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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 16:52:10 -0800

Choro Q3 Menu Translations/Explainations

by:  MonkeyMan

Any comments, questions, corrections, additions... anything but SPAM are welcome. :)

I can't read much Japanese (mostly Kanji), these "translations" came mostly from
'trial-and-error'.  "?" means "not sure."


Main Menu

  - Gran Prix Mode
- check next section

  - Arcade Mode (1 Player)
- Race
- Select a car
- Records
- Exit

  - Two Players (if two controllers are plugged in)
- No explaination is required. ^_^

  - Sound Option

  - Controller Configuration
 - No explaination is needed.


Gran Prix Mode

  - First it will ask if you want to load or start a new game.  
    The top choice is NEW GAME, the bottom is LOAD.

  - In the GP Mode

+----------+ +------+ +----+
| Practice | | Race | | GP |
+----------+ +------+ +----+

+--------------+    +----------------+    +------+
| Choro Q Town |    | Day/Night Mode |    | MISC |
+--------------+    +----------------+    +------+

- GP: this will be made available after you found/complete certain
      events.  The Night Mode is opened when you win the first GP.
      There are two GPs.  You "beat" the game when you win the
      second GP.

- Choro Q Town: you drive around town to find tracks, events, and shops.
 - if you're driving a police car, you'll be asked to chase a car
 - Garbage Truck........ take a guess

 - Fire Truck -- Duh! :)


   - Save/Exit: after you saved, or decided not to save, a window will
  pop up -- top choice is to STAY IN GP MODE, the other
  is go back to MAIN MENU

   - Info

 - Events Found
 - ???
 - List of car bodies you have

   - Controller Configuration


Car Configurations (pressing triangle in GP Mode)

- Body
- Tire
- Engine
- Brakes
- Suspension?
- Steering
- Transmission
- Rear Wing
- Horn
- Gauges
- Wheels

The Performance Rating Bars

- Power?
- ???
- Handling?
- Acceleration? (for track races)
- Speed? (for off-road races)

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