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==the unofficial DINO CRISIS walkthrough/FAQ (English)

==by Cliq on EFnet

Table Of Contents
0.    FAQ Notes
     1. Updates
I.    Introduction
II.   Troubleshooting
     1. What does that first screen say?
     2. Hey! This is all Japanese! Someone told me it was English! What gives?
     3. I want to load my game, but aren't mod chips illegal?
     4. This game sucks. I want my money back.
III.  Game Introduction
IV.   Gameplay
     1. First Floor Generator Room
     2. Reaching The Control Room
     3. Say "Hello" To The T-Rex
      a. The T-Rex (T-Rex Strategy)
     4. Restoring Power To The Underground
0>>FAQ Notes
   I wrote this FAQ! Cliq! EFnet! It's all my work! No unauthorized reproduction is allowed,
but what am I going to do to stop it? Distribute this FAQ to anyone and everyone, but please do
me justice by leaving this little snippet of authentication intact. Thanks a lot, and I hope
this FAQ is everything you wanted it to be. PS: 50% of everything in this FAQ is a intelligent
guess; due to the fact that I can not read one word of Japanese. Everything is just as accurate
as any American can make it. If you aren't dense, this FAQ should serve you well. THIS FAQ WAS
CREATED USING INFORMATION GAINED IN "EASY" MODE. A "Normal" difficulty FAQ is in the making, so
please be patient. Correspondance:

  1. Updates

     07/01/99 - FAQ idea concepted, release date of Dino Crisis in Japan
     07/07/99 - Actual construction of FAQ begun

   Dino Crisis is the latest game from Capcom. If you didn't already know, it's considered to
be from the same genre as the Resident Evil series (also by Capcom), which is considered the
"horror-adventure" genre. If you are familiar with either of the Resident Evil games, you may
notice that Dino Crisis has it's similarities while remaining completely different. Gameplay
and appearance may look the same, but don't let that fool you. Rather than being located in a
Police Station/Haunted Mansion fighting against zombies, you are on an island fighting actual
DINOSAURS. The game itself is obviously built off of the Resident Evil engine and boasts many
improvements, both graphically and physically.

   Synopsis: Game is gewd. But there's a catch, see... The game hasn't been released in the
U.S. yet. It's official release date in Japan was July 1st, 1999; but thanks to modern
technology, more gamers have their grubby little hands on an imported copy of the game than
ever before. So in other words, if you can't play imports, you can't play Dino Crisis. (Until
November, when it releases in the States. heh.)

  1. Q: What does that first screen say?
     A: It may say one of two things. First; if you get a black screen with a red "NO" circle,
        that's Sony's way of telling you that you may NOT play foreign games on your console.  
        You need to get your hands on a Game Enhancer or a Mod-Chip. Second; if you get a screen
        with a doorway on it, with blood splattered on the concrete, that's just a now-common  
        message letting you know that "This game contains graphic violence and gore". In other  
        words, you have successfully loaded the game.

  2. Q: Hey! This is all Japanese! Someone told me it was English! What gives?
     A: Settle down, you weren't misinformed.. The Japanese import of Dino Crisis was finished
        with English voices, but japanese on-screen word displays. You will have to deal with
        this the best way you know how. You aren't 100% screwed just because you don't know
        Japanese; I don't know a word of it either.

  3. Q: I want to load my game, but aren't mod chips illegal?
     A: Technically, no. Let's just assume that you legally obtained a copy of the imported
        game and would like to play it on your US-bought PlayStation. That situation is
        perfectly fine. If you obtained a copy of the game by black market, theft, or other
        method(s), you would be illegally using a mod chip/game enhancer. Play at your own risk.

  4. Q: This game sucks. I want my money back.
     A: No, YOU SUCK. Give the game a shot, it is quite revolutionary and fun. Get ready for
        some of the goriest scenes to ever be seen in any video game in America, though.
        (Gutted humans, iviserated corpses, limbed deaths, Exposed internal organs, etc.)

