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         Shadow Madness

       Instruction Manual
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                           Shadow Madness

                   --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button

Please  note  that  any  missing pages (a lot in this manual) probably
contain pictures, or something else that didn't need to be entered.

`- Page -. 1

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

                   Getting Started..............2
                   Analog Controller............4
                   Save and Load................6
                   The Quest....................9
                   Naming Your Characters......16
                   Shops and Inns..............18
                   Items and Equipment.........19
                   Battle Mode.................22
                   Character Statistics........30
                   Menu Commands...............32
                   World Maps..................36
                   Mini Quests.................40
                   Survival Tips...............46
                   Weapons, Armor and Items....50

`- Page -. 6

                           Saving a Game

To  save  a game, choose Save from the Select Menu.  You can save your
game  while  on  any  world map or at an inn.  When the Load/Save Menu
appears, use the Left/Right directional buttons to change slots on the
memory card.  The Up/Down directional buttons will switch to the other
MEMORY CARD.  To save your game, press the Action button.

Shadow  Madness  games  will appear as green lights on the MEMORY CARD
wheel.   All  other  games  will appear as blue lights.  When a Shadow
Madness  game  is  selected, you see the heroes in your party with the
lead  hero on the left side of the screen.  The saved game information
will  appear  in  the  status bar at the bottom of the screen.  If the
slot contains another Shadow Madness game, you must overwrite the game
or  choose  another  slot.  If the slot contains  a non-Shadow Madness
game,  you  must  delete  the game or select another slot to save your

`- Page -. 7

                        Loading a Saved Game

You  may  load a saved game from the Start Menu by choosing Load Saved
Game.  You  can  also load a new game anytime during play by selecting
Load  from  the Select menu.  When the Load/Save Menu appears, use the
Left/Right  directional  buttons  to  change slots on the MEMORY CARD.
The  Up/Down directional buttons will change to the other memory card.
To select a Shadow Madness game, press the Action button.

`- Page -. 9

                             The Quest

On  a gentle spring evening, without warning or apparent source, chaos
descends  upon  the  once thriving world of Arkose.  A coastal town is
silently  crushed,  leaving  piles of dust where people once stood.  A
pestilence  infects  the  land.   It  cares not whom it reduces into a
blubbering,  raving  lunatic.   The  infected  spend  their final days
trying  to escape from the clutches of their own shadows.  There is no
apparent cure.

The once prominent Gadgeteer race seems to disappear.  Hysteria reigns
supreme.   Doors  are  shut tight and towns turn hostile to strangers.
Barriers of all kinds, some quite lethal, spring up as towns fight off
deranged strangers and the growing horde of bizarre creatures that are
some how connected with the disease.  It's as if some immense, demonic
nightclub  just  shut  its  doors  at  2  AM,  spewing its inebriated,
bloodthirsty, vicious patrons out into the world all at once.

A small band of orphans stumbles along seeking help and answers.  They
are assisted by numerous characters and confront hordes of vicious and
conniving  adversaries.   They wander and explore sweeping landscapes,
ranging   from   fantastic  flying  cities  to  haunted  villages  and
mysterious  ruins.   They  must  solve  challenging  puzzles, complete
difficult  mini-quests and meet a slew of quirky beings as they try to
solve the mystery of Shadow Madness.

`- Page -. 10


Stinger  is  a young man with dreams of adventure and the sea.  He's a
natural  when it comes to sword play, and knows his way around a lock.
When  the  enemy  wipes out his hometown, he is forced to make his own
way in the world.

Race             Arkosian
Gender           Male
Age              18
Height           6'0"
Weight           185 lbs
Intelligence     Average
Weapon           Sword
Special Ability  Lockpicking

`- Page -. 11

Windleaf  is a talented young mystic with a curious nature.  Raised in
a secluded Sylvan village, her dream of exploring the world comes true
one  dark  day  as the enemy attacks her home.  Bow in hand and spells
ready, she begins her journey.

Race             Arkosian
Gender           Female
Age              17
Height           5'6"
Weight           125 lbs
Intelligence     Above Average
Weapon           Bow
Special Ability  Spell Casting

`- Page -. 12

HARV-5  is  a labor robot, created by the enigmatic Gadgeteers to tend
fields  and crops.  There's more to Harv than farming though, he has a
spark  of  life  not present in any other robot.  When the enemy razes
his  fields and home, Harv sets out into the world of humanity to find
a new purpose.

