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Dino Crisis - Japanese Version Walkthrough

by Antonio Carlos
ICQ: 20487931

3.The story
4.The main characters
5.The walkthrough step-by-step

1. Introduction
This is my first walkthrough and I wrote it because I liked Dino Crisis a lot
and I know how difficulty is to get to the end of the game! So, some puzzles are
really hard to solve, and the only thing that made me a fortunate player was to
not give up NEVER! I hope this walkthrough may be helpful in some way... so..
Let's go!

2. Controls

Well, the controls are similar to the controls in Resident Evil japanese.
They are:
X button - hold it to run
square or circle button - action, use, pickup, talk, etc...
triangle - press it to access the menu. There you can see the items, your
equipped weapon, map, mix items, etc...
R1 - Hold it to aim and press square to fire
R2 - It's like a 180 degree turning
Start - pauses the game (including the timer)
Select - shows up the option menu, where you can adjust control, sound, display,
and reset the game

3. The story
Well, you start receaving a mail from your computer. It's about your mission.
You'll know about Dr. Kirk. He was known to be dead but it seems he's still
alive and he's located in an isolated land... there you go!

4. The main characters
Regina - you, a red-haired woman, sexy and good looking :)
Gail - initially Gail is your leader. He has gray hair and a very american
Rick - an excellent hacker/analyzer. He's the one who stands for the control
rooms in the game...
Dr. Kirk - He's the main character. Actually, he's your goal... You have to find
Cooper - Cooper disappears when you land... he is/was one of your partners...

5. The Walkthrough step-by-step

You start in the entrance of the facility. You, Rick and Gail. Gail will check
for guards while you talk to Rick. Then when it's all clear Rick will go to the
contro room while you have to follow Gail. Just when you have access to control
Regina, go to the corridor in the middle of the screen. You'll talk to Gail. You
see blood and the gate is kind of cracked... Gail tells you to continue
searching the area... Go up until you get to a locked door which needs a B1 key.
Just try to open it and then go back to Gail. Now go inside the green door. Go
to the left and get the key. To the right there's a thing blocking your way...
just keep pushing the directional button and Regina'll push it. You can get some
item here... (I won't tell about the supplies... just the necessary items, ok?).
Go out the door. Go down and left. Rick will contact you, he'll tell you about a
bad feeling... because there's no power in the area. Gail will talk to you. just
follow him through the door. Go to the door on your left now. Now go past the
way until you find a dead body... It looks like an animal bite him... (could it
be a dinossaur :D) Continue following Gail. Talk to him. He will tell that he'll
wait outside guarding the place while you check inside the door. Go into the
door. That's the power generator 1 room. Go into the other side of the room.
There are 2 environments. One is a glass one, the other is actually the switch
you have to pull to activate the power. Ok, look at the color of the switches.
You have to move the four molas ('molas' is what I call those colored things) in
order to match the color sequence. The order is: Red|Blue|Green|White

Question: How to move the molas?
The first option switches the first with the second mola. The second option
switches the second with the third mola. The third option switches the third
with the fourth mola. And the fourth option is like 'exit'

So, after you have switched them to match with the right order go into the four
switches and choose 'Yes'. All right! The power to the first floor is now ON!
Now go back outside... You'll hear some shots... Gail is in danger! Hurry! Walk
a little and... Oh no! Blood!!!! You see blood and what could it be? While you
think Gail has fallen in that opened gate, you'll see an animal. Watch out!!!
It's a dino!!! Just shot him and he'll die... Wow! That was close, huh! Follow
that blood-way and come back to the gate you came from and to that first one...
Rick will contact you asking about the situation... He doesn't believe that you
were attacked by a dino... but whatever, now you have to go to the control room
meet Rick. Just go into the door right on your front. As you walk along the
corridor you'll hear some noise... looks like we are not alone here... just
continue your way until you see a vent.. You cannot deactivate the laser right
now so go up the vent. Pass through the vent and go down the next vent... You'll
see a door behind you. DON'T go there (I don't even know if it's possible right
now) Go to the other side and enter the door on your right (that one with a
green light). Remember that place. You'll have to go back there a lot. It's the
Control Room. As you enter you'll see Rick analysing the computers (for a
change). Rick will tell you that the power to the underground area has not been
restored... well, let's go find the Dr. Kirk back again...

