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Athena: Awakening from the ordinary life for the Playstation  v0.2
BETA Incomplete

"Athena Ikimasu!"  and then some...

by Black Cat, Gunsmith and HH

last update: May

This is some notes scribbled... yet to be formatted etc.  There
is no guarantee we will finish the game.  We have yet to get
stuck though!


You can skip CG sequences by pressing START
Shining objects are there to be picked up!
Press START to get to the map and item screens

Psychic Pattern:
Every once in a while, a little window will come out displaying a certain
button sequence that you are to mimic Parappa style.  You do not have to
enter it if you don't want to, but you usually should if it isn't the
mind-reading ability ( which is applicable to all people you talk to).  
When the pattern is new and is an ability, a special screen will pop up
with a hand-drawn image of Athena.  You must input this pattern.  

Your blipping, psychic bar shows how good Athena is feeling at
the moment.  You can move it to the top or bottom of the screen with L1.
When it's green all is well.  Red is bad.  The psychic bar will go down
every time you make use of Athena's mind-reading ability (not available at
the beginning).  I assume that other psychic powers deplete the meter.
It also goes down whenever you screw-up a psychic pattern, which will
give you a "ZZZZTT!" sound.  And of course, there are always those times
when you get hit by a one ton iron bar or slammed
by zombie man.    

1.  Quick walkthrough.



As soon as you can move, walk north east to get to the corridor.
The Red Door is the ladies.
The Blue Door is the mens.
The three green doors are :
1-C The guy near the blackboard will give you a 2 buns.
1-B Talk to the guy.  
1-A Pick up the Cereal(?) Go to the books and a sequence starts
Press T as the green blip goes through the peaks of the graph-
(whether the place relevance unknown yet).  You should achieve
watch the CG sequence that follows.  You can see the future!  
Rika, your best friend, goes to her locker and looks inside-
you can see two tickets to Dino Aquarium.
CG Joker notes
Go outside and talk to the guy standing in the corner, who will
give you a blue can of drink.
Go east to the square yard and talk to the guy near the statue
-he will give you a big bun.
Go to the ladies toilets (red door).  Talk to the girl.  Go to
Room 1-A.  Athena will talk to Rika.  Rika will give you a key.
(Rocker no kagi/ Locker -> Key) This is the key to her locker.

Use the key to open the locker.  Rika takes the necklace and tries to leave
but the doors are locked.  Go to one the green doors.

Your Psychometry Powers manifest.  Press T at the height of
the peak.  This tells you where the door cardkey is.
Use the card key on the door

1-C contains a Game Save.

As you leave, another CG sequence.  Athena is threatened by
falling books!  You gain PSYCHO SHIELD ESP Skill.
Heh Heh... More CG.

Looks like Athena doesn't realize her power.

You now get the opportunity to save.  Then er.. insert disc 2.



Once in the elevator, talk to the man and the woman.  Go down
the screen to talk to the little boy.  Then talk to the man
and the woman again.

walk down the screen to find Piero to gain TELEPATHY.  Walk up
any of the people to read their minds using your ESP Skill.
However you cannot read the mind of the child.  
Afterwards, you only need to
read the minds of a few lucky people.

TALK to the people.  

The lift stalls.  The Loch Ness Monster has gone beserk!
The ICythsoar attacks the elevator.

You gain TELEPORT Skill.  However note you have to press the buttons
where the green line appears (within the dark squares) and at their
highest peak.
Triangle, Triangle, Square.

You find yourself in a cave.  You find your friend's necklace.  Go to
the green icon to get to level B.

In the next screen where Athena suffers from her PSYCHOMETRO,
examine the large stone in the middle of the screen [on the right].

You will get CLAIRVOYANCY skill.

Cue CG.  You will get the chain.  Next room has a
phone.  Take note of it for later.
Go up the screen and talk to the people.  Go to the exit to get to
level C.

Go past the dead T Rex

Suggest using the map (Press START).  Head for Area D->C->D

Area L.  (Far West on Map)
There is a puzzle here.  You must move the crates to get past.

Find the food and Rika, who is trapped in the lift.  
Talk to her, then examine the control panel next to
the lift, and then talk again.
There is a save point at the desk.
You must go to area D to find another phone.  It is at the dead
end of the path leading south from the middle of the map screen
[in the left part of an area shaped like a backwards "L"].  
You don't need to do anything with it yet, but take note of it.

When you get to the middle of the map screen, between area C and D
you meet someone who looks very familiar.... when you turned on the
first power source, talk to him and he will give you a pizza(?) bun.

