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Awakening from ordinary life
Timothy Joseph Clemente

May 28, 1999
Version 1.5


I completed chapters 1-4 as you can see, but
when I reached chapter 5 in the middle of the
game and I got STUCK. I have the walkthrough of
chapter 5 but reached only the place I got
STUCK. If any of you can solve this problem,
also have any information on the characters
and the story.  
PLEASE E-MAIL ME I will really appreciate it
And you will be greatly credited.


NOTE: Some chapter walkthroughs here are briefly explained, hopefully I'll
explain all of them in details. So always look out for updates.



     The border between ordinary and unordinary
     Doctored creatures in artificial ocean
     The subway is now facing a crisis
     The end of the earth
     The operation of calculated (Incomplete)


5/28/99: Checked walkthrough for some grammatical errors.



Nov. 10, 2010

Researchers are having a conversation and a man on a black suit comes. The
lady (I believe is the woman in the first intro FMV Dr.Takaoga, I'm not
sure.) went off walking on the hallway, at this point a T-Rex is on the
loose, when the two are talking a sudden tremor occurs. They heard the T-
Rex is on the loose on their COM links and they deployed a mech to finish
it off. The mech shot some rounds and the T-Rex is dead. I cant believe it
they killed an endangered or even extinct specie, don't worry I think its
an artificial one they can make another one, common the year's 2010 what
else can they do. Now after the incident, Dr.Takaoga and the guy on the
black suit are talking, military soldiers in blue weird uniform is going to
arrest the guy on the black suit. He resisted arrest and got shot badly and
he is gone Dr.Takaoga gave them the fierce look. Then ???

March 1, 2018

At this scene computerized voices are having a conversation and it's about
Athena. Her DNA structures flies over the screen and also her personal
data. They interest something on her and I believe you know what it is, her
strong psychic powers.

Now Athena's scene starts, school session is over and everybody is ready to
take off. Athena signs off and she is walking by the hallway to the exit,
her friends bid her farewell. She looks at the sunset and now Chapter 1

                 . The
                 . border
                 . between
                 . ordinary
                 . and
                 . unordinary

Here Athena is about to go home, but a friend passed by worried. Think she
forgot or lost something on the class. Follow her, when your about to go to
the hallway entrance a fellow student carrying books talks to Athena, after
a short talk proceed following her friend Rika. At the hallway go to 1-C
check the map, talk to the guy on the purple suit and he will give Athena
some rice cakes (not sure). Then go to 1-B and Athena finds a guy talking
by himself, the guy was Sie Kensou. He didn't notice that Athena is
listening and then he found out that she was behind. He was embarrassed and
went outside. Now go outside of the class and the schoolmaster (Sensei)
talks to Athena in brief and leaves. At the very edge at the North in the
hallway you will see a man at that corner, talk to him but he leaves. You
will see something shinny in the floor pick it up and you will receive a
can of soda. Now head to 1-A and you will find Athena's friend Rika and she
goes out of the class. You will see something shinning in the room pick it
up and it's a box of sweets. Across the room you will hear a heart beat go
and look at the books of Rika on the desk and the heartbeat gets stronger.
This is where she learns her psychic power, you must press the triangle
button on the curved line it doesn't matter if its not perfectly curved.
But don't press the triangle button when it's a flat line she gets hurt
that way. Now she learns her first psychic power on the game called -
PSYCHOMETRY. On her vision, she sees her friend opened a locker and saw
Aqua Dino tickets then her vision took off, after that the main computer on
the teachers desk was turned on by itself. Athena sees the password was
typed by her own name the computer started going berserk and she hears a
voice saying her name repeatedly. Now another vision takes place she is on
very dark room and behind her appears a jester. She notice its presence and
she swiftly looked at her back and the vision is gone. After that go to the
ladies toilet and you will find a fellow student there after talking go
outside and you will receive an info. Head back at 1-A and you will see
Rika again and she will give Athena a key, now go to Rika's locker and open
your items menu and scroll to the next page, highlight the key and pick the
second option. When opened, Rika grabs the pendant and the Aqua Dino
tickets. Rika is about to go out and the doors were locked due to closing
time. Now go near at the flashing red lock at the door, you will see the
flat lined bar activated and its ready for use her psychic power. You will
see a vision something on the desk, go to that place and you will see
something flashing take a look and you get a card key. Now use it to open
the door. Go outside and Athena and Rika got out in relief, Rika again goes
back I think in the class. The Sensei looks curiously at Athena at the
second floor. Then a student passed by the Sensei with some bunch of heavy
books, the Sensei pushes the girl intentionally and the books are falling
at Athena. She reacts to it and her psychic power was activated again -
PSYCHOSHIELD???. The books were shredded to pieces. Now Athena and Rika
leaves the school and she is deeply thinking about the events of the day.
Rika bugged Athena because she was thought day dreaming. At the end the
Sensei saw what happened as if he knows something or maybe he does??? And
Disc 1 ends. Isn't that fast, don't blame SNK for the long FMV's they were