Race             Harvester Robot Mark 5
Gender           Male
Age              Actual 40+, mental (young adult)
Height           5'6"
Weight           250 lbs
Intelligence     Average
Weapon           Field Scythe
Special Ability  Immunity

`- Page -. 13

Xero Von Moon
Xero  Von  Moon  is  a  blast  from the past.  A deadly combination of
warrior  and  mage,  he  lost  his artificial body long ago during the
Great  War.   Down to just his head, Xero is revived from a deep sleep
and brought into a new war with stakes much higher than before.

Race             Mage Warrior
Gender           Male
Age              554
Height           18"
Weight           13 lbs
Intelligence     High
Weapon           PSI Blasts
Special Ability  Spell Casting

`- Page -. 14

Clemett  didn't  play nice and work well with the other Gadgeteers, so
he  was sent to live with the humans he admired so much.  Happy in his
new  life,  he  does not hesitate to pick up his multi-cannon when the
enemy comes to call.  No one messes with his friends!

Race             Gadgeteer
Gender           Male
Age              26
Height           5'8"
Weight           350 lbs
Intelligence     High
Weapon           Multi-Cannon
Special Ability  Gadgeteering

`- Page -. 15

Jirina  fights  for freedom with furious fists and devastating spells.
A native of the inner world known as Wyldern, her home was turned into
a  twisted hell.  Casting aside the pacifistic ways of her people, she
begins a one woman war against an invincible foe.

Race             Grey Org
Gender           Female
Age              25
Height           6'6"
Weight           275 lbs
Intelligence     Average
Weapon           Magic
Special Ability  Spell Casting

`- Page -. 16

                       Naming Your Characters

As  each of the heroes is introduced to the story, you may create your
own  name.   The directional buttons scroll through the menu.  Use the
Action button to make a selection.

`- Page -. 18

                           Shops and Inns

Shops  are  an  essential part of your adventure.  Know where they are
located  and  pay  close attention to prices.  The careful shopper can
make gold pieces go the distance!

There  are three kinds of shops in the game; Weapons, Armor , and Item
shops.  Be sure to look at each shop's entire inventory.  Some of them
offer rare goods and services you can't get anywhere else.
For  example.  Some weapon and armor shops are owned by master smiths.
These  skilled  artisans  are  capable of placing enchantments on your
weapons  and armor.  Enchantments can make the difference between life
and death in battles!

Inns  are  another "must-see" place.  Staying the night at an Inn will
restore  your  heroes  to full health and mystic power.  Additionally,
you can save your game while at an Inn.  This is a good idea, since it
places  you  right  next to a place of healing when you begin the game
again.   You can also switch parties at some Inns.  When you'd like to
check  in  on  the  progress  of another hero group, visit an Inn or a
similar  place of rest.  Walk up to the party switching icon and press

`- Page -. 19

                        Items and Equipment

There  are  four  categories  of  items in the game.  Weapons, Armor ,
Relics and Magic Items

Weapons come in three varieties:

Mundane  weapons  are your everyday implements of death.  They have no
magic powers.

Enchanted  weapons  are  formerly  mundane  weapons  blessed  with the
ability to inflict certain kinds of magical damage.  Take your mundane
weapons  to master smiths to have enchantments placed upon them.  Keep
in  mind,  you  can  only  have one enchantment on a weapon at a time.
Remember, only Stinger and Harv can use enchanted weapons.

Artifacts  are  rare,  one-of-a-kind  weapons embedded with powers and

`- Page -. 20

Armor  comes  in  Mundane,  Enchanted and Artifact varieties.  You can
find  helmets, gauntlets, and body armor in the game.  Unless you like
pain, invest in all three.

Mundane armor is standard issue, protective gear.

Enchanted armor has special wards that protect the wearer from certain
kinds  of  magical  damage.   As with weapons, master smiths can place
enchantments on mundane armor.  You can only have one enchantment on a
piece  of  armor  at a time.  Just like weapons, any character who can
use a particular armor can use it in its enchanted state.

Artifact armor has magic wards of a defensive nature.

`- Page -. 21

Relics  are  mystical  objects  that, when worn or carried, give their
owner  special  powers.   Relics never run out of use; once you have a
relic,  it's power is yours to keep.  Each relic is a signature piece,
no  two  relics  are  the  same.   Be  warned;  some  relic makers are
pranksters.   The benefit their relics provide may turn out to be more
of a curse.

