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               Super Computer Animal Racing Simulation

                   --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button


- Page - 1

                    Start Up .................2
                    Default Game Controls ....3
                    The Story ................4
                    Starting The Game ........4
                    Main Menu ................5
                    Game Select Menu .......5-7
                    Track Selection Menu .....8
                    Car Selection Menu .......8
                    Game Screen ..............9
                    Playback ................10
                    Weapons And Pickups ..10-11
                    Bonuses .................12
                    Tracks ...............12-13
                    Cars .................14-15
                    Credits .................16

- Page - 2


Normal PSX Picture and Set up stuff.

- Page - 3

                       Default Game Controls

Below  are  the default Controller configurations.  S.C.A.R.S supports
the Analog Controller and the Dual Shock Analog Controller.

You can turn the vibration effect on or off in the option menu.

L1 - Jump
L2 - Rear View

R1 - Use Weapon
R2 - Select Weapon

Directional Button Left/Right - Steer
Directional Button Down       - Reverse

Start Button - Pause/Resume

Button - Change View
Button - Head Lights
Button - Accelerate
Button - Brake

+ Button - Handbrake

- Page - 4

                             The Story

Welcome to Super Computer Animal Racing Simulation, or S.C.A.R.S.  The
year  is 3000 AD, and the world is no longer controlled by humans, but
by  nine supercomputers whose superior intelligence long ago surpassed
their  creators.   They  have  acquired many of the characteristics of
humankind,  including the emotions of fear, hatred, happiness and even
boredom.   To  combat  the  apathy,  the  supercomputers new entertain
themselves  with  the  most  honorable and dangerous of human customs:
Racing.   Their  drive  for  victory  compels  them  to  build  super-
sophisticated  cars  that mimic earth's most fearsome creatures.  Each
vehicle uses ultra-powerful weapons to pulverize opponents on the many
diabolically treacherous courses.  Humans can only aspire from afar...
As  the  supercomputers  race  across world after world, the quest for
adrenaline-splashed  thrills  becomes never-ending.  Now victory alone
is not enough!

                         Starting the Game

From  the  S.C.A.R.S Title screen press the START button to get to the
Main Menu.

[Please  note  that  if  you  leave the game standing in the S.C.A.R.S
Title Screen for more than 35 seconds, an automatic demo will start to
run.   To  exit  the demo, press the START button then follow the same
procedure as before to play the game.]

- Page - 5

                             Main Menu

Player Select
This screen allows you to select the number of human players.  Up to 4
players   can  play  simultaneously  on  the  same  screen.   Use  the
Directional buttons Up/Down to highlight the chosen game mode and then
press the or START button to confirm your selection.

3 and 4 player games: PlayStation Multi Tap is required. The Multi Tap
must be inserted into Controller Port 2.

Warning:   It  is advised that you do not insert or remove peripherals
or Memory Cards once the power has been turned on.

Game Select Menu
Here you will have 3 modes of play to choose from plus Options.

1) Grand Prix
There  are  4  Grand  Prix Cups (Carbon, Crystal, Diamond and Zenith),
plus a Custom Cup.

Track Order:
In   Carbon,  Crystal,  Diamond  and  Zenith  Cups,  track  order  is

Level of difficulty:
Increases as you progress through each Cup.  Difficulty level is Easy
for  Carbon  Cup,  Medium  for  Crystal Cup, Hard for Diamond Cup, and
Master  for  Zenith  Cup.   In order to progress through the Cups, you
have  to  successfully  complete  each one in 1st place.  For example,
Crystal  Cup can only be played if the Carbon Cup was completed in 1st
place.  However, you can make it to the Podium by finishing the Cup in
2nd or 3rd place.

[Please  note  that  you  can set the speed of the game in the Options

- Page - 6

After  completing  each  cup,  the player is rewarded with a password.
Progress can also be saved on a Memory Card.

Custom  Cup  -  Here  you can set up a season of races.  However, you
will  only be able to select tracks featured in the Cups that you have
access  to.   For  example,  if  you  have  successfully completed the
Crystal  Cup,  you  will  be able to select tracks from the Carbon and
Crystal Cups.  The difficulty level is automatically set to Medium and
the number of laps can be set in the Options Menu.

2) Challenge Mode (Only available in 1 Player mode)
This mode is only available after you have completed a Cup.

