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Battle Arena Toshinden 2 - USA FAQ

These moves are as accurate as I can be sure of, I have verified them
over and over again.  They are correct.

Eiji Shinjo - Adventurer

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  22
 Height:  5' 8"
 Weight:  140 lbs.
 Blood Type:  A
 Origin:  Japan
 Weapon:  Hyakko no Tachi/White Tiger Fang (Nihontoh)


After returning from the last Battle Arena Toshinden with his dreams
unfulfilled, Eiji continued to dream about fighting and beating his
brother.  His dreams were very real.  No other opponent would satisfy him -
it had to be his brother.  He is now facing the next Battle Arena
Toshinden, believing that his brother will be there and the fight of his
dreams will happen at last.
Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Rekkuzan            D, DF, F, slash          Fireball
Hishouzan           F, D, DF, slash          Vertical Sword Uppercut
Mukurowari          B, D, DB, slash          Charging Overhead Strike
Ryuseikyaku (air)   D, DB, B, kick           Downward Air Thrust Kick
Shugekidan          DF, kick                 Sliding Ground Thrust Kick

Enjinshuraha        F, D, DF, F, D, DF, T    Crescent Sword Swing
                                            plus two Fireballs

Jigokumon           X+O+T+S                  Rising Sword Wave

Hyakki Moshuu Ken   F, DF, D, DB, D, DB, D, DF, F, T   Charging Sword      

Eiji grew up in awe of his brother Sho, the might warrior, and never
imagined he could ever surpass him.  His quest to find Sho eventually led
him to victory in the Toshinden Battle Arena.  Looking at the one who
fought to protect the secret organization, he finally understands a great
truth - that the power to shape our destiny lies in our own hands...


Kayin Amoh - Bounty Hunter

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  23
 Height:  5' 9"
 Weight:  141 lbs.
 Blood Type:  AB
 Origin:  England
 Weapon:  Carrivarn (Long sword)


Believing that fighting brings about tragedy, Kayin put away is sword after
the last Battle Arena Toshinden.  However, to ensure Kayin's participation,
the Himitsu Kessha kidnapped Kayin's foster daughter Naru.  After much
personal struggle, Kayin decided that there are fights that result in
happiness, and he went to the last battle to win back his daughter.  He no
longer holds any doubts, as he returns to this Battle Arena Toshinden ready
to fight.

Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Sonic Slash         D, DF, F, slash          Fireball
Deadly Raise        F, D, DF, slash          Angled Sword Uppercut
Shoulder Crush      D, DB, B, kick           Split Kick  
Rising Sun (air)    D, DB, B, kick           Scottish Moon
Upper Glide         DF, T                    Double Sword Pierce

Rainbow Splash      F, DF, D, B, DB, B, F, B, O   Triple Split Kick        
                                            plus Rising Sun

Hell's Gate         X+O+T+S                  Rising Kick Wave  

Hell's Inferno      F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, T   Charging Sword

His peaceful life with Naru destroyed by the secret organization, Kayin
once more took up his sword, realizing that battle was sometimes necessary
to defend happiness.  His fighting skill is proof of a hard life without
rest, the life of a professional bounty hunter.  Will the man who has
conquered all in the Toshinden Battle Arena continue to fight against
destiny for all eternity?


Sofia - Private Detective

 Sex:  Female
 Age:  25
 Height:  5' 7"
 Weight:  110 lbs.
 Blood Type:  A
 Origin:  Russia
 Weapon:  Kraasnui Boorya (Whip)


In the last battle, Sofia learned that her memory had been tampered with.  
She had been told of the life she once had, but nothing could equal a true
memory.  Because of this she was full of sorrow.  Since then, Sofia learned
that another fighter is facing the same sorrow.  In search of that fighter,
she comes to the Battle Arena Toshinden.

Move Name:                    Command:                 Notes:
Forward Thunder Ring          D, DB, B, S              Fireball
Upward Thunder Ring           D, DB, B, T              Fireball
Air Downward Thunder Ring     D, DB, B, S              Fireball (in air)
Air Forward Thunder Ring      D, DB, B, T              Fireball (in air)
Aurora Revolution             F, DF, D, DB, B, slash   Spin Attack
  (air/land)            also F, D, B, slash           Spin Attack
Love Shower                   B, DB, D, DF, F, kick    Glowing Flip Attack
Rattlesnake                   D, DF, F, slash          Whip Attack

Salamander          F, DF, D, B, DB, B, F, B, T   Flaming RattleSnake

Love Lover          X+O+T+S                       Revolution Frenzy  

Call Me Queen       F, B, F, B, T                 Spin Attack w/stars  

No-one can truly understand Sofia's pain - the sorrow of having no past.  
Her heart fills with sadness each time she remembers that she cannot
remember.  Joining the Toshinden Battle Arena, she hoped to save herself,
and the warrior Chaos, in whom she recognized a fellow sufferer.  But the
fight was in vain and now she must struggle on, her burden of sadness even
heavier than before...