Relics are equipped on the Equipment Menu.  Don't try to equip them to
the Use Item menu.  It won't work.  You can only equip two relics at a
time, so choose wisely!

Magic items
Magic  items  provide  enormous  benefits  to  their  user.  They heal
wounds,  cure  ailments,  practically everything!  Unfortunately, they
have  limited  use.   Once  they're gone, they are GONE.  Find an item
shop to acquire more.  Use them wisely.

`- Page -. 22

                            Battle Mode

When  a  battle begins, you're positioned across the battle field from
your  enemies.   This  won't last long!  The enemy creatures will move
toward  you  and  attack if you wait to act.  Using the command menus,
you can quickly execute a strategic attack and eliminate the enemy.

Battle Commands: (Using the shoulder buttons)

Action (L2 button)

This  command allows you to select an enemy and move toward it If you
are close enough, you will attack when you select Engage.

Evade Enemy
This  command  allows you to move away from the enemy to safe ground.
However,  if you're surrounded on all sides, this command won't help!
Be prepared.  The enemy may chase you!

`- Page -. 23

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.  If you need to get
out  of a battle, select the Flee command.  Your heroes will do their
best  to  leave the field of battle.  Warning:  this doesn't work all
the time!

Out  of weapons or magic?  Not sure what to do?  Want to have another
hero  act  instead?   The pass command allows you to pass play to the
next active hero.

(L1 button)

Guarded Attack.
This attack scores low damage, but makes your hero hard to hit.

Normal Attack
This  attack  does more damage than a guarded attack, but lowers your
level of defense.

Aggressive Attack
This  attack  scores  the  most damage, but makes your hero extremely
easy to strike.

`- Page -. 24

Special Attacks
In  addition  to  a  primary  weapon,  each  hero has a special attack
method.  In order to use a special attack, the target enemy must be in

- Stinger throws Daggers at the enemy.
- Windleaf strikes foes with her Bow.
- Harv-5 fires his Seed-Shooter at his opponent.
- Xero delivers a jarring Headbutt to a foe.
- Jirina throws energized Warspikes at the enemy.
- Clemett uses his Multicannon as a bludgeon.

(R1 button)

This  Command  Menu  lets  you review your item inventory.  Only items
with  a combat function are displayed to streamline the process.  Pick
the item you need and go for it!

During battle, items are organized and color coded as follows:

HP Restorative - Green
MP Restorative - Purple
Cure State     - Blue
Inflict State on Enemy - Red

`- Page -. 27


(R2 button)

This  command  menu  lets  you quickly access the spell list for magic
users.   From  there  you can scroll through spells and select the one
that  best  fits your needs.  During battle your most potent defensive
and  offensive  spells  will appear at the top of your spell inventory
for easy access.

Spirit Magic - Windleaf
Channels  energy  from  the heavens as well as from all living things.
Many spirit spells deal with the elements, or the power of creatures.

Earth Magic - Jirina
Brings  forth  power  from  the  planet.   Wind,  rain,  lightning and
earthquakes.  These elements are at the Earth magician's command.

Psi Magic - Xero
Focuses  the  power  of  the  Mind.  From potent telekinetic blasts to
subtle  mental  illusions, the Psi-Mage follows the philosophy of mind
over matter.

Some  monsters  are immune to certain types of magic.  Be sure to note
how your spells are affecting the enemy.

`- Page -. 29

                          Battle Strategy

Many  foul  creatures  will  attempt  to  thwart your efforts, Use the
following helpful combat hints to maximize your battle skill.

Watch the Numbers
When  you  strike  a  monster  in battle, keep an eye on the amount of
damage  you  are  doing.   If  it's  low, try a tougher attack mode or
switch to a different type of spell.  If it's high, make a note of it.
You've found a monster's weakness!

Stop the Charge
Monsters  will  do  their  best to overrun the heroes.  Send your best
close  range  combatants  to the front rank and engage the enemy.  Use
heroes in the rear rank for distance attacks and spell casting.

