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 Note: This is an exact duplicate
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At their request this manual will be deleted.

 Thanks to Awochs for this great manual!
It obviously took  a long time to create.

Late one night when the rest of Paradise Falls is asleep, Zack and his
twin sister Hannah read a poem about the Swagman and his gruesome gang
of Night Terrors.  It tells of how these sinister characters emerge
from their twisted, bad-dream landscape - The Terrortries 0 to spread
nightmare-inducing Dream-Ash on sleeping folk.

As Zack and Hannah read this, a rush of wind and a noise from the
window freezes them in alarm.  But a soft light illuminates the room
around them and as they turn, they see a Dreamfly sprinkling Dreamdew
into their room.  The kids rush to the window, watching as she flies
back off across town.

But hunched in the darkness of the bough of a tree is the Swagman.  
Reaching his crooked hand up toward the Dreamfly, he captures her in a
swarm of Dream-Ash.  She is fated to the imprisonment of one of his
bell-jars - just like the other eleven members of the Dreamflight.

With them imprisoned in this way, the Swagman can safely send his
Terrors through the portals between his and out world to extend the
boundaries of the Terrortries.  Without the Dreamflight to neutralize
the bad dreams calling though sleepers' minds, they will never waken
from his nightmares.

As Zack and Hannah witness this from their bedroom window, a loud
splintering sounds from the landing and the kids hide in fear...

The landing floor fractures open - a red glow rising from the pit within
as the green skull of a Skallywag peers out triumphantly.  A gang of
these Night Terrors invade Zack and Hannah's room - stealing their
favorite possessions, including Zack's bug collection.

On Skally however, senses Hannah hiding in the wardrobe and wrenches
the door open.  Conjuring a greasy silver ball from his hand, he rolls
it hypnotically over his fingertips - then hurls it into Hannah's face.  
The ball breaks into a smoky cloud around her...

And to Zack's horror, his sister is shrunk under the spell - imprisoned
within their toy bird-cage - dolefully hanging on its perch as the
Skallys tumble, snickering out from the room.

As they leave, the box of Zack's bugs falls from one of their sacks and
the beetles scuttle away across the floor...

Zack knows now that he and Hannah are the only people awake in the
entire town - and the only ones who can fight the Swagman and his
invading army of Night Terrors.  It's up to him to free Hannah and then
discover the whereabouts of the Good Great Dreamfly and the eleven
members of her Dreamflight, and to rescue them from the clutches of
the Swagman and his terrifying Night Terrors, so that we can all sleep
in peace again...



Real World
Directional buttons:
Up                      Moves the character up the screen.
Down                    Moves the character down the screen.
Left                    Moves the character to the left.
Right                   Moves the character to the right.
Triangle Button         Moving the character next to an object such as a
                       small crate, while holding the Triangle Button,
                       will allow you to push or pull that object.
Square Button           Pressing the Square button will use whichever item
                       is currently in Zack or Hannah's left hand.
Circle Button           Pressing the Circle Button will use whichever item
                       is currently in Zack or Hannah's right hand.
X Button                This is the jump button.  Tap the button for a
                       jump and hold it down for a higher one.  Beware!
                       Landing on enemies does not kill them, but takes
                       Zees energy) away from you.
L1/L2 Buttons           Use either of these buttons to toggle control
                       between Zack and Hannah.
R1/R2 Buttons           Hold either down in conjunction with the
                       buttons to slow down and walk.
Select Button           Press once to access the inventory screen.  Press
                       again to return to gameplay.
Start Button            Pauses / resumes game.

Dream World
Directional buttons:
Up                      Moves the Dreambeast up the screen.
Down                    Moves the Dreambeast down the screen.
Left                    Moves the Dreambeast to the left.
Right                   Moves the Dreambeast to the right.
Circle Button           This button controls Zack's fire-breath attack and
                       Hannah's Laser Eyes.  Whilst holding down this
                       button, the left and right Directional buttons can
                       be used to turn the beast's head.
Square Button           This button delivers Zack's Power Punch and
                       Hannah's Claw Ripper.
Triangle Button         This button is used for Zack's Mega-butt and
                       Hannah's Pirouette.
X Button                This is the jump button.  Tap the button for a
                       jump and hold it down for a higher one.  Beware!
                       Landing on enemies does not kill them, but takes
                       Zees (energy) away from you.  Hannah can perform a
                       super-jump if the X button is pressed twice in  
L1/L2 Buttons           No function in this mode.
R1/R2 Buttons           No function in this mode.
Select Button           No function in this mode.
Start Button            Pauses / resumes game.

