guard in the festivities'
     army parade.
[!] o Once in the locker room, he will tell you to change your
     clothes.  Look in one of the lockers - you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Do not change your clothes.
     Bottom Choice -> Change your clothes.
   o Assuming you chose to change your clothes, your task now is to
     follow the other guards off into the parade & blending in
     the parade march with as little mistake as possible.      
     NOTE: As the parade is being televised, you will want to blend in
           the parade march quickly & swiftly -- the % value in the
           corner of the screen represents the current tv ratings that
           are received from the station.    
[Tip!] - The higher the ratings you finish with, the better item you
        will receive.
   o OK - once back in the locker room, the next task is to learn the
     rifle performance procedures. (This one is a killer) (^o^)        
[Tip!] - The objective here is to perform the rifle drill at the
        festivities as well coordinated with the other guards as
        possible.  You must press 1 button at a time during each laps
        of movement.  The head guard will briefly announce which
        button to press -- act quickly or you will completely stand
        out & appear out of order. is an example:
        o Press [circle] button first.         o Press [trigle] button next.
        o Press [square] button next.         o Press [X] button next.
        o Press Left on the directional pad.
        o Press Right on the directional pad.      
        NOTE:  This is just an example.  
               During the real performance, the buttons are completely
               random, so you will have to quickly respond to the
               messages that pop up.              
        And.....each of these buttons must be pressed to react  
        accordingly to the other guards, so that everyone
        appears to move simultaneously.
        And.....much like the previous task, depending on how well
        you perform will determine what special item you will get.
        The better the performance, the better the item.  Got it?      
        (Good Luck - you will need it)[13.]---[ Sailing Across the Sea... ]
         o Aboard the sea ship/boat, explore & talk to the crew & guards.
     You will find that the rest of your character party are aboard
     the ship & disguised as Shinra guards as well.
     (You will even find Red XIII trying to stand upright as a
      human Shinra guard as well!) (^o^)
   o Once you find Barrett carefully watching Rufus & Hidekkar,
     talk to him.  An alarm will suddenly sound off -- Someone
     has been discovered....but whom?  (Sephiroth?!)  
   o Upon gathering back together with your character party,
     you will have to choose who to join you on your battle       sequences.
   o Head down to the lower deck of the ship - proceeding through
     the door, you will encounter....Sephiroth.
     The only words you hear him speak are - "time.....has fallen..."
     Prepare for a battle against a subboss.  
     (Make sure to pick up the "Iifrit" materia orb & the items before
      you leave the room)
   o Upon reaching the shoreline, you will arrive in the town/beach
     resort of Costa del Sol.    [14.]---[ Beach Resort of Costa Del Sol ]    
   o Explore the town, meet the women, buy some items, meet the women,
     rest & replenish your characters, meet the women, talk to the
     people, meet the women.............and meet more women! (^o^)  
   o Head to the beach of the resort - you will encounter a familiar
     face...a person you met back from the Shinra Building...
[!]   You will be given a choice:         Top Choice -> That is Hojou....
     Bottom Choice -> Those girls in bathing suits....
[!] o Talk to the girls who are sitting next to him.
     You will be given choices to respond to the girls:
        Top Choice -> Tell them you have business with Hojou to deal with
     Bottom Choice -> Ask if that is Hojou  
     You will soon learn that Hojou is there for the very same reason
     you are -- finding Sephiroth.
   o Leave the beach resort & head off to the Corel Mountain range.
[15.]---[ Corel Mountain Range ]
   o Follow the path located towards the mountainous range from
     the beach resort - there will be a cave leading inside the
     Corel Mountain Range.
   o Battle your way through - upon crossing the train tracks,
     high above the ground, be aware that there will be 3 sections
     of the train tracks that are HIGHLY unstable & you will fall
     through the tracks.  Before you fall down, a message will pop up,
     urging you to press the [circle] button to jump before the
     unstable track falls.
[Tip!] - HOWEVER, falling through the tracks is not such a bad idea
        as it may sound - you may even end up finding some invaluable
        - First: Allow yourself to fall (meaning, do not press any
        - Second: As you are falling, instructions will pop up on
                  the screen.  Note that you will only have a brief
                  amount of time to react.  The controls are:
                  o While holding down on the directional pad
                    (either to the right or left), keep on rapidly
                    tapping the [circle] button.  As you flap your
                    arms, you will slowly swiver over to the
                    direction you are trying to go towards.
        - Third: If you have managed to fall over to the far right or
                 left, you can pick up a special artifact or two.
        - The items you can get are: - "The Pendant of the Stars"
                                     - "Wizard's Rod" (for Aerith)
   o Proceed on past the train tracks - you will encounter/notice
     the rest of your characters on the lower train tracks.  
     As you will need to lower the bridge for them, head over to
     the control switch, which is located by simply following the
     path of the upper level train track.  
   o Head on past the main bridge - you will then reach the rural
     town of North Corel.[16.]---[ Town of North Corel ]        
   o Upon arriving in the town of North Corel, a brief sequence will
     follow.  You will soon come to notice the bitter hatred & despise
     the people of North Corel have against Barrett.  Apparently,
     Barrett was accused & held responsible for what is now this
     shattered town of utter filth & lost hope...
   o Explore the town & purchase the supplies as needed.
     (Don't expect to receive any friendly advise from any of the
      people here.)
   o Head towards the trailer station located to the left of the
     town.  Barrett's flashback sequence will follow.
    (...Barrett recalls of the very incident that had occured just
     4 years ago, in which it all started out as a solution for the
     replacement of coal energy with this new source that had
     interested them so - "Makoo Energy", courtesy of the Shinra Corp...  
     ...and despite the protest of Dayin, the only one who saw this
     "solution" as betraying what their ancestors had once so struggled
     to establish in Corel, Barrett & the others blindly allowed the
     Shinra Corp. to proceed with the Makoro, not even realizing the
     consequences to be faced shortly after...
     ...there was an accident at the Makoro complex, resulting in its
     untimely destruction.  You soon learn that the Shinra corp.
     had accused the people of Corel for intentionally causing the
     accident, and thus the Shinra army proceeded executing the
     people & left their once humble town in utter ruins...)
     (and so the flashback ends....)
     Barrett blames himself for allowing to be so easily deceived
     and taken in by the dreams hoped for with the Makoo energy.    
[!] o The trailor station operator will interrupt and urge you
     whether or not you wish to board the trailer.
     You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Ride the trailor to the Gold Saucer.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not ride.
   o Go ahead & ride the trailor.  You will be treated with a
     well rendered CG fmv - simply amazing detail. (^o^)
[17.]---[ Inside the Gold Saucer ]
   o Upon arriving at the entrance of the Gold Saucer, talk to the
     ticker operator at the front of the entrance.
     He will explain to you that:        
     - 3000 gil will get you an admittion ticket for the entire stay.
     - 30,000 gil will get you an unlimited gold pass that you can
       use to come back to the Gold Saucer any time forever.
[!] - You will be given choices:         Top Choice -> Pay 3000 gil.
     Middle Choice -> Pay 30,000 gil.      Bottom Choice -> Do not pay.
     (If you have the 30,000 gil to spare, it is up to you.
      Either way, you will have to get inside to proceed on.)
[Tip!] - The ticket operator will then explain that in Gold Saucer land,
        they have their own type of currency known as "GP".  GPs are
        used for admission in the various rides, events, etc.  
        You can obtain GPs at 2 specific locations in Gold Saucer:          
             o Wonder Square: An amusement arcadia center, where you
                              can play various video/interactive games
                              to obtain GPs.  
             o Chocobo Square: A Chocobo racing gambling outlet, where
                               you can place bets on the races to gain
                               GPs, depending on your luck in winning.
                               You can also gain GPs here by entering
                               your own Chocobo in the races as well,
                               but this will come later in your quest...
[Tip!] - You will also notice that there is a save-point flag just by
        the entrance to the Gold Saucer.  HOWEVER, in order to use
        that flag to access any of the save or menu commands, you
        need to shell out * 5 GP *!!.  So, what this means is that
        you will first need to go inside, win those GPs, and come
        back out to save - (pretty devious, no?) (^o^)            
        [!] -  Once you have the 5 GPs, you will be given a choice:
                  Top Choice -> Do not pay the 5 GPs.
               Bottom Choice -> Might as well pay the 5 GPs...
   o Upon entering the main "station", Aerith will be trying to cheer
     up Barrett from his current state of emotional anguish.
     (But only to succeed in irritating him even more...)
   o Now, select a character to accompany you.
     Head into the Wonder Square - you will encounter Cait Sith!
    (The name screen will pop up - customize Cait Sith's name to your
     own preference, or leave as is.)    
     For a brief while, Cait Sith will be performing fortune telling -
     he will be trying to guess Sephiroth's current whereabouts...
     ...but is not convincing, as Cloud is not impressed by the
     awkward answers he gets back.  Cait Sith will then join your party.
   o Head towards the Battle Square area - you will discover several
     dead Shinra guards lying around.....could Sephiroth have done this?!
     As Cloud examines the bodies, you soon learn from the survivor
     that a "man with his left arm replaced with a gun" went on a berzerk
     rampage & had killed everyone......could it have been Barrett??!!    
     A sequence will take place - as Cloud is mistakenly accused for  
     this very incident, Dio (head of operations at Gold Saucer) will
     sentence you to the depths of the Corel Prison as punishment.
[18.]---[ Corel Prison ]    o Upon arriving there, you will find Barrett there.
     Barrett will urge you not to follow him & leave him alone - he will
     tell you that there is something that only he must face alone &
     deal with...
   o Explore around the prison camp - you will notice that there are
     many.......interesting people here that just enjoy following you
     around.         o Go to the house located right below the save-point flag.
     A sequence will follow - as everyone gathers back together,
     you will soon learn that the "man with his left arm replaced
     with a gun" who killed the Shinra guards was NOT Barrett.
     As the conversation follows, Barrett will explain what had
     happened after the tragic incident had occured 4 years ago
     at Corel...
    (...Barrett & Dayin were the only ones not present at the time
     when the tragic incident had fallen upon Corel.  By the time
     they had learned of this, some of the Shinra guards had surrounded
     them, firing at them on the spot.  Within moments after, they
     had found themselves literally holding on to each other for
     their very lives, only to be separated by the bullet shots that
     had torn their arms apart - that was the last time Barrett had
     seen Dayin alive.....As a result, Barrett's right arm was surgically
     altered into the arsenal you have come to rely upon.  It was then
     that he also learned that another man had undergone a similar
     surgery in having his left arm replaced with a gun......Dayin.
     And now, Barrett (in the present time) feels obligated to
     apologize to Dayin for what had happened...)
   o As the character selection screen will shortly pop up, Barrett
     will now be in your battle party - choose another character or
     leave as is.  
[!] o Go to the trailer mobile where the 2 guards are standing out in
     front. Talk to Koutsu (in the green suit) - he will ask you if
     you want to leave the Corel Prison:
        Top Choice -> Tell Koutsu that you are not interested.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Koutsu that you want to leave the prison.
   o Choose the bottom choice - he will tell you that the only way
     you can leave the Corel Prison is if you enter & win in a chocobo
     race.    o Leave the trailer mobile & head back out to the entrance of the
     Corel Prison camp, where you first entered from.  You will notice
     that the inmate who was guarding the outer gate has been shot dead.
     Proceed through the gate.  
     (Note: Try not to wander off to far into the desert, or you will
            find yourself wandering aimlessly...)
   o Upon reaching an automobile junk yard, you will encounter Dayin.
     A sequence will follow -- In a state of hopeless despair,
     Dayin speaks of the anguish he has endured for so long....the
     destruction of Corel...the death of Elenoa (his wife)....and most
     importantly, Marin.....his daughter...
     (Yes, you learn that Dayin is Marin's true biological father -
      when Dayin had fallen during the incident 4 years ago, he was
      assumed to have perished, thus Barrett since then had taken
      care of Marin as his own...)
     Upon learning of Marin being alive, Dayin replies to Barrett that
     now there is no other choice but to fight him to the finish --
     he states that Elenoa (his wife) is probably in sorrow for being
     all alone in the afterlife and that he must soon take Marin to her...
     (meaning that he will even go to extent of killing his own daughter)      
   o Prepare to battle against Dayin with only Barrett.
    (Upon defeating him, Dayin will ask you to give his wife's
     pendant to Marin & take good care of her.  After his final words,
     Dayin leaps to his bitter end...)
   o Back at the trailer mobile, Koutsu, seeing the pendant that
     Dayin had so preciously kept with him, will allow you to enter
     the chocobo race - Cloud will be chosen to ride the chocobo.
     The young girl, Esto, will enter the scene - she will be your
     manager for the chocobo race.
[!]   In the elevator, Esto will ask you if you need instructions
     in riding the chocobo in the race.      You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Yes, ask for the instructions.
     Bottom Choice -> No, you do not need any instructions.
[Tip!] - Here are controls to operate:
        o Use the directional pad to maneuver/control the chocobo.
        o Press [select] to switch between automatic & manual control,
          as you ride the chocobo.         o Press [square] button to Speedup.
        o Press [X] button to Slowdown.
        o Press [circle] button to whip the chocobo, which will give
          you a burst of speed temporarily.  However, this will also
          decrease your chocobo's stamina level even more.
        o Keep an eye on your stamina gauge - If your chocobo is
          continuously speeding up, its stamina will decrease rapidly.
          Once the stamina gauge has depleated, your chocobo will
          temporarily rest in order to regain its strength.  So,
          be sure to slow down at certain points of the race to give
          your chocobo some energy to last.
        o Pressing the [start] button will allow you to forfeit the
          current race & engage in another race immediately.        
        o Note that the default control setting is on AUTOMATIC.
          So, if you notice your chocobo is starting to depleat on
          its stamina level, switch to MANUAL controls & you can
          slow down to regain some strength.[19.]---[ Back in Gold Saucer ]
[!] o Upon arriving back in Gold Saucer, talk to the other racers.
     The race will begin shortly.  Head towards the exit of the
     room - Esto will enter the scene once more, asking you if you
     need to hear the instructions for the controls once more.