    You are introduced to the game from Regina's perspective; the character whom you will be
controlling for the remainder of the game. You are shown an introductory screen in which Regina
(you) is checking her e-mail. She receives a message from a co-agent Tom, who describes how he
infiltrated the island's laboratory disguised as a researcher. You are informed of a
non-authorized scientist named Dr. Kirk, who is allegedly deceased. Due to the suspicion on part
of Dr. Kirk, you are assigned to find him.
    The next intro scene is a FMV of Regina, Gail, Rick, and Cooper readying to skydive from
a helicopter down to the island. Regina, Gail, and Rick land together, while Cooper is nowhere
to be found. Gail insists on leaving him. You are then shown Cooper's location, which is in the
middle of a heavily wooded area. Scared, Cooper attempts to find his way out, but is met with a
rather large lizard. Cooper == food.

    You reach the entrance to the island facility, and Gail decides to go solo. You talk to
Rick, and discover that Rick will be quite the hacker of the game.

  1. First Floor Generator Room

     You finally gain control of Regina. Feel free to get used to the controls; they are quite
similar to the controls found in Resident Evil, but if you are a big player of the series, you
certainly will notice the minor differences. The first thing you are going to want to do is to
head northeast, and confront Gail. You are shown a pool of warm blood on the floor, and a rather
large hole in the fence. Gail explains that since the blood is warm, then it is not only
recent; but the blood came from a fast, warm-blooded "person". Gail instructs you to further
investigate the area.
     Walk into the blue double doors right next to Gail to reach the Storage Room. Make your
way around the boxes to get to the back of the room, and walk against the gray shelf to push it
aside. Face the other 2 shelves to pick up a red health pack. This is used to cure one stage of
injuries. Walk to the adjacent wall of the storage room to another set of shelves, and pick up
the Gate key.
     Exit the Storage Room, and head southwest to reach the gate leading to the Generator Room.
you will receive a message from Rick, letting you know that he has found his way to the Control
Room. He also explains that it appears as if all the power in the facility has been "cut". He
asks that you make your way to the Generator Room to check things out. As soon as you finish
communicating with Rick, Gail appears from around the corner and takes the key you found. Mental
Note: Gail is a b*tch. Heheh.
     Gail will go through the Gate, so follow him outside. Go through the next Gate which is to
Regina's right (up-screen), pass crates, and follow the path. You meet with Gail once again, who
seems to be admiring multiple pieces of a corpse. Regina replies with a disturbing joke-related
comment, before Gail says that the person was iviscerated. Gail leaves the scene. Follow him.
     Talk to Gail at the end of the walkway; he will let you know that he will stand guard while
you take a look around inside the Generator Room. Open the door. You are now in the 1st Floor
Generator Room. Start around the corner to arrive at a panel on the wall, with 2 green blinking
lights. Push the O button to check it out. After doing so, make your way further down the hallway
to come to a dead end; you should see 4 colored levers on the side wall, with a glass panel
displaying 4 power sources resembling shocks on the adjacent wall.
     This is the first puzzle of the game, and is easily solved. Take note of the colored levers
on the side wall, you will need to know their colors from left to right. After memorizing the
color order, push the O button facing the glass panel to zoom in on it. What you need to do is
arrange the power sources in a way that they are coordinated with the colors on the side wall
levers. Simply put, the order is Red, Blue, Green, White. Once you are finished arranging the
shocks, push X or select the fourth option from the list. Turn right to face the levers,
and push O to pull them. You are asked if you want to pull the levers; select "Yes" if you are
finished arranging the shocks. The levers will drop, as will the shocks. If you successfully
arranged the shocks, the Generator will activate. If this is the case, exit the room. Otherwise,
keep arranging the shocks until you get them in the proper order. Once again, the order is Red,
Blue, Green, White.
     Before you get the chance to leave the Generator Room; you hear gunfire, as well as a
human's cry for help. Exit through the doorway to discover that Gail has disappeared. A new
bloodtrail is present, as well as an exceptionally large hole in the fence. As Regina is
investigating the gap in the fence, a special friend of ours is planning it's dinner. A Raptor
hops over the crates and right down in your face; and you are about to fight the first enemy of
the game. As all first enemies; this isn't exactly "hard" to overpass. As in Resident Evil; your
enemies are dead once you see them in a pool of their own blood. Once you buck the Raptor,
follow the line of blood around the corner. The blood trail ends at the lacerated torso of a
human male. Push O to pick up a Blue Vial off the corpse. Blue Vials are used in conjunction with
Darts, which you will soon pick up. Push TRIANGLE to access your menu; and take note of the "MIX"
feature. This is a new option in games of the genre; it is used to mix two items from your
"supplies" list (ammo/weapons are not mix-able), in which case mixing a Dart with a Blue Vial
would result in a Tranquilizer Dart. These are used with your shotgun.
     Keep on your path down the passage until you reach the gate that you came from. Enter it,
as well as the following gate that you've been through. You will get yet another call from Rick,
explaining that he has cracked the security, and the power is back online. Regina frantically
tells Rick about her situation, which Rick does not take too seriously. Regina has a potty mouth.
Anyway, Rick tells you to meet him in the Control Room, followed by an on-screen display of the
1st Floor interior map. The blinking red light is your destination; in this case, the Control
Room. The solid blue light indicated where you are presently located. Push X a few times to
return to the game, and walk forward to access the Hall Door.