Athena is waiting for Rika at Aqua Dino, she receives a phone call and its
Rika screaming at full volume at the phone and people hearing it around
Athena. She says, sorry she won't make it on time. So Athena goes alone at
Aqua Dino. Now Chapter 2 starts.


                 . Doctored
                 . creatures
                 . in
                 . artificial
                 . ocean
You are in the middle of the ocean on the elevator keep talking to every
until the music changes and heart beats starts again. You will see the
figure of the jester again talk at it. Its psychic learning again, now you
will have the psychic power TELEPATHY. Now go near the man and you will see
the psychic bar activated, use it to read his mind, after that read the
woman's mind and suddenly a tremor occurs. The elevator is stuck, talk to
everyone until an FMV starts. The dinosaur is attacking them, the glass is
almost shattered, one more blow from the dinosaur will finish them all. Now
keep talking to everyone until an FMV runs again. The dinosaur is going for
the next blow everybody is scared and so is Athena. Now her psychic power
is activated again, she will learn and use the TELEPORT. I am not sure if
the others made it too. Now she will be on the ground and finally woke up.
She is on 1A check the Map ( " - " on Japanese means one and " - " means
two.) There is a save point here go near it and press Sqr to save. Before
going to the exit you will see something shinning on the floor take it.
It's a pendant (I think its Rika's) now when you exit you will be at 1B you
will hear a heart beat again. On the very middle of the screen the
heartbeat is strong, underneath the big rock on the middle look for the
thing that connects to the pendant. If you do you will learn a new psychic
power CLAIRVOYANCE. Athena sees her friend Rika and a guy stuck on the
elevator. Now when walking by you will see the guy and the woman with
Athena on the elevator they survived but where is the child? Now exit, go
to 1C but don't go to the right side of the map yet talk to the people on
the way and you will see the child also survived. Now go to 1D again talk
to the people there, then go to the place on the left side on the map,
check map. Once there push the box around until she is stuck and wait for
the psychic bar to activate and use it to lift the boxes in the air. Now
proceed on the other side, You will find Rika and the maintenance guy. They
will tell Athena to switch open the elevator but it will not work. Now the
guy tells Athena there is a switch she has to turn on, go to that place.
Its now time to got to the other side, the right side " - ". Before going
to the other side, you will meet up with Sie Kensou. This place has messed
me up. But not to worry I'll try my best to make up this FAQ. Go to 2C and
talk to the man standing next to the 2B entrance then go check the door on
the right side and its locked. Now talk to the man again, he tells Athena
to go to 2D and turn on the Aquarium power source it looks like a phone
both. After turning it on go back to 2C and check the locked door. Then
talk to the man again, he tells Athena go and get the password at the man
on the lobby behind the desk on 2B don't forget the can of soda. Talk to
him but he wont give the password, but you can use your psychic power to
get the password. Go back at the locked door at 2C and enter the password,
if typed and entered correctly a word will say "open", but it's not open
yet, there is still more to do. Now talk to the man again, he will tell
Athena to go to 2A and get the password from the woman there. When there
talk to her but she wont give it too, but read here mind again with psychic
powers and you will receive the password this time its short. Now head to
1B then, the second time you talk to Sie Kensou he will give Athena a
Nikuman "steamed meat bun". When your on 1B talk to the man on the
telephone both like thingy and put the password, then it will say "open"
again. Now go to 1C at the upper right corner you will find something
flashing and it's a key. Now got to 2A and you see something flashing
again, open the small locker with the new key you've got. You will receive
the card key, now you can open the locked door finally. Then the jester
Piero appears again to Athena and it disappears. Now go back to the locked
door and open it. When Athena opens the door she will see the child named
Masato handling the dying dinosaur, after they talked they will go in the
door. Go upstairs take the doughnuts and save. Go to east door and when the
elevator is found. Athena sends Masato on the surface to the elevator.
After that continuously go Northeast and an FMV starts the water is going
in and her friend Rika is in trouble. Check the power switch cabinet and
you will see the fuse is destroyed, but Athena fixes it. After that
everything is OK and you will hear a heart beat again, check the green
bursting light and she will learn a new psychic power REPAIR then check
Rika again on the green screen. Piero appears and attacks Athena and she
defended herself. Piero blocks the door so Athena can't escape. This guy
setup some moves to hurt Athena you have to choose from the five options to
reach Piero but I believe it goes random (battle tip still under