Go back to the corridor and to that door behind the vent... remember? Yes...
it's a save point. Everytime you leave that room, you'll be asked to save. Get
the DDK H key on the desk on the left. At the same desk, to the left there is a
box in which there's a key inside.. Get it. Do you see that little red button
blinking near the other door? Go and activate it. It'll turn the computer on. Do
you see a room with blood inside? Go there. Oh no! A dead body!... with a
identity card... Get that little yellow thing... It's VERY useful, believe me.
It's written LEO in it. Don't forget this! There is a safe in this place. The
code to access the safe is 0375. There's a key and supplies... Go into the door
with the button you've pressed... Rick'll contact
you and he'll give you access to deactivate the laser in this area... Watch
out!!!! There's a dino here! After killing the dino go into the opposite  
direction of the laser into a kind of brown door... You're now in a room that's
like an interrogatory room. Get the DDK key and the supplies if you need... Now
go back and deactivate that laser by pressing the red button... Go into the
double doors. A cutscene showing the place will play. Go into the entrance door
(the black one in front of the stairs). Go to the right of the screen because
you'll have to make all the way to get to the dead body on the left side... when
you get there you'll see a door, a paper, a dead thing and ammo for the shotgun.
This is worth gettin'. Look at the dead thing... there's a DDK key with him. Get
it. Now go back through the black door and to the entrance. Go upstairs.
there're some supplies... specially behind that thing on the wall... try to push
it. Give it a try! Enter the door ahead. Watch out! A dino! Kill him. Now enter
the double doors (the black ones in the middle of the corridor. Another dino!
Kill that thing! Go further and to a bar-like room. There's a safe here. The
code is 7687. You'll get an upgrade to your pistol. Go back through the black
double doors. Forget the other door on the back of the corridor... Go into the
door in front of the black double doors. (with an access thing on it). Use the
DDK key in the 'thing'. The password is HEAD. Enter the door... A survivor!!! He
doesn't know where Dr. Kirk is. He just gives you another identity thing. Now
it's the SOL identity. He dies... Make sure you saved your game. Get the DDK key
on the desk on the wall. Go into the panel on the right (the red thing that
looks like a box) and use the SOL on the first slot (the first option) and the
LEO on the second slot (the second option). Now there's a code... hmm... guess
what. What's the code? Think... it's a 6-digit code... You have two words SOL
and LEO... 6 letters... What about looking upside down the SOL and LEO words? It
would make 705 and 037 So, the code is 705037. Bingo! You'll now get the L-card,
which you'll only use far far away in the game... Now... AHHHHHHH! The KING T-
Rex! Hurry and shot as fast as you can! Well, after that scary thing goes away
and you get a little calm again... Go back to the stairs and down the stairs...
Go to a door behind the stairs... Rick will call you and tell you to go there.
Now the things get a little harder! I took some time to figure out the password
here but I'll tell ya. The password is NEWCOMER. Yipe! Enter the door and you'll
be in a room with a map, a dead body, an emergency box, an elevator and another
'thing' on the wall which has supplies... Also, there's a single door here... go
there and prepare your gun... deactivate the laser and... OH NO!!!!! Two dinos
at the same time! You have two options... Shoot them AND/OR press that green
button to give them a smoke... Well...
Before you continue... The door just after the laser is useless now... but you
can go there now and open the door on the other side to make a shortcut for
later use... continue your way past the dead dinos... Notice that there's a vent
here... It may be useful... but, continue on the corridor until you find a dead
body... he has a key. Get it. Enter the double doors, go to the end of the room,