Rungo Iron - Miner

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  31
 Height:  6' 4"
 Weight:  204 lbs.
 Blood Type:  A
 Origin:  U.S.A.
 Weapon:  Club


Since the last Battle Arena Toshinden, Rungo safely rescued his wife and
child from the hands of the Himitsu Kessha and learned that Gaia had
organized the last battle without their permission.  Realizing that Gaia
is not the enemy after all, Rungo could not ignore his warning that
something evil was about to happen at this battle.  He joins Gaia ready
for combat.

Move Name:               Command:                 Notes:
Daichi no Ikari          D, DF, F, slash          Fire Wave  
Daichi no Mezame         F, D, DF, kick           Rising Battering Ram
Kaze to Taiyo no Ikari   F, D, DF, slash          Spinning Club
Daichi no Otakebi        F, DF, D, DB, B, slash   Batter Up
Muchageri                D, DB, B, kick           Flaming Kicks
Strong club smash        B, F, T                          

Multi-Flaming Kicks      U, UB, B, DB, D, DF, F, O     7 kicks + 1 flaming
                                                 kick.  if last kick
                                                 misses, he gets tired
                                                 for a few seconds; if    
                                                 last connects, Rungo
                                                 will automatically taunt

Dairikugekichindan       X+O+T+S                  Power Batter Up

Daichihyakusai      B, DB, D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B, T   Mega Fire Strike

There was only one answer Rungo could give to Gaia's plea - to agree to
fight.  As a man of justice, he could not allow the evil of the secret
organization to continue, and as a father, he was bound to protect his
beloved family.  His pledge to defeat the organization fulfilled, his
presence now looms even more powerfully across the land.


Fo Fai - Magician

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  107
 Height:  5'
 Weight:  106 lbs.
 Blood Type:  AB
 Origin:  China
 Weapon:  Konsougakka (Claws)


Those who knew him well could feel the power just by looking at his twisted
smile.  The glow in Fo's smile shows the number of people he has killed.
Fo has set forth towards the Battle Arena Toshinden once again in pursuit
of his finest smile.

Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Don Pa              F, DF, D, DB, B, slash   Forward Mystic Sphere
Don Pa (air)        F, DF, D, DB, B, slash   Downward Air Mystic Sphere
Don Do Ko Shu       B, DB, D, DF, slash      Traveling Mystic Sphere
Don Pa              D, DB, B, slash          Upward Mystic Sphere
Ka Po Re            D, DB, B, kick           Pagoda Kick
Ro Shin Wai Ko      B, F, T                  Charging Claw
Claw Slide          D + T                    

Giant Air Sphere    D, DF, F, B, DB, D, B, O+S
Small Fart          B, UB, U, UF, F, O+S
Big Fart            O, S, X, T + F

Do Don         X+O+T+S                  Power Forward Mystic Sphere

Do Don Pa      F, B, DB, D, DF, F, B, T      Mystic Sphere Assault

The friendly face of the magician hides Fo's black heart - the heart of an
assassin.  The ecstacy of combat and the sweetness of battle made him laugh
with joy, but now the fighting is over.  The smile fades from his lips, and
as he stands in the midst of peace and beauty, the true face of the
assassin appears once again.


Mondo - Omnitsu

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  43
 Height:  5' 9"
 Weight:  146 lbs.
 Blood Type:  AB
 Origin:  Japan
 Weapon:  Seiryuu no Yari/Green Dragon Spear

With secret orders, Mondo returned with information from the Himitsu
Kessha.  Just as his client (another organization) was about to attack the
Himitsu Kessha, Mondo received an invitation to the Battle Arena Toshinden.
As a way to retaliate, the organization tried to hold Mondo back, telling
him to discard the invitation.  Mondo ignored the restraint and headed for
the tournament without consent of his client.  The shadows of his history
are those of a fighter, not of a secret warrior.

