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Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

           Instruction Manual
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Table on Contents

1]      Overview
2]      Getting Started
3]      Default Controls
4]      The Main Menu
5]      Options
6]      Characters
7]      Moves
8]      Actions and Strategy
9]      Side Quests
10]     Escorting
11]     Weapons
12]     Health
13]     Items
14]     Locales
15]     Hints and Tips

Section 1:  Overview

       The galaxy stands posed at a moment of tremendous change that will forever alter
       the lives of its billions of inhabitants.  When the greedy trade federation
       mobilized for an invasion of the peaceful planet Naboo, the Jedi Master Qui-Gon
       Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, find themselves embroiled in the violent
       conflict.  Manwhile, in the city Theed, Captain Panaka, must call upon all of
       their training to survive the first attack.  And in the swamps of Naboo, the
       clumsy Gungan Jar Jar Binks moves ever closer to his fatal meeting with Qui-Gon.
       But it is on the desert world of Tatooine, far removed from the machinations of
       the trade federation and the endless debate in the galactic senate, where the
       Jedi will eventually discover a young slave named Anakin Skywalker.  Despite his
       humble beginnings, the boy could eventually save them all.

Section 2: Getting Started

       Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructins in it's
       Instruction Manual.  Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing
       a compact disc.  Insert The Phantom Menace disc and close the disc cover.  
       Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation game console.  Follow
       on-screen instructions to start the game.

Section 3:  Default Controls

       Directional buttons     (Move Character)
       Left Analog Stick       (Move Character)
       Right Analog Stick      (Dodge left or right)
       Triangle                (Force Push, Jedi Only)
       Square                  (Attack)
       Circle                  (Activate)
       X  "X"                  (Jump)
       L1                      (Hold to Dodge)
       L2                      (Previous Weapon)
       R1                      (Hold to Run)
       R2                      (Next Weapon)

Section 4: Main Menu

       When you first start the game, you will see the game's Main Menu, which
       consists of the following three selections.  New Game, Load Game, and Options.

New Game
Start a new game beginning with Level 1

Load Game
       By highlighting a previously saved game from the list, you may load it by
       pressing the X button.

Memory Card
       Each saved game will require one block on your Memory Card.  You can save as
       many games as you have free blocks, or you can overwrite other The Phantom
       Menace saved games.  Note: If you choose to overwrite a previous saved game,
       that information cannot be recovered.  Be careful which files you choose to

Section 5:  Options

* Voice: Adjust the voice volume by pressing the < button to decrease the volume, and the >
button to increase the volume.
* Music: Adjust the music volume by pressing the < button to decrease the volume, and the >
button to increase the volume.
* SFX: Adjust the sound effects volume by pressing the < to decrease the volume, and the >
button to increase the volume.
* Stereo/Mono: Choose stereo or mono sound.
* Vibration: (Dual Shock controller only) Turn the vibration function on/off.
* Subtitles: Turn the text subtitles on/off.
* Credits: View the team credits
* Controls: Press the X button to go to the Controller Configuration screen where you can
change your default controls.  Once you are at the Controller Configuration screen, use the
< and > buttons to cycle through three control settings. Press the X button to make your
* Music Video: Highlight and press the X button to play the exclusive Duel of the Fates
music video.

The Inventory Menu
The Inventory Menu (accessed by pressing the Start button from within the game), displays
the following information.

* Items: Displays the items your character has in his/her inventory. By highlighting the
item with the Directional buttons, you can see the name of the item and a brief description.
* Weapon: Works like the Items Menu, but displays weapons. Information may include how many
rounds of ammunition are available for the highlighted weapon.
* Options: Same as the Main Menu Options screen.
* Save Game: Prompts you to save a game
* Load Game: By highlighting a previously saved game, you may load it by pressing the X
* Quit: Allows you to exit a level and return to the Main Menu.
* Continue: Allows you to return to the game.

