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Game Name:   ROBOTREK

Transcriber: Peter Karsanow
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         Instruction Booklet

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The Story thus far ...4
The Characters ...6
Controller Functions ...8
Game Screens ...10
How to Start the game ...11
Save, Quit, and Continue ...13
World Map Screen ...15
Research and Development ...22
Battles ...30
Experience Value ...34
Introduction to Items ...36
Hints ...38
Warranty ...39
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                        THE STORY THUS FAR

[Picture of Planet Quintenix]
          [Picture of a house in Rococo]
[Picture of 4 Hackers & Blackmore the Pumpkinhead]


If you could travel the seemingly endless limits of space, you might just
come across the planet Quintenix. A planet Earthlings may very well
consider paradise. On Quintenix exists a small town called Rococo. The
technology on Rococo is slightly more advanced then the technology
we have here on Earth. The people of Rococo are warm and friendly,
living in peace together.
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[Picture of Hackers driving away with sack of money]
          [Picture of 4 Androids on stage]
[Picture of 2 Hackers being chased left by Police as Akihabara and son go

Until now... A rogue band of pirates called the Hackers, invaded Rococo
and began terrorizing it's citizens. The Hackers created Androids to
help them wreak havoc on Rococo. The people of Rococo are terrified.
They have no idea what the Hackers want.

There is a small boy who recently moved to Rococo. This particular boy
dreams of becoming a great inventor like his father. He has come to
Rococo to seek his fortune. Secretly he hopes to fulfill his dreams.
Who are the Hackers? What do they want? You must find out!
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                     THE CHARACTERS

[Picture           Our Hero!
of boy]           He uses his brain rather than braun [sic].
                  He dreams of becoming a great
                  inventor like his father, Dr. Akihabara.

Mr.  Robot
Our Hero's first invention. While he       [Picture
may not look like much, an Oil Drum         of robot]
as a matter of fact, he is quite
strong. With a little tinkering, he
could become a reliable partner.

[Picture           Ralph And Max
of two dwarves]   This strange pair live inside the
                  Invention Machine. They work pri-
                  marily in Research and Development.
                  They will assist you in inventing new
                  and spectacular things. You will find
                  their help invaluable.
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[Picture           Nagisa
of woman]         An attractive blond-haired assistant.
                  She will help the hero in many ways.
                  She is actually an Android created by
                  the Hero's father, designed to look
                  like his mother.

The Commander                           [Picture
The lowest-ranking member of the         of a Hacker]
Hacker gang. He is a pitiful man who
is destined to always follow the
orders of his superiors. When he
loses a battle or his weakness is
exposed, he often runs away. He can
act foolishly at times and lacks spirit.
He is a good opponent to test Robots

[Picture           Meta Crab
of crab man]      An Android the Hackers created from
                  a real crab. He has kidnapped people
                  and forced them to dig for the myste-
                  rious Tetron stone. He also likes
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                     Controller Functions

The functions of the controller vary depending on each screen. These
are explanations for the functions used most often. All explanations are
using the "default" configuration.

         [Picture across pages 8 and 9 of a standard SNES controller
          with lines to each button leading to boxes with text inside]

This button is used primarily as                  [left half of
a "Fast Play" button. It performs                  controller picture]
many of the same functions as
the A BUTTON allowing you to
play with one hand. It is not
used in the Function or Name
Entry screens.

CONTROL PAD                            SELECT BUTTON
Used to move the                       * Brings up the Functions
character and the cur-                   Screen.
sor.                                   * Rearranges items in your
                                      * Switches view points in the
                                        World map screen.
                                      * Switches Robots in the battle
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R BUTTON                               X BUTTON
Cycles through differ-                 when you press this button it will
ent windows in the                     bring up the Functions Screen.
Functions Screen.

                                      B BUTTON
[right half of                         * Cancels selections and
controller picture]                     closes current Window.
                                      * Erases a letter in the Name
                                        Entry screen.
                                      * Makes the Hero walk faster.
                                      * Charges the Attack bar

START BUTTON                           Y BUTTON
Used to pause the game                 This button allows you to
during Field and Battle                use the item you have
screens.                               selected.
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                             GAME SCREENS

The game is divided into 3 major screens: Field, World Map, and Battle
screens. In the Field Screen, you can change your equipment and call
up other screens. The pictures below will show you how to change the
  screens. Use this as a reference as you read the rest of the man-
ual. Please notice the details of each scren.

Field Screen                            Window Screen
[picture of        -------------->      [picture of Hero and
Rococo street]    <--------------       one robot, two empty slots]
Use the CONTROL PAD      
to move around the Map,          Touching an enemy
and the A BUTTON to              [diagonal lines with arrows
enter places you want to          between Field Screen
visit. Once you clear cer-        and Battle Screen]
tain events, you will see        Finishing a Battle
the map expand.
[a vertical double-headed arrow line between Field Screen and World Map]
World Map                               Battle Screen
[picture of                             [picture of robot
world around Rococo]                    vs. 2 enemies]
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                   HOW TO START THE GAME

[Picture of               Insert the ROBOTREK game
Start Game/              pak into your SNES and turn
Copy Log/                the power ON. Press the
Erase Log screen]        START BUTTON once the title
                         screen has been displayed.
[Picture of               Move the cursor to START
Adventure Log screen]    GAME and press the A BUT-
[Picture of               If this is your first time playing
name entry screen]       select an EMPTY Log and
                         press the A BUTTON. Now
[Picture of               you will be able to give your
game's starting          character a name.
message from your        Use the cursor to select the
father]                  desired letter and press the A
                         BUTTON to enter. If you make
                         a mistake, use the B BUTTON
                         to erase. Once you have fin-
                         ished, press the START BUT-
                         TON to begin the game.
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[Picture of               To COPY an existing Log.
Copy Log screen]         Select the COPY command.
                         Choose the Log you wish to
                         copy an press the A BUT-
                         TON. Next, select the Log
                         where you wish to copy to,
                         and press the A BUTTON. If
                         you copy over a SAVED Log,
                         you will lose that SAVED


