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                       E C H O
                      N I G H T
              Walkthrough by Jerrold Ng
                     Version 1.0


Chapter 1 : Henry's House
Chapter 2 : Orpheus Upper Deck
Chapter 3 : The Drunks, the Twins and the Deep Dark Hole
Chapter 4 : A Doctor's Guilt and a Mother's Love
Chapter 5 : The Story of the Stones
Chapter 6 : Crea and the Crewmates
Chapter 7 : It Ends


ECHO NIGHT is definitely not your ordinary game. Rather
than focusing on action (which every other game seems
to be doing lately), this one focuses on puzzle solving,
a type of game that hasn't really existed since the old
days of the PC gaming (which was, what, last year?).

The game itself has it's charms. The graphics are really
good, and the entire environment of the haunted ship is
very well done. The sound isn't spectacular, but there's
some bits where the audio can really spook you out.
Speaking of spooking, this game unfortunately doesn't
have much scares for a horror game - it has it's moments,

But the problem with the game is that it's extremely
short and somewhat easy. Other than a few really hard
puzzles, most can breeze through this game in under
five hours.

Overally, this game is not really a keeper, more like
a good rental. But it is fun while it lasted, and that's
all that really matters, right?

Alright, lets get on with it!



Chapter 1 : Henry's House
Your adventure begins! There's nothing dangerous
here at all, so you should take the opportunity
to practice the controls of the game. Once you've
done enough practicing, leave the room you're in.
Look around the ruined hallway; in one junction
there's a winding key on the floor. Now enter
the only other door available, then go to the
grandfather clock. Use the key you began with
and then use the winding key. A passageway will
open. Hold down the circle button for awhile
to crouch. Then crawl into the little space
and you'll automatically look at the book on
the floor. After that, you'll get spirited
(literally) off into the pass.

Once you regain control, chat with the guard
and the youth sitting down. Now leave the
cabin and enter the next one. By the way, note
the ladder on the side. Chat with the old man
and the young girl. Then, leave the cabin
through the way you came in from - you'll bump
into the youth you spoke early to. Go back to
the cabin you began in, and take the winch on
the floor near the guard. Now you can take the
ladder you saw before up; then head to the
trapdoor and use your winch. Watch the long
scene that unfolds, then go back down and enter
the cabin with the girl again - this time no
one is around. Now go to the end of the train
through the other door, watch another scene,
and then you'll leave the past.

Back to the burnt house. Take the red book,
then proceed down the staircase into the
little room. Look at the artwork and you'll
figure out what to do next, right?

[Solution] Easy.  Take the chair and put it
somewhere else, then position the statue of
the boy so that he faces the statue of the

After this, you'll get spirited off again,
this time into the doomed ocean liner Orpheus.

Chapter 2 : Orpheus Upper Deck
You'll meet you're first ghost, the captain
of the liner, the moment you arrive. He'll
lead you into the captain's room and tells
you not to leave the room. Look around the
room (check the drawers for a cure potion,
remember to move the chair first), then
go to the next room (bedroom) and the room
after that (toilet). Nothing much you can
do here, so ignore the captain's warning
and leave the rooms. Either way you exit,
you'll be attacked by a ghost girl; you'll
be saved by a mysterious voice who will tell
you that these ghost girls are afraid of
light. So, from now on, whenever you enter a
room, look for a light switch first!

First, go upstairs and look around. You'll
find a the ship control room - look around for
two cure potions, and note the sun plaque. then
check under the table for a metal handle. With
it, you can open the hatch (duck down first) and
get the important Ship Map. Outside, a lonely
ghost looking out by the sea, and another ghost
is in a in the dark room. Also in the dark room,
you can find a telephone to save the game.

The lonely ghost - in his past, you'll meet
his fiancee who has lost her engagement ring.
You'll have to look for it!

[Solution] Go to the merry-go-round and take
a ride. The entire area will light up; look
at the corners and you'll spot a bright light
on the floor. Once the ride is over, go to
that spot to pick up the hard-to-see ring.

Return the ring to the girl and watch what
happens. You'll get the ring back and return
to the Orpheus. Give the engagement ring to
the ghost and he'll leave; claim the astral

The ghost who's afraid of the dark - To help
him out, talk to him first and you'll jump
to his past and find out the reason for his
phobia. Get the glove to exit the past.

Once you're done, go back down to the lower
floor and enter the other doors - you'll be
in a hallway with two staircases going down,
a door and a fuse box. Here comes the scary
bit - enter the door opposite the fuse box.
You'll spot a girl ghost in the corner -
don't reach for the lights, they don't work!
Instead, rush to the left and pick up the
wire cutters, then get the hell out of there!
If you get injured, use a cure potion.