     You will be given choices:
        Top Choice -> Ask Esto to explain the controls once more.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not explain the instructions any more.
    (Also, make sure not to forget to pick up the Ramuh Summoning
     Materia orb that is lying around in the room)
   o Go & prepare yourself to race!  
    (If you lose the first time, Esto will find you a faster chocobo
     to ride.  Since I have never been able to win the 1st race, I am
     not sure if there is a bonus prize for winning the first time
     around though...)          
   o Upon winning the race, you will soon learn that your character
     party has been released from the Corel Prison, and Dio has
     even offered you a Buggie Mobile, which will allow you to travel
     through the desert & even over rivers!  It also comes to your
     attention that Sephiroth has been seen heading across the river,
     towards the Gongaga Area...  
   o The character selection screen will pop up - go ahead & change
     your character preferences or leave as is.[20.]---[ Gongaga Area ]
   o Your task here in Gold Saucer is done....for now.
     Riding the Buggie Mobile, cross the river & head towards the
     Gongaga Area.
   o Upon arriving in the Gongaga Area, you will encounter the
     Taaks (remember them?).  Prepare to battle against the Taaks.  
   o Follow the various paths/trails - one of the trails leads to a
     small rural village.  Another will lead to a destroyed Makoro
     site, where a sequence will follow.
     In the sequence at the destroyed makoro site, Scarlet (one of the
     head officials of Shinra corp) will enter the scene, only to pity
     the worthlessness of the mako materia energy of this site - she
     will even briefly speak of the "Large" & "Huge" Materia orbs
     that will power a weapon of unimaginable destructive potential...      
   o After the helicopter leaves the scene, be sure to pick up the
     "worthless" materia that Scarlet did not even bother to pick up.
     It is the "Titan" Summoning Materia orb, one of more graphically
     impressive summoning spells in the game (IMO of course).
   o Leave the area - head to the small rural village, if you have not
     already done so.  There, go to the little hut located on the
     lower right of the village - a little sequence will follow.      
     In the sequence, the old folks will speak of their child, Zacks,
     whom they have not seen or heard from since 10 years ago...
     Although Tifa will deny knowing a person by the name "Zacks",
     her physical response suspiciously may tell otherwise...  
[!] o Leave the hut & talk to Tifa.
     In the course of the conversation, she will oddly complement Cloud
     for accomplishing his dreams of becoming a "Soldier"...
     You can respond to Tifa:
        Top Choice -> Tell her you were only lucky.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell her it was only because you struggled hard
                      to become a "Soldier"
     (Tifa is seemingly holding something back....)
   o Your task here is done - leave the Gongaga area.
     Head off to the Cosmo Cannon, Red XIII's home.  It is located
     towards the mountainous cannon range, crossing the river from the
     Gongaga area.  You will find that the path within the mountainous
     cannon range is rather twisty & curvy.  [21.]---[ Cosmo Canyon ]
   o Upon arriving in the town of Cosmo Canyon, you will first notice
     that Red XIII is recognized by the name, "Nanaki"...
[!]   Anyhow, talk to the person standing in front of the entrance.
     He will ask you if you have ever heard of their town, Cosmo Canyon,
     before.  You can respond:
        Top Choice -> Yes, you are familiar with the town of Cosmo Canyon.
     Bottom Choice -> No, you have not heard of this town before.
   o Choose the bottom choice - The person at the entrance will know
     that you are lying if you choose the top choice.
     He will then let you in, at the request of Red XIII or Nanaki.      
   o Explore the town.  Talk to Red XIII - he will briefly explain the
     significance of his town & how he is the last of his kind.
    (You soon learn that his mother died shortly after his birth, and
     as far as Red XIII is concerned, his father had abandoned him at
     birth...and so he will tell you that his journey with you has come
     to an end, as he will need to stay & guard his home.)      
   o Follow Red XIII & the other characters inside.  Rest & replenish
     your characters as needed.  Proceed through & go to where Red XIII
     is.  You will meet Boogen-Haagen, who is both grandfather & mentor
     to Red XIII (or Nanaki, as he referred to here).  
     A sequence will follow - Boogen-Haagen will shortly begin to
     explain the course of deterioration the planet is gradually
     undergoing, as Cloud listens to its wails of agony & pain...
     Boogen-Haagen will then urge Cloud to bring the other characters
     to him as well, as he has something interesting to reveal to you.
   o Head down to the lower levels & gather your characters back into
     your venturing party.  Upon doing so, head back up to
     Boogen-Haagen's quarters.      
   o Talk to Boogen-Haagen.  A sequence will take place - it is revealed
     to Cloud the foundation & survival of the planets and the origin
     of its energy known as the "lifestream" - the very essence of their
     existance...their creation and destruction...
   o Leave the room - head outside to the bonfire, where everyone
     in your character party will gather back together.      Talk to everyone.
     o Red XIII (Nanaki) begins to share his bitter remorse against his
     father, whom he believed for so long had disgracefully abandoned
     his mother & the people of Cosmo Canyon.
     Upon hearing of this, Boogen-Haagen tells Red XIII that there
     is something he wishes to show him....He will also tell Cloud to
     choose another character to accompany you as well, as the journey
     inside will not be a safe one....
[!] o After choosing your characters, proceed to follow Boogen-Haagen
     inside.  Talk to him -- he will ask you if you are ready:
        Top Choice -> Tell him you are prepared...
     Bottom Choice -> Tell him to wait - you are not ready to go yet
[22.]---[ Cosmo Canyon - Journey Within.. ]    
   o Head down to the very depths of the caves within.
     Battle your way through.  Prepare to battle a subboss towards
     the end of the caves.  
   o Upon defeating the subboss, you will shortly discover what
     Boogen-Haagen was meaning to show Red XIII...
     The "senshi" (warrior) who stood there to the bitter end,
     sacrificing his own life in guarding the entrance, fighting the
     "Gizoku" to protect his village & people of the Cosmo Canyon....
     ...there, stood the "senshi" (warrior) known as Seto, the father of
     Red XIII (Nanaki)...  
   o Back at the bonfire, Cloud will decide it is time to depart.
     After choosing your character preferences, head towards the
     entrance of the Cosmo Canyon - Red XIII (Nanaki) will rejoin
     your character party.  Your task here is done.
     Leave the Cosmo Canyon.      [OP!]---[ Find & Recruit YUFFIE!!! ]
EDITOR'S NOTE:  OK.....Although this is a completely optional event,  
               I will now go into details on finding & recruiting Yuffie
               into your character party.  For those of you who already
               know or already have found Yuffie, you can skip this
               little section.
             o In finding Yuffie, cross the river where you came from
               before the Cosmo Canyon, and wander around aimlessly
               within the forest area, preferably nearby the river.
               It is also possible that you may encounter her in other
               forest areas throughout the lands as well...                
[Tip!] - Encountering Yuffie is completely random - however note that
        if your character's "luck" stats are higher, you will have a
        higher chance of encountering her more frequently & quickly.        
             o Upon encountering her, prepare to battle against her.
               She should not pose as much of a threat to you -
               a few summoning spells should suffice.
             o Upon defeating her, the scenery will change, as you will
               find her lying on the ground.  
             o--> NOTE: You will also notice a save-point flag nearby.
                        Do NOT attempt to use it, as it is a trap/decoy
                        that will allow Yuffie to escape!  
[Tip!] - In getting Yuffie to successfully join your character party,
        you will have to answer a series of questions all correctly.  
        Choose any wrong responses & she will run away!
        However, lucky for you, just follow the answers provided below,
        and you will have Yuffie in your char. party in no time! (^o^)
  [!] - Q.#1 o Once talking to her, Yuffie will first urge you to
               fight her once more in a rematch.
                  Top Choice -> You will give her the rematch.
               Bottom Choice -> Ignore her.
               (Answer #1: Bottom Choice)
  [!] - Q.#2 o As Yuffie will pester you to give her that rematch,
               talk to her once more.  She will boast that you are
               overwhelmed by her "superior strength".  You can respond:
                  Top Choice -> ""
               Bottom Choice -> Tell Yuffie she will lose no matter
                                how many times she fights.
               (Answer #2: Top Choice)
  [!] - Q.#3 o As she begins to boast even more about her "superior
               strength", she bids you farewell.....only to stop
               to tell you that she is REALLY about to leave now.  Really.
               You can respond:
                  Top Choice -> Tell her to go about on her way.
               Bottom Choice -> Tell her to wait for a while.
               (Answer #3: Bottom Choice)
  [!] - Q.#4 o Yuffie will boastfully presume that you have been
               so impressed by the sheer magnitude of her strength
               that you desperately need her help in your quest.
                  Top Choice -> ""
               Bottom Choice -> Tell her she is ridiculously mistaken.
               (Answer #4: Top Choice)
  [!] - Q.#5 o As Yuffie ponders whether or not to join your party,
               she will eventually come to decide in joining you.
               You can respond:
                  Top Choice -> Ask for her name.
               Bottom Choice -> Proceed to leave the area, without
                                asking for her name.
               (Answer #5: Bottom Choice)
             o after correctly responding to Yuffie,
               the name screen will pop up shortly.  Customize her name
               to your own preference or leave as is.                
             o You now officially have Yuffie in your character party!
(And now, back to the normal routine of game....)
   o Proceed on past the Cosmo Canyons & the mountainous range,
     to the town across the river -- Cloud & Tifa's hometown...      
[23.]---[ Niburuhelm - Cloud & Tifa's Hometown ]
   o Upon arriving in Niburuhelm, there will be a brief conversational
     scene, as the characters stand there utterly confused & dismayed
     from what they are seeing -- the town of Niburuhelm, the houses
     and surroundings, all seemingly intact & unscathed.....when in fact
     Cloud clearly recalls of the destruction & devastation to which
     Sephiroth had bestowed upon this very town 5 years ago.....    
   o Explore & search the town - you will encounter several black-caped
     odd beings swivering aimlessly in the rooms throughout the houses.
     Talk to them - most of them will even give you a special item.    
    (They will be mumbling about a "reunion" and about Sephiroth
     calling them to return...)
[^o^] - If you go to the 2nd floor in Tifa's house, you will find a
       piano there - you will even be able to play it!  
       (Choose the bottom choice for both questions)    
              o Use directional key pad to play the chords.
              o Use the four main buttons to play the first 4 keys.
              o While holding down either the L1 or R1 button,
                use the four main buttons to play the last 4 keys.
   o Head towards the mansion, located towards the upper end of the       town.
[24.]---[ Inside the Mansion... ]
   o Battle your way through - you will find a particular room with
     a safe.  Search it - Cloud apparently will sense something....evil...
[OP!] - (NOTE: This is an optional event - it is NOT required to open the
              safe, in order to proceed on through the game.  You can
              come back to this whenever you prefer to.)
[!] - If you choose to search the safe, you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Try to open the safe regardless.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not try to open the sage.
[Tip!] - Once you choose to open the safe, you will have exactly 20 seconds
        to enter in a passcode....or else.      
        Here is the passcode:  o Turn right to "36"
                               o Turn left to "10"
                               o Turn right to "59"
                               o Turn right to "97"
      o--> NOTE: When turning the number dial of the safe, make sure NOT
                 to exceed past the number you are trying to stop at, or
                 the safe will not unlock.  For example, if you are
                 turning the number dial over to "36", you MUST not
                 accidently go beyond that number to "37+", or the code
                 will not work at all.
      o--> NOTE: When proceeding to turn the number dial from "right 36"
                 to "left 10" to "right 59" and to "right 97", note that
                 you must NOT return back to the "0" point each time.
                 Simply turn DIRECTLY to each number accordingly.
   o Upon entering the correct passcode, as instructed above,
     prepare to battle against a surprise subboss!
   o After defeating the subboss, pick up the key inside - you will
     need it to unlock a certain door....
    (Make sure to pick up the "Odin" summoning materia as well, which
     is lying around nearby the safe.)
   o Go to the hidden passage & head down to the depths of the stairs
     below...[OP!]---[ Find & Recruit VINCENT!!! ]
EDITOR'S NOTE:  OK.....Although this is a completely optional event,  
               I will now go into details on finding & recruiting Vincent
               into your character party.  For those of you who already
               know or plan on recruiting Vincent later on in the game,
               you can skip this little section.
          o--> NOTE: In order to get to Vincent, you must have the
                     key, which is obtained from the safe.  If you
                     have not already done so, you cannot unlock the
                     door leading to Vincent.
          o Vincent is in the room with the coffins, located just
            right before entering the library room.  Search the
            center coffin - Vincent will awaken...
      [!] o In the course of the conversation, Vincent will question
            Cloud of his knowledge pertaining to Sephiroth.
            You will be given a choice:
               Top Choice -> Do not say anything.
            Bottom Choice -> Explain to Vincent of your quest regarding
                             with Sephiroth...    
           (Choose the bottom choice)
            After Cloud explains his situation with Sephiroth,
            Vincent will return to his coffin, stating that there lies
            a personal affliction he must first deal with...            
      [!] o Talk to him once more - you will be given a choice:
               Top Choice -> Tell him, "Good night"
            Bottom Choice -> Ask Vincent who he is & his situation.
                        (Choose the bottom choice)
           (The name screen will soon pop up - customize Vincent's
            name to your own preference or leave as is.)
            Vincent was once a member of the Taaks, however with no
            affiliation with the Shinra Corp.  You soon learn of a
            a woman by the name of Lukulecia, Gasto's assistant during
            the Jenova Project, who had given birth to Sephiroth...
            He then goes on to explain the unfortunate fate he had
            accidently bestowed upon Lukulecia, whom he had deeply
            fallen in love with...
          o As Vincent has nothing more to tell you,leave the coffin room.
            Head back towards the entrance of the cave - Vincent will
            unexpectedly join you, for reaons in finding Hojou...
(And now, back to the normal routine of game....)
   o Proceed on to the library room - you will encounter Sephiroth -
     It is here that you first hear Sephiroth mention the falling comet...
     He will tell you to follow him to the Niburuhelm Mountains.      
