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Ghost in the Shell - Onyx's walkthrough revision

Original by Zhou Tai An (
I've massivly altered the level/boss guides  to add in some tactics I've
found more useful, and to clarify points that seemed hazy to me, and
touched up the rest of the doc.
Reach onyx at or hit his site,
IMHO the anime cut scenes feature better art (ie: more like the manga) than
the anime, but is a LITTLE less 'high budget'. It stick kicks royal butt
tho. The developers are to be praised for allowing the bits to be
veiwed aftewards thru menus.
Basic Tactics -

1. Radar.
Ignore the horizon line- it's usually easier to tell from surroundings.
Large white dots: Enemies
Small white dots: enemy projectiles
Red circled dots: enemy targets, (destroy to proceed.)
Green circled dots: Next destination.
Small green dots: Powerups.

2. Missiles, and sneak attacks.
(2 missiles equals one machine gun 'burst' for damage.)
Generally, you can destroy most enemies without them noticing you. It's a
little cheap, but hey! You wanna win, right? Start charging missiles, and
walk forward. If you approach an enemy while walking, the missiles will
lock on to the enemy. As soon as you see the red arrows indicating the
enemy is in range, stop walking! If you stop in time, they don't detect you.
Let your missiles lock on, and fire. If the enemy lives, charge missles
and fire until it's D-E-D ded!. If you don't come within range of an enemy
before your missile charge wears out, let go, and charge again. In this way,
you'll have the best chance of being able to kill em quick.
If the enemy DOES see you, don't lose your cool. You can either retreat,
(they usually lose interest) or just be ready to dodge thier attacks,
while you finish locking on your missiles. This method will make most
regular levels easy.
(as handy as it is, I kinda hope if there's a sequel, (Oh i hope..) that
enemies can see farther than a turok player, and your machine guns can hit
at a much greater range.

3. Keeping out of touch
Many enemies are totally incapable of hitting you unless you're on the
floor. Sticking to the ceiling will have many foes fireing their best
attacks right under you. POINT AND LAUGH! This is especially useful
against tank-like, and turret pod type enemies.. careful tho, cuz
sometimes they're suprise you, and send homer missiles. (d'oh!) In such
cases, just strafe (slide sideways) out of the way. (they don't home in
all THAT well.) Anyway, once you're out of reach of an enemy, use any
means you see fit to make them go boom.

4. Bosses r st00pit.
For most of em, you can pretty much just strafe circles around them, and
fire away, and you'll win.. (slide one direction, turn the other. Players
of quake-type games will know the routine.)
Bosses also have a handful of attacks, learn to anticipate them, and know
what to do not to get hit.
A note for all bosses; sustained machine-gun fire is the best weapon
against them, but if they're too slippery for ya, missiles may provide
better results, at least until you regain your cool.

5. Grenades
I can't think of a single spot inside the stages where a grenade is really
handy.. save of for bosses, of ya need them.. Most of the time, I just end
up nt using them, and getting the points instead. Not that points matter,
except in training.

6. backtracking
If you get lost, or want to go back for a powerup, keep in mind that some
enemies come back. Usually no big deal, unless you get caught off guard.

Mission Guide -
1. An Assault.
Follow the radar.. you're huting down blue spider robots that show on radar
as circles red dots. Find all 4, make em dead. These guys are helpless
if you stay away from the ground- they only fire forwards. One of them
is in a fenced area. Stay on the other side of the fence, lock on your
missiles, then jump, and fire. The missiles get him. boom. Then the
warehouse door will be unlocked. (circled green dot on radar)

Stage 1 Boss.
Like the stage, this guy's a warmup. Circle strafe around him, firing guns
madly. Like most bosses, you usually want to 'stay way from the sharp end."
.. that means you want to be behind him, rather than in front, cuz most
boss attacks come out there.
Flame thrower flame buildup It's slow, and gives lots of warning. just
   get away from the front.
Small guns not much A LITTLE harder to avoid, but still very
   easy. It won't ever be a problem if you
   stay away from the front.
Main cannon Yessir!  After an obvious an noisey buildup, he fires
   the main laser. Circle strafe as he chases
   you down with it. If it's gonna hit, just
   jump over. This is his only attack that
   keep you from falling asleep during this
   battle. For extra fun, try to jump on his
   back, (slide of real easy) and pummel him
   like in the opening movie! heheh
2. Black water.
Not too tough, but you might feel a little clausterphobic.. get used to
it. Keep charging your missiles, and don't get close to any enemies, and
you'll do fine. Be sure to check your corners, and use the radar to make
sure you don't walk onto any hard-to-see mines. There's only a couple
spots that might cause you real trouble, and those are generally where
you come out into a large clearing, and get surrounded. Just lure nearby
enemies into the tunnel you came from, likethe spider you are, and pick
them off at your lesiure. (I call this the diablo manuver, cuz in diablo,
you can often get out of tight spots by standing in a doorway, so enemies
have to take you on one at a time. It's not AS effective here, but it
most definitely keep you from getting surrounded.)

