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          Street Sk8er

       Instruction Manual
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         Jason Britton

     I. Basic Commands
     II. Getting Started
     III. Playing Street Sk8er
     IV. Tricks And Tips
     V. Ska8ers
     VI. Courses

I. Basic Commands
A.To Turn Left Or Right Use The D-button {Analog Stick Is Not Supported}
B. To Gain Speed Press And Hold The O button.
C. To Do an Ollie press the X button
D. To reduce speed or stop use The SQUARE.
E. To Switch The Riders Stance Use L1/R1.
F. To Perform Tricks  press X + D-button Left, Right, Up, Or Down.

II. Getting Started
A. To start a session, highlight the play mode you want then press X.
B. To customize your game option select Config.

Configure Screen:
Load- Loads a saved game
Save- Saves game options, character data, and courses completed.
High Scores- Access The high score screen
Option- Access the option screen.  

Sound Mode Screen:
Output- Toggle Stereo OR Mono
SFX VOL- Adjusts the SFX volume level.
Music Vol- Adjusts background Music volume.
Music Track- To hear a track highlight it and press X.

III. Playing Street Sk8er
A.Street Tour Mode - Get Ready to session a sick street course in a race against
the clock, gaining points for tricks, and if you take and L you loose 300 points.
B. Free Skate Mode - Skate your favorite tracks with or without the timer.
C. Vs. Mode - Pick an event and go head to head against a friend.

IV. Tricks And Tips
When playing for High Points try to stay in constant motion. If you fall you lose
speed and only do level 3, 4, 5 Tricks to you regain speed.
To Launch A Jumping Trick
1. Skate up a wall or ramp.
2. As you reach the top {or Lip} press X and any Direction button.
TO Grind:
1. Skate Beside a bench or rail.
2.Press X and the D-button in the direction of the object you want to grind on.
3. Watch The Sparks Fly. {The Best Idea is if you fall near a grind rail jump on it.
As you go down or across it you will gain speed}
The Best thing to do is you each ramp only 2 or 3 times. After that you points decrease
A lot. I recommend you keep doing tricks till they lower to the 700 point range.
I recommend that you hold in O to gain speed almost all of your run. You should only slow
down if you are trying to get in a rail. Go to fast and you'll over jump it.
Also when grinding on rail try to jump and land on the rail as far away from the rail as
you can. The Farther away you jump the more points you will get.

Los Angeles
I have to say this is the best course to learn how to start to do tricks. The best part is
the big air Half Pipe in the park. The only bad part is until you beat the street tour with
all 4 sk8ers the gates will all stay locked.
New York
This has to be the best course to become an awesome grinder. Benches rails, and all sorts
of stuff all over the place. Work the quarter pipes for big points.
This course is a skate punks DREAM. Huge jumps, lotz of railz, plexi glass half pipes.
Just make sure to keep an eye on the timer when your doing those big air tricks.
Half Pipe
The ultimate Pipe trick points convert to bonus time in Street Tour Mode.
Big Air
This is not about the best tricks about about getting the highest! Work up your speed the
bust out a trick like Backflips or other tricks that make you get height.
In the bowl you can go from trick to trick, make clean landings and get MAD air. As in the
half pipe your goal is to get as many points as possible.

That's All you need to know Practice and follow some of
These simple things and you could be on of the Great!!!!!

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