     (Make sure to pick up that materia orb that Sephiroth threw at you)
   o Leave the mansion & proceed through the other exit, located
     near the mansion.  Head towards the Niburuhelm Mountains.
[25.]---[ Niburuhelm Mountains - The Cavern Within ]
   o Battle your way through the mountainous range & paths.    
   o Upon crossing the bridge & entering the cavern, there will be
     a subboss awaiting your arrival towards the lower level of the
     cavern.  Prepare to battle against the subboss.
     NOTE: Make sure to use the ladders to climb down to the lower level
           of the cavern, or you will not be able to get back up to
           experiment with the various pipes.  If you unknowingly already
           slid down the pipes & still want to get back up, you will have
           to take a longer route, through the left passage below.      
[Tip!] - You will notice the various pipes interconnected throughout
        certain regions of the cavern.  While most of them will lead
        you to the lower level of the cavern, there are some that will
        lead you to regions of the cavern w/special items to pick up...
   o Upon defeating the subboss, head out the cavern to the outside.
     You must now go to the Rocket Town.[26.]---[ The Rocket Town ]
   o After noticing the tilted rocket that seemingly has been rusting
     away for the past several years, explore the little rocket town.      
   o Head over to the house located within the upper area of the town.
     Go through the back entrance of the house, where you will discover
     a plane (codename: "tiny bronco") - a brief sequence will follow.
     You will shortly encounter Shiela, who will tell you to talk to
     the project organizer of the Rocket town, if you wish to borrow
     the plane.  As the conversation follows, you soon learn that
     the new Shinra president, Rufus, is due to arrive in the Rocket
     town shortly...
   o Head towards the rocket site.  You will encounter the project
     organizer of the Rocket town - Cid!  
    (The name screen will pop up - customize Cid's name to your own
     preference or leave as is.)
[!] o Upon introducing himself, Cid will ask for your reason being here.
     You can respond:
        Top Choice -> Ask Cid about the situation with the rocket.
     Middle Choice -> Ask Cid about Rufus coming to the Rocket town soon.
     Bottom Choice -> Ask Cid if you can borrow his plane ("tiny bronco").
           (If you chose the top choice (about the rocket), Cid will go on to
     explain how the rocket was once a highly anticipated research &
     development project initiated by the Shinra corp, back during the
     "Great Wars" before the discovery of the makoo energy.  You soon
     learn that on the very day of the rocket launch initiation,
     Shiela, who was Cid's assistant at the time, somehow caused the
     entire project to collaspe....and within time, the Shinra Corp.
     ceased to support funding the project, upon the discovery of
     the makoo energy....and so shortly enough, the people's interest in
     the rocket project faded away -- and Cid's dreams of flying &
     exploring the vast new worlds & galaxies in space were left
    (If you chose the middle choice (about Rufus), he will excitedly
     state that Rufus is in fact coming shortly, feeling reassured that
     a person as young as Rufus would better understand Cid's dreams
     of reestablishing his rocket project & exploring the galaxies...)
    (If you chose the bottom choice (about borrowing the plane), he will
     ridicule you for asking such a stupid question - the plane is one
     his prized possessions.)
   o Now head back to the Cid's house (where you discovered the plane).
     You will encounter Shiela once more - Upon Cid's return, a brief
     sequence will take place, as Shiela will explain to you what had
     happened during the very day of the rocket launch that had
     shattered Cid's dreams of navigating the stars...  
    (As Shiela recalls of the very incident, you soon learn how she was
     so concerned with the functionality & success of the mission to
     launch without any failures, that she was willing to sacrifice her
     own life...for the mission...and for Cid's dreams...
     As the final countdown of the launch had initiated, Cid had found
     himself caught in a turmoil between his dreams of becoming the
     first to navigate the stars and the value of saving a human life...  
     ...Shiela's life...)    o Leave the house - Rufus has finally arrived.
     As you will soon learn that Rufus has come to borrow Cid's plane
     for their purposes in finding Sephiroth, Shiela will urge you
     to talk to Palma (the fat Shinra head operative), who is outside
     by the plane.    o Go through the back door to the plane - talk to Palma.
     Prepare to engage in one of the most hilarious battles yet. (^o^)
     A CG fmv sequence will follow.  Cid will then after officially
     join your party.
   o Now that you have acquired Cid's plane, you can explore through the
     vast shores of the lands at your disposal.
[OP!] HOWEVER, before continuing on with the normal routine of your
 |   saga, I will now sidetrack to an optional event which will take
 |   place in Yuffie's hometown -- so, what this means is that you will
 |   need to have found Yuffie already.  If you have not found Yuffie
 |   yet or plan to recruit her later in the game, you can skip over
 |   this optional event section & come back to it later.  |
[OP!]---[ Town of Uutai - In Yuffie's Hometown ]      
   o Head towards the island located to the very left on the world map.
     It is the island where Yuffie's hometown is located.
     (NOTE: Press the [select] button in the 3d environment mode
            to enlarge the world map or to disable it.)
   o Upon proceeding through the mountainous area of the island,
     a brief (and hilarious) sequence will follow.
     (As Yuffie will try to keep you from proceeding ahead -- and note
      that the rest of the characters do not know that this is Yuffie's
      hometown yet -- you encounter the Shinra guards.)
(^o^) -> Have you noticed that all your materia orbs are missing? <- (^o^)
              (As the wind breezes by you, you soon realize that Yuffie had
      taken off along with all your materia!  Through the entire journey
      with Yuffie, her main objective was to steal your materia! (^o^))
   o And so....hurry on up through the mountainous trails to Uutai,
     Yuffie's hometown.      
   o Upon arriving in the town of Uutai, you will immediately notice
     Yuffie running away.  Go explore the town & find her.
     (If you go to the Kamedouraku bar, you will notice that the Taaks
      are there - Reno, the leader of the Taaks, will not pursue to
      engage in a battle.)
     If you go to the item/materia shop (located next to the save-point
     flag), you will find a chest there - upon opening it, Yuffie will
     jump down & steal that materia from you too!  (^o^)
     Go over to the house near the entrance of the town -
     There, you will find Yuffie hiding behind the.....
     Go towards the outside entrance of the Kamedouraku bar -
     you will find Yuffie hiding behind the.....
   o Upon catching Yuffie, she will agree to return all your materia.  
     After the little sequence with the Taaks, follow Yuffie to her
     room - a brief sequence will follow.
     (...Yuffie recalls of the glory & power the town of Uutai had once
      so long ago retained - However, that glory & power had shortly come
      to an end upon losing in a battle...a battle to which despite the
      very peace the town had achieved afterwards as you see now, it had
      lost something else along with it....something that once gave the
      people hope & dreams....
      Yuffie goes on to explain that because of this, she wanted to
      obtain as much materia orbs to become stronger in helping regain
      that hope & glory her hometown had once achieved long ago....)
   o Yuffie will tell you to pull the left control lever/switch  
     to get all your materias back...  [!] - You will be given the choices:
        Top Choice -> Pull the left lever/switch
     Bottom Choice -> Pull the right lever/switch      And then.....
(^o^) -> Surprise, Surprise! - Yuffie has tricked you.....AGAIN! <- (^o^)      
     (Yuffie will boastfully ridicule you for actually being so
      gullible and for believing her little sad story!  You soon learn
      that her true reason for stealing your materia was for money
      and money alone.)    
     (NOTE: In case if you were wondering about the level/switch choices,
            pulling either one will get you the same result.)            
   o Leave Yuffie's house & head towards the high temple area, located
     to the far left of the item/materia shop.  
   o Ring the big bell/gong - it will reveal a secret passage.
     Upon entering through the secret passage, you will encounter....
     ...Don Corneo! (remember this pervert back from the slum town?)
     He will claim both Yuffie & Irina (from the Taaks) as captives
     for his own personal......deeds.  
   o After battling against the Shinra guards, leave the temple area.
     You will find the Taaks (Reno & Roodo) outside - you both agree
     to temporarily make truce for the time being until they can
     reclaim back their captives.
   o Head towards the mountainous area of the Dachao statues, located
     towards the further northern end of the town.
     Battle your way through.
   o Upon finding Corneo & the captives (Yuffie & Irina),
     prepare to battle against Corneo's new pet, "Rapusu".  
[!] - Upon defeating the subboss, Corneo will ask you:
     When should a person expect the worst in a given situation...
     You can respond:          Top Choice -> When a person is prepared to die.
     Middle Choice -> When a person is winning/victorious.
     Bottom Choice -> When a person does not know what is going on.
     (Every choice will get you the same result - go ahead & pick any)
   o A brief sequence will follow, as Corneo has threatened to drop
     the captives from their positions -- However, to Cloud's surprise,
     Reno of the Taaks saves the captives and sends Corneo to his
     well-deserved demise...
   o As the events follow, Yuffie will return all your materia -
     She will even try to place & organize all the materias for you
     on each character.    
     (Unfortunately, you will find that all the materias are mixed up
      and placed on the wrong characters -- you will have to reequipt
      all the materia on your own for each character.)
     Yuffie will still be persistant in joining with you on your journeys.
     And as usual, there will be some suspicious hidden motive behind
     her plans...  (^o^)    o Your task here is done -- at least for now.
     There are yet 2 other optional side events here as well, in dealing
     with Yuffie's situation with her father and the passage within the
     mountains, BUT I will come back to these later on in this guide.
   o Leave the island & board your plane once more.
(And now, back to the normal routine of game....)
   o Explore & become accustomed to the areas that you can access.      
   o Across the river from the area of the Gold Saucer, there will be
     a little house near the edge of the shores, where you will find
     a blacksmith there.  Go there - you will learn about the "keystone"
     that will unlock the gates of an ancient ruins...    
[!] - Talk to him once more.  You can ask him:
        Top Choice -> Ask him where this "keystone" is located.
        2nd Choice -> Ask him where the ancient ruins is located.
        3rd Choice -> Ask him a different topic.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not ask him anything.
     (If you chose the top choice (about the keystone), he will tell
      you that he just sold the keystone to Dio, the manager of the
      Gold Saucer.)
     (If you chose the 2nd choice (about the ancient ruins), he will
      tell you that as far as he knows, it is just a mere mythical
      tale - however, he has heard rumors that the ancient ruins
      contain a special destruction magical power deep within...)  
     (If you chose the 3rd choice (about the different topic), he will
      boastfully tell you that all the weapons you see in the house are
      his creation.  He will tell you that there recently has been a
      shortage of supply in materials (such as mithril) to build with
   o Your task now is to obtain the keystone from Dio at the Gold Saucer.
     Head over to the rural town of North Corel & ride the trailer to
     get to the Gold Saucer.[27.]---[ Gold Saucer - Getting the Keystone ]
   o Upon arriving in the Gold Saucer, head over to the Battle Square.
     In the Battle Square, there is a room called "Dio's Show Room",
     where you will find the keystone on display.  Upon searching the
     keystone, Dio will enter the room - eventually, he will offer to
     let you borrow the keystone if you (Cloud alone) enters the
     battle arena & showcase Cloud's fighting abilities for Dio's
     (Choose the top choice to agree to his terms & enter the arena)
[Tip!] - In the battle arena, you will be battling against groups of
        monsters at a time by yourself (meaning 1 character only).
        Everytime you win a battle, you will be prompted to choose
        if you wish to continue on fighting the next group of monsters.
         Left Choice -> Keep on fighting.
        Right Choice -> Stop fighting & leave the battle arena.
      - And, everytime you choose the left choice to keep on fighting,
        a slot-machine will pop up, which will determine a random
        handicap status your character will be in for the next fight.
        (SO, in other words, if you got a "MP" on your slot-machine
         selection, your magic points may get halved or even disabled
         for the next fight!  Or if you got a "LV-" on your slot machine
         selection, your character is decreased 5 or so levels down!
         But fortunately, the handicaps are only effective within the
         Battle Square, so there is NO need to worry about the handicaps
         being permanent or such.)
   o After obtaining the keystone from Dio, head on out to the entrance
     of the Gold Saucer - you will soon learn that the trailer is
     temporarily out of service at the moment.  Cait Sith will enter
     the scene and urge you to rest at the hotel for the night.
   o As everyone gathers back together at the hotel, a brief sequence
     will follow - In the course of the conversation, it becomes even
     more clear that Sephiroth is also pursuing to obtain the destructive
     power of the "black materia"...
   o In your room, Aerith will shortly enter the scene, requesting
     Cloud to accompany her on a date.  (^o^)!
[!] - Aerith will ask you if Cloud has ever gone on a date before.
     You can respond:         Top Choice -> Of course you have.
     Bottom Choice -> To be honest, you have never gone on a date before.
     (I will leave this choice up to you)
   o As Cloud & Aerith arrives in the main jumpstation area,
     an event announcer will urge you to take part in the special
     showcase inside.  As the 100th couple to enter in the event square,
     Cloud & Aerith will find themselves as participants in the
     special showcase!
    (...the showcase is of a mythical fairy tale in which a young hero
     comes to save the fair princess from the grasps of the evil dark
     dragon lord Valvados.  Cloud, who plays the obvious role of the young
     hero, will be requested by the king to save her daughter & princess,
     Rusa, who is obviously played by Aerith.)
     ...and so, in defeating the evil dark dragon lord Valvados, the
     king will tell you that you will need proper guidance from either
     the knight or the wizard:  [!] You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Talk to the knight.
     Bottom Choice -> Talk to the wizard.
 [!] After choosing one of the two, you can respond to them:
        Top Choice -> Tell him (the one you chose) to fight the dragon.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell him (the one you chose) to fight the king. (^o^)
 [!] ...and so, as the dark dragon Valvados comes enters the scene,
     you will be challenged - you can:
        Top Choice -> Approach bravely towards Aerith & the dark dragon.
     Middle Choice -> Approach back towards the king.  
     Bottom Choice -> Run away cowardly.
     (the outcome will depend on what choices you made)
   o After the special showcase event, Aerith will suggest to ride the
     gondora next at the Round Square area.  A visually impressive CG
     event will follow.
[Tip!] - Make sure to press [left] on the directional pad & the  
        [circle] button whenever Aerith looks out the window
        and urges you to watch.  