[Picture of               To erase an Adventure Log.
Erase screen]            Select the ERASE command.
                         Now choose the Adventure
                         Log you wish to erase and
                         press the A BUTTON. A mes-
                         sage will appear asking if you
                         wish to erase the selected
                         Log. Select ERASE to finish
                         your command.
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              SAVE, QUIT, and CONTINUE

[Picture of               To save an Adventure.
Nagisa save/hint         NAGISA is the only person
screen]                  that can save your Adventure.
                         You can find her in the Hero's
                         home or you can use the
                         TRANSCEIVER you obtain at
                         the beginning of the game.
                         Either way, you will shown
                         a screen asking if you would
                         like to save.
                         The TRANSCEIVER is a con-
venient way to save your game. You don't have to be near the Hero's
home to use it. Remember, the TRANSCEIVER does NOT work in
certain places. If you are defeated, you will return to the last place
saved, so save your game often.

There is no special command to quit. When you want to finish the
game, you should SAVE your adventure and then shut off your SNES.

When you wish to continue a saved Adventure. Press the START
BUTTON at the title screen. Choose the Log you wish to continue and
press the A BUTTON. The Log will show you the Level of the Hero and
place where the game was saved.
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                  WORLD MAP SCREEN

[Picture of           When you leave ROCO-
View Mode]           CO for the first time you
                     will see the World Map
                     Screen. This will show
                     you the areas in which
                     you may visit. You can
                     travel along the roads in
                     the World Map Screen by
                     using the CONTROL
                     PAD. If you wish to run,
                     press the B BUTTON.
                     While looking at the
                     World Map Screen, you
will notice some flashing spots on the ground. These are places you
may visit. If you place the Hero on one of these spots, the name of the
area will appear. Press the A BUTTON to enter the areas. As you finish
certain events you will notice the amount of areas you may visit
increasing. If you wish to view the entire map, press the SELECT BUT-

              Map of the first stage

[Picture of           1. Rococo
world near              This is the starting point of the game
Rococo]                 and the Hero's house.
                     2. Father's House
                        A Lab in the suburbs of Rococo. It has
                        an R&D room like the Hero's house.
                     3. Forest
                     4. River
                        Where the Androids live.
                     5. Cave Mouth
                        It's said the Hackers' hideout is some-
                        where within this cave.
[Page 15]
                   FUNCTIONS SCREEN

[Picture of           To access the Functions
Functions Screen]    Screen press either the
                     X or SELECT BUTTON.
                     This screen will enable
                     you to access many dif-
                     ferent functions. You will
                     use this screen to USE
                     and EQUIP different
                     items. You can also use
                     this screen to view the
                     current status of the
                     Hero and the Robots.
                     Once you have entered
the Functions Screen, you will notice 6 icons in the upper left corner
of the screen. As you move the cursor to each of these icons, you will
see the name displayed in the upper right portion of the screen. To
enter the icon you wish to access simply press the A BUTTON.

                   USING ITEMS

[Picture of           You can change the equipped item for
Functions Screen]    the Hero and the Robots in this
                     screen. Select the character whose
                     items you wish to change using the
                     CONTROL PAD, and press the A BUT-
                     TON. How to USE an item in the
                     Hero's inventory.
[Page 16]

[Picture of           * First enter the Functions Screen.
Hero Inventory       * Place the Cursor over the Items
with nothing           icon and press the A Button.
equipped]            * Select the Hero and press the A
[Picture of             BUTTON.
Hero Inventory       * Place the cursor over the desired
with Transceiver       item and press the A BUTTON.
equipped]            * Now exit the Functions Screen.
                     * You may use the selected item by
                       pressing the Y BUTTON.


[Picture of           * Move the cursor to the item you
Robot Inventory        wish to equip.
with Sword           * The place where this item can be
equipped]              equipped will turn orange.
[Picture of           * The skill value of the selected item
Robot Inventory         will be shown in blue.
with Hammer          * Once you press the A BUTTON,
equipped]              the skill value will change showing
                       you if you have gained or lost skill by
                       equipping this item.
[Page 17]
               ARRANGING ITEMS

How to arrange your inventory.
If you have accumulated many items over the course of your
adventure, you may wish to arrange them in an "easy to see"
First enter the Functions Screen and select the ITEMS
Select a character and press the A BUTTON.
You will now see the Inventory Screen. This shows you
all your items.

* Arrange using the A                     [Picture of
BUTTON.                                    Hero Inventory
In the Item Window, move the cursor        with two cursors]
to the item you wish to move and
press the A BUTTON. Now move the
second flashing cursor to the place
you wish to move the item and press
the A BUTTON again.

* Arrange using the X                     [Picture of
BUTTON.                                    Hero Inventory
Select the item you wish to move and       with items scattered
press the X BUTTON. Selecte the place      about to Line Up]
you wish to move it to and press the X
BUTTON again. This will allow you to
arrange your items so that you can
easily access them at all times.
It will also help alert you to when you
may need more of a particular item.

* Arrange using the
To automatically arrange the Hero's
items, simply
press the SELECT BUTON. This will
only work for the
[Page 18]

[Picture of                  * Deleting spaces using
Hero Inventory                the START BUTTON.
with items scattered        You can also fill in the spaces
about to Fill in Item]      between your items by
                            pressing the START BUTTON.

