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Before the dawn of history, in an age when great sorcerers walked the lands
and mystic creatures abounded, the world existed in a constant state of
turmoil and war.

The evil Ashura and his powerful warlords waged an eternal war to crush the
Mystic Pantheon and stamp out the light of reason once and for all.

Eventually a great sorcerer, Sky-Lord, arose and defeated Ashura, banishing
him from the realm forever. Centuries passed, cities rose and fell and
eventually even the great deeds of the Mystic Pantheon and the evil Ashura
passed into legend.

Until one day, a gifted apprentice sorcerer inadvertently freed Ashura from
imprisonment. One by one Ashura began to capture and irrevocably transform
the descendants of the Mystic Pantheon, making them his evil warlords.

As the last free descendant, you are Sky, set upon a quest to free the
young sorceress Arianna and face Ashura in mortal combat to end his
tyrannical rule once and for all.

Game Control Summary

1. How to Start, Pause and Restart the Game.
*Press the Start button to begin play.
*While the game is in play, press the start button to Pause.
*While the game is paused, press the Start button to restart the game so
you may resume play.

2. How to Move Around.
*Use the Control Pad LEFT and Control Pad RIGHT to move Skyblazer left and
right across the screen.
*Use Control Pad UP and Control Pad DOWN to climb up and down walls on
which Skyblazer is hanging.
*When not touching walls, Control Pad DOWN allows you to crouch.
*Control Pad DOWN and LEFT together or Control Pad DOWN and RIGHT together
allow you to move left or right while crouching.

3. How to Jump.
*Press the B Button.

4. How to Punch, Kick and Execute a Flying Kick.
*Press the Y Button to punch. You can even Punch while crouching down
(Control Pad DOWN).
*Tap the Y Button three times quickly and you'll deliver a swift combo of
punches - ending with a Roundhouse.
*Press the Y Button while Jumping (B Button) to execute a Flying

5. How to Use Your Current Special Powers.
*Press the X Button or fire or use your currently activated Special Power.

6. How to Change your Current Special Power.
*Your currently active Special Power (shown in the Special Power Window at
the top-center edge of the screen) can be switched with any other Special
Power you have earned and have stored in your arsenal. Use the L Button or
the R Button to cycle through all your available Special Powers - the more
bosses your destroy, the more Special Powers will be made available to you.

Getting Started.
*Press the Start Button at the SKYBLAZER Title Screen to get to the Game
Selection Screen.

1. Game Selection.
*At the Game Selection Screen, you'll have the opportunity to Start a new
game or resume a game-in-progress using the PASSWORD feature.
*Use Control Pad UP or DOWN to highlight the option you'd prefer and then
press the B Button to make your selection.

2. Start
*This option allows you to start the game fresh from the beginning.

3. Password.
*If you lose all of your lives during the game, you will be returned to one
of the Shrines and shown a Mystic Pattern on the wall behind the Old Man.
*This Code enables you to return to the beginning of the Stage you were in
before losing all of your lives. The Code you receive will be shown in a
*There are Three kinds of Items placed in different squares of the Grid.
These Items - placed exactly where they are - make up the Code that allows
you to go back to your last Stage.
*Write down - or draw - your Code...exactly!
*To use this code at a later date, select PASSWORD at the Game Selection
Screen - you'll be taken directly to the Shrine with a blank Grid showing
on the wall.
*Fill your Grid with your Code by pressing the Control UP, DOWN, LEFT or
RIGHT to highlight a square where you need to place one of the three

*Press the Y Button to enter an ORB in that square.
*Press the X Button to enter an X in that square.
*Press the B Button to enter a TRIANGLE in that square.

*Press the A Button to erase an symbol and return the square to blank.
*Use the Control Pad to move from square to square, filling in all the
symbols of your Code - using the buttons described above.
*When your complete Code is entered on the Grid, press the Start Button to
resume play at the last stage your reached.
*If you hear a scream when you hit Start, that means the Code is not
valid...check to make sure you entered it exactly as it was.

In the Game.

*On the Main Game Screen, here's where you can get important information on
your current game.

1. Energy Meter (top left of screen).
*This meter displays how much energy you have remaining in your current
life. You can restore your energy by picking up Green Vials along your
*The large Green Vials restore 4 Power Points to your meter, and the small
ones award 1 Power Point each.
*As you proceed through more and more stages and gain Experience, the
number of Power Points you can have in the meter at one time will increase.

2. Special Power (top center of screen).
*This window displays the icon for the Special Power Sky is currently
prepared to use. The powers can be changed by cycling through the icons at
any time during game play.

3. Gathered Mystical Energy (right of top center of the screen).
*Just as one would expect, even Magic has a price. This meter shows just
how much Mystical Energy you have available to utilize your Special Powers.
Every power uses some portion of your energy, so budget wisely.

4. Remaining Lives (top right corner of screen).
*Some heroes die hard, Sky can amass many lives as he seeks out his

5. Golden Crystals (top right corner of screen below Remaining Lives).
*This meter displays the number of Golden Crystals you have collected thus
far on your journey. In your travels you will see many a Crystal.
*Each larger Crystal is worth ten of the small ones, and if you can amass
100 Crystals at one time, you will be granted an extra life.

Special Powers
*Skyblazer earns Special Powers as he defeats the level bosses on his
journey to Raglan's Citadel. Powers can be used for attacks, defense and to
find exits. Each Special Power requires a certain amount of energy to
perform. The required energy for Special Powers are displayed.
*Here are the Special Powers and the number of energy points consumed by
their use:

Special Powers Energy Points
Dragon Slash...........I
Comet Flash...........II
Heal Power.............II
Time Stop...............II
Lighting Strike.........II
Warrior Force..........II
Fiery Pheonix........IIII

The Three Continents.
*There are three continents in this mystic realm you explore. Your travel
begins near the Shrine of the Wandering Soul on the southeastern continent.
When you have completed your journeys on this island, you will fly to the
main continent to seek out your destiny and enhance your powers.
*Once you have flown across the great waters, there is no turning back!

Traveling to Different Continents
*The only way to travel between continents is to fly. While in flight you
may collect golden Crystals that may eventually lead to extra lives for
your journey. But beware the occasional spiked spheres left behind by the
warlords...they may cut your flight short.

Moving Around on the Island.
*Use the Control Pad to move the character along the paths. When
encountering a landmark icon, press any button to enter that destination.

Special Controls.

Flying (Side Scrolling)
*Press the B Button to keep the character airborne. Use the Control Pad to
move around. Press the Y Button to fire ammunition at enemies.

*The controls for swimming are the same as those on land, except there is
no need to jump.

Climbing Trees.
*To climb tress, use the B Button to jump into them, and then continue to
press the B Button to move up through the trees.

Some Useful Hints.
*Even the finest of heroes can benefit from a smattering of common wisdom.

1. Be patient and use your head. Remember, even the most heroic fool is
still just a fool.
2. Master the art of grabbing and climbing walls. The skill may not come
easy, but diligent practice will save you from hard landings.
3. Make sure to take full advantage of your powers, whatever they may be.
Villains do not hold back, why should you?
"SkyBlazer Instruction Manual"
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