    (This event is extremely creative in its design & simply innovative
     in how it is executed w/its combo between fmv & polygonal usage.)
[!] o As Cloud & Aerith exit the gondora ride, she will ask you if
     you would not mind going with her on the gondora ride sometime
     in the future once can respond:
        Top Choice -> Tell Aerith you do NOT want to go with her again.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith you do not mind going with her again.      
     (I will leave this choice up to you - (^o^)
   o A sequence will shortly follow afterwards.
     You soon discover that Cait Sith has stolen the keystone!
     Well, what are you waiting for?  Chase after him!!
     (As the event begins to unfold, you soon learn that Cait Sith has
      been working as an undercover spy for the Shinra Corp! -- moreover,
      Cloud has no other choice but to allow Cait Sith to accompany
      you on your journeys, upon learning that Marin (Barrett's "daughter")
      had fallen under the Shinra Corp's captivity...)
   o As everyone gathers back together in the hotel lobby, you will
     be prompted to choose the characters you will take along with
     you to the ancient ruins.
     (You will only be able to choose 1 character of your choice, as
      both Cloud & Aerith are necessary to go on this mission.)
   o Your task now is to head off to the ancient ruins in search of
     Sephiroth & the "black materia".
     Leave the Gold Saucer & board your plane.
[28.]---[ Ancient Ruins - The Black Materia ]    
   o Head to the island of the Ancient Ruins, located near the lower
     regions of the map.        (The island with the pyramid-like structure)
   o Upon arriving in the ancient ruins, a sequence will follow.
     You will find Tsuon (from the Taaks) within the structure, injured
     from Sephiroth's blows -- he will give you the keystone & urge you
     to go inside after Sephiroth.
   o Using the keystone to enter inside, you will notice the vastly
     interwoven paths & stairs leading to many areas.
     Battle your way through.
[Tip!] - You will also notice an old dwarf running around from time to
        time -- use them as guides to point out the path you should be
        heading towards.  
      - When you see no more open paths or stairs readily available
        to you, remember that there are plant vines located in some
        regions that will allow you to climb down to a lower level.
        Some vines will seem to blend in with some of the sidewalls,
        so be wary to look closely.
   o You will come across a hallway within, upon which you will notice
     the tumbling boulders -- much like any action game, time your
     actions accordingly with haste.  
   o Upon managing to reach the other end of the hallway, Aerith will
     urge you to follow her - she senses a great disturbance within
     the temple.  A brief sequence will follow.
     ( soon learn that Sephiroth's objective was to "unite" with
      the planet - all the planet's makoo energy & lifestream will
      become a part of him...)
   o You will encounter an old dwarf at the end of the hallway.
     You can save your game here.[!] - Talk to him.  You will be given choices:
        Top Choice -> Rest & Replenish your characters.
     Middle Choice -> Save your game.      Bottom Choice -> You are done.
   o Proceed on to the next room - it is the clock room of 12 paths.
     You must control the hour/minute/sec hands of the clock in order
     to get across to the various rooms.
[Tip!] - Here are the controls to operate the clock hands:  
          o Press the [triangle] button to manually advance/change
            the movement of the clock hands.
          o Press the [circle] button to initiate a "roulette" rotation,
            where the hands will all randomly rotate in motion.
            You will need to press the [circle] button once more to
            stop the rotation.
          o Press the [X] button to move across the hands, once you
            have set the desired course of path.  
      - If you chose to press the [triangle] button and move the
        clock hands manually, a new set of instructions will pop up.
                    [!] You will be given choices:
               Top Choice -> Rotate the hands CLOCKWISE.
            Bottom Choice -> Rotate the hands COUNTER CLOCKWISE.  
        [!] You will then be given more choices:
               Top Choice -> Move the hand VERY LITTLE.
               2nd Choice -> Move the hand SOME SPACES OVER.
               3rd Choice -> Move the hand A LOT.
            Bottom Choice -> Reset & return back to the main options.
   o Some of the paths will contain special artifacts or treasures to
     obtain, whereas others may contain traps...
   o--> NOTE: If you bump into the second hand while trying to attempt
              to across, you may find yourself falling down to the
              very pits below.  Down in the pits, you will encounter....
[Tip!] - Here are the following results for each path:        
          o     I = Trap Treasure Chest           o    II = Blocked path
          o   III = Trap Treasure Chest
          o    IV = "Princess Guard" item
          o     V = Path outside (treasure chest)
          o    VI = "Chase the old dwarf" puzzle
          o   VII = Weapon for Cait Sith           o  VIII = "Last Elixir" item
          o    IX = Blocked path             o     X = Original starting point
          o    XI = Blocked path           o   XII = Subboss exit
        (Note: Results MAY be randomized & may vary per new game)        
   o You must get across to the "VI" path, upon which you will
     come across the "chase the old dwarf" puzzle, as I would like to say.
     Upon catching the dwarf, the door will open.
     Proceed on through the door.  A sequence will begin.....Sephiroth!!
     (...As Sephiroth goes on to explain his plan to "unite" with the
      planet, you soon learn that in order for such a magnitude source
      of power from the planet's lifestream to be collected, a certain
      level of damage much be inflicted upon the very planet....a damage
      to the degree of the planet's utter destruction....)
     (....and so, it becomes clear to you that the only source of power
      that could inflict a damage to such a degree would only be the
      forthcoming of the legendary "meteor" -- the very reason why
      Sephiroth needed the mystic energy of the "black materia"...)
     ( an unexpected turn of event, Cloud will briefly lose control,
      seemingly struggling to regain his own "true self", as if there
      were two separate personalities within him...)
   o Prepare to shortly battle against a dragon subboss.    
[!] o Head over to the right side - you will find the "black materia"
     there.  You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Lightly move the black materia.
     Middle Choice -> Take the black materia.
     Bottom Choice -> Leave it alone.
     (Eventually, you will soon learn that the "black materia" is
      actually the entire complex you are in right now - so, removing the
      black materia from its current position would end up destroying
      the complex itself...a rather "puzzling" dilemma...)    
[!] - Upon recieving the phone call from Cait Sith, you will be given
     a choice in allowing him to help you.
        Top Choice -> Trust Cait Sith in handling the situation.
     Bottom Choice -> No not trust Cait Sith.
     (Unfortunately, you really can only choose the top choice.
      The bottom choice will repeat in a looping responce.)
   o Leave the room & head back out through the "clock" path room.  
   o Upon reaching the exit door, prepare to battle against a subboss.
   o As Cait Sith enters the scene, a brief sequence will follow.      
     (Cloud, struggling to retain control of his own "true self",
      once more experiences a brief moment of separation from his
      reality, as he unknowingly hands over the black materia to
      Sephiroth....the black materia that will bestow upon Sephiroth
      the very power to summon the legendary "meteor"....)
     (...within the dream, you learn that Aerith has journeyed off
      on her own to stop Sephiroth from summoning the "meteor"...)
[29.]---[ Gongaga Area - Cloud Awakens ]
[!] o Upon awaking from the dream, Tifa will ask you how you are feeing.
        Top Choice -> Tell Tifa you feel just fine.
     Middle Choice -> Tell Tifa you feel bad.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Tifa you do not know anymore.
     (Cloud will express his hesitance & denial to continue on
      fighting, as he fears he may lose himself once more to
      Sephiroth's control...)
   o Leave the Gongaga Area.  Your task now is to head over towards
     to the Bone Village, located towards the ice glaciers on the
     upper region of the map.[30.]---[ Bone Village - Finding the Luna Harp ]
   o Upon arriving in the Bone Village, you will soon learn that you
     will need a "luna harp" in order to proceed through the forest.
[!] o Talk to the person sitting nearby the entrance.
     He will explain to you that in order to find the luna harp, you will
     need to proceed with the "hakkutsu", which is the procedure in which
     the explosives are set to loosen the area you wish to search and
     dig through.      You will be given choices:
        Top Choice -> Request for a "hakkutsu".
     Middle Choice -> Request to purchase items. (the usual shop items)  
     Bottom Choice -> Request nothing.
[!] - Upon selecting the top choice, in request for the "hakkutsu",
     you will be given more choices:
        Top Choice -> Request to search for the Luna Harp specifically.
     Middle Choice -> Request to search for a pretty good item/treasure.
     Bottom Choice -> Request to search for a usual/normal item.
     (Go ahead & select the top choice, as you will need the luna harp
      to proceed through the forest.  However, if you wish to search
      for other special items before proceeding on, please do so.)
[Tip!] - There may be some special weapons or artifacts lying around
        deep within the ground....
   o Upon selecting the choices for the "hakkutsu" procedure,
     you will need to move Cloud to the specific spots/areas you want
     the diggers to search.  Press the [square] button once you have
     chosen your spot(s).
[!] - Once pressing the [square] button & selecting your spot,
     you will be given choices:
        Top Choice -> Place the digger at that spot - (Cost: 100 gil)
     Bottom Choice -> You do not need anymore diggers - you are done.
   - Upon finally setting up the specific locations of your diggers,
     press the [square] button once more to initiate the explosives.      
   - Then go to one of the diggers & press the [square] button to choose
     the specific spot you want the digger to search through the night.
     (Note: you can only choose 1 digger to search)      
   - In the morning, there may/may not be an item in the treasure box,
     located near the entrance.  If you are trying to obtain the
     luna harp, it may take some time & patience before finding it.    
[Tip!] - (Although it is not certain if the location of the luna harp
         is randomized for each person's game, I had eventually found
         the luna harp nearby the left side of the tent above.)
   o Upon obtaining the luna harp, proceed through the forest.
[TIp!] - (In the forest, a summoning materia orb will be floating about.
         It may blend within the forest, so make sure to look closely.
         Act quickly & grab it when you see it, for it will be moving
         from one side to another.)
   o Battle your way through - head towards the shell village.
[31.]---[ Shell Village - Aerith.... ]  
   o Upon arriving within the shell village area, you will notice
     that the path is further split into 3 separate paths.
[!] o Explore the areas.  Go to the shell house of the path on the
     upperright region - you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Rest for the night.      Bottom Choice -> Do not rest.
     (You will need to choose the top choice in order to proceed.)  
   o A brief sequence will follow - Cloud will sense the presence
     of Aerith & Sephiroth....  
   o Leave the shell house & head towards the central path.
     Within the shell structure, a new path will be revealed,
     leading down the the very depths...
   o Upon finding Aerith, a sequence will follow.....      (...Aerith...) (;.;)
   o As Sephiroth leaves the scene, prepare for a battle against a
     ( the tragic events unfold, Cloud soon realizes that there
      lies a part of him that is not of his "true self"....a part
      which had given Sephiroth the black materia....and...a part
      which would have killed Aerith if it had not been for Barrett
      and Tifa...)  
[!] o As the tragic sequence ends, a message will pop up, informing you
     that DISC 1 has ended.  You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Save your game right now.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not save your game now.
     (I will leave this choice up to you)  
EDITOR'S NOTE: And so, the 1st CD of your epic saga has come to its
              conclusion....You may be wondering what will come of
              the planet, now that Sephiroth has the power to summon
              the legendary "meteor" -- or perhaps you may be wondering
              what Rufus & the Shinra Corp have under their corrupted
              sleeves in dealing with Sephiroth....and what about
              the infamous Taaks?
              Only time will tell, as the answers to such questions lies
              within those 2 remaining CDs....
              Well, what are you waiting for?!  
              Hurry up and place that 2nd CD into your psx!!  (^o^)
[ FFVII Walkthrough : DISK 2 ]
   o Proceeding to leave, follow Sephiroth through the shell valley
     and past the caves.  Eventually, you will reach outside on top of
     the glacier regions.
   o Head to the village of GlacierLodge, towards the peak of the
     mountains.[1.]---[ Village of GlacierLodge ]
   o Upon arriving in the village of GlacierLodge, talk to the people
     and explore the buildings.
   o Go to the house located towards the eastern region of the village.
     (Nearby the area where the 2 children are building the snowman)  
[!] - You will find a map of the glacier regions posted on a wall.
     If you search on it, you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Look at the map.      Bottom Choice -> Take the map.
     (You may want to actually take the map, as you will find it
      extremely useful during your upcoming journeys.)
[!] o Walk towards the very northern end of the village and
     talk to the person walking nearby.  He will warn you not to
     proceed on through the path - you will be given choices:
        Top Choice -> Ignore him and go through the path regardless.
     Bottom Choice -> Thank him for his kind words of wisdom.
     (Choose the top choice - a brief sequence will follow.)
   o As Irina (from the Taaks) and the two Shinra guards enter the scene,
     she will stop you from going any further and will accuse you for
     what Sephiroth has done to Tsuon back at the ancient ruins.
     She will even attempt to take a swing at you!  (^o^)
[Tip!] - As the conversation ends, Irina will attempt to take a swing at
        you.  Press [right] or [left] on the directional button and
        you will be able to avoid her swing, resulting in her rather
        hilarious exit out of the village.
   o Now head over to the little house, located within the central
     region of the village (the house with the little boy).   Talk to
     the little boy and he will offer to give you his Snowboard.
     Go over & pick up the snowboard.[2.]---[ Snowboarding Down the Hill ]
   o Now that you have obtained the snowboard, you can now proceed on
     through the path, located towards the very northeastern end of the
   o Ok - the wind is gently breezing, the sun is shining brightly, and
     the weather could not be any better.  Well, what are you waiting for?
     It is time to snowboard down that hill!!! (^o^)
[Tip!] - Here are the controls:
          o Press [right] and [left] on the directional pad to maneuver
            your controls.
          o Press the [X] button to jump.  The longer the [X] button is
            held, the longer Cloud will stay in the air.
          o Press the [L1] or [R1] buttons accordingly to sharply shift
            over to the direction desired, while holding down on the
            directional pad.  For example, holding [right] and pressing
            the [R1] button will maneuver Cloud to sharply curve over
            towards the right.  
          o Press the [square] button to slow down & brake.          
   o Upon reaching the end of your snowboarding fun, remember to use the
     map by pressing the [square] button to navigate your headings and
     destinations.[3.]---[ Snowy Turrain - The Journey Through ]
   o The main objective here is to reach the red check point, marked on
     the map.  There are many possible routes you can take in reaching
     there -- along the way, you may come across certain areas or caves
     that contain special items or......  
   o Upon nearing the region of the red check point (marked on the map),
     you will encounter a snowy area that seemingly has no ends.      