Move Name:     Command:                      Notes:
Shippu Tsuki   D, DF, F, WS or HS            High Staff Skewer
Shippu Tsuki   D, DB, B, WS or HS            Low Staff Skewer
Shippu Tsuki   B, D, DB, WS or HS            Upward Staff Skewer
Goriki Funjin  B, DB, D, DF, F, WS or HS     Spinning Staff Charge
Goriki Tenbu   F, D, DF, WS or HS            Staff Uppercut
Goriki Raijin  D, DF, F, WS (in air)         Air Fireball
Goriki Raijin  D, DF, F, HS (in air)         2 Air Fireballs

Chouriki...?   F, UF, U, UB, B, F, DF, D, O  Flaming Spinning Staff
                                            plus Staff Uppercut

Chouriki Mondohou        X+O+T+S             Hidden Fire Cannon Surprise

Chouriki Daibutsumetsu   D, DF, F, D, DF, F, B, T   Air Fireball Spread

The descendent of a warrior family, the only time Mondo can express himself
is in battle.  His face a blank, he threw himself into combat, heeding
nothing but the call of destiny.  Victory in the Toshinden Battle Arena is
sweeter to this fighting machine than success in any of his previous


Duke B. Rambert - Lord of the Manor

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  30
 Height:  6' 2"
 Weight:  165 lbs.
 Blood Type:  A
 Origin:  France
 Weapon:  Dernier Vancour (2-handed sword)


After defeating his foe at the last Battle Arena Toshinden, Duke returned
to his castle to train as a knight.  Recently he received another
invitation.  His face froze as he looked at the name of the sender:
Uranus, from the Himitsu Kessha.  Unable to believe it, he clasped his
precious sword, the Dernier Vancour, and set off to battle again.

Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Southern Cross      B, F, DF, D, slash              
Death               D, DF, F, slash          Cyclone
Helm Crush (air)    D, DF, F, slash          Flying Head Crush
Hard Rose           F, D, DF, slash          Slicer Combo
Coffin              D, DF, F, kick           Piercing Charge
Calming Finger      T+O (enemy on ground)    Drains Enemy's Overdrive

Angel Tears         F, DF, D, DB, B, F, D, DF, T  Dernier Swing

Ground Cross        X+O+T+S                  Flaring Head Crush

The End             DB, D, DF, F, B, T       Flaming Cyclone

Duke's heart turned to ice when he learnt that Uranus was behind the
Toshinden Battle Arena.  The transformation of the person he once loved
shocked and disgusted him, and anger gave him the power to defeat all
enemies.  But his face is now filled with sadness - the face of a knight
unable to save the one he loved so dearly...


Ellis - Dancer

 Sex:  Female
 Age:  17
 Height:  5' 2"
 Weight:  101 lbs
 Blood Type:  O
 Origin:  Turkey
 Weapon:  Dirks


Ellis has learned that Gaia, the man in armor, was her real father.  For
some reason, she felt neither fondness nor hatred towards him.  She decided
to go back to the troupe of traveling minstrels who had raised her.  A year
passed and she received another invitation.  With that, she was informed
that her father was wanted by the Himitsu Kessha as a traitor.  Still
having no feelings towards her father, yet she decided to go in the hope of
saving him.

Move Name:           Command:           Notes:
Lollipop             D, DB, B, slash    Spin Shield
Arc Slash (air)      D, DB, B, slash    Air Dive Attack
Soar Window          F, D, DF, slash    Flaming Crescent (Uppercut)
Homing Swallow       D, DB, B, kick     Tornado
Screw Dancing (air)  D, DB, B, kick     Air Dance (Flip Kick)

Stardust Night       DF, D, DB, D, DF, B, F, T    Uppercut/Kick/Dive/
                                                 Knife Combo

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss     X+O+T+S            Multiple Knife Attack/Push

French Kiss          F, B, F, B, T      Tornado/Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Combo

Ellis could not sit back and let her father face danger alone.  Together
they rose up to take on and destroy the secret organization.  Fate was on
Ellis' side, and now she stands triumphant over the Toshinden Battle Arena,
the organization and its evil plans crushed.


Gaia - Master Monk

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  40+
 Height:  7'
 Weight:  201 lbs
 Blood Type:  O
 Origin:  Japan
 Weapon:  Armor Bastar


As the Himitsu Kessha found out the truth behind the last Battle Arena
Toshinden, Gaia was branded as a traitor and was marked for death.  During
his flee, he received an invitation.  The sender was Uranus, his former
colleague and long time enemy.  "No matter where I hide, she knows where I
am," he thought.  Gaia took off his heavy armor as he headed towards the

Move Name:        Command:                   Notes:
Botan             B, DB, D, DF, F, S         Upward Fire Stream          
Botan             B, DB, D, DF, F, T         Forward Fire Stream
            also B, D, F, slash
Ougi              D, DB, B, slash            Devil Sword Strike
Tsubame           F, D, DF, slash            Running Sword Charge
Oboro             D, DB, B, kick             Air Roll
Tsuki no Wa       B, F, T                    Overhead Strike