Stage 2 Boss
This guy's kinda hard for level 2, i think. Due to the fact that you're
in a huge pipe, you can't circle strafe around him. Slide up the left
side until you're at about a quarter to a third the way up. Get close
enough that you can hit him with regular guns, and fire away. Try to
maintain that distance..
Flame thrower some  This attack only gets used when you're too
   too close. Back up whenyou see it charge-
   it has a cruddy range, but can really hurt.
bolt breath yea.  If you're up on the wall like I TOLD you,
   they'll miss, as they only go down the
   middle of the pipe.
grenadish things. yup.  He'll send these blue bolt-bombs past you,
   (sometimes hitting) and when they hit the
   ground behind you, they'll come back to him
   along the bottom. Reason #2 to stay off the
Main cannon. Not much. A thin blue laser circles around the pipe.
   If you're in the ideal position I've
   described, it'll start up near your feet,
   then circle away. At this point, move
   CLOSER to the bottom of te pipe, and wait
   for the laser to get near, then jump it.
   If you jump from the wall, it's easy to get
   hit anyway. After, get back into position,
   like a good little spider.
3. Firecracker.
I don't think anyone likes this stage. It helps if you know the layout by
heart, and considering this place wil lprobably do you in a few times,
you're going to get the chance.
section1- you ARE using the RUN feature, right? Hold R1 and R2, and you'll
walk a lot faster. Take out the barrels with normal guns. Go nuts.. WHY?
INTO IT'S CORE ELEMENETS! So get a move on! Some reccomend keeping your
missiles charging here, so you have a chance at getting some barrels
faster, but i generally just keep my guns blazing. I almost entirely
ignore enemies- killing them just slows you down, and they're not TOO
threatening. Keep moving tho, so they have a harder time hitting.If you
finish the barrels here with a pack of 4 in the corner, you'll be right
next to the door to section 2. When you get to each new section, you get
more time added to your counter.
section2- more or less the same, except you have to climb the central
structure to pick off 2 barrels up there. Climb just so you're a little
higher, and lock on some missles, as guns have a harder time hitting at the
odd angle you'll be at. Some recommend a grenade, but that doesn't save
THAT much time.
Section3- the structures here are messy, so you might have to rely on your
radar even more, to trackdown barrels. Again, two are up in the structure,
but don't be too careless; there are gunnery pods up there. The last
barrel won't be accesible until all the rest are hit, and it's in the
large round building in the one corner, so don't worry about THAT blip on
your radar until it's the last one. Blow it up, and breath a deep sigh
or relif. The worst is over. Now on to a measly boss.

Stage 3 Boss -
What a wuss, after that horrible stage.. i hate all time limits, forget
about such tight ones! Just circle this guy, and let im have it. He only has
wussy attacks, so if any ever get NEAR you, just jump em, and keep going.
The only real risk here is if you got horribly battered while rushing
through the stage, OR your nerves are so fried that you're paniced when you
get to the boss. Pause, take a breather. My nerves are still shot just
THINKING about firecracker.
4. Chase I
Firecracker is the worst stage; this is the 2nd worst. Why? The control
seems to really suck! Maybe it's just that it's hard to judge your
motion on the water, but I can't seem to get where i want to be most of
the time. This means that your usual defensive tactics won't be as good.
Jumping becomes a large part of defence now.
Keep an eye out for enemies coming behind you.. I love radar. There's
a few spots where enemies put up a laser 'trip wire'. Easier to jump it
than kill the baddies. Don't go over the powerups between the large ships
tho. in general, start a missile charge as soon as enemies are visable,
and you'll be locking on just as they come in range. If you want to lock
on all your missiles, (you WILL want to VS multiple targets, or the
gargoyle type fliers,) you'll often  have to do a little didging before you
fire. The sea-do guys like to surround you.. try not to let them. The
worst spot is just before the boss where 2 sea-do'ers, and a gargoyle gang
up on you. Jump and dodge like crazy, and try to lock on missles to
anything, just so you can give yourself some breathing room.