With the wire cutters, go back to the captain's
bedroom and cut the wires tying up the cupboard.
You'll find the comet book. Take it and you'll
zoom off into the past.

The medium - You'll be in an observation tower.
Go up the lift (press the button in on the side)
then look at the picture on the chalkboard.
Figured it out?

[Solution] Comet on the sun? Use your comet book
on the sun plaque.

You'll encounter the medium; from now on, you
can visit him every time you see a sun plaque.
He exchanges your astral spheres for holy water,
which prevents possessions and heal you slightly.
Also, in your first encounter, he'll give you a
blue, incomplete crystal. Remember the scene on
the train?

Once you're done, you'll return to the Orpheus.
Pick up the wire on the floor, then go back to
the fuse box you saw a couple of doors away.
Equip you glove, then put in the wire one the
empty fuse, then go back to the ghost who fears
darkness, and show him the light. He'll
gratefully donate another astral sphere before
he goes, and you can pick up the key he was
sitting on. Once you leave, you'll meet the
captain again, and he'll give up the ghost too
and you'll net another astral sphere. You can
trade them for more holy water if you want -
remember that there is a sun plaque in the
ship control room.

Now, return to the room with the fuse box.
Of the two doors below, one is blocked, and
one is locked. With now key, unlock the locked
door and proceed.

ON THE LIGHTS! They are on your right. There's
two doors here (forget about the staircases for
the moment) - one door leads to a steward ghost
who will refuse to let you pass - it's a dead
end here. The other door leads to a corridor with
a drunk ghost on the floor. That's where your
next major hurdle begins.

Chapter 3 : The Drunks, the Twins and the Deep Dark Hole
There are six rooms here and one locked one on
the other side of the corridor. Chat with the
drunk ghost to fins out about his artist friend.
His request is to drink his old friend's
concoction for the last time. Take the glass next
to him. Now, explore the rooms - the directions
are assuming that you are looking down the
corridor facing the locked door on the other end.

First door on the left - Notice the four sailor
dolls? Make a note of them, then look carefully
at the vent up on one of the walls. You can use
the step ladder to climb up onto the shorter
cupboard, then from there you can reach the vent.
Go inside and crawl all th way to the end of the
shaft, and pick up the sailor medal. Exit the
doorway and the room.

Second door on the left - This one is a cabin
belonging to the artist Ed Mooring. Read the
writings on the table.

First door on the right - leads to a bar. Look
at the artworks on the wall. Crawl behind the bar
counter and open the sliding doors to find a claim
ticket and four alcohol bottles with the pictures
of a man, an axe, a snake and a sword. Come on,
this one is easy! Try figuring out how to how to
concoct Ed's drink.

[Solution] Notice that one of the artwork belongs
to Ed (initials E.M.). The picture Ed drew had a
man carrying an axe fighting two snakes. Thus, to
make his drink, put one portion of the alcohol from
the bottle with the picture of a man, one portion
from the bottle with the picture of an axe, and two
portions from the bottle with the picture of a
snake. You may do this in any order.

Once you have Ed's drink, give it to the drunk and
he'll leave - take his Astral Sphere and the sailor
medal he holds.

Second door on the right - Nothing here. Really.

Third door on the left and right - These pair of
doors are part of a puzzle you have to solve. Talk
to the twin girls to find out just how well they
know each other - in the right door a demon ghost
will come out of the bathroom door - don't come any
closer or you'll end up as dead as both sisters.

[Solution] Notice that both the rooms are mirror
images of each other? And that whenever you open
one door, the other door opens? In the room without
the demon, put the heater in front of the bathroom
door. Now go to the room with the demon and tadda!
She's blocked too!

With that problem solved, talk to both sisters and
you'll get two astral spheres and two sailor medals.
Also, there's a cure potion in each of their rooms.

Now return to the room with the sailor dolls. Look
at the sailor medals carefully and put them in the
proper slots. The cupboard slides open and you can
enter the secret room. Talk to Ed and gain his
Astral Sphere as well as a brass key for the locked
door. Well, what are you waiting for?

Upon entering, you'll see a familiar girl ghost
again. Can't do much now - walk any closer to
her and you'll end up with a face-full of furniture.
Just leave and a boy ghost appears, and before you
know it, you're whisked off into a mine.

First up, you'll find yourself blocked. Go backwards
to find a mine cart and a lever. Hit the lever to
break the blockage. From here, you'll find an empty
mine cart and two levers, one stick lever and one
pull lever. The stick lever changes the tracks
while the pull lever sends the cart moving.

