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                            DINO CRISIS (NA)

Title  :                     Dino Crisis (NA)                
By     :                          Kenny
E-mail :         

This is my fifth walkthrough, and this walkthrough is my own walkthrough.
So don't try to COPY IT and submit this walkthrough at another game link and
give it YOUR NAME on it. My walkthrough is personality use.

Oh yeah, don't forget if I'm Indonesian, so please let me know if there
are a wrong letters, ask me if you don't know my meaning in this walkthrough,
after that I will answer you at your E-mail address, and I'm sorry of my bad

If you want to use this walkthrough as your own walkthrough, don't try to go
out of my path at this walkthrough.

Now, you can read my walkthroughs. They are : T.R.A.G, Soul of the Samurai,
Shadow Madness, and Dino Crisis Japanese version.

You can read this walkthrough and my other walkthrough at these sites too :

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T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

I    Version
II   Basic Control
III  Complete Walkthrough
IV   Secret
V    Game shark codes
VI   Special Thanks    

This Document is Copyright 1999 Kenny


Version 1.0: Contains little walkthrough
I make this walkthrough at : 8:02 AM 10/7/99

B A S I C  C O N T R O L

This basic control is use B type (like Resident Evil).

Directional Pad :   Move your character
Square :            Run
Circle              Pick, choose option and check item
X :                 Pick, choose option and check item (usually use this key
Triangle :          Go to character's screen
R1 :                Aim
L1 :                None
L2 :                Turn 180 degrees to left
R2 :                Turn 180 degrees to left
Select :            Option
Start :             Pause
Press Start to skip most of the animation.

C O M P L E T E  W A L K T H R O U G H

First, you'll see if you have massages in your mail; After that, you'll
see very very good CG movie (usually I call it FMV). Okay, keep your good
work CAPCOM !!!!

Now, you'll see an event, that Regina (your character), Rick and Gail are
talk a little about this facility. After that, you'll at Backyard of the

| Backyard of the Facility |

Items : Recovery Aid and An. Aid
Enemies : None

After you split with Rick, go up and you'll meet Gail and you'll see event.
Now continue up, push the center box and pick up Recovery aid. Go back to
Gail's position, enter the Material Storage (the door at your right).

| Material Storage |

Items : BG Area Key, Resuscitation
Enemies : None

Go on, take BG Area Key. Go back a little and go right; Push the shelf and
take Resuscitation. Exit and back to the place you were spliting with Rick
just now.

You'll see event. Gail will take your BG Area Key. After the event, press R2
and enter the door (The Backyard).
There are three doors here. Choose the top one (Passageaway to the Backup

| Passageaway to the Backup Ganeretor |

Items : Med Pak M
Enemies : Raptor (later)

Follow the path till event. Check the dead body for Med Pak M. Follow Gail
and enter the door beside Gail.

| Backup Generator Room 1F |

Items : None
Enemies : None

Go on your way, there is a puzzle. Rearrange it with this arrangement :

Red, Green, Blue, White

In other words, choose : Right, Center, Right

Now press the switch at your right. Exit. On the way back to Passageaway,
you'll hear Gail's shot, Gail's voice and a Dinosaur's voice.

| Passageaway to the Backup Ganeretor |

Items : None
Enemies : Raptor

Go on a little, see event. There is a RAPTOR !!! Run as fast as you can,
don't kill that Raptor if you can, because you don't have to back to this
place later.

After you reach The Backyard, the Raptor will jump above the FENCE !!! Go
enter The Backyard of the Facility. The Raptor want to jump above the fence
again, but this time the fence is to high for it.

Now you'll call Rick, if Gail was attacked by a dinosaur. Rick doesn't
believe it and call it a good joke. Go enter the room that Rick entered it
just now.

| Office Hallway |

Items : None
Enemies : None

Follow your way till you hear a Dinosaur's voice. Ignore it for now. Go on
till you find a Ventilation Opening.

| Piping Check Passageaway A 1F |

Items : None
Enemies : None

Go follow the path and go down at the first ventilation opening to Control
Room Hall

| Control Room Hall |

Items : 9mm Parabellum
Enemies : None

Go on down (don't enter the door), right and take 9mm Parabellum. There is an
E-Box near 9mm Parabellum. This E-Box is for save your items here. There are
three colours E-Box. There are :
          Green --> You need a plug ==> Usually it's healing items
          Yellow --> You need two plugs ==> Usually it's mixing items
          Red --> You need three plugs ==> Usually it's ammoes
Enter the sliding door to Control Room.

| Control Room |

Items : None
Enemies : None

Just see event, then exit this room.

Enter the door that I told you to ignore just now.

| Management Office |

Items : Shotgun, DDK input "H", a plug, Panel Key 2 (inside the
       password box : Entrance Key and Resuscitation)
Enemies : None

Take Shotgun, DDK input "H" and a plug. Then press the red switch. It'll
become green. Then you can read the E-mail if you want to. Go to the right
side of this room. WAOW !!! There is a dead guy here. Take Panel Key 2 beside
the corpse. There is a Password Box. Ignore it, just exit this room through
the other door.

| Management Office Hallway |

Items : None
Enemies : Velociraptor

Rick will call you if you can deactivate the laser beam now. Now, kill the
Velo. Enter the white door.

| Locker Room |

Items : DDK code "H", An. Dart M and Recovery Aid
Enemies : None

Take those items. They are scattered in this room. After that, read the blue
book. It's a Journal of the Guardsmen. There, you'll find '0426'. Yes, it's
for that Password Box in Management Office. Exit and enter the password and
take Entrance Key and Resuscitation.