  2. Reaching the Control Room

     Proceed down the hallway and around the corner until you reach a ceiling grate, which is
oddly on the floor. Regina will automatically take note of the grate; and you are asked if you
would like to climb up into the ventilation shaft. Select "Yes", since you have no other optional
pathway. BTW, whenever you see a grate/ceiling panel on the floor, stand over it and push O to
climb up into the ventilation shaft.
     In the shaft, run forward, around the corner, and past the first vent on your left. Turn
right and proceed to the next (and last) vent shaft. Push O and select "Yes" to descend down the
vent. Don't let the noise of 9" claws scraping the ground scare you... wait until "the zap".
Once you have successfully soiled yourself, proceed thru the beige double doors to the rear of
Regina. Regina will now look around as if something is wrong; which is obviously misleading. You
are now in the Main Entrance Room. Feel free to investigate anything you'd like at no risk. Your
destination is the single door at the far end of the room; but don't forget to pick up another
Blue Vial just to the left of the door. Open the door, pick up the Blue Pack, turn around, and
leave. If you are bored, give yourself a few zaps on the electric gate. It doesn't hurt.
      Ascend the stairway in the center of the Main Entrance Room. Run down the hallway and push
the large stone aside to reveal yet another Blue Vial. Continue down the hall and open the door
to the Second Floor Employee Hall. Beware of the Raptor who is in this room with you (listen for
the "footsteps"). Shoot it, and pick up the SG Shotgun Shells. These are the default shells for
the shotgun; you will later gain the Blue Shotgun Shells, which do a little bit more damage.
Take a second to inspect the doorway; you will notice that you need a DDK disc to access the
door. "DDK" is Dino Crisis' method of lock-and-key; as were Chess Plugs for RE2. Go left from the
locked door and enter the black double doors. You are now in the Second Floor Employee Lounge.
      As soon as you enter, draw your weapon to cap Barney. When he bleeds, turn your attention
to the left of the room. Pick up Darts. Feel free to mix the Darts with a Blue Vial now; if you'd
like the Poison Darts ready for later when you may need them. Personally, I never ended up using
them much; as they only knock out a raptor-sized dinosaur for a short period of time. Proceed
around the corner to the Bar Area of the Employee Lounge. Take a look at the yellow folder on
the bar, it explains how two objects are mixed. After reading, turn around to find a wall panel
which requires a 4-digit code. Don't waste time guessing. Leave the Employee Lounge.
      Turn left in the Employee Hall, and open the door at the end of the hallway. Instead of
proceeding down the path to Regina's left; instead go through the door adjacent to the one you
just exited out of. Examine the yellow folder on the desktop to get the 4-digit number you need
for the wall panel in the Employee Lounge. Take note of this number, which is 7687. On the next
page, you are told how to decipher the DDK code system. This elaborate yet simple process is as
  "To decipher a DDK code, you must subtract the letters contained in the KEY from the letters
contained in the CODE. An example would be:
   KEY    : "XYZ"
The result would be "OPEN"."
      If that made absolutely no sense to you, basically you just take the letters "XYZ" out of
"OXPYEZN". Take a look... you end up with "OPEN" as your password. Remember this well; it will
help you in the not-so-distant future. Now return to the Employee Lounge.
      Inspect the wall panel, and enter 7687. The wall panel will open, and you will receive a
gun tool. This specific tool adds the ability to your 9mm to discharge 40-S type shells. Now
leave the Employee Lounge.
      Exit the Employee Hall back to the Main Entrance Room. Descend the stairway, and turn
left. Enter the double doors, and ascend back into the ventilation shaft. Remember the vent that
you passed the first time through? You guessed it; descend down that vent. Run around the corner
to pick up a box of 9mm bullets; depending on how many bullets you've discharged to this point
will determine if you can pick up the box or not. Either way, open the dark metal door to enter
the First Floor Control Room.