                               MENU / OPTION
                              SCREEN CONTROLS

Use Up and Down on the Directional buttons to navigate and the X button
to select throughout all menus.  The Start or X button also quits FMV

Use Right and Left on the Directional buttons to toggle through
individual category options.

Use the Triangle Button within the menu screens to take you back to the
previous screen until you arrive back to the Title Screen.

                          STARTING THE GAME

It is advised that you do not insert or remove the peripherals or Memory
Cards once the power has been turned on.

Following the Sony, Eidos, and Core Designs screens you will then be
shown a short introductory FMV sequence, following this sequence you will
be presented with:

                            TITLE SCREEN

The options available to you here are:
START GAME      Takes you to the Game Slot Screen.
OPTIONS         Takes you to the Options Screen.

                          GAME SLOT SCREEN

Here you may highlight and select the game you wish to load from one of
eight game slots.

If you are playing the game for the first time or do not have a memory
card, the first time you arrive at this screen all eight slots will
read New Game.

If you have Saved Games, they will be displayed as a location description.

                          OPTIONS SCREEN

The options available to you here are:
SOUND OUTPUT            Stereo (default) / Mono
SFX VOLUME              Off / Low / Medium / High / Full (default)
SFX TEST                Select effect number to test
MUSIC VOLUME            Off / Low / Medium / High / Full (default)
MUSIC TEST              Select track number to test
CONTROL SETTING         Select and you will be presented with 5 pre-set
                       control configurations.  Selecting your desired
                       setting will return you to the Options Screen.
EXIT                    Select to return to the Title Screen

                             SAVE GAME

Make sure that there are enough free blocks on your Memory card before
commencing play.

"Please not that if you do not have a Memory card you will not be able
to save your game."

Opening the Scarab Chests throughout the game will not only provide you
with invaluable information vital for completing the game but also
certain chests will include Save Game prompts, if you have a Memory
card inserted you will be asked if you would like to save your game at
that point.  Please note that if you do not have a Memory card inserted
you will lose all Saved Game information when switching off your console.

Your full game configuration will be saved within the Save Game.

                          QUITTING THE GAME

While playing the game, you can return to the Title Screen by pressing
the Start Button (to pause the game) then by pressing the Select button
and following the on-screen prompts.

                              THE GAME

The game is basically split into two main areas - the Real World and
the nightmare lands of the Terrortries.  You must explore both lands
if you are to free the Dreamflight and return the Real World to normal.
The Terrortries can be accessed via the Mirror Warps.  The Mirror Warps
look very similar to normal, everyday mirrors and are normally found
in the same places.  e.g. in a bathroom..

When Zack/Hannah have passed through a Mirror Warp into the Terrortries
(and have transformed into the Dreambeast), the Screen Display will
change.  The special items collected by the twins cannot by used and
their current on-screen icons are replaced with their Dreambeast head

                       DREAMDEW AND DREAM-ASH

Dreamdew is the magically enlivening blue moisture that falls from the
wings of the Dreamflight to transform Nightmares into Good Dreams.  
The Swagman, on the other hand, deals death with his Dream-Ash.

Dreamdew is a vital aspect in the game.  The player must keep Zack/
Hannah's on-screen Dew Bar icon topped up with Dreamdew if they are
to successfully negotiate and subsequently complete the game.

When Zack/Hannah battle their way through to a Dreamflight member, he/she
must firstly find some way of destroying the Guardian.  Then they must
destroy the belljar to set the Dreamfly free.

In order to rescue a Dreamflight member Zack or Hannah must first venture
their way through Limbo.  Once complete they must smash the bell jar
imprisoning the Dreamfly, in return she will warp Zack and Hannah to
the next area.