Fight Smart
Places  like  Karillon  and  the  Magic  Academy  contain  books about
monsters.   Study  them  for clues on monster weaknesses, then use the
knowledge  effectively Get enchantments on your weapons to exploit the
weak  spots  of  your  enemies.   Place wards on your armor to protect
against  a  monster's  magic  attacks.  Try the Twitch.  You can boost
Stinger  and  Harv's  hand-to-hand  damage by using the special Twitch
Attack.   After your hero begins to strike the enemy, press the action
button  quickly.   If you hit it just right, you'll execute the Twitch
Attack and score additional damage!

`- Page -. 30

                        Character Statistics

Character Status
This  portion of the statistic screen lets you know how your character
is  feeling.   If  you suffer an ailment or are under the effects of a
spell,  it will let you know.  Use this information to seek the proper
cure or remedy.

Character Statistics
Each character has the following statistics:

Attack  - determines how much damage you'll do.

Defense - dictates how much damage you'll take.

Agility - determines your ability to evade attacks in combat.

Prowess - relays your ability to strike hits.

Speed   - governs how often you can attack.

`- Page -. 31

Special Character Attributes
The characters have the following special attributes:

Stinger has the skill of Lockpicking.
There are four difficulty levels of locks in the game.  Stinger begins
with the ability to pick Level 1 locks; as he gains experience he will
learn how to pick more complicated locks.

Harv-5 has immunity power.
As Harv gains experience, he can modify his robot body to be immune to
certain  types  of  mystical  attacks,  like  poison,  sleep and other

Xero, Windleaf, and Jirina have the skill of Spellcasting.
This  skill  adds  to the effect of certain battle spells, making them
hit  harder.   As  these heroes grow in skill, their battle magic will
become a formidable force!

Clemett has the skill of Gadgeteering.
In  addition to allowing him to fix broken machinery, it increases the
effect  of  his  Multicannon  shots  in combat.  Clemett's weapon will
become a force to be reckoned with as he gains experience.

`- Page -. 32

                           Menu Commands

To open a menu, press the appropriate button.  Once open, pressing the
 button  will  close each menu.  When a menu opens, select a hero.
The  Up/Down  directional  buttons  scroll  the  hand  pointer between
heroes, Press the action button to select.  Pressing the action button
again will activate the sub-menu.

- Items
Use  this  screen  to  check out your current inventory.  You can use
most of your items here, except for those with a combat function,

- Equipment
Check  out  the  weapons,  armor  and relics in your possession here.
Pick  the  best ones for your current task and equip your heroes with
them.   You  can  also check out the statistics of your heroes on the
equipment  sub-screen.   Equipping a hero will change the appropriate
statistic.   If  you  are  not  happy with the new statistic, you may
un-equip the hero.

- Magic
The  Magic  menu  allows  you  to keep track of your arsenal of magic
spells  and  their  effects.   Use  the appropriate spell to heal and
restore your party in times of need.

Ready  for  a  break?   This  command will let you save your progress.
(Save...   Save often.  Save multiple files.) You won't be sorry!  You
can save your game while on the world map or at any inn.  While on the
world map, press the SELECT button to access the Save Menu.

`- Page -. 33

When  it's  time  to  leave Arkose for the real world, this command is
your ticket out.  Press Select to access the quit option,

Tip: Be sure and SAVE YOUR GAME before you quit.

The  Option  Menu  is  accessed  from  the  Start Menu.  Here, you can
calibrate  your  monitor,  configure your controller, adjust music and
sound effects volume, and set game options.  You must quit and start a
new game (or load a saved game) to change your options.

The  pointman  option lets you choose which hero will be the leader of
your  current party.  Having trouble getting through to someone in the
game?   Try  switching  your pointman.  Other heroes might have better
luck with the pesky character.

Load  allows  you  to load a previously saved game and start where you
left off.

`- Page -. 34


TV Calibration
The  monitor  calibration  screen  allows  you to set the contrast and
brightness  of your television for optimal viewing The contrast should
be  turned  down  so  that  the  second gray bar on the left is barely
visible  against the black bar.  Turn down the contrast until the gray
bar disappears, then turn it back up until it is barely visible.  Tune
the brightness level on your television so that the white line appears
straight.   If  your  brightness is set too high, the line Will appear
slightly  bent  and  will 'bleed' or appear washed out at the edges of
the line.