[Picture of                  * Descriptions of items
Hero Inventory                using the Y BUTTON.
with description            To see a description of a particular
of Transceiver]             item press the Y BUTTON.

[Picture of                  * Discarding items
Hero Inventory              To discard an item, place the desired
about to discard a Clean]   item in the small trashcan located at
                            the end of the items.

                   The Transceiver

[Picture of                  Nagisa gives you a Transceiver at
Nagisa Save/Hint            the beginning of the game. Use this
Dialogue]                   item to save your game or obtain
                            helpful information without returning
                            home. With the exception of special
                            cases, you should equip the Hero
                            with the Transceiver. Be ready to use
                            this item at all times by pressing the
                            Y BUTTON.
[Page 19]
[Picture of                  This icon will enable you to per-
Maintenance Screen]         form many useful functions.
                            Once you have selected the
                            MAINTENANCE Icon you will
                            see 4 different type of items in
                            the top window.

[Picture of                  Rearranging
Rearrange in progress]      Robots
                            The first item enables you to
                            change the order in which the
                            Robots enter battle.

[Picture of                  Cure
Cure about to be used]      The second item (Cure), will restore
                            your Robot's energy.

[Picture of                  Clean
Cure about to be used]      The third item (Clean), is used to
                            remove rust from your Robots.

[Picture of                  Repair
Repair about to be used]    The fourth item (Repair), will rebuild
                            your robot if it has been defeated.
[Page 20]
[Picture of                  This icon allow you to view the condition
Functions Screen]           of the Hero and your Robots.
                            Once selected, you will be able to view
                            the Gold (GP), equipment, items and
                            Experience points. This icon is very help-
                            ful and can provide valuable information
                            throughout your adventure.

                  Hero's Status Window
                  [Picture of Hero Status
                   Screen with numbers on sides
                   pointing to items on screen]
1. Name   2. Current level   3. Current experience   4. Experience
needed for next level   5. Money collected   6. Program points to be
allocated to each Robot   7. Equipped items   8. Number of Invented
items   9. Contents of invented items

                  Robot's Status Window
                  [Picture of Robot Status
                   Screen with numbers on sides
                   pointing to items on screen]
1. Name   2. Basic status (Program points allocated)   3. Current
energy/maximum energy   4. Value for each special attack   5. Item
in right hand   6. Item in left hand   7. Item on back   8. Item on feet
[Page 21]
                   Special Attack
[Picture of                  This icon allows you to view the Special
Functions Screen]           Attacks for each of your Robots. If you
                            have not set these attacks, nothing will
                            appear in the windows. The special attacks
                            created in the invention machine will be
                            displayed, telling you if it can be used or
                            not. Select the Robot whose special
                            attack you wish to view. The following
                            screen will be displayed.

Name.          [Picture of Robot Special     Item and level registered
               Attack Screen with text      the R BUTTON.
               on sides and lines with
               arrows pointing to items     Item and level registered
               on screen]                   the L BUTTON.

                                            Item and level registered
                                            the X BUTTON.

                                            A combination of registered
                                            special attacks.

                                            Amount of energy required
                                            to perform special attack.
The name of the special attack, if highlighted in
red, the special attack cannot be used.

[Picture of                  This icon will allow you to customize the
Game Configure Screen]      game.
                            Use the first one to select the speed in
                            which the text appears on the screen.
                            The next will allow you to change between
                            Stereo and Mono sound.
                            The last enables you to change the button
                            functions of the Controller.

Quits the Window screen and returns to the Field Screen. You can do
the same thing by pressing the B BUTTON.
[Page 22]
                  Research and Development (R&D)
[Picture of                  You can do many things using the inven-
R&D Function Screen]        tion machine located in the R&D lab. You
                            can make items, create items and com-
                            bine items. You can also make Robots and
                            tinker with them. Stand in front of the
                            invention machine and press the A BUT-
                            TON to turn the power on.

                      Making an Item
[Picture of                  In order to make an item, the Hero must
Hero reading an             first have an idea of what he wants to cre-
Inventor's Friend book]     ate. This can be accomplished many
                            Reading the "Inventor's
                            Friend" books.
[Picture of
Sword 1 cost & Make/Quit screen]
          If you stand in front of each bookshelf you come across and
          press the A BUTTON, you will sometimes come across books.
          These books will have a number next to them. Your level must
          either match or be above this number for you to read the book.
          These books have valuable information on how to invent cer-
          tain items. Almost always after reading one of these books,
          the Hero will be able to invent a new item.
          Talking to other people. Many times the information received
          from certain people will assist you in creating new items. Make
          sure you speak with everyone to prevent missing important
[Picture of
successful Make]
          Combining items. When you experiment with combining
          items, you can invent new and improved ones. It is always a
          a good idea to spend some time combining items. You end up
          inventing some very powerful and useful items. The "Make an
          Item" windows is divided into two parts. One for the Hero and
          one for the Robots. Select the window containing the item you
          wish to make using the L and R BUTTONs. Place the cursor
          on the item and press the A BUTTON. The cost of inventing
          the item will be displayed along with the confirmation screen.
          Select either "Make" or "Quit."
[Page 23]
                  Standard equipment at the
                    beginning of the game
1. Boots - You can find out how to make this item by reading the
"Inventor's friend" book number 1 found in your father's house.
2. Sword 1 - You can find out how to make this item by reading the
"Inventor's friend" book number 2 located in your house.
3. Shield 1 - You can find out how to make this item by reading the
"Inventor's friend" book number 5 located in your house.
You are automatically equipped with these items at the beginning
of the game. You can change these items later once you have cre-
ated stronger versions.