Stage 4 Boss
uh oh, time limit..
I like to hang back and kill the two smaller guys and get the bonus time
added. Machine guns work better against these guys, AND the main boss,
but due to crappy control, it's sometimes hard to keep them in your sights,
so you might want to use missiles. Try to keep from getting hit, but it's
pretty hard, even when you move on to the main boss.  More or less same
tactic here, but if you see your time starting to run low, don't be afraid
to let loose with the grenades. Not TOO tough, but a little frustrating,
what with the time limit, and control.
5. An Invisible Shadow
Red circled dot is your target. Don't rush. Gunner pods and the like are
all over, set in strategic locations. Move in slow, and take em out before
you tango with the target. Some gun pods may be left over before the target
begins attacking, so just ignore them, (well, be aware that they may be
sending missiles you way,) and consentrate on the target. When you've hurt
the target enough, it'll cloak, and run off. You CAN follow it's splashing
footsteps and shadow, but you leave yourself open to attack from minor
enemies. just take note of what direction it went off in, and follow at your
lesiure. When it's ready to fight again, it'll appear on radar again.
Oh, and if you hear bombs dropping at any time, just keep an eye out.
Bombers make runs at you that can hit nicely if you stand still for them.

Stage 5 Boss
The target, whom you fight a handful of times, is a humanoid shell with
therm optic cloaking ability, a sack of grenades, and the agility of a..
uh.. something agile. Strategy? CIRCLE STRAFE! It's speed may force you
to adjust your manuvers radically, but by now, it's nothing you an't handle.
This is a pretty tough fight by the end, (half way through the last battle,
it explodes a bit, and loses it's temper, becoming faster, and a little
more feirce,) but it seems to play fair, as compared to some bosses, which
seem to use 'cheap' attacks.
- This guy has loads of fighting game-esque attacks. Slide aro=
und him when he uses his Heidern type projectile, jump backwards when he do=
es his version of the Power Dunk. Just be careful and don't get too close (=
Doesn't look half as cool as the movie^_^.)
Grenade hit Windup, and! As long as you notice the windup, you can
   strafe clear of the blast area. If it gets
   kinda close, jumping helps.
Plasma slice Not much If you keep strafing, these cresent shaped
   shots will JUST miss you. After it loses
   it's patience, these shots start firing in
   more of a horizontal manner, making them
   a BIT harder to dodge.. again, when in
   doubt, jump.
Ground wave Windup  It punches the ground, and a wave of energy
   goes out in all directions. It'll do a huge
   jump, warning you, so back off a little.
   This wave is a LITTLE slower than other
   bosss' ground waves, so if you jump to soon,
   it'll just hit you on your way down. d'oh!
   jump just as you see it coming at you.
6. Chase II -
More or less like chace one, 'cept you're on a road. Keep an eye on your
radar, cuz all sorts of things like to sneak up on you. Jump over shots
from tanks, cuz they spray horizontally, otherwise, strafe. In many cases,
like in chase 1, you can charge missiles as enemies approach, and hit them
before they have much chance to react. It doesn't KILL tanks and copters,
but it takes a nice dent out. I usually finish them with guns, for speed.
They really like to sneak up on ya.. you'll end up wishing you could turn
around faster.. if you're really co-ordinated, when an enemy comes up behind
you, watch for the shots on radar, and try to jump them as you turn.
Eventually, you'll come to an intersection.
left- more enemies.. nothing unusual here, but by now, you might want a
break for the harassment you've been subjected to..
right- less enemies, but there's some potentially fatal gaps.. they aren't
TOO hard tho, if you're confident with your jumping skills, and know to
expect them.. first time i got here, i was facing the wrong way, and..
One last note, keep a sharp eye out for powerups, and strafe into them.
It's easy to over-react tho.