[Tip!] - When the blizzard clears away, use that momentary amount of time
        to make your move & run.  As you proceed on running, press the
        [circle] button to leave post marks as a trail behind you,  
        so that you will not easily lose your course of direction.
        Leaving these trails of post marks behind you may be necessary,
        as you may notice that the ground rotates around when the
        blizzard covers the screen.  
   o Once you have managed to clear this particular region, you will
     arrive in a mountainous area where you will find a little house
     just to the right.  
   o Enter the house - You will finally be able to replenish your
     characters and save your game.   Talk to the old man - he will
     shortly explain to you that you will need to maintain your
     body temperature at a stable condition in order to proceed
     climbing the mountains up ahead.  
   o After resting & replenishing your characters, leave the house -
     A brief sequence will follow.
   o Head towards the upper northern end of the path, leading up to the
     mountainous cliffs.  Climb up the cliffs & make your way through
     the caves.
   o--> NOTE: You will notice the temperature gauge on the lower lefthand
              corner, fluctuating up & down.  You will need to rapidly
              tap the [square] button to raise & maintain a stable
              body temperature so that you can proceed on climbing.  
              If your body temperature decreases beyond 25 or so,
              Cloud will collapse and you will find yourself back at
              the little house.
              So, a good stategy in this particular situation would
              be to tap the [square] button until you can maintain a
              body temperature degree of 38 of so.  Then quickly rush
              over to the cliff wall & starting climbing up hastely.
              Upon reaching each platform, repeat the process of raising
              the body temp & quickly climb the cliffsides.
              As you climb, from time to time you will come across
              choices as to the specific directions you can head towards
              (ie. right, left, up, down).      
[Tip!] - Within the 1st cave, you will need to push a boulder in order
        to open up another passage...
      - Within the 2nd cave, all four ice blocks must be broken off
        to fit in the holes below...
      - Within the 3rd cave, a subboss awaits you...
        ...Left Head is weak against normal attacks.
        ...Right Head is weak against magic attacks.
   o Upon finally arriving at the peak of the mountain,
     a brilliantly sequenced CG will follow.  
   o Proceed on down the path towards the inner core of the crater.
     If you do not have Tifa in your party already, she will enter
     the scene and insist on joining you.  
[Tip!] - To pass through the 1st energy barrier, you will need to
        time your course of action carefully -- watch for the energy
        barrier to become lighter in its transparency...
      - To pass through the 2nd energy barrier, you will have to
        keep an even more careful watch on your timing, as there are
        now TWO separate energy waves fading in & out at different
        rhythms...[4.]---[ The Great Awakening - "Meteor"... ]
   o Upon encountering Sephiroth, prepare to battle against a subboss.
   o Tifa will shortly urge you to have one of the other characters
     hold onto the black materia, as Cloud fears that he may once more
     lose control of his "true self".
[!] - Talk to Red XIII - he will be willing to take hold of the black
     materia and guard it as the others head off to confront Sephiroth...
     You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Give the black materia to Red XIII.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not give the black materia to Red XIII.
     (Unfortunately, the sequence of events are set up so that
      none of the others would be willing to guard the black materia -
      thus, incidently (and so conveniently for the programmers) Red XIII
      comes out as the only actual selectable character to give the
      black materia to.)
   o Proceed on through the 3rd energy barrier (this one is a killer).
   o Upon eventually managing to get through the 3rd energy barrier,
     a series of sequences will shortly follow, as the scenery will
     suddenly alter to Cloud's "flashbacks" recreated by Sephiroth...  
     ( you seemingly find yourself within the town of Niburuhelm,
      once home to Cloud & Tifa, it soon becomes clear that you are
      re-experiencing the very moment upon which Sephiroth & Cloud had
      first arrived in Niburuhelm 5 years ago -- but something is was not Cloud....)
     (...the scenery will soon again alter -- to the very moment upon
      which Sephiroth had bestowed the unfortunate fate upon Niburuhelm
      5 years ago, as the town stood there in utter devastation...
      ...and yet again, it was not Cloud...)  
     (...the scenery will once again alter -- as Sephiroth enters the
      scene, it is soon revealed to you that these "recreated" memories
      are in fact the actual reality to which had preceded in history...
      Everything that Cloud remembers....about being with Tifa...about
      the incidents 5 years ago...about even becoming a "1st Class"
      Shinra soldier....everything -- only mere false creations implanted
      within his mind...)
     (As the course of events follow, Cloud - completely lost within his
      struggle to regain his "true self" and reality - retrieves the
      black materia from Red is at this very moment, upon
      which it becomes clear that the Cloud they see now, is seemingly
      one of Hojou's "creations" as a result of the Jenova Project...)
     (The summoning of the legendary "meteor" has been finally begun...)
[5.]---[ Inside the Shinra Airbase ]
   o Upon awakening within the Shinra's airbase, talk to Barrett -
     a brief sequence will follow.  Rufus will enter the scene
     to inform you of your sentence for execution, as you are held
     evidently responsible for the summoning of the meteor.
     Follow Tifa and the Shinra guard.
   o As Tifa is taken to the gas chamber, a sequence will follow.      
    (You will soon learn that the Shinra airbase is being attacked by
     the "Weapon" - the legendary guardian monster of the planet, which
     was awakened by the great summoning...)
   o Cait Sith will come to your rescue!  Upon battling the guards,
     head over to the gas chamber door.
     (A brilliantly sequenced CG fmv will follow, as the scene will
      briefly switch over to the battle against the "weapon".)
   o As Barrett will not be able to open the gas chamber door,
     you will need to temporarily leave her behind.  Head on out of the
     airbase corridors and battle your way through.
   o You will find Yuffie - disguised as a news reporter - on the
     upper level of the airbase.  She will urge you to head towards
     the airport region of the base.
   o Go to the airport - towards the location of the airship.
     (The scene will then switch over to Tifa.)  
   o In this particular situation, the main objective is to get Tifa
     released from the chair, using the buttons to control her movements.
[Tip!] - Here are the controls:
           o Press the [triangle] button to move her head.
           o Press the [square] button to move her right hand.
           o Press the [circle] button to move her left hand.
           o Press the [X] button to move her legs.
           o Note: You will need to use the combination of two buttons
                   or movements in order to accomplish certain other
                   movements.  (ie. Pressing [X]+[triangle] to grab the
                                    key from her legs.)
   o After managing to get Tifa released from the chair, you will
     need to find a switch in the room to turn off the gas.
     Search the chamber door afterwards - a brief sequence will follow.
   o Upon climbing out of the gas chamber, proceed on heading down
     towards the edge of the cannon. (far northern region of the screen)      
     (You will notice that a hand-icon will pop up over Tifa,
      to help you keep track of where she is, as she heads further
      and further into the distance.)
   o Reaching the very edges of the cannon, a sequence will take place
     between you and Scarlet, one of the head officials of the Shinra
     corp.        Prepare to battle it out against Scarlet in a match of....
     ....SLAPPING!  (^o^)!
[Tip!] - Within this battle of slapping, you will need to quickly
        tap the [circle] button.
     (As Scarlet & the Shinra guards begin to close in on Tifa,
      head towards the very edge of the cannon, upon which one of the
      most spectacular scenes of rescue will take place.)
[6.]---[ Inside the Airship "Highwind" ]
   o Now aboard the airship, head down to the main control room,
     where you will find everyone (with the exception of Cloud) there.
     Talk to everyone.
     (In the course of the conversations, Red XIII will suggest that
      you head to an island where the "lifestream" is flowing.)
[!] - You will need to also talk to the pilot at the front controls
     in order to initiate navigating the airship.
     When talking to him, he will give you a choice:
        Top Choice -> Proceed on navigating the airship.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not navigate the airship yet.
[Tip!] - Here are the controls for navigating the airship:      
           o Use the directional key pad to maneuver & control the
             direction of the airship.
           o Press the [circle] button to move.
           o Press & Hold the [square] button to strife.
           o Press the [R1] button to turn right.
           o Press the [L1] button to turn left.
           o Press the [triangle] button to switch back to the
             inside of the airship.
           o Press the [X] button to land on the ground.  
             (you must be hovering over clear land)
           o Press the [select] button to enable/disable the map.
   o Your task now is to head towards the village of Mideel, located
     within a small island of the southeastern region of the map.
[OP!] HOWEVER, before continuing on with the normal routine of your
 |   saga, I will now sidetrack to an optional event which will take
 |   place yet again in Yuffie's hometown -- so, what this means is that
 |   you will need to have found Yuffie already.  If you have not found
 |   Yuffie yet or plan to recruit her later in the game, you can skip
 |   over this optional event section & come back to it later.
 |   This particular optional event deals with Yuffie's relational
 |   situation with her father...  |
[OP!]---[ Town of Uutai - Back in Yuffie's Hometown ]
   o--> NOTE: You MUST have Yuffie in your battle/traveling party
              for the duration of this particular optional event.
   o Upon arriving in the town of Uutai, head towards the high temple,
     located within the far northwestern region of the town.  
     (the tallest temple there)
[!] o Entering the high temple, talk to the person there -
     He will recognize Yuffie and will ask her if she is ready/prepared
     to face the 5 levels of challenge within the high temple.
     You can respond:         Top Choice -> "Of course you are ready."
     Bottom Choice -> "Of course not!"
     (Choose the top choice to face the challenge that awaits Yuffie)
[Tip!] - The objective of this high temple is for Yuffie to battle
        through each of the 5 levels within the temple.  On each level,
        there will be an opponent awaiting your challenge.  
      - Your Opponents:  o 1st Floor: Gooriki (3000~hps)
                         o 2nd Floor: Sheik   (4000~hps)
                         o 3rd Floor: Chehoff (5000~hps)
                         o 4th Floor: Staniff (6000~hps)
                         o 5th Floor: Godo    (10000~hps)  
   o Once confronting & defeating Yuffie's father, Godo, you will
     shortly obtain the "leviathan" summoning materia orb.
     (Within the following sequence, Yuffie manages to open her
      father's eyes & heart to reason and to understand the amount of
      constraint he has placed upon their village -- Godo soon comes to
      realize that his better judgement & sense of order was clouded
      when he had lost the war long ago...)
   o Your task here is done -- at least for now.
     There is yet another optional side event here as well, taking place
     within the mountains high above, BUT I will come back to this later
     on, as you will first need to obtain a special artifact in order
     to proceed...    o Leave the island & board your airship once more.      
(And now, back to the normal routine of game....)
   o Head towards the village of Mideel, located within a small island
     of the southeastern region of the map.[7.]---[ Village of Mideel ]
   o Upon arriving in the village of Mideel, explore the town.
     A sequence will soon follow - You will soon learn of Cloud's
     presence within the village! -- however.....
     ( shortly becomes clear that as a result of being exposed to
      such massive amounts of mako energy that had preceded during the
      great summoning of the "meteor", Cloud has suffered from a severe
      condition of memory loss to such a degree that he no longer
      can realize his own identity....his own reality....)
     (As the course of events follow, Tifa will decide to stay behind
      with Cloud in the village -- Meanwhile, returning back to your
      airship, Cait Sith will inform you of the Shinra's plans to
      obtain the "Huge Materia" which would eventually bestow upon them
      a destruction force of such magnitude that would destroy not only
      the meteor but also anyone who would ever oppose the Shinra Corp.)
     (In an unsuspected turn of event, Cid will be chosen to become
      the leader in place of Cloud for the mission. (^o^)!      
   o Controlling Cid, head towards the Operations Room & talk to the
     person inside to choose the remaining characters to take along
     with you.  Head back to the main control room & navigate the airship.
   o Your task now is to head towards the makoro complex located near
     North Corel, in pursuit of stopping the Shinra Corp.    
     (In case you may have forgotten the location of North Corel,
      it is the rural village just nearby the Gold Saucer.)
[8.]---[ North Corel Makoro - Train Sequence ("Huge Materia" #1) ]      
   o Upon arriving in the rural village of North Corel, proceed on
     through the other entrance (connected from the long bridge)
     and battle your way through to the Makoro complex.
     The train sequence will follow.
   o As you manage to find a train to chase after the Shinra,
     your objective now is to catch up to their train & board it,
     battle your way up through to the main control, and stop the
     train before it crashes through the village of North Corel --
     This must be completed within the given 10 minutes.
[Tip!] - In catching up with the Shinra train, Cid must quickly
        pull the 2 levers back & forth, in a steady motion repeatedly.
                     o Press the [triangle] button to pull the right lever.
        o Press [up] on the directional key pad to pull the left lever.  
        (So, in other words, you will need to quickly tap [up], [tri],
         [up], [tri], [up], [tri] - over and over in a steady yet fast
        (The faster you press them, the sooner you will begin to catch
         up with the train)
      - Once you board the Shinra's train, battle your way up through
        to the controls.  In stopping the train, you will need to
        quickly tap: - [Up]+[Triangle]                      - [Down]+[X]
                     - Press the [circle] button to clear the messages  
        (For those of you who are still not completely sure what to do
         to make the train stop, simply bashing all the buttons will
         also work too.  (^o^)
   o This train sequence has 2 separate outcomes:
      [1] If you managed to stop the train from crashing through the
          village of North Corel, you will get               - The Huge Materia
              - free night stay at the inn to rest & replenish characters
              - "Ultima" Materia Orb  (^o^)!          
      [2] If you could not stop the train in time & it crashes through
          the village, you will get:               - The Huge Materia
              - a lot of dead people on your hands (;.;)
   o Your task here is done - board your airship & head towards the
     "Condo Fort" - the fort with the large golden condo sitting on the
     peak.  [9.]---[ Battle at Condo Fort - ("Huge Materia" #2) ]
[!] o Upon arriving at the condo fort, talk to the guard standing outside.
     As he will request for your assistance in battling the Shinra
     army, you will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Refuse his request.
