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          Syphon Filter

       Instruction Manual
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                           Syphon Filter

                   --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button


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                         Table of Contents
              Setting Up Your Console................2
              Agent Controls.........................2
              Mission Background.....................4
              Starting the Game......................5
              Memory Card............................5
              Game Screen............................6
              Agent Moves............................7
              Targeting Modes and Using Weapons......8
              Weapons and Pick-Ups..................10
              Mission Guidelines....................18
              Pause Menu / ACD Display..............19

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                      Setting Up Your Console
Set  up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in
its  Instruction  Manual.  Make sure the power is off before inserting
or  removing  a compact disc.  Insert the Syphon Filter disc and close
the  CD door.  Insert the game controllers and turn on the PlayStation
game  console.   Follow the on-screen instructions at the Title Screen
to begin.

                           Agent Controls
The  following button controls are the default configuration.  You can
adjust your controls at the Options Menu (see pg.  20).

DIRECTIONAL  BUTTON/S: Controls  Gabe's  directional  movement and the
                      aiming cursor when in manual aim mode.

BUTTON: A three-in-one button.

1) When  standing  still,  Gabe  kneels for better  accuracy or hides
   behind objects.

2) When in motion, Gabe crouch-walks in order to  sneak past or up on

3) When used near an edge, Gabe lowers himself down.

BUTTON: Fires the currently selected weapon.

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BUTTON: Makes  Gabe  roll.   When  Gabe  is  fired  upon,  rolling
           reduces his chances of being hit.

BUTTON: A four-in-one button.

1) Climbs scalable terrain.

2) Interacts with useable objects (doors, computers, switches, etc.).

3) Reloads  currently selected weapon (when Gabe is not standing next
   to interactive terrain or objects).

4) Contacts  Lian  Xing  via the Advanced Communication Device  (ACD)
   when prompted by text.

START  BUTTON: Brings  up  the Pause Menu/ACD,  allowing you to review
              crucial information pertaining to the current mission.

SELECT  BUTTON: Highlights  Gabe's  weapon  inventory.  Tapping SELECT
               allows  you  to  cycle through your current stockpile,
               and holding SELECT down while pressing R2 or L2 allows
               you  to  scroll  through  and  highlight  any  of  the
               weapons.   Release the buttons to select a highlighted

R1 BUTTON: Establishes  a target lock on the nearest targetable enemy.
          Tapping R1 cycles through targetable enemies.

L1 BUTTON: Calls up a targeting cursor for accurate aiming.

R2 BUTTON: Strafe right.  Allows  Gabe  to move  directly to the right
          while  aiming  forward.   In sniper mode, R2 allows Gabe to
          peek around corners.

L2 BUTTON: Strafe  left.   Allows  Gabe  to move  directly to the left
          while  aiming  forward.   In sniper mode, L2 allows Gabe to
          peek around corners.

Analog Controls:
L3 LEFT STICK: Replicates the directional button/s.

R3 RIGHT STICK: Can be used with L1 in targeting mode.

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                         Mission Background
Deep  in the heart of Central America, an American special agent falls
dead  to  the  moist earth.  Nearby, a secret jungle laboratory erupts
into  flames.  Recovered evidence indicates that someone is creating a
powerful biological weapon.  Days later, special agents Gabe Logan and
his  partner  Lian  Xing  discover  the  gruesome  remains  of victims
littering the contaminated landscape of a Nepal village.
Agency  intelligence  connects these events to terrorist Erich Rhoemer
and  his  skilled  team  who  are  orchestrating a plan to unleash the
deadly  Syphon Filter virus on the U.S.  The ruthless terrorists plant
explosive  traps,  capture  hostages  and  hide viral bombs throughout
Washington  D.C.   In  response, the Agency sends in Gabe Logan, their
best covert operative, to eliminate the terrorists one by one and save
the  U.S.   from certain death.  He is assisted by teams from the U.S.
Army  Chemical  and  Biological Defense Command (CBDC), and Lian Xing,
who stays in close contact with Gabe throughout his missions.

The fate of millions relies on the skill of one special agent.