Stage 6 Boss
This rig is a bit daunting, but not TOO rough if you know the score.
Segment 1- a ... uh.. hole punch, jams holes into the pavement. If you
run over them, you get hurt. Keep firing at the hole punch, and jump the
holes.. it's easier if you stay on the other side of the road most of the
time, for the obvious reason that the holes won't appear where the puncher
Segment 2- a laser, and guns. No biggie. they kinda stick together, so it's
usually easy to dodge.. just keep away, and jump over and to the side
when necessary.
Segment 3- same deal, but now you're dodging missles, a LITTLE harder.
Segment 4- you finally get in front of the beast. I think a time limit
appears here. By now, I'm totally sick of this guy, this level, so
I let loose the grenades, and he goes down smoother than.. uh...
something that goes down smooth.
7. Villiains Lurking in the City
This is one of my favorites. Jumping from building to building.. yay...
You are to take out 4 large gun pods, which appear as red dots on radar.
Take out the missile-walking thing in front of you, and turn right.
Walk down this street using the 'sneak attack' whenever possible.
You'll come to the first gun pod. These things are wussy if you're ready,
and have taken out their support fire. If you stay behind them, they're
harmless. A few moments of gunfire, and boom. One less gunpod.
Next, head towards the red dots, and you'll come to a highway.
(there's powerups on the bottom in some places, so keep that in mind..
they'll show up on radar when you're close.) Anyway, get on top of the
highway, and you'll be safe from ground enemies. Go forward, making sure
to sneak attack any copters or tanks you come across.
The second gunpod is on the highway. Not a lot of room to strafe here. You
can either make use of the room you have, and kill him the conventional
way, OR- stick to the side of the highway, and walk towards him. He'll
start attacking. As long as you're not too high up on the rim, nothing will
hit. Get in a position so that if you're faceing straight up, he's 'below'
you and to your left. Turn left a bit, just so he's within lock-on range
of your missiles. (If he's too far 'under you', they won't lock.) When you
fire missiles, half will probably hit the highway, but the other half will
hit him. You can't see him, he can't see you. haha. Anyway, I wanted you
to have him to the left of you for one reason.. since when you tilt left,
all missiles coming out your left side will hit the highway. When you
only lock on a single missile, it always comes out your right side. Nuff
said.. if that was too confusing.. bah.. use the basic method and get shot
at, see if i care! :)
Anyway, on to pod 3. The red dots remaining will appear to lead you off
the highway. Jump onto that big building there, and climb up.. watch out
for spider robots, they can be a pain if you're not expecting them, and
the radar's a little confusing to read vertically sometimes.
Anyway, chase down the next pod on a big rooftop, and take him down any ole
way. He has some support, but you can take them out easily enough.
Pod 4... from that rooftop, face the red dot. You see a structure on the
rooftop? good.. go to the right of it, keeping an eye out for a spider
bot which may be hanging around, and look forward.. you'll see two
buildings. They're not visable yet, but on the right one is a small gunpod,
and on the left one is your target gunpod. Step back, and gear up to run..
run... JUMP.. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You want to land to the right of
the small gun pod. (well, if you hit the ground instead, that's ok too,
just climb up.. it's just more dramatic this way. :) ) Once you land next
to him, he'll be mad. Slide down around the edge of the building, and
lock on with missiles.. let im have it. Now that you've taken out the
support fire, you're clear to attack the target gunpod. Get on the rooftop
of the building you're on, and leap across. It's a bit cramped to strafe
around this guy, but it's possible. Alternatively, stick to the edge of
the building FARTHEST from the other building, and take him out from safety
with missiles. You want to go to the far edge because there's a spider bot
down between the two buildings, and by now, he may be near the top, and
looking for you. This position is the hardest for him to reach. If
he DOES manage to interfere, take him out on the side of the building,
out of harms way from either gunpod. Note that on the inner walls of
either building, if you're near the top, it's possible for the gunpod on the
OPPOSITE building to hit you. Well, now that all four pods are out, the
boss location is revealed as a red dot. Face the dot, and make a running
leap. You'll land right in the battlefield. The boss then lands right
in front of you.. (or, if your jump was accurate enough, and far enough..
well.. i haven't tested this, but maybe he lands ON you! heh. That'd be

Stage 7 Boss
Not TOO hard. Strafe, machine guns. Some of his attacks are noteworthy
Guns  not much As long as you're not in front of him,
   no problem.
Flame thrower lots.  Just like boss 1's flame. Again, don't
   be caught in front, and no worries.
Gravity Clusters  kinda  This attack is a pain. He launches 2 waves
   of grenades into the air, (or alternatively,
   one spiral) which land close, and then
   farther out. To make things worse, during
   this move, he constantly sucks you towards
   him, an effect which is weaker while you
   jump. Because of this attack, try never to
   get TOO close. when he does it, jump
   backwards repetedly. You may still get hit.
Ground wave yup.  Jumps up, and comes down with an
   omni-directional ground wave. It's faster
   than the last one you've seen, so jump
   JUST AS he hits the ground.
8. Encounter in the Darkness
Play this one just like black water. Sneak up attacks, careful for mines,
and play it safe. You may get lost here, so you may end up using the
'wolfenstien maneuver'. (following one wall as you walk around, which
GENERALLY ensures to see most of the area, almost always eventually
putting you where you need to go... pretend you're following a mouse that
stays next to the wall.)