Here  you  race  head  to  head  against  one  CPU  opponent.  The CPU
opponent,  the track, the difficulty levels and the number of laps are
automatically  set.   Only  by  winning the challenge mode do you gain
access to the hidden cars.

3) Time Attack (Ghost Mode) (Only available in 1 Player Mode)
Here  you  can  practice  with different cars on the tracks to improve
your  skills  and  race times.  Each subsequent race on the same track
will include your ghost car from the previous race so that you can try
to  beat  your  own time.  Use the Directional button to highlight the
chosen game mode and press the button to confirm your selection.

- Page - 7

4) Options
The  default  options  can  all  be  changed  to suit your preference
(number  of laps, weapons on/off etc).  You may access the Mirror Mode
(only  granted  after you have successfully completed all of the Cups)
through this menu.

Memory Card:
Please  make  sure  your  Memory  Card is in  Slot  1  and 1 block is
available.  Then, follow the instructions on screen. You can save your
game,  including any completed cups, high scores, lap records, options
and configurations.

[Important:   Never  remove  a Memory Card while it is in use.  It may
damage both the Memory Card and your Console.]

Controller configurations may be amended in this screen.

See high scores and best lap and race times.

- Page - 8

                        Track Selection Menu

This menu is not available if Grand Prix mode is selected.

There  are 9 different race courses available in the game (see Tracks)
each  with  a  choice of setting:  Daytime, Nighttime, Dusk, and Rain.
Combined  with the Mirror Mode (see Options), this gives a total of 72
different tracks.

Press  the  Directional button Up/Down to highlight the track you want
to  choose.   Press  Right or Left to change the settings.  Then press
the    button to confirm your selection.  Please note that you will
only be able to select track featured in the Cups that you have access

                         Car Selection Menu

There are 9 different cars to choose from in S.C.A.R.S. (See Cars)

Each car has 5 features: Speed, Acceleration, Grip, Armour and Weapon.

The  combination  of  these  characteristics  determines  the  general
performance and handling of the cars.  You may have to experiment with
the  different  available  cars to determine which one best suits your
driving skills.

Only  5 of the 9 cars are available at the very beginning of the game.
As  you  progress, you will be able to win new and more powerful cars.
(See Challenge Mode)

Use  the  Directional  buttons  to highlight the car you want to race.
Press the button to confirm the selection.

- Page - 9

                            Game Screen

Top Right Corner: Current Weapon, Quantity and Reserve Weapon.
Top Left Corner: Race Time.
Bottom Right Corner: Time behind leader and Position in race.
Bottom Left Corner: Score, Speedometer, Current Lap/Total Laps
Right Side of Screen: Position

- Page - 10


The Playback function is only available in 1 Player Grand Prix Mode.

There are 2 playback modes: Follow Car and Panning Camera.

Button: Change Playback Mode

The following functions are only available in Follow Car mode:

Directional button Up/Down:    Change Car to follow
Directional button Left/Right: Rotate camera around the car
Button:                    Reset Camera behind the car
START:                         Pause/Resume

[Note:   You can also change the View Mode by selecting the button
in Follow Car mode.]

                        Weapons and Pick Ups

If  you  just want to race, you may switch off the weapons function in
the  Options Settings Menu.  The weapons are automatically disabled in
Practice  mode.   You  can  set  the  speed of the game in the Options
Settings Menu.

The  weapons must be picked up from the track by driving over them and
will  be  available  to all the cars/players.  You can collect as many
weapons  as  you  like  throughout  the  game,  but you are limited to
holding 2 weapons at any one time.

Pressing  R1  fires  the  weapons.   Weapons/Pick  Ups  can  be  fired
immediately  or can be charged up first.  While the Weapon button (R1)
is  held  down  the  weapon  will be charged.  Each weapon will have a
different  charge  up time and the more you charge up your weapon, the
more powerful it will be.

- Page - 11

Weapons  are  fired  forwards  by  default,  but  you  may launch them
backwards by pressing the Directional button Down while firing.

Turbo:   Short  burst  of  speed;  up to 3 bursts if not charged or a
single very fast burst if fully charged.

Magnet:  When launched,  the magnet will land on the track and create
a  magnetic  pull around it.  It will pull the car towards it and hold
it  for  a  while.   Short Charge:  short pulling range.  Full Charge:
Long distance pulling range.  Bullets can destroy this weapon.