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                         Starting the Game
At  the  Title Screen, you can choose NEW GAME or LOAD GAME, or launch
the  TRAINING  VIDEO.   To  start  a new game, press the button to
select  NEW  GAME  and  launch the intro movie.  Note:  LOAD GAME will
only  appear  if you have previously saved a game to a MEMORY CARD and
have the card inserted into MEMORY CARD Slot 1.  Press the directional
button/s  to  highlight  LOAD  GAME  and  the button to select and
resume play of your saved game.

Memory Card
You must insert a MEMORY CARD in order to save or load a file.  Do not
remove  or  insert a MEMORY CARD while saving is in progress or damage
may  result.  One block of memory must be available on the MEMORY CARD
in order to save Syphon Filter data.  If you don't have a MEMORY CARD,
all  game  data  will  be lost after turning off your PlayStation game
console.   To  save  data,  make  sure  a MEMORY CARD is inserted into
MEMORY  CARD  Slot  1 before you begin play.  You can only save at the
end of each level.  After you complete a level, the screen prompts you
to  save  the game.  To load a saved game, access this option from the
Title Screen.

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                            Game Screen
The game screen consists of several elements:

ARMOR/HEALTH:  Indicates the amount of Armor you have remaining.  Your
Armor  depletes  before  your  Health.  When your Health runs out, the
game  is  over.   Although  you  cannot replenish your Health, you can
replenish  your  Armor by picking up flak jackets from dead enemies or
weapon boxes.

DANGER  METER:   Indicates  your  likelihood  of being hit.  When your
Danger Meter is completely filled, it and your Radar's Enemy Indicator
Cone  begin to flash.  Evasive maneuvers like rolling or hiding behind
obstacles   decrease   your  likelihood  of  being  hit  in  dangerous
situations.   When  you  are  no  longer  in  danger, the Danger Meter
returns to normal.

TARGET  METER:   Indicates  when  you  have  an enemy in target range.
Press  L1  to  bring up targeting crosshairs for more accurate aiming.
When your Target Meter is completely filled, you have a 100% chance of
hitting  the  targeted  enemy.  When there is no target available, the
Target Meter does not appear.

RADAR:   Indicates  the  location  of all detected enemies relative to
your position and includes a compass for easier navigation.  The Enemy
Indicator  Cone  flashes  red  when  an  enemy has you in sight and is
likely to hit you.

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WEAPON  and NUMBER OF ROUNDS:  Indicates the currently selected weapon
and  remaining  number  of  rounds  for  that weapon.  Hold the SELECT
button  to  bring up a scroll bar and press L2 or R2 to scroll through
weapons from your inventory.

                            Agent Moves
Gabe  has a range of movements to help him maneuver through both rapid
fire  shoot-outs  and stealthy one-on-one attacks.  Though the type of
gameplay  varies  by  mission,  each  requires  split-second  decision
making.   To  fully  prepare  yourself  for  the  fast  action  ahead,
familiarize yourself with all of Gabe's movements detailed below.

Running:   Press  the directional button/s Up to make Gabe run.  While
he's  running, use the directional button/s Right or Left to execute a
sharp  turn.   Try  using  the  strafe  buttons  R2 and L2 for greater

Waiting  Crouch:   Gabe's  walking  crouch  allows  him to sneak up on
enemies  and  safely  navigate narrow areas.  While Gabe is in motion,
press the button to slow to a walking crouch.

Kneeling:  Kneeling gives Gabe greater stability while he's aiming and
thus  increases  his  chances  of hitting an enemy.  Gabe's kneel also
allows  him  to  reduce  his  height so he can hide behind objects and
avoid enemy detection.  To drop to a kneel, press the button.

Pull  Up:   In general, Gabe needs to hoist himself up onto anything 4
feet  high,  including  crates, brick walls and fire escapes.  To pull
Gabe  up  onto  an  object, stand next to it and press the button.
When  he's  clinging,  press the directional button/s Up to finish the
move or Down to release his grip.

Hand-Over-Hand:   Gabe's  hand-over-hand  move  is  necessary to cross
rails  and  ledges set high above the ground.  Press the button to
jump  up  and  grab  a  rail,  then  move  across  it  by pressing the
directional  button/s Right or Left or L2 or R2.  Gabe can shoot while
he's moving hand-over-hand across a rail; he'll hang from one hand and
use the other to fire his weapon.

