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Super Smash TV

Developer: Midway
Publisher: Acclaim

The year is 1999.
Television is cashing in on the blood lust of its viewers.  Violence dominates
the screen.
Topping the ratings are the TV game shows that offer the ultimate in prizes:
your life!  Winning and losing has become "destroyed or be destroyed."
One show stands as the toughest, most spectacular, most dangerous, and most
rewarding contest of all: SMASH TV.
Alone, or in a pair, powerfully armed contestants are sent into a closed arena.
There, before a live studio audience and devoted TV viewers from around the
globe, they battle opponents - human, humanoid, and inhuman - and search out the
cash and prizes that will make them SMASH TV Grand Champions.
Ready for prime time?
The future is now.
You are the next lucky contestant...

Ready Camera One
*You'll first see the SMASH TV title screen, a history of the show, and then the
roster of Reigning Champions.  To reach the player selection screen, press the
Start Button.

10 Seconds to Air
*SMASH TV is both a One Player and Two Player game with three skill levels.
Move the Down Control Pad Arrow until the Skill is highlighted then move the
Left or Right Control Pad Arrow to pick the level you want.  To select the
number of players move the Control Pad Arrows so the number of players is
highlighted.  Then press the Start Button.

The Controls... Absolute Arcade Action

Basic Moves... As Easy as it Looks

To Move
*Press the Control Pad Arrows Right, Left, Up, or Down.  To move diagonally,
press in between the Arrows.
To Fire Up
*Press the X Button.
To Fire Left
*Press the Y Button.
To Fire Down
*Press the B Button.
To Fire Right
*Press the A Button.

To Fire Diagonally

*Press the X Button and the Y Button simultaneously.
*Press the Y Button and the B Button simultaneously.
*Press the X Button and the A Button simultaneously.
*Press the A Button and the B Button simultaneously.

To Pause
*Press the Start Button.
To Restart
*Press the Start Button after pausing.

On the Screen... Excitement so Intense, It'll blow you away

Game play information appears at the top of the screen as follows.

Blue Contestant
*Stats on upper left corner of screen.
1)  Lives.
2)  Score/Prizes.
3)  Weapon Upgrade Meter.

Red Contestant
*Stats on upper right corner of screen.
1)  Lives.
2)  Score/Prizes
3)  Weapon Upgrade Meter.

Weapons... I Need More Fire-Power
Sophisticated weapons and vital power-ups are available in every room of the
contest.  Your basic weapon, the Machine Gun, will obliterate your lesser
opponents.  However, final victory in any round demands that you use everything
you can pick up!
*When the symbol for a weapon or power-up appears, it can easily be picked up by
moving over it.
*Only one weapon type can be used at a time, but power-ups, such as increased
Speed or the Mobile Forcefield, ca be used simultaneously with all weapons.
Note:  With each new life, you also get the Mobile Forcefield.  For crowd
control, there's no equal!


1)  Rapid Fire Grenade Launcher
*Symbol is a green grenade.
2)  Rapid Fire, High-Power Grenade Launcher
*Symbol is a yellow grenade.
3)  Bomb (Destroys all enemies on screen)
*Symbol is a yellow bomb.
4)  Machine Gun Firing Remote
*Symbol is a green orb with a turret.
5)  Multi-Direction Photon Gun
*Symbol is a triangle of white pellets
6)  High-Power Missile Launcher
*Symbol is a red, white, and blue shaped missile.
7)  Mobile Forcefield
*Symbol is a black circle on a orange background
8)  Discus Defense
*Symbol is a yellow discus shape.
9)  Speed Boost
*Symbol is a white boomerang
10) Bonus Life
*Symbol is a character head.
Note:  Pick-up weapons last until all 6 of the squares under your score turn

Your opponents tonight...
The audience is crying out for more blood and with the forces stacked against
you, they'll soon be satisfied... just hope it's not your vital organs they're
cheering over!
Opponents whose main strength is numbers, like gangs wielding baseball bats,
laser firing orbs, and exploding tin soldiers, will attack you in any round and
at every chance.  But each round of the show also features and opponent with
unique talents for mangling contestants.
These characters are the stars of the show so the won't give up easily. but find
their weak spots and you've got it made.  Be relentless in your attack and enjoy
watching them crumble.

The Super-Star Opponents are:

Round 1:  Mutoid Man
*Half tank, half mutant, and all deadly.  He'd just as soon as run you over than
look at you with his twin firing laser eyes.  Pound him with everything you find
and remember, armless isn't harmless.

Round 2:  Scarface
*If looks could kill, Scarface would be ahead of the game.  Not only is he ugly,
but get hit and your career in prime time is history.

Round 3:  Cobra Head
*The cobra is the king of the snakes... and you've got double trouble.  There
over-grown reptiles have steel scales that will crush you like a bug, and forked
tongues that speak with high-tech firepower.

Round 4:  The Game Show Host With the Most
*If his big mouth were his only flaw, you'd be okay, but this guy is not just
slimy, he's crazy.  Still, it's his show... and he'll do anything to keep it
that way!

Big Money...
Big Prizes...
I Love It!

Winning is everything... but winning big is even better.  Grab the prizes that
appear by moving over them... but watch out, they may be hiding a dangerous land

Point Values:

Single Blue Orbs/2000
Orb-Train (each segment)/2000
Laser Orb/2500
Hulk Clubbers/500
Shrapnel Bomb/2350
Floating Robot/1050
Wall Gun Man/5500
Spear Men/1000
Tank (per section)/7500
Red Swarmers (followers)/2050
Red Swarmers (leaders)/20,000
Cobra Boss (per hit)/100-500
Scarface (per hit)/250-6000
Mutoid Man (per hit)/350
Game Show Host (per hit)/350-750
Prizes (each pick-up)/5010

The Route to Success
*At the start of each round, a map shows the layout of the studio, including the
locations of bonus prize rooms.  Pause and make a copy, knowing where you are
comes in handy if you're going to rake in the goods!

Cash Bonanza:  The Pleasuredome
*You want the big money?  It's waiting just for you in the Pleasuredome... only
to get in, you'll need a key, or maybe even a bunch...

Double Your Pleasure!
*Two is always better than one when it comes to combat... but there is only one
SMASH TV Grand Champion and it's money in the bank that separates the big winner
form the other mere survivors.

Staying With the Show... Contestant Lives
*There'd be no show without you, so each lucky player gets 5 lives per round,
plus any bonus lives you can pick up.  Lives remaining are shown in the top left
and top right of the screen.

Reigning Champions
*Destroyed the Host with the Most?  Made a fortune in cash and prizes?  C
ongratulations.  You are now a SMASH TV Reigning Champion.  To enter your
initials on the roster move the Control Pad Arrows until the letter you want is
highlighted then press the A Button.

*So go for it!  What are you waiting for?  The commercials are over... the
camera's are rolling... and the audience is waiting to see how long you last.
Are you going to give them what they want, or can you stay in one piece long
enough to be invited back next season?  Everybody's waiting to see!
"Super Smash TV Instruction Manual"
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