Controller Configuration
You  may  configure  the  controls  used for both the Quest and Battle
modes  of Shadow  Madness. Scroll through the control selections using
the  Up/Down  directional  buttons.  To select a new button, press the
button  you  would  like  to  map  to the control.  During battle, the
controls  you  may  configure  are  limited due to use of the shoulder
buttons  for  key  menus.  The L2 and R2 buttons may not be configured
for Shadow Madness

`- Page -. 35

Remember  your  new controller settings.  All manual instructions use
the  default  control  settings  and  will  change accordingly if you
configure your controls,

You  can adjust the volume of the music and sound effects on the Sound
Adjustment  Screen.   Use  the  Right/Left directional buttons to move
between  each  menu  item,  The  Up/Down  directional buttons move the
sliders  to adjust volume.  The channel selection allows you to select
audio playback in stereo or mono.

The  Game  Option  screen allows you to set battle difficulty to easy,
normal  or  advanced.   In  addition,  you  can  turn  the  DUAL SHOCK
vibration  to  ON or OFF.  Finally, select a special font for Harv-5's
dialog  by  setting  the  special font to ON.  The Up/Down directional
buttons  scroll  between  options  while  the  Left/Right  directional
buttons  will  change your settings.  When you're happy with your game
options, press START or the button to exit the menu.

`- Page -. 40

                            Mini Quests

In  addition  to  your  side  quests,  you will be asked to complete a
variety of mini quests to progress in your journey.

When  using  an Analog Controller, your ANALOG mode switch must remain
OFF while playing Sub-Madness or the Gadgeteer Simulators.

Use  the Barrel Sub to explore the mysterious fissure that lies at the
bottom  of  Loch  Domhain  and  hopefully  find  passage  to  Wyldern.
Launched  from Eyre, the Barrel Sub is a small craft designed to allow
the  Gadgeteers  (and a few select Arkosians) to explore the depths of
the  oceans,  seas  and  lakes.  The underwater tunnels are said to be
home  of  Ballaich,  the legendary guardian of Loch Domhain.  They are
also  home to a variety of aquatic beings, which do not take kindly to
strangers  entering their territory.  Dispatch them with your weaponry

Controlling the Sub
directional buttons:
 Press UP to move down
 Press DOWN to move up
 Press LEFT to turn left
 Press RIGHT to turn right

`- Page -. 41

- Fire Weapon

- Hold to activate forward throttle

- Hold to activate reverse throttle

L1/L2 button - Toggle forward through weapons

R1/R2 button - Toggle backward through weapons

START button - Pause

SELECT button - Call up sub-screen

Use  the  directional  buttons  to  steer  the  Barrel Sub through the
underwater passages.  Remember that when you press UP, the nose of the
Barrel  Sub  will point down, and vice versa.  If you allow the sub to
take  excessive  damage (indicated by the red sliding bar on the right
side  of  your control panel), it will rupture and you will drown.  Be

`- Page -. 42

Gadgeteer Simulators
If you are thorough in your exploration (or just plain lucky), you may
find the gateways into the long lost Gadgeteer Simulators.  Armed with
fascinating   Gadgeteer  weapons,  explore  some  out  of  this  world
locations.   Bizarre  creatures  inhabit  these  areas.   If  you  can
eliminate  the  pests and reach the end of each simulator, you will be

directional buttons:
 Press UP to move forward
 Press DOWN to move backward
 Press LEFT to turn left
 Press RIGHT to turn right

- Fire Weapon

- Jump

- Open doors and activate switches

- Look Up/Down; re-center view

 To look up or down, hold the triangle button and press Up/Down using
 the directional buttons.  To re-center view, tap the button.

`- Page -. 43

L1 button - Toggle forward through weapons

R1 button - Toggle backward through weapons

L2 button - Strafe Left

R2 button - Strafe Right

START button - Pause

SELECT button - Call up sub screen

`- Page -. 44

A  locked  door  or  chest may require Stinger to pick the lock.  Each
lock has two picks.  The picks play a series of four sequences.  Using
the  directional  buttons  for the left pick and the , , and
 buttons for the right pick, copy each sequence in order to unlock
the  door or chest.  Some locks are opened using Skeleton Keys.  These
rare items come in handy when Stinger's not around!

Hint:   Locks  come  in  four  levels  of difficulty, ranging from one
(easy)  to  four (tough).  Stinger begins the game with the ability to
pick  level 1 locks.  As he gains experience levels, he will learn how
to pick harder locks.

Another  Hint:  Just as locks come in four levels of complexity, so do
Skeleton Keys!  Be sure to use the right key for the right lock.

