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Run Saber

Developer:  Atlus
Publisher:  Atlus


   Welcome to the dark future of Earth.  The last hope of mankind rests in the
hands of an elite force of cyborgs code named:  Run Sabers.  Created with a
superior strength, powers, and abilities, these warriors are sent against
impossible odds to stop a warped scientist from fouling the entire planet.
   Join Allen the Thunder Saber and Sheena the Ice Saber on their world wide
quest to stop the super-mutant armies and their evil master, Dr. Bruford.  Armed
with indestructible blades, our heroes delve into a world infested with mutated
   Either try your luck at a solo mission, or team up with a friend to slice
and dice the mad doctor's army of darkness in all-out, 2-player action!  Collect
power-ups, health kits and more as you battle your way through five stages and
make your way to Bruford's hidden fortress.  And remember, never drop your

Dateline:  Earth 2998 A.D.

   In the year 2998, the Earth's atmosphere had become so contaminated with
toxic pollution that the Earth was on the verge of a complete ecological
breakdown.  Mankind's only hope for recovery was a last resort new technology
developed by Dr. Gordon Bruford known as "The Earth Renaissance Project", this
revolutionary program would clean up the Earth's surface and harness the
universal energy source:  Fusion.
    To convert to fusion energy, the Earth's stratosphere would have to be
subjected to lethal amounts of radioactive energy.  To survive this period,
mankind would have to leave the planet and put life on Earth in a one year cold
    But something went terribly wrong.  In an effort to gain total control of
the Earth, Dr. Bruford secretly stayed behind and subjected himself to massive
amounts of radiation.  His genetic makeup was completely changed, he mutated
himself into a powerful and evil being, completely erasing all signs of
humanity.  The new "Dr. Bruford" began cloning mutants to build an army to aid
in fulfilling his evil plans.
     The worlds greatest scientists studied with horror the scanner pictures
which were placed to monitor the Earth's progress.  Conventional weaponry was
deemed useless against Bruford and his army of mutant clones.  Project Run Saber
was soon commenced, the purpose: to create cyborg warriors with spectacular
weaponry and abilities that would infiltrate Brufords's installations and take
back the Earth.
    Three prototypes were developed and sent to Earth.  Unfortunately, Kurtz
(Flair Saber), had a defective parasite defense apparatus and was captured by
Bruford to be used against the rest of the Run Saber Force.  Only two remain:
Allen (Thunder Saber) and Sheena (Ice Saber).  The future of mankind lays in
their hands!  Good luck Run Saber warriors.

Begin the Quest

    Place the Run Saber game pak into your Super NES and turn the machine on.
Press the Start Button to get to the Main Menu screen.  Here you can choose
either 1 or 2-players, or the Option Menu.  Use the Control pad to toggle
between choices and press the Start Button to select them.

The Option Menu has the following choices:

This mode allows you to select the number of players you will use per game.

Choose the level of difficulty from Easy to Hard, depending on your skills as a

Select the background music (BGM) of your choice:  Stereo, Mono, or off.

This mode is used to customize the arrangement of the functions of the co
ntroller buttons.  The standard setting is:

B Button
Y Button
*Use the sword in an attack.
X Button
*Use the Special Attack.

Return to the Main Menu.

Controller Functions

Basic Run Saber Movements:

Control Pad:
Up, Down, Left, and Right movements.

B Button:
Makes character Jump.

Y Button:
Makes the character Attack.

X Button:
Use the Special Attack.

Start Button
Pauses the game.

Special Run Saber movements:

Up on the Control Pad + B Button:
*Jump Attack
**An aura envelopes the Run Saber making him or her deadly for an enemy to

Down on the Control Pad + B Button:
*Aerial/Ground Kick
**The Run Saber's aura is focused on the downward thrust of the foot.

While in Squatting position + B Button:
*Sliding Attack
**This also allows them to fit under tight areas.

Down on the Control Pad + B Button
*Special Movement
**While standing on a tree branch or a scaffold to drop through them.

How to Play

Game Summary

Run Saber is a five stage action game that uses swords and special attack
weapons to destroy enemies in solo or tandem play.  Listed below are important
factors about the game that will allow you to enjoy this adventure to its

Special Attack Weapon:

All action on the screen freezes as you detonate this device.  All enemy
characters that are on the screen when you use this item take damage.  Player
one's Special Attack Weapon is the "Thunder Dragon" and Player two's Special
Attack Weapon is the "Ice Cyclone".  The animations for these effects differ,
but the results are similar.  Each player starts the game with 2 Special Attack

Status Bar:
Information about the Run Sabers appears at the top of the screen in the status
bar.  The information shown is: the number of players lives remaining, the
number of Special Attack Weapons remaining, the Hit Point (HP) Life gauge, the
player's score and the Progress Display.

