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 Community Pom Walkthrough
  ver 1.0

I recently came upon this Japanese game around a week ago,
but have been too busy to actually sit down and play the game.

The game was worked on by "fill in cafe" and "witch switch team",
developed in 1997.

The game itself is *very* cute, and plays between a mix of Zelda
and Alundra.

As my Japanese is limited to the sounds uttered by Anime girls
being attacked by tentacles :), I will try my best to translate
the game into a semblance of english. If I mess up, email me with
the correction, as I love constructive critisism.

 ***  Controls ***

"Sandi" can  run when you press twice in any direction.
 attack when you press [] (square) :P
 hold [] for a parry spin, release for super hit
 use magic, or item when you press O
 bring up a map when you press R2
 R1 does nothing yet
 bring up character/item screen with L1
 L2 does nothing yet  
 pause by pressing start.
 X jumps
 /\ ? (triangle) searches?

*Note: you can't attack or use magic in town, yet.  

The Map is *cute*. What more can you say. Checking map shows you in
the town.
Getting used to the character/item screen takes almost no time.
To select the current item for use, choose [] on either magic,
item, weapon, Misc, or exit. Note the cute person on the right.

 *** Introduction ***

The game begins with a cute introduction, of a number of skulls
floating down from a moon, and landing in the general vicinity of
the "community", or the first village ( might be the only village ).
After landing, there are a number of screens which show a boy
being controlled by the skull, and shown some dark magic.
Next to these, are screens of a cute girl playing with 2 poms,
who reveal to her a magic staff.

Then some really catchy music comes on, showing pom walking with
the staff down a path. *cute*

 *** Start of Game ***

A farmer comes rushing into town, huffing and puffing, and tells
the villagers that he has been attacked by a large watermelon. The
villagers laugh at him, then the screen scrolls to the home of the
hero, let's call her "Sandi".

"Sandi's" grandpa tells her that she's the only hope for the
village, or some other RPG cliche. Then she leaves the house.

 *** Town  ***

The first town consists of a hospital in the northeast corner,
where the doctor will heal you, and the nurse will save your game.

There is a shop in the Northwest corner, where you can buy healing
potions, magic dust, and a green potion. You can also sell "meat",
which you find aplenty, as you defeat monsters outside of town.

There is a house in the southeast corner which will reward you with
a "card" if you snoop around.

A house in the Southwest corner has a village lady who yaks with
you, but does little else.

 *** People in Town ***

There is a wino in the northwest, living under a cardboard box or
hiding under a poncho. I have no idea what he does, but you meet
him in the second dungeon. Let's call him the "wino".

In the center of town, there are 3 girls sitting next to "Sandi's"
house, a gaffer, a kid with a butterfly net, a kid, and a lady.

Talking to any of them does a whole lot of nothing. Next to the
town square is the house with the card in it, just to the right.

I know its vague right now, but any help is better than no help.

 *** Watermelon Mission ***

First thing to do is to talk to the 3 girls hanging out next to
your place. They yak for a while, then disappear! Seems they
might be the some of the witches that you saw during the intro.

After they disappear, go and talk to the shopkeeper in the NW
corner of town, and see if you have enough money for magic dust,
or a small healing potion. Saying no to the shopkeeper will
result in "Yada Yada", meaning 'no'. *cute* Nevertheless, you
don't have the cash, so leave.

Talk to the "wino", he looks like me after a really good social.

Before leaving town, be sure to head into the house in the SE
corner of town. You can't miss it, it is the one with the sign
and the sheep pen. Snoop around the shelves, and take the "card".

After procuring the card, leave town. Just head south.

Outside of town, there are 3 types of monsters. There are bats,
which move in swirls, melons which roll left and right, and
pumpkins, which roll, and walk around.

After beating up 3 or 4 monsters, "Sandi" will level up. *cute*

To the south, there is a gate, and a sign which likely says, closed
until you defeat a boss. ( cliche! )

Anyway, from the sheep pens, head west, and there are two chests on
a rise you can't jump up to. *get them later* Head north now,
bashing the sparse monsters you come across.

Heading West, you head into a big area, with the same monsters.
Beat them up, then go North. You will come to a really big tree, and
a vampire that looks like an egg, or vice versa. Your attacks on the
'egg vampire' are fruitless, so head into the tree.