Maryuujin         U, UB, B, DB, D, DF, F + T  Armor Bastar Quad
                                             Sword Strike  
Igarashi          U, UB, B, DB, D, DF, F + O  Devil Face Step

Batsu             X+O+T+S                     Demon Air Drill

Gouka no Kurenai  F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, T  Flaming Energy Palm

Gaia was sure it was Uranus who had led the secret organization into evil.
But it was too late to do anything - the Master had already started out on
her path of destruction.  Now Gaia has triumphed:  the organization is
defeated and the Master destroyed.  But as he looks at the fallen Master,
he remembers Ellis, and his victory seems suddenly hollow and


Tracy - Police Woman

 Sex:  Female
 Age:  21
 Height:  5' 4"
 Weight:  106 lbs
 Blood Type:  B
 Origin:  U.S.A.
 Weapon:  Tonfas


She was a righteous female cop who always let her opponent strike the
first blow so that she could use self-defense as an excuse to exert maximum
lethal force.  She received an invitation to the Battle Arena Toshinden and
thought, "I'm glad it wasn't a request for a written apology."  Relieved,
she picked up her Tonfas with a new gleam in her eyes.

Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Electro Shadow      B, DB, D, DF, F, S       Club Jab
Electro Shadow      B, DB, D, DF, F, T       Club Jab with Taser Jolt
Electro Spartan     F, D, DF, slash          Slide Step/Club Uppercut  
Honeymoon           F, D, DF, kick           Flip Kick
Jackpot (air/land)  D, DB, B, kick           Rolling Dive Attack
Ground taser        D, F, DF, slash          Ground Taser Shot
I.M.C.              B, F, X+S                Elbow Smash
Big Mistake         B, D, DB, slash          Jumping Club Assault*

Blood Cheek         F, DF, D, B, DB, B, F, B, O   Right to Remain Silent
                                                 3 Clubs/2 Kicks Combo

Pale Slider         X+O+T+S                  Double Flip Kick

Crazy Planet        F, B, F, B, T            Police Brutality

It seemed that this hard-bitten New York cop entered the Toshinden Battle
Arena just to improve her fighting skills and exalt in the thrill of
combat.  But under the steely exterior lies a strong belief in justice and
righteousness.  Although she prefers to appear tough and ruthless, the
spirit that brought her victory shows what her heart is truly made of.

*Big Mistake:  This move doesn't really do anything in itself, after you
do the motions, start pressing a kick button.  If your opponent is in the
air, you will kick him/her out of the air, of you will land with a kick to
their head.  You can also switch to the Jackpot move in the air.


Chaos - Executive

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  35
 Height:  7'"
 Weight:  154 lbs
 Blood Type:  B
 Origin:  Sri Lanka
 Weapon:  Scythe


He is one of the top executives of the Himitsu Kessha.  People feared that
there was no one who could equal his prominent combat skills of his
vengeance.  But then a change took place in him.  He stopped talking
despite having been a man of many words.  Rumors spread that "perhaps he
had lost his memory."  That is when his entry in the Battle Arena Toshinden
was decided.  What was the promoter's real intention?  Chaos did not say a

Move Name:               Command:                 Notes:
edou Gas                 D, DF, F, slash          Poison Breath
Jadou Wave (air)         D, DF, F, slash          Sonic Pulse
Zankoku Cutter           F, DF, D, DB, B, slash   Spinning Death
Hidou Drill              B, DB, D, DF, F, kick    Diving Scythe Attack
Mudou Run                F, D, DF, kick           Crab Walk
Horizontal Flight (air)  O

Flame burst              F, DF, D, DB, B, F, B, F, O+S
Flaming swipe            F, DF, D, DB, B, D, DB, O+S
Flaming uppercut         F, DF, D, DB, B, F, D, DF, O+S
Flaming ground blast     F, DF, D, DB, B, D, DF, F, O+S
Ground flame             F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, O+S

Choumuzanshibori         X+O+T+S                  Rotating Energy Pulse

Kobbamijin     B, DB, D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B, T   Charging Flame Scythe

What are those eyes gazing at?  It seems he does not understand why he
fights.  Does his victory bring him joy or sadness?  His heart shrouded in
mystery and darkness, the answer to this question is known only to Chaos



 Sex:  Female
 Age:  ?
 Height:  ?
 Weight:  ?
 Blood Type:  ?
 Origin:  ?
 Weapon:  Magic bow