`- Page -. 45

Use the directional buttons to aim the crosshair and select the action
button  to  fire  the catapult.  Once the enemy stronghold is suitably
damaged,  your  allies  can invade and conquer.  Try to take out their
cannons...  before they take you out!

Hint:   Each  character  handles the catapult differently.  Some score
more damage, but cannot aim as quickly.  Others are speedy aimers, but
their  hits  are  not  as  destructive.   Use the button to change
characters during the catapult game.

`- Page -. 46

                           Survival Tips

You've  just  witnessed  the  destruction of your hometown and to make
matters  worse,  there's  a  rabid  creature breathing down your neck!
It's  time  to  put  that  sword you found to work, unless you want to
suffer a gruesome fate.

To Arms! To Arms!

The  first  command  menu you see in battle is the Action Menu (access
with  L2  button).  Action commands relate to movement in battle.  The
first  command  is  Engage.   Engage selects a target to attack.  Once
engaged,  you rush toward the enemy, weapon in hand.  Use Engage until
locked in battle with your target.  You can also Evade an attack, Flee
the battle or Pass to another member of your party.

Attack Menu
Once engaged, the next window you see is the Attack Menu (access with
L1 button). Each command is a type of attack in hand-to-hand combat.

Guarded - Inflicts a low amount of damage, but increases your chances
          of evading hits in the fight.

`- Page -. 47

Normal - Inflicts  a higher level of damage than a guarded attack but
         lowers your defense.

Aggressive - Inflicts  the  greatest  amount of damage on your enemy,
             but leaves you vulnerable to counter strikes.

Special - Allows you to use your Special Attack.

Important  Tips:   The  Shoulder Button Menu System allows you instant
access  to  the  different  command menus, Remember that the L1 button
instantly accesses the Attack Menu and the L2 button quickly brings up
the  Action  Menu.   For more information on the Shadow Madness Battle
System and the Shoulder Buttons see page 22 of this manual,

Exploration Time!

Checking Things Out
Curious  about  an  object?   Want  to talk to someone?  Interested in
knowing  what that sign Says?  Walk up to the object of your curiosity
and  hit  the  Action  button.   Take notes!  Some things may not make
sense now, but may prove helpful later in the game!

`- Page -. 48

Finding Items
During  your  adventure, keep an eye out for sparkling objects.  These
represent  Items  you  can pick up.  Don't forget to check out barrels
and  chests.   Walk  next  to them and press the Action button to grab

Green item
Red item
Blue item
Gold item

Use the Inventory Menu to keep track of items, To access the inventory
Menu,  press  the   button.  Using the directional buttons, you can
cycle  through  your  inventory.   A  brief  explanation  of each item
appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

`- Page -. 49

Walking and Running
The   default   movement  in  Shadow  Madness  is  walking.   Use  the
directional buttons or the Left Analog Stick to move your character on
the  screen.   To  run,  hold  down the R1 button simultaneously while
using the directional buttons or Left Analog Stick.  Now you're really

Battle Avoidance
When  you  hear a haunting roar or howl, evil creatures are nearby and
looking for a fight.  If your Hit Points are dangerously low or you're
not  ready  for  a  fight,  immediately  press  the  L2 and R2 buttons
simultaneously  when you hear the 'battle roar'.  The Battle Avoidance
System  allows  you  to  dodge battle.  If you're quick enough, you'll
evade  the  attack!   Remember that you need experience points, so use
the Battle Avoidance System wisely.

Now you're ready to explore on your own.  Remember the world of Shadow
Madness  is  highly interactive.  Talk to everyone, pick everything up
and examine the many curious things you encounter,

`- Page -. 50

                       Weapons, Armor & Items

The  following  is  a  partial list of weapons, armor and useful items
found  in  Shadow  Madness.  Some are found during your adventure, but
most are purchased from the merchants and crafts people you encounter.
Important:  prices and selection vary by retailer.