to the left side and get the B1-key and... watch out!! another dino! But this
time Gail gives a little help! Now head to the control room again... You'll meet
Rick and Gail there. When you get to the control room, Rick and Gail will ask
you about news on the doctor. Gail tells you that you need to activate the power
on the underground area... So, remember that B1-locked door at the beginning of
the game? Your next goal is that door! When you pass through the B1 door you'll
see some supplies and a vent. Go down the vent. It's another power generator
room, just like that one you already went. This one has a door which is locked
by the moment. Go to the other side and to the glass with the molas and the
switches. Notice that one mola is missing. So, in this room there's a blinking
(in green) emergency glass box, in which is an emergency mola. Hmmm... Get it
and put it into the glass. Also, there is a supply hidden behind that thing on
the wall. Push it. Ok, the order of the molas now is: Red|Blue|Green|White. Go
into the glass and put the missing mola into the glass. Now, just like the first
time, switch the molas in order to match the color switches. Ok, now pull the
color switches and... power on! Ok, now Rick will contact you and say that the
power on the underground area is now ok. He'll ask you to come back to the
control room because he has something to tell you about... Ok, back to the
control room! But... WAIT! While you're on your way back to the control room, as
you enter the floor a dino will come from a glass. Shoot him! Ok, now continue
going to the control room... Look that now, instead of going up the vent and
making all the way you made before, now you can deactivate the laser and go
directly to the stairs room... Also, now you can get some supplies... back to
the control room... Now you have two choices: The first one is follow Gail and
go find the Dr. Or the second option is to follow Rick and go rescue the guy who
asks for help in your radio... he could be Cooper or Tom. I'll follow Gail
because both ways are the same thing but I prefer following Gail. So, choose the
first option. Now, go out the control room and make your way to where you've
never been yet. If you go to the left you'll see a door and a vent. Go to the
other side, to the right and you'll see a stair that leads to the underground.
Go! Also, as for a change, on the way you get some supplies... Ok, now you're on
the B1 area. Notice the blood... something's wrong with this place... could it
be Dr. Kirk's blood? OR his experiments? Go on and turn right (it's the only way
to go :D) What????? Little dinos eating a dead dino! What is this? C'mon and
shoot those little bastards! Ok, now enter the next door. Ok, now you'll meet
Gail. You'll also see Dr. Kirk! Finally! But he runs away, Gail goes after him
(and you too) but the gate closes and you didn't pass through the gate in
time... ohh! Now Gail contacts you and he says that Dr. Kirk is there, but how
will you get there? Through those elevators! But there's a tiny little
problem... you need an ID card with the right handmarks and the right code to go
into the elevator... ahhh, that sucks! Ok, continue your way to the bottom of
the screen and enter the door. Do you see that wood-like door? Go there! But,
wait!!! There's a dino in that gate in your right! But, don't worry... just keep
pressing buttons and you'll throw him to the wires and he'll be shocked! Ok, now
forget the double wooden doors. Deactivate the laser on your right. Now you see
a single wooden door and a normal door. Go into this normal door... Hey! It's
the power generator room 2! Hmm... that makes sense.. all of this area is B1,
the underground area. Ok. Now head back to that single wooden door. It's
locked... go into the double wooden doors (which leads to the same place, duh!).
Again, you see some supplies... and a dead, completely dead body! But don't lose
your precious time with it, it just explains (in japanese how to do something
about the DDK keys). Look the other wooden door, now you can unlock it from this