First, enter the cart, then hit the stick lever,
then the pull lever. Enjoy the ride! At the end,
climb onto the other mine cart and hit the pull
lever. Once you've reached the end, get out of
the mine cart. The puzzle here is to break the
gate using the mine cart.

[Solution] Hit the stick lever while standing
outside the cart. Now, hit the pull lever, and
after one second, hit the stick lever. If you
did it right, the mine cart will be sent
crashing through a wooden gate on the other

Proceed past the broken gate, climb past the
cart and go down the hole. You'll spot a digger
digging. Talk to the man, then try and take the
doll. Talk to the man again, and he'll break the
rock and find his daughter. Now take the doll
and you'll return to Orpheus. Return to the girl
ghost and use it the doll, then...

Chapter 5 : A Doctor's Guilt and a Mother's Love
First up, head pass the left door into a
bathroom and then a toilet - check the floor
here for a claim ticket. Then, return to the
formerly haunted room and take the other door.
Pick up the suit and...

You're now in the medical office. Save if you
want, then leave and talk to the ghost doc.
Check the drawers for some curing bottles, then
open the cupboard to zoom off into the doc's
past. Here, look around at all the stuff -
you'll irritate the (then living) doc if you
touch the drawers on his desk. He'll proceed to
push you out. Now, you'll be back in the medical
office. Wait a while, then the doc will say
"it's time..." and leave the room, and lock the
door behind him. Now go back to the past again
and check the drawers, he won't be around
anymore. Take the prescription and you'll be
back again. Read the prescription, then use it
and the doc will run out screaming. Now you can
leave the doc's office. By the way, you will be
injured by now; remember the gulp down a cure
potion before going out - you'll see why.

Go right and right again into the theater. Ring
the bell if you want. Open the counter and get
inside (there's a sun plaque, if you need to use
it), climb up to the projector area and take the
record from the shelf. in the next room talk to
the doc and pick up the claim ticket on one of
the sofas. Leave the theater. The door directly
facing you is a casino - you can use your claim
tickets for some games by giving it to the
manager. By the way, there's another claim ticket
on the floor near the roulette machine. Now go
to the nursery (the one other door you can go
to) and chat with the mother, who is looking for
her kid. Know how?

[Solution] Leave the room and look carefully at
the lighted wall panels near the theater door
to find a light switch. Then, head back to that
ghost in the hallway and you'll find the kid.
Now that you've freed the kid, you need to
unite him with his mother. Use the record on
the phonograph in the nursery.

Once you've united mother and child, take back
the record if you want. take the crown and use
it on the chest in the room to get a roll of
film and a gear. Now go back to the projection
room and give the film to the projectionist -
he'll give up the ghost; go back down and talk
to the doctor in the film room and you'll get
to watch the film...

Now that the doctor is satisfied, take his
astral sphere and the cabinet key. Use the
cabinet key on the only locked cabinet in the
doctor's office to get the antidote; use the
antidote on the pool of poison.

Chapter 6 : The Story of the Stones
Now that you have a formal dress, equip it
and go back to the stubborn steward - he'll
let you through, and then you'll meet with
Arthur and Hilda Rockwell. After that scene,
you'll be sent to an ancient castle to witness
the story of the red stone.

Once you come back, Arthur and Hilda will
ask you to find three plates similar to the
one on the their table. Take the plate, then
leave and go to the door behind where the
steward used to stand. Switch on the lights,
then look at the crow's back. Use your gear to
make the crow divert the woman's attention, then
switch on the lights behind her. You should then
take back the gear you put into the crow. Now,
behind the woman are two doors. Go through the
right one if you need a sun plaque, otherwise go
through the left door, and then again through
the next door you find.

In this new corridor, you can save the game.
Here, the middle door is a dead end, but the
other two doors lead to male and female locker
rooms which in turn lead into a common swimming
pool area. Check the male lockers for a claim
ticket and the female lockers for a cure potion,
then head to the swimming pool area. Enter
either doors on the other end (doesn't matter
which, both lead to the same place) and talk to
the boy. Take the eye on the floor next to him.
Now open the hatch nearby and descend down to
the floor below. First enter the door on the
left to meet the worried servant; fit your
gear in the parrot to relieve her stress. Now,
look at the broken plate below the parrot.

Graveyard - Look at tombstones here -
particularly the three nearest to you when you
appear. Look at the wordings and the symbols
on the back. Now enter the fenced area and look
at the plaques. Got the puzzle yet?

[Solution] Hit the plaques in this order assuming
you count from left to right - 2nd, 1st, 3rd.