Note: Gabe can't reload or change weapons while performing this move.

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Rolling:   Directional  rolls function as Gabe's first line of defense
when an enemy has him targeted.  Gabe can roll from a crouch or a full
run.   Press the button to roll and the directional button/s or L2
and  R2 to direct your roll left and right if you hold down during
a  roll,  you'll  come out of the roll directly into a kneel so you're
immediately on the offensive.

Strafing:   Strafing  allows  Gabe  to  run in a straight line left or
right  while  shooting.  This move is particularly useful when Gabe is
under  intense  fire  from  several enemies at once.  Use L2 to strafe
left,  R2  to  strafe right and the button to fire.  In sniper and
manual  aim  modes, the L2 and R2 buttons enable Gabe to peek left and
right (see Targeting Modes below).

Throwing:   Press  the button to throw a grenade when Gabe has one
in  hand.   The  longer you hold the button the greater the arc of
the thrown grenade.

180  Degree  Turn:   Tap  the directional button/s down once or tap L3
downward once.

                 Targeting Modes and Using Weapons
Syphon  Filter features three main targeting modes and a wide range of
weapons.   The  most  appropriate targeting mode and weapon depends on
the environment and situation.  Use the button to fire your weapon
in all modes.

Default:  Of the three targeting modes, default targeting is the least
accurate,  because  Gabe  shoots at  enemies without the assistance of
target lock or targeting crosshairs.

Manual  Aiming:   Manual aiming provides pinpoint accuracy for crucial
head  shot.   Press  L1  to  bring up targeting crosshairs and use the
directional button/s to move the crosshairs in the desired direction.

Target  Locking:   Target locking allows Gabe to keep track of enemies
and  shoot at them while facing other directions.  Press the R1 button
and  Gabe  locks  onto  the nearest enemy.  The on-screen Target Meter
indicates  your chances of hitting an enemy and increases or decreases
as  Gabe  moves  around.   When Gabe is locked on a target, one-handed
weapons  grant him nearly 360 degree movement while keeping the target
in sight.  Two-handed weapons provide a 180 degree shooting range.  If
you  quickly  release  R1 and press R1 again, Gabe immediately targets
the next enemy.

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Sniper  Modes:   Syphon  Filter  features  both normal and nightvision
sniper  modes  when  Gabe  is holding a sniper rifle.  Use L1 to enter
into  sniper mode and zero in on an enemy.  Infrared mode enables Gabe
to identify otherwise invisible enemies by their body heat.  Press the
button to zoom in and the button to zoom out.  While in sniper
mode, use R2 and L2 to make Gabe peek around corners.  The peek allows
Gabe to detect enemies and still remain partially protected.

Shooting While Hanging:  When Gabe is hanging from an object or in the
process  of  crossing  a  rail hand-over-hand, he may be attacked.  To
return fire,  use  the    button.  To manually aim, press L1 or R1.
Gabe  releases  one  arm  and  begins firing as he dangles in the air.
When  used  in conjunction with target lock, you can aim in an enemy's
direction and increase your chances of killing him.

Reloading:  The weapon cartridges in Syphon Filter have limited rounds
(see pg.  10 for specifics).  When a weapon runs out of ammo, you hear
the  click  of  the  trigger  on  the  empty  barrel.  Though a weapon
automatically  reloads  if  Gabe  has an additional clip, this takes a
moment  to  do.  In an intense firefight, Gabe can be severely hurt in
that  time,  so  you  can  eject  an  emptying  cartridge  by manually
reloading  with  the button.  When Gabe runs out of ammunition, he
can  collect  more  from  dead  enemies  or ammunition boxes scattered
throughout levels.