Stage 8 Boss
This guy's a little tricky. Circle him when you can, but he may get near a
wall, so you may have to circle back and forth. When he jumps up, and/or
uses his cloak, missiles do well. Even if you do very well against other
bosses, this guy can take you down a fair amount, so don't be afraid
to use grenades if things get rough.
guns  not much Strafe around him.. you may still get hit,
   but you'll miss the worst of it.
orbs  lots  He forms light-orbs which then zoom at you.
   sit still and blast him while he charges
   this up, then get moving the instant they
   begin to fire. Strafe, jump, just get away.
9. Wormwood
Same as 8, most of the time. Watch out when in elevator shafts.. the 'mines'
there will shower you with flachettes. If you use the sneak-up method, it's
your best chance of hitting them before they go off. If they go off, you
still have a chance of dodging the flachettes.
Near the end there's a sliding lift ride like in akira, and so many other
animes.. play it like the chase levels, and prepare a lock on as soon as you
see enemies. Due to limited space, jumping will become an important part
of your defence. You'll face one gargoyle type guy, then two at once,
(those rats) then a wimpy copter-thingy. Then, the boss!

Stage 9 Boss
Welcome to the reactor. Time limit! dang!
Around the main reactor, there are 8 'control rods', which you must abuse
most profusely, to make them go down, and cool the reactor. The problem
is that they take a fair beating, and you're on a time limit. There's
also some moving gun pods on the ceiling firing lasers at you.
Method 1-time hazard, armor safe
IF you circle the reactor constantly, firing at the rods as you pass, those
ceiling guns rarely get close. Problem is, you might not manage to kill all
the rods in time, as you're kinda flittering around. If your starfe-
maneuvering skillz are 'all that', it'll help you to concentrate fire on
the rods.
Method 2- armor hazard, time safe(r)
Jump down to the first rod and pump a grenade at it. That MAY kill it, if
not, weaken it greatly. You'll also probaby kill a ceiling gun. Strafe on
over to the next rod, repeat, for as many grenades that you have,
hopefully 3. By then, you've gain enough time bonuses, and done enough
damage, that you can work fairly easily. Go back to the rods you've
weakened, and finish any off. Head to the next, and weaken it with
guns. By now, more laser pods are on the ceiling, and trying to cut you up.
Dodge as you see fit.. it's a trade-off.. dodge the lasers, and save your
sheild, or sit there and take it, so you can pummel the rod, and save time.
Weaken all the rods in this manner. Why just weaken them? 2 reasons...
1- If you move between rods, theceiling guns have a worse time chasing you
down. 2- when 4 rods are down, the main reactor begins sucking you in.
It's not the end of the world, but it makes maneuvering a pain.
If you have the remaining 5 WEAKEND a fair amount, when you kill one,
it'll be faster finishing the rest off.
10. The Cutting of the Central Nerve
This plays pretty much the same as the last few.. just be cautious.

Stage 10 Boss
These guys are a bit of a pain. Since many of their attacks are aimed at
the floor, I usually stick to the ceiling. Circle starfe em, use guns or
missiles as you see fit. Don't jump, or you'll end up on the floor,
right in the middle of it.. :)
11. Push Up From the Bottom!
Again, same method, be careful. Near the end, there's a long hallway..
when you start down it, a door will open, and a 'walking mine' will
come out. Kill it. Tis hall is a pain if you take the floor. Get on the
ceiling, and rip past this sorry crowd in no time. At the end of the hall
there's a large room.. the door that opens leads to the boss.