  3. Say "Hello" To The T-Rex

     After meeting with Rick in the Control Room, you notice that some of the monitors aren't
displaying a transmit. Rick explains that those monitors are surveying the Underground Level, but
that there must be another Generator. Rick is 31337, BTW. Rick DOES tell you to "go after the Doc
first, and then worry about restoring power to the Underground Level, but this isn't the case.
You don't meet the "Doc" for a while. Exit the Control Room. Turn left and take note of the Green
Emergency Box on the wall. There are 3 colors of Emergency boxes; Green, Red, and Yellow. Green
typically holds health packs, Red contains ammo, and Yellow contains Poisonous Packs used to mix
with Darts for ammo results. These boxes DO require a "key", which seems to be in the form of a
spark plug. You will find many of these across the map. The good news is; once you open a
particular box, it's open for good. Plus, let's say that you just opened the 2nd Red Emergency
Box in the game. Not only can you access what's inside this box, but you can also access the
First Red Emergency Box and what you left inside of it, all from the box you just opened. NEAT.
      Since you currently have no spark plugs, you can't do anything to the Green Emergency Box,
so head back down the hallway towards the grate. Rather than ascending the vent, make sure of the
beige door. You are now in the First Floor Employee Office, which also serves use as a "save
room". In Dino Crisis, you have "save rooms" rather than typewriters (in RE series). There are
pros and cons to these "save rooms":
  PROS: unlimited amount of saves, not hard to find on map.
  CONS: rare locations make saving a hassle.
      To save your game in a save room, simply try to exit it through any doorway. You will be
asked if you would like to save your game's progress. Save rooms are marked by an "S" on your
      First things first; grab the floating, spinning object seen above the cabinet. This is a
DDK disc. the DDK system is explained in detail above. Head left and enter the File Room. Yuck.
Examine the corpse to pick up the first safe key, marked "LEO". If you are demented, push O to
zoom in on the corpse. So, I did it a few times.. it displays a man laying on his stomach, with
his ribcage exposed. What's the big deal? hehe. Take note of the large safe at the end of this
room; but don't bother with it at this time. Exit the File Room, and the exit the Employee Office
via the door on the opposide wall of the door of which you entered. Of course, since this is a
save room, you will be asked if you want to save your game. I recommend it. After saving, you
will exit the room.
      Once you get out of the Employee Office, you will receive a call from good ol' Talkin'
Rick. He informs you that the First Floor Control Panels are now accessable; meaning you can now
shut off the electric gates on the first floor. The red lights on the access panels turn to
green, letting you know that you can now edit them. Even though you can turn off the electric
gate to your right, don't bother with it yet. Instead, head right and enter the first beige door.
Oh yeah, don't forget to pump pump on the sneaky raptor that is waiting for you around the
      You should now be in the Locker Room. Before we do ANYTHING in this room, I'd like to make
this a VERY important point: take a look at the posters on the wall in this room. You can't
examine them in depth as you may be able to in other situations, but if your vision is as decent
as mine, you will clearly see what is on those posters. When you push O facing any of the
posters, something in Japanese shows up on the screen, but I have no idea what. If anyone would
like to e-mail me at explaining exactly what the Japanese says, please
feel free to do so. Otherwise, I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