Section 6: Characters

Heroes (Playable Characters)
Obi-Wan Kenobi                  Qui-Gon Jinn's impulsive young student and ally.  He
                               does not understand his teacher's unquestioning love for
                               all life forms, yet he is intensely loyal and models
                               himself after Qui-Gon in all other ways.  Special      
                               Weapons: Lightsaber, Force Push.
Qui-Gon Jinn                    The venerable Jedi Master who, along with Obi-Wan, is
                               sent to solve the Trade Federation dispute.  He is one
                               of the most skilled of the Jedi Warriors.  Despite his
                               strength and wisdom, Qui-Gon has never sat on the Jedi
                               Council due to is unconventional views.  Special        
                               Weapons:  Lightsaber, Force Push.
Captain Panaka                  Leader of the Naboo Royal Security Forces, and the
                               Queen's loyal protector.  He has uncanny instincts, and
                               is known as "the quickest eyes on Naboo."  He has      
                               difficulty trusting others, especially when it could
                               jeapordize the safety of his charge.  Special Weapons:
                               Hand to Hand Combat.
Queen Amidala                   The newly elected leader of Naboo who sometimes adopts
                               unique and very personal solutions to problems.  She has
                               been trained for her position since childhood, and
                               gained great respect as the ruler of Theed before      
                               assuming the throne.  Her elaborate costumes are not a
                               sign of vanity, but rather appearance so that without
                               them she may walk unnoticed among her people to
                               gather information.  Special Weapons: Droid Stunner

Other Characters
Anakin Skywalker                A young boy on the planet Tatooine.  One of Watto's
                               slaves and a mechanical genius, Anakin is currently
                               building a Podracer and a protocol droid.  The Force is
                               amazingly strong with this boy, although his future is
                               clouded.  He forms an immediate attachment to the      
                               Queen's handmaiden, Padmé.
Jar Jar Binks                   A clumsy Gungan who aids the heroes, partially because
                               he believes he owes a lift debt to Qui-Gon.  He has been
                               banished from Otoh Gunga, yet his role in uniting the
                               Gungans with Qeen Amidala will eventually bring him
                               honor and respect from his people.


Battle Droid                    The primary enemy encountered by the heroes.  Battle
                               droids have been developed secretly by several factions,
                               including the Trade Federation, despite the restrictions
                               of the Republic.  They are extremely efficient and have
                               been programmed for many combat situations.
Maintenance Droid               The cleaning droids found in air vents on the Trade
                               Federation ship.  They are not dangerous as such, but
                               they are programmed to recognize obstructions as dirt
                               and obliterate then with electrostatic energy.
Destroyer Droid                 Incredibly dangerous rolling battle units with personal
                               deflector shields for defense.  These shields, along    
                               with their mobility and heavy armament, make them even
                               more formidable foe than the battle droids.
Coruscant Mercenary             Armed with a force pike, the Coruscant Mercenary is
                               trained in stealth and melee fighting.
Battle Tank                     The Trade Federation battle tank, also known as an
                               Armored Attack Tank or AAT.  These tanks confront the
                               enemy with heavily armored facade and a blistering hail
                               of assault fire from five laser guns and six energy
                               shell launchers.  Their deployment on Naboo are the
                               tanks' first use in open combat.
Darth Maul                      A Sith Lord and apprentice to Darth Sidious.  He weilds
                               a double bladed lightsaber.  His appearance is fearsome,
                               with horns covering his bald head, and red and black    
                               tatoos on his face.  His absorption in the dark side of
                               the Force is total, and he fights with frightening      

Section 7: Moves

     <    >  Move in Each Direction (GamePad)

Left Analog                     Move in Each Direction
Right Analog                    Dodge left or right

Basic Controls
Square                          Attack/Block Shots (Lightsabers Only)
L2                              Previous weapon
R2                              Next Weapon
X                               Jump/Reach Hanging Lines (Jedi can perform forward flip by
                               pressing X a second time while in mid air).
Circle                          Activate, Use/Talk
Circle + Up                     Push/Pull Crates and logs
Circle + Down
R1 (Hold)                       Run

Special Moves
L1 (Hold) + Left                Dodge Left
L1 (Hold) + Right               Dodge Right
X + Down                        Jump Backwards (Jedi Flip backwards)
X + Up                          Jump Forward (press X second time for Jedi to flip forward).
X + Square                      Jumping Saber Attack (Jedi Only)
Square, Square (hold)           Overhead Saber Twirl (Jedi Only)
Triangle                        Force Push (Jedi Only)

In Game Controls
Start Button                    Access the Inventory Screen and Pause the Game

Section 8: Actions and Strategy

The [circle] button allows you to activate switches, buttons, use machines and talk to
other characters.  Walk up to a character if you want to talk to them, and press the
[circle] button.  If dialogue lines appear at the bottom of the screen, you can talk
to this character.  Use the [up] and [down] buttons to scroll between these dialogue
lines until you highlight the one you want to select, then press the [circle] or [x]
button to choose it.  If one line of dialogue does not seem to produce useful results,
keep trying others.  While playing as a Jedi, you will occasionally find a line of
dialogue that represents a Jedi mind trick.  Choosing this option may
allow your Jedi character to influence the actions of others.