When you reach Piero she will now then learn her new psychic power
SHOCK_WAVE. Now head South door, get the can of soda and a key. Then check
all the fallen cabinets when Athena talks now use the new key and you will
get an ID card and then use her psychic power on the place you found the ID
card. She will see a file and then go to that place and look at the file
and you will receive a password. Now head west door and input the password,
when it opens use the ID card to go in. Got near at the desk and the
psychic bar activates use it and Athena sees a vision next door. Get the
book on the desk and read it. Now go to where the flashing red button
between the monitor screens and look to it. You will see some photos and at
the last page you will see the password 74321. Next go to the door behind
the desk and go to the flashing square, then input the password you've got.
Athena will get the gun and aims for the middle of the hole and water
drains around Aqua Dino. Then she felt the presence of Rika and Rika is
about to be attacked by the T-Rex. Now you have to TELPORT. Athena arrives
on time and turned the big lizard into minced meat and Rika is stunned.

A day has passed since the incident happened at Aqua Dino. Athena sees Rika            
she says Hi. But Rika didn't reply. Rika still can't believe what she saw.


                 . The
                 . subway
                 . is
                 . now
                 . facing
                 . a
                 . crisis
   The subway is now facing a crisis

Rika is still quiet, talk to her for a while then proceed to the next car
going North check the map and talk to Sie Kensou on the right side when you
enter and he will give Athena a Nikuman again. Then go to the third car,
but before entering the train went on a complete stop. Check on Rika and
help her up, then proceed going to the third car and pick up a bag of
jellybeans and there is a save point here. Next got to fourth car and talk
to the children, then go to the fifth car and pick up the rice cakes and
proceed to the sixth car. Before entering there, Masato the boy appears at
Athena and talks to her in a brief while and disappeared. Now at the sixth
car you will find the next door closed shut, check the glowing red plate on
the lower left. Athena sees the trains terminal is controlled by someone
else, Piero appears and sets the controls and leave. Now Athena must stop
the train. Now rush back and check everybody and Rika. You will find them
either dead or unconscious, when you are about to check Rika Piero appears
again. Piero turned the two guys into mindless zombies to attack Athena,
Sie Kensou try to defend Athena but he was trampled down unconscious. You
have to evade the two guys to check on Kensou and if you reached there and
checked him OK go back to the position she was before. Later her psychic
bar activates, use it to knock them down. I think you have to use it about
three time to finish them. Athena is really exhausted.

Now Piero comes again and threw a ball of flame at Athena, but she has a
force field and it bounced off and almost burned her friends. Rika was
terrified and backed off, then car is starting to separate. Athena is
calling upon Rika, but she ignored Athena. Athena is sad, Rika's car is
separate and later she cried calling Athena's name. Now go back at the
trains terminal check it then go to the place where the save point is and
check and REPAIR the plate. Then go back at the trains terminal remember
time is ticking. There check the terminal and Athena will look at her lower
left, here you have to make everything zero complete. Here is a hint start
at the very right side until going to the left, if you reach the last one
on the left make the number counter to five, then the next to the last
counter, and let it count again until the number on the last counter in the
left turns into zero completely. Get out of there and the trains front
separate and blow to bits.