Seeker:  Long range weapon.  It will traverse the track with the flow
map  until it hits a car in front.  A Charged one will travel further.
Bullets can destroy this weapon.

Boomerang:   When  active  it  will  circle around your car, and when
there  is  a car in range, it will home in on the target and come back
to your car.  It will have a certain number of hits.

Time Bomb:   This  weapon  activates as soon as it is  picked up.  It
will  attach  itself  to  your car and explode after the countdown has
finished!   You  may  try  to  give it to an opponent car by using the
Weapon  Button  (R1) before it explodes, but there must be an opponent

Stinger:  This will cause a puncture and put your car out of control.
You  can  drop  1 at a time or 3 together by charging up.  Bullets can
destroy this weapon.

Stopper:  It will rebound the cars on impact backwards.  Type1:  Long
life short energy.  Type2:  Short life long energy (this one will take
multiple collisions to destroy it).  Bullets can destroy this weapon.

Round  of  Bullets:   This  will  give  the  player bullets that fire
straight  ahead.   Once  hit, the target car will be jolted and slowed
down.  The player can fire 4 small or 1 to 2 big bullets.

Shield:   This  is a defensive weapon.  It will shield your car for a
while.  No charge level.

- Page - 12


The player will receive bonus points for the following things:

- Aggressiveness (causing the most damage to other cars)
- Fastest lap
- Lapping other cars
- Perfect bonus (finishing a race without sustaining any damage)


A  journey  into  the  past  in  the  beautiful  remnants of the Aztec
civilization.   There  will  be no time for sightseeing it you want to
finish  in  first place.  Experience different road surfaces and adapt
quickly to sudden changes in the environment.

This  simple track is set in the (almost) untouched setting of a small
desert  island.   Look for the ideal trajectory on the sandy route and
you will win the race.  Alternative routes can prove useful.

A  lovely  countryside  track with a huge tarmac road.  But some blind
turn  will  require your utmost vigilance!  On this road you will have
to  use your brake, handbrake and acceleration power to find the right
balance between the trajectory and speed.

The tribute to Jean-Jacques Cousteau...  A track where you might like
to  spend  more  time  watching  the flora and fauna, rather than race
fiercely  on  a  sandy  route.  A challenging mix of narrow underwater
roads with sharp turns, where expert driving skill is required and you
will be given a huge selection of weapon pick-ups.

- Page - 13

How  about  some  winter  sun?  Take a riotous race on the fresh snow.
This  track,  set  in  the mountains, has large roads and many varying
levels  of  difficulty.   As  easy  track for those who like long skid
turns - a nightmare for those who don't!

The poor lonesome cowboy is no longer alone!  You will have to be bold
to defeat your opponents and finish this race in first position.  This
deserted  landscape  bathed  under  a  burning  sun has a multitude of
alternative routes.  But choose wisely if you want to win.

Extraterrestrial  Biological  Entities have been located in this area!
Use  caution  not to let the mutant aliens distract you from your main
objective.   This track begins on a concrete runway, but the main part
of  the  race  will be off-road.  Watch out for nasty sharp turns that
suddenly creap up on you.  Clean trajectory is the key to winning this

The  industrial  age  reveals  its power and limits.  This treacherous
track  is set in a dark ancient polluted city.  You will be faced with
90-degree turns that require extreme skill.  If you like fresh air and
big  open  spaces,  you  will not be happy here so it would be best to
finish this one quickly.

This  one is the most difficult and cunning track.  You will only gain
access  to  this  elite zone if you prove to be the king of S.C.A.R.S!
It will only become available after you have completed the first three

- Page - 14


There  are 9 unique cars featured in the game.  These are all based on
creatures of the world.

Lion L.K.
Acc    *****.....
Speed  *****.....
Grip   *******...
Armor  *****.....
Weapon *****.....

Mammoth 4X4
Acc    *****.....
Speed  ****......
Grip   ********..
Armor  ********..
Weapon ********..

Rhino Roadster
Acc    *******...
Speed  ****......
Grip   *******...
Armor  ********..
Weapon *****.....

- Page - 15

Tiger Shark
Acc    *****.....
Speed  *****.....
Grip   *.........
Armor  **........
Weapon ********..

Mantis V-Twin
Acc    *******...
Speed  ******....
Grip   *****.....
Armor  **........
Weapon *****.....

- Page - 16


Not entered.

Greets, this time, go out to my lost hamster, Herb :( Goodbye buddy!
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