Switching Weapons:  Press the SELECT button to switch weapons.  If you
hold  SELECT  down,  an inventory bar appears that displays the entire
weapon  inventory.  Press L2 or R2 to cycle through the inventory then
release  the  buttons  to  select  the highlighted weapon.  The weapon
order  in  the  inventory bar is always the same.  Note:  You can only
access Gabe's flashlight and viral detector by holding down the SELECT

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                        Weapons And Pickups
Syphon  Filter  has  a  wide  range  of  deadly  weapons Gabe needs to
survive.   You begin the game with a silenced 9mm, sniper rifle, taser
and flashlight.  You can find additional weapons on dead enemies or in
strategically hidden weapon boxes.  Each weapon's Fire Rate and Damage
Rating  are ranked from I to IIIII, with I being the lowest rating for
each  feature.   In  the  game,  ammunition  is indicated by number of
bullets  in a current clip over the maximum number of bullets a weapon
can hold (15/45 for example).

Silenced 9mm Handgun
Fire Rate   III
Damage      II
Clip Size   15
Max Rounds  90

The  9mm  handgun is the standard issue side-arm for NATO and all five
branches  of  the U.S.  Armed Forces since passing the 1979 MRBF (Mean
Rounds  Before operational Failure) performance test where it expended
35,000 rounds, six times the gun's service life.

.45 Handgun
Fire Rate   II
Damage      III
Clip Size   10
Max Rounds  60

This  tough,  durable gun has been in production for almost a century.
It  has  tremendous  stopping power, and in spite of its strong recoil
and  heavy  slide  and  bolt,  it is a deadly weapon in the hands of a
seasoned professional.

G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun
Fire Rate   IIIII
Damage      II
Clip Size   33
Max Rounds  198

With  a rate of fire topping 60 rounds per second, the G-18 is perhaps
the most deadly pistol-machine gun in the world.  Its only weakness is
its  tendency  to  expend  ammunition  faster  than  most shooters are
prepared for, leaving them defenseless during a reload.

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BIZ-2 Pistol-Machine Gun
Fire Rate   IIII
Damage      III
Clip Size   66
Max Rounds  396

This  pistol-machine gun is designed to deliver sustained firepower in
tight  quarters.   The  unconventional  design  of  its large capacity
magazine   keeps  the  weapon  compact,  but  still  provides  a  near
bottomless source of ammunition.

HK-5 Pistol-Machine Gun
Fire Rate   IIII
Damage      III
Clip Size   32
Max Rounds  192

The  HK-5's  modular  design  and small size make it very popular with
both  military  special  forces  and  terrorists.   With  more than 23
officially  recognized  variants,  it is fast becoming the most widely
used pistol-machine gun in the world.

Fire Rate   II
Damage      IIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  25

The 12-gauge modified choke shotgun is standard issue for the DEA, FBI
and USSS.  In firing tests using Tactical 00 shot with nine lead on an
ISCP regulation target at 25 yards, the payload was delivered into the
"A" kill zone with limited collateral damage.

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Combat Shotgun
Fire Rate   II
Damage      IIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  30

The  overly  heavy  recoil  of  this  12-gauge  shotgun  is  more than
compensated   for   by   its   unparalleled  stopping  power  and  its
recoil-inertia  operation  which  is  significantly  faster  than  the
gas-operated system found in most auto-loading shotguns.

PK-102 Assault Rifle
Fire Rate   IIII
Damage      II
Clip Size   30
Max Rounds  180

A  variant  of  the popular Vokinhsilak system (one of the most widely
used  and  modified  designs  in the world).  The PK-102 is a compact,
lightweight,  full  assault rifle that is easy to conceal, making it a
popular choice for terrorists.

M-16 Assault Rifle
Fire Rate   IIII
Damage      II
Clip Size   30
Max Rounds  180

This  low recoil weapon is lightweight and accurate.  Developed by the
U.S  Army  in 1965, this assault rifle has since become a mainstay for
armed  forces, police and personal defense enthusiasts.

K3G4 Assault Rifle
Fire Rate   IIII
Damage      II
Clip Size   20
Max Rounds  120

The  deadly  K3G4 is commonly armed with Teflon coated bullets capable
of  cutting  through most standard-issue flak jackets like a hot knife
through butter.

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Sniper Rifle
Fire Rate   II
Damage      II
Clip Size   10
Max Rounds  30

This  high-caliber,  silenced  rifle  comes equipped with a classified
digital  scope  with  basic optical character recognition, making it a
highly  accurate  weapon  capable of identifying and classifying human
targets and impact points prior to firing.