Move Name:                    Command:                 Notes:
Forward Arrow Shot            HS
Low Forward Arrow Shot        Crouching HS
Upward Arrow Shot             Crouching HK
Flight                        HK (in air)         press WK to land early
Downward Arrow Shot           WS (in air or flying)
Diagonal-Down Arrow Shot      HS (in air or flying)
Large Arrow Shot              D, DF, F, WS
Large Double Arrow Shot       D, DF, F, HS
Large Low Arrow Shot          D, DF, F, WK
Large Low Double Arrow Shot   D, DF, F, HK
Fire Hawk           F, B, F, B, slash        Flaming Angel Charge
Swany Swap          F, D, DF + kick          Rising Spiral Wing

Cockatrice          D, DF, F, DF, O          Spiritual Orb
            also   F, DF, D, DB, B, F, DF, D, DB, B, O

Cockatrice          X+O+T+S                  Spiritual Orb

Phoenix             D, DF, F, B, DB, D, DF, F, T  

Uranus' reason for holding the tournament was to defeat the Master and
bring the secret organization under her own control.  Her plans fulfilled,
the ruler of the underworld now steps into the light of the everyday world.
Will her ambition ever be quenched?



 Sex:  Female
 Age:  ?
 Height:  ?
 Weight:  ?
 Blood Type:  ?
 Origin:  ?
 Weapon:  Psychic aura sword

Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Erase (land)        D, DF, F, slash          Forward Aura Sword
Erase (air)         D, DB, B, slash          Upward Aura Sword
Reset               F, D, DF, slash          Rising Aura Sword
Delete              F, B, F, B, slash        Aura Sword Burst
Shred               B, DB, D, DF, F, slash   Slashing Aura Sword

Armageddon          X+O+T+S                  Flash Pulse

Last Judge          D, DF, F, B, DB, D, DF, F, T   Flash Shield

At last her true self revealed.  No longer hidden behind the scenes, she
sees herself clearly.  But this does not surprise her.  She is already mad,
cold and insane, and feelings no longer have meaning for her.  What lies
ahead on her future path?  The Master stands alone and isolated, her heart
lost forever...



 Sex:  Male
 Age:  ?
 Height:  ?
 Weight:  ?
 Blood Type:  ?
 Origin:  ?
 Weapon:  Pistol and Shotgun

Move Name:               Command:             Notes:
Shotgun Blast Forward    HS
Pistol Shot Forward      WS
Shotgun Blast Upward     D, DB, B, HS
Pistol Shot Upward       D, DB, B, WS
Downward Air Shot        WS or HS (in air)
Rolling Kick             D + WK or HK
Spider Drop              HK (in air)
Air Roll                 WK (in air)
Flash powder             F, D, DF, slash      Gun Powder Toss

Peacemaker               X+O+T+S              Air Artillery Blitz

Peacemaker  B, DB, D, DF, F, B, DB, D, DF, T  Ground Artillery Blitz

It happened in an instant...  The black warrior who appeared as if from
nowhere has triumphed over the fighters who struggled so hard against
ambition, hatred and destiny.  No-one shall ever know his true form now,
looking into his cold eyes, it seems that only a hopeless and desolate
future awaits him...


Sho Shinjo

 Sex:  Male
 Age:  ?
 Height:  ?
 Weight:  ?
 Blood Type:  ?
 Origin:  Japan
 Weapon:  Long sword (Taichi?)

Move Name:          Command:                 Notes:
Rekkuzan            D, DF, F, slash          Double Fireball
Hishouzan           F, D, DF, slash          Vertical Sword Uppercut
Shoulder Crush      D, DB, B, kick           Split Kick
Ryuseikyaku (air)   D, DB, B, kick           Downward Air Thrust Kick
Rising Sun (air)    D, U, kick               Scottish Moon
Deadly Raise        B, D, DB, slash          Angled Sword Uppercut
Mukurowari          D, DB, B, slash          Charging Overhead Strike
Shugekidan          DF, kick                 Sliding Ground Thrust Kick
Flying Flip Kick    D, DF, F, WK
F.F.K./Shugekidan   D, DF, F, HK             Flying Flip Kick/Thrust Kick

HariKari Martyrdom  B, DB, D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B, T+X  Suicide Move
Enmaresshusai       F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, B, F, B, O     Plasma Vortex
            also   F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, B, F, N, O

Jigokumon           X+O+T+S                  Rising Sword Wave

Hyakki Moshuu Ken   F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, T   Charging Sword

Why does he fight?  Why does he sacrifice everything in following the way
of the sword?  In front of the proud and lonely warrior Sho, words have no
meaning.  The unshakeable confidence in his eyes, and the eloquence of his
sword, tell all.  Will Sho, better known as the Stranger, continue on his
quest forever?

thanks to spencer, grinch, tomwoof, takara, pie, sony, etc.

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