The Life Gauge starts with 3 HP's.  It decreases by one every time you are hit
by an enemy character.  you can increase the Life Gauge (a maximum of 8 HP's) by
collection item capsules.

The Progress Display assists you as you travel through the levels.  since you
can go in nearly every direction, this will come handy to keep you from getting
lost.  A direction arrow is the most commonly found message; use it to guide
your actions.  Other messages include:

This flashes whenever a Boss character is near.  It continues to flash this
message until you defeat the Boss.

Go Down!
When this appears, try to move down as quickly as possible.

Go Up!
When this appears, press the Jump Button and move up as quickly as possible.

In the 1-Player Mode, if you lose all of your lives you may continue from where
you ended by selecting Continue.  You can only Continue three times.  This is
the same for the 2-Player mode.

Second Player Join-in:
If the game is begun with only one player, a second player may join in by
pressing the Start Button on Controller #2.  This action, however, counts as one
continue and decreases the continues..  Thus, if the number of continues is
zero, a second player cannot join in.

Character Color Change:
If the Select Button is pressed during Pause, you may change the color of your
character.  There are a total of eight colors to choose from.  Cancel the Pause
to continue your game.

When an enemy is defeated, Item capsules may appear.  The easier the level of
play, the more items you will collect.  When the game begins, you already have
some items.  The items are:

White Medical Box:
HP increases by one.

Blue Medical Box:
HP increases by two.

Sword power-up.

Red Ball:
Special Attack Weapon increases by one.

1-Player or 2-Player One-ups.

The Heroes

Allen Code Name:  Thunder Saber
*Combat cyborg modeled after an American male, this Run Saber unit wields a
Thunder Sword generated from its internal plasma generator that can th
eoretically, vaporize all matter.
Special Attack Weapon:
*Thunder Dragon is unleashed from collected plasma energies.

Sheena Code Name:  Ice Saber
*Combat cyborg modeled after a Russian female, this Run Saber unit wields an Ice
Sword that operates at absolute zero.  This weapon is capable of instantly
freezing all opponents.
Special Attack Weapon:
*Ice Cyclone unleashes the power of a Siberian storm.

The World of Dr. Bruford

Round 1:  Taj Base
*In North America, the former defense base for the Earth Renaissance Project
still remains.  It was believed that the command/control computer monitoring the
planet's Defense Missiles was disable.  The parasitic mutants invaded and
control the area.  The Boss, "Beautiful", is a creature equipped with the latest
jet combat device and will try to destroy the Run Saber in mid-air combat.

Enemy Characters:

*Boss: Beautiful

Round 2:  Tong City
*The City of the Orient.  Once a powerful seat of industrial prowess, now it is
overrun with mutants.  This high tech world is set among ancient ruins that
appear to be lifeless.  The Boss, a statue of Shuri-Shumi, used to be known s
the goddess of fortune and happiness until a parasitic mutant attached itself to
her.  The result is an evil and wicked life form.

Enemy Characters:

*Boss:  Shuri-Shumi

Round 3:  Jod Valley
*In the jungle region of South America exists the greatest diversity of life on
the planet.  Unfortunately, the mutant parasites have used there creatures to
spread their evil.  The Boss, Skeltor, is an animated skeleton of a prehistoric
beast.  Resurrected from the fossil remains, this adversary is formidable.

Enemy Characters:

*Sea Bird
*Telles Dragon
*Boss:  Skeltor

Round 4:  Gray Fac
*Back when mankind depended on natural resources, this was the mining capital of
the world.  Forgotten by man, the old mining site has been transformed into a
nesting ground for the mutants.  The Boss, Jumbalaya, used to be a mineral
transport robot.  Corrupted by the parasites, this mighty machine moves again!

Enemy Characters:

*Boss:  Southern Jumbalaya

Round 5:  Bruford
*Make it this far and you'll uncover the hidden base of the twisted genius.  The
entire complex is an extension of the mutated doctor.  can you stand the final

Enemy Characters:

*Experiment F
*Little Face
*Boss:  Bruford

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