Nightvision Rifle
Fire Rate   II
Damage      II
Clip Size   10
Max Rounds  30

Often  used  by Russian Army snipers, this Russian rifle is capable of
extreme  accuracy. It  excels  in  engaging fleeting, moving, open and
masked single targets. This model comes standard equipped with a SVDN2
night sight and silencer.

Fire Rate   I
Damage      IIIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  Infinite

Using  CO2  cartridges, this weapon fires a probe that lodges one inch
deep  in  the  victim's body. Then a charge of 500,000 volts is passed
along a  wire  connecting  the weapon to the probe. This charge can be
sustained indefinitely.  Hold the button to ignite and continue to
hold it until your victim catches fire.

Fire Rate   I
Damage      IIIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  10

Upon  detonation,  this incendiary weapon spreads ammonium perchlorate
three  meters  outwards from the blast point.  It is instantly ignited
by  the explosion and quickly burns out, fatally burning anyone nearby
but leaving little collateral damage.

- Page - 16

Gas Grenade
Fire Rate   I
Damage      IIIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  10

Primarily  used  as  a  stealth  weapon against multiple targets, this
grenade releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent into the air.  The
gas  quickly dissipates, but not before rendering victims unconscious.
If no antidote is administered, death follows within 15 minutes.

C4 Explosives
Fire Rate   N/A
Damage      IIIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  N/A

These incendiary blocks are made of a putty-like material which can be
molded  to the user's liking.  The C4 explosive putty is then wired to
a  fuse  and  a  friction  igniter,  allowing the user to detonate the
explosive from a distant or protected position.

M79 Grenade Launcher
Fire Rate   I
Damage      IIIII
Clip Size   N/A
Max Rounds  10

This  single-barrelled,  break-action  grenade launcher  was developed
during  the  Vietnam  War.   Commonly referred to as the "Blooper," it
fires  40mm HE grenades that contain enough explosives to produce more
than 300 fragments with a lethal radius of up to five meters.

- Page - 17

Virus Scanner
Developed in secret by the viral research branch of Pharcom Inc., this
device  is  capable  of detecting trace particles of the Syphon Filter
virus  from  up to 50 meters away. It can also scan through some solid
objects and provide visual feedback of their contents.

Standard  equipment  for  all  Agency  operatives,  this flashlight is
shockproof  and charged by a 300 hour battery.  It is a permanent item
in  Gabe's weapon inventory and necessary for reconnaissance in darker

Flak Jacket
Standard issue flak jackets function as mobile armor.  When armor runs
low from damage, Gabe can bolster his armor by picking up flak jackets
from dead enemies or finding the jackets in weapon boxes.  If you kill
an  enemy  with a body shot, you destroy his flak jacket.  If you kill
an  enemy  with  a head shot, the flak jacket you take provides 1/4 of
the  protection.   Flak  jackets  found  in  weapon boxes provide full

This is a standard magnetic strip card key used primarily for security
purposes.   Keycards  can be found on certain dead enemies and used to
access certain restricted areas.

Viral Antigen
This  device  is  used to subcutaneously inject a fine stream of fluid
through  high pressure without puncturing the skin.  The viral antigen
is  loaded  with  an  experimental  Serum capable of counteracting the
effects of the Syphon Filter virus.

- Page - 18

                         Mission Guidelines
Each  mission  has  between  one  and five objectives you must fulfill
before  you  can  progress to the next level.  Objectives may be added
during  a mission.  If you fail any of these objectives, you abort the
mission.  At any point, you can restart your entire mission or restart
from  the last checkpoint by pressing the START button to access these
choices  from  the Options Menu.  When Gabe completes an objective, he
receives a checkpoint.  If you die in a level, you restart at the last

For  example,  you need to fulfill the following missions in the first
subway level:

1. Eliminate Kravitch and destroy communications array.
2. Eliminate Rhoemer.

Parameters  are  important  elements  of  a  mission  since  they  set
conditions  which  you  must adhere to in order to complete the level.
Depending  on  the  level,  each  mission  has  between  one and three
parameters.  If you fail a mission parameter, you fail the mission and
will  not  advance  to  the  next  level, even though you can continue
playing  the game.  As noted, you can restart your mission should this

