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                          Future Wars Solve

                Played and Typed By Mayday Of Trilogy

The Office

After your boss is gone you pick up the empty bucket, then walk
to the control
box and examine it. There you see a red and a green button press
the red
button, and the motor starts and lift you up to the next floor.
Now go to the window that your boss didnt close and open it so
you can climb
in to the building when you are in, take the plastic bag from the
waste basket
Then walk around on the carpet until you feel something under
your feet then
(operate carpet) to get the key.
Then walk to the toilet and open the cupboard and get the
insecticide out of
the cupboard, then open the door to the WC and take the flag on
the floor,
When you got the flag go to the sink and fill the bucket with
water. When you
filled the bucket go back into the first room and put the full
bucket on the
boss's door. Then open the door on your right and the boss will
come out just
to get the bucket full of water in his head. In the mean time you
slip through
the door you just opened.
The first thing you do is to examine the desk drawer and take the
paper, you
see a map on your right and to the left there is a bookcase with
4 cupboards
at the bottom and 4 at the top, if you unlock cupboard number 3
from the map
you will find a typewriter.Examine the typewariter and you will
get a 5 digits
code,  write it down because you will need it later in the game.
Now go the map and examine it, when you haved examed it you will
get copy of
it in the upper left corner, find the little hole in the map and
put the flag
you got into the hole, then the map on the wall will slide open
and behind it
there is a passage. Go into the passage.
You now stand in a room, where the roof is moving downwards to
crush you like
a bug. Now did you write down the 5 digits code because you need
it now. There
is one door in the room and to the right there's a keypad,
examine keypad so
you can see the keypad on the screen, then you need to operate
one (1) digits
at the time. if the code is 40315 you need to do like this.

operate 4 on the keypad
operate 0 on the keypad
operate 3 on the keypad
operate 1 on the keypad
operate 5 on the keypad

It's wery important that you choose OPERATE every time you press
a key on the
If you was fast enough the roof will move up and the door will
open so you
can continue your quest. Walk through the door and turn right
then you will
enter a room with a big machine in the center of the room, you
examine it and
find out that it is a photocopier and there is a opening in it,
if you're
smart you put your paper in the opening and press the green
button on the
photocopier. Then press the red button, if it says 'nothing
happend' then just
press it again and again until you get a document, then the alarm
goes off.
Hurry get the document and go into the transporter (white circle
on the floor)
before the guard comes and shoot your brain out.

The Swamp & The Village

Here you are in the middle of a swamp, what now?, you can't stay
here so walk
to the left, but beware if you walk outside the GREEN land. You
will just be
another hero that failed. Walk over to the mosquitoes, stop
before you enter
the swarm, then use the insecticide and the swarm will disapear,
to the left and when you are near the tree in the left side of
the screen,
you will see a blink on the ground. Examine the ground and you
will find
a pendant, pick it up and continue left and you will enter a
lakeside. Here
you go right over to the tree in the upperleft corner and examine
the tree-
foot, you will find a hole, and in it there is a rope you take
the rope. Now
you need to climb the tree so try and use rope on tree branch.
Then you will
climb the tree, you were about to fall asleep when a guy enter
the screen,
he takes his clothes off and jump in the water, you climb down
the tree and
if i was you i pick up his clothes, you put on the clothes and
now you are
ready to enter the village.
When you enter the village walk to the chickens and then go left,
then you
will enter a clearing in the wood with a tree in the middle. Walk
over to
tree and shake it (operate tree), then a silver coin falls out of
the monks
habit, that is hanging in the tree. Take the silver coin, and
walk to the INN
open the door and enter.
Give the silver coin to the innkeaper and he will give you some
food and
while you are eating you listen to the conversation from the
other table.
When you are finished eating, walk to the castle, and show the
pendant to the
guard, he will take you to his master.
When you are on your way out the guard is sleeping on his post,
take his lance
and go back into the woods where you got the silver coin. Here
you uses the
lance to get the monks habit, when you got it you will run behind
a tree and
change to the monks habit.
Then walk back to the village and go down then you will enter a
path that
leeds to a big wolf. Examine the wolf and you will see a glint,
try examine
the glint and you will find out that the wolf is mechanical, what
is the best
thing you can use to destroy an electronic
ofcourse. Run back to the lakeside and fill the plastic bag with
water, but
hurry back to the wolf because the plastic bag is leaking. If you
make it
throw the plastic bag at the wolf and the wolf will disapaer in a
flash of
Now go to the monastery, open the door and enter the monastery,
you will be
temptet to go right into the transporter in the center of the
room but dont.
Instead follow the monks in there route and when you come to the
door on the
right, open the door and enter, it's the supervisors room and he
look at you
and ask you to get him a cup of chikapok. Leave the room and
follow the monks
in there route to the door on your left. Open the door and enter.
In here you will find a cup, take the cup and leave the room and
walk with
the monks until you reach the door in the middle. Open it and
enter, here you
will find a lot of barrels examine the barrels to find one that
is full and
fill the cup with wine.
Leave the room and go to the supervisors room, give him the cup.
He drinks it
and says it's not chikapok i get my own...... then he drops dead
Examine him and you will find a remote device, use the remote
device on the
wooden box under the library. The box opens and you find a
magnetic card that
you take, now go back to the wine cellar and use remote device on
the barrel
that is on top of the ladder. The barrel will open and you
descover a passage
behind it. Go through the passage and you will enter a lab just
like the
one behind the map in the office, except that here is a glass
case with a
woman inside and a consule.
Examine the buttom of the glass case and you will find a gas
capsule. You take
it and then go to the consule and insert the magnetic card in the
Then the glass case will open and Lane will be free. You show her
the pendant
so she knows that you are a friend.
Lane begins to type on the consule and then she transport you and
herself to
her father, from here on there will be a lot of text reading..
Zzzz Zzzz.
After you read all the text you will be transported to the future
with lane.

The Year 4315

You stand in the middle of the ruin's of a city, Lane is gone so
you have to
handle this all by yourself.
Walk down to the right corner and examine the rubble and you will
get a blow-
torch. Go back to the center of the screen, then go right to the
next screen,
continue right until you're stopped by a wall. Then go up then
left, if you
examine the ground you will see two rubbles, go to the smallest
one and here
you examine it again. Then you will find a box of fuses, you take
the box of
fuses. Now go to the other rubble and remove the earth (operate
rubble) then
you will find a manhole open the manhole and enter.
Inside the towns sewer system you just follow the ledge until you
come to a
place where you have to turn left then right on the same screen.
Here you will
find a tap on the wall, fill the blowtorch with gas and you can
continue your
quest. When you come to the room where a creature is about to eat
a woman &
her child, burn the creature with the blowtorch and it will go
back in the
sewage and the woman and the child is safe.
They thank you and give you the way to the council. She pulls up
a remote
device that opens a hole so you can climb back to the surface
When you are
back on the surface the hole closes, and in front of you there is
a building
with a door and a camera above it. Go to the door and use the
lance to remove
the dirt from the camera the door opens and you go in.
Inside you go straight for the newspaper machine, and you examine
the coin
collector and find a coin. Now you put the coin in the money-slot
but nothing
happends. Examine the coin collector again and you will get the
coin back then
put it back in the money-slot this time it should work, and if it
does you
get a newspaper.
Wait for the train to arrive and enter the train, then you will
be transported
to the shuttle-port. Here you go over the the desk and talk to
the hostess,
she will proberly say 'just a minute cant you see am busy' just
keep talking
to her and you will get some info about the price and how you can
pay for the
flight. But you dont have any money so you have to figure out a
way to get on
the plane without the inspector stops you. You look around and
see a TV
floading in the air, the TV is turned off so you examine it and
find out that
there is no buttons on it, what a shame.But dont cry go down to
the toilet and
examine the box on your left, its a fuse-box and if you examine
the fuses you
will see that one of the fuses is burned out. Replace it with the
one you
have and go back up to the hall, now the inspector is watching
the TV, now you
just have to go up the stairs and you will be on your way to
If the guards stops you and ask you for your ticket, go back to
the toilet
and take the fuse out of the fuse-box and then replace it again,
then go back
up again and try to go up the stairs, if he stops you again you
just have to
go back to the toilet again and do the same as last time.
Now you're on the way up the stairs and enter the plane. The door
closes and
the plane takes of, now you just have to wait til you get to
PARIS IV, but no
the plane is attacked by the grughons, you pass out and when you
wake up you
will be in a small room.
You examine the room just to find out that there is no escape,
but wait what
is that on the wall an air duct, use your key to remove the
grille from the
air duct, then put the gas capsule in the air duct and then use
the newspaper
to blok the air duct so the gas dont enter the room. After a
while the door
opens and you go into the other room, Yeah you killed the
grughons, suddenly a
screen is lowered from the roof and a voice says 'surrender
Grughons we have
you in our tractor beam'  hurra you been rescued. at this point
there will be
a lot of text reading.  Zzzz Zzzz
When you enters the game again you will be transported 68
millions year back
in time.


Go down to Lo'ann and you will get an airgun then follow her to
the left then
you will be on a ledge looking down on a Grughon ship, to late
they already
set the bomb to explode.
Earthlings earthlings shoot them, shit they seen you. At this
time you have to
play all by yourself because i cant control the mouse for you,
you have to
shoot the Grughons with the mouse.  Good Luck
When you have shot all the Grughons, Lo'ann will be shot by a
Grughon that has
survived, you shoot him with your airgun.
You examine Lo'ann and find out that she's still alive, examine
her until you
find a pill and her pendant, then use the pendant to transport
Lo'ann back to
the year 4315. When you done that you will go down to the
Grughon's ship.
Here you are standing in front of the ship with a dead Grughon
under the ship
examine him and you will get a magnetic card, then enter the ship
and you will
be in the control room.
You look around and you see a card reader on the wall next to the
door, put
the magnetic card in the card reader and the card reader will
light up and you
get the card back. Now go to the case and operate it, then it
will open. Take
the garment that is on the case and go to the camera, then put
the garment
over the camera.
Then go back to the case and enter it, then operate the case
again and the lid
will close, then the ship takes of to fly back to the Grughon's
space station.

Grughon Spacestation

When you land in the Grughon space station walk to the card
reader and eat the
pill, wait for the guards to enter the room, then go out the door
and you will
leave the ship, on the hangar floor walk down and hide behind the
boxes, but
beware do not get to close to the guards because then they will
feel you, and
you will be caught.
When you are behind the boxe's, walk to the big box and examine
it, it's open.
Operate the box and you will enter the box.
Then you will find yourself in a storeroom, and suddenly Albert
II will talk
to you and he says that you have six minutes to reprogram the
master computer,
well go to the door then you enter a hallway, once again you need
to play by
yourself. You have to find the master computer room on the last
When you found it, go to the consule and insert the magnetic card
in the con-
sule then albert II will take over. When he's is done go out into
the hallway
again, this time you need to find the medical hangar to escape.

Now you completed Future Wars, thanks to Jokster for the help.

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