side... Just unlock. Ok, now go back all the way. Remember that place with the
little dinos? There's a door over there... go there. It's another save point. In
one of the desks there's an item... it's an ID card. Get it. In the box near the
door you've entered is another key. Get it. Your items now should be 3 keys,  an
ID and the L-key. If not, there's something you didn't read here. Now go out and
make your way to the 1F area (going up the stairs). Now go to the first save
point room (that one with a computer, and a dead body). Go through the other
door. Now you'll see the double doors which leads to the stairs room, a vent,
and if you go to the right you'll see that brown door (which you don't need to
go yet) and a corridor that you've never been yet... So, go there! Deactivate
the laser. Now you'll see a door with a red thing and a door on the right. The
door on the right is the bathroom. The only thing in that bathroom is a vent
which leads to that place where two dinos appeared at the same time, remember?
So forget about it and go into the door with the red thing. Notice that you'll
use your ID card to open it... Now, there're some items... a handmark scanner, a
key (in the box), and another DDK key. There's a computer here but it's useless.
Also, there's a yellow emergency box here which has some supplies. Now go back
to the elevator room (the double doors behind the stairs). Do you see that dead
body? Isn't he similar to the one in the pic on the ID card? Hmm... it's his ID.
So, use the handmark scanner on the body and answer Yes to the question. Go out
the single door and you should be in the 'EXIT' door. now, head to the next door
on the left of the screen. Now this place is useful! Go to the computer and use
the ID on it. The code is 46907. Now answer Yes to the question. Ok, you have
now a validated ID card. Go back to the elevator room and use the elevator...
Watch out!!!! A dino!!! (Well, the guys from Capcom don't miss anything :D) Ok,
kill that lizard and you'll notice that you're on the other side of the gate. As
for a change there're some supplies... Ok, but before you continue you need to
so something... Go back to the outside of the area, in the gates of the
beginning of the game. (exactly where you start the game, when Gail will check
for guards and you and Rick wait a sec.) There's a door in the bottom of the
screen. That's your goal. When you get to that area, Rick will contact you and
he'll say that he located the guy who asked for help but that was too late...
But anyway, Rick went to that door on the bottom... so go there. Watch out for
dinos here... There are two of them... As for a change, some supplies here
too... Ok, in the end of the area there's a double wooden door. Go there...
Ahhhhhhhh!! Flying dinos!!!! Quickly keep pressing buttons to escape from them!
You'll lose your gun, and when you land again quickly go and get it back. Run
for your life! Just to remind you, this is the elevator area. Ok, now there's a
strange door to the opposite side of the screen that you won't be able to go in,
you have to go to the normal single door on the other side. Get in there. As you
enter, you'll see a DDK key. Get it! Walk a bit more and you'll see a dead
body... he's probably Tom (I don't remember), which Rick was trying to help.
Near him there's another DDK key. Get it. Now go to the automatic door on the
left of the screen. Now go to the other door and... Watch out for the flying
dinos! Run to the other side of the screen and enter the door. Now, go down the
ladder. There's a B1-like card here. Get it. One more time, for God's sake,
there's a thing you can push on the wall that has some supplies... Now go to the
panels on the other side of the room. The puzzle here is: There're 3 pipes
(green, red and blue). There're 3 computers in each side, each side meaning for
each side of the screen. You have to connect the green pipes (the left and the
right ones), the red pipes and the blue pipes, but if you don't make it in the
right order it won't be possible. So, this is it:

  1     4
  2     5

  3     6

First you need to connect the red pipes.
On the panel, the first option is green, the second red and the third blue.
The fourth cancels. So, the order is:
3-red and 4-red. Now the green ones. The order is:
2-green and 5-green. Now the last, blue ones. The order is:
1-blue and 6-blue.
Ok, now the power is on.
Go back upstairs and into the door. Ahhhh! The flying dino will kill you!!
Quickly keep pressing the buttons and you'll throw him into the fan. Wow! That
was close... but watch out because there's another flying dino, so run and enter
the door on the other side. Go back through the automatic door and to the door.
Now, back into the elevator area. Go into the panel on the elevator and turn it
on by choosing Yes. Now that you have all the necessary DDK keys, go back to the
elevator room and take the elevator to B1 again and to that locked door. But...
going through the wooden doors won't be possible anymore... why? you ask, ok,
try going back that way... If you go through that way, you'll almost fall, so
quickly press the buttons to climb up again and go back to the elevator area.
You'll have to go down with the elevator. Just go to the panel and press the
action button. You're now on the other side of that two wooden doors place...
There's a vent on the floor, but you can't go in there yet... but, what to do if
the crates are blocking your way??? Just go upstairs. There is another thing on
the wall that you can push, which contains a hidden supply... go to the end of
the screen and to the panel. You'll now have to do one of the most headache's
things in the game: Move the crates in order to make your way possible to the
other side. Just use the B1 card and you'll have access to the panel. Now you'll
have to choose in which direction you wish the hook to move to. There's six
cards: right-2 (moves two times to the right), down-1 (moves down one time),
left-1 (moves left one  time), up-2 (moves the hook up two times), Hook (Hooks
the crate if there's one beneath the hook), and release (releases the crate if
the hook is on a position where there is no crate).
PS: Note that you can also keep a crate hooked without needing to release it.
Start this way:
1) up-2, left-1, down-1, hook. (go to the 'start' option to start the operation)
2) left-1, release
3) up-2, hook
4) exit
Well, this is not the only way, but is a simple way to make this works. Now go
downstairs and to the open way now. Go into on of the wooden doors (they lead to
the same place, so there's no right door). You know this place. You need to go
back all the way to the elevator room, by passing through the little dinos's
place and going upstairs. Just take the elevator and go to the locked door.
(don't worry, there is no dino in the elevator now!). Ok, now insert the DDK
keys in the access box and here we go again. This one's easy. The password is
LABORATORY (hmm). Enter the door. Pay attention now because there are dinos here
and a laser is blocking their way, so if you are lucky you can kill them without
needing to turn the laser off... Go through the double doors in your front
and... more dinos! Ok, in this room there is nothing to do but to pick up
supplies... go into the other door in this room. Guess what? More dinos! Well,
after killing them, deactivate the laser and enter the next door (a single door
to the left of the screen). There, get the DDK key, go to the thing on the wall
near the locked door... This time the 'thing' has a key... get it. Go back to
the corridor. Continue down and deactivate the laser. Go through the next door.
Next to you there's a box with a key in it. Get it. Get the drilling machine on
the red box. Go into the computer answer Yes. The code is 5037. This place is a
save point, by the way... Go to the door on the other side of the room...
deactivate the laser. You're now back into the double doors... Go there again...
Go back all the way to that door which has a locked door... now the locked door
isn't locked anymore. So... there! Look at the glass... There's someone dying
there! You have to stop the poison. Ok, here's what you have to do: The first
option is 1, the second option is 2 and the third option is 3. It's:
3,2,1,3,1,2,1,3,2. (if you kill the Doctor it won't make any difference. You'll
just lose some conversation, but will get the card. Enter the room and you'll
talk to that doc. After the conversation, he'll die and you'll get a card which
has the number 3695 written in it. Ok, get out... Ahhhh! A dino! Quick, press
the buttons to throw him into the poison room and poison him! Just press the 1
one time and he'll die. Now just leave the place. Go to that place with the
double doors... that one full of computer things. There is a main control
computer here, near the double doors. Insert the B1 card that you got from the
doc and the number... could it be the number written on the card??? What a
genius! The code's 3695. Ok, now another puzzle: You have to adjust the
environment to match with the sample. You can move two cells at a time. When you
move, those two cells will be on top of the others:
     N                      N               N stands for nothing
     C                      N               C stands for cell
     N                      N
     N                      N            
     C                      C
     C                      C
     N                      C
     C                      C
 Sample              Your environment