For  example,  you must adhere to the following parameters in order to
finish the subway level:

1. Do not eliminate any CBDC agent.
2. Avoid damaging explosive delivery systems or viral bombs.

Briefing and ACD
A  briefing  provides  background  on  your  mission and a quick level
overview.   As  Gabe  progresses  through  a  level,  he  periodically
receives  communications  via his ACD.  The ACD is Gabe's link to Lian
Xing  and  the  rest of his team who provide mission updates and track
enemy  movement.   When  Gabe  has  an  incoming communication, a text
prompt  appears  on  screen.   To  activate the message, press the

- Page - 19

Your  map  is  integral  for  successfully navigating your way through
levels.   Consult  your  map  frequently  to  determine  your position
relative to the location of objectives.  Depending on Gabe's location,
a map may not be available.

Pause Menu/ACD Display
You  can  pause  a  game  in  progress by pressing the START button to

MAP: With  this option  highlighted,  you can view the level map which
    indicates  your  position  relative to the location of objectives
    and landmarks.

OBJECTIVES: Lets you review the level mission objective(s).

PARAMETERS: Lets you review the level mission parameter(s).

BRIEFING: Lets you review the level mission briefing.

WEAPONS: With  this  option  highlighted,  you can  review your weapon
        inventory.   Press    to review a  weapon's ammunition and
        description.  Press again to equip that weapon.

- Page - 20

With this choice highlighted, press the button to:

RESTART MISSION: Lets you restart the mission from the beginning.

RESTART  AT  LAST  CHECKPOINT:   Lets  you resume gameplay at the last
                                completed objective.

SELECT  PREVIOUS  MISSION:   Lets you play any previous mission you've

- Page - 21

GAME  SETTINGS:  With this choice highlighted, press the button to

SOUND  FX:  Lets  you  increase  or decrease the volume of the game's
            sound  effects.   Press  the directional button/s Left or
            Right to adjust.

MUSIC:  Lets you increase or decrease the volume of the game's music.
        Press the directional button/s Left or Right to adjust.

VOICE-OVER:  Lets  you  increase or decrease the volume of the game's
             voice-overs.   Press  the  directional  button/s Left or
             Right to adjust.

GAME BRIGHTNESS: Lets you increase or decrease the overall brightness
                 of  the  game.   Press    to select, then use the
                 directional  button/s  Up  or  Down  to adjust.  The
                 lower the setting, the darker the game.

SCREEN CENTERING:   Lets  you  center  the  screen image by using the
                    directional  button/s.  Press to Save and
                    to Cancel your adjustment

CONTROLLER:   With  this  option  highlighted, press the button to

VIBRATION:   Lets you turn the Dual Shock Analog Controller vibration
             function ON/OFF.

INVERT  AIM:   Lets  you  reverse Up and Down controls for manual and
               sniper mode aiming.

PRESET CONFIG:  Lets  you  adjust   your  controller   configuration.
                STANDARD  is  the  default  and  ALTERNATE provides a
                different   preset   configuration.    To  completely
                customize  your  configuration, press the directional
                button/s Down to scroll down to an action, then press
                the  button  you  want  to designate for that action.
                Highlight  ACCEPT  to  save your configuration. RESET
                restores  the default function and CANCEL returns you
                to the top of the screen.

QUIT GAME: Lets you exit a game in progress.

- Page - 22


Gabriel Logan
Covert Operative
Sex: Male                       Height: 6'3"
Age: 35                         Weight: 185 pounds
Birthplace: Camden, N J         Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: American           Hair Color: Black

Recognized  as  the  top  operative  in  the  Agency  today.   Agency
Operative,  1993-Current.   U.S.  Army, Special Operations 1987-1992.
Gulf  War,  1991.   Presidential  Citation,  1991.  Silver Star, U.S.
Army,  awarded  1989.   Commissioned  as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S.
Army, 1981.

M.A.   Degree,  Biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude, Rockefeller Institute,
awarded 1994.  B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry, MIT, awarded 1987.
U.S.  Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), MIT, 1983-1987.

