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Super James Pond

Developer:  Millenium Interactive
Publisher:  American Software Corporation


Oceanic Times

Maybe Takes Over Toy Factory and Holds World to Ransom

       In a new bid for world domination, the evil doctor Maybe has taken over the
main North Pole based toy factory and has sabotaged many of the games destined
for homes throughout the world.  His demands are not yet known, but world
leaders are having an urgent meeting to discuss the situation in an effort to
avert his treacherous threats.
       Government spokesmen have not been available for comment, however, we do know
that the President has canceled all meetings and this morning left for Geneva
where it is believed he will be meeting with other world leaders.
       Rumors emerged from the White House last night that security services have been
put on alert and that the highly secretive & successful F.I.5.H. underwater
espionage agency has been contacted.
       Doctor Maybe strikes dread in the hearts of us all, but having been thwarted in
the past by F.I.5.H, it was believed that he had given up all hope of future
dastardly activities.  But if is now evident, that his earlier failures have
made him more determined than ever to dominate the world stage.
       President of North Pole Toys Inc., S. Claus, who narrowly escaped from Maybe's
evil clutches and first brought the news to the Oceanic Times said last night,
"This is terrible news, our whole year's supply was ready for dispatch when we
were overwhelmed by Maybe and his gang".  Pressed further by our top reporter
Lewis Lean, Clause said that he had little faith in world governments to solve
the problem and that the only way to ensure world safety this Christmas was to
allow F.I.5.H to deal with the problem.
       Lewis Lean, the only known person outside of world leaders to have made contact
with F.I.5.H, speculates that they will have to put their top agent onto the
case.  James Pond.  He's dealt with Maybe before and knows how his evil and
devious mind works.  However, Pond has been out of circulation since his last
encounter with Maybe and is rumored to have been involved in a highly intensive
training program.
       We will keep you informed on any further developments.  In the meantime, the
world waits with bated breath for Maybe's next move.  It seems that our only
chance now lies in the capable fins of the aquatic super hero, James Pond.
Wherever you are Pond, our hearts are with you.

Top Secret

Briefing Dossier
Read and then Destroy

To:               James Pond
Codename:  Robocod
Section:        Oceania 007
From:            "F"
Section:         F.I.5.H Headquarters
Date:             12:23:92

       Dr. Maybe is back!  We have learned from Washington and the U.N. that he has
taken over the Central Toy Factory on the North Pole, and has sabotaged an
unknown number of toys disguised as penguins with tiny but lethal explosive
charges.  If they are not diffused within 48 hours they will be distributed
throughout the globe and wreak havoc throughout Christmas.
       Your mission is tough but straightforward.  Infiltrate the factory and free the
       Here are your mission assignments.  They include all the information we've been
able to get from our spies inside the factories.  Remember, we don't have the
Keys to each Factory, but when you rescue the toys in one.  Maybe's short
circuited security system unlocks the next door for you!
       We have been informed that there is a factory section, hidden on the blueprint
plans of the castle.  We can give you no information of its whereabouts, but
this section must be found to fully complete your task.
       You will need your new RoboCod RoboSuit to aid you in your mission, so dust it
off and get ready!
       GOOD LUCK!


Rescue Mission 1 - A Sport to Catch a Mackerel!
*Jump over ping-pong bats and volleyballs, then stretch high above giant boxing
gloves and golf clubs to clobber Dr. Maybe's servants of destruction.  If you're
lucky enough to find an airplane, just jump in the cockpit and fly!  Our spies
tell us that this is where Maybe has hidden one of the sets of wing attachments
for your Robosuit.

Rescue Mission 2 - Cuddly, Cute, and Canontankerous!
*Rescue sinister stuffed bears and horrified hippo's before Dr. Maybe devours
them!  Collect points and extra lives on this level to stock up for the lean
times ahead.  Jump in cannons then press the B Button to get a boost to the top!

Rescue Mission 3 - Pick up a Penguin!
*All the world's holiday cakes, sweets, and cookies are made here in Santa's
confectionery factory.  Battle half baked cherry Pie Soldiers and Maybe's mutant
caterpillars to make the sour sweets edible again.  If Barber Pole exits aren't
getting you anywhere, look for secret pits & tunnels!

Rescue Mission 4 - Crazy Cars & Wacky Wheels!
*Model trains, hungry cars, and crazed wind-up wheels chase you through the ins-
and -outs of the mechanical toy factory!  Remember, Dr. Maybe has a screw loose
so stay on the tips of your fins!  Use the dolls and small trains to bounce up
to the goodies that are out of reach.