Push/Pull Objects
Sometimes your character can also move large objects like logs or crates. Walk up
against the object, then press the [circle] button in combination with the [up]
or [down] button to push or pull the object.

Force Push/Force Power Bar
(Available only to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan)
Press the [triangle] button to use Force Push.  Use Force Push to temporarily disable
enemies, push certain objects, or to activate certain levers or switches.  A blue
Force Push meter located in the lower left corner of your screen shows your Force
Push power level.  Force Push diminishes with frequent use, so give it a few seconds
between uses to recharge to full power.

You can make difficult leaps over chasms by pressing the [x] button to jump. Qui-Gon
and Obi-Wan can also do a forward flip to achieve greater distance. To execute a
forward flip, press the [x] button a second time while in midair. The jump is also
useful for reaching overhead lines, which can be used to explore otherwise
inaccessible areas.

When speaking to characters, there are opportunities to trade objects. The dialogue
options will indicate whether or not you can trade. Trade with as many characters
as possible.

Section 9: Side Quests

There are side quests or other paths that your character can sometimes follow that
may furnish you with useful items or extra challenges. Certain characters may as
you to help them throughtout the game. Some quests are not essential to finishing
the game, but they may prove useful once you reash the later levels.

Section 10: Escorting

Occasionally your character may have the responsibility of escorting other
characters through a dangerous enviornment. It is your duty to protect those you
are escorting, and if they are injured or killed, your game may end.

Section 11: Weapons

Located on screen to the right of the Health Meter, the Weapon Indicator shows the
current weapon being used and how much ammo you have available, if applicable.
Available weapons are...

(Available only to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan)
The primary weapon of the Jedi. Deadly in offense, and quite formidable in defense,
the energy blade of the lightsaber can cut through almost any object and can
deflect incoming energy blasts.

Blaster Rifle
A lightweight, long-range sidearm. Standard weapon for battle droids.

Light Repeating Blaster
Has a superior fire rate when compared to standard issue blasters and blaster rifles.

Naboo Blaster
(Available only to Captain Panaka)
Standard issue for Naboo Royal Guards.

Proton Missle Launcher
Launches missiles with miniature proton warheads. The weapon can destroy many vehicles
and inflict damage on other large machinery.

R-65 Heavy Blaster
Fires high-powered energy bolts that reflect off most surfaces. It's extremely useful
in tight combat zones.

Droid Stunner
(Available only to Queen Amidala)
Emits an energy pulse capable of stunning almost any enemy. Proves very useful against
battle droids.

Thermal Detonator
Spherical baradium fusion explosive. Thermal detonators destroy all matter within a
radius of 5-20 meters. Use with extreme caution.

Gungan Energy Ball
An explosive sphere developed by the Gungans for large-scale battles.  Energy balls
consist of an unstable energy encased in a thin organic matrix. The weapons are
designed to be hurled at opponents to temporarily stun them.

Flash Grenade
Small-area explosive designed primarily to blind opponents. More powerful flash
grenades can be quite destructive, but are not as powerful as thermal detonators.

Heavy Repeating Cannon
This weapon can lay down a devastating barrage of fire within a short range.
Typically they are used by battle droids to defend jey strategic positions. Activate
the cannon by pressing the [circle] button while standing behind it. Use the
directional buttons to aim and the [square] button to fire.


Health Meter
The Health Meter on screen shows your character's level of health. Your health will
go down if you are injured. If your health goes down completely, you will need to
restart the level or load a previously saved game. Replenish your health with health
packs that you find throughout the game.

Health Pack
Restores the character's health to maximum

Small Health Pack
Restores 25 percent of the character's health. Will not restore health beyond the
maximum limit.


Energy Shield
Protective energy shield, which surrounds the player and repels blaster attacks. Pick
up to activate

Key Card
You'll find a variety of kay cards and security passes which will allow access to
secure areas in certain levels.

Throughout the game, you'll find buttons you can push (press the [circle] button) to
open various doors and panels.