     Bottom Choice -> Agree to assist him.      (Choose the bottom choice)
   o Talk to the old man sitting at the table - he will explain the
     situation to you regarding the upcoming battle against the Shinra
     army.      (You soon come to learn that there lies a powerful materia orb
      within the area just below where the golden condor stands -
      the very reason for which the Shinra Corp has begun attacking.
      And so, your task now is to battle against the Shinra army as
      you take role as a commander over a fleet of an army & position
      them as you would in any war simulation game.)
   o Proceed on up the ladder/stairs and talk to the person watching
     over the area -- he will explain to you the specific instructions
     and tactics for battling the Shinra Army within this little
     war-simulation mini game.
[!] o You will soon be given choices regarding the specific topics
     of the battle tactics:
        Top Choice -> Ask about the objectives in winning.
        2nd Choice -> Ask about the specific info on the enemy troops.
        3rd Choice -> Ask about the specific info on your army troops.
        4th Choice -> Ask about the money supply reserved for your army.
        5th Choice -> Ask about other topics.
     Bottom Choice -> Ask no more - end conversation.
[!] o Once choosing the bottom choice to ask no more questions,
     you will then be asked if you are prepared/ready:
        Top Choice -> You are not prepared/ready yet.
     Middle Choice -> You are prepared/ready.
     Bottom Choice -> Ask him about the specific topics once more.
     (Choose the middle choice once you are ready to initiate the
      war simulation/battle)[Tip!] - Here are the controls (prior to battle):  
           o Use the directional key pad to position your troops.
           o Press the [circle] button to choose the type of troop.
           o Press the [X] button to recall your previous decision.
             Also press the [X] button to finalize your setup to attack.
             [!] - Top Choice -> Begin war.
                Bottom Choice -> Do not begin war.  
      - Here are the controls (during battle):
           o Use the directional key pad to select the troop to command.
           o Press the [circle] button over the specific troop to
             give it instructions/command.
           o Press the [X] button to recall your previous decision.
           o Press the [start] button to pause the game.
           o Press the [select] button to bring up the help window.
           o Press the [R1] or [R2] button to speed up the battle.
           o Press the [L1] or [L2] button to slow down the battle.    
      - The main objective of this mini-war simulation game is to
        battle your way through past the enemy's lines and defeat
        all incoming enemy troops.                  
      o--> NOTE: During in midst of the battle, you can recruit more
                 troops - just simply click on any open space within
                  side of the battle field and select the
                 specific troop you wish to purchase/recruit.  
      - Should you lose the war-simulation battle, prepare to
        battle against a subboss, in the normal battle sequence style.
   o Upon winning/losing the war-simulation battle, a brief sequence
     will follow.  Head outside towards where the condor egg hatched.
     Make sure to pick up the "Phoenix" summoning materia orb.
   o Heading back inside, talk to the old man sitting at the table
     once more - he will give you the "Huge Materia".
     (In the course of the conversation, you soon learn that the old
      man had the huge materia all along - and despite the little
      mispresumption, it soon becomes clear to you that the old man
      needed your assistance not for the reason of keeping the Shinra
      army from obtaining the huge materia, but rather for the very
      reason of protecting/preserving the condor egg's life.)
   o Your task here is done - board your airship once more.
     Head back to the village of Mideel. (where Cloud & Tifa are)
[10.]---[ Back in the Village of Mideel ]
[^o^]! o Upon arriving in the village of Mideel, explore the various
      | shops & merchant stores - you will have noticed (if not already)  
[OP!]  | the little white chocobos running around within the shops.        |  
      | If you follow the specific sequences listed below, you will be
      | able to obtain the "Fuuin" materia orb!         |
      | o First you will need the "Mimetto" plant food prior to
      |   proceeding, which can be bought from Gren-Gren at the chocobo
      |   farm for 1500 gil each.
      | o Upon purchasing the "Mimetto" plant food, go ahead & talk to
      |   the little white chocobo running around.       |
      |   [!] You will be given a choice:
      |          Top Choice -> Give it the "Mimetto" plant food.
      |       Bottom Choice -> Do not give it anything.       |
      | o Proceeding to choose the top choice (give it the plant food),
      |   you will be given another set of choices in petting the little
      |   white chocobo:       |      Top Choice -> Pet its feet area.
      |      2nd Choice -> Pet its stomach.
      |      3rd Choice -> Pet its throat.
      |      4th Choice -> Pet its belly.
      |      5th Choice -> Pet its ears.
      |      6th Choice -> Pet its underwings.       |
      | o Proceeding to choose the 5th choice (the side of its ears),
      |   you will now obtain the "Fuuin" materia orb!       |
[^o^]! | o There is also yet another hidden item you can obtain in this
      |   village.  Go to the weapons shop.[OP!]  |
      | o In the weapons shop, you will notice a door towards the back.
      |   Search the door - you will need a key to possibly open the door.
      |       | o Leave the shop & head towards the far left area, where the
      |   old man is standing outside.  Search around the area just behind
      |   where the old man is standing -- you should hear a "clicking"
      |   sound soon.       |
      | o Search that area of the "clicking" sound - you will find an
      |   old, rusted key!  Head back to the weapons shop.       |
      |   [!] Try to use the rusted key on the door.
      |       You will be given choices:
      |          Top Choice -> Use the rusted key.
      |       Bottom Choice -> Do not use the rusted key.       |
      | o Go ahead & use the key (top choice).       |  
      |   [!] As you find that your rusted key broke, the store owner
      |       will ask what happened - you can respond:
      |          Top Choice -> Try to lie your way out.
      |       Bottom Choice -> Tell the truth & apologize.       |
      |   (You soon learn that the "door" was no more than a mere
      |    painting on the wall! - (^o^)!       |  
      | o You will now obtain the "Ring of the cursed" artifact!       |
      o--------o      o Proceed to the village hospital - talk to Tifa.
     A sequence will follow.
   o Head outside - prepare to battle against the "weapon".
     A cg fmv sequence will soon follow.      
[11.]---[ Tifa & Cloud: Within the Lifestream.... ]
  (Upon falling into the depths of the lifestream, Tifa will find
   herself within Cloud's struggles to find his true "reality"...)
   o Talk to each Cloud - each one represents a part of Cloud's
     fragmented memories...
     (You soon learn that it was not Cloud who had returned to
      Niburuhelm with Sephiroth as the "1st class soldier" -
      Tifa had awaited for his arrival...but never saw him.
      Ashamed for not becoming the soldier that he had hoped to be,
      Cloud could not reveal himself to Tifa - but even this being so,
      it soon becomes clear that Cloud had still kept his promise to
      look after Tifa to the very end...)
   o Upon returning back to the airship, your next task is to obtain
     the huge materia #3, located within the depths of the ocean makoro
     of Junon.     [12.]---[ Junon - Huge Materia #3 ]
   o Head towards the Junon area (the area of Shinra cannon airbase).    
   o Talk to the Shinra guard standing in front of the elevator gate -
     choose the top choice to agree in paying 10 gil for passage through.
     Activate the elevator upon entering.  
   o Make your way through the Shinra airbase complex and
     head towards an underpass (with the shinra army group) which will
     lead to the ocean makoro.        
   o Battle your way through - upon eventually finding the huge materia,
     you will encounter Reno (of the Taaks).
     Prepare to battle against a subboss mech-robot.
   o Head towards the submarine & battle against the Shinra guards.      
[Tip!] - Make sure to pick up the treasure chest items located just
        around the submarine - one of them will contain a special item
        that will be necessary for a side event later on in the game.  
   o Upon entering the submarine, head towards the main control room.
[!] - Search the chair - you will be given a set of choices:
        Top Choice -> View the navigational instructions
     Middle Choice -> Sit in seat      Bottom Choice -> Leave everything alone
   o Your task now is to navigate the submarine & destroy all incoming
     enemy submarines and importantly, destroy the red submarine
     carrying the huge materia!
     You will have a time limit of <10 minutes>.
[Tip!] - Here are the controls to navigate the submarine:            
        - Use the directional pad to maneuver the submarine
        - Press the [triangle] button to shift upward
        - Press the [X] button to shift downward
        - Press the [square] button to fire torpedo
        - Use the radar sensory map to coordinate your attacks          
   o Once ready to battle the enemy submarines, choose the middle
     choice to sit in the seat.  Finally, choose the 2nd choice
     to engage.
   o After defeating the red submarine, you will soon learn that
     the Shinra corp have obtained the last huge materia & taken
     it to the Rocket village.      
   o Your task now is to head towards the Rocket village, stop the
     Shinra army & obtain the huge materia #4.
[Tip!] - Before heading out to the Rocket village, board the submarine
        & search the ocean depths for the red submarine that you sunk -
        you can obtain the 3rd huge materia.  
      - Although optional for now, there is also the shell key that
        is hidden within the depths of the ocean cavern.  There is also
        another sunken submarine, where you can obtain several useful
        artifacts.[13.]---[ Rocket Village - Huge Materia #4 ]
   o Upon arriving in the Rocket village, head towards the rocket -
     prepare to battle against Rudo (of the Taaks) and the shinra       guards.
   o Head to the main control room.
     You will soon learn that the Shinra corp had planned to
     use the huge materia incased within the rocket against the       meteor.
   o As the rocket heads within a collision course towards the
     meteor, you must now obtain the huge materia #4 -
     Enter the passcode required to release the huge materia.      
[Tip!] - The passcode consists of pressing 4 buttons on your
        controller pad.  You must input the correct sequence of
        buttons.         Passcode:  [Circle], [Square], [X], [X]
   o Upon boarding the airship, Red XIII will suggest going to the
     cosmo canyon & talking to Boogen-Haagen.
NOTE: If you have not obtained the huge materia #3 from the sunken
     submarine already, do so before going to the cosmo canyon.
[14.]---[ Cosmo Canyon ]
   o Head to the Cosmo Canyon and talk to Boogen-Haagen.
     It will soon be decided to head towards the shell village,
     where Aerith had confronted Sephiroth.  Boogen-Haagen will
     insist on joining you on this particular mission.    
     Cloud will leave all four huge materias within the room.
[!] - In approaching each huge materia, you will be given choices:
        Top Choice -> View the huge materia closer.
     Middle Choice -> Leave the huge materia alone.
     Bottom Choice -> Leave room & head down.
[Tip!] - Each huge materia represents a specific type of special materia.
        In order to obtain the special materia(s) formed from each huge
        materia, you must have "mastered" or obtained the required
        materia orbs.         HUGE             MATERIA
        (color)  |    PRODUCES     |  REQUIREMENTS      
         Blue    | Bahamut Eishiki | Must have Bahamut materia &
                 | Materia         | Bahamut Kai materia
         Yellow  | Master Command  | Must have all 13 command materia  
                 | Materia         | at "master" level
         Red     | Master Shookan  | Must have all 16 shookan/summoning
                 | Materia         | materia at "master" level
         Light   | Master Mahoo    | Must have all 21 mahoo (spell)  
         Green   | (spell) Materia | materia at "master" level
        Note: Come back to this room whenever you are ready to obtain
              the special materia from any one of the huge materia
              and have met the specific requirements.
   o Upon boarding the airship, head towards the shell village.
[14.]---[ Shell Village ]
   o Head within the left side cavern of the shell village -
     a sequence will take place.
Note: You will need to have already obtained the shell key, located
     within the depths of the ocean caverns.
     (You soon learn that in time it will be the planet that will
      decide the very fate of all life, whether to be healed by the
      mystical "holy" of the white materia or to face the utter
      devastation of the meteor...
      Within the carved ancient writings, it is revealed to you of
      a "key" and a "orugouru".  Boogen-Haagen will then suggest to
      use the shell key that you had found within the depth of the
      ocean - as a result, it will release the mystical waterfall
      revealing an image screen interface...
      Cloud soon becomes to realize that Aerith had known all along
      what had to be done...and at the cost of her very life...)
   o Upon leaving the scene, Cloud will receive a call from the other
     characters (Cait Sith), informing him of Rufus' (president of
     Shinra corp) intentions to use the Jenon canon to destroy
     Sephiroth, with the power released from all the makoro of Midgar.      
   o Leave the shell village & head towards Midgar.
     A sequence will follow - the "Weapon" has risen & approaching
     Midgar!  Head towards Midgar & wait nearby the shores to confront
     the "weapon".           A CG sequence will follow.
   o Head towards the crater within the glacier mountains -
     another sequence will follow.  
     (Within the midst of the uprising from the damage inflicted upon
      by the "weapon", overwhelming the stability of the makoro complex
      in Midgar, the scientist Hojou places Midgar in further danger,
      overloading the makoro & planning to use its energy for his own
      twisted purposes with Sephiroth...)
   o And so, your task now is to head back to Midgar & stop Houjou.
[15.]---[ Midgar : The Battle Within... ]
   o Head towards Midgar - before dropping down to the surface,
     you will be prompted to choose if you wish to change your
     member party.[!] - You will be given these choices:
        Top Choice -> Yes : Change your member party characters.
     Bottom Choice -> No : Leave the member party as is.
   o Follow Cait Sith - talk to Cait Sith when you are ready to
     battle your way through the underground complex & tunnels,
     leading to the Makou Canon.  
[!] - Within the underground train tunnels, you will eventually
     be confronted by the Taaks (Leno, Irina, & Rudo).  
     You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Engage the Taaks in a battle.
     Bottom Choice -> Choose not to battle against the Taaks.
     (I will leave this option up to you)
   o Upon reaching near the makou canon area, prepare to battle
     against Haidekka & Scarlet and their massive robot.
   o Battle your way up towards the makou canon -
     you will soon confront Hojou, whom you will soon find out
     that he was actually Sephiroth's biological father during
     the Jenova Project - Prepare to battle Hojou.
   o After managing to defeat Hojou from engaging the makou canon,
     you will return to the airship once more, following with a
     sequence of conversational events.      
     (As it soon becomes clear that there lies only 7 days left before
      the oncoming of the meteor, Cloud insists for each character to
      discover & realize their true reasoning for fighting...whether if
      it is for the planet or for the future of all life...or...