Satge 11 Boss
Cirlce strafe, use missiles or guns as you see fit. He can be a pain, so
feel free to use grenades early on. There's one attack of note..
he charges up this blue electrical attack, and just when it looks like
it's over, it reaches out and zaps ya! So back out of range and strafe
till it's REALLY over.
When he gets weak, the main body will explode, and you'l be left facing
a smaller flying version, which is easier, in my opinion.
12. The Darkest Hour is that Before the Dawn
This place can be tricky, because there's many spots where you can
fall to your death. Other than that,no biggie. Use the 'sneak attack'
method constantly, and you'll do fine.
When you get to a crane over a pit, it looks like you're at a dead end..
crawl in the pit, and slide over to the opposite side. (the wall here is
a slightly different color. Walk forward (down) till you hit the edge.
Walk just far enough forward until you flip around, and you're now on
the bottom of the structure. By the way, keep your finger FAR awak from the
jump button.. it is death. Missile lock the mines,and then contine in the
sneak attack method. You soon come to a part where you can walk on the
ceiling, (which is what you come in on) the wall, or the floor. Once you've
cleared the space, slide onto the floor (carefully) so that physics work
right again. After a few more baddies, you'll come toa huge gap, with
all-too-small platforms that they expect you to jump across on.
Just below the edge you're standing on, is a small platform. WALK down to
it, and just go far enough so that you're horizontal again.
Do NOT run for these jumps. Jump and press forward at the same time, and let
just just an instant before you feel like you're going to land. (or miss :))
Yoiu should land pretty safely on. This may take a few tries to get down..
and seeing that you die if you miss, well.. ick. Re adjust your position
on the platform, and jump to the next. On the last platform, this is
1- face the wall on your left.
2- hold down the run buttons at EXCACTLY the same time, or you risk strafing
 off the platform.
3- dash-jump forward, headlong into the wall.
4- LET GO of the run buttons just before you hit the wall, otherwise
 you won't stick, and you'll fall to your doom.
ok, done? good. Start breathing again. Position yourself so you can get a
lock on the gunpod on the other side, and take him out. Crawl over to where
he was along the wall or ceiling. Get on that floor. Phew. safe.
Next lil area is pretty routine.. mines, a spider bot..
You'll come to another big jump. Step back from the edge, get ready to
run, and as soon as you start forward, hold the fire button.
You jump across, and land in the next bay, where two soldiers wait.. but
by now, you should be locking on to them, since i told you to hold
down fire. (THE SNEAK ATTACK FAVOOM MANEUVER!) Do a little strafing if you
think they're going to attack before you get them. Sneak attack the copter
ahead. It looks like another jump, but there's a girder below to cross on..
but it's loaded with mines. Missiles take care of em.. hit the first batch,
then get on carefully, then edge forward to get the rest. The ones on the
sides of it will require you to fire your missiles off the side, and let
them home in on the mines. After that it's a short stretch to the boss..

Stage 12 Boss
Okay, this guy will test you, but...
i suggest saving your grenades for part 2, but some disagree.
TRy to circle strafe him, and fire guns, or when he gets too slippery,
missiles. Don't worry about falling off the edge. The most annoying
problem is his super-strafe.. he has a habbit of sliding super-fast
in the opposite direction as you strafe, which usually places him
right next to you. This sucks. 1- it messes up your routine. 2- it
puts him in fine position to abuse you with his sabre, which he
usually does. As soon as you see him starting to super-dash
towards you, GET THE FUNK OUT.. head the other way.
guns  not much strafe
missiles see em coming strafe. missiles won't fire except at long
light sabre hardly.  keep a little distance
Ground wave very little Occasiobally he'll waise an arm, which will
   have blue electricity on it. As soon as you
   see it, jump, cuz here comes the fastest
   ground wave in the game.
Section 2-
he takes you over the edge, and you fight him in freefall.
As soon as you can, strafe to the right. Adjust your aim so you're
firing at him. Your continuous strafing WILL keep you safe from him, but
not from gravity. Pummel him mercilessly. If you hate seeing the time
meter dwindle on you, like I do, you've saved your grenades for now.
Let him have it, and you'll make it with plenty of time to spare.