Sources of Dreamdew will be scattered throughout the game, here are
some examples:
Dreamdew Flowers & Ashplants:
Dreamdew Flowers provide you with the main source of Dreamdew.  
Ashplants however will spray Zack/Hannah with Dream-Ash, depleting
your bar of precious Dreamdew.

Dew Pockets:
These float in the air and pop dew out when Zack/Hannah jump at them.

Dream Webs:
Zack and Hannah can also collect dew from Dream Webs.

The twins' Dream Life is measured in Zees.  Zees can be collected at
many points in the adventure as they are emanated from the sleeping
folk of Paradise Falls.  If Zack/Hannah takes a hit from a Terror,
usually only one Zee is lost.  Zack and Hannah's dream life is shared,
therefore the Zees are shared also.  This will force the player to look
after both characters, rather than choosing one.  After all, they are
brother and sister.
At some point the player may lose all of his/her Zees.  When this
happens, a brief animation sequence will show Zack/Hannah plummeting
through the blackness towards the yawning maw of the Swagman.  As
he/she falls, digits will count down from 10 to zero and the Scarab
will appear, offering a Dream Revival to allow you to continue the
adventure.  Pressing the Start Button before the digits reach zero
will allow the player to continue from the last Save Game point.  
Not pressing the Start Button before the digits countdown to zero
will return you to the title screen.

                      INVENTORY PANEL CONTROL

The Inventory panel is the place where you can select certain objects
to either use or swap between the two characters.  Some special items
however are specific to just one character:

Within the inventory are two highlighted slots for each of the two
characters, these represent the items currently held in their left
and right hands.  To place an object in a hand or pass an object to
the other character, use the Directional buttons to move the arrow
cursor over the desired object - then press the X Button to pick it
up.  Move the object to the desired slot and press the X Button once
again to drop it in.

Here is a list of items that you will come across on your travels:

The following items do not require Dreamdew to make them work:

Dreamcharged Flashlight:
This is Zack/Hannah's main/default weapon in the game.  The player can
use the flashlight, not only to attack Night Terrors, but also to cut
through undergrowth and curtains pulled across doors.

Zack's Flying Disc:
Works like a boomerang.  It also homes in on any on-screen Terrors.

Hannah's Yo-yo:
Hannah can use the yo-yo to bash the Terrors.  She can also use it to
grab items that are out of her reach, or flip-switches in hard-to-get
Cherry Bombs (both characters):
These explode on impact and can be used to blow up crumbling walls/
floors and some Terrors.  They can also damage Zack/Hannah if he/she
is standing too near when they explode.

The following items use up Dreamdew while they are in operation.  If
the player has not filled up his Dew Bar with Dreamdew, they will not
be able to use these items:

Zack's Jet Sneakers:
These give Zack extra speed and jumping power.

Hannah's Lightning Glove:
This weapon harnesses the power of the elements destroying everything
on screen.  The glove also protects her from the effects of electricity.


Zack's Fire Breath - This blasts out a stream of white hot flames.

Hannah's Laser Eyes - These emit a concentrated beam of retinal energy,
toasting any Terror in sight.


Warping Circles allow the player to Warp Hannah to Zack's present
position or vice-versa.

Warping Circles cannot be accessed unless:
       (1) The selected character is standing on a Circle.
       (2) The Warping Marble icon is selected.

                          SPECIAL ITEMS

Certain interiors will have locked doors which can only be opened by
finding and using keys.

Pressure Pads:
Some areas contain doors that cannot be opened by finding a key and
usually a Pressure Pad will be close by.  To activate the pad, simply
stand on it - this will raise/open the door.  Stepping off the pad
will de-activate it, causing the door to lower/close.  This problem
is solved by taking control of the other character and moving him/her
onto the pad thus re-activating it and allowing one character to pass
through into the next area.


Before each level Guardian is LIMBO...

Limbo is the yawning void which surrounds the Swagman's Terrortries.  It
is littered with chunks of earth, some of which will crumble away
underfoot, plummeting you into the abyss below.  Here, the Scarab will
be able to order your bugs to show you a safe route across.  Make sure
you have enough bugs to get all the way across the void.  The Scarab
will tell you how many you need.

                          THE CHARACTERS

The Good Guys:

Zack is our hero.  He's eight years old, cute and cool, and transforms
into a powerful Dreambeast whenever he goes through a Mirror Warp into
the Terrortries.