  *** Tree ***

In the tree, head north. There are two pits you can jump over, the
left pit blocks your access to a chest containing a potion of healing.
The right pit blocks your access to the basement. In the basement,
beat up a few monsters, then grab the two chests. One should contain
a magic book of fire, the other a potion or a sack of magic dust.

Go back up. Press the L2 button, and it might show you a map of the
current dungeon. Exit the map.

Now, head up the stairs to the left.

Upstairs, beat up the pumpkins and wolves, then grab the other chests.
There will be a cool item, which will summon a powerful syphinx to drop
meteors on your enemies. Save it for much later.

Exit the upstairs level by walking out onto a branch. Grab the chest.
Go into the character/item screen then arm yourself with the "fire"

Power up the magic book, by holding down the O button. After it is
fully charged, you will hear her exclaim somthing *cute*, then the
magic is available for use. Smash the egg/vampire with the magic fire
attack, and continue West. There are a number of chests lying around,
make sure to take their contents. Note that there are some steppes that
you can't jump up to yet. ( or ever, beats me ).

Head through the exit to the West.

 *** Watermelon ***

This has to be one of the goofiest bosses I've ever seen, on any console.
A worm jumps down, and bites eyes and a mouth for the watermelon, which
then animates, and attacks you.

Using a comination of the fire attack ( which will NEVER run out, just keep
powering up by holding 0 ), and fast butterfly net attacks, you can quickly
beat the watermelon. The worm will fall out, then you can quickly finish
the watermelon.

After the watermelon withers into nothing, step on the worm on your way
North. You will come to a small mushroom, so you will want to throw some
magic dust on it. After it grows, head on into the mushroom.

 *** Mushroom ***

You may want to head back to town before tackling this level. Save the

Okay. Now, note that there is a pom imprisoned within a stone brigade
Watch out for faux mushrooms, which will grow and attack you. They look
just a little different from normal mushrooms.

Mushrooms, bats, and wolves are the only monsters around here.

Grab the chest contents first, food and ??????.

Then head East. To the east, you will need to north. There are some
and further north, there is a door. Go into the door. Then go downstairs.
Grab the key, then go back to the stone brigade with the pom. Now, go

You should see 2 doors, one to the left, one to the right. The one on the
right should be the only accessible door. Once inside, grab what you need,
then exit. Ignore the statue and the arrows.

Now, go back east, and go up the stairs you ignored earlier. Upstairs,
the bridge to the west, and go grab the 2 chests on the ledge of the main
room ( with the brigade ).

Then go back west, then into the door. Defeat a few monsters, then go
through the door. Get the final key, then head back to the brigade.

Now, go north, into the left door, and push the statue to the middle of the

room. The north door opens, go into it.

There will be a door to the north, and a bridge next to the door. Cross the

bridge, then talk to the scared sheep. It will join you. You might want
to try giving it food, before it joins you. After this, go through the

You will enter into a room, playing neat boss music. The boss is a bat
seems to love eating sheep whole. It spits out their skeletons like Sol
spits out chicken bones. ( Come to Kum Koon Garden and see! )

The boss has a dive bomb attack which is easy to avoid, just watch his
and run around the room. Once on the ground, hit him with fire really
quickly. Also, in one of the chests you ran across, you should note that
have a new blue book. A circular protective attack results. Not too
on this boss, so stick to fire. ( The boss keeps his distance, so stand
until you get a chance to hit him )

The other attacks consist of a fast sweep to the left or right, which is
pretty difficult to avoid. Watch your health meter. If low on health,
use a potion. You will toss it, and it will form a pool. You need to run
into this pool asap, as you are only healed when standing in the pool,
which doesn't last long.

If in doubt, use the Syphinx magic. COOL!

Okay, after defeating the boss, you gain a pom member to your party. You
even name him/her/it...

Leave the area, and step on a pentagram to exit the dungeon really fast.
Go back in, and see if you can free the pom which is locked in the

  *** More to Come ***

This is as far as I got, as my memory card was full, and I wanted to check
Robotech on TV.

This will be added to on Monday, March 16th. Let me know if you have any
corrections, or graphics for me.

Check out for a
great Community Pom page.

Make sure you can read japanese, and have a gibberish to japanese converter
installed. njwin is good.

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