                     Item combination
[Picture of               Sometimes you can make a new item by
Clean + Repair           combining two items together.
= Cure combination]      You can combine 2 of the Hero's items, 2
                         of the Robot's items, or one of each.
                         Select the items to combine by using the
                         L and R BUTTONs. Enter your selection
                         by pressing the A BUTTON.
                         You may not always be able to combine
                         certain items. Combining 2 pieces of
                         scrap or a piece of scrap and an item
                         equipped by a Robot is usually a good

1. Items that can be combined at
  the beginning of the game.
  a. Combine Scrap 1 and the Sword 1 = Sword 2
  b. Combine Scrap 5 and Clean = Shield 2
  c. Combine Clean and Cure = Repair
  d. Combine Rusty Drill and Clean = Mole drill
You can either end up with very useful or useless things when you
combine 2 items. You should experiment with all types of items.
[Page 24]
2. Experiment
  a. Combine Scrap 3 and ??? = Boots 4
  b. Combine Axe 1 and Scrap 1 = ???
  c. Combine Smoke and Scrap 7 = ???

3. Rules of Combining
With few exceptions, you can combine a weapon with another of the same
kind of weapon. When you combine a lower level weapon with a higher
level weapon, you could make a very strong weapon. Or you could end up
with a useless one.

Rank of Equipment
The strength or weakness of a combined item is related to its rank. Rank is
the word used to rate the superiority or inferiority of an item. For example,
swords ranked according to strength.
Sword 1 + Sword 2 = Sword 3
When combining two items, the item with the highest level will always take
priority. It will have the most influence on the new combined item.
If you combine items of the same level, the new item and level will be the
combination of the old one.
Ex: Sword 1 Lv.1 + Sword1 Lv.1 = Sword 1 Lv.2
The maximum level is 9.
Always think about what items to combine carefully to insure the best possi-
ble combinations.

Rules of Combinations
(Weapons in the same rank).
Rank - Same
Level - Sum of both levels
Ex. Sword 1 - Level 3 + Sword 1 - Level 5 = Sword 1 - Level 8.
(Weapons with different ranks).
Rank - Higher level [rank] take priority
Level - (Higher level weapon's rank)+(1/2 of lower weapon's rank)
[Level - (higher rank weapons's level) + (1/2 lower ranked weapons's level)]
(Rounded off [up] to nearest whole number. Level 1 cannot be included -
Example 2)
Ex 1.) Sword 2 - Level 4 + Sword 1 - Level 5 = Sword 2 - Level 5. [2 Lv7]
Ex 2.) Sword 2 - Level 3 + Sword 1 - Level 5 = Sword 2 - Level 5. [2 Lv6]

Combinations using items become weapon Level 1. Boots, Packs and
Shields are the same.
Ex. Sword 1 - Level 3 + Scrap 1 = Sword 2 - Level 1.
[Page 25]
[Picture of                  You can sell items that you don't need. You
Scrap 2 Recycle]            can select an Item the same way you used
                            in "Make an Item" or "Item Combination" and
                            enter it with the A BUTTON. (You can get an
                            explanation of the selected item by pushing
                            the Y BUTTON.) Items can be combined or
                            recycled. You should first decide if you want
                            combine items or recycle them.

                      Making Robots
[Picture of                  When you select "Make a Robot", the cost
Make Robot dialogue]        and a confirmation message will be dis-
                            played. If you select "Make", Ralph and Max
                            will appear and start making Robots, shout-
                            ing the whole time. (Be sure this is what you
                            want - you can't cancel this procedure once
                            it's started)

                Robot Production Procedure

1. Naming the Robot
This is done in the same way you named the Hero. After you choose a name,
continue by pressing the A BUTTON or START BUTTON.

2. Allocate Program Points/ Body Color
The program points in the upper right of the screen can be allocated to the
Robots. You can select the skill with the up and down arms of the Control Pad
and increase or decrease the number of points with the left and right arms. (See
each Robot's skill information and examples.)
At the end of the body color portion, you can make your own colors by mixing
Red, Green, and Blue. After selecting a color, use the A BUTTON to return to
the R & D Lab.
[Page 26]
                   Allocating Program Points

The Hero has 40 program points in Level         [Picture of
1. Allocate program points carefully. They       Allot Points Screen]
will determine the Robot's characteristics
and the way it fights in battles. Make your
Robot an original creation!

Energy (Robot's HP)
Allocate as many points as you can spare to the Energy section, so
it will be able to take on multiple enemies. In the beginning, 20
points should be enough.
* There are a total of 40 points to be allocated in the beginning of
the game.

Power (Robot's Attack Skill)
Robots have 7 points to start off with, and up to 10 points for one
with an aggressive attack style. The power of the Robot's attack
items will be determined by this number, so be sure to allocate
enough points. When you face stronger enemies, you should
increase this value.

Defense (Robot's Defense Power)
This is an important parameter. If this value is high enough, you
won't have to worry about being attacked by many enemies at the
same time. You should have 6 points in the beginning, and increase
to 10 if you're having a hard time.

When you increase this parameter, it will be easier for the Robot to
dodge enemy attacks and improves the accuracy of your Robot's

Even after allocating points, you won't be able to see the effect
clearly the way you can with Power and Defense, but it's a neces-
sary parameter for continuing the game. You can start off with 4
points, and should allocate points gradually depending on the level
of the game.
[Page 27]
Charge (Attack Bar Recovery Speed)
This bar indicates the time you must wait before attacking. The
lower the bar the longer you must wait. This can be very danger-
ous. Your enemies can attack multiple times while you are waiting
for the attack bar to recharge.
Different attacks require different amounts of power. Watch each of
your attacks carefully so you know how much each power requires.
Special attacks also consume a lot of power.