Counting from the bottom to the top, here's what you have to do: Move the cells
4-5, then the 1-2, then the 2-3 and the 1-2 again. Bingo! Ok, now you'll get
your B1 card again and a drawer will open. Go there! Use the B1 card on that
drawer. You'll get the R-card. Ok, now head to the save point room in this
area... that one where you got the drilling machine. Do you see a computer
monitor with two access switches, one on each side? Use the L-card on the left
access switch. Regina will call Gail to help her because this kind of key needs
to be put together with the R-card. So... Wow! A door! Now another password...
This one was hard to find but I did it! It's ENERGY. Ok, go inside the door. You
may wish to save... When you enter you see some kind of energy thing. Also,
there's a keyboard where you'll have to enter the sequence: beta-gamma-alpha.
You'll see that energy again... But you thought you would find Dr. Kirk in here,
but he's not here... ohh! For God's sake, EVEN HERE there's a supply thing! Ok,
just leave the room... What is this? Emergency Alarm has been activated! All
doors locked!! Kirk is a fool, isn't he? Ok, go into the thing in front of the
red box. If you try to do something there Regina will say some japanese things.
I figured out that those japanese things were the drilling machine's time to
appear! Use the drilling machine and you'll be in another puzzle... You'll have
to move the pieces, turn them to the right position in order to get the pipes to
be EXACTLY like the sample. This one is a pain in the ass! But I'll give you the
sequence and how to make it work: I'll call square A, square B and square C for
the three squares you have to move. Just do this and you'll go on... Square A:
keep it in that position. Square B: move it ONE time to the RIGHT position.
Square C: move it ONE time to the RIGHT position. Now put them in this order:
Square C, Square A and Square B. Bingo! Now the emergency system has been
deactivated and Rick will call you and Gail. He'll tell you that there're many
dinos and it's danger to go on... but Gail don't thinks like that. He goes. Now
you'll have to choose if you'll go with Gail or try to escape by another way
with Rick. Choose the second option (with Rick). Ok, now save if you wish and go
into the door you've just opened with the L-card and the R-card (the one you
were before the emergency has been turned on). Now go to the computer in the
other side of the room. Rick will contact you and he'll tell you that the
emergency vent can only be opened if you unlock the three codes. I can't help
with this one because it changes everytime you play. I suggest you write the
codes on a paper because it's kind of hard to memorize! The first one is easy.
There are six cards. The sequence will appear letter by letter. (There're 5
letters in this code) The second code is not that hard too. The card will apear
but with another blank one, just to confuse you. (There're 7 letters in this
code) In the third code, all the cards will turn and you'll have to look for the
LAST card to turn over again. (There're 8 letters in this code) Ok, now head to
the emergency vent. Guess what! Dr. Kirk is here! Gail will take care of him
while you go to the elevator in the control room... I think the only way to get
there is to follow the way Gail went and through the wooden doors, then to the
power generator room 2... In the control room... notice that Rick isn't here
anymore... Go into the elevator. When you stop you'll be in a room with
computers and a emergency box. There's also near the door, a box with a card in
it. Get it. Go out through the door and you'll be on a familiar place... Go to
the other side of the screen and to the door on the left... Now use the card you
picked up in the room before. Use it on the "Emergency" box. It'll prepare the
environment for the helicopter. Then leave the place... Now prepare your fingers
because a little friend of us will appear... yes! It's the T-Rex! Rick will call
you just in that time! You'll have to run to the end of the screen and to the
door (the one you were last time), and keep sweeping your body to keep being
bite from the T-Rex while Rick unlocks the door. Good luck! After you survive
that big giant dino, you'll enter that room again and you'll make contact to one
of the helicopter pilots which will come to take you. After that Rick will tell
you to go to the entrance of the place... (that black door in front of the
stairs in the beginning). Now you'll have more action! Watch out becase there
are flying dinos here now... you have to go to the blue door on the far left of
the screen. If you're lucky, you can escape from being attacked by the flying
dinos... so run for your life! (again). Now watch out for some friendly dinos...
there're two dinos in this corridor... When you reach the end of the screen
you'll see a blue double door and a single gray door. Go into the gray door. Ok,
now go up the ladder. There, in the end of the screen on the shelves, you get
some ammo. Go down the ladder. Go to the boxes area... look at those light-brown
boxes... they can and they MUST be moved to make you way to the other side...
Here's what you have to do:
                               |*|               |E|
                         |B|                |D|
                               |*|           |C|