Rescue Mission 5 - Bubbles & Bathtubs!
*There's only one way to rescue the toys made especially for bathtime - in the
bathtub.  Bump the very first mystery block you see and a tub poops out for you
to use.  Press the B Button to jump in, then fly up.  Be sure to check near the
bottom for Golden Ankhs (extra lives) - you're constantly moving so pay close

Rescue Mission 6 - Batty Board Games!
*Vicious chess pieces and evil dominoes abound in the board games factory.
Defeat legions of snakes and climb high ladders to rescue hostage toys from the
hands of Dr. Maybe.  Use your super stretchability to reach secret rooms and
rescue unhappy toys hidden among the cards & dominoes.

Rescue Mission 7 - Castle Constellations
*Run across blocks and escape angry flowers to get over the obstacles outside
the castle.  Leap on castle window sills to reach the top of the castle and save
toys!  Flowers only attack when you are too close, so try to stay as far away
from them as you can!

Rescue Mission 8 - Music Maestro Please!
*Stereo systems, paintbrushes, and typewrites were never as unfriendly as this!
Work you way through this factory of the arts and don't waste time.  When you're
running on sheet music, tease enemies forward before jumping to the next bar.

Rescue Mission 9 - Big Top, Big Hop!
*Big tops and clowns turn into big problems and frowns in Dr. Maybe's circus!
Get shot out of a cannon and into adventure while collecting all that you can.
You're almost ready to confront Dr. Maybe!  We were not able to obtain any
secret information about this factory, so you'll have to complete the mission on
your own.  Good luck Pond

Pond we realize that your Robosuit will take some getting used to, so we've
compiled this short list of instructions to help you adjust quickly.

Stretch Yourself
*Press & hold the A or Y Button to stretch up.  If you extend to a ledge,
release A or Y to grab it, then press the Control Pad Right or Left to move
sideways.  You body automatically snaps up!  If one of Maybe's meanies bites
your tails while you are stretching, you'll snap back down, so time your
stretching carefully (for long distance stretching, try wiping out the meanies
around you before you begin stretching.)

Mast Maybe's Meanies
*To land on a meanie, Press the B Button to Jump up and the Control Pad Right or
Left to position yourself over them.  Some meanies only need one hit, other's
take more hits before they disappear.  Control Pad down in mid-air just before
you land on a meanie to double the damage.  Press the B Button as you land on a
meanie to for an extra high rebound!

Look Around
*To see the area directly below you, press the Control Pad Down, and hold, then
Press the Y Button, Then Control Pad Right or Left

The Game

What you see
*Each factory is guarded by Dr. Maybe's el-cheapo security system.  Why was it
so cheap?  Because it doesn't work in the frozen wasteland of the Arctic  The
system has short-circuited, allowing you to pass freely from one factory to the
next, but only in order from the ground up.  Explore the castle rooftops - you
may find some very interesting nooks & crannies!

Barber Pole Exits
*To exit most rooms, walk to the Barber Pole Exit when it's flashing.  Sometimes
you have to collect all the Penguin Bombs in a room before the exit flashes,
sometimes you won't (in a Secret Bonus Room, for instance, the exits are always
flashing).  There is more than one way to exit many rooms.

Bonus Blocks
*Bump these blocks from underneath for surprises good & bad.  If a meanie pops
out, RUN!  If a car, plane, or bathtub pops out, jump in and press the B Button.

Remaining Chances
*This tells you how many chances you have left to finish the game.  On one hand,
the Cod counts down your chances to catch Dr. Maybe.  On the other hand, he
holds batteries for the Robosuit.  Each time one of Maybe's meanies touches you,
you lose a battery.  When you're out of batteries, the suit quits working and
you lose a chance.  Stock up on batteries by collecting Stars.

Penguin Bombs
*Dr Maybe's bombs have been disguised as penguins to hinder your rescue a
ttempts.  There are Penguin Bombs on most levels and you must deactivate all
bombs on a level before the Barber Pole Exit flashes.

Hidden Treasures
*Pond there are all kinds of objects hidden throughout the factories, Most
objects will give you a certain amount of points to improve your rating as an
underwater agent.  Earn 500,000 points, and you'll get an extra chance.  But,
there are a few objects listed below with special significance.

Power Stars
*Pick up Power Stars for extra Robosuit batteries.

Bullet-Proof Armor
*Dr. Maybe has scattered suits of armor around different areas of the factory.
When you pick one up, a sparkling shield of protection temporarily surrounds you
and protects you against Maybe's meanies.

Wing Attachments
*Before our scientist could attach wings, Maybe's meanies stole them and took
them to different places around the factory.  When you pick them up, Press the B
Button to fly up, then press the Control Pad Right or Left to move.  Sometimes,
you'll find a few pairs of wings together.  F.I.5.H recommends that you take one
pair and leave the other's in case you need them later.

Golden Ankhs
*Pick up a Golden Ankh for an extra life.

*When you fall, you fall fast & hard - that's the price you pay for wearing a
ton of steel.  Pick up umbrellas you find along the way to slow any falls you
have.  To maneuver during your fall, just press the Control Pad Left or Right.
"Super James Pond Instruction Manual"
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