                Example of a standard point
                   allocation at Level 1

                         Energy 20
                          Power 7
                         Defense 6
                          Speed 4
                         Charge 3


[Picture of           This function will allow you to make repairs to your
Maintenance          Robot.
Dialogue]            Restore his energy, get rid of any rust, and Fix a
                     defeated Robot.
                     You can use Maintenance in the Item Window to
                     restore and repair a Robot, but that takes money.
                     Select the Robot you want to repair using the
upper and lower arms of the Control Pad. Then you will be told how much it will
cost to repair the damage. Depending on the circumstances, it might be cheap-
er to do the repairs by using Items instead.
[Page 28]

[Picture of           There are 2 elements in the program. When you
Program Screen]      select the "Program" icon, the screen on the left
                     will be displayed. Select the Robot you want to
                     program, then select either "Basic Status" or
                     "Special Attack."

                        Basic Status

You can change the Robot's body color and its program point allocation
by going to "Make a Robot". After you select a Robot using the Control
Pad and the A BUTTON, you can select "Basic Status. The rest of the
procedure is the same as in "Make a Robot".

                       Special Attack

[Picture of           You can register, change, or erase a Robot's
Special Attack       special attack.
Change Skill         A special attack is the combination of the skills
Dialogue]            registered at the L, R, and X BUTTONs - an
                     incredibly deadly attack. (However, when
                     equipped with certain Shields or Packs, you
[Picture of           may not be able to register these buttons).
Special Attack       After selecting a Robot choose "Special
Name Skill           Attack." You will be able to program up to eight
Dialogue]            different special attacks.
                     To form a special attack you can use the L, R,
                     or X BUTTONs (up to 3).
                     After you entering them with the A BUTTON,
you can name them in the same way you named the Hero. After you've
selected "Register", you can select Register again if you want to change
your Special Attack.
The destructive power and amount of charge consumed will vary
depending on the combination of special attacks.
It will also depend on the Items you're equipped with. There may be
times when you can't use that skill. (Attacks that can't be used at a par-
ticular time will be shown in red.)
Following is a typical combination of skills, please refer to it during play.
[Page 29]
                        Finding a Strong
                         Special Attack

[Picture of          Each attack made up of combina-
Battle]             tions of L, R, and X BUTTONs is a
                    powerful attack.
                    The following is an example of a
                    Robot with:
                    * Sword in his right hand.
                    * Gun in his left hand.
                    * A bomb on his back.
                    Let's try it! Of course, there are
many other combinations that can make can make for surprisingly
strong special attacks.

Special attack program 1 - X, R, R
After attacking an enemy on the same line, you can go behind
them and attack twice with the sword.

Special attack program 2 - L, R, L
You can dash up close to enemies on the same line, then attack
from the front and back once each.

Special attack program 3 - L, X, -
The whole screen will flash with a light coming from your Robot.
The light will inflict damage no matter what line your enemy is on.

When you finish the Invention Machine menu, you can go back to your
original screen.
[Page 30]

[Picture of             A battle starts when the Hero runs into
a Field screen]        monsters on the field screens. If a monster
                       touches the Hero on either side or behind
                       him, the monster will take the initiative in
                       the attack, so be careful! You should try to
                       make contact with the monsters face-on.

                         Starting Battles

[Picture of             When a Robot becomes activated, the effec-
a Battle with          tive range of the Robot will be lit up. You can
arrows around Robot]   move the Robot with the Control Pad.

[Picture of Battle]               [Picture of Battle
                                   showing Attack Bar]

The enemy may take the initiative in an attack. Damage from your
enemy will be displayed at the Robot's feet.

[Picture of Battle]               [Picture of Battle
                                   showing Attack Bar]
[Page 31]
                      BATTLE SCREEN

          3      [Picture of a Battle with numbers and     1
                 text around it and lines pointing to      2
                 items on the Battle screen]
Enemies Name                                     Robot's Name
           Robot's current energy/Maximum energy (Condition mark)

1. Time display
If you finish the battle before the time display reaches 0, you will be
given bonus experience points. If time runs out, you will receive no
bonus experience points and any item capsules will disappear.

2. Attack bar
When the attack bar is full, you can give instructions to your Robot.
You cannot attack until this bar has recharged. You can speed up
the recharge time by rapidly pressing the B BUTTON.

3. Item Capsule
You can open these capsules by either hitting them with your glove
or sword. Most of the times these capsules contain items or experi-
ence points. Some item capsules may be traps!

               How to view your Robot's status.

[Picture of               There are many indicators that your Robot is
Robot Status portion     in trouble.
of Battle screen]        - A black skull indicates the Robot has been
inflicted with rust. Energy will depleted [sic] from your Robot until his
energy bar reaches 0 or you use oil on him.
- A blue skull indicates the Robot is confused.
Stop - this mark indicates the Robot will not be able to move. You
can attack enemies but will not be able to move the Robot until this
mark has disappeared.
[Page 32]

[Picture of              When you are in a battle, press
a Battle]               the A BUTTON the command
                        screen is displayed. The follow-
                        ing are command choices.
                        1. Attack
                        You can attack using the
                        weapons you're equipped with.
                        You can use a special attack by
                        selecting "RUN".
[Picture of              You can also attack using the L,
a Battle                R, and X BUTTONs without
with Robot              opening the command window.
attacking]              2. Defend
                        Use this function to reduce the
                        amount of damage received from
                        the enemies.
                        3. Escape
                        If you want to avoid a battle with
[Picture of              the enemies on screen, select
a Battle                this function. Your Robot will try
with Robot              to run away. He will not always
escaping]               be successful.
                        4. Item
                        From time to time you will see
                        the Hero appear on the screen
                        and shout encouragement to the
[Picture of              Robots. If you choose this func-
a Battle                tion, you can make the Hero per-
with Hero               form certain tasks.
present]                The Hero can use certain items
                        on the Robots to heal and assist
                        them in battle. He can also
                        switch Robots.
[Page 33]

When all of the enemies have been defeated, you will be rewarded
with experience points. If you finish the battle before the timer in
the upper right corner expires, you will be given a bonus of experi-
ence points.

