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Echo Night I

Gambling Tricks
Version 1.0
Written by Winston Avalon

This is not a full walkthrough or guide to Echo Night, but rather just
the hint for winning the casino part of the game. If you want a full
walkthrough, then this is not for you.

Q:Why win the casino?
A:You will need to free the 3 soul in order to obtain the 2 extra
 good endings.

When you first run out of the doctor's office, you will notice that
there is no light in the corridor and there is a ghost waiting for you.
You can run to the casino ahead... but if you need to run around often,
it is better to have the light on your side...

A lot of people have problems finding the light switch. If you ask the
casino guy, he will tell you it's somewhere else. OK, I will tell you
how to find it. At the casino door, keep going down and you will see the
door to the Cinema. And there are lots of constellation light panels...
You should try to visit this place near the day, but no in the day cos
you will not find the switch. When the ligh bubl light up, look on the
left row of panels... ( while facing the Cinema door ) and you will
notice the 2nd or 3rd ( can't exactly remember... ), there is only 1
light bulb on it and there is actually another that is not light up.
Well, you found that switch!

Anyway, that is enough sidetrack, on to the casino...

There are 3 games here, the slot machine  ( which is not neccessary to
play at all, unless you have not enough chips, but it's not easy to win
at all ), Roulette and Blackjack. You will have to play and win Roulette
before you can play Blackjack.

Before you begin, you should exchange all the claim tickets to chips.
You can also pick up one more in this room. Try to gather about 85 or so
before you start.

If you have 85 chips, you should have no problems at all. Before you
start, make sure you save game in the Doctor's office, cos, even this trick is
not 100% ( 66% to be exact ). Winning Roulette, you need to
gather at least 100 chips. So, you place your chips on (1,2,4,5),
(7,8,10,11) and so on covering 4 numbers and don't overlap them. Place
9 chips on each. This way, you will cover 66% of the board and thus 66%
chance of winning. If you hit ( high chance ), you will have about 120
chips and you win Roulette in one round. The guy at the door will tell
you to play Blackjack when you quit. If not, then you should reload and
try again.

This one can be tough. I realised that when I bet 10 chips all the time,
I am likely to loose. I wondered if this was programmed in... Anyway,
I used 5 chips later on and it becomes very easy... Maybe if you are
betting big, you should consider smaller....

Anyway, there is no such win trick for this, however, I got some general
advise. When you opponent has a covered card, it is likely to be of value
10. Therefore if she has 8 and you got 17, you should try to hit cos it
is likely she will get 18. So, in general, you should at least get higher
then she value card by 10. Also, don't try to push you luck too far. The
chance of gettign a value 10 card is pretty high, so if you got 18 or 19,
you should stop unless she has a showed value of 10 already, but even so, you
can take a chanc that she may not have another value 10 card. Also,
in general, anything below 17 has no chance of winning and it is not likely for
her to bust herself. When she got low value card like 2,3 or 4,
you should be careful because she can be quite lucky most of the time and
does not bust by getting a value 10 card...

Anyway, that is a whole lot of stuff, but there is no sure win for this
one. You get 2 chance to play with her... After which, you will have to do
everything all over again.

Some of you may know that I am the webmaster of PSXCS ( and
it has not been updated for a long time.
Well, I am really getting very busy with my studies these days and I really
don't think I can continue to maintain it... But that doesn't mean I stop
playing... I will still play and post some FAQs or something on
other boards like GameFAQ etc. But it is unlikely that can continue my site. So,
here I am asking if there is anyone interested to take over the
site from me. Because it already has quite some hits and found in many
search engines, I feel that is will be wasted if I just close it. If you are
interested, mail me and I will give you the details.

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