(Question: you think those posters will be ported over to the American version of Dino Crisis?
      Now, grab the DDK located on top of the first set of lockers, then examine the blue
folder which is on the desk. It will give you a 4-digit code (0375) which is used on the large
safe in the Employee Office's File Room. There is something in the corner of this room which you
can pick up, but you shouldn't be able to get it now (since your inventory is full). Leave the
Locker Room... better yet, look at the posters a little bit longer, THEN leave the Locker Room.
Head back to the Employee Office, and look for a blinking pink light just to the left of you.
Located on the wall; activate this switch to turn on the Personal Computer on the desk behind
you. Read the information on the monitor to learn more about combining 2 DDK discs to develop a
password needed to pass some areas.
      The large safe in the File Room is now accessable. Push O to get an on-screen display of
a 4-digit punchcode. Of course, you will want to enter 0375; the number found in the Locker Room.
Grab the Main Entrance Helipad key and leave the File Room. You now want to head back to the Main
Entrance Room (huge room w/ stairway in center). You can get there the fastest by ascending the
ventilation shaft located directly outside of the door from the Employee Office, and going
straight in the shaft, then descending down the first vent. Turn around and exit through the
double doors to return to the Main Entrance Room. Head southeast to reach a set of black double
doors. You can now open them with the key you found in the File Room Safe. Push O once to unlock
the doors, and push O a second time to go through them.
       You are now in what I call the "Main Entrance Helipad" area. Since the Helipad is located
just past the large steel door to the left of Regina; I feel that this is a pretty accurate name.
Turn left and run around the greenery to reach this steel door. On the floor by the door, you
will find a box of SG Shotgun Shells, and another DDK disc by the blood-drenched arm (?) on the
ground. Inspect the red/white folder on the ground to receive a 5-digit number: 47812. You won't
need this number for a little while, so write it down somewhere safe. The arm (?) on the ground
also has something on it, but you cannot get it now since your inventory is full. Now, return to
the Employee Hall. You can get there by going back through the Main Entrance Helipad doors, up
the adjacent stairway, down the hallway and through the door. Remember where you found the Raptor
last time you were in this hall? Go to the door where he was. Now that you have the Code and Key
DDK discs needed for this door, you can decipher the password needed to open it. Just in case you
don't remember how the DDK code works, the password is HEAD. just take the letters "BCFGI" found
in the KEY out of the letters "HBCEFAGDI" found in the CODE. You will hear a noise indicating
that the password was accepted. You can now enter the Head Employee Office.
      Once entering the Head Employee Office, you discover a "survivor", although surviving is
the last thing that this guy does. He hands you another Card Key (Remember "LEO"?), but this one
says "SOL" on it. I found it funny that when Regina asked the dying doctor "what's this for?" he
replies with "I don't know". Not funny? You make the call.
      Turn towards the hutch on the left side of the room to grab some SG Shotgun Shells. Walk
behind the desk, and pick up the DDK disc on the shelf. Now, walk out of the Head Employee
Office and enter it again (this may not be necessary to accomplish what is about to happen, but
I had to do it). Walk on the right side of the desk a few times; and as mentioned above, "Say
"Hello" To The T-Rex".

    a. The T-Rex (T-Rex Strategy)

      The T-Rex could be a formidable adversary if you still don't know what you are doing in
the game yet. If you are playing in "EASY" mode, simply whip out your Grenade Launcher and toss
that bitch a few. But if you are playing in "NORMAL" mode; not only do you NOT have the grenade
launcher, the T-Rex also takes a lot more damage. In NORMAL mode, quickly equip your shotgun
with the Blue Shotgun Shells. Once out of the menu, take about 4 shots at the T-Rex. If you are
quick enough, the T-Rex won't have time to hurt you at all. When the T-Rex "roars", stop
shooting. Regina will duck down, and the T-Rex will get PO'ed and leave. Once in control of
Regina again, turn towards the wall on the right side of the room. use the two key cards "LEO"
and "SOL" on the small wall panel; "LEO" goes in the first slot, while "SOL" goes in the second.
You will now have access to a 6-digit numpad. But wait... where did we ever see 6 digits? You
did, but you may not have known it. The code is composed of "LEO" and "SOL"; but the card keys
that you inserted were actually upside down the entire time. You will notice that if you turn the
letters "LEO" and "SOL" upside down, you get "037" and "705". Combine the two, and you get
"705037". This is the code which will surpass the 6-digit numpad. You will receive a disk with
the letter "L" on it. You won't need this disc for a while; but hold onto it. Grab the disk. You
can now leave the Head Employee Office.