yer done. By the way, if you did the whole game from start to finish with
out dying, you get a large pic of major Matoko Kusanagi at the end. It's
kinda reminicent of the pic on the cover of the north american release
of the manga, but better done.
Training Section
Some points to remember:
1. Your score is affected by various factors -
grenades left
destruction (# of kills)
firing rate... (accuracy)
2. To help your firing rate, I suggest tapping the button only once for
every target. It will destroy it utterly IF all your shots hit. If that's
too slow, just try not to get spaztic with the guns so much. It's hard
to control yourself, i know.
3. Some use missiles a lot, I suppose in hopes that when you stumble into
some targets, you'll get a fast lock, and boom. Personally, I find it
quicker to get spaztic with the guns.. i usually don't have enough
time between one target and the next to charge.
4. Grenades are quick on groups, but if you're really after the high
scores, save the grenades- they don't save a WHOLE lot of time anyway.
5. The targets that pop up when you get close are always marked by
a small grey thingie. When you see one, fire till the target comes, so
when it DOES, it's dead fast. If you're working on your accuracy,
you might wanna wait.
6. Circle strafing can help keep your 'momentum' up while attacking
groupings, or dealing with attacking targets.


Here's how to get the Training ones. Courtesy of Sammy Matsushima for these
(onyx added more)

All the possible classes are:  E, D, C, B, A, S, SS.

The E class is the one with Kusanagi saying "Show a little more guts!"
while slurping down a drink. (cracks me up for some reason)
This one is easy to get.  All you do is fail but stay alive when the timer
runs out.

The other E class movie where you don't even clear the first stage but you
also get destroyed. This movie should be the one where you are lying in bed
wrapped in bandages.

The 1st D class is the one where a Fuchik oma is dragging your destroyed
Fuchikoma, This movie is achieved when you get a very low score (probably
clearing stage 1) but get destroyed.

The 2nd D class is the one  with the Fuchikoma dancing around with a
Mechanic coming out saying you've got to shape up!  
To get this one, clear 1 or 2 stages and get your shields damaged heavily.

The 1st C class is the one with your Fuchikoma and 2 other Fuchikomas
dancing around in the background and a text line comes up saying "There
is no such things as experience points in this game."  (exact wording
pending)  This is the easiest movie to get.  Just clear 3 stages or more
and leave a medicocre amount of shields when the timer runs out.

The 2nd C class movie is the one where Togusa comments that your
performance was passable (but Batou is complaining in the background). To
get this, you clear up to the last stage where you fight 1 Fuchikoma but
wait till the timer runs out.

The B class movie I'm not sure right now so I'll skip.
(onyx got it by killing only the REQUIRED targets in each stage, and
killing the boss, with no grenades remaining.)

The A class movie should be the one where Batou and Togusa are talking to
each other saying that you're pretty good for an ex-regular policeman.  
To get this one, clear all 6 stages but have a low shield status and have
low time bonus (almost out of time).

The S class movie is centered around Togusa commenting that you're pretty
used to this stuff while Kusanagi walks by and takes away your score
papers. You need to clear all 6 areas and get a high score by keeping
the grenades unused, have a semi-high shield count, and a time or around
30 to 40 seconds left.

Now for the big SS class.  This one is the movie with Kusanagi and a
Fuchikoma at a party.  Fuchikoma is talking to a high official in the
To get to this, you will need to have a score of over 13,000,000
(? the exact score count I forgot but should be close). First aim to get a
perfect in every stage.  You will have to pound the stage as fast as
possible.  Try to remember where all the enemies areand make it second
to head to each enemy without delay.  Aim to clear the 1st stage with about
19 seconds left.  The 2nd area should be easy to get a perfect.  The 3rd
stage start climbing the building on the left.  Start shooting from the
bottom to top then slide to the left edge.  Shoot the 2 on the side of the
build ing and slide on to the other side and work your way down.  Then
slide and get the guys in the middle.  Drop into the middle of the 2
buildings and get the grenade. Then climb the right building and slide
right and start clearing the wall from bottom to top.  Then slide right
and take the 2 guys on the right side.  After that slide further to the
right and start from the top to the bottom.  You should get a perfect
score so drop down and move to the next stage.  Again, try to remember
where all the enemies are including the hidden ones (the ones that are
just white stubbies).  Start clearing enemies from either side, segment
by segment and always remember to get the grenade while you're at it.  
The next area should prove to be the hardest, but if you can remember where
all the enemies are you should be able to clear in a fairly fast time.  
I always clear the guys on the outside first and work down row by row
horizontally. The ones that are easy to miss are the ones on the side of
the containers on the right side and the enemies that are standing on
top of the containers.  The next and last stage is very easy.  There
are three points you need to remember at this point.  
1. Do not use greandes.  
2.Keep your shields at green or yellow status.  
3. Keep your clearing time at over 40 seconds
(I usually keep around 45) when destroying the enemy Fuchikoma.

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