Exit, deactivate the laser beam and enter the door.

| Main Entrance |

Items : An. Aid 2x
Enemies : None

Use Entrance Key at the big sliding door.

| Front Area of Entrance |

Items : SG Bullets, An. Aid and DDK Code "N"
Enemies : None

Go right and follow the path and take all items. There is "The File of
Personnel Changes". Read it if you want. I will give you the important one :

*Section : Third Energy Physics Laboratory
*Ragistration Number : 57036
*Name : Mark Doyle

Back to Main Entrance.

Take An. Aid (it's under the stairs). Then go to 2F Main Entrance. Push the
Box and take An. Aid, then enter the white door.

| Hall 2F |

Items : Hemostat and SG Bullets
Enemies : Velociraptor

Kill the Velociraptor, take all items, equip your shotgun with SG Bullets as
your ammo. Use DDK "H" at the machine beside the door (the door is near SG
Bullet). Enter 'HEAD' as your password. Enter it.

| Chief's Room |

Items : Panel Key 1, SG Bullets, Key Card L and DDK input "N"
Enemies : T-REX

You'll meet a survivor here. He'll give you Panel Key 1. Take all items exapt
Key Card L. Use Panel Key 1 and 2 at upper right corner machine.
Panel Key 1 --> Left
Panel Key 2 --> Right
Now you must enter a password. If you look the panel key 1 & 2 upside down,
you'll notice if it's  not a LEO and SOL word, but it's a number.
Key 1 ==> 705
Key 2 ==> 037
So the password is 705037. You'll receive Key Card L. On the way back, a
T-Rex is coming from the big glass. It'll eat the survivor (now he is dead)
and now it is coming for you.
Ok, for this T-Rex, I have two choice for you.

1. After it's try to reach you, it will pull it's head. NAH! that's only your
  chance to exit this room.
2. Use your SG Bullet to make the T-Rex is bored of you. You'll need 4
  bullets for it.

For the choices, there is higher and lower. I'll explain it one by one.
1. Higher : You don't need to waste your bullets to this T-Rex
  Lower  : You must becareful, 'cause if you wrong a little, it will eat you
           and the game is over (Game Over)
2. Higher : You don't need to worry Game Over, 'cause you shoot the T-Rex
  Lower  : You lose four bullets to this T-Rex

Now, after you are at Hall 2F, enter the room near where you find Hemostat.

| Passageaway to the Communication Area |

Items : None
Enemies : None

Enter Communication Antenna Room

| Communication Antenna Room |

Items : None
Enemies : None

Remember the slot for Antenna Activation Key. Read A Memo from an Antenna
Operating Engineer. There, you'll find a password and how to use DDK. Exit
and back to Hall 2F and enter the last room that you haven't entered.

| Lounge |

Items : Resuscitation and Handgun Slides
Enemies : Velociraptor

Kill the Velo and take Resuscitation. There is a note here, you can read it
or not. Use the password that you find it just now beside the shelf. You'll
get Handgun Slides. Use it at Handgun. Now your Handgun is more powerful.
In other words, you can use another bullets. Exit and go back to Main
Entrance 1F.

Go to under the stairs and Rick will call you. Now use DDK "N", and enter

| Elevator Hall |

Items : Plug and An. Aid
Enemies : None

Take plug near Red E-Box. Push the box near the dead guy for An. Aid.
Complete your map by checking the map near the dead guy. Now unlock the other

| Lecture Hallway |

Items : Plug
Enemies : Velociraptor

Deactivate the laser beam and enter the left door

| Office |

Items : None
Enemies : Velociraptor

Kill Velo, check all things here and use phone. Set hold to the telephone.

Go on your way, but becareful to Velo. If it is coming at you and it is near
you, press the green dot. It will use gas, and it will hurt Velo (but you
can't kill the Velo with this gas). Go on your way till you find a door to
the left. Take the plug first and now enter the door.

| Lecture |

Items : B1 Key
Enemies : Raptor

Take B1 Key on the bottom right corner table. After you take the Key, a
Raptor will come out from the ceiling and it will hit you by its tail. Now
you are having Danger scene. Tap all buttons and Gail is kill the Raptor for
you. Wow..., what a right time. After a little talk, go back to Backyard of
the facility by using Piping Check Passage away B 1F.

There, take Recovery Aid. After you reach Toilet, take An. Aid and exit this
room and go to Backyard of the Facility.

| Backyard of the Facility |

Go to the place where you find Recovery Aid. Use B1 key at the bottom left
corner from this place. Take An. Aid and go down.

| Backup Generator Room B1 |

Items : Plug and Startup Battery R
Enemies : None

Take Startup Battery R in battery charger. Go left, push the shelf and take
plug. Use Startup Battery in its place and rearrange to this arrangement :

Red, Green, Blue, White

In other words, choose : Right, Center, Left, Right, Center, Right

Then press the switch. Now Rick will call you. Then go to the Control Room.
But, after you reach Office Hallway, you'll have a danger scene again. Tap
all buttons. Then run as fast as you can to the laser beam, then activate it.
Now it can't reach you. Go to Control Room by passing Management Office, so
you can save your game, 'cause you will have two choices later.

| Control Room |

Event. Now you are having two choices.

1. Gail's idea : find more clue to find Dr.Kirk
2. Rick's idea : rescue another survivor

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