Later the maintenance and investigators have arrived. The schoolmaster
"Sensei" is there, and he knew Athena is involved from the things happened.
Now the rescuers from W.A.R.M. found Athena and the rest will be found


                 . The
                 . end  
                 . of
                 . the
                 . earth
   The end of the earth

Athena appears on a bright pink glow and its only her spirit is on the
lose. Now she is outside, you will notice all the people there are
transparent too. Talk to them all then check the door where Athena came
out. They are talking about a specimen AE-X04 ASUTORAIOSU and AE-Sb10
PEROPUSU it involves the one that encounters Athena the Piero. Talk to the
lady and the guy (They are the once on the games intro?) they wont talk at
all. Later the guy in the black suit shot the researcher guy? Again check
the door where Athena came out and she will see Masato again and talks to
Athena. Then go to his very left side and talk to him, an FMV starts Masato
talks about the specimens and the computer called Tantaros. After that they
will be back where Athena is slept in, Masato speaks a few words and then
everything disappeared

She was only dreaming? Sie Kensou was the first person she saw, Kensou was
so happy he shook his friend hard. His friend leaves Kensou and Athena
alone. Athena was also happy to see Kensou, suddenly Athena remember Rika
stood up Ehh! straight on Kensou and asked about Rika. Kensou was so
embarrassed to see Athena's chest her top cloth is almost falling each
breath she takes (I cant look!) and Kensou turned back red on his face.
Athena laughed. Now the Sensei enters the room and asked for Athena's
condition and he saw Kensou there. Kensou says he was only visiting Athena.
Now the Sensei leaves, Athena is very depressed Kensou talks to her but no


Back to school, a helicopter is patrolling the school. The Sensei receives
a phone call and he is being watched and so as Athena.


                 . The
                 . operations
                 . of
                 . calculated
                 . risk
   The end of the earth

Talk to all the people on the hallway, then go to 1-A and get the potato
chips and talk to the girl there. Then go to 1-C and pick up some doughnuts
and talk to the guy there. Now go to the main hall and pick up a can of
soda. Now go to the second floor and go to its main hall pick up a
strawberry drink. Then go to 3-B and talk to the people there and go to 3-A
to pick up a can of soda. Then go to the next stairs going up. Talk to the
doctor you see and go in to the first door you see 3-D and pick up the two
cups of yogurt then talk to the guys. Now go to the chemistry room and talk
to the teacher. Then go to the roof and pick up the rice cakes.

I really don't have any idea at this point check all the rooms talk to the
people from buttom floor to top. Then go out from the main hall going to
the exit. Athena finds Rika but still, Athena is ignored. Now Athena is in
the rooftop sat down on the bench, depressed and thinking for what all
happened. Then an explosion occurred, Athena met Piero again and his name
was changed to Asutoraiosu (I think there are more of them?) Athena rushes
down at the third floor and Asutoraiosu is there too. Now check the door on
Athena's front and Asutoraiosu appears again go near the door. Use her
psychic power to see what's on the other side, you will see bombs are wired
to detonate. Next go to the other chemistry room and Asutoraiosu appears
again go near the door and you will see a vision from the teachers desk
computer and go there. Go near the computer and use her psychic power. A
vision appears from Athena's home class, go to 1-A and open Rika's locker
take the MO Disk and the two books? Then go back at the floor where the
chemistry rooms are and go to the girls toilet take the washing liquid
soap? (not sure) and the glass cleaner? (not sure).

This is the place where I got stuck the computer in the other chemistry
room I can't find where to get the password. The two items I found in the
girl's toilet are my only clue. So if any of you find away out of this E-


I would like to thank GameFaqs for posting this FAQ.  I appreciate all the
efforts of GameFaqs in maintaining their web site.  It is very helpful and
useful to all of us gamers.


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