Section 14: Locales

Trade Federation Battle Ship
Full of labyrinthine passages, battle droids, and destroyer droids, the Trade
Federation battle ship was to be the site for peace conference between the
Neimoidians and a deathtrap for Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

The small planet of Naboo is home to two distinct advanced civilications that have
created beautiful cities. Otoh Gunga, the vast underwater city of the Gungans, is
composed of intricate bubble domes and passages. Otoh Gunga is the former home of
exiled Jar Jar Binks, who befriends the Jedi in the swamps. The city of Theed is
under siege by the Trade Federation. Explore the Theed palace and gardens in an
attempt to rescue Queen Amidala.

Naboo Swamp
Unusual creatures populate this swamp where Obi-Wan must reunite with Qui-Gon.

Otoh Gunga
While traveling through Otoh Gunga, Obi-Wan must successfully navigate shifting
underwater passeges of the strange city and rescue Jar Jar Binks, without hurting
any Gungans.

Theed Palace Garden
The Palace Garden is an elaborate and beautiful place, perfect for contemplation
when the planet isn't being invaded. But after the Trade Federation takes control of
the city, Obi-Wan must explore the garden to search of a path into the palace.

Theed City
Obi-Wan must safely escort the Queen from the Theed Palace to a hangar, where they
hope to escape the planet in her Royal Starship.

Tatooine is adesert planet on the galactic frontier and home to many alien species.
Mos Espa, one of Tatooine's few cities, houses a variety of galactic flotsam, and
offers both refuge and danger to visitors from outside.  Mos Espa is the setting of
the famous Boonta Eve Podrace, presided over by the crime boss Jabba the Hutt.

Mos Espa
After fighting off Tusken Raiders, Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, and Padme enter the hustling
city of Mos Espa in search of parts for the Queen's Royal Starship. While the
handmaiden and Gungan obtain supplies, the Jedi enclunters many colorful inhabitants,
several with their own problems, requests or grievances. Unless he acts in self-
defense, Qui-Gon must avoid harming the residents of Mos Espa, as many have
powerful friends. In fact, Qui-Gon would be wise to keep his weapons hidden until
they are needed. Eventually, Qui-Gon will find a young slave named Anakin, and
the meeting will change both of their lives forever.

Mos Espa Arena
The arena is a crowded site, filled with a variety of beings and encounters for the
venerable Jedi Master, Qui-Gon. In order to obtain the money he needs. Qui-Gon must
deal with the vile Jabba the Hutt. Then, he must find a way to place a bet on the
Boonta Eve Podrace.

Desert Landing on Tatooine
While returning to the Queen's Royal Starship, Qui-Gon is ambushed by a dangerous
Sith warrior named Darth Maul. Their battle on the outskirts of Mos Espa will not
be their last confrontation.

The seat of galactic government for as long as records have existed, Coruscant is the
jewel of the Core Worlds and the center of the known universe. Kilometer high
skyscrapers and numerous spaceports cover the capital, Imperial City. The lowest,
darkest levels of Imperial City were abandoned long ago and are now home to countless
vermin and subhuman beings moving through the shadows.

Return to Naboo
The Jedi and their allies return to Theed in a last desperate effort to defeat the
evil Trade Federation and to resotre peace and freedom to the planet of Naboo

The Final Battle
Queen Amidala reaches the Theed Palace and must acquire a series of keys in order to
rescue several Naboo prisoners and capture the Trade Federation Viceroy. As the
Queen fights to free her planet, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon engage in a climactic battle
with the fearsome Darth Maul.

Section 15: Hints and Tips

* Sometimes creates contain useful items. Break open every one that you can get and
 get ready for a surprise.
* Talk to everyone and check in with the characters again from time to time. You
 never know when you'll have something they need.
* Know when to fight and when to run.
* Do not attack unless you are sure that the enemy is hostile.
* Know the strengths and weakness of your enemy. Different strategies work well on
 some enemies, but not on others.
* Keep moving, a moving target is better than a sitting duck (In open areas, roll or
 sidestep while firing to attack and dodge simultaneously).
* Pay attention to the features of the level. Hints and secrets are hidden everywhere.
* If on an escort mission, stay close to the person you are escorting. Do not stray,
 or harm may come to them.
* Use powerups sparingly. You never know when you are going to really need them.
* Familiarize yourself with using the lightsaber. The Jedi have some devastating
 special moves.
* There is often more than one way to complete the same puzzle.

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