A, B, C, D, E stands for the boxes... the *'s stands for boxes on the scenario.
Move the A box to the right. Now move the B box to the bottom. Now go into the
left of the C box and move the C box to the right. You should be at the bottom
of the D box. Move the D box to the top (one time is enough)... and bingo! Just
for a change, there're supplies here... Go into the double doors and prepare
yourself for a run! After the FMV sequence Dr. Kirk will escape and the T-Rex
will go get you! You'll have to go to the opened double doors where Rick is.
He'll tell you to distract the T-Rex a little bit more... keep running in
circles until Rick appears and calls you. After that you and Rick will go down
the elevator trying to find another way to escape... but the elevator stops...
something's wrong. Now you're on a place with some little dinos... After killing
the little dinos go into the right and enter the door. More little dinos! Watch
out because they come in both sides! Here you'll find a card with the letters EV
written on it... Get it. If you check the dead body you'll find some supplies...
Now go back to the main corridor and continue going to the bottom. Go into the
'01' door. You'll meet Rick and he has worked on the elevator and it's now
working. You'll be back at the elevator area (the first elevator area). You'll
go down to B3 look for Gail, but the elevator stops... now you're on B3. Now
familiarize with this place because you'll explore this place until the rest of
the game... Rick needs a new 'mola' because there's one broken in the energy
glass. Go into the single door near the B3 big door. There's an energy glass
here too... hmm... pick the one that Rick needs (just answer Yes to the
question). Also, if you wish you can go to the other side of the screen and push
the thing on the wall to find some supplies... Exit the room and go into the
glass where Rick is. Talk to Rick. He'll do the rest. Now power is on! Now go to
the control room here... (it's the other single door in this place). There's a
B3 II card here. Take it. Push the thing on the wall and get the key that is
hidden. There's a B1 I card near Rick. Take it too. Talk to Rick. There're
Emergency boxes here if you need... Go into the door on the left. It's a save
point here, so if you wish (and it might be a great idea, huh!) you can save
here. Now you'll be on a room with trucks and other stuff... Watch out because
when you go into the end of the corridor you'll see a dead body with an
important key, but... HEY! A strange dino! They're strong!!!! Watch out to the
box that will fall over you... Quickly press the buttons to escape but you'll
have to kill two of those different dinos! Well, now the box has blocked the way
to the key... Go into the gate near the ladder... kill the dino, get the key and
the B3 III card. This is the Arsenal Storage room. Remember this name. Go back
and climb the ladder. Climb the other ladder... Use the B1 cards in the panel.
Now you're on another panel with hooks like... Sorry, I can't help with this
one, because it changes everytime you play the game... But it's not hard... just
try to clear the TOP and the RIGHT sides. That's the way... Well, after you
finish that work, go get the key... it's a DDK key. Now exit the room. Go back
to the initial B3 floor. Go into the double doors at the right of the mola
glass. Watch out! There're two dinos here! Kill them and then proceed to the
next room. Check the dead body... it has a key. Get it. Go into the double doors
near the elevator. Watch out... there're two dinos here too... Turn right and go
upstairs. There's a dino here. There's a vent here, but DON'T go. Continue
through the door. Remember this place, you'll have to come back here later. As
you walk along the room, the emergency will be activated... Don't worry, just go
into the computer in front of the door and deactivate it. Also, there's a DDK
key. Get it. Go into the other side of the room. There's a computer (very
useful, by the way, but not now) and a dead body... there's a card near the
body. Get it. Also, in the boxes to the right there's a key. Get it. Exit the
room. Now go through the vent. When you get to the other side, go to the left.
The first door you'll see isn't accessable yet. Go through the next door. You'll
meet Gail. He's looking for Dr. Kirk. He just leaves.... There's nothing in this
room but supplies... Leave the room. Now go to the place where the vent is and
go down. Get the level C card and watch out because there will be a completely
crazy dino! Kill him! Get the level C card (you didn't get that time) and enter
through the C door. Get the DDK key in the table. Leave the place and watch out
for another dino... go back up the vent. Go back to the main room (the one with