Section B on the west hand of the map screen
Near the desk, there is a guy here who is the only man on the
level you should use your Telepathy Skill on.  

Talk to everyone.
East Area D
Man in Brown Suit kneeling down.

East Area C D
Go past the exit to area to the door.
Try and open the door.
Go to the guy in the light blue suit who is standing by exit C.
We think he tells you how to open the door.

The Aquarium Power Source Puzzle

Press R1 to get help (in Japanese)

The aim is to get the wires connected.
The wire connection diagram is split into 5 parts.
Click the sections in the following order.
1, 3, 5

East Area B
Talk to the Man in the Brown Suit standing in the
small circular area, right as you arrive from [East Area C.]
Talk to the man behind the desk and read his mind.
You get a piece of paper Get a number 10540102
East area C
Use the code
Talk to the light blue suit.  He tells you to go to
section A.

Talk to woman in blue suit.  Read her mind.

Go to Section B (WEST)
Talk to the guard to the phone.  He leaves.
Type in the number 3342.

Go to Section C (West)
Go to Green L Shaped Desk
Shining Light -> Cabinet Key

Go to Section A (East)
Use the Cabinet Key on the Shining Light
Get the DA Card.
Piero appears.

Go back to the door at the end of [Area C]
Use the DA Card.
You find the kid petting the lochness monster.
Go up the stairs and pick up the doughnuts.
The kid will skiddadle up the elevator in a CG sequence.

There will be a save spot.

Go to the machinery room and check out the
glowing viewing monitor.  Call Mario: we
need a plumber!  (Ahem)  Uh, anyway, examine the
cabinet right next to the viewing screen.
Gain Repair...  Wow, now Athena looks happy for once!  
That's the Athena we know and love!

Now you meet Piero and Athena must get past three iron
bars moving back and forth.  Don't worry if you get hit; you can take
quite a few without dying.

The sequence against Piero:
Duck, Crawl forward, pause/stand (you won't actually stand),
crawl forward...

(Now!  HH's part)

You've got all the time you want, so move carefully.  
An iron bar is not as likely to hit you
if it had moved on the last turn, so that's when you
should try to advance.

After you get far enough, Piero tries to hit Athena again,
but Athena blocks and learns psychic pattern Shockwave.  Boom.  Piero
decides this game ain't fun no more, but destroys the machine you
repaired earlier.  Take a look at the screen with Rika again and
examine the broken machine, then leave.

Go back to the save spot, go right and through the double doors
and into the office.  See the shine, grab the key.

Now examine the desk/whatever in the first screen of the office.  
It's towards the right.  A map with numbers on it is revealed.  Travel
around the office and examine a desk/whatever located near a
flashing light.  Get the password paper, check out the map again, walk
around, and get the ID card.  Leave.  

Go straight over to the locked door.  Enter the password, 12721211, and
then use the ID card immediately after.

Enter the corridor.  You might want to eat something now because there is
a fairly difficult psychic pattern up ahead.

A timer has started!!  If you let it run out, you see a crappy
CG of the whole place sinking.  Go down to the desk and grab the red book.
Then go back a screen and grab the soda.

At this point you can go right and view the short-circuiting screens to
see the password you'll need in a few seconds, but Athena will just use
her psychic prowess and a little help from this FAQ to figure it out.  
Go to the exit near the desk.

Go up to the password panel.  Enter 74123 and enjoy the CG sequence.  Now
you have to enter a psychic pattern, it's kind of difficult but if you ate
some grub you'll surely have enough tries.  If you fail you can watch
Rika get eaten by a T-Rex!  Hurray! Well, I think we've done enough good
in this world for one day, unless we can get Sie eaten, too!  ... Kidding!  
Well, maybe...  
Assuming that by accident you succeed, you get another CG sequence.  That's the  
end of Chapter 2.



Walk up and talk to Sie (you don't have to talk to anyone else), sitting
on the right.  He'll give you a bun.  Now continue up.  There will be a
crash.  Head back to Rika, talk, then go back up.  You'll get a CG scene.
Pick up the food/candy and continue up.  It's that dorky kid again.  He
won't get away this time! ... Well, he gets away.  Go up to the locked door
and look through the window on the left.  Piero appears.  Go back, do the
psychic pattern, and then watch the CG.  A timer starts!