                     Game Over

If all of the Robots that the Hero has built are destroyed, the game
is over, and you will return to the opening screen. Remember to
save often.
[Page 34]
                  Experience Value

[Picture of               In this game, your Experience
Hero gaining             Value is called "Data". It is mea-
level after              sured in Megabytes (Mgs). You
battle]                  gain Data by defeating enemies
                         in battle.
                         There are also other ways to gain
                         Data. You can gain bonus points
                         by finishing a battle in less then
                         the allotted time, or get Data that
                         is hidden in the Capsules on bat-
tle screens.
When you have gathered a certain amount of Data, the Hero's level
goes up. You can find out how mush [sic] Data you need to reach the next
level by checking "Status" in the Window screen.

                Using the Portable
                Invention Machine!

[Picture of               You can use the Portable Invention
Portable Invention       Machine only when the Hero's level
Machine introduction]    goes up after a battle. It is convenient
                         when you are in a cave, or far from the
                         R & D Lab. You should learn how to
                         use it well to help you get through the
                         game smoothly.

[Picture of               After a battle is over and the Hero's
Invention Machine        level goes up, the "Portable Invention
Screen]                  Machine" screen will be displayed
                         automatically. If you don't want to use
                         the Portable Invention Machine, you
                         can pass the screen by selecting
                         "END" or pushing the B BUTTON.
[Page 35]
[Picture of               You can create an item that you had an
Make Item                inspiration for during the game by
Screen]                  selecting "Make an Item".
                         You can combine weapons or scraps
                         you've acquired by selecting "Item
                         Combination", without going back to
                         the R & D Lab.

[Picture of               When the number of items in your
Recycling a              inventory has increased during play,
Clean]                   you can exchange them for GLD using
                         "Recycle". Be sure you don't recycle
                         necessary items.

Unfortunately, you can't select "Make a Robot" on the Portable
Invention Machine. You can only create Robots on the Invention
Machine in the R & D Lab.

You can repair a Robot, even in the Cave or the Forest, by select-
ing "Maintenance". You can select this after you've allocated pro-
gram points in "Program".

[Picture of               When you receive points after your
Program Allot            level increases, you can allocate up
Points Screen]           to 10 points using "Program". If you
                         have suffered damage, you should
                         allocate points to "Guard" or
                         "Charge". If you haven't suffered
                         damage, allocate points to "Power"
                         or "Speed".

If you select "End", you can't use the Portable Invention Machine
until the next level up. You should make sure you're finished with
the Portable Invention Machine before you select "Quit" or use the
[Page 36]
                  Introduction to Items

During the game many items will appear that the Hero can use.
Confirm the items you've received on the Window Screen.

[Picture of  Cure
Cure]       Recovers a Robot's energy completely. But using it on a
            Robot that's been completely destroyed (Energy has dropped to 0) will
            not restore its energy.

[Picture of  Clean
Clean]      Repairs a Robot that has been rusted by an enemy attack.
            Also effective against Rust Traps.

[Picture of  Repair
Repair      You can use this to repair a Robot whose energy has dropped
            to 0 and been destroyed.

[Picture of  Big Bomb
Big Bomb]   When used by the Hero in battle, this inflicts damage on all
            the enemies on the screen.

[Picture of  Smoke
Smoke]      Enables you to escape enemies when used in battle. In the
            Field Screen, it stops the movements of all enemies for a

[Picture of  Transceiver
Trans-      Makes it possible to communicate with Nagisa in the Hero's
ceiver]     house. You can save your game when you answer Nagisa,
            but when electrical conditions are bad (When underground,
            for example) it can't be used.

[Picture of  Surprise Horn
Horn]       A horn that sends out a sound like an explosion.
[Page 37]
[Picture of  Drill
Drill]      A drill in the shape of a mole. You can open up holes in fallen
            rock and walls with this.

[Picture of  Key
Key]        Used to open up locked doors. Can only be used once.

[Picture of  Scrap
Scrap]      Looks like junk at first glance, but can be combined with vari-
            ous items in the Invention Machine.

[Picture of  Change
Change]     Makes it possible to change into a mouse, so you can talk to
            mice and pass through small openings.

[Picture of  Chameleon Glasses
Glasses]    Makes it possible to see invisible enemies in Field view, and
            to see through doors. In battle, it makes it possible to see
            skills hidden in the Capsule.

[Picture of  Vanish
Vanish]     This makes the Hero invisible for a set amount of time.
            During that time, even if he touches an enemy, no battles

[Picture of  Weather
Weather]    This is an incredible invention that makes it possible to con-
            trol the weather. You can make it rain at any time. When
            raining, the rain will stop if it's used once more.
[Page 38]

Now we'll give a few hints to those who may be stuck in some part of
the game. Use these hints as reference points to proceed through the
play and enjoy the game.