the elevator, the double doors, a dead body and the PORT door). On the way Rick
will call you. He unlocks the access to a Level A door which is useless right
now, just go there to pick the key that is in the box. Go back to the main room.
Go into the PORT door and use the DDK key on the key access hole. The password
is WATERWAY. Get the key that's with the dead body... Rick will come and try to
open the door that leads to the exit. But... the radio of the dead body starts
to call! Now hurry because you need to save those people which were asking for
help! Don't forget to get the card that is in this room. HURRY! You have to go
back to the B3 main floor. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! The T-Rex!!!! Well, some people
died in the elevator... but to get to that place you need power, and the T-Rex
has cut some wires because of the shock. Now go to the glass and get a mola. Go
into that other glass (where you got this mola first) and put it back and make
the right sequence.  The right sequence is: Red|Blue|Green|White. Now you know
how to do it! Ok, power is back up again. Now go to the elevator outside the B3
door. There're three people dead here. Each one has a key. One has the PORT key,
another has a DDK-D key and the other has a single key. Now go back to the main
room. Go back to the PORT room where Rick is. Now it's time to get out of this
place! Oh-oh... a barrier. Dr. Kirk is smart, isn't he? That idiot... That
barrier is the third energy... Now head back to the emergency room (that one
with glass...). Go into the panel on the left. Use the B1 cards in each of the
holes and then use the panel with the code 0392. Ok, now here's another game...
Just like the other one, but in this one you have to put the four red cells into
the bottom of the second column and move the white cells into the second column
all lined up to be four white and four red. To move cells from one column to
another choose the second option. Ok, after you pass this little game, something
will be activated... now go out and save your game (if you wish). Go up the vent
and to the other side... You'll be in that room with a way to the left, right
and down. Now the access to the right way is possible. Deactivate the laser and
go through the C door. There's a dino here.. Kill it. Get the DDK D key. Also
get the key that is in a box on the corner. Go to the other corner and there
will be a safe-like thing. The code is 1281. There's an upgrade there. Ok, now
go out through the C door. Now, you need to go back at the emergency exit (in
the room where Rick is now), near the barrier is a DDK key. If you didn't get it
yet go get it. Now head back to the Emergency room. Now use the DDK in the lock
and open the door with the password STABILIZER. As you go through the corridor
you'll be powered by a force field. That's natural. Just continue your way. As
you pass the automatic doors, there'll be a door in front of you on the end of
the corridor and a locked DDK door on the left of the screen. Go into the DDK
locked door and open it with the password DOCTORKIRK. (hmm!). The next door is
locked. It's something about the 0392 code... Use the B2 II card on the green
lock. Now go and use the B2 I card on the next lock. Just go through the way and
to the door... you're now on the third energy base. Just go into the direction
that you're and press the button that is on the middle of the screen. DON'T go
there yet... continue on that direction and to the door... In the next room, go
up the stairs (the ones which are with the computers) and get the key (in the
box). Continue to the right and enter the door. There's another game which you
have to complete. It's another square like game. Here's what to do:
Again, I'll call square A, square B and square C.
Square A: Move it ONE time to the LEFT.
Square B: Mote it ONE time to the LEFT.
Square C: Don't move.
Now put them in the following order: B C A
Go back to the base room. Go down the ladders... You'll find a Level-B card
here. Get it. Go back up again... You can use the elevator to go to B3's main
room if you wish. Go back to the main base area. This time go to the other side
and you'll see a lift. Go down the lift. There you'll find a key in a box. Now
go back all the way until the door where you used the STABILIZER password... now
follow the way to the corridor and to the unlocked door. Guess what... you're on
that floor again!

Well, that's it for now... I'm a little busy right now, but I'll update with the
rest of the walkthrough as soon as I can. Trust me! Also, the Credits section is
not here yet... I'll finish the walkthrough before...
Well, as this is my first Walkthrough and my first release, I'll call it version
PS: I suggest you use MS Word for seeing this walkthrough...

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