      ...or rather is it for a personal reason?  
      And so, he asks that each person to return to their origin
      to make sure of their true reasoning for fighting, as he
      states that one cannot fight without realizing the true reasoning
      for one's actions...)  
    o Once everyone is found to surprisingly return, your final mission
      is set - to battle against Sephiroth to the very end...
[!] o You will soon be informed that DISC 2 has ended -  
     You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Save your game right now.
     Bottom Choice -> Do not save your game now.
EDITOR'S NOTE: And so, the 2nd CD of your epic saga has finally come to
              an end - the only thing left now is for your final
              confrontation against Sephiroth, in hopes of stopping
              the oncoming of the mystical meteor...
              As you will soon find that your journeys are almost at an
              end, perhaps you may want to consider uncovering the many
              hidden secrets & events that awaits you throughout ffvii
              before heading out to face your final mission -
              ...perhaps, breeding your own golden chocobo in order
              to obtain the infamous "Knight of Round" summoning
              materia orb...or perhaps mastering the levels of your
              materia orbs to gain the special "master" materias...
                             Well, what are you waiting for?!  
              Hurry up and place that 3rd CD into your psx!!  (^o^)
[ FFVII Walkthrough : DISK 3 ]
   o As the 3rd CD is primary reserved for your final battle against
     Sephiroth, here are some tips that may help you along your
     way to the end:
     - In battling through the inner caverns of the last dungeon to
       Sephiroth, the first two areas may come as a little confusing
       to get down to the bottom, as there are some areas of the screen
       that blend end well with the rendered background and may be rather
       hard to distinguish as accessable areas.
     - Within the depths of the inner caverns, you will eventually
       come across a point where all your characters will gather
       together to split into 2 groups.  Choose the specific characters
       you want to head either to the right path or the left path.          
     - There are many special materia orbs that are hidden throughout
       the inner caverns.  Here are some that you may want to espcially
       look for:
           o Command Counter : Enables character to counter enemy's
                               attack with the combined counter materia
           o Subete Zentaika : Enables all of character's materia and
                               attack/defense abilities to affect
                               multiple targets
           o Shield : Mahoo (spell) materia that casts a combination
                      of both "Barrier" & "MaBarrier" effect
           o HP Kyushu : Allows the combined mahoo (spell) materia to
                         drain a portion of the enemy's HP values as well
           o Save-Point Item : Allows you to create a save-point flag
                               in any location, allowing you to save
                               your game at the most critical point of
                               your journey.
     - When confronting Sephiroth, you will have the option of switching
       between the group parties between each round.  If your main
       group party is powerful enough, you will easily find that there
       really is no need to switch between the groups.
[ FFVII Info, Reference & Database Web Sites ]
 (FF7 Data Base Site) - NOTE: In Shift-JIS or EUC type jp font
 (FF7 Ultimate Faq) - NOTE: In Shift-JIS or EUC type jp font
 (FF7's World) - NOTE: In Shift-JIS or EUC type jp font
 (FF7 - Yusuke Factory) - NOTE: In Shift-JIS or EUC type jp font
o  (FF7 Homepage - Yukiyoshi Ike Sato)
 (Chocobo Walkthrough)o  (Miranda Cafe's FFVII)
o  (FFVII Strategy Guide)
 (Illucia, Final Fantasy V, VI & VII Web Page!) - Tatsushi Nakao
                     - [ REFERENCE SECTION ] -
[ MAIN MENU ]: The
control screen is one of the key elements
              in the game to which you must master in the course of your
              journeys - this includes some of the primal tasks such as
              equipting/customizing various materia orbs & weapons,
              configuring your game setup, using items, saving your game,
              and much MUCH more.  This is the main control interface that
              you live & breath by within this game.
            o There are 10 specific submenus within the main menu to which
              you must learn to master (from top to bottom):
   #1. [ Item ]: This will show you all the items you have obtained so far
                 in the course of your saga.  Note that this
                 submenu will also be accessable during battle sequences.
                 Within the Submenu, there will be 3 other
                     - [ Use ]: This is the default selection within your  
                                submenu, in which you can use the
                                various items/accessories.
                     - [ Lineup ]: This option allows you to customize the
                                   order in which your items are organized.
                     - [ Key Item ]: This selection window will show you
                                     all the "key items" you have obtained
                                     in the course of your journeys.  
                                     These key items are used during the
                                     important sequences/events in the
   #2. [ Magic ]: This will show you all the magic spells/abilities
                  your character(s) possess.  Note that the specific magic
                  spells are determined by the amount & type of materia
                  orbs the character(s) are equipted with.
                  Within the Submenu, there will be 3 other
                     - [ Magic ]: This is the default selection within
                                  your submenu, showing you all
                                  the spells your character(s) can cast.
                                  If you have the "Cure" materia orb
                                  equipted, you will be able to cast the
                                  spell to replenish your characters
                                  during the normal "travel" mode as well.
                     - [ Summoning ]: If you have any "shookan"/summoning
                                      materia orbs equipted, you will be
                                      able to view all the specific
                                      summoning spells your character(s)
                                      can cast.
                     - [ Enemies' Ability ]: If you have the "Enemy's
                                             Ability" materia orb, you
                                             will be able to view all the
                                             specific spells/attacks you
                                             have gained from learning the
                                             various enemies that you have
                                             battled against.
   #3. [ Materia ]: This will show you all the materia orbs your
                    character(s) are currently equipted with.
                    Learn to master how to best equipt the materia orbs
                    soon, as it will determine which spells your
                    characters will be able to cast and the level at
                    which the materia orbs will progress.
   #4. [ Equipt ]: This selection will allow you to equipt the various
                   weapons, armor, and accessories that you purchase/find
                   in the course of your journeys.    
              o--> Note that each weapon/armor has a specific attribute
                   in determining the amount of materia orbs it can
                   carry and in determining the level progression rate of
                   the materia orbs it carries.
                   As with the previous installments of the FF series,
                   the specifications for each weapon/armor will be
                   shown to you - use it to determine which weapon/armor
                   is best suited for each of your character(s).
   #5. [ Status ]: This will show you the current specifications your
                   character(s) are currently in - this includes the
                   basic stats of your character(s)' strength, magic power,
                   defense level, limit levels, luck, etc.    
   #6. [ Lineup ]: This will show you the order & setup in which your
                   characters will face against the enemies in battle.
                   This includes their positioning - as in whether the
                   character(s) will face the enemies from the front
                   row or the back row.                
              o--> Note that the character(s) positioned in the front
                   row will have greater attack/strength power but
                   will have decreased/lesser defense power.                  
              o--> Note that the character(s) positioned in the back row
                   will have greater defense/evade level but will have
                   decreased/lesser attack power.    
         [Tip!]--> As a basic strategy rule in your battle sequences,
                   have your lesser HP characters positioned in the back
                   row and the greater HP characters positioned in the
                   front.  Also note that the amount of damage/effect
                   from your magical spells have no relation with the
                   positioning of your character(s).
   #7. [ Limit ]: This will show you all the special "limit" attacks
                  your character(s) have learned in the course of your
                  journeys.  You will also notice that there are 4
                  specific "levels" categorized in the submenu.
                  Each character can only use a specific limit level
                  at a time.  (ie. Level 1 limit only)
                  In order to switch/set your character(s) to use the
                  other limit levels, you must choose the top choice
                  listed as "Set" and select the new level you desire.
             o--> Note that your character(s) must have learned the
                  new limit level attacks before you can set to the
                  new level.  So, what this means is that your
                  character(s) must first gradually learn the new limit
                  level attacks in order to use them -- until then,
                  the newer levels will be shaded out in your window.
   #8. [ Configuration ]: As with the previous installments of the FF
                          series, this will allow you to customize the
                          specific conditions of the game.
                          (ie. message speed, stereo/mono, cursor, etc.)
   #9. [ PHS ]: This will allow you to switch between the various
                characters within you party.  This can only be used
                at save-point flags and at the 3d land map mode.      
           o--> Note that you must first have MORE than 3 characters
                within your party in order to use the PHS.
  #10. [ Save ]: This will allow you to save your game. (duh)
                 You can only save your game at save-point flags and
                 at the 3d land map mode.
             - [ TIPS & TRICKS : SECRETS OF THE TRADE ] -
  Throughout your journeys within the world of FFvii, you will obtain
  various materia orbs that will bestow upon your characters the
  mystical ability(s) to cast magical spells, immunities from certain
  handicapp status, and various special attributions & effects.
  These materia orbs are specified within 5 categories:
       (1) Mahoo Materia (normal magical spells | color: lightgreen)
       (2) Shien Materia (support materia orbs | color: blue)
       (3) Dokuritsu Materia (additional abilities | color: pink)
       (4) Command Materia (additional commands | color: yellow)
       (5) Shookan Materia (summoning materia | color: red)
(1) - [ Mahoo Materia Listing - 21 total, 1 Special ]
#  |   MATERIA   |        SPELL(S)        |         LOCATION(S)         |
1  | Hanoh       | Fire, Fira, Faiga      | Wallmarket, Costa Del Sol,  |
  |             |                        | Mideel, Condor Fort, etc.   |
2  | Reiki       | Blizzard, Blizzara,    | Wallmarket, Costa Del Sol,  |
  |             | Blizzaga               | Mideel, Condor Fort, etc.   |
3  | Ikazuchi    | Thunder, Thundara,     | Wallmarket, Costa Del Sol,  |
  |             | Thundaga               | Mideel, Condor Fort, etc.   |
4  | Daichi      | Quake, Quara, Quaga    | Costa Del Sol, Kaamu, etc.  |
5  | Doku        | Bio, Biora, Bioga      | Costa Del Sol, Kaamu,       |
  |             |                        | Shinra 68th floor, etc.     |
6  | Jyuryoku    | Gravity, Gravira,      | Costa Del Sol, Mideel       |
  |             | Graviga                |                             |
7  | Kaifuku     | Cure, Cura, Regene,    | Midgar 5th area, wallmarket |
  |             | Curaga                 | Mideel, Condor Fort, etc.   |
8  | Chiryu      | Poisoner, Ethner,      | Gongaga village, Kaamu,     |
  |             | Regist                 | Arujunon                    |
9  | Sosei       | Raise, Araise          | Arujunon                    |
10 | Fuujiru     | Sleep, Silence         | Arujunon                    |
11 | Madowasu    | Confuse, Berzerk       | Cosmo Canyon                |
12 | Henshin     | Minimum, Dodo          | Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga vill, |
  |             |                        | Mideel                      |
13 | Jikan       | Haste, Slow, Stop      | Rocket village, Gongaga vil |
14 | Barrier     | Barrier, Mabarrier,    | Rocket village              |
  |             | Reflect, Wall          |                             |
15 | Shometsu    | Debarrier, Dispel,     | Condor Fort, Mideel         |
  |             | Death                  |                             |
16 | Ridatsu     | Escape, Dejon          | Rocket village              |
17 | Inseki      | Comet, Cometeor        | Shell village               |
18 | Fuuin       | Freeze, Break,         | Mideel (give "mimetto" food |
  |             | Tornedo, Flare         | to little chocobo) & choose |
  |             |                        | to pet chocobo's ear        |
  |             |                        | - refer to walkthrough 2CD  |
19 | Full Care   | Full Care              | Cosmo Canyon Item Shop      |
  |             |                        | - back room area            |
20 | Shield      | Shield                 | In last dungeon, upper left |
  |             |                        | area of 2nd screen          |
21 | Ultima      | Ultima                 | During North Corel village  |
  |             |                        | train event to get huge     |
  |             |                        | materia                     |
Sp | MASTER      | Every single materia   | You must have obtain all 21 |  
  | MAHOO       | spell listed in game   | materia orbs, all max level |
  |             |                        | and go to huge materia room |
  |             |                        | in Cosmo Canyon.            |
(2) - [ Shien Materia Listing - 13 total ]    
     NOTE: Shien Materia orbs must be used in combination with a
           normal mahoo (spell) materia in order to work properly.
           Make sure that the materia line on your weapon/armor is
           connected so that the shien materia can take effect with
           the mahoo (spell) materia.
#  |   MATERIA   |         EFFECT(S)         |        LOCATION(S)       |
1  | Zentaika    | Enables the combined      | Shinra 63rd floor        |
  |             | mahoo (spell) materia to  | "C" coupon, Condor Fort, |
  |             | effect multiple enemies   | Gold Saucer Snowboard    |
  |             |                           | arcade prize, Red XIII   |
2  | Zokusei     |                           | Shinra 62nd floor,       |
  |             |                           | Niburuhelm mountains     |
  |             |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
3  | HP Kyushu   | Enables the combined      |                          |
  |             | mahoo (spell) materia to  |                          |
  |             | drain HP points from      |                          |
  |             | enemy & added to chara    |                          |
4  | MP Kyushu   | Enables the combined      |                          |
  |             | mahoo (spell) materia to  |                          |
  |             | drain MP points from      |                          |
  |             | enemy & added to chara    |                          |
5  | MP Turbo    | Increases the spell power |                          |
  |             | & damage of the combined  |                          |
  |             | mahoo (spell) materia orb |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
6  | Command     | Enables chara to counter  |                          |
  | Counter     | enemy's attack with       |                          |
  |             | combined command materia  |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
7  | Mahoo       | Enables chara to counter  | Chocobo Race "S" Rank    |
  | Counter     | enemy's attack with       | prize                    |
  |             | mahoo (spell) materia     |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
8  | Mahoo       | Enables the combined      | Lower right small island |
  | Midareuchi  | mahoo (spell) materia to  | cave of map              |
  |             | be casted 4 times within  | - river chocobo required |
  |             | a single turn             |                          |
9  | Tsuedeni    | Enables character to      | Mountainous temple range |
  | Nusumu      | randomly steal item from  | of Ootai (Yuffie's home  |
  |             | enemy as spell is cast    | town)                    |
  |             |                           |                          |
10 | Tsuikagiri  |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
11 | Tsuikakouka |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
12 | Final       | Enables the combined      | Gold Saucer URA Battle   |
  | Attack      | materia to be casted      | prize                    |
  |             | right before the chara    |                          |
  |             | perishes                  |                          |
13 | Fuiuchi     |                           | Chocobo Race "S" Rank    |
  |             |                           | prize                    |
  |             |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
(3) - [ Dokuritsu Materia Listing - 16 total ]
     Dokuritsu materia orb will increase various specific abilities
     of your character's stats (ie. speed, strength, hp, mp, etc)
     simply by equipting these materia orbs.