Hint 1  Blowing the Surprise Horn...(Cave
When you go into the cave, the Hackers have blocked the road, and no
matter how many times the Hero talks to them, they won't let him pass. In
this case, try blowing the Surprise Horn from a little way off,
something might happen...?

Hint 2  Mint Hates Mice! (Volcano -)
The Hero meets Mint, but Mint doesn't care much for the Hero, whose
form has been changed in the Hacker's factory. Don't give up - after
you've talked to Mint a few times...

Hint 3  Something Seen Through the
Chameleon Glasses...(Volcano -)
The reason a battle spontaneously starts when you're walking is because
of invisible enemies. When you go into suspicious places, try wearing the
Chameleon Glasses. You might see the enemies coming...?
Additional Hints

1. When you are walking around in the Cave, you will find a Rusty drill. It's an
important item, but you can't use it if it's rusted. If you can get rid of the
rust... Then try to combine it.

2. When you're in the Haunted House, be sure not to be spotted by the valet,
Igor. First go into the house, then follow him without being discovered, and
try hiding in the walls.

3. Be sure to rescue Mint, who is captured by the Commander. The
Hacker Commander is a real coward, so if you flip the Breaker off and on
a few times, he may get scared and run away.

4. There's only one way to escape from the jail. First, summon the police with
the Surprise Horn, then change into a mouse. When the police open the
jail door, you can escape by staying low.

5. To uncover the fake Mayor, bring a dog, which the Mayor hates. After
unmasking the fake Mayor, check the desk to get the Key, then use the
Key to rescue the real Mayor.
[Page 39]

[Enix 90-day Warranty omitted]
[Consumer Service Department open 10-5 Pacific, M-F @ (206)861-4927]
[this phone number disconnected when checked 8/28/97]
[Page 40, back cover]

[ENIX logo]
2679 151st Place NE, Redmond, WA 98052-5522
Game Counseling Line (206)861-4927

[END of manual]
[one side of the poster supplied with the game]


Items can be combined to create brand new items. We will show you
the rules for combining and a combination chart. Use this for reference
when you want to create a new item.

Remember the Rules for Combinations
There are some rules for combining items. It's
not a good idea to combine items randomly.
(However, it's fun to find them yourself.) You
should try to combine items effectively, and as
cheaply as possible.

Equipped Items Have a Rank and a Level.
Equipped Items have a rank and a level. The
rank is a class in a bundled sequence. Let's
use a sword as an example.
Sword1 + Sword2 + Sword3... is a sequence.

The level is the strength of the equipped
Items. When you combine Items of different
rank, the new Item's rank is equal to the rank
of the higher of the two Items. When Items
are the same rank but a different level, the
level become the sum of the Items. The
maximum level is 9. In addition to
combinations, you can raise the level by using
the capsule on the Battle screens.

Explanation of the Graphs
(Higher Rank + Lower Rank)
The higher rank takes priority. The level is
(The higher rank) + (1/2 of the lower rank.)

(Same Rank + Same Rank)
The rank remains the same. The level is the
sum of both of them.
Ex. Sword1 LV5 + Sword2 LV4 = Sword2

[Picture of 'Hammer 1 possible']

 Sword 1
Scrap 1 + Scrap 1

 Sword 2
Sword 1 + Scrap 1

 Sword 3
Sword 1 + Scrap 9
Sword 2 + Scrap 9

 Sword 4
Sword 3 + Scrap 7

 Axe 1
Sword 1 + Hammer 1
Sword 2 + Hammer 1
Sword 3 + Hammer 1
Sword 1 + Hammer 2
Sword 1 + Hammer 3
Scrap 1 + Scrap 6

 Axe 2
Sword 2 + Hammer 2
Sword 3 + Hammer 2
Axe 1 + Scrap 1
Sword 2 + Hammer 3

 Axe 3
Sword 3 + Hammer 3
Axe 1 + Scrap 9
Axe 2 + Scrap 1

Cure + Scrap 7
Clean + Smoke
Cure + Big Bomb
Clean + Big Bomb

Repair + Big Bomb
Repair + Repair
Big Bomb + Big Bomb

 Blade 1
Sword 1 + Laser 1
Sword 2 + Laser 1
Sword 3 + Laser 1
Sword 1 + Laser 2
Sword 1 + Laser 3
Scrap 1 + Scrap 10

 Blade 2
Sword 2 + Laser 2
Sword 3 + Laser 2
Sword 4 + Scrap 1
Sword 2 + Laser 3

 Blade 3
Sword 3 + Laser 3

 Blade 4
Blade 3 + Seed
Scrap 8 + Smoke

 Hammer 1
Scrap 6 + Clean

 Hammer 2
Solar Pack + Scrap 6

 Hammer 3
Scrap 6 + Scrap 6

 Punch 1
Scrap 4 + Scrap 4

 Punch 2
Punch 1 + Scrap 4

 Punch 3
Punch 1 + Scrap 9
Punch 2 + Scrap 4

 Celtis 1
Hammer 1 + Shot 1
Hammer 2 + Shot 1
Scrap 2 + Scrap 6

 Celtis 2
Hammer 2 + Shot 2
Hammer 3 + Shot 2

 Celtis 3
Scrap 6 + Scrap 9

 Shot 1
Scrap 2 + Scrap 2

 Shot 2
Shot 1 + Scrap 2

 Shot 3
Shot 2 + Scrap 2

 Blow 1
Punch 1 + Laser 1
Punch 2 + Laser 1
Punch 3 + Laser 1
Laser 2 + Punch 1
Laser 3 + Punch 1