Once you've opened the grave, climb down the
staircase and follow the path down. Here's the
fun part - once you've reached the junction, go
left. You'll meet old William, and he'll show
you how to open the gate. Follow his 'exit' and
you'll reach a familiar-looking dead body.
Examine it to get the pendant. Now William will
try to kill you. Run past him and take the
plate off the wall, then go back to the junction
and go the other way (don't try to get back to
where you came in from). When you reach a gate,
remember how to open it - insert the plate, then
press the button. The next gate is a little
different though...

[Solution] Forward becomes backward? Try pressing
the button first, then put in the plate. Remember
to take the plate out when you're done!

Now that you're back on Orpheus, leave the room
you're in and try the other door. When the woman
appears, use the pendant to finally be rid of her.
Now you've got to solve the water pump puzzle -
look at the inscription...

[Solution] This is what the inscription should say:
1. Turn small valve
2. Turn large valve
3. Press button
4. Pull large crank
Each time you do the right action you'll hear a loud
sound signifying that you've done it right.

Once you're done, return to the pool and wait for
night time. Once the entire area turns red, put the
fish eye into the picture on the base of the pool.

The book - To get pass the librarian, simply duck
down and sneak pass her desk. In the next room, keep
examining different boxes of books to make the
librarian move away from his box. After he has moved
away twice, you can pick up the old book. After
returning, read the old book. Now return to the
dining room and talk to Arthur to get the kitchen
key; use it on the locked door in the same room.

Chapter 7 : Crea and the Crewmates
In the kitchen, talk to the man and use the elevator.
You'll meet your next demon, the ghost king. Stay as
close to the elevator as possible; he'll come nearer
and nearer, but once he get's way too close for comfort,
your father appears and throws on the light. After some
chatting, he'll leave. Follow him. You're now in a
pretty large area with a lot of rooms to explore.

The crewman's corridors - There's a watchman wandering
around the hall. Talk to him. Now go to the crewman's
quarters B (front corridor, 2nd door on the left). The
replacement watchman is here. You'll need to distract
him from his notes he's reading.

[Solution] Ring the alarm near the door by setting it to
12 o'clock. Quickly take his notes while he goes off to
switch the alarm off. He'll suddenly remember his duty
and leave the room.

When you return outside, the current watchman will 'take
a rest', and after that, the new watchman will complain
about the lighting problem. Now, head to the door
opposite to where you came out from. There's a workman
puzzling himself over the lockers. Your aim is to open
the fourth locker to read the code number. Here's a
tough little puzzle to solve...

[Solution] Of the lockers, numbers 1 and 2 can be opened,
but numbers 3 to 6 can't be opened. The solution of this
puzzle is this : Other than lockers 1 and 2, the others
can only be opened if the total numbers from the open
lockers equal it's own number. For instance, to open
locker 3, you need lockers 1 and 2 to be open (1+2=3).
Hence, to open locker 4, first open locker 3, then close
locker 2 - hence only lockers 1 and 3 are opened (1+3=4).
Locker no. 4 will open up.

The crewman in the room will then read the code number
to you and leave the room. Now follow him. When you leave
the room, go left and then take the right corridor, then
go through the door. Talk to him. You'll find out that
the code number doesn't work. Can you figure this one

[Solution] The numbers 1 6 8 9 are written upside down.
Turning them around gives you the true code 6 8 9 1.

Follow him again into the next room - he'll fix the pipe
blocking the way. Now you'll get a nasty surprise. Exit
through the nearest door and come back to avoid becoming
ghost food! Once you're back, enter the door opposite
the once fallen pipe to reach the breaker room - here,
switch on the only breaker that is off to return power
to the crewman's floor. Return back to the second
watchman and see him off. Now you can enter the two
remaining rooms in this hall - the bathroom (mistakenly
labeled the shower room) has a claim ticket on the
floor of the furthest stall; the shower room (mistakenly
labeled the port corridors) contain a cure potion in
the second furthest locker.

Now, go to either of the other corridors and take the
doors there. Follow the corridor into another T-shaped
area, this time with two doors. The left door leads
to a room with a sleeping ghost who is complaining
about the sounds from the radio room. Further into this
room is another room; nothing here except a curing
potion in a box in the corner and a sun plaque. The
right door leads to a radio room. You'll here someone
tapping in morse code when you try to open the door.
Once you enter, set the machines to 'BA10' (it's in the
notes you picked up in the crew quarters). Now you'll
have to hit the correct message on the telegraph.