Go out of the subway car, climb the ladder and get on top of the subway
train.  Crawl (Athena crawls like a two-year-old... how cute!) all the way
up to the front of the subway train and get back in.  Now go all the way
down to the subway car with the save spot.  Examine the blinking red
panel on the left side of the door.  Psychic pattern.

It's another turn-based match-up!  First talk.  Then go up to Sie and
examine him.  Now Athena can attack.  Get some distance from your enemies
and hit them three times.  You've got plenty of health so don't sweat it
if you get hit.  CG scene.  

The timer has reset.  Head back up to the driver's room and examine the
red controls.  Athena's attention will turn to a little panel on the side.
The goal is to get the numbers to 0.  Basically, it's a counting system,
where if the tens digit is 1 and the ones digit goes from 9 to 0, the tens
will go from 1 to 2.  Go from the right to left, making the ones digit 0,
then the ten to 0, then the hundreds, etc.  Stop when only the left two
digits remain.  Fiddle around and you should get it (a strategy is to set
the leftmost digit to a high number and then keep increasing the digit to
the right of it).        

CG scene.  End of Chapter 3.



Wow!  Athena's in spirit form and she's with those people from the beginning!  
Go talk to everyone, then try to exit with the door on the left.  Take a look at
the nearby blue viewing screen, watch that dude get shot ("Drink Pepsi!"  
"Never!"  "You have made your choice!" BLAM!!), and check out the screen again.  
Talk to the woman, try to exit again, and the kid appears.  

Now you get a CG where Sie lives out the dream of every male Athena fan.
This is the most suspenseful part of the game!

End of Chapter 4.



This is a rough part of the FAQ.  I am not yet sure whom you have to talk to, so
it's best to go everywhere and speak to everyone.  I have written this part
guessing where you must go and whom you must speak with.  In a future version of
the FAQ, I'll confirm it.

First Floor
Go out to the statue area where the falling books attacked you.  
Grab the soda.  

Go into the men's room for the sensation of being somewhere you're not
supposed to be.  

Get the donuts in 1-C, the mints in 1-A, and I believe there is yogurt in
1-B.  Go upstairs.  

Second Floor
Now in 3-A, get the green thing.  In the hallway, playfully pinch the ass
of the guy who's bending over (kidding!).  That idiot has lost his contact
lenses.  Use the psychic ability to find them and return
them to him.  There is a save spot in 3-C.  Go out in the hallway.  

Go through the orange, double doors and get the cereal.  

Third Floor
There is a save spot in the first room/green lab you visit (actually
it's actually the second lab, two horizontal lines in the name of the room means
"two", but you've come from the right side).  Back out into the hallway.

Go past the next two green doors, they are to the first lab.  

Enter the doors on the left side of the hallway to 3-D.  Get the yellow
and green puddings.  

Second Floor
Go through the double doors and talk to the lady in the
white lab coat.  Bells should sound.

Third Floor
Go through the double doors.
Talk to the people in there and get back out to the hallway.  Go into each
room in the floor and then talk to the teachers who appear in the hallways
they are the ones who were previously in the double doors rooms).  

First Floor
Head back to the school entrance area.  Talk to Rika. CG.

You end up on the Third Floor.
Go up to the next room with the save spot.  Psychic pattern.  Head down to
first floor.

First Floor
Unlock Rika's locker in 1-A.  Grab the disks and the books.

Second Floor
Go to 2-B and psychic pattern.
Third Floor
Go to the girls room and get the two soaps.
Go back into Lab 2 with Piero and put the disk in the computer.  Enter the
amazing password.


On Item screen.  2nd option is to use item.

Gameshark codes
Taken from

Codes Made & Tested on 2.3 Version Game Shark

1 ESP Gauge Max               800A1368 0400

2 Food Item All Ninety-Nine   50001202 0000
                              800A0C80 6363

3 Key / Documents System Item All  50003102 0000
                                   800A0CA4 0101

4 Food Item Doesn't Decrease   D0042EE8 00FF
                               80042EE8 0000

5 ESP Doesn't Decrease   D0017706 0043
                         80017706 0040
                         D0017656 00A2
                         80017656 00A0
                         D0020E3E 0044
                         80020E3E 0040

6 New Japanese Plan      800A12A0 5690
                         800A12A2 FA93
                         800A12A4 7B96
                         800A12A6 E98A
                         800A12A8 E689

7 Asamiya                800A12B0 8396
                         800A12B2 7B8B

8 Mr. Queen              8009FF70 978F
                         8009FF72 A489
                         8009FF74 6C97
For updates, screenshots ...
KOFFF Reference -> News


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