 Blow 2
Punch 2 + Laser 2
Punch 3 + Laser 2
Punch 2 + Laser 3
Scrap 4 + Scrap 9

 Blow 3
Punch 3 + Laser 3
Scrap 4 + Scrap 10

 Solar Pack
Empty Pack + Weather

 Laser 1
Scrap 2 + Scrap 7

 Laser 2
Scrap 7 + Laser 1

 Laser 3
Scrap 7 + Laser 2

 Shield 1
Scrap 5 + Scrap 5

 Shield 2
Shield 1 + Clean
Scrap 5 + Clean

 Shield 3
Scrap 5 + Scrap 9

 Shield 4
Weather + Scrap 9
Scrap 7 + Scrap 9

 Shield 5
Shield 4 + Scrap 9
Scrap 9 + Scrap 9

 Bomb 2
Bomb 1 + Scrap 10

 Bomb 3
Scrap 10 + Weather

 Bomb 4
Bomb 1 + Boots 6

 Quick Pack
Empty Pack + Repair

 Boots 1
Scrap 3 + Scrap 3

 Boots 2
Boots 1 + Scrap 3

 Boots 3
Boots 1 + Scrap 7
Boots 2 + Scrap 3

 Boots 4
Scrap 3 + Scrap 5

 Boots 5
Scrap 3 + Scrap 9

 Boots 6
Boots 5 + Scrap 10
Scrap 3 + Scrap 10

Smoke + Big Bomb
Smoke + Repair
Clean + Clean
Repair + Clean

Cure + Cure
Cure + Repair

 Big Bomb
Bomb 1 + Smoke
Scrap 7 + Scrap 7
Smoke + Cure

Rusty Drill + Clean

[4 pictures of battles across the bottom]
[other side of poster that comes with game]

[large picture of the artwork on the game box and manual cover]


      Special Attack
Here is a list of the Special Attack that you
are equipped with in the beginning.

L --- Left hand equipped with Hand Shot.
R --- Right hand equipped with Metal Sword.
X --- Back equipped with Straight Bomb.

RR  - Slash twice in a row (Same Row)
RRR - Slash three times in a row (Same Row)
RX  - Slash once, then tackle your enemy
     (Tackling does not inflict damage).
RL  - Slash once, then second blow sends
     enemy flying. (Inflicts damage).
RRX - After slashing twice, tackles to knock
     enemy over (Tackling does not inflict)
RRL - After 2 slashes, the 3rd slash knocks
     over enemy
RLR - Slashes front and back at the same
RXR - Warp to the front of your enemy line
     and slash each of them once.
RLL - Warp to the front of your enemy line
     and slash each of them and knock
     them over. (Only one slash inflicts
LL  - Shoots 2 gun shots. (No line change,
     2 shots at each enemy.)
LLL - Shoots 3 gun shots. Move to 3 lines,
     and shoot once at each enemy. One
     shot at each enemy if there are fewer
     than 2 enemies.
LRR - Warp to the front of an enemy in a
     straight line and slash (twice). (If
     there are no enemies on the line, you
     just swing there.)
LRL - Warp to the front of an enemy in a
     straight line and slash front and back.
     (If there are no enemies on the line,
     you move to the front and back and
     just swing.)
LLR - Shoot 2 gun shots, dash into the
     enemy and slash. (If there are no
     enemies on the line, you just swing.)
LR  - Warp to the front of an enemy and
     slash. (If there are no enemies, you just
LX  - Your machine flashes and inflicts
     damage on your enemy. (Includes the
XL  - Drop 3 bombs rapidly on the same
XR  - Your machine jumps onto the back of
     your enemy and slashes (once). (If
     there are no enemies, you just swing.)
XRR - Your machine jumps onto the back of
     your enemy and slashes (twice). (If
     there are no enemies, you just swing.)

        The "Inventor's Friend"

Now we will introduce you to the "Inventor's
Friend", widely read by inventors. You will
want to read them as your level increases.

[Picture of                     If you don't read the
Hero reading                   "Inventor's Friend",
Inventor's Friend              you won't be able to
Level 1]                       invent things.

LV  Item Name         Place                            GLD
1  Boots 1        Father's House                      200
2  Sword 1           Home                             200
3  Shot 1            Home                             200
4  Bomb 1            Home                             400
5  Shield 1          Home                             400
6  Hammer 1          Home                             200
7  Punch 1           Home                             200
8  Boots 2        Haunted House                      1000
9  Axe 1          Haunted House                       400
10  Shield 3       Haunted House - Hacker Hideout     1000
11  Power Pack     Haunted House - Hacker Hideout     3000
12  Sowrd 2          Bio Lab                           400
13  Punch 2          Bio Lab                           500
14  Celtis 1         Bio Lab                           500
15  Shield Pack    Father's House                     5000
16  Quick Pack       Bio Lab - Hacker Hideout         5000
17  Bomb 2           Bio Lab - Hacker Hideout         1000
18  Turbo Pack        Home - Hacker Hideout           3000
19  Weather           Home                             200
20  Vanish            Home                             500
21  Smoke        Rococo Tool Shop                       20
22  Cure         Rococo Tool Shop                       60
23  Clean        Rococo Tool Shop                      100
24  Repair            Home                             300
25  Laser 1       Hacker Hideout                      1000
26  Blade 1       Hacker Hideout                      1000
27  Blade 2       Hacker Hideout                      2000
28  Bomb 3       Rococo Past - Polon's House          1400
29  Shot 3       Rococo Past - Polon's House          1000
30  Shield 5        Choco Lab                         3000
40  Boots 6         Choco Lab                         4000
50  Bomb 4          Choco Lab                         2000

[SNES, Nintendo, and Enix logos and stuff]
[END of poster]

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