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Rampage: World Tour (PSX)
Game Manual

Table of contents

1. Getting Started
2. Default Controls
3. What's This All About?
4. Main Menu
5. Configure Controls
6. Memory Card
7. Character Select
8. The Madness
9. Power Ups
10. Hints
11. Cast of Characters
12. Destruction Points

Getting Started

Setup your PlayStation Game Console according to the instructions in it's
instruction manual. Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing
a compact disc. Insert the Rampage World Tour disc and close the disc cover.
Insert game controllers and turn on the power. Follow on-screen instructions
to play.

Default Controls

Move Character: Directional Buttons; Jump: Square Button; Punch: Triangle
Button; Kick: Circle Button; Start: Start Button

Note: You can select from four other controller configurations.

Special Moves:

While in the air, press jump repeatedly to sustain flight.

Defensive Karate Stance
Defend against buddy attacks by pressing the directional button down and
jump simultaneously.

Press start to pause game play. To quit while playing, press start, then
quit, then "yes" or "no" to quit.

What's This All About

(the storyline!)

It is just before dawn, in the small, Illinois town of Toxic Hollow. A
dedicated employee of Scumlabs International, the world's foremost toxic
waste recycler, places an urgent video conference call to the head office.
Just as Scumlabs research technician Dr. Betty Veronica begins voicing her
concerns regarding plant safety, an explosion rocks the building! A garbled
email transmission to the press reveals that although 3 technicians have
been inadvertently exposed to volatile toxins, the general public is not at
risk. The 3 technicians, known only as George, Lizzy, and Ralph are next
seen rampaging through streets of downtown Peoria. Peoria??! George has been
transformed into something resembling a giant ape. Lizzy appears to be a
dinosaur (of sorts) and Ralph, well, Ralph is something out of a Freddie
Kruger nightmare!

The trio destroys one building after another until the entire city lies in
ruins. Meanwhile, back in what's left of the lab, Dr. Betty Veronica grimly
attempts to document the devastation. As city after city is crushed beneath
their massive feet, a sudden insight causes Veronica to phone the head
office with some unpleasant news: the creatures goal seems to be to wipe
Scumlabs from the face of the earth! Scumlabs C.E.O., Eustas DeMonic,
remains unruffled; even smiling as word of destruction of the Scumlabs
eastern seaboard facility reaches his ears. And so it goes, the trio
continues their rampage. The monsters against Eustas DeMonic's deadliest
weapons of destruction, with mankind smack dab in the middle!

Main Menu

Before you go stompin' and chompin', check out the following options and
setup the game you want!

Select this option to go straight to the monster select screen. Your world
tour is about to begin!

Press the directional button left or right to cycle one or two players. In
two player mode, both players will team up to destroy everything in sight!

Select a controller configuration for player 1 and player 2. See config
controls for more details.


Rampage offers 5 different configurations for the controller. Press the
directional button to cycle through the different choices. When you find
one, push X and your set.

Press the directional button to adjust sound effects volume

Press the directional button to adjust the sound of the music.


Use the memory card to save the game while in progress.

Set this option to have Rampage save the game automatically at the start of
each level.

Select this option to restore game from your memory card.

Note: Don't remove or insert a memory card during a load or save operation!


Press the D-PAD Left or right to select your character. As you highlight the
characters, their goofy faces appear on the screen. Press X to select your
character. After you select your monster, the city screen will appear. It
will show the name of the city you need to destroy along with any other
special information you need to know before you cause $millions$ in damage!


The main game screen info is simple to view while you destroy and eat. A
score and health bar are displayed on screen for each monster. As you get
pummeled by bullets and other dangerous projectiles, your health will
diminish. To boost your health, continue to chew up innocent, running
screaming citizens. But, remember, some things could make you puke or damage
your health, so before you eat it, sniff it!


Hour Glass - More time
American Flag - World Tour
TV with happy face - Hot Loogie
TV with open happy face - Death Breath
Bananas, Ladybug, and Steak - Mega Foods
Doll, Teddy Bear, and Bone - Security Foods
Weight, and Boxing Glove - More Power


1. Good food restores health. Bad food makes you puke. Looting earns points!
2. Look for food behind open or unusual windows.
3. Spin flags for World Tour.
4. Eat purple ooze to mutate.
5. Let fires burn buildings for you.
6. Keep out of deep water.
7. Hold down and jump button to block player attacks.
8. Hit kick button to use bonus powers.
9. Hold D-PAD down and hit jump to stomp on top of buildings.
10. Tapping jump while in the air will slow your descent.
11. Punch like mad to win a grapple.


Dr. Betty Veronica
"Flying Toasters"
Eustas DeMonic


Each time you destroy a city, the scoring screen will briefly appear with an
update of your monsters destruction points. Scores on the chalkboard are
accumulated and given in these five categories.

PROPERTY DAMAGE - Your damage points are multiplied by 100 and added to your

PEOPLE - The more people you eat, the higher your score. People points are
multiplied by 200 and added to your score.

FOOD - When you manage to eat some real food, your food score will be
multiplied by 500 and added to your score.

VEHICLES - Destroy vehicles and your score will be multiplied by 1000 and
added to your score.

BUDDY BASHING - If you have any spare time while smashing cities, give you
buddy a smack or two. It's not worth any points though!

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