Lian Xing
Intelligence Communications Expert
Sex: Female                     Height: 5'1"
Age: 29                         Weight: 120 pounds
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA   Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: American           Hair Color: Black

Operative  for  the Agency since recruitment after graduation in June
1996.  Expert in the field of communications.

Ph.D.,  Computer  Science,  Magna  Cum  Laude, Stanford, 1996.  M.S.,
Computer  Science, Stanford, 1995.  B.A., B.S. Languages and Computer
Science, U.C. Berkeley, awarded 1993.

- Page - 23

Thomas Markinson
Director of the Agency
Sex: Male                       Height: 6'0"
Age: 52                         Weight: 210 pounds
Birthplace: Cambridge, MA       Eye Color: Green
Nationality: American           Hair Color: Gray

Agency   Director,   1997-Current.    Defense   Intelligence   Staff,
Washington   D.C.,  1986-96.   Army  Intelligence,  Washington  D.C.,
1976-86.  U.S.  Army Special Forces, 1968-75.  Purple Heart, Medal of
Honor, both earned during tours in Vietnam.

B.A., International  Relations,  Georgetown, 1968.  Officers Training
School, U.S.  Army, 1968.

Edward Benton
Deputy Director of the Agency
Sex: Male                       Height: 6'0"
Age: 41                         Weight: 210 pounds
Birthplace: Chicago, IL         Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: American           Hair Color: Black and Gray

Deputy  Director,  Agency,  1999-Current.   Division  Chief,  Agency,
1993-96.   Intelligence  Analyst,  Balkan  Region,  Agency,  1984-92.
Intelligence Analyst, South American Region, Agency, 1978-84.

M.A.,  International Relations, University of Maryland, awarded 1978.
B.A., Political Science, Johns Hopkins, awarded 1975.

- Page - 24

Erich Rhoemer
International Terrorist
Sex: Male                       Height: 6'2"
Age: 35                         Weight: 193 pounds
Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany    Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: German             Hair Color: Black

Responsible  for  the bombing of the Comm Parks building, London, UK,
1997.  Airplane hijacking, Gulf Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey, 1995.  No
records   exist   prior  to  1994.   Has  ties  with  many  terrorist
organizations  in  South  America,  the  Middle  East, Europe and the
former USSR.

No formal training records or certifications exist.

Mara Aramov
Expert Assassin Working for Rhoemer
Sex: Female                     Height: 5'11"
Age: 32                         Weight: 131 pounds
Birthplace: Novgorod, Russia    Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: Russian            Hair Color: Auburn

Assassin  for hire, 1989-Current.  Believed to be responsible for the
deaths  of  at  least  14  people,  all  contracted assignments.  KGB
Operative,  1986-1989.   Believed  to  be a member of the Black Baton
terrorist organization.  Has links to organized crime in Moscow.

No formal training records or certifications exist.

- Page - 25

Jonathan Phagan
CEO and Founder of Pharcom Industries, Inc.
Sex: Male                       Height: 6'5"
Age: 65                         Weight: 190 pounds
Birthplace: Chicago, IL.        Eye Color: Hazel
Nationality: American           Hair Color: White

CEO  and  Founder  of  Pharcom,  1992-Current.   Vice  President, Wyn
Industries,  1983-92.   Director  of  Laboratories,  Wyn  Industries,
1972-83.   Research  Chemist, Zyzon Labs, 1965-72.  Helped bring both
Zyzon  Labs  and  Wyn  industries  to  the  forefront  of the biotech
industry.   Chairman, Society for the Advancement of Biotechnological

M.D.,  Ph.D.,  University  of  Illinois,  1965.   B.S.,  Biology  and
Chemistry, University of Illinois, awarded 1957.

Anton Girdeaux
Munitions Expert Working for Rhoemer
Sex: Male                       Height: 6'0"
Age: 29                         Weight: 200 pounds
Birthplace: Toulouse, France    Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: French             Hair Color: Blond

Mercenary  for  hire,  1992-Current.  Machinist, 1988-1992.  Girdeaux
has  no  official  records  linking  him  to any significant criminal
activity.  Believed to have been recruited into the Black Baton ranks
by Mara Aramov.

Certification by French Society of Machinists, 1988.

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