NAME              PRICE             DESCRIPTION
----              -----             -----------
Hunter's Bow      Starting weapon   Increases attack by 5 hp
Sentry Bow        250               Increases attack by 15 hp
Knight Bow        500               Increases attack by 30 hp
Defender Bow      FOUND             Increases attack by 25 hp;
                                    enhances fortitude & agility
Flynn's Bow       FOUND             Increases attack by 30 hp;
                                    enhances prowess
Field Arrow       5                 Increases attack by 5 hp
Trooper Arrow     20                Increases attack by 10 hp
Knight Arrow      30                Increases attack by 20 hp
Flame Arrow       FOUND             Increases attack by 50 hp;
                                    fire damage
Duellist Sword    Starting weapon   Increases attack by 5 hp
Guard blade       FOUND             Increases attack by 15 hp
Knight Sword      750               Increases attack by 25 hp
Hideripper Sword  3750              Increases attack by 50 hp
Ranger Sword      FOUND             Increases attack by 25 hp;
                                    enhances strength & fortitude
Gamathel's Sword  FOUND             Increases attack by 30 hp;
                                    enhances agility and prowess

`- Page -. 51

Dirk (Dagger)     10                Increases attack by 25 hp
Owl Talon (Dagger)30                Increases attack by 40 hp
Airthorn          500               Increases attack by 180 hp
Venom Dagger      FOUND             Increases attack by 75 hp;
Worker Scythe     Starting weapon   Increases attack by 5 hp
Guard scythe      175               Increases attack by 10 hp
Trooper Scythe    325               Increases attack by 20 hp
Defender          FOUND             Increases attack by 30 hp;
                                    enhances fortitude and agility


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Barley shot       20             Increases attack by 25 hp
Glasshards        50             Increases attack by 75 hp
Burnsap           1000           Increases attack by 375 hp; Fiery


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Leather Armor     Starting armor Increases armor value by 10
Wood Armor        Starting armor Increases armor value by 20
Mail Armor        750            Increases armor value by 25
Platemail Armor   1250           Increases armor value by 45
Mage Armor        FOUND          Increases armor value by 45;
                                 enhances agility and magic power
Leather Gauntlets Starting armor Increases armor value by 5

`- Page -. 52

NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Mail Gauntlets    475            Increases armor value by 15
Steel Gauntlets   800            Increases armor value by 25
Studded Helm      FOUND          Increases armor value by 10
Mail Helm         250            Increases armor value by 15
Steel Helm        450            Increases armor value by 25
Knight Helm       FOUND          Increases armor value by 30



NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Fyrn Salve        65             Cheap curative mixture; restores
                                 50 hp
Greencod          75             Tasty and wily fish; restores 75 hp
Barlyfiz          50             Popular drink in Arkose; restores
                                 50 hp
Fyrn Tonic        150            Bittersweet fluid; restores 100 hp
Armortrout        125            Elusive fish from Loch Domhain;
                                 restores 150 hp
Desert Pear       250            Native to the Uhndrashi Desert;
                                 restores 150 hp
Filj Syrup        250            Amazing healing potion; restores
                                 200 hp
Hu'Chah           500            Healing drink made in Artelier;
                                 restores 250 hp

`- Page -. 53


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Deathcheat        1000           Revives target at 1 hp
Lifebark          2750           Revives target at full hp


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Daro Root         100            Cures poison
Stank Moss        100            Cures sleep
Qyg's Snuff       100            Cures paralysis
Vigor Fill        100            Cures weakness


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Aether Drop       750            Restores 75 MP
Aether Wafer      2250           Restores 100 MP


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Beef Cake         250            Enhances strength for the duration of
                                 one battle
Fegglenut         250            Enhances fortitude for the duration
                                 of one battle
Skeleton Key      7500+ FOUND    Used to open doors and treasure

`- Page -. 54


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Toxnaught Ring    FOUND          Makes user immune to poison
Dumnaught Ring    FOUND          Makes user immune to confusion
Doznaught Ring    FOUND          Makes user immune to sleep
Slonaught Ring    FOUND          Makes user immune to slowness


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Bean              FOUND          Tasty legumes; restores 1 hp
Beef Jerky        FOUND          Tender, tasty meat; restores 5 hp
Apples            FOUND          Crisp, tangy green fruit; restores
                                 3 hp
Tulian Cheese     FOUND          Strong, but not overpowering;
                                 restores 3 hp


NAME              PRICE          DESCRIPTION
----              -----          -----------
Soap              FOUND          Lightly scented with apples
Bucket            FOUND          Hauls water and other materials
Dung              FOUND          Surprisingly useful animal refuse
Shovel            FOUND          Ditch digger Mk. 1A
Saw               FOUND          Fells trees
Hammer            FOUND          Drives nails home
Wrench            FOUND          Tightens nuts and bolts
Screwdriver       FOUND          Drives screws into wood

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