#  |   MATERIA   |         EFFECT(S)         |        LOCATION(S)       |
1  | Tekiyose    | Increases character's     | Gold Saucer Battle Sqr.  |
  | (Type A)    | chance of encountering    | 250 battle points,       |
  |             | enemy battle              | Chocobo Race "A" Rank or |
  |             |                           | "S" Rank prize           |
2  | Tekiyose    | Decreases character's     | Gold Saucer Battle Sqr.  |
  | (Type B)    | chance of encountering    | 250 battle points,       |
  |             | enemy battle              | Chocobo Race "A" Rank or |
  |             |                           | "S" Rank prize           |
3  | HP Up       | Increases 10%-50% of your | Cosmo Canyon, Mideel     |
  |             | chara HP status           |                          |
4  | MP Up       | Increases 10%-50% of your | Comso Canyon, Mideel     |
  |             | chara HP status           |                          |
5  | Speed       | Increases 10%-50% of your | Gold Saucer Battle Sqr.  |
  |             | chara speed points        | 4000+/- battle points    |
6  | HP-MP       | Switches the HP->MP       | Upper right cave from    |
  | Irekae      | values of your character  | Corel - Mountain & river |
  |             | (ie. 999HP/9999MP)        | chocobo required         |
7  | Counter     | Enables chara to randomly | Niburuhelm mountain,     |
  |             | counter enemy's attack    | Chocobo Race "A" Rank or |
  |             |                           | "S" Rank prize           |
8  | Chocobo     | Enables chara to attract  | Chocobo Farm             |
  | Yose        | & encounter chocobo       | (sold by Gren-Gren)      |
9  | Kabau       | Enables chara to guard    | Wallmarket, garden of    |
  |             | & take the enemy's attack | Aerith's home in Midgar  |
  |             | to protect weak character |                          |
10 | Lucky       | Increases 10%-50% of your | Ancient Ruins            |
  |             | chara luck status         |                          |
11 | Sensei      |                           | Gold Saucer Battle Sqr.  |
  | Kougeki     |                           | 1000 battle points       |
12 | Keikenchi   |                           | Gold Saucer GP           |
  | Up          |                           | 2000 GP required         |
13 | Gil Up      | Increases amount of gil   | Gold Saucer GP           |
  |             | character get in battle   | 1000 GP required         |
14 | Enkyori     | Enables chara's attacks   | Mithril Mine             |
  | Kougeki     | from back row to do as    | - upper right area       |
  |             | much damage as from front |                          |
15 | Subete      | Enables all of chara's    | Cavern in heading        |
  | Zentaika    | materia & ability         | towards Sephiroth -      |
  |             | to affect multiple target | must tap button while    |
  |             |                           | jumping pass materia in  |
  |             |                           | order to obtain          |
16 | Magical     |                           |                          |
  |             |                           |                          |
(4) - [ Command Materia Listing - 13 total, 1 Special ]
#  |   MATERIA   |         EFFECT(S)         |        LOCATION(S)       |
1  | Nusumu      | Command allowing chara to | Kaamu                    |
  |             | randomly steal item from  |                          |
  |             | enemy                     |                          |
2  | Miyaburu    | Command allowing chara to | Kaamu, Arujunon, area 7  |
  |             | view enemy's stats &      | of Midgar                |
  |             | weaknesses                |                          |
3  | Nageru      | Command allowing chara to | Rocket village, Condor   |
  |             | throw any item in menu    | Fort, Yuffie's default   |
  |             | listing                   | item                     |
4  | Henka       | Command allowing chara to | Ancient ruins            |
  |             | temporarily transform     | (pyramid structure)      |
  |             | enemy/character           |                          |
5  | Hissatsu    | Command allowing chara to | Rocket village, Condor   |
  |             | randomly attack enemy     | Fort, Gongaga village    |
  |             | w/single devastating blow | (jungle area)            |
6  | Ayatsuru    | Command allowing chara to | Rocket village, Condor   |
  |             | randomly take control of  | Fort, Cait Sith's        |
  |             | enemy                     | default item             |
7  | Monomane    | Command allowing chara to | Far lower right cave     |
  |             | mimic another chara's     | region of Ootai island   |
  |             | attack                    | - mountain chocobo       |
  |             |                           |   required               |
8  | Renzoku     | Command allowing chara to |                          |
  | Giri        | auto attack enemy twice   |                          |
9  | Teki no     | Command allowing chara to | Shinra 68th floor,       |
  | Waza        | gain & use enemy's        | Arujanon, talking to     |
  |             | specific attack ability   | mountain chocobo at      |
  |             |                           | small house at mountain  |
10 | Zentaigiri  | Command allowing chara's  |                          |
  |             | attack to hit all enemy   |                          |
11 | W-Mahoo     | Command allowing chara to |                          |
  |             | cast mahoo spell twice in |                          |
  |             | single turn               |                          |
12 | W-Shookan   | Command allowing chara to | Gold Saucer Battle sqr.  |
  |             | cast shookan summoning    | 64000 battle points      |
  |             | spell twice in single     |                          |
  |             | turn                      |                          |
13 | W-Item      | Command allowing chara to | Bone Village random      |
  |             | use inventory item twice  | hakkutsu,                |
  |             | in single turn            |                          |
Sp | MASTER      | Ultimate ability to use   | You must have obtain all |
  | COMMAND     | all commands listed       | 13 command materia at    |
  |             |                           | max level and go to huge |
  |             |                           | materia room at cosmo    |
  |             |                           | canyon                   |
(5) - [ Shookan (summoning) Materia Listing - 16 total, 1 Special ]  
#  |     MATERIA       |                   LOCATION(S)                  |
1  | Chocobo & Mooguri | Chocobo Farm - talk to chocobo                 |
2  | Shiva             | Junon event - after saving Pureshia, she will  |
  |                   | give you Shiva shookan materia                 |
3  | Iifrit            | During ship voyage from Junon to Costa Del Sol |
  |                   | after defeating subboss, JenovaBirth           |
4  | Ramuh             | Right before the chocobo race, in order to     |
  |                   | leave the Corel Prison                         |
5  | Titan             | Inside the makoro of Gongaga village           |
  |                   | - right after the sequence w/Scarlet           |
6  | Odin              | Inside the safe of the house in Niburuhelm     |
7  | Leviathan         | Yuffie's event in battling through the 5 level |
  |                   | of challege at high temple in town of Ootai    |
8  | Bahamut           | Ancient ruins (pyramid structure)              |
  |                   | - after defeating subboss red dragon           |
9  | Bahamut Kai       |                                                |
  | (Giga Flare)      |                                                |
10 | Bahamut Eishiki   | The combination of Bahamut & Bahamut Kai       |
  | (Tera Flare)      | - go to the huge materia room at cosmo canyon  |
11 | Kujyata (Boar)    | Within the forest of the Bone Village          |
  |                   | - it will be moving around the screen          |
12 | Alexander         | Within the small ice island after snowboard    |
  |                   | event - after defeating the person within      |
13 | Phoenix           | Condor Fort event - after condor egg hatches   |
14 | Hades             | Inside the submarine within the depths of the  |
  |                   | ocean - after defeating Reno & Rudo            |
15 | Tupon             | The small mountain nearby the cosmo canyon     |
  |                   | - mountain chocobo is required                 |
  |                   | - mountain can be also access after defeating  |
  |                   |   Wepon (guardian flying around)               |
  |                   | - located up in tree within depth of forest    |
16 | Knights of Round  | Island located upper right region of map       |
  |                   | - Note: it is not marked on map                |
  |                   | - Note: ocean chocobo required                 |
Sp | MASTER SHOOKAN    | (Allows chara to use all shookan materia )     |
  |                   | Go to huge materia room at cosmo canyon        |
  |                   | - all 16 shookan materia required and maxed    |
o---[ CHOCOBO : Feeding Effects ]
   In the course of breeding/developing your own chocobo,
   it is important to know the type of plant food you feed it with.
   Each chocobo has various optimum levels in defining its speed,
   stamina, and agility - use the chart below to guide you in 1
   increasing your chocobo's various abilities...
    | Kizaaru      |   X   |    X    |         |
    | Karakka      |       |         |    X    |
    | Tantaru      |   X   |    X    |    X    |
    | Pasaana      |       |         |    X    |
    | Kuriie       |   X   |    X    |         |
    | Mimetto      |   X   |         |         |
    | Reigen       |   X   |    X    |         |
    | Shirugisu    |   X   |    X    |    X    |
o----[ Kamedouraku Flyers : Find all 6 flyers and.... ]
    - #1 : Midgar Area #5     - #2 : Midgar Shinra Building (1st floor)
    - #3 : Gold Saucer (hotel lobby)
    - #4 : Cosmo Canyon (next to weapon shop)
    - #5 : Cosmo Canyon (nearby inn)
    - #6 : Village of Uutai (Yuffie's house)
o----[ CHOCOBO : Breeding Special Chocobo ]    
    Breeding these "special" chocobo are only necessary in order to
    access the various secret/hidden islands & caves that require
    chocobos that have the special ability to travel through rivers,
    or mountains, or ocean, or even all three combined.
    Below is a chart of breeding the 4 specific special chocobo...
Mountain | Green   |    "sugoku ee" + "sugoku ee"    | Karabu
         |         | or "ee" + "ee"                  |  
River    | Blue    |    "sugoku ee" + "sugoke ee"    | Karabu
         |         | or "ee" + "ee"                  |
Mountain | Black   | Mountain Chocobo +              | Karabu
+River    |         | River Chocobo                   |  
Ocean    | Gold    |(Mountain + River) Chocobo       | Zeio
         |         | + "Sugoku ee"                   |
NOTE: The "breeding combination" refers to the status of the chocobo.
     Upon catching a chocobo, you can talk to Gren-Gren at the
     Chocobo Farm to find out the status of that chocobo.      
NOTE: When combining 2 chocobos, remember that you need to have
     "osu" (male) and "mesu" (female) chocobos in order to breed
     the new chocobo. (Duh)
NOTE: For other reference information on chocobo breeding,
     here is a recommended web site for detailed chocobo info:
     [ ]
o----[ "Chocobo'kuru" Attack : "Learning" Procedure ]
 - NOTE: You must have the "Tekino Waza" (Enemy's Ability) materia
         orb equipted on your character prior to proceeding.  
 (1) Find/encounter a chocobo at level 16 or 36 (level in increment of 4)
     You can find out the level of a chocobo by using the "Miyaburu"
     (scan) materia orb.
 (2) During the battle, give the chocobo the "Mimetto" plant food to
     insure that it will not run away.
 (3) Cast the "Lv4 Jibaku" (one of the "tekino waza ability" spells)
     onto the chocobo.
 (4) After casting the "Lv4 Jibaku" spell a few times, the chocobo
     will counterattack with the "Chocobo'kuru" attack.            
 (5) Now you will have learned the "Chocobo'kuru" attack ability! (^o^)
o----[ Obtaining the "Master Mahoo" Materia ]
 - In order to obtain the "Master Mahoo" materia orb, you will need
   to first master the 21 other materia orbs prior to proceeding.
 - Here are the 21 materia orbs you must first master:
   (1) "Kaifuku"         (11) "Fuugiru"       (21) "Ultima"
   (2) "Chiryu"          (12) "Henshin"    (3) "Sosei"           (13) "Jikan"
   (4) "Hanou"           (14) "Barrier"
   (5) "Reiki"           (15) "Shoometsu"
   (6) "Ikazuchi"        (16) "Ridatsu"    (7) "Daichi"          (17) "Inseki"
   (8) "Doku"            (18) "Fuuin"    (9) "Jyuryoku"        (19) "Full care"
  (10) "Madowasu"        (20) "Shield"                        
 - Upon mastering all the levels for each of these 21 materia orbs,
   go to the Cosmo Canyon and head to the astronomy room, where the
   4 "huge materia" are.  
 - You will then obtain the "Master Mahoo" (master magic) materia orb!
o----[ "Ultima Weapon" ]
- Towards the end of 2nd CD through 3rd CD, you will encounter and
  battle against the "weapon" from time to time.  
- Eventually, after many confrontations with the "weapon", you will
  defeat it and receive the "Ultima Weapon" for Cloud!  (^o^)
o----[ "All 7 Fever" : 7777 Hp Damage per hit! ]
 - This is a temporary status of any one of your characters
   whose hit point attribute values at exactly 7777.
   If & when your character(s) are under the "All 7 Fever"
   status, that character(s) will automatically engage
   in a berzerk-like mode, instantly attacking the enemy
   repeatedly until it has perished, inflicting 7777 damage
   points for every hit.  In short, the "all 7 fever" status
   will elliminate the enemy regardless whether if it is a
   dark dragon w/5,000 hps or a boss character w/100,000 hps.
   Its potential collective damage is infinate.|
   However, once the battle round is over, that character's
   hit points will be depleated to 1 hit point and needs
   healing immediately.
   Once healed back to 7777, the "all 7 fever" is once more
   initiated in the next encountered battle sequence, and    
   the process is repeated.
   NOTE that this status is in fact TEMPORARY, as once that
   character gains that next level upgrade, the total hit point
   attribute is altered, and so consequently - no more "all 7 fever"...
o----[ Tip on getting more Gil & GP ] (submitted by Tatsushi Nakao)
  - Need more money?
    Try selling a zentaika materia orb (at "mastered" level)
    for 1,400,000 Gil.     - Need more GP?
    Sometimes, there is a person standing in front of the house at
    entrance of Gold Saucer.  He will sell GP for Gil - you can buy
    maximum of 100 GP for 10,000 Gil.  Try going in & out of the
    Gold Saucer until he shows up.
                         T       H       E                
                     E           N            D

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