[Solution] Notice the words CREA etched on the
side? Use the coding in the panel on the side.
If you're lazy, just input:
- . - . . - . . . -

You'll be handed a music box by that boy and
zoom off into a large cathedral. Go up the
stairs to reach the grand piano. Examine it,
play the music box and repeat the tune on the

[Solution] Numbering the white keys from left
to right, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and lettering the black
keys A,B,C,D,E, press the keys in this order:
2,3,4,6,E,6,5,4. No problem right?

After playing the tune, a trapdoor will open
under the alter below. So what are you waiting
for? Once you meet Crea, play her the music
box. Then she'll give you an earring and send
you back. Now give the earring to the boy to
finally free his spirit at last - you'll get
another plate as a prize. One more to go!

Go back to the person complaining about the
sound from the radio room. He'll finally get
some rest - the eternal type. Now that all the
crew mates have left, you can return to the man
in the kitchen - note that the kitchen lift
doesn't work anymore, so you have to find an
alternate route. In the corridor linking the two
T-shaped halls (the one with a savegame
telephone) there's a door leading back up to the
main passenger hallway. From there, return to
the dining room, then the kitchen. Talk to the
man and he'll leave with his other mates, and
leave the fourth and final plate.Now leave and
note that Arthur and Hilda have both left the
dining room. Go to the staircase room (the one
with the crow) and they'll be there. Insert the
plates and they'll be freed for good. Now enter
the door into the private quarters.

Chapter 8 : It Ends
There are four rooms here each with it's own
theme decor. Don't try the double doors on
the other side yet or you'll regret it.

Forest room - Another daughter of William is
here. She tells you to meet Crea in the room
opposite hers. It's locked, so she tells you
to talk to Jack (yet another son of William's
ever-growing family tree). Nothing else in
this room.

Water room - There's a clock key and a cure
potion here if you look hard enough.

Fire room - Jack Rockwell, another son of
William, haunts this room. There's a claim
ticket on his bed. Show him the picture and
he'll tell you how to open the door. Well,
do what he says - go to the locked clock on
the side of the prohibited double doors and
adjust it to the bird symbol. That will allow
you to open Crea's room.

Sky Room - You can only get here once you've
unlocked it with Jack's help. Here, examine
the castle drawing then use it to zoom back to
the ancient castle. Go out to the castle
balcony and examine the king's body and you'll
get a cameo. You'll get to use it real quick
as soon as you leave the room!

Now that the final ghost is out of the way,
you can enter the dangerous double doors.
Here you'll meet William Rockwell himself.
He'll tell you the truth about Crea, and
you'll zoom off into the past. Here, pick up
the bullet on the table and then watch the
scene. You'll ultimately pick up the other
half of the blue stone. Once you return,
you'll see that William Rockwell is dead.
Go back to Emilia in the Forest room and
she will go for eternal rest herself.

Now head back to the crew floor (down the
stairs from the passenger hallway), to the
corridor with the savegame telephone. The
entrance to the engine room is here for
your final showdown. Save the game before
you go down.

Go down the stairs,look at the sheet on the
wall and heed where the valve and the key is
located, and how to overload the ship. There's
a cure potion on the floor here. Now enter the
engine room.

First, head to the very end of the ship.
You'll witness a spectacular scene, and
then after that, Crea's voice will tell
you to light up the area. It isn't all
that hard...

[Solution] To do that, you'll need the valve
and key. Here, William's ghost will be chasing
you all over the place - nothing quite like
working under pressure, eh? Rush up to
the front end of the ship (as front as you
can go, anyway) and take the valve from that
room (look carefully at the floor). Then
go one room back and climb down the staircase.
Here, use the valve on both fuel tanks. Then,
from this room you can enter a door that leads
you to the room with the piston key. With that,
go back to the two piston rooms and use the
key on either emergency piston locks.

Once the area lights up, go back to where the
red stone is located. Use the blue stone on
the red stone...

Ending 1 - Wait until the time ends without
heading to the front of the ship. This one
is a rubbish ending where you are never seen

Ending 2 - Rush to the front of the ship, back
to the room where you picked up the valve.
You'll meet Crea and she'll whisk you away.
Back at the old house, you meet the police
officer who tells you to leave the place. So
go leave the house and watch this scene...

Ending 3 - ??? Anybody care to help?

Congratulations, you've won ECHO NIGHT!


- Myself for slogging through
 this game.
- From Software, for making such a weird game.
- Agetec, for bringing over such a weird game.
- Mark Androvich
 for helping me out in some sticky bits. His
 even better walkthrough is out in PSExtreme.

  ECHO NIGHT is a copyright of AGETEC and From Software

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