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       Return Fire from Time Warner

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                            PSX Short-Docs for:
                        Return Fire from Time Warner


While In Bunker

Dpad -  highlight vehicles
/\   -  view map
()   -  vehicle status
><   -  select a vehicle

While On The Battlefield

Dpad -  moves up, down, left, & right
/\   -  air fire, inflate/deflate tires
()   -  switch weapons, drop mines, or center turret/drop flag
><   -  same as /\
[]   -  ground fire/grenade
L1   -  turn/rotate helicopter left or aim tank turret
R1   -  turn/rotate helicopter right or aim tank turret

Return To The Bunker

Drive you vehicle over the bunker doors to make the bunker doors illuminate,
then press one of your fire buttons /\ >< or [] to open your bunker doors.

System Controls

start - pause game
select - quit game


In Return Fire, your main objective is to break down and destroy your enemy's
defenses, capture the enemy's flag, and bring it back to your bunker before
your opponent captures your flag and brings back to his bunker.

You can play in either 1 player or 2 player mode. The 1 player mode is against
the clock and allows you to practice and home your skills. The two player mode
is where strategies really begin to develop.

Your first task is to locate & destroy each enemy flag tower to reveal the one
containing your opponent's flag. In your bunker you have access to a map
detailing both your territory & your opponents territory with all flag towers
marked. Once outside your bunker, you no longer have access to the territory
map, but you do have access to radar (not in Humvee) that displays a limited
view of your surroundings. You are allocated 4 vehicles for transportation
around the game. Three of the vehicles - Helicopter, Tank, or Armored Support
Vehicle (ASV) are best suited for searching for the enemy flag and destroying
enemy turrets. Once you've found the enemy's flag, transport it safely to your
bunker to win.

The 4th vehicle, the Humvee, is the only vehicle that can transport the flag.
The Humvee has no armor, so it is very susceptible to enemy fire. You must
make a safe passageway for your Humvee by destroying enemy turrets between the
flag and your bunker. if your Humvee is destroyed while you are carrying the
flag the flag remains at the location where you were destroyed and you must
start again from your bunker with a new Humvee. Good Luck!


Generic Hints

Look for supply buildings to replenish fuel/ammo. As the bell rings your
vehicle is being refueled/rearmed. helicopters can't be refueled/rearmed since
they can't land. You'll have to land helicopters at your own base.

Bring you damaged vehicles back to your bunker! Your vehicles will get

You can self-destruct by pressing all 4 buttons.  /\ [] () ><
This is a quick way to get back to you bunker.

The submarine fires deadly heat-seeker missiles and cannot be destroyed. Try
to lure the heats-seeker missiles to another heat source. e.g. You enemy.

Always check the map when in your bunker. It's constantly being updated.

Two Player Hints

If your enemy finds your flag take you Humvee and:

1. Hide you flag behind a building or turret.
2. Move it to the farthest location on the map.
3. Bring it back to your own bunker. (it will randomly be placed in a new flag
4. Take it out to sea, and it will slowly float back to shore. Let your enemny
  have fun trying to find a moving flag.


1. Mine the bridges that are useful to your enemy. This way when you enemy
  crosses a bridge you take out a vehicle and a bridge.
2. Lay mines on or near you flag.
3. Lay mines on or near you enemys bunker.
4. The helicopter can destroy mines buy firing missiles (and only missiles)
  directly at mines.

Use Radar Screens To:

1. Keep track of your location.
2. See your enemy.
3. Prepare to fight an approaching drone.
4. See mines (you can't see mines on the map)

The Humvee's Beacon Light:

1. The beacon light green and chimes when you are headed towards an emenys
  exposed flag.
2. The beacon light bright blue when you are facing your bunker.

Note: This game has a help option. Just press a fire button on the question
mark. Having said that, this doc is over.

This is a good game for 2 players. One played game is pretty boring.

Till next PSX doc


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