  4. Restoring Power To The Underground
      Your next destination is the double doors located behind the stairwell in the Main
Entrance Room. If you had checked them before; you would've noticed that you need 2 "DDK" discs
to access the door. Now that you have these discs, you can now open the door. Before you get a
chance to get to the door, Rick calls you again. He just lets you know that he got the shutters
by the entrance open, and that he saw something "human" flash on one of the monitors. He tells
you to go to the Screening Room (which is followed by an on-screen display on the map). That's
nice, Rick, but first things first: Push O on the small wall console next to the doors to access
the password screen.
      Since I have already gone into good detail regarding DDK passwords, I will just give you
the password which unlocks this door. The password is "NEWCOMER". You are now in the Waiting
Room. You may notice a Red Emergency Box on the far wall. Remember, that the red boxes usually
contain health; so if you are in no need of health, don't waste your spark plugs on it. That is,
if you HAD any spark plugs in the first place, heh. But wait, what's that on the floor to the
left of the Red Emergency Box? NEAT, it's a spark plug. Unfortunately, you need 2 spark plugs to
open one box, so you can't open the box yet.
      View the transparent map in the center of the room to get an updated First Floor map. Go
on the other side of the map and look on the floor to see another cute depiction of dino hunger.
Push the stone behind the map to reveal an item; but since your inventory is full, you cannot
pick it up yet. Now, unlock the door to the east of the room, and walk through it.
      You are now in the Main Information Hall. First, de-activate the shutters/electric gate
via the green switch on the wall. Head further down the hallway, and make your way around the
corner. You are now faced against two raptors; this shouldn't be too hard. Use your shotgun w/
blue shells to dispense of these critters accordingly fast. Once you are done with the raptors,
make your way further down the hallway. Follow the trail of blood to reach a random body part
lying on the floor. Push O on it to pick up another spark plug. HELL YEAH. Now, enter the double
doors on the left wall.
      Welcome to the Screening Room. Run forward down the path and take a left, pick up the
Copper Basement Key. Someone obviously has a problem with this; as a raptor busts through an
overhead ventilation shaft. After a little boogie on part of the raptor, you are faced with the
first "DANGER!" situation of the game. I haven't quite figured this out yet; but I DO know this:
If you just sit around and wait, you WILL be killed. BUT, if you mash buttons, you escape as
planned. So; mash every button you can find (besides those on the PSX of course). The raptor
gets your arm in his mouth, but also gets some bullets in his stomach thanks to Gail's oncoming
help. Regina rejoices at the sight of Gail, and they split up once again.
      The next thing on your agenda is to get to the Telephone Room. You can get here by leaving
the Screening Room, and following the hallway back from the way you came. The door to the
Telephone Room is on your right. First, inspect the orange folder at the end of the first desk.
It tells you about using an ID card in the computer. You don't yet have the ID needed to operate
the computer, so leave the Telephone Room by way of the other available set of double doors on
the opposite wall of the room. You will unlock them from the inside.
      Once you are outside; do yourself a favor by walking towards Regina's right (towards the
screen) and being suprised by a raptor. Switch to your 9mm and put a few bullets in it; it will
do the job. Once the raptor is taken care of, turn around and head down the the shutters/electric
gate and open them with the green switch on the wall. Go through the door, which leads to the
Main Entrance Room.
      Go straight forward in the Main Entrance Room; open the double doors. Unlock the shutters.
Take a shortcut through the Employee Office (first door on your left; covered in blood) and save
your game. Exit the Employee Office by the door on the opposite end of the room. Once in the
Hall, run forward and turn right at the corner. Enter the Control Room. You are met by Gail and
Rick, who ask for an update on your situation. You reply that you haven't seen the Doctor
anywhere, so Gail suggests the Underground Level. Exit the Control Room.
      Turn left, and pick up the 9mm ammo on the ground (if you haven't already). DON'T use your
spark plugs on the Green Emergency Box if you DON'T need any health (you shouldn't up to now).

THIS IS THE END - of the FAQ up to this point. Future updates WILL be made, but not at this point.
For any additional help that you may need; please check the walkthrough, or e-mail if what you are looking for is not contained in the walkthrough. Thanks!

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