Hannah is our heroine and also Zack's twin sister.  Although she may
look sweet as pie, underneath lies her dream persona which she too
transforms into when going through the Warps.

The Dreamflight:
The Swagman has imprisoned the twelve members of the Dreamflight beneath
an ash-crystal belljar in various locations throughout Paradise Falls
and the Terrortries.  It's the twins' job to defeat the Night Terror
Guardians, smash the belljars and release the Dreamflight members.

The Dreambeasts:
When the twins enter the Swagman's Terrortries through the mirror
warps, they are unleashed as potent Dreambeasts with enhanced strength
and special powers.

The Scarab and his Bug Army:
Throughout the game, you must collect Zack's but army which the Night
Terrors have stolen.  The Scarab is the leader of this army, who,
with his knowledge of nightmare terrain, is able to give crucial
advice at key points of the adventure.

The Bad Guys:

Green Skallywags:
Wandering green skeletons who sling bones out when they get near
Zack/Hannah.  Be wary of the flames that result from the bones' impact.

Red Skallywags:
Tiny scurrying skallys who will attempt to steal your bombs and take
off with them.

Candle Skallywags:
Wandering red skeletons are found lighting their way through some of
the darker areas.  Keep your distance as they will billow out their
candle flame if you get too close.

A bouncy fire spitting, mutant Pumpkin that bounces around his patch
until you get close.  Then he attacks, scorching you with is dragon

Steam Demon:
First found in the Basement, they will float around, homing in on the
twins before expiring in a big puff of scolding steam.

Fire Slug:
>From the many Abysses scattered throughout the game there are constant
spurts of fire and molten magma thrown up into the air.  Every so
often a Fire Slug will also be spewed out, it will then uncurl and
sleuth toward Zack and Hannah.

Sheer Thing:
If you get too close, these will reveal their true form, a nasty
spectre with sharp claws and a whipsnap tail.

Zombie Kid:
These will either burst out from their grave or clamber from an open
standing coffin to attack you.

Swag Spikes:
They dart out of walls and floors, hoping to impale you, before
liquefying and retracting back for another attempt.  Some Swag Spikes
are used as a level puzzle, requiring a pressure pad to be found
before the spikes will retract.

Trash Scallys:
Some Scallywags hide in the trash, armed with a pile of bins, kicking
them back and forth between each other.  The best way to deal with
these is by simply dodging them.

Cactus Spies:
At first glimpse normal cacti, but when you turn away from one, he'll
scutter after you, if he gets too near you, Cactus spikes erupt from
his torso, slashing those vital Zees away.

                         HINTS AND TIPS

Don't forget to take the Flashlight from the bedroom.  You can't
leave home without it.

If you wish you could get out of the garden, find the well.

Don't hand around in dark corridors.  Just leg it.

Remember, if Zack/Hannah get separated, look for the warping circles.

If you don't want to be stuck in LIMBO, search the nooke and crannies
for your bugs.

If you're stuck, use your cherry bombs gratuitously.   They might just
blow you an exit.

                          EIDOS HINT LINE

1-900-77-EIDOS (34367)
Cost of call $0.95/minute/Must be 18 years or have parent's
permission/Touch-Tone phone required.

For Core Design, LTD:
Lead Programmer         Chris Long
Support Programmers     Stefan Walker, Martin Gibbons, David Muic
Lead Artist             James Ryman
Support Artists         Dave Pate, Peter Duncan, Lee Pullen
Music                   Nathan CcCree
Sound effects           Martin Iveson
Game Design             Richard Morton
Script                  Dicky Arnold
Producer                Troy Horton
Executive Producer      Jeremy H. Smith

For Eidos Interactive:
Quality Assurance       Frank Horn, Matt Miller, Jeremy Hunter, Mike
                       R. Kelly. Mike McHale, Philip Baker, Tom Marx
Lead Tester             Tricia Gray
Producer                Mike Schmitt
Product Manager         Susan Bashkoff
Development Coordinator James Poole
Marketing Support       Gary Keith, Paul Baldwin, Sutton Trout,
                